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#a court of silver fire
tahbookstan · a day ago
“— Sou a rocha contra a qual as ondas quebram.”
-Corte de chamas prateadas-Sarah J. Maas 🔥
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fangirlofacotar · 5 days ago
Cassian sacrificed (or let's rather say risked) his wings (THE MOST PRECIOUS THING TO AN ILLYRIAN) for his loved ones, that too not only but twice (once in Hybern and once in the final battle against Hybern)!
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aelinsfics · 5 days ago
yeah ok, swords are cool. 
but lucien vanserra with an Illyrian broadsword is MY sexuality. 
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sainttelomere · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my ACOTAR OC is named Lyra and this is just a cat-ified version of her and her brother Nyx :0 First pic: Lyra getting her scars after being attacked by a couple of naga (she was young and unable to fully defend herself) Second pic: just some sketches of the siblings lol Third pic: ref sheet for both of em uwu (Nyx is Rhys and Feyre's canon child, not my oc)
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fangirlofacotar · 9 days ago
Feyre had promised to become a match-maker for Mor after things were normal! And it's Pride Month 🏳️‍🌈 right now! So what would be better occasion for SJM to give us the match?
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To The Stars Who Listen RP
Tumblr media
We're currently open for applications, both fanon and canon! please see this topic, and this topic, for more information. If you're still interested, which I hope you are!
Please submit your character application, either the canon or fanon (OG) application.
Here is a directory of topics related to the roleplay! I look forward to hearing from people! Please be patient, I'm a loner rn, and am running it on my own xD
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Roleplay Directory
World Map
Canon Character List
Side Character List
Prythian: The Mortal Lands & The 7 Courts
Roles & Expectations
Species List
Powers / Abilities
Artefacts / Items
High Lord (Staff List)
Other Faerie Lands
Tumblr media
Member List
Canon Character Application
Fanon Character Application
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fangirlofacotar · 11 days ago
Rhysand and Aelin both knew, Feyre and Rowan were their mates long before Feyre and Rowan figured it out. But they didn’t tell their mates because they were concerned about their mates’ mental health and neither of them forced the mating bond on their mates.
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fangirlofacotar · 11 days ago
ACOTAR references in TOG
1. “winged male” and “heavily pregnant female” have to be RHYSAND and FEYRE. We had ACOSF spoilers long before the book was even released!
2. “beautiful beyond reason”!! Aelin found Rhys BEAUTIFUL!! OHMYGOD!!
3. “not to attack, but slow her down”!! Rhys helped Aelin too!! OHHMYYGOO--- my heart right now is crying to loud!
Fight me if my theory is wrong!
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fangirlofacotar · 11 days ago
ACOTAR references in TOG
“wine-red hair” and “High Queen”~ THIS HAS TO AMARANTHA!!! Feyre also mentioned that Amarantha had “red colored hair” and we all know that Amarantha referred to herself as the “High Queen of  Prythian”! Can’t be mere coincidence!! SHHIIITTTT
Fight me if my theory is wrong!
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daardyrnitta · 12 days ago
I just finished reading “A court of silver flames”. Yes, I know I am late out and have not been posting about the book, as I hoped to avoid any and all spoilers about it. I failed utterly, but ever the less I have so many feelings and questions. Heads up to those who have not read the book yet and is trying to avoid spoilers. - Seeing things from the perspectives of Cassian and Nesta gave another view on things. Especially, with Nesta reflecting a lot on her childhood, living in poverty, her relationship with her mother and father, her experiences with Tomas, and her relationship with her sisters particularly Feyre. - It is quite clear that Nesta is very affected by her ptsd and has in the beginning of book found cooping mechanisms which are harmful to her, to her health, to her relationships etc. But she - with a firm push from Feyre and the inner circle - slowly starts finding new and healthy coping mechanisms and finding a new purpose in life and her own found family in form of Gwyn and Emerie. - The scene where Nesta has the dreadful nightmare after scrying and Rhys peers into her head and discovers how much she is affected by her trauma. That she too is working her way through some things. - Nesta making her own friends outside the inner circle. Her relationship with Gwyn and Emerie and they slowly together open up over a shared interest in books and work through their traumas in a healthy way. Them becoming sisters and going through the Rite together. - Nesta seeing a way to help the priestesses overcome their trauma through training. How she fights for them. Channeling their fears in a healthy way to overcome their traumas. Never again to become victims. - The development of Cassian and Nesta’s relationship. His respect for her and where she is in regards to her own trauma. - Azriel and Nesta. “You’re the new ribbon, Az”. - It hurt to be honest that Elain and Nesta’s relationship had taken a turn, but Elain admitting to knowing what Nesta has done and why. In a way, while it did hurt, I think it was good for Elain to stand a bit more on her own. - Nyx having wings. The fear and feeling of hopelessness. But Nesta giving up the majority of her powers to save Feyre, Nyx and Rhys. Her calling Rhys her brother (even if it just was in her head). - Eris hinting so much. I kind of want SJM to write a book about him. I mean there is so many unanswered questions. Anyone else? - Nesta’s realisation about the trauma Feyre suffered at the hands of Tamlin. Her standing up to Tamlin who once terrified her. - The scene where Elain tells about Nesta winning a duke out of spite at the mere age of 14. - Lanthys basically saying Cassian and Nesta were mates. - Azriel’s gift for Nesta, so bloody adorable. - Nesta owning the pain she has inflicted. Her making up with Amren who then welcomed her to the court. - Beron torturing Eris. What is wrong with him? I mean besides everything. - Nesta healing and accepting herself. Her and Cassian being mates.
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Tumblr media
Having love has been the most scary thing that’s every happened to me. It could fade, it could disappear and yet I trust him enough to never stop loving me. Oh dear lord, I know I am young yet I have a feeling he’s the only man I’d ever consider marrying. The way his words touch my heart, the way I feel when he says he loves me. Now I propose to you another theory, love is like energy, neither created nor destroyed, just converted into different things such as hate and indifference. Dare I say that I’ll always love this man? I shall love him till my dying breath, till all the stars in the universe die, in every life, every dimension, every parallel universe, I shall love him. I shall love him till my soul ceases to exist.
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fangirlofacotar · 17 days ago
Feyre: Will you both stop now?
Aelin: You both are being childish!
Rowan: AELIN!!!
Rhys: FEYRE!!!
Feyre and Aelin: *continue with their work*
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olivereadsbooks · 26 days ago
Home - azriel
azriel x gn reader
Tumblr media
genre: fluff
warnings: blood, light scene spoilers
I took some creative liberty with a scene in acowar :)
Tumblr media
There were nights – drunken and sober – when Cassian, Azriel, and I had argued and placed bets on who would kill Eris Vanserra.
I was not expecting to have a chance so soon.
Eris spat on the ice, the mixture of blood and saliva landing next to my face. One of his brothers wiped at their forehead, glaring at me through bloody fingers, while another cradled his broken arm carefully.
Dragging my hands underneath my shoulders, I forced my body up, back up, I was not done yet—
A knee dug deep into my spine, forcing me back down. Injuries both new and old sparked with agony and holding in the groan was a battle in itself, but I refused to give the Autumn Fae any once of satisfaction.
“Stand,” Eris taunted, crouching over to smirk at me. His brothers began to chuckle, and the tip of a boot lodged itself in the side of my bruised ribs.
I might have responded if dragging every individual breath through my lungs did not require all of my energy and focus.
He smirked again, pivoting on the ice. “Drag her,” He commanded over his shoulder. Before he even finished speaking or the knee had lifted, rough hands were pulling me across the ice. I scrambled for purchase, desperate to stop. No, no, I had gotten so close.
Just across the frozen lake lay the border and beyond that – home. My mate, my family, the city I had missed so dearly during my time in the Spring Court.
Searing pain roared through my blood as cloth ripped and bare skin scraped along the rugged surface and each jolt pulled apart injuries. I dug my numb fingers deep into the snow and ice – this was survival. We were on the brink of war with no idea who our allies were. I would not let them take me ; what was waiting on the other side was worse than death. I will not give up Velaris. I will not ruin what Rhysand sacrificed fifty years for.
But the march was unforgiving. Ten long gauges in the ice behind us was all there was to show for my effort, and we were close enough now to the Autumn side of the lake to hear the sentries murmuring to each other, waiting for us.
I let go. I had no strength to spare. Driven on fear and adrenaline alone I twisted – stretching for the nearest weapon. If I could take at least one of them with me—
There! A knife.
Fingertips only a hairsbreadth from the hilt, I froze.
Even with the dampener on my magic I could feel the change in the air – the crackle of energy before a fight.
An Illyrian warrior slammed into our path, dark leather wings cleaving through the cold air. Familiar crimson siphons glinted as Cassian crossed his arms, his face twisted with rage and violent intentions.
The Vanserras halted, drawing into a loose protective circle.
I wanted to sob, scream, kiss the feet of Madja and the healers who had saved his wings. And once I was home I would. But I was not there yet.
I forced my body to move again, to pry my limbs from their hands, but before I could get up Eris latched onto me with enough force to crush bone and I was forced back into the ice just as another figure crashed onto the ice.
This time, overwhelmed with relief at the sight of my mate and exhausted by pain, I did cry out. Tears fell – their tracks turning cold on my skin.
There was something terrible about the way Azriel approached Eris. There was no thundering rage like Cassian. It was quiet, mute, the way priestesses approach the bloody and dying on a red-stained battlefield. The shadows cloaked his body like fog, almost swallowing the light from his siphons. Yet his head and neck remained bare, as if not even darkness itself wanted to be too close to the cold hatred barely contained behind those dark eyes. His gaze went immediately to the grip Eris held on me and it was then I realized Cassian and I were going to lose the bet.
“I suggest you let go,” Cassian spoke first, the whisper of two blades unsheathing accompanying his threat.
Eris did not turn away from the shadowed Illyrian in front of him to respond. He yanked my head up and tucked the tip of a knife under my jaw, ignoring the threatening growl from Cassian and my hiss of pain at the awkward angle.
He tutted, tilting the blade to turn my face to look at him. “You were such a compliant, easy captive” —he dragged the blade along my jaw— “ready to be dragged back to Autumn.”
“Not alive,” I snarled, spitting at him.
The light from Azriel’s siphons guttered completely as the shadows engulfed him. And when I heard the tell-tale song of his sword being drawn, I moved – rearing my head up into Eris’s chin and rolling from his loosened grip before he could react.
Azriel was by my side in an instant, helping me to my feet with a gentle but firm hand, and setting himself between Eris and I. Shadows wound eagerly around his shoulders, some of them reaching for me as his wings stretched partially to keep me tucked safely behind him.
Eris swore, wiping at his bloody mouth and drawing his sword. The air sparked with energy again, the taste of a bloody fight tangible in the air.
Cassian, who had stalked around the group to meet us, lowered into a fighting stance next to his brother.
Cassian flinched. Azriel froze. Even the Autumn Fae looked at me in confusion.
I stepped around Azriel, gripping a crevice in his leather armor to steady myself, and lowered a baleful glare on Eris. “As much joy as I would receive from getting revenge on this frozen lake, I will save the honor of killing you for someone who deserves it far more than I do.”
Eris’s eyes narrowed but Azriel did not give him a chance to respond. He leapt into the sky with me in his arms and in a few seconds, we were sweeping north across the lake to the Night Court.
Only once we were well across the border did I finally let my body relax, wrapping my arms tighter around Azriel. He tucked me in close, his gentle touch as comforting as greeting the other half of my soul.
I may not have made my way home, but home had found its way to me.
Tumblr media
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intrxpide13 · 28 days ago
Sarah J Maas 🤝Domesticating female characters and stripping them of their powers, and romanticizing toxic masculinity
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daisybrekker · a month ago
Elriel & Elorcan Parallel
I'd never heard such a sound, deep and joyous.
I'd never seen his hazel eyes so bright, the hues of green amid the brown and gray like veins of emerald.
Elide’s mouth bobbed as she tried to stop her laughing. “It’s just... I’m Lady of Perranth. If you marry me, you will take my family name.”
He blinked.
Elide laughed again. “Lord Lorcan Lochan?”
It sounded just as ridiculous coming out.
Lorcan blinked at her, then howled.
She’d never heard such a joyous sound.
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