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#a court of silver flames

Y’know sometimes I’m about to criticize Cassian and be like man are these the actions of the main romantic hero in a book? But then I remember that Rhysand drugged Feyre, painted her naked body to be put on display night after night, and twisted a literal exposed bone in her wrist soooooo ok maybe I’ll give Cassian a pass on sexualizing Nesta and taking other people’s side at the beginning of the book.

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GOsh I LOOOOVED Nesta and I LOOOOOVED Gwyn and I have been a nesta stan since day one periodt…BUT I LOVED EMERIE SINCE ACOFAS AND I HAVE BEEN A STAN OF HER SINCE DAY 1 AND I FEEL LIKE SHE IS NOT TALKED ABOUT ENOUGH. I HEAR SM GWYN AND SM NESTA BUT CAN WE PLS TALK ABOUT THIS BEAUTIFUL BBY (also like the only distinctly POC female that actually gets to stay ALIVE in the SJM series —besides juniper but I think she might die next book while Emerie will not bc mor love interest). BUT YEAH EMERIE HAS BEEN THROUGH HELL AND IS STILL A BADASS BITCH AND SHES HELLA FUNNY AND SHE DOESNT TRY TO HIDE HER LAUGHS. SHES ALSO REAL ASF and she’s the oldest out of all of them which makes her very wise but even though she’s old, in all her long years much more than 25-28 like nesta and gwyn, she’s never had friends. She’s at least over 50 (I’m assuming at least 80) and she’s never had friends. And ugh I could go on for hours about how much I love her but omg she deserves so much attention, please and thank you. 😭❤️

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~controversial opinion~

So after reading A Court of Silver Flames, I’ve come to have this new opinion that has been brewing since A Court of Frost and Starlight.

The people gotta stop putting Tamlin into the dirt. Yes, I know and understand the history and every horrible thing he has done, but this is getting ridiculous to me.

I don’t like Tamlin nor do I say they have to forgive him, but I think he’s, or rather HIS WHOLE COURT, have suffered enough. When it counted, Tamlin was on the right side (i.e. he knew Amarantha was bad news from the beginning, he helped Elain and them escape, he provided info on Hybern’s movements, he brought Rhysand back). I know he’s abusive, he sold out to the King of Hybern, and his family killed Rhys’ family, amongst other things he’s done, but for the characters to continue to bitch about him and just willfully ignore the fact that the Spring Court is without a stable leader? Get a new thing to complain about my goodness

In ACOFAS and especially in ACOSF, we see that Tamlin is living a miserable existence, mainly operating in his beast form. The manor is in ruins, he is a broken person, and he doesn’t seem to be doing anything for the Spring Court. We see nothing of the people, which isn’t promising. The Night Court characters are constantly concerned about Spring as a weak point amongst the seven territories when it comes to war, yet they do not do anything about Tamlin.

Maybe I’ve just seen too much Black Mirror and I see the need to treat even horrible people as still human (Fae). But at this point, I’d rather they actually went through with their threats and killed him already cuz this is just tiring. Let the power pass to someone else and let the Spring Court at least have someone taking care of things if you are going to complain about him this much. Or perhaps redirect Tamlin back to helping his people?? It’s just getting annoying how they let him fester there. It isn’t helping anyone and it just creates a liability for them in future endeavors.

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I’m a simple person, I see a side character in a Sarah J Mass story, and I love them more than half the main characters. It’s easy.

Look at all my favorite children:

Danika Fendyr

Lucien Vanserra



(Except in TOG, where my favorite character is Manon… duh lol)

But at all times, I’m just wondering “where is Lucien? Where is Gywn? Are they ok? Is Hypaxia ok? Danika, I love you sweetie”

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It is a secret hurt of mine, that I wish to see the sisters TOGETHER outside of moments of grief or necessity. I liked reading through Cassian and Nesta’s character growth. Liked seeing her deeper feelings toward them. See her take Elain off her pedestal (almost to the point of demonizing tho so THAT needs to be dug into further), see her love for Feyre that was always (?) there but useless for the longest time, and WHY. But the fact that Nesta found sisters (happy for her and them tho), and has this wonderful bond with them, while we get Archeron scraps really grates on me. Maybe one day.

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I like Nesta…better…than I did before. Which does not thrill me.

Maas really really killed it with this one y’all, this book is truly its own work of art.

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Just a quick off the cuff drabble with: fluffy domestic family time, Cassian’s favorite Nesta story, and how Azriel manages Nessian’s sexual tension

“Tell it again, Nes” Cassian grinned, tucking Nesta in closer to his side as she curled her feet underneath her body on the dusty rose sofa.

“Cassian, everyone here has heard that story at least ten times.” She sighed, rolling her eyes.

“It never gets old” he shrugged, grinning a little at the conspiratorial glance that Nesta and Azriel shared over his shoulder.

“I for one agree with Cassian” Elain, of all people, snickered into her palm. Oh how far she’d come since their prudish human days.

“There is a child present” Nesta reminded the room, with a gentle smile towards the bassinet that Feyre rocked lightly back and forth.

“Oh don’t use Nyx as an excuse. I want him to hear this. I’m considering passing a law to create a whole new category of warrior based on that specific kill.” Feyre smirked, teasing her mate with a gentle elbow to the ribs. He grinned his approval of her bloodthirsty plans.

“We don’t want your titles” Gwyn scoffed, eyes widening the second she did, as if remembering who she was speaking to. Nesta laughed first, and then the room joined her. It would take some more time for Gwyn and Emerie to get used to the casual energy of Velaris’ ruling family. They didn’t join them often, preferring private sleepovers to larger gatherings, but Nesta had managed to coax them both down for a family dinner since she and Cassian were hosting that week.

“Nor should you” Mor smiled at Gwyn before settling her gaze on Emerie “joining your Valkyrie training kicked my ass like an Illyrian workout never has”

“That’s because we take it easy on you” Cassian scoffed.

“Bullshit” Mor rolled her eyes “you lot would never pass up an opportunity to prove how big and strong you are.” Nesta snorted in agreement, causing Cassian to level her with a smouldering gaze that promised to show her exactly how big and strong he was the moment everyone else left the House.

Azriel stood straight up out of his armchair, moved to his brother’s side, and flicked him hard on the ear. “I distinctly remember forbidding the retelling of that story in public for this exact reason.”

“I’m not that bad!” Cassian protested.

“I need a gas mask to be in the same room as you two when she tells that story” Amren stated drily.

“Can you blame me” Cassian backtracked his denial “it’s hot as fuck.”

“You’re deranged” Nesta sighed, fighting to keep the smirk from her lips.

“You’d have bored of me in seconds if I weren’t”

“That implies that I did not bore of you in seconds anyway.”

Cassian hummed, running his thumb up and down her shoulder “if you want we can go upstairs and I’ll show you just how interest-ow hey!” Azriel looked forward calmly, the picture of innocence, even though the pillow that slammed into Cassian’s face was dripping in his scent.

“I don’t know why you’re so obsessed with that story, brother” Rhysand rolled his eyes “I’m still just shocked that it took 25 years and the Blood Rite for Nesta Archeron to stab a male in the balls” Nesta raised her mug in solute, accepting the words as the grandest compliment.

“And we are all surprised that the male she stabbed was not you” Az smirked.

“Oh I would never” Nesta grinned slyly “what use would he be to me then?”

“We could still make it work.” Cassian’s eyes lit up with plans that sent a blush to Nesta’s cheek, and this time it was her who found an ornate brocade throw cushion colliding with her jaw- courtesy of Gwyn.

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I swear if I am correct on Kallias and Viviane have a girl,
I would KILL for her and Nyx to have a relationship like this:


From The Swan Princess, This Is My Idea

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Cassian is an actual menance to society. One man cannot be THIS horny THIS often.

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Originally posted by perrieat

look how pretty perrie is 🥺


Being a fae, it was very new to you. 

So new that it sent you into a spiral. Just like Feyre’s. 

You were lost, you didn’t know what the hell you were doing. When Nesta was sent away, she offered you a shred of kindness (you were the one person other than her sisters she had always had a soft spot for). You declined. 

The Inner Circle did not push you, they did not force you out of your home, which was 5 minutes from Feyre’s house, you were lodged in the apartment above a bookstore that Feyre kickstarted, it was your store if you wanted it. 

You did, just some days you couldn’t get out of bed. 

This week was like that. 

You hadn’t been out of your apartment in a week. Az had sent shadows to make sure you were alive, but then they crept out.

You weren’t sure how much the shadow singer shared with your mutual friends, frankly, he knew what not to say. 

Because he knew a certain blonde would freak out if she knew the state you were in. 

Morrigan had been back from Vallahan for about two weeks. That first week you two parties, caught up on gossip, did what normal best friends did. And, you may have kissed. Which made you fall harder for her. 

The second week, you feigned ill and stayed in bed. It wasn’t a lie, you were technically ill, just not the way people thought you were. 

You barely registered the cinnamon smell in your apartment, but that’s when you heard her voice. “Y/N.” You hated that tone, not because you could smell the pity from her, but because she was sad. 

You groaned from your response on the bed, you knew you probably didn’t smell the greatest, you knew your apartment didn’t either. But that didn’t stop her from climbing onto the bed.
“What’s wrong?’

“I’m sick.” 

“Yeah, that’s what you told me. Only, you didn’t specify what kind of sickness.” You sighed as you felt her hands comb through your very-not clean hair. You didn’t care that your crush was currently running her fingers through your disgusting and probably foul-smelling hair. 

After a few minutes of you not responding to anything, she let out a broken sigh. “Please, tell me what you need me to do. Just to end your suffering. I can’t take it.” 

“I don’t know.” Your voice broke. “I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to sleep, I don’t even want to move Mor. I haven’t showered, I haven’t taken care of myself.” 

“Do you want to shower?” 

“Of course I do, I hate that I smell, I just don’t have the energy.” 

“Come on.” She said, pulling you with her. You groaned but you let her. 

She began running the tub, “you don’t have to take your clothes off if you don’t want to. We can just wash your hair and you can sit in the tub.” 

You just nodded, you let her guide you into the tub. You sat with your back against the head of the tub, you heard her pull up a stool. She grabbed the shower head, you and Feyre worked hard on making some type of standing up shower mechanism. You, Feyre, Elain and Nesta had one, because of the trauma of the Cauldron you couldn’t take a bath normally anymore. 

She washed soap into your hair, scrubbing hard at your scalp. “I don’t want you to be embarrassed over this.” She continued scrubbing, her nails scraping against your scalp had your toes curling. “You are not pathetic, you are…..” she shuddered again, “I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.” 

She did a rinse, “I’ve been in love with you for so long.” Was all you could say. To her credit, she did not stutter the movement. “That’s not what this is about, but it’s all I can think of right now.” You swallowed. “I’m not depressed because I fear you don’t feel the same. I just am so lost right now, that I just…” You trailed off. 

“You don’t have anything to risk. So you say it.” She paused, “if it’s any consolation, I’m glad you told me outright.” Then she pressed a kiss to your shoulder. 

A flirt. 

An olive branch. 

You said nothing as she rinsed your hair. She pulled you out of the tub, you switched into dry clothes without her help. You walked into the bedroom where she was switching your sheets out. “I won’t be another Az.” Your voice was grave. She froze. 

“I won’t survive as well as he did with being led on. I know you two have talked and you have apologized. But, I just can’t take the stepping around anymore.” 

“There is nothing I regret more than leading him on for so long.” she said honestly. “I acknowledge what I did, I take full responsibility for my actions. I understand where you are coming from.” 

She walked up to you, “will you hear what I have to say?” 

You nodded and she grabbed your hands. “I fell for you the second I saw you dive in front of Elain and that Cauldron. You begged them to dunk you first, as if to buy everyone time. You did, you bought time. You kept him from hurting Az and Cass more.” She squeezed your hands. “I fell for you when you stood up against Tamlin and Eris, when you put yourself between me and the son of a High Lord. You didn’t know my story, Feyre told me she told you nothing. And yet, you were willing to do that for someone who you didn’t even know. It’s your heart, Y/N. I fell for that brave heart. I’m in love with you.” 

You were silent and then, “are you serious?”
“I’m so serious that I already know what engagement ring I’m getting you.” She deadpanned. 

You laughed, and she smiled. “There’s that beautiful laugh.” She whispered. “Will you do me the honor on going on a date with me?” 

“Have you ever asked someone on a date?” 

“No, but Feyre said it’s what humans do.” She shrugged. 

“Feyre knows about this.” You stated. 

“Her and Rhys may have a bet going on.” She sighed. Leaning into your shoulder. 

“Who’s gonna win if we confirm it today?”
“Feyre.” She mumbled. 

“Well, we gotta make sure our girl wins.” 

She shot her head up, “is that a yes?” 

You pretended to think about it. “I think it is. You gonna kiss me?” You asked. 

She smiled, and it was a smile that was brighter than the Rainbow. You’d do anything to keep that smile there.

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So I just learned there are Acosf editions with both a feysand chapter AND AN AZRIEL POV? Please anyone who has the copies post, I need it


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Idk if it’s bc i just think men are obsolete but at 200 pages in Cassians pov genuinely has added NOTHING to this book 😭🤚🏽

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I really want some fluffy gwynriel like warm hugs, soft kisses and they singing to each other, they smiling.. they breathing.. they.. gwynriel..

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Back at it again with one of those book talks because no one in my personal inner circle has read it yet… because they all have lives. Spoilers under the cut!!

Keep reading

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read at your own risk

imagine az’s shadows playing with nyx and following him around to keep him safe okay so like one day he’s watching him and nyx is fussing and he doesn’t know what to do cause cass just makes faces and rhys is rhys he has his special dad touch so azriel uses his shadows and they dance and swirl around the baby until he’s giggling and az just has that little smile as he watches his nephew

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Someone please message me so we can scream about this I have so many thoughts

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When someone says that Cassian would choose Rhysand over Nesta I just recall the scene when he literally hated Rhys. Sure, it was just for a heartbeat. But is Cassian and Rhys we’re talking about here.

Cassian… the man who Rhysand was dying to find among the remnants of humans and fae bodies in a battlefield two years before the wall. Cassian… whose brotherhood is so valuable to Rhys that SJM wrote a prologue in ACOWAR just to show us that.

Rhys… the man who Cassian admires and respects with all of his heart. Rhys… the friend Cassian has never stopped to think about, even during Aramatha’s reign. Rhys… for whom Cassian can give his life to protect and was willing to do so during the end of the battle in ACOWAR.

And Cassian hated him. Because at that moment going along with him meant a treachery to Nesta.

So don’t you say Cassian would choose Rhys over Nesta because it’s clear like crystal after this book he wouldn’t. Nesta is and always will be Cassian’s first option.

There’s no argument about it.

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