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#a court of silver flames spoilers
gwynsa day ago
I was curious as to why so many people shipped elain and azriel so i looked at a slide someone made( yes 57 pages) and I just couldn't see what people saw between them. sure there were always these shy glances and smiles but what else?? what dialogue did they ever have between them?? beside maybe one or two word exchanges. I don't get why so many people dislike the fact that people like gwyn and azirel together when you can tell that there's something between them
bless you for being brave enough to suffer through their "evidence" i could never 馃槶
that's the thing about e/riel tho... sure they have their glances and intense eye contact but they have nothing of substance. they don't talk, they don't comfort each other, they don't help them feel seen, they don't challenge one another, they don't show their full selves around each other.... all they actually do is sit in the garden and weed plants.
that's not a healthy relationship i'm sorry. they need to be able to talk and it needs to be more than "oh the weather is nice teehee uwu" they need to be able to discuss things with one another that is hard for them to do with others. they need to listen and comfort and realize they're not alone with each other so they can heal. they've done absolutely none of this, and with e/riels constantly reminding us of their "4 books of buildup!!1!1" you'd think we'd have seen some changes to them in that time but... no. they're the same as they were before, if not worse. if you can read az's chapter and tell me that he's 100% in the right mind set for a relationship and doesn't need to face his issues whatsoever then i'm sorry but you're the one lacking the ability to read lmao.
i feel like e/riel is very safe, for both characters, they don't have to confront anything when they're around each other. they can continue to do what they do best: ignore it. and that's not good in the long run.
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gwynsa day ago
What do you think happened to Elain鈥檚 seer powers? I have a couple theories. One is that she no longer has them as she was given her powers and didn鈥檛 take them like Nesta so the Cauldron took them back, but I don鈥檛 think sjm would do that. She could be suppressing them like Nesta did, but that鈥檇 kinda be repeating the same story, and honestly I think the seer powers are cool and not a negative thing. They could really help with what鈥檚 going on. So why doesn鈥檛 she use them? Where did they go?
i don't think they went anywhere! she confirms she still has her powers in acosf she just didn't tell anyone. i think she's either choosing not to use them or if she is, she's not telling anyone about it. maybe where she's going off to in acosf involves using her powers?
on one hand elain is clearly not healed from her trauma so her powers could be something she doesn't like and doesn't want to use or try to learn how to use but acowar kinda showed us that her visions can come whenever they wish? so i don't think she's able to suppress them.
on the other, elain is secretly using them and learning about them and herself as she does, she's just choosing not to share this with anyone and tbh i feel like this could be what's going on? she's being stifled and coddled in the night court so her having something of her own and not letting others know what she is doing feels like a sort of rebellion in a way.
i also believe we haven't even seen all of elain's powers. like yes seers are coveted and rare but it strikes me as odd that elain wouldn't have a means of defending herself with her magic if need be and the cauldron loves her so i can see it gifting her more than anyone currently knows about. unless her seer abilities also come with some psychokinesis too. honestly i'd be here for that.
overall elain is a seer for a reason. she had visions of vassa and koschei for a reason. i think her powers will be the key to a lot of things, one of them being defeating koschei.
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gwyns3 days ago
Tumblr media
azriel's shadows in his bonus chapter
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gwyns5 days ago
now i'm not saying anything but azriel being subconsciously drawn to the library (and gwyn) is giving me feyre following rhysand's tug on the mate bond at the end of acotar vibes
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I want to talk about that hiking scene in acosf where climbing up mountains for days in silence is about to cure it all. I just don鈥檛 know where to start.. I don鈥檛 understand that whole chapter, like the hike, her confessions, his reactions, nothing.
Why did he make her carry the pack the whole time? Did he not see the food wasn鈥檛 eaten? So he really don鈥檛 habitually check back at Nesta just to make sure? Why was he THAT mad? Why did he basically give her the silent treatment for a week? Like were yuh really pouting that hard and having that much of a temper tantrum that you decided to punish her by not taking? Not gonna offer any emotional comfort? Not gonna offer any physical comfort and then be childish and sleep far away from her with his back turned?
And then when we reach the top just everything Cassian did. What he replied after nes was there with a bleeding heart? No confessions of your own Cass? No reassurances to Nesta? Like 鈥渘o you aren鈥檛 a terrible person鈥 鈥淚鈥檓 at fault as well鈥 鈥測ou do deserve me because you are courageous, intelligent, fearless, etc鈥漥ust something.
It felt like it wasn鈥檛 a very big deal to him and the big thing he got out of it was Nesta鈥檚 one comment about Cass being brave, good, blah blah. Like I knew this was supposed to be a big scene and it just didn鈥檛 feel it. I felt awk, uncomfy, and confused by everything about this
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courtofmaasdestruction6 days ago
Death watched him. But Death had walked beside him every day of his life. So Cassian stroked his thumb along her palm and said, 鈥淗ello, Nes.鈥
Tumblr media
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gwyns8 days ago
you know, the first time i read az鈥檚 p/ov, i was kinda mad(?) at rhys, like, who the fuck did he think he was to be out there deciding who gets to kiss who?I just hated (and still do ugh) that whole conversation, but lately I thought of something. Rhys didn鈥檛 have to say the 鈥渋f you want to fuck go to pleasure hall and pay for it鈥. That was mean, and seemingly unnecessary, he could just be like 鈥測ou can鈥檛 be together, yada yada yada鈥漚nd that鈥檇 be it. Everyone is weirded out by that (i think) bc in the past Rhys was like 鈥 fuck politics i will save Feyre鈥, so it would have felt natural if Rhys supported his brother that was trying to be in a relationship with someone, even if this relationship could bring some sort of conflict. In fact, (and that鈥檚 the point to my whole ask lol) i think Rhys knows Az鈥檚 feelings for Elain are mostly sexual and not romantic or love, and most likely just one of the many ways Az redirects his feelings of unworthiness and self loathing into women he can鈥檛 have鈩笍, Rhys knows that coming out and saying that to Az would have no consequence bc his friend is not Ready For That Conversation Yet. And that鈥檚 the whole 鈥済o to pleasure hall鈥 thing, almost as if he was telling Az that he is just horny (and Az is horny, but for affection and a loving relationship) Rhys part of the convo felt wrong and hypocritical bc he was being like that, but not bc he鈥檚 big mean man, but bc he鈥檚 not letting his brother get in over his head for someone Rhys knows Az doesn鈥檛 love for real. Thanks for listening to my ted talk
i'll be honest, i love rhys in his chapter lmfao like yeah ok anyone can kiss whoever but i vehemently hate that ship so i'm glad someone stopped that shit 馃檯鈥嶁檧锔 i know that's not exactly the best mindset to have but i never said i was perfect.
and i get rhys coming off a bit hypocritical but we have to remember that feyre was pregnant at this time, that would definitely make rhys not want to take any risks, even if he himself took them in the past. not to mention he was dealing with the stress of the dumb bargain he and feyre made so i understand him not wanting a huge political mess all bc of az's dick lol
is it the 100% correct way to go about it? with both rhys and azriel speaking about elain as if she's a child? no, of course not, but i understand rhys' reasoning.
i agree tho, i think rhys at least somewhat gets that what az is feeling isn't true wuv uwu so him being a bit harsh is needed bc if he actually tried to talk with azriel about his feelings we all know shadow boy would book it bc he's not ready for that yet.
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gwyns8 days ago
anyway even if i sometimes worry about my elucien (and gwynriel) endgame i take comfort in the fact that sjm didn't have to make nessian mates but she did bc she likes her mates so do we really think she'll do a rejection, especially this late in the series?
Tumblr media
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gwyns8 days ago
Idk if you鈥檝e talked about this but what are your thoughts on the evil elain theory? I personally like the idea of elain being manipulated by koschei as part of papa archeon鈥檚 bargain and part of her story being freeing herself from his control. I don鈥檛 think the theory is inherently anti elain and I think it could show real growth and development on her part while also explaining some of her secrecies in acosf. Thoughts?
i've talked about this a bit before and i don't necessarily mind it unless the theory is actually talking about elain being secretly evil bc i just don't see that. i do think something is up with her... what that something is idk yet but she's acting suspicious in acosf.
i've had the theory that elain is going to try and become human again for quite some time so i feel she could be secretly trying to do something about that. the idea of her being influenced bc of papa archeron's bargain is intriguing tho 馃憖 seeing as we know literally nothing about what his bargain entailed, that is a good possibility.
i definitely think she's either trying to get into contact with koschei for whatever reason or he's manipulating her and I. NEED. ANSWERS. NOW.
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gwyns12 days ago
I don鈥檛 mean to harp on the 鈥渇orbidden love鈥 thing but as someone who loves the trope (when done well) e*riel is not forbidden love. The mating bond is not a real consequence cause no one is stopping elain from rejecting it, not even lucien who is honestly the type of guy to say 鈥渋t may hurt me but do what makes you happy.鈥 Imo rhys is rightly pointing out that hey az you want elain remember other ppl are still involved you and her cant do whatever tf you want without considering other ppl
it literally isn't. absolutely no one would object to them being together if that's what they want. there's no pining, there's no angst, there's nothing and that's what makes it boring.
i've said it before and i'll say it again! rhys was 100% in the right to call az out about it. he knows his friend is acting out of selfishness and as a man with a court and a child to protect of course he's not going to want azriel's horny thoughts to cause an internal war while trying to stop another like? 馃槶 why do people act like he's taking elain's choice away with this??
rhys cares for elain and azriel, he doesn't want anything born out of desperation to go on between them. bc he knows how az is and he might know elain is still struggling. i'm sorry but he's a good friend/brother for this.
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pageswithoutaplot12 days ago
One of the things that bothered me in ACOSF was when Cassian basically told Nesta "you wanna take 10 years? Take 10 years hell take 20" but like...sis yall didnt even give her one
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gwyns13 days ago
Why do e/riels want to change fundamental parts of characters to justify their ship. Why must Elain stay in the NC when its been stated multiple times she wants to explore the continent. Why when sjm hints at her place being not in the NC is the response to force a place for her there. Her name literally means sun let her live in the light. And why does Az have to lose his shadows. They鈥檙e part of him. He embraces darkness why does every character who embrace darkness need to be 鈥渇ixed鈥 by light
this is something i'll never understand about that side of the fandom. they literally want to stunt their faves' growth or just completely change their personalities so they'll fit together??? if you have to do that maybe.... they don't work well together?? wild thought, i know.
elain of all people doesn't deserve to be stifled and sit in one place forever, she's as curious as feyre and nesta and she needs to go on her own journey to find acceptance.
az needs to learn self love and find someone who accepts all of him just as he is, he shouldn't have to change to obtain that love.
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gwyns13 days ago
i love the idea of elucien not only mating but getting married and calling each other husband and wife. Idk i feel like it鈥檇 be super significant for the both of them(?). Ps:this made so much sense in my brain but I cannot put it to words properly so do with that what you will lolzies
*rubs hands together* ohhhh i am so happy you brought this up, anon. this is a topic i've been thinking about for a long time.
with feyre and nesta, they were both kind of outsiders amongst the humans but elain thrived in that environment. she was outgoing, charming, the perfect picture of a lady. so while her sisters somewhat struggled with the idea of fae and mates, they're much more suited in prythian.
feyre was living amongst them for months before being changed so she was already familiar with the idea of mates, the only reason she was upset was bc rhys didn't tell her as soon as he knew. now nesta struggled a bit more with it bc she felt if she acknowledged it, she'd lose her last bit of humanity. i can see elain being very similar to nesta in this, only worse. elain was the only one of them to have a true connection outside of prythian, she was going to build a life there and she had that ripped away from her.
so basically, in all of my ranting, i'm trying to say that i have always thought elucien would be the couple that does the whole "courting" thing. lucien is fae, but he's also a gentleman, and i can see elain wanting him to court her like a traditional man would. and he, of course, would oblige bc it makes her more comfortable about the whole thing.
same goes with marriage. he'd love being called husband by elain, they'd be both husband and wife and mates, but the titles elain is more accustomed to make the whole soulmate thing a little less scary and allows her to retain the humanity she has left. lucien knows she had most of it stripped away, he won't contribute to her losing anymore. he loves his mate and would do whatever she wished.
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gwyns14 days ago
I didn鈥檛 love the feysand dangerous pregnancy plot for a lot of reasons, but I really feel it could have been done in a much better way. Like, instead of it being that the baby was conceived in Illyrian form and therefore had 鈥渄angerous wings鈥???? Why not 鈥淔eyre鈥檚 shape shifting powers passed the baby who is shifting in the womb and accidentally ends up clawing her鈥 if that had to be a thing. Rhys and Feyre attempting to calm the baby constantly with Daemati powers but it鈥檚 draining, much more realistic threat, etc
yeah this ask 100%.
overall i liked the feysand subplot, not necessarily bc of what did happen but i liked seeing them and their relationship through someone else's eyes and i am happy for them having little baby nyx but it could've been done so much better. i really wish she would've spent more time on it, i wish she had the same thought process you have on this nonnie bc i think it makes more sense.
although this brings up the question would nyx get feyre's powers? bc they're connected to the earth itself right? they're high lord powers... and when she dies they'd go back to where they came from? SEE. SHE COULD'VE DONE THIS AND EXPLAINED THESE QUESTIONS THAT PLAGUE ME.
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silver-majesty15 days ago
not me getting excited thinking I鈥檝e found new gwynriel fanart but turns out it鈥檚 actually hawke x poppy 馃槶馃槶
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gwyns17 days ago
another thing i find funny is EAs convinced themselves feyre really wants elain to end up with az bc she once said they鈥檇 look pretty next to each other and this somehow means that they will be a couple... like mor didnt have to stop her from interfering that one time bc she wanted to encourage elain to get closer to lucien, or how she told him not to give up on her, or how in her acosf bonus chapter she notes that elain wouldnt have pricked her fingers if she wore the gloves luc gave her??? yeah it totally sounds like she wants elain to reject luc for az lol
god i know they really love bringing up the fact that feyre said they'd be a handsome couple as if.... sjm wasn't writing acomaf with an elucien endgame in mind.....
it's also very convenient how they take feyre's word for things concerning their ship but when feyre is actively trying to get elain and lucien to give each other a chance all of a sudden that doesn't matter. hm. wonder why that is 馃
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gwyns17 days ago
Who do you think will get the next book? I feel like it鈥檚 Azriel, but I鈥檝e seen a lot of different theories and now I鈥檓 not sure
i definitely think it will be azriel (along with gwyn) bc elain was barely in this book and sarah didn't set up much for her. same with lucien. and since these characters are both tied to koschei, it would make sense if their book was last since koschei seems to be the "final boss".
add in the fact that the autumn court, eris and illyrian unrest are really coming into play, that leads me to believe there will be some kind of significant plot involving them in the next book and both az and gwyn have connections to these things. azriel with his spying and being illyrian and gwyn with her autumn court heritage and being one of the first women to win the blood rite.
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