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No nuance November #8

Saying “truama isn’t an excuse” seems to be mostly used to undermine people struggling with mental health.

You can’t say you support someone with a sickness and then get mad at them for showing symptoms.

Post traumatic stress disorder is considered a DISORDER because it disrupts a person ability to function properly. A basic search will tell you common the behavior symptoms are “agitation, irritability, hostility, hypervigilance, self-destructive behavior, or social isolation”

Depression isn’t just feeling down. It is your brains own chemical imbalances and faults in performance processes. Which is why you can be genetically predisposed to it.

The american psychiatric association themselves stated “Mental illnesses are associated with distress and/or problems functioning in social work or family activities”

I did a few post a while back where I did research on how alot of Nesta’s behavior are common symptoms of those illnesses and common behaviors seen in sexual assault survivors, veterans, and victims of childhood neglect. I literally put a quote explaining how truama can alter and condition your brain so that defense mode, or “fight” from flight or fight, is it’s automatic state and that those people literally can not control it because that is how their brain is wired, especially for those who experienced the truama during the years the brain was in development, and there were still people saying that’s not an excuse.

Being around mentally ill people can take a toll and if someone needs to cut that person out for their own stability, do it, but don’t hate on someone who is struggling with something they can’t control. You can have empathy and still acknowledge that person isn’t what’s best for you.

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The way the inner circle treats the Illyrian woman is the opposite of femenisism.

Male femenisism should not be implementing “woke” looking policies that none of the woman actually asked for or wanted. If they actually cared about the Illyrian woman they would give them a voice when it came to policy decisions that affected them instead of just forcing them to do what he feels is best for them. That makes them no different than the other Illyrian men.

Also, acting like the Illyrian woman can’t have thoughts of their own outside of the opinions of their male counterparts are somehow so “brainwashed” that need of another male to “show them what’s right” is also inherently misogynistic.


Like is this “respectful” Azriel you all are hyping up?

He legit said, you train so you shouldn’t be mad when we kill you. Like they don’t train for you? As if the Illyrian peoples sole purpose is to act as a weapon of the IC.

Not only that but the just absolute disrespect toward those woman. Like, no wonder they hate the inner circle. The inner circle only cares about the woman who don’t disagree with them.

Let’s stop praising men for trying “fix” woman and start expecting them to not speak over woman and use their privilege to amplify the voices of the oppressed.

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Guys.For those of you who are fans of Sarah J Mass…you need to read" Kingdom of runes" by Audrey Grey.It has the same vibes as her work:sassy powerful MC,magic,wings,amazing friendships,a love triangle in which one of the guys is kind of a Tamlin+Chaol and the other is a combination between Rhys and Rowan.You’ll love it.


Art:dominique wesson

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Summary: ACOTAR The Outsiders AU that no one asked for. The Illyrians are under attack from a new, vague threat. A chance meeting causes sparks.

Pairings: Feysand + Nessian

Warnings: Language

Taglist: @julemmaes@sleeping-and-books@burritowithfeels@queenestarcheron(msg me to be added!)


☆★☾★☆   {Masterlist}  ☾  {Part One}  ☾  {Part Two}


Cassian watched the powder-blue Mercedes pull away from the curb and then turned to eye Rhys. Rhys dug back into his hamburger, focused on the wrapper he balled up and stuffed into the paper bag. Avoiding Cass’ eye.

“Well?” Cass asked, to which Rhys merely grunted and continued chewing. “You’re not gonna tell me why you wanna protect the feelings of some stuck up Soc bitch?”

“Nope,” Rhys said simply. Cassian rocked his head back and rolled his eyes in exasperation. If Rhys wanted to fuck a Soc, that was his business, but Cass wanted no part of it.

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Elain and Azriel possible deaths in ACOSF thoughts:

People constantly worrying that if Elain dies it would affect Lucien and if Azriel dies it would afftect Elain…but…am I the only one thinking that if either one dies… the ones that would feel it the most is Nesta and Cassian??

The healing path Nesta is about to embark would go through the window if Elain dies. You think Nesta is going to be all happy and nice watching her sister die after a year of depression?? She might end up killing herself, specially if Elain dies during a war or is killed.

And same for Azriel, you think Cassian will move on with his life if Azriel dies?? I dont think people realise how deep Cassian and Azriel love each other. Their friendship is way much deeper than their friendship with Rhys. Just like Nesta loves and protects Elain, Cassian does the same with Azriel.

The guy tore his wings to protect him from Hybern back in ACOMAF. I think it would take Cassian at least a hundred years to move on from Azriel’s death. I don’t think it would be easy for him to live happily ever after with Nesta if his brother is dead and the same would go for Nesta if Elain dies. Feyre and Rhysand are the type of people to move on with life…yes they would be sad and they will pay tribute to their respective siblings but dont think for a second that they will keep dragging it.

So I hope for the love of any god, that SJM doesnt kill either because all the progress Nesta and Cassian will have in ACOSF will honestly be sooooo wasted.

As much as I’m looking forward to all the Nessian content we will get in ACOSF, I cant deny that I’m so excited to see more of Elain and Azriel. I want to know how their dynamic works with Nesta and Cassian.

Because we have always seen them from Feyre and Rhysand’s perspective, but I do want to see more of Nesta’s relationship with Elain. How they get along when they’re alone, without Feyre in the mix. And I do want to see more of Azriel and Cassian without Rhys or the rest of the Inner circle getting in the middle.

Ps. I’m also curious to see Nesta and Azriel getting along. I think out of the IC, they’re the only ones I desperately want them to be friends. Azriel minds his own business and for that he has my whole respect. And Nesta has never had a bad word or thought against Azriel and I think after he saved Elain, he has earned her respects. So yes, I want to see more of them together.

Also….how cute would be to have Cassian treating Elain like a little sister knowing how much she means to Nesta….and to Azriel???

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Nesta just wants to be left alone

I can really relate to Nesta in the sense of sometimes acting so cold or closed off or even saying outright bitchy things just because you don’t want to talk to someone or don’t have the emotional energy to be around others. It’s an easy way to get people to leave you alone or back off.

She’s made it so clear on so many occasions that she just wants her own life, she needs time, etc… I think that when Feyre rolls up all happy and sunny and life is great with her mate, Nesta just tries to say literally anything that will get Feyre to leave so that she can be alone again.

Because of this I kind of understand Sarah’s statement that Nesta has to “face her past behaviour” and I don’t think it means some big omg I am awful I must apologize to the IC. I think that it’d be so unrealistic to imagine that Nesta isn’t completely aware of what she’s doing. I bet she gets home sometimes and is like why did I say that?? But in the moment it’s just like *say literally anything that will make them STOP talking to me, stop trying to fix me please just let me be alone* and I think that her healing internally will mean that these defence mechanisms slowly subside.

Admitting to things that one has said or done when in a bad mental space isn’t weak, but I also firmly believe that it isn’t something she needs to apologize for. (and it’s truly my belief that we have never seen the character of Nesta in a healthy head space because girl has had a ROUGH go of it. At least Feyre had some moments in between that made life seem worth it but Nesta has really just been handed one devistating blow after another)

In summation, I give you Nesta:


Originally posted by devilsh

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🍂November 25th, 2020 - Wrapping Up My ACOTAR Reread🍂

I finished rereading all of the ACOTAR books, and I’m thrilled with the reading mood they put me in. I’ve been devouring books, and this experience has made me want to revisit some of my other favorite reads after being away from them for so long.

I’ll be sipping on my vanilla latte with cinnamon dolce, curling up under a blanket, and beginning my reread of the Throne of Glass series today 🍂

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A Court Of Time Chaos and Cat Ears - Chapter 3

The rest of the Inner Circle was still confused on what just happened. Amren still had Mercury in her arms. She had tuck a single strain of his dark hair back and his cat ears twitched. Feyre and Mor look at each other, both afraid to utter a word. Then a green light flashes across Mercury’s body. Amren gasp took a hold of the silver blue pendant that matched hers. Half of the stone was missing. “That bitch,” she hissed. But then she looked at herself. The dress and the sapphire spade shape pendant around her neck. Tears began to form in her eyes. “Woah,” Mor whispered. “Amren?” Feyre said. Amren had turned to her High Lady. Feyre and Mor gasp. There is a single blue strain of hair appearing in  Amren’s midnight shade head. But Amren pushed back their gaze and looked at the strange and powerful teenagers. Charlie was still in Rhys arms, shadows began to fall around her body. Ice began to form around Kaiden’s body and fire began to crackle within Ella’s body. ‘Wildflowers began to grow around the red hair girl’s body and violet amethyst crystals began to grow out of female shadowslinger. Zora’s body began to shake and the ground began to crack around her and lightning began to form around TJ’s body.

Amren grabbed her sapphire pendant and a glowing silverlight began to form around her body. Suddenly golden pale womens, clones of Amren form around the teens. Amren then put her hand on Mercury’s forehead and the clone did the same for the teens. She began to whisper in a forgin language. Then teens’ magic began to fade away. The light from Mercury and TJ began to fade along with the shadows surrounding Charlie’s body. The ice began to melt around Kaiden and the fire settled around Ella turning to ashes. The flowers began to die and the crystal began to fall off the other girls and Zora’s body began to settle. Amren took away her hand and let out a breath of relief. “Thank the stars,” she whispered, then raised her hand up and snapped her fingers.

Everyone was suddenly in the living room of the townhouse. Nesta and Elain scream in shock. “What the hell? Where did you come from?” she asked. “The Woods.” Cassin said. “Well then what happened out there?!” Nesta yelled. “We’re not totally sure ourselevers.” Cassin said. Amren stood with Mercury in her arms and walked over to the staircase. She stopped at the third step and looked at them. “Well don’t just stand there grab them and take them upstairs. They need to rest.” Afraid of what Amren would do to them they follow her orders. Charlie was still in Rhys arms, Feyre picked the red  hair girl and it was her sercent. A mixture of apple blossom and sandals wood. She smelled like Elain and Lucien. Elain looked at the girl, her honey brown eyes focused on  the girl and she put a hand on her pregnant belly. “She looks like,” she paused. Mor picked up Zora. She stared at the Summer Court girl, she was so beautiful and smelled like a mix of sea salt and leaveder. A small smile grew on Mor’s face. “She’s just like my Swifty,” she said. Azriel picks up the female shadowslinger. She was incredibly light, white pearly polish dust across her skin. He felt a familiar twing bing through his chest. Holding her, it felt like the first time he got his Siphon. Her violet purple hair shining in the light. Out of his own curiosity he touched. It was glass. Her hair was made of crystal amethyst. Cassian had thrown Ella and Kaiden over his shoulder. He looked over at Nesta and saw the conflict and confused her eyes as well. These two looked just like them. How was this all possible? They had no time to unravel everything. Casssian then grabbed TJ’s fellow everyone upstairs.

They fellow Amren up to Feyre’s old bedroom. With a snap of Amren’s finger another bed appeared on the left side of the room. Rhys put Charlie on the bed on the right side of the room, Mor gently placed Zora next to her, and Feyre put the red hair girl, and then Az put down the female Shadowslinger last. All the girls cuddly close together. A  smile grew on the Inner Circle face. They don’t know why but seeing these girls in such peaceful form makes them feel warm feelings throughout them. Cassian gently toss Kaiden and Ella one the other bed on the left side of them and TJ in the middle of them. But then all look at Amren. She had placed Mercury on the couch on the far end of the room by the window, she sat down at the end of the couch and looked at him. She smiled and gently traced her finger through his hair and his cat ears twitched to her touch. She then let out a sigh, “He really did take a lot after his father.” she said. Silence fell upon them once more. Then the sound of heavy mental drop from the ground. A golden music box drop from Mercury’s jackets. Amren stare at the box. She bent down but heasted, they never saw her heasted. But then she picks it up and clenches it tight to her chest. Amren stood up. Tears were forming around her swirly silver eyes and leaned down to kiss Mercury’s forehead and rush out of the room.

The rest of the Inner Circle left the room leaving the door half creak open. “Ok what the hell is going?” Cassian yelled. “I don’t know,” Rhys said and ran a hand through his midnight blue hair. “Does Amren know that boy?” Rhy’s asked.  “Her called Amren his mother.” Feyre said. “What!” all of the Illian males shouted. “How can anyone call Amren a mother?” Cassian said. “Well look at what happened back in the woods. We have never seen Amren smile like that let alone cried.” Mor said. “I need a drink."  Cassian said. "I’ll grab a bottle.” she said. Cassian, Mor and Az went back downstairs but Feyre and Rhys stayed upstairs. He looked back into the room and looked at Charlie. “Rhys.” Feyre said he didn’t turn to her. “Do you know that girl?” she shot down the bound. “I’m not sure.” he said. Rhys took her hand, he looked downstairs making sure that everyone had gone in the living area.

Rhys took Feyre’s hand down the hall to the staircase that led to the roof. There was a tiny little nook under the stairs. Shadows form around Rhys hand and mysterious  doors open up. “What is this?” Feyre asked? “It’s something I almost forgot about.” Rhys said. They crouched down as they entered the room but then stood up, with a wave of Rhys hand light filling the room. Feyre looked around to see boxes filled with what appear to be old toys and old children clothes. But her eyes fall upon the large six foot portied. It was Rhysand and his family. He looks young in the painting. Like he was eighteen. He wore black formal clothes with a sliver stitch line form of crescent moon and stars that run down his neck to his chest. The man next to him must have been his father. He was taller than Rhys but did share similar features as well. His sliver almost star-like blond hair that was slick all the back and ocean blue eye. He was dressed in similar clothes like Rhys but gold stitch pattern instead of silver. He looked so cold, as if you did something or spoke the wrong thing he killed you on the spot. He had his hand around Rhys’s shoulder and the other on women. She must have been his mother.

She was incredibly beautiful, as if she was made of pure moonbeams, her wings the perfect shade of night. A true angel of night.She wore a long black gown with sapphire gemstone that rolled down forming stars patterns. Her long midnight black hair dust with silver gems and her wings, their bigger than Rhys and two charms dangle off the top brim of them. She held the young girl in her arms. She looks exactly like Charlie, the same tan skin, the same small narrow nose and the same violet shade eyes. The only difference was that her hair was longer and jet black and the girl didn’t not have star tattoos on her cheeks. “They’re beautiful.” Feyre whispered. “Yes,” Rhys bit his lip as if he was holding back the words of the truth. “When they died, my father had everything, their clothes, shoes and toys, everything burned. He didn’t want to see them. It was too much for him. So I had to hide some of it away.” he said. They stayed quiet for a long time, Feyre looked up at her mate. His eyes were getting cloudy, she squeezed his hand. He didn’t squeeze back. “What were their names?” Feyre blurted. She didn’t know why she asked. Just trying to break the tenise. A cat-like smile grew on his face. “My father’s name was Dracan, or the Dark King as our people knew him.” he said, but then eyes fell to the vision of his mother and sisters. “My mother’s name was Sarabella.” he said in such a hush voice as if he was trying not to cry. “Sarabella?” Feyre said. “That is a beautiful name.” “Yes, it was her mother and grandmother and great grandmother’s name. It is a tradition in her family to name the first child after the parent.” he said. “Then who are you named after?” Feyre asked. “My grandfather. I only met him once when I was young. He and my mother gave me lessons and trained me to fight before we left for the Illian Camps. Even gave me a lesson flying once.” he said. “How did that go?” she asked. “He pushed me off a cliff.” he said. Feyre blinked. “That’s how young ones learn to fly.” he said. Feyre let out a chuckle but she turned back to the poratied. “What about your sister?” Rhys took a breath. “Her name was Charlotte. We called her Lotty for short. Mother above did she hate when we called her that.” he said. “I think that a cute name.” she said. “I did too. But Lotty wanted to grow up too fast. Or that’s what our mother would say. She wants to do everything that all the older kids did. Everything Cas, Az, and I did. One time we had a window to the cabin on a hunting trip and smuggled herself into one of our bags.” he laughed. A real laugh, “How did that go?” she said. “Oh it sends a panic all throughout Prythia.” Mor said as entered the room.

Mor walked over them and looked at them. “I remember when that was painted.” she said. “You all came to the Court of Nightmares. You kept whining like a baby because of your jacket.” “It was too tight.” Rhys said. “Auntie Sara got so mad at you because she spent weeks making it for you only for you to have sudden growth spurt.” Mor laughed. Feyre smiles at the sight of her two loved ones. She was so  grateful that they had each other through darkness. “Amren’s back.” Mor said. Rhys and Feyre look at each other, still holding hands. Rhys squeezed Feyre’s hand back.  Are you ready? She sent down the bond. “Let’s go,” he said.  Before they left the room Feyre took one last looked at the painting. “Maybe we should hang up somewhere?” she asked. Rhys looked back as well. “Maybe.” he whispers.  It might be time for that old portrait to see the light again.

Once they enter the living room all eyes fall on Amren. She once again had that cold steel look in her eyes as she did before. Amren did look like herself but there was some difference. Like the storm she kept inside of her is finally released.  She still held the music box in her hands, and kept looking towards the bedroom where the teens were sleeping in. “The children are fine.” Rhys said. “They’re sleeping now. They put on one hell of fight.” Feyre said. Amren let out a breath. “Thank the stars,” she whispered. “Mercury?” Feyre said and Amren turned to her. “Is he really your son?” she asked. Amren stayed quiet. “Yes, or at least I think he could be. Last time I saw him was only a few days old. I thought Ophila would have killed him or that.” she stopped and rubbed her tumple. The silver swirls in her eyes began to creakled. Lighting. “I just can’t believe it.” She said. “Who was Rouge?” Mor said. Amren began to tangle her figure along her spade shape pendet. She tumbled the jewel closer to her heart. “Rouge is Mercury’s father. And my husband.” Cassian spit out his wine. “You’re married?” Mor said still in stock. Amren just rolled her eyes to that saying. “Yes, or I was. Before Ophelia.” she paused. “Who is Ophelia?” Feyre asked. Amren stays quiet. “You told us that you came to our world on your own, that you bound yourself to escape the Prison.” Feyre said. Amren is still quiet. “You lied to us.” Rhys said. “I don’t lie, High Lord. I only told you half the truth.” She said. “But why then?” Rhys said. “To make sure you didn’t snoop into powers that you couldn’t handle.” she said. Her silver eyes began crackling harder and a glowing white aura began to form around her hands. Her tattoo began to glow once more. Amren hissed in pain and grabbed her arm to try to push the pain back down. “That tattoo? It’s from Ophelia isn’t it?” Rhys said. “I suppose now it is time for me to tell the full truth now.” Amren said. She sat down in the armchair in the corner and began to creak the handle of the music box. “What is that little tinker anyway?” Cassian asked. “My people called it an Archive.  Keys to show the truth of the past and allow your mind to escape from one reality to another.” Amren said. “Is it safe?” Nesta finally spoke, her arm hooked around Elian’s arm. “Yes firecracker, what you’ll see is merely a vision of my past life.” Amren said. A beautiful and gentle warm sound came from the box. It was memorized, suddenly shadows cast from the box and surrounded the room.

The Inner Circle stayed close to each, Nesta reached out and grabbed Cassian’s hand. The shadow began to fade away and they found them inside of what appeared to be a  dark temple line with multi colored stained glass windows. There blue flamed laurens dawned the window allowing them to see. “Welcome to my mind.” Amren said. “Wait, we’re inside your mind?” Mor said. “Well just a small part of it. And there is no need to worry. Your bodies are still in the living room, everything around us is just an illinois.” Amren said. “This was not what I was expecting?” Cassian said. “What were you expecting?” Mor asked. “Fire, brimstone, possibly a lake of lava,” he said. “You were expecting hell?” Azreil said. “Basically,” Cassian chuckled. Amren snapped her fingers.  The Illian male stood straight up and his hands to his hip. Like puppet strings.  Golden aura formed around her hands. “You know I can send you back. But since I haven’t done this in a while something might go wrong. You can end up blind and deaf. Or you bleed out through every hole from your body. Or every bone in your body will be turned to dust and you’ll be nothing more than a flash bag on the ground.” she whispered. Cassian stayed quiet. “Oh right.” she snapped her fingers again. Cassian choked and gasped for air once he overcame from his frozen state. “Oh Mother I think I’m going to be sick.” he said. “Please don’t vomit in my mind. That would just be rude.” Amren said. “Only if you stop doing that.” Cassian said. “Sorry dog, that’s a promise I can’t make. It’s been a while since I’ve been since I have been in my true form.” she  said. “You’re true form?” Feyre asked. Amren walked away from the Inner Circle to the first stained glass window.     

Amren was memorized by the picture. She didn’t look like Amren that they all knew and loved. She looked lost. Someone looking back into the past. Someone trying to go back there. She was a stranger.“I thought this story would die with me.” she said. Nesta was the first to speak up, “Tell us the story.” Amren look at them. “As you wish, firecrackers.” Amren said, as she turned back to the window. Amren places her hands over her heart and bow her head. She whispers a pray.

On the Sand of Time

On the Door of Illusion

On the Wings of the Past

One the Stone of the President

One the Stars of the Futures

Bless me true

Father of Magic and Giver of Spells

Let the Shadow dissolve and let the Light shine through the world you created

Protect us until our time comes and guide our into the King’s warm embraces

A wind blew through the temple, a voice echoing as well. “Reverie,” Tears form around Amren’s eye once more. She looked towards the window, “Father?” she asked. A small golden dragonfly flew past through the hall and landed on her shoulder. Amren turned to it and gently flew to her hand and morph into a golden and sapphire hair pin. “Sorry I haven’t visited.” she said and placed the pin in her hair. “Amren?” Feyre said. The Inner Circle slowly walked over to the window. It shows a handsome man dressed in black and silver mist blue robes with a dragonfly pendant across his chest. He had long black hair with a single blue strain of hair with long bread and swirled silver eyes. Lighting just like Amren. Golden aura swarmed around his right hand and a large leather bound book in his left hand. Amren placed her hand on the window. “That’s your father?” Nesta spoke up. “Yes Malachi. The God of Magic and Illusions. Legend says that when the King of Gods created this world he used my father’s soul to create it. I don’t know if that is true, but I do know that he wrote the Book of Breathing.” she said. “He did?” Feyre said. “How do you think I could read it.” she said.  Amren walked over to the next window. The second one was of Malachi standing across a giant golden red Phoenix, underneath it shows the Phoenix melt into a beautiful woman. She is much smaller than Malachi. She had tan skin and long red and black hair with bright orange eyes and she dressed in a slim black dress. Under that it shows them Malachi and the women holding each other. Amren placed her hand on the second window, then her forehead. “I don’t know much about my birth mother, I knew her name was Aria and I knew that they love each other, so deeply and true.” she said.

The floor began to creak around them and walls faded away into golden halls with several doors lined up and down the walls. “Where are we now?” Rhys said. “The Golden Arrow. This is where Gods, their descendants or even servants would open doors to new and old worlds and realms.” Amren explained. A door opens and four soldiers dress in black and violet clothes and heavy metal armor each of them holding a spear and have swords strapped to their sides. In the centre of them was Malachi, he was holding a small bundle in his arms. He looked tired, really tired. Amren watch them closely. “My mother died giving birth to me. She knew that bearing the child of a God would be too much for her, but my father promised to care and raise me with love. But during their affair my father was engaged to marry another God. Leila the Goddess of Chaos and Time. But she comes along later in the story. Just watch my father’s shadow."  Amren said.

They watch closely at the scene, at Malachi’s shadow. With his left hand he cradles the bundle close to his chest as he moves his right hand away to extend his index figure. His shadow behind him began to fade upward from the ground and form into a ball levitating above his figure. Like a blade he slathered his shadow forward cutting off each of the soldiers heads. Their bodies fell to their knees then spilled on the floor. The white pearly marble floor began a deep shade of ruby. A small cried came from the bundle.Malachi pushed the pieces of the blanket away revealing a small pale skin baby with a patch of black hair and silver eyes. Malachi kissed her forehead. "I’m sorry my dragonfly.” he whispered. “Amren was that?” “Yes. Since I was born at wedlock my father was ordered to kill me. But he couldn’t do it. So he hid me away.” Like before the room began to crack and fade into a field of wildflowers and oak trees. There was also a lake near a stone cottage. “Where are we now?” Cassian asked. “It’s beautiful,” Elian said. She tried her best to kneel down and touch one golden red poppies, but her hand went straight through it. “Sorry Flower child. They’re not real.’ Amren said. "These places look familiar. Like in one the storybook Father used to read to us.” Nesta said and both of her sisters looked at her.  “This place doesn’t have a name. My father created this pocket realm so he and my mother could be together.” Amren said. Three strange beings emerge from a tree, the lake and patch of tiger lily. The one that came from the tree seems to be the oldest, she had dark ebony skin and ivory green hair and eyes dressed in a skill white and green dress. On head pop up in the lake she had dark blue hair with light blue skin and had golden dust across her nose and cheeks, she had gills pulsing on her neck. She climbs out the lake revealing her blue and green gown and fins on one her forearms and ankles. The one that climbs out the patch of tiger lilies looks to be the youngest one. She has fiery neon orange and curly and light pink skin, green eyes the shade of emerald and black spots around her body and dress in yellow and white. She smiled the widest and ran up to Malachi. “Master!” she raced over to him, she stared at the little baby version of Amren. “Oh my stars. Is this?"  "Yes, her name Reverie.” Malachi said. “She is so cute. Can I hold her? Please, please plase,” the little one said, bouncing up and down. The blue woman put her hands on her shoulders. “Settle Lily. She might be half God but she still a baby.” “Pearly right Lily, their business to be down first.” the oldest one said. “Yes Okko,” they said. “We heard what happened to Mistress Aria. We are so sorry. We also heard of her.” Okko said There was a silence pause. “You’re not really going to marry that horrid Witch.” Lily said. Malachi’s eyes cloud. “Yes.” “But why?” “Lily,” Pearly said. “But why should he? Master clearly never loved her. You shouldn’t marry if not for true love.” “That is true but we can not speak ill of our Masters.” Okko said. “I wish I didn’t have to either. But it is the only way to make sure that Reverie is safe.” he said. A little noise came from the baby. A small smile grew on Malachi’s face and kissed her forehead. “Please watch over her.” he said. “Of course Master.” Okko said and raised her arm out to take the baby. But Malachi couldn’t pass her over. He clenched her tighter to his chest and a few tears began to slip from his eyes. “I love you my sweet girl. I love you my Reverie.”

The Inner Circle watch as the image of Malachi and the three women fade away into the wind. “Your father was a good man.” Rhys said. “Yes he was.” Amren said. “Who were those women?” Mor asked. “Nymphs. Okko, Pearly and Lily.  They were caretakers of this place and my father asked them to raise me.” Amren said. “Reverie?” Feyre said and Amren turned to her. “Was that your given name? Your real name?” “Yes it was High Lady. It’s silly that I forgot my own name.” she said.   

An orange and black spot cat ran past the Inner Circle feet and the laughter of a small little girl came by running after it. The girl couldn’t be more than seven years old. Her long black hair that went down to her feet and silver star like eyes. She wore a red and yellow poppy flower crown with a golden and sapphire dragonfly pendant clipped in her hair and wore white dress and bare feet. She looked so happy. “Amren, you were adorable.” Cassian said. “Were?” Amren said and put her hand on her hip. “Well not at least not as terrifying as you are now.” Cassian said. “Nice save,” She scoffed. They watched as the little girl chased after the cat, they ran toward the lake where Pearly was washing the clothes. Large soap bubbles form around them. The cat jump up each other’s bubbles using them as bridges to get to the other side. Little Reverie tried to jump after her but Okko grabbed her before she could. “No no no my love.” she said, then turned to the cat. A light emerges around the cat’s body morphing to Lily. “Lily, how many times do I have to tell not to play near the water with Reverie.” she said. Lily pouted her lip. “It’s not Lily’s fault.” Reverie said. “We’re trying to see if my magic would work.” she said. “Oh sweetie you know you have to be more patient when it comes to this kind of thing. Your powers will come natural.” Okko said. “But how long?” Reverie pouted. “Yeah Okko it’s been seven years now and Reverie can’t even fly yet.” Lily said. Pearly tilted her head. “I hate to admit Lily is right about this. Seven years is a long time even for a Demi-God.” she said. “See they agree with me.” Reverie said. “Oh little Dragonfly, you know you were born from an extraordinary love. Your father was the Giver of Magic and your Mother was Giver of Fire and Light. I know it is difficult now but you are destined for greatness. Soon your wings come and shine all across the universe and everyone will see what the true symbol of true love is.”

“They called me that alot.” Amren said. “A symbol of true love.”

Grey clouds began to form with the clear sky and thunder stuck the wind. “What is that?” Reverie said. “Lily come here.” Okko said. Lily rushes over to Okko and grabs Reverie from Okko. “Take her and inside quickly."  "Yes,” Lily ran towards the stone cottage holding Reverie tight. Inside the cottage small toys and flowers and a small bed in the corner.  Lily places Reverie on the bed. “Lily what is going on? What were those clouds?” Reverie asked tears to begin to form her eyes. Lily placed her hand on her cheek and brought her forehead to hers. “It’s going to be okay. Everything is going to be okay.” she said. “But what?” “Hey hey,” Lily said, wiping the tears. “It’s alright Dragonfly. We’re going to play a game. Let’s play hide and sneak. You’re favorite.” she said. “Hide and sneak,” “Yeah you counted to twenty and I’ll hide.” Lily said. Reverie let out a hiccup and whipped her faces. “Okay.” Lily kissed her forehead. “That my girl. Close eyes and count.” Lily said. Reverie covered her eyes. “One, two, three, four, five, six,” Reverie peeked open one her eyes. “No peeking.” Lily said, “Seven, eight, nine,” Reverie opened eyes and Lily was gone.

“That was the last time I ever saw them.” Amren said.

Reverie stays in bed for a few minutes but then she walks towards the door. It was locked. Reverie pounded on the door. “Lily this isn’t fair.” There was noise coming from the other side of the door. It was screaming. “Lily!” Reverie said. There was light coming from the keyhole. She stood up on the tips of her toes. Her eyes widen and tears spill down her cheeks. “Stop it,” she whispered.

“I watch it. Somehow Lelia somehow had found our Pardasie, and I watched her slaughter my family.” Amren said.

“Stop it,” she said. Her body began to shaked, then the cottage began to shake. Light formed in her silver eyes, spilled out and began to creak around her body and levitate off the ground. “Stop it!” she yelled. An explosion of bright pure light erupted from Reverie’s body destroying the cottage. Reverie slowly lowered herself to the ground, there was a new blue streak in her midnight hair. She was exhausted. A mysterious woman came into views. She was beautiful, light fair skin with red ruby eyes with dark cherry red lips and long black ebony hair with a single pink streak. She wore black and dark purple dress and velvet red cape. She also had golden teria with large ruby gemstone in the centre of it cut in the shape of gemstone. Reverie looks up at and gasps. She couldn’t move away from her, she just put her hands up. The woman knelt down on her knees and patted her head. “I’m so sorry my Little Raven. I didn’t mean to scare you.” she said in such a hush tone. She gently placed her hand on Reverie’s cheek and whipped away her tears. “Who are you?” she whispered. “Oh my sweet little Raven. I’m your mother.” she said.

“It took me a while to figure out that Leila was lying to me. She lied about everything.” Amren said.

The scene changed once more again, the field of wildflowers had become an endless sea of red roses. The stone cottage was rebuilt. Leila was sitting by a table with three cups of freshly brewed tea and three plates with a single cupcake with velvet red icing and chocolate sprinkles. Reverie came out of the cottage. Now dressed in black and purple dress with silver cuffs and boots, her hair was cut short just slightly curling around her pale ears. Her dragonfly hair clip was replaced by silver and ruby raven. Leila smiles at her. “Oh aren’t you a vision.” she said. “Thank you Mother,” Reverie said and did a curtis. Lelia walked over to her and got on her knees. “Now left you sleeve. Now may sting a bit my dear.” Reverie did what she was told and left the sleeve on her right arm. Lelia put her hand on Reverie’s arm and light pink emerged around her hand. Once Lelia pulled her hand a tattoo of a raven in a crystal heart cage. “It’s pretty,” she whispered. “It is my Raven. It’s our family chest.” Lelia said. “That was another lie of her hers.” Amren said.

She looked down at her own tattoo. “This,” she took a breath and showed the Inner Circle. “Is a binding marker. The Gods put on their severent, slaves and probery. Basically it is to show who people belong to. If they possessed any magical abilities the maker stopped them from harming their masters.” Amren said. “So that’s why you couldn’t fight Opheila in the Woods.” Rhys said. “Yes High Lord. If I use my powers or lay a figure on her pretty pink head the maker begins to kill me from the inside.” she said. “I’ve a question,” Mor said. “Yes,” “What with the pink and blue hair?” “Oh,” Amren said, picking up her own string of blue hair. “It’s a sign that you have God’s blood within you.” she said and turned back to the scene.

Lelia had taken Reverie to the table and sat her down. “Now wait my Raven.” she said caressing her cheek. “I have to get someone.” Lelia said and raised her hand up. She extended her index finger and dragged it down, tearing a hole into the space. A portal. She walked through and she came back with a very small girl. She was incredibly small and thin and stayed close to Lelia’s leg. She looks to be around the age of six. She had exterma curly dark charcoal hair with wide red eyes. The shade of pretty rubies. She wore a black and red gown with golden cuffs and slippers. She stares at Reverie in such awe. Lelia placed her hand on the girl’s head. “Don’t be shy Opheila this Reverie. She is your big sister.” Lelia said. Reverie smiles at the girl, she always wants to be a big sister. Like what Lily was, but she just s. Lelia took Ophelia to the seat next to Reverie. Ophelia didn’t look at Reverie, she was too afraid to even look at her. “Now my sweet girls. Let me tell you a story.”

“She spun quite a fairy tale.” Amren said. “She told that she and her brother Leogin were the children of Elio, the King of the Gods. Even though Lelia was the first born and heir to the throne Elio gave it to Leogin. The False King. She describes them to be tyrants, cruel and selfish monsters that feed on the blood and souls of our people. Enslaving and raping the lands and the humans that worship us. She said she couldn’t stand watching their people suffer. She wants to start a revelation."  "But she didn’t want that.” Nesta said. “No, she just wants the throne for herself. And she was going to us to get it.” Amren said.

The scene changed once again, Reverie was sitting on the front steps of the cottage, looking up at the starless night. She had never seen a night before, when it was just her and the Nymphs the sky would always be sunny and blue. Never this. Never this endless sea of darkness.

“Was it just you here?” Nesta asked. She looked close to the past version of Amren. The child looks so lonely. “Yes,” Amren answered. “Lelia told me that Leogin had stolen me away and cursed me to stay in the Garden for the rest of my days. She said that he killed my father too.” she said.

The sound of a rip tear through the scene, a new portal was opening. But Lelia didn’t come through it. It was Ophila. She looked really nervous. Reverie stood up. “Hello,” she said. Opheila stayed quiet and looked down at her slippers. “Is… Is Mother coming?” Reverie asked. “No,” Opheila said almost whisper. “It’s just me. She doesn’t know that I’m here.” she rocked on her heels. Another awkward silence. “Are you?” Ophelia started. 'Are you really my sister?“ she asked. "Yes,” Reverie said. “Can you do magic?” she whispered. “What?” Reverie asked. Opheila points to the blue strip on her Reverie’s head. “Oh,” “Kind of Mother gave me a few lessons. I can’t do much.” Reverie said.  “What can you do?” Ophila asked. “Um,  I can do this,” Reverie said. She cupped her hands together and small little balls of light began to form around her fingertips and down her hand into a bigger ball. She scrunched up her face and a ball of light began to morph and into a dragonfly. “Ohhh pretty,” Opheila said. She leans closer to the dragonfly but it fades away into dust. “Oh no.” Ophelia whimper. “Sorry,” Reverie said. “I can’t really hold too long.” she said. “Do you like dragonflies?” Ophelia said. “Yeah  I do.” she said. Another awkward silence. Ophelia rocked on her heels. “I have a friend back home.” she started. “Her name is Clawdeen. She has a sister too. Her name is Chole. They called each other different names. Chole calls Clawdeen Claws, and she calls her Coe. They told me that it was a sister thing. That sister has their own special name for each other.” Ophelia said. “Do you..” Reverie said. “Do you want to give me a name?” “I’ve already got one!"  she shouted. Reverie’s eyes widened, that was the first time she saw it. Ophelia’s smile. It was a bright and gleaming kind of reminder of the cupcakes they had earlier. Reverie gave her smile back. "What is it?” she asked. Ophelia pointed at her. “Ren.” she said. “Ren?” Reverie tried the name on her tongue. “I like it.” she said. Ophelia’s smile grew bigger. “And you can call me Opal.” she said. “Opal, I like that.” The girls share a small giggle then Ophelia rocked back on her heels again.  “Another thing Clawdeen told me is that sisters play with each other.” she said. She place her hands together and bit her lip. “Will you?” she took a breath. “Will you play with me? No one really plays with me at home. So will you?” she asked. 

Reverie smiled. “Yes I would. What do you want to play?” she asked. A smile on Ophelia grew bigger on her face. “Let’s play hide and sneak. That’s my favorite.” she said. Reverie let out a gasp at the sound of the game. “Why are you crying?” Ophelia asked. Reverie blinked, and whipped her hand against her check. There were tears on her cheeks. “I’m sorry.” Ophelia said. “I didn’t mean to make you sad.” “No Opal no, I’m okay really. Let’s play.” she said. Ophelia took Reverie’s hands, “Thank you Ren.” “Of course,” she said. “Do you wanna count or hide?” Ophelia asked. Reverie blinked before more tears could be seen. “You count and I’ll hide.” she said. “Ok!” Ophelia chirped. She pursued her lips together. “But I can only count up to thirteen.” she said. Reverie giggled. “That’s okay, I’m a pretty fast hider.” Reverie said. The vision of the young girls began to fade into dust.

The Inner Circle looked at Amren, she blinked and whipped her silver eyes before the tears fell down her cheeks. “It wasn’t all bad at first,” she said. “I was happy. Really happy to know that we’re sisters. We finish our training with Lelia, Ophelia would sneak back to the Garden to play.” The vision of Reverie and Ophelia growing up, training and playing together dance around them. They both grew into strong and beautiful women. But as they notice, Ophelia seems to be slightly weaker than. Reverie, she didn’t show any sign of magical abilities like Reverie and when they fought she would only win once or twice. Reverie was always victoror. Ophelia never got the strip in her hair. “There were times,” Amren said. “That I want to leave the Garden. To go to her and offer the kind worry that Lily would give me. To hold her whenever she got sad, when Lelia’s words tore her down. I loved her.”

The scene changes again to Reverie, now looking to be sixteen years old. She was sitting with her legs crossed within a circle of candles and cups of water. She let out a breath and the fire and water began to rise from their stands. They began to morph. The fire took the shape of a young woman with large fiery wings and the water to form a young man with hood and staff. The woman looked at the young man and hid behind her wings. The man places his scythe on the ground, and the water fades back into a cup. He took off his hood. They didn’t have faces, but they way they looked at each other. It was love at first sight. True and pure love. The man offers his hand to fiery women but she just tightens her wings around her face. The man then snapped his figure and five dragonflies made of water formed and began to circle the women. One the dragonflies flew close to her and nuzzled her cheeks. Steam merged against them but she giggled. Or what could have been a giggled. She turned to the man made of water and took his hand. The man twirled her around and pulled her close to her chest.

“My parents,” Amren said. “Whenever I was alone and I used my powers, visions of what they could have been or what they were would sweep through my mind.” she said. “I remember this night well.” Amren whispered. “Opal was running late that night.”

The sound of a portal opened up once again and Ophelia came through it. The couple made of pure magic began to fade away into a puddle or ashes. Reverie looked and smiled at her sister. “Opal,” And that when she saw it. The bright pink strip in her black charcoal curls. “Your mark came. That’s amazing,” she said. She took Opheila’s hand into her own. “I’m so proud of you.” she said. The younger sister stayed quiet. She looked Ophelia. Her ruby red eyes were demid, as if she was crying. “Opal what wrong?” “Ren,” she whispered. “What is it? You know you can tell me.” Reverie said. “I can’t see you anymore.” she said. “What?” Reverie said. “Well since this,” she pointed to her strip. “Mother says I need more training. Much more training. She says it for the best if I stay home.” “But we’re supposed to be training together, we’re supposed to fight the False King. together.” she said. “I’m sorry but I’m doing it for us. For you and me. It is our density on our line. And I’m willing to fight for it.” Ophelia said. “So am I!” Reverie said. “Are you?” Ophelia asked.

“Of course I want to fight.” Amren said. “Everything, I was willing to fight alongside with her if we could be together. I knew that Ophelia was weaker than me, that she needed to train more. I just didn’t understand why we couldn’t do it together.”

Ophelia kissed Reverie’s cheek. “I miss you Ren.” and she disappears.

“I thought that was the last time I would see Opal.” Amren said. “Lelia still comes by once a month but then she stops coming too.” Amren said. “How long?” Nesta asked. They turned to her.  “How long were you alone?” she asked. Amren let out a cold chuckle. “Time works completely differently with the realms. An hour in Prythian could be a year in the God’s Realm. And a year here could be a hundred years there. A hundred years here could be a millina in there. But to give an exact number. I think it was a hundred years till I saw another soul.” Amren said. A hundred years by herself. It seems wherever Amren went someone would take her prisoners. Her step mother, the Prison and herself. “Wait. Ophelia said that she binded up?” Feyre asked. “Get ahead of yourself High Lady,” Amren snapped. Rhys shot her daggers. Amren just rolled her eyes. “I mean no offence, put this a story I’ve been holding inside for a long time. I can’t just blurt it out, that would just be uncouth. I need to set the stage  and let it play it.” she said. The scene changed again.

Reverie was still in the Garden, she looked like she had grown. She could have been more than twenty one. She was standing in an archer shooting range, Lelia must have put in for her to keep training. She raised her right arm and summing a dark onyx gemstone bow, she pulled an invisible string and an arrow made of a pure light emerged from it. She let go of the arrow and it shot out like a strike of lightning destroying the target board. “Another easy shot.” she mumbled. Everything was too easy for her now. Soon it will be time for her and Opal to kill the False King and free their home with their mother on the throne. 

But then something happened. A sound she hasn’t heard in a while. The sound of a portal open within the space. With a flick of her waist the Reverie ran towards the sound. The portal opens close to her cottage, Reverie crouches down behind a large rosebush. She summed a hunting knife. She watched a man come through the portal, well more like falling through it. He was tall, very tall. He was dressed in black tuxedo with dark red under shirt  and torn up figure less black gloves with heavy black boots and black hooded cape with a large green and purple skull embroidered on the back. He took off his hood revealing a extrodarying handsome man. Pearly white ivory skin with bright emerald eyes. He had long black hair , the tried in a short knot with a single green hair streak in his hair. But it wasn’t his look that Reverie was staring at, it was his ears. Black and white spotted cat ears dawn on his head with white fur puffing out them. She wanted to touch them. “Damn, Fero.” he groaned in pain. He stood up and looked around the Garden. Nothing but an endless of red roses. Reverie stayed close to the ground so he couldn’t see her.  He reached out to one the roses, but as soon his fingers grazed the petals the flower died instantly. He groaned at the sight of his action. 

The Inner Circle turns to Amren. Her arms were wrapped closed around her body, the lighting had faded away. She looked wounded. But that is not the right word to use. They didn’t know what word to us. “Is that?” Nesta asked. “Yes, my husband. Rouge Nix, the God of Death,”

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A Court Of Time Chaos and Cat Ears - Chapter 2

hapter 2

The Inner Circle stares at the mysterious women. “Amren, who is that?” Feyre asked. The mysterious woman’s smile turned into snarled. But then she let out a sigh. “Of course she doesn’t tell you about me. I mean why would she tell her new friends on how she lied and betrayed her old best friend.” she said. They looked at Armen. “What is she talking about?” Feyre asked. She tried to reach out to Armen but she pulled away. “Ophelia please.” “You beg before, and I made the stupid mistake of bansihing you to this worthless Realm. A place that should have been mine and his but you ruined it like you ruined everything. I even stole half of your power trapping you in that useless and disgusting body. I was hoping you would have died of a breakheart like I did. You were destined to die! But you didn’t!” she said, she raised her hand, her arm stretched out toward. Her arm stretched all the way to the clift and grabbed Armen by her neck.

The tattoo on Amren’s arm began to glow, sparks were flying to the ground. Armen screamed loud and Ophelia pulled her back off the chift and to her face. “Now let me fix that mistake.” she said. Armen screamed louder, she couldn’t do anything because of that stupid tattoo. “What’s she doing?” Why wasn’t Armen fighting her? They never saw the formal Death Angel like this. Ophelia laughed. “And here I thought I would have a fight. But you’re just as weak as you were before. The stories I’ve heard of you were just simple fairy tales, you lost your Fire Ren.” A flash of neon green light passes through them. It cut off Ophelia’s arm and Armen dropped to the ground. Amren cough and gasp. She looked to see that it was a green shield with a spade with a pair of wings in the middle of it had saved her. She knew that shield. “But that’s impossible,” she whispered. It couldn’t be?

Amren began to shake and tears formed in her eyes as she looked for the shield’s owner. “Rouge?” she whispered. It was a teenage boy, he couldn’t be more than fifthteen years old. He had black ebony hair with a single green strike. He was wearing a black and blue suit with two long coat tails and navy blue spade patch was switched over his heart, and sliver blue spade shape pendet around his neck with black steel boots and a top hat. There were cat ears on the brim of the hat. They twitched to the sense of the wind. But it wasn’t his outfit or his ears weren’t the reason Amren was staring at him. It was his eyes. He had three of them. Two of them were sliver like hers. But the third one, it was in the middle of his forehead and it was the shade of ivy emerald. Amren covered her mouth as she let out sob. The boy smiled at Amren. He opened his mouth but didn’t say anything. He fell to the ground groaning in exhaust. “You stupid inncosalted boy.” Ophelia said. Her severed arms began to crawl towards her. Four pink strings appear at the end of them and reconnect to her body.

The rest of the Inner Circle was more confused than ever. “We need to get down.” Feyre said. Rhys noded. “You guys really want to fight that?’ Cassian said. "We don’t really have a choice, do we?” Rhys said pick his mate up. “Yeah if she can take Amren down like that imagine what she’ll do to Velaris of Prythian.” Mors said. “And Amren is our friend too. Beside Cass since when do you run from a fight.” Cassian smirk. “Oh come on. Do how much I’m gonna rub this Amren face,” she said. Once they got down to the fight. When they stop in their tracks. Rhys and Feyre had put a mind shield up for everyone, but somehow they felt a large hot iron blade splinting through those shields. Their bodies went numb and fell to their knees. Ophelia laughed. “Silly little children of Titania.You’re powers are nothing but dust when it comes to a God,” Armen tried to get up but she felt her cells were being torn apart again and again.

Ophelia laughed but then was shot in face with a glowing ball of energy. It came from the one the teenage Illians. She looked to be the youngest one. She had short purple hair with a black headband with spikes on it and wore a black hoop dress that stopped at her thighs with white collar and white cuffs around her wrist with purple and star pins, and purple star patch was over her heart and golden star pendant around her neck. She had black stocks with white stars and crescent moon patterns on them and large and heavy boots that went up to her knees. But it was her face, she looked like just Rhysand. They had the same tan skin, narrow nose and her eyes. They were the same shade of violet as his. The only difference is that she had two purple stars tattoos on her cheeks . The girl’s eyes widened when she saw Feyre and Rhys. “Um okay this is a bit weird. Um hi.” she said and waved at them. Rhysand blinked back into reality. “Charlotte?” he asked. The girl’s brow furrowed and bit her inner cheek. “Um, kind of .” she answered. “Charlie!” Another voice.

The girl gasped as three fireballs came at her, she jumped out the way the first one and did two backflip to dodge the last two. “Don’t lose focus,” the second Illian girl said, she had dark brown hair and wore black leather clothes. “Sorry about this just weird. Even for us,” Charlie said. “I think we’ve seen weirder,” the third Illian girl said. She was dressed in black suit and her hair was a sparkling shade of dark violet blue. “Yeah remember what happened during the Winter Court last Solstice.” The last girl said she had red hair and looked to be High Fae. “Not really,” the last Illian, a male and look to be the oldest one in the group. “I’ve overdid it with their peppermints schnapps.” he said, the dark brown hair Illian girl slapped his chest. “Hey,” he said.

There were a total of eight teenagers, the mysterious cat boy near Armen and Ophelia and the Charlie girl. The two older Illian look to be in their mid to late twenties. And it might have been their eyes tricking them but these teens looked like them.The two oldest one seems to look like Nesta and Cassian. The oldest one was male who had curly black hair that was shaved one side of his face and light blue eyes. He is slightly taller than Cassian and slimmer too. He wore a black battle suit over a large black and blue jacket that went down to his boots. There look to be a crescent moon patch over his heart and glowing blue stone in his ring on his right hand. The second Illian girl had long curly ash brown hair and wore long leather jacket like males but with a sun patch over her heart, under that she wore a low black top and leather pants and high heel boots. She also had a long black glove hiding her right arm and a glowing yellow stone on the ring of her left hand.

The last Illian girl in the black suit looked very strange, she looked like a doll. White pearly skin and shiny dark violet blue hair was the same color as her eyes and her wings. But somehow every part of her looked to be made of glass. As if you touch her she would break. Shadows swirled around her body. Was she another Shadowsinger? Her black suit had a dark blue diamond symbol over her heart. She had glowing dark blue gemstone glowing brightly on her right hand.

The other three looked to be High Fae, two girls and one boy. The girl with red hair with glowing green eyes and freckles dance around her face like fallen stars. She wore a dark green jacket with flower symbol over her heart and a white and pink blouse with a dark denim pumpkin short with dark tight boots. Her hair was tied in pigtails tide with pink, white and blue flowers in it and a glowing green gemstone on her bracelet. The second girl had dark skin and blazing blue eyes with pearly white glasses and long fuzzy white hair. She looked like she was from the Summar Court, she wore a blue jacket with a two wave symbol over her heart with a white and blue battle suit. She had heart shaped glasses with silver white light coming from them. The last boy looked strangely familiar. Light sun kissed blonde hair with teal blue eyes and freckles down his face and wore black and golden battle suit with dark green jacket with a lightning bolt patch over his heart and blue jewel glowing over his right earring.

Ophelia let out a low laugh. “Foolish children. Your Omens are almost out and you choose to fight a God. Your as stupid as you parents are.” she said. The cat ear boy growled as he got back his feets. A wave impression rose through the Inner Circle. Each one of these teens looked exhausted but they were still willing to fight. The cat ear boy summed a black and silver color sword with a sapphire gemstone in the helit. “Well just have to make do with what we got.” Ophelia smiled at him. “Oh my sweet little Mercury,” she said. Armen gasped as Olipha rose her hand and Armen rose off the ground, and Ophelia sent her flying toward a nearby tree. The branch began to cover her and wrapped tightly around. The tattoo on her arm glowing bright as a star. The pain she couldn’t bare it, each cell in her body was ripped apart over and over again. Ophelia then summed two glowing pink and black swords. “After all I’ve done for you my son.” she said. He grawl his teeth. “I’m not your son.” he said and charged after her.

Ophelia blocks and pushes him back. She swings her sword and he blocks, with a flick of his wrist he manages to knock one of Ophelia’s swords out her hand. It flew to the other side of the battlefield, Mercury hit the tip of his own sword on the ground used it like a top and spun himself to kick Ophelia. She groaned in pain, formed a glowing ball of pink energy and shot it at Mercury. He yelled in pain as he could feel the magic burn his chest.

Charlie gasp and summed large purple and black scythes with a moon and star charm hanging on the staff and ran toward them. With a spinned of her scythe she jumped toward Ophelia, the Goddess grabbed the blade of Charlie’s scythe. Charlie twirled around the staff and kicked Ophelia in the face, sending her to the other side of the battlefield. Charlie landed on her feet and hurried over to Mercury. She smiled, “You okay kitty?” she asked. Mercury smiled at her, and grip in pain. “I’ve been better.” he said. “Good, ahh!” she gasped. Her clothes began to glow, her dress changed to a black and white top with plaid skirt with black denim jacket cover in several kinds of patches and her spike headband turned into a knitted cap with cat ears. But strangely, and the Inner Circle couldn’t believe their eyes. But her wings disappear as well. “My magic.” she gasped. She was completely exhausted. Mercury held her closed. “Stay close,” he said. Ophelia just smiled at them as she giggled. “I told you.” she said. “Your Omen, your magic is almost gone.” she said.

The oldest Illian boy’s ring started to glow blue and ice formed around his hands and shot it Ophelia. Ice began to form around her feet and grew up to her thighs freezing her to her spot. “Teej now!” the blonde hair boy summed a golden and green staff with a turquoise gemstone on top. Light began to form around his body and travel down to the staff shooting out a bolt of lighting. Ophelia yelled in pain, her eyes turning red as she formed around two fire bells and shot it out to the blonde haired boy. The Summer Court girl gasped and raised her hand as pink wavelengths began shooting out her hand, the ground began to shake around him and rocks began to form upward turning into a shield of rock stopping the fire. The boy smiles at her and she blush. But then he dropped to his knees and his clothes began to glow and change into a dark green button up with black puff vest and jeans. “TJ,” the Summer Court girl said, rushing over to him. “I’m okay just out of juice.” he said. “Zora!” The Shadowsinger girls said. The Summer Court girl turns to her, as she glades over to her. “Give me a little amino.” She said. “Right,” she said raising her hand out. She shot out another pink wavelength out her hand again. The rock shield began to crumble into several pieces. The Shadowsinger girl controlled the shadow around her body to grab hold of the rocks. She squeezed her hand into an fist and shadows did the same squeeze in the rocks into the bright dark violet blue crystals and shot them towards Ophelia. The Goddess snarl and with a wave her hand the crystal shattered before her feet. “Hehe,” she cried with tears from her eyes and smile. “Is that your best shot?” She said. The Shadowsinger shrugged her shoulder. “Yeah not our best work.” “ But it did work as a good distraction.” Zora said. “What?” Ophelia said. Like a comet the second Illian girl came flying punching Ophelia in the face sending her flying across the battle creating a crater.

“Oh my carden I’ve been wanting to do that all day.” She said. She then put her hand with the black glove on her head and a light flash around her body. “Ella,” Charlie cried for her. “I’m good cuz,” she said. Ophelia stood up from the crater and a pink and blue aura surrounded her body and her eyes turned red and two orbs of black energy from around her hands. “Do you know?” The Goddess growled. “What you just did?” Ella smirked, and got into a fighting stance and summed a single red and black gauntlet on her ungloved hand. “Just what I want.” She said and Ophelia charge towards her. They fought like falling stars.

Debread was flying around them. The oldest Illian male had summed ice shields around the teens protecting them. Some rocks were heading to the Inner Circle. Feyre and Rhys try to form a shield of Shadows but, out of nowhere three giant venus fly traps catch the rocks. They turned around to see the redhead girl and saw that her hands were glowing silver blue aura. She was controlling them. With a flick of her wrist the fly traps drop the rocks to the ground. She looked at the Inner Circle with her wide emerald shaded eyes. “Yeah Charlie was right this is pretty weird.” She said. The fight between Ophelia and Ella was coming to end as Ophelia had pinned her down holding her hair.

The Goddess grin grew into domonic form. “You stupid children. You’ll pay with the blood of your friend.” She laughed. “Um you’re sure about that,” the Illian male said. “What? What are you talking about?” Ophelia said. “Oh right,” Charlie said. “Didn’t you say before you did all that time magic deal-o that you know everything about us,” she said. “That’s right.” Zora said. “She also said she knew our strengths and weaknesses.” TJ said. “And how she can outsmart is,” Mercury said. “What’s your point?” Ophelia said. “Our point is if you know everything about us,” the Shadowsinger said. “Then you should know Ella’s one rule.” The redhead girl said. Ophelia blinks. What were they talking about? She is about to kill their friend. What does a rule have to deal with ? Ophelia felt an intense burning feeling go up her arm. Ella’s brown hair has turned to a flame.

“Never tough her hair,” the male one said. All of Ella’s body had turned into fire, a phoenix stood before them. She grabbed Ophelia’s shoulders and flew them into the sky. The Shadowsinger walked over to the redhead girl. “How long do you think she will last?” the Shadowsinger said. “Twenty seconds.” she said. “Fifthteen.” the Shadowsinger said. The Shadowsinger rose her hands and her shadow shot upward forming a net of darkness, glince of glitter dusted off. The redhead girl raised her hand, they were starting to glow the same sliver blue aura and the ground began to shake. A giant sunflower began to grow spring upward. “A sunflower?” the Shadowsinger said. “Yeah you know, for Ella’s sunny disposition.” she said. The group of teens groan and that joke. “Boo!” Charlie yelled. “Oh come on that’s funny.” she said laughing at her joke. With a stick of light Ella fell from the sky and landed on the net then on to the sunflower. The redhead girl lowered her hand and slowly the sunflower began to shrink down laying Ella gentle onto the ground. Her clothes had changed from her battle clothes to a low cut top with black tight jeans and wool brown cardigan and boots, her wings disappeared as well.

Then the redhead girl and Shadowsinger both fell to the ground as light flashed around their bodies. The redhead girl’s clothes change into a white sundress with lemon pattern, blue jeans, grey jacket and flats. The Shadowsinger clothes change into some sort of school uniform and boots. Her wings disappear too. “Fuck.” the male Illian said, a light flash over his body and his clothes changed to black button under a dark blue vest, black pants and boots. His wings disappear too. Was his magic gone too? “Kaiden!” TJ called for him. “I’m okay. But I need a drink.” he said. “Are you okay?” Feyre cried. She didn’t know why but she wanted to help them. She always wants to help. But this was something different. Something completely different from the other fights and battles she has seen. She wants to rush out to fight for them, to protect them, and die for them. Feyre wasn’t the only one. She looks at Mor and mate and his brother. They want to tear that Goddess to pieces for even laying a hand on these children.

The sky turns grey and a roar of thunder echo in the sky. And slowly Ophelia began to float down, her boy was glowing a bright pink and black aura. “I have…. ENOUGH!!” She yelled. She summed a large pink and black sword. Ophelia stretched her arm out again like she did with Armen and swung, the blade hit each of the teens except Mercury and Charlie, he had blocked the sword with his shield. The teen’s body grew grey and bright symbol brust from their bodies. For Kaiden was a moon symbol, Ella symbol was the sun, the redhead girl had a flower, the Shadowsinger was a diamond, the Zora had two waves and TJ had a lightning bolt. The symbols transfer into balls of light and fly into Ophelia’s hand. Mercury had lowered his shield and it vanished. Charlie got up from her spot, she wobbled a bit but stood up. She tried to sum her scythe but couldn’t. Ophelia giggled as she turned to the Inner Circle. “Might as well do what I came here to do.” she said and charged towards them.

Feyre and Rhys try to summon a shield, something to protect themselves but Ophelia magic on them was too strong. Ophelia was coming close; she raised her sword but stopped. The blade didn’t hit Feyre, Rhys or anyone in the Inner Circle. It hit Charlie. It had gone straight through her chest. The girl had blocked it, protecting them from the Goddess. A breath escaped from the young girl’s lip as a bright symbol like others came from her body. A star burst from her body and turned a ball fly to Ophelia’s hand. Charlie dropped to her knees but before she could fall to the ground Feyre caught her. Feyre pulled the mysterious teen to her chest. A sense of warmth spread through her chest, Rhys wrapped his arms around Feyre as he looked at the girl. She was so beautiful, Feyre didn’t want to let her go. It was her scent. She smelled like them, how was that possible? Feyre slowly put her hand on Charlie’s cheek, and traced the star tattoo on her left cheek.

Ophelia looked at the balls of light in her hand and let out another laugh. “Another mistake made by the Flause King. Giving this power to simple and pathetic decisions of Titania.” She raised her arm up and shot the lights up into the sky, each them falling in different directions. “Well let’s finish it.” she said. Just then Mercury grabbed Ophelia’s right arm. He was angry. His body was glowing with green aura, his three eyes had turned pure white and growled to escape his mouth. “Aww the scary eyes.” she giggled. “Tell me my son. Do you still think you can take me.” she said. Then out of nowhere Armen had escaped from her binds and grabbed Ophelia’s other arm. Pure anger emger from Armen’s body. She changed. Her dark hair now clean and her stain clothes had changed to a beautiful black and green dress and heels. She had a golden necklace with a sapphire jewel in the shape of a spade. It was a simple, far simpler than another jewel Armen had collected over the years. Her eyes had turned back to the powerful sterling silver color it did when Feyre met her. “He is not your son!” she yelled. Opheila tries to wrestle her arm out Armen’s grip. “How is this possible?” she said. “Your right Ophelia. I did die. I died long ago, I was just let my soul rot into nothing. But then I remember. I promise Rouge that I would live. I would live here and have the best life I could have. That’s what I promised him. But there was a part of me, a part of me that has been dead for so long. Ophelia, you right. You were my friend and for that I should thank you.” she said. “Thank me?” the Goddess said. “Yes,” Armen said with a smile. “You brought me back to life.” A burst of light exploded, knocking everyone out.

Ten second past, Feyre and Rhysand had created a shield of shadow protecting them and their friends from the blast. Amren and Mercury were laying on the ground. Feyre and Mor rush over to Amren. “Amren! Are you okay?” Feyre said. “What was that?” Mor said. Amren slowly woke up and put her hand to her head. “I..” she groaned. “I haven’t been able to do that…in a while.” she slumped. But when her attention turns to Mercury, she rushes over to the boy. She picks him and cradles him. “Oh Stars. Wake up. Please Gods wake him up.” she said. Mercury clothes had changed from his tux and top hat. He wore a black leather jacket with a striped red and black shirt underneath, black ripped jeans with boots. He still had his cat ears and his ebony hair had single green stick in it as it cover his third eye. His ears twitch as he opens his eyes. It was just a peak. And he smiled at Amren. “Hey Mom,” he whispered. A smile, a first and real smile broke out on Amren’s face. Tears slipping from her eyes. “My sweet boy. Mercury.” she cried. She kissed his forehead and then his cheeks. Then he protested against her lips. “Mom stop it. It’s embarrassing.” he said and fell back asleep. Feyre and Mor were even more confused. Did that boy just call Amren his mother?

A laugh echoed through the air and their attention turned back to Ophelia. She changed too. Her long pink hair had changed to charcoal black color and her battle dress had changed to what appeared to be a trader wedding dress. “You think this over, my Raven.” She turns to Amren. Two white orbs formed around Ophelia’s hands. “This is just the beginning. And it will end with your head on a silver platter.” she threw the orbs down to the ground and Ophelia disappeared.

A/N: Wow, that took forever to write. Thank you so much for reading. Before I say bye I thought I would explain my story and OC a little bit in case you guys are confused. So my OC, basic in my story the children of the Inner Circle of the Court of Dreams came back thorough time to stop Ophelia from killing their parents.


Charlie - Daughter of Feyre and Rhysand.

Mercury- Long Lost son of Amren

Kaiden - Son of Cassian and Nesta

Ella - Daughter of Cassian and Nesta

Tulip - Daughter of Elian and Lusian

Lorelai - Daughter of Azreil

Zora - Daughter of Mor

TJ - Son of Tamlin and Ianthe (Sorry that Ianthe still alive in my story that will come in play later on)

I’m gonna explain more on Ophelia and her relationship with Amren in chapter.

Another I want to explain was the Omens. Basic there kind like a next generation of the Siphon, I’ll explain that more in the next chapters.

Thank you for reading agian and I’ll see you next time.

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She said that she cried with ACOSF’s ending…….We know nessian will be together, because she said it before…and because she also said that by the ending of the book we would know who would be lead in the next one ++++ we know Az has a pov in the ending AND she talked about him a lot in the live (aka a she was thinking- probably writhing stuff abt him): Someone dies ( I’m assuming Elain) and Azriel, being her friend ,maybe more, is devastated…and his story starts from that…

Think about it.

It would make a good bridge between Nesta and Az story…It would make Lucien come back to the picture (maybe the next next is finally his book)….

It’s a hypothesis….

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