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#a court of war and ruin
coldfeyli · 6 days ago
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— feysand headers
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jelliedfox · 12 days ago
What do you think of Feyre becoming High Lady? Aside from the fact that it would be a mess politically (if she and Rhys disagree, who makes the final decision if they are “equals”? Yikes) I feel like it’s a more performance title than an actual one? Like she doesn’t know everything Rhysand does. She can’t overrule him or annul his decisions as far as I know. And ACOSF makes it painfully clear that she doesn’t even know all the laws. So the title feels more performative to me.
Alright, so, I am not one who is entirely knowledgeable on how diplomacy works, let me just put that out there before I say what I say. Majority of what I will talk about will be what I understand from what I read in the books themselves, rather than how hierarchy and all that works. I might be crazy wrong, or crazy right, but lets dive into my feelings about this, "High Lady" position. Im putting it under the cut because it wound up being a longer reply that you and I probably anticipated. Lmao.
First off, the moment Tamlin said, "There is no High Lady," I already knew, KNEW that Sarah was going to go all, "The Medieval ways of handling women in power sucks and im going to change it to hype up my main heroine!" And oooohh I was right by time we reached that part of the book. Now, when I read these sort of times in books, I imagine myself in THEIR WORLD, THEIR UNIVERSE and respond how I think I would manage myself in it. I don't apply what I think in these modern times, because its not fair to apply 2021 logic to the 1st and 12th centuries. Sure, you can spin your narrative to build these women up and have them make changes in your world and times but god, its done SO BLANDLY AND PREDICATBLY that I just sighed. Now to your actual point and question, what about the actual role that is terribly set up in this book. It...semantics? I don't know. To me, the title being appointed to someone who just learned how to read, who is still learning how these courts work, who was still gaining control of their over the top power, who was shown to everyone as your whore, who just technically by their law standards, cheated on her betrothed with the man who sexually demoralized her in front of everyone and then some, who hated the realm of faery's before things happened, who nobody knows besides from what they seen under the mountain—come on. It's just not appropriate.
Now, creating the title to give power to a woman? Totally fine. Rhys wanting her to be his equal in power to put her on the pedestal he believes she should stand upon, I can get behind. BUT, it has to be done in a way that makes some sort of damned sense. Instead, he just lets her do and say and be whatever the fuck she wants because, "empowering" bullshit. When really, its just simping and lazy writing. Rhys should have done what most do in these sort of times when raising someone to be in authority, TEACH THEM SHIT. Not let her run a amuck and say, "that's how its gonna be now" because in any REAL setting, that would NOT FLY. There would be rebellion, there would be uprising and civil unrest. Because Sarah, you can't possibly think I'd believe that centuries of this way of living is going to be turned upside by the equivalent of a horny teenager?!?!?!
One of the things Sarah did correctly in this sort of setting, was in the Thrones of Glass Series where Aelin talks to the powers in Terassian (spelling) and they were like, "Nah, you gotta be accepting and follow these protocols" and the whole, "you react in anger and temper tantrums and we cant have that. " was A LEGIT REACTION and SHOULD HAVE BEEN in this series. ESPECIALLY since it was done in secret.
So, performative? Hell yes. You hit the nail on the head. The whole point of, "High Lady" in this book, is just Sarah's lame ass women rising above all bland storytelling that she doesn't actually build up, doesn't have the character grow into the position, nothing. The role does not exist in this realm, and if I was there, I would think everything I stated above. This woman aint shit, its just a role that Rhys gave her to feel like she is "something and someone better" than the rest.
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sisididis · 13 days ago
ACOTAR Masterlist (•́ ◡ •̀)
Lady of Autumn Fashion: 1, 2, 3 
Elain Archeron Fashion: 1, 2 , 3 
Feyre Archeron Fashion: 1
Elain and Azriel memes: 1
ACOTAR aka The Addams Family meme
Elucien Fanfiction:
1.  The Fawn and the Dagger (Elain kills Beron to avenge Lucien, the Lady of Autumn and Jesminda) 
Lucien and Helion Headcanons
1. Why Lucien won’t repeat Helion’s /LOA’s mistake and never let his mate go
2. Why Helion most probably knows about Lucien’s true parentage 
3. Did Helion cast a protective / power-concealing veil over Lucien? 
4. Why Lucien’s heritage reveal won’t kill or overthrow Helion 
5. Why we weren’t ready for a Lucien / LOA / Beron / Helion reunion in ACOWAR
6. Helion and Lucien reenacting Harry and Sirius’s tapestry scene in Order of the Pheonix
Lucien Headcanons 
1. Why I despise the thought of Lucien returning to the Spring Court (ever)
2. Where does Lucien’s need for acceptance stem from? 
Elain Headcanons 
1. Why Elain has been stuck in the same role since birth and why she hasn’t flowered out of it during her Night Court stay
2. Let’s explore Elain’s love for purple and what it could mean
3. Elain the Botany Pioneer of Prythian
Elucien Headcanons
1. Lucien and the pearl earrings
2. Elain the Moon and Lucien the Sun
3. Lucien and Elain Prediction (GOT Inspiration) 
4. Elucien Aesthetic Edit (Fields of Golds, Celtic Woman)
5. Why Elucien family will be the strongest family in Prythian
Feyre Headcanons 
Why Feyre not knowing the answer to the riddle isn’t indicative of her intelligence 
Post-ACOSF Suspicions 
The Weaver’s Cottage in the Middle is abandoned and no one is worried
Who will most likely kill Beron and Keir in the upcoming books
 Ouroboros Mirror Fanart
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Tumblr media
Having love has been the most scary thing that’s every happened to me. It could fade, it could disappear and yet I trust him enough to never stop loving me. Oh dear lord, I know I am young yet I have a feeling he’s the only man I’d ever consider marrying. The way his words touch my heart, the way I feel when he says he loves me. Now I propose to you another theory, love is like energy, neither created nor destroyed, just converted into different things such as hate and indifference. Dare I say that I’ll always love this man? I shall love him till my dying breath, till all the stars in the universe die, in every life, every dimension, every parallel universe, I shall love him. I shall love him till my soul ceases to exist.
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stars-and-scripts · a month ago
Can you write a fanfic where Eris becomes high lord and makes some positive changes in his court? And is very busy day and night, meetings and conferences and Azriel is a bit frustrated? Idk had something in mind
me: no <3
send me azris prompts
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bkfoxx · a month ago
Tumblr media
Haven’t picked up a pencil in an age, it’s been longer for markers. I bought some new ones because I figured I’d want to draw if I had new toys to play with! Gotta say, I’m less than impressed with the ohuhu markets. Disappointed at the colours - they are all much of the sameness even though the range looked fantastic when I bought them! And I found it near impossible to lay down flat colour. Hopefully they’ll be better when I get a decent sketchbook? This is just on cheap sketch paper!
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adreamlikewind · a month ago
Cassian: I guess you could say I've fallen for you.
Nesta: You literally just .... ROLLED DOWN AN ENTIRE FLIGHT OF STAIRS.
Nesta: HOW ARE YOU ALIVE?!????!
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stars-and-scripts · a month ago
Uhhhhhh "Oh my god I was not expecting to wake up next to YOU" for the Azris prompt? Only if you want to of course
congrats nonnie you’ve managed to pull another modern au out of me. this got a little long
send me azris prompts
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stars-and-scripts · a month ago
alrighty.... idk if this has been done before but
azriel taking eris flying for the first time...... maybeeee
(like eris is so embarrassed at first but then he leans into az and everything is right in the world)
chloe my darling i’m so sorry this is incredibly short. i threw some elucien in there bc ik you love them (everyone go read her hcs they’re amazing).
send me azris prompts
tag list below the cut (lmk if you want to be added/removed!)
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stars-and-scripts · a month ago
pocotar hours this time we’re discussing the autumn court. since sjm described them as super pale, i always pictured them as east asian
yes ik they’ve got red hair but we’ve also got main characters with purple eyes and wings so is it really that hard to imagine them as smth other than white
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