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#a court of wings and ruin

I feel like there is a high expectation for ACOSF - and I think this has to be lowered.

See, SJM doesn’t lurk on tumblr reading the posts on why Feyre (or the IC as a whole) is problematic. She doesn’t read posts on what should happen in ACOSF either. I know it’s hard to accept it, but she will most probably continue writing the IC as heavenly saints whether we like it or not (we all know how much she loves the IC). Another thing that might happen in ACOSF that happens to be a very sensitive topic in this fandom is the apology. I don’t doubt there will be a scene where Nesta apologises to the IC, but I’m hesitant to believe SJM would make them apologise to her as well.

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Tamlin’s Rage


A Court of Wings and Ruin, Chapter 65

A roar deafened me, made my head ring. Just as one of the hounds was thrown off me.
I knew that roar, knew—
A golden-furred beast with curling horns tore into the hounds.
“Tamlin,” I got out, but his green eyes narrowed.
Run, he seemed to say.
That was who had been running alongside us. Trying to find us.
He ripped and shredded, the hounds launching themselves wholly on him.

From Shadowlands Afterlives: Ardenweald

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I’m down for Elriel or Elucien, heck even Elain x Morrigan, we’ll see how the story evolves BUT I am disturbed whenever people ship Elain and Lucien solely because they’re mates, they always seem to get into weird discussions of how Lucien deserves her since she’s his mate or how she belongs to him, how they HAVE to be together because they’re mates or how Elain could fix Lucien and talk about these points more than why they’d actually be compatible.

I’ve seen people talk about how they don’t want Elain with Azriel because Azriel deserves a mate or that Elain doesn’t deserve Azriel and like…

Elain’s not an object, Nobody “deserves” a person.

At the end of the day is a mating bond that desirable if you don’t love the person you’re with? Having to deal with someone who could read your thoughts, has a downright obsession, protection, possession, over you because of the primal instincts coming from the bond doesn’t seem like something desirable with some rando. It’s said within the books themselves that a mating bond hasn’t worked out plenty of times but people will get together just for the bond. The mating bond seems overrated to me

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Rhysand: You know Feyre, I love you so much. You’re literally the my greatest wish come true

Feyre: thanks.

Rhys: I want you to keep what I just said in mind while I tell you the next thing


(Cue the display of Cassian flipping his finger tattooed on Rhys’s chest)

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This or That

  • rent or buyAll the way!  There are some really great used bookstores online that I love supporting.
  • reads in silence and reads with music: This can vary.  Most of the time I can read without music playing but I live with two other people so sometimes if I’m at a really good part I need headphones to shut them out lol.
  • standalone or series: I can go either way but if I end up loving a book, I’m almost always going to hope there’s more to read.
  • annotations or pristine pages: I don’t have a problem with a book looking used but 99% of the time I am specifically reading for fun and don’t want to take the time to annotate because then it makes the reading feel like a chore.
  • ebook or physical copy: Specifically paperbacks.
  • dog ears or bookmarks: Bookmarks or a wildly fun game of “find that page”. 
  • mismatched series or complete set: No judgment but I really want to know who intentionally purchases books out of order.  
  • cover matters or you don’t judge: I know this is controversial (possibly) but I will go on appearances.  That’s not to say if someone recommended a book with a cover that didn’t originally catch my eye I wouldn’t read it.  The content is more important but it’s always a cover that pulls me in. 
  • enjoys lit classes or despises them: A+’s in lit, baaabbbyyy. 
  • browses shops or orders online: Before Covid, I still never bought anything new, I would purchase from used book shops.  But I’ve always been mainly online. 
  • reads reviews or goes in blind: Definitely go in blind.  This counts for almost any type of media I consume.  
  • unreturned books or clean library record: This is a very personal question and I cringe to say that I unfortunately don’t have a clean library record.   
  • rereads or once was enough: I have certain books that I reread every year. 
  • fanfic or a stickler for canon: I’m a fic writer.  Most of the time canon sucks lol. 
  • deep reader or easily distracted 
  • must read the book before seeing the movie or order doesn’t matter 
  • has neat bookshelves or messy bookshelves 
  • skips ahead or resists temptation 
  • guesses plot twists or never sees them coming: I feel like this depends on what book I’m reading.  I read purely for enjoyment and lots of time that doesn’t include guessing what’s going to happen.  Not intentionally or because I don’t want to but just because my brain usually doesn’t work that way.

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Tagging anyone of my mutuals who reads! Please tag me if you do this, I would love to see your answers.


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