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#a court of wings and ruin

Does everyone forget that Rhysands parents were mates and we’re fucking miserable?

I have seen so much discourse talking about how the world building has mates set up to always be perfect for eachother but that’s not true in the slightest.

Mates can hate eachother. Especially the females.

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The relationship development with everyone besides Gywn, Emerie, and Cassian was so bad.

Nesta gets so little scenes with them and the scenes she does get are filled with anger and hatred

But then poof all of it’s gone have either a half a page chit chat or a good deed

Rhysand didn’t care about Nesta he was just glad to be alive, he never got to know her. See her. Never had a moment where he was truly just her brother.

We don’t get a scene where the Archeron sisters can resolve there truama and hash out their past. Talk about their feelings and open up to one another.

Amren and Nesta just a mess.

Mor never spoke a nice word to her as she still doted over cassian.

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Cassian putting in ALLthe labor and effort of pulling Nesta out of the darkness and the IC reaping those rewards irked me.

When Elain only went to see nesta went to see Nests when she thought she was.getting better. Expected to be happily greeted and just get to go back to when they were closer. While Cassian is the one taking her insults, making bargains, and trying to push through even though he himself is upset.

Elain can just cry and sulk away when Nesta gets emotional and angry. She didn’t even try to help her in this book. No on in the IC really did. They just sat back but jumped right back into her life when she got better.

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This isn’t about ships

After this book I didn’t even Like Elain archeron (every scene with her she annoyed me)


Elain should still have freedom of choice. To do as she pleases. And who she pleases.

Imagine how rejecting someone and everyone around you still treating you like your their property?

I love Gywn 10x more but this is so wrong.

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The IC just can’t give him a break, can they?

In another world, we could have gotten Lucien as the main character with a story he deserves. Unfortunately, that’s probably not how things will play out, but I can always dream!

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Feyre, to her scrambled eggs: oh what ever shall I do with Nesta!

Rhysand, pulling out binder: ah yes I’ve been thinking about this for MONTHS now! I have a brilliant plan all figured out don’t you worry Feyre Darling!

Feyre, reading over his shoulder: This just says “House arrest” and “Make her Cassian’s problem”

Cassian: Brilliant.

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In which ACOSF points directly at why my fandom handle is what it is

(and yep this meta gets personal but not uncomfortably so, promise 💁🏻‍♀️)


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A Court of Mist and Fury

I dont know if it was intentional or not, but theres something so poetic about the fact that Rhys waited three months to call in his bargin with Feyre, bc you would think spending as much time home as she did Under The Mountain, she’d be fine enough to not be pleading for her life once again, but it was exactly three months until she couldnt take it anymore. it’s almost as if a part of her died that day too, after three more months of compeltly diffrent but just as real torture

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Cant believe I read almost 800 pages and we STILL don’t know what the mating bond feels like when you aren’t Daemanti. Like I was ANSWERS!! Do they still feel each other’s emotions? Can they talk mind to mind (I’ve always assumed no because Feysand could do that even pre accepting the bond but I’d like confirmation thx)? Is it a physical pull? Can they send each other feelings if they can’t talk? Like could Nesta see Cassian feeling down and just send him a lil love u here’s some happiness nudge? Is it normal for that whole golden thread thing to happen and it just wasn’t mentioned for Feysand??


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acosf spoilers down below once again!

now that i looked into things more deeply with az elain and gwyn, i’m going to try my best and not ship any of them. i think sjm could shift her attention to gwyn so we can know ab her a lot more, but i’m also hoping to know more ab elain as well! shipping elriel together will just bring me more stress, so why not just stop shipping them and see where things go?

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what if feyre was british…

*before she found out about the mating bond in acomaf*

feyre: that’s a good idea, mate.


rhysand: *starts sweating*

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“I am Lucien. Seventh son of the High Lord of the Autumn Court.” And a whole lot of nothing. He’d told the shadowsinger all he knew—of his surviving brothers, of his father. His mother … he’d kept some details, irrelevant and utterly personal, to himself. Everything else—his father’s closest allies, the most conniving courtiers and lords … He’d handed it over. Granted, it was dated by a few centuries, but in his time as emissary, from the information he’d gathered, not much had changed. They’d all acted the same Under the Mountain, anyway. And after what had happened with his brothers a few days ago … There was no tinge of guilt when he told Azriel what he knew. None of what he felt when he looked toward the south—toward both of the courts he’d called home. For a long moment, Elain’s face did not shift, but those eyes seemed to focus a bit more. “Lucien,” she said at last, and he clenched his teacup to keep from shuddering at the sound of his name on her mouth. “From my sister’s stories. Her friend.”

- A Court of Wings and Ruin ; Sarah J Maas

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