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#a frame models
peepo · 3 months ago
le donations have stopped and i'm still in monetary distress has arrived. have no fear, i have comissions open but for me my one (1) fear is that nobody is commissioning me (because its true) so if you wanna give something that will be used on A. moving out of a house I feel unsafe in B. securing a method of transportation C. yes I still have medical debt because the healthcare system wants me to suffer specifically and not get the Medicaid i literally need to live/function
I have a gofundme, I also have commissions open I'm exhausted of ebegging and i just wish i was able to get employed and help others out for once & im getting there. (20/06/21)
venmo | paypal | cashapp
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babyspacebatclone · 9 months ago
Ok, I’ve been searching for Entrapta screenshots for... Reasons (sensible ones, for once), and stumbled upon this monstrosity.....
Tumblr media
I am two years late to this, I know most of you must be over this by now.
But what in the Holy Jello Pool is the explaination for this??? This isn’t off model. This is from an entirely different animation style!!!!!!
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gammija · a year ago
@inhumanbyte wrote an awesome, Choose Your Own Adventure style fic (Link in reblog!) and I got to make some art for it!
Thanks to @pilesofnonsense for organizing my first Big Bang ever, it was a lot of fun :D
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archiveofaffinities · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Fernando Donis, Dubai Frame, Dubai, UAE, 2008
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orangesavannah · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Art Fight attack of Kilo for VonCrotchBeard (on AF). This time it’s another Ebsynth animation attempt which did turn out pretty okay!
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radioactivepeasant · a month ago
Fic Prompts: Ruining Lovecraft Part 1
The weather has been nicer lately. Not so much of that wretched heat gluing the air to us with sweat. In fact, if it weren't for that heavy fog drifting over from Innsmouth, I'd be tempted to conduct my case review with the window open tonight.
Fortunately for me, tonight's case is not another wild tale by Mr. Randolph Carter. (In fact, Mr. Carter has been banned from the premises after the events of [REDACTED]. I need to update Mrs. Heald and Mr. Jones, should he try to enter through the museum.) No, this case is that of...let's undertaker who had a bit of a misadventure inside a tomb? Or a mausoleum? It's not particularly clear, the file is simply called In the Vault.
Now, it seems our anonymous doctor- If Randolph wrote this, I swear- is only telling this tale because the undertaker in question has passed on and presumably can't come and raise a stink about his business being spread around. Dead or not, this still smacks of a patient confidentiality violation. (Has anyone got the name of that doctor? Hm. Mrs. Heald might. I'd like to make a note of it and ensure that I do not make any appointments with him.)
The late George Birch, it seems, had a very sensible career change and avoided talking about the case in this file.
Well, that's just the disclaimer, and already this Mr. Birch seems to have more common sense than dear old Randolph. Terrible uncanny thing happens that causes you bodily injury? Go somewhere else! Don't keep looking for more terrible uncanny things that will cause bodily injury, Randolph! And for heavens' sakes, if you don't know how to describe the terrible uncanny things just say so, don't call everything you can't describe gelatinous, Randolph you ridiculous-
Ahem. Sorry about that, I got a little off-topic.
Where was I?
Ah, yes. Mr. Birch apparently got -- oh. Got locked by accident in a cemetery's receiving tomb for nine hours in the spring of 1880. I'm sorry, nine hours? In early April? Good heavens to murgatroyd, that is unpleasant. And certainly warrants a subsequent career change! But it hardly seems like the sort of case we deal with here at the Museum. Best to read further.
Mr. George Birch was the Peck Valley undertaker, and I use that term very loosely. He put bodies in boxes and buried them, but I'm really not at all sure the man was in the least bit qualified for the job. Our anonymous doctor reports that he was...unenthusiastic, shall we say, about the usual amount of effort put into the preservation and burial of people's loved ones. Seems Mr. Birch was in the habit of building flimsy coffins out of cheap wood, without measuring the intended occupant much, if at all. I think he assumed that he could shuttle the coffins into the dirt quickly enough that the Peck Valley folk wouldn't have time to realize grandpappy got packed away in the wrong grave.
Well if he was shorting his customers out of quality coffins and funeral services, where was the money going? It certainly wasn't going to the upkeep of the cemetery or his facility -- Birch let the mausoleum lock rust so badly the door needed some "persuasion" to open and close.
Once spring arrived, he started putting the corpses in the caskets, and the caskets in the designated graves. More or less. Apparently it was more along the lines of "bury the one whose grave is right in front of the tomb door, then take a break for three days because the horse didn't like the rain." When he did get around to going back to work, he was supposed to bury a Mr. Matthew Fenner. Allegedly somewhat inebriated at the time, Birch made the decision to put Fenner in the wrong coffin.
Yes, on purpose.
Mr. Fenner was apparently very nice to Mr. Birch, and Mr. Birch decided to repay the old man by burying him in his very nicest coffin, which happened to be a bit too large for him. It was, after all, intended for one Asaph Sawyer -- a notably foul-tempered and unpopular fellow. Only, Mr. Fenner died before Mr. Sawyer did, and Birch must have figured Sawyer would never find out that the coffin he'd paid in advance for was housing somebody else.
Of course, being April 15th during a week of rain, conditions weren't ideal for a burial. An entirely too convenient gust of wind slammed the tomb door shut. (Unless storms were afoot, in which case it wasn't too convenient after all.) The lock, of course, was stuck with rust.
Well, at least that solves the mystery of how he got locked in the tomb, I daresay. I-
Wh- Jones! Jones, why is there a rusty lock in the file? Blast the man, we don't take souvenirs from the interviewees! I'm going to have to quarantine this whole wing- Jones, where are you?!
I'm going to have to have a word with him later. In the meantime, I'll just...move the lock...somewhere. Not the Pickman portrait, no use taking unnecessary risks. The hearth will do for now. I'll have to burn this glove as it is. A pity, this pair came all the way from Dunwich.
We'll have to go through the rest of the file a little more carefully, I think. I'm sorry, I'll need to put the review on hold for the evening. I've got to take some precautionary measures before we proceed. And I'd better find Jones. It's not like him not to answer...
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pastelpaperplanes · a year ago
Tumblr media
Meet Proctor! He worked as a librarian down at the Autobot Academy after being discharged from the Elite Guard.
Proctor met Optimus Prime as a cadet when he took a campus job as a clerk, they got along great, and Proctor would even let Op stay way past hours to study all the books he wanted and watch old documented Pre and Post Great War holovids
His final and by far FAVORITE job he took though was being Envoy’s private tutor! He loved that kid to death and still keeps the spectacle chain he made him all those years ago. As of now he teaches grade school alongside Arcee, his job is demanding but rewarding and he wouldn’t have it any other way.
Proctor keeps every single drawing his students make for him and displays them for all to see in his classrooms, and NO they’re not tacky they’re beautiful thank you very much
Proctor would sound a lot like Walter White :D
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tenshindon · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo | Gallery - Yamcha
#dragon ball#dragon ball revenge of king piccolo#yamcha#yamucha#snap sets#hey :)#making this was hell#because no one has a video of looking at the gallery#and it's Physically Impossible for me to record game footage on my computer#so :) i had to take individual screenshots of each frame#i'm upset that i couldnt make perfect loops; i tried to but trying to upload the video file was too much for the site i use#so we're just gonna have to make do 😭#oh yeah lemme share my favorite Thing about this right#yamcha is the only one who like. Poses in the whole gallery LMAO#like everyone else stands with their hands at their side or hands on their hips or like- normally right#this dude??? NAAHH he gotta look like he on vogue#highkey tho it was hard deciding what i wanted to do to show this off#because i genuinely love the model so much and it's so cute#while looking at the model i also noticed like- a small detail and it's that yamcha has a bit of a round face#or at least he has slightly pronounced cheeks#maybe im seeing things but either way it's so so cute and emphasizes why i love og db's art style so much#everyone was just real round and soft :) very cute and i do very  much love cute things#for some reason looking at this reminds me of amazing island does anyone remember that game#absolute banger of a game i tell you what#i'm getting off track tho :) this should be the last of king piccolo stuff from me snice yamcha really is the highlight for me#i was going to do a turn around but figured these would be better#also could you imagine me trying to do a turnaround WHILE taking screenshots?? Maddening.#alright bye
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