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#a homebody mess so i just sit in my room n watch netflix
yumehoxo · 10 months ago
Convinced -eren x reader
⚠️Warning this story contains mature content!⚠️ (Substance use, alcohol, sexual content, strong language) All characters are 18 or older
"Ughhh how much more fucking annoying can you get?" You think to yourself. It was 12:03 pm, and Connie won't stop texting you. Every since break started all you have been doing, is staying home, watching Netflix, getting high as fuck, eat, then fall asleep. (As you should be). Your roommate was not home yet since last night when she said she was going to a "get-together" with some friends, and Connie wouldn't stop texting you about the party he went to last night. "Why can't they all just leave me alone??!! A bitch gotta get some me-time." You thought, "it's not like I want to go out in this cold weather anyway, tch". You walk over to your bathroom which surprisingly not as messy, except the bottles of soap sitting around your sink and an occasional Plan b packet or two. "This bitch needs to stop taking my Plan b, what if I need that later... who am I kidding as if I'm going to need it, i don't plan on hooking up with anyone anytime soon!" You said to yourself.
You start fixing your bathroom, throwing away all the empty bottles and astray swishers, you take all the useless tissues lying on the floor and throw them all into the bin to take out to the trash cans in front of your complex. You don't complain about where you live..."it's nice and quiet and the people here are-" The door slams open. "OMG Y/N YOU WILL NEVER GUESS WHAT HAPPENED!" Shouted your roommate, Alessia. She was a pretty, pale skin toned girl, with green eyes, and huge tits. You often find yourself thinking.."I would low key hook up with her if she wasn't a disgusting, annoying, loud bitch". But you still respected her she'd always help you with whatever you going through, and she was surprisingly really smart. You thought of her as more of an irresponsible older sister than a roommate. You can hear footsteps rushing to your bathroom door, and the door finally slam open, "OMG girl- you will NEVER guess what happened last night" Alessia half screamed. Her hair was a mess and she was holding her heels in one hand and phone in the other. "So I went to this party last night with my friends and I met this SUPERRRR HOT guy, his name was Jean and we ended up hooking up and he asked for my number and I have a date tomorrow with him" she squealed, she was so happy you could've sworn you saw sparkles shimmer though her eyes...then it hit you... "DID YOU JUST SAY JEAN?!" You basically shouted at her with a look of surprise written all over your face. "yeah I did... whyyyyy, how do you know him?" she said sharply to you. You swallowed hard and said to her... "we dated for all of high school, I mean we never actually had sex but he gave me head, vice-versa" you said while lighting a blunt. "girl- no fucking way, should I cancel the date? If you want me to I will!" She said with a concerned look on her face. "Nahh, I don't really give a fuck, not like it was anything serious" you said as you exhaled smoke from your mouth as the familiar tingly sense you get from smoking hits you. "Awww, are you sure I feel bad now!" Alessia exclaimed. "Bitch I just said I don't care, now get the fuck out of my bathroom and go get your self cleaned up" you say while opening the window to get some fresh air. "Okayyy~ thank you love, also your should go out more I haven't seen you leave the house once except to go get food and pick up weed from your plug, I'm really concerned about you.." Alessia said with a look of desperation. "Girl that is none of your business , if you keep on talking I'll take back what I said about your date with Jean earlier." You stated coldly to her flicking off excess ashes from you blunt. "Nooo-noooooooo don't do that, fine I'll leave you aloneeee!" She said in a whiny tone, as you heard her stumble off to her room and slam the door shut.
"Just when I thought I was going to get some peace and quiet" you said to yourself rolling your eyes. You picked up your phone and FaceTimed Connie, ready to chew him out for waking you up. As the line trilled you turned on your shower to wait for the the hit water to come. "YOOOOO Y/N! Why didn't you answer my texts??" Connie shouted through the phone causing you to lower your volume. "Because I was fucking asleep jackass and you woke me up-" "Why are your eyes so red?" Connie interrupted you, "I swear imma kill that little mother fucker one day" you thought to yourself, clearly irritated. "Why is it any if your business?" You responded back to Connie. "Because I'm your best friendddd" he replied back in a singy-songey voice. "How many times have I told you to lay off the weed?" Connie asked in a matter of fact tone. "Clearly not enough" you said back in a bratty attitude ,blowing smoke straight to the camera. "Yooo pass me some" Connie joked with you , " I'm too broke to buy any weed since I'm too busy buying Sasha food" he said with a pouty expression. " Awww how cute, I wish I had a bf like youuu"  you said in an almost pouty, yet cold way. "If you want to find someone like that then you should go to more parties, they're are plenty of guys who would want to do that for you, I haven't seen one guy who hasn't wanted you whenever we go out." Connie said. "Hmmm maybe I will.." you said to Connie. You could see his whole face light up "WAIT ARE YOU FRL? YOU'LL ACTUALLY COME TO A PARTY?!" Connie asked excitedly. "Yeah sure why not, it's just like I have anything better to do anyways" you shrugged. " Yeh for real, your such a homebody" Connie joked with you. "Yeah I really am- OH SHIT MY SHOWER I GOT TO GO CONNIE BYEEEE" you ended the phone and hopped right in. The comforting feeling of the warm water hitting your bare back made you feel like you never wanted to leave. You washed you hair and body, shaved your legs, and exfoliated your skin. As you got out of the shower you wrapped your towel around you realizing your didn't bring clothes into the bathroom and you have to go to your room. You took a bra and panties set you bought from VS and put it on. You put lotion in your skin and did your facial routine, you never needed much makeup anyway since you were natural beauty, but you never admitted it. You threw on a pair of tight black sports shorts and a mesh crop top to go with it. You snapped a mirror pic making sure to get all of your curves into the photo and sent it as you streaks for the day. "Wow I can't believe I'm going to go to a party after so many months..." you thought to yourself.
-Yo imma pick you up at around 7:30-ish to be ready.
"Ughh I hope I'm making the right decision”.
Y'all this is my first time writing a Fanfic so please don't kill me if it's not good 😭😭.
If y'all could please tell me any suggestions, or errors I made I would greatly appreciate it 🤧
Anyway love y'all muah. 🥰💞✨
Tumblr media
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jawritter · a year ago
Broken Me...
Ch. 7
Summery: The Dallas Convention couldn't have come at a worse time for Jensen. His world fell apart earlier that morning, but was expected to just act like everything was normal. You and a friend were at the convention for her birthday. Life hasn't been that great for you either, but a forced meeting on stage changes two worlds. Will you be able to put this broken man back together again...
Series Warings: Cheating, shitty marriage, Danneel is a bitch, I unfortunately have to put that as a warning because some people tend to get turnt up about it if you don’t... Smut, Crying, Suiside Attempt, brief discription of suicide attempt and recovery, depression, hints of self loathing, language. I think that’s it... Suicide Trigger warnings will be placed over each chapter!
Chapter Warnings: Insecure reader, heavy makeout seasion, almost smut, language, fluff, I think that’s it..
Word Count: 1564
A/N: BINGE READ TIME!! As always all mistakes are mine! Please do not copy my work! Feedback is gold!! Hope you all enjoy this one!!
Want More? Check out my masterlist!!
Tumblr media
Getting out of the shower you throw on a pair of yoga pants, and an oversized slipknot T-shirt. 
Deciding it was best to just be comfortable...  Hell you hadn’t been much better off last night when he showed up to your room, and if he wanted to get to know you it was better that he see the real you, and not some overly done up version of you because you were trying to impress him..
Jensen said he was just gonna have takeout order, and sent up to our room, so he didn't plan on going out anywhere. 
Which worked for you, you were a homebody, and always had been. Crowds weren't really your thing, and you would much rather sit on the couch cuddling, with Netflix playing in the background than be at some fancy restaurant, or a bar somewhere. 
In your opinion you can't really get to know someone with a crowd of people around; at home in your comfort zone though, walls tend to come down and you really get to see the real person behind the public persona everyone puts on. 
Jensen has had people staring at him, asking him questions, wanting pictures, signing things all day long. He deserves some time to just be comfortable without someone looking at him wanting something... 
Throwing your hair into a cute messy bun, and was about to at least apply a little light makeup before Jensen got to the room when you heard the door open. 
Crap... He’s already here… That as fast…
You walked out of the bathroom as Jensen sat his wallet, and phone on the desk. He looked at you and smiled, but now that it was just the two of you, and not a crowd of people around him, looking at him, you could see just how tired he was, and he looked exhausted standing there in front of you…
"I'm gonna grab a quick shower. I've ordered us some food. I should be out before it gets here." He said, as he grabbed his clothes out of his suitcase he walked by, and gave you a peck on the lips before heading to the bathroom with his clothes in hand. 
You made your way over to the couch, your head screaming at you all the sudden out of nowhere... 
You hoped that you weren't making a mistake... 
He seemed distant... 
Hopefully it was because he was just tired... 
The longer you sat there waiting, the louder your insecurities got... 
This man had the body of a damn Greek God... 
His ex-wife looked like a damn model... 
He was disgustingly rich... Not to mention famous... 
Had people at his every call... Jared didn't seem too trilled when Jensen hugged you in the auditorium this evening before you headed to the hotel room. His friends must not like you either. This was never going to work. You started to get up and pack your things when you heard the bathroom door open. 
"What's wrong?" He asked, frozen in place, standing next to his open suitcase. "Y/n, what is it?" 
Dropping what he was holding, he rushed over to sit next to you on the bed, your face must have given you away.. 
"Nothing." You smile at him, trying to downplay it to him. He had enough to worry about, he didn't need to deal with your dumb insecurities on top of all the things he had going on in his life. 
"Lier." He said simply, his piercing stare showing you no mercy whatsoever, apparently you weren’t that great of an actor then..
Jeez the man was breathtaking... 
His forest green eyes looking deep into yours like he was reading into your soul... 
"It's nothing, just my own stupid insecurities." You tell him, trying to laugh it off. Feeling embarrassed now you interested yourself in the comforter of the bed to not have to look at him... Because you were afraid you would start to cry if you kept looking at him..  
He put his index finger under your chin, making you look up at him. 
You hadn't realized how close he was sitting next to you until he did. The scent of his body wash draped over your senses, and clouded your judgment.. 
"You don't have a damn thing to be insecure about." He said, pulling you closer to him. 
His lips finding yours instantly. Kissed you sweetly at first. 
One arm came around your waist, and he pulled you into his lap, like you weigh nothing at all, wrapping your leg around him. 
His large hands made their way up your back until he reached up and pulled the pony tail from your hair, fixing his hands through your hair, and pulling you deeper into him. Like he just couldn’t get you close enough, a low moan rising in the back of his throat as his tongue traced over your own.... 
All rational judgments flew right out the window. All you could think about was his smell, his taste, the feeling of his growing erection pressing into your thigh. 
All you wanted was him... 
All you could think about was him…
Reaching up Jensen pulled your shirt over your head, leaving you in just your sports bra..
“Jesus sweetheart, your beautiful.” His voice was practically dripping with lust...
Jensen had just started to run his hand up your bare back almost reaching your bra strap when there was a loud knock on the door. 
"You're gonna have to get that." 
Jensen said, lips still just lightly touching yours. His breathing was heavy. His voice is deep, and rough, and man you didn't want to move. 
The man was literally dripping sex... 
The front door pounded again, and you pulled yourself to your feet, throwing your shirt on, and leaving Jensen to try and compose himself on the couch. You paid for the takeout he ordered, and walked in to find Jensen taking a deep drink of the whiskey he'd just poured himself.
“You okay?” You asked him, and he smiled at you, his eyes stills darker than they were normally, but the fire had died down in them some, showing just how tired he really was…
“Yeah, I’m good baby, let’s eat and get settled in for the night, I’m beat..”
After dinner the two of you spend the rest of evening cuddling, and having some pretty heated makeout seasons. 
He never went any further than that. Always stopping himself before things got a little too heated. 
One thing you had learned was that Jensen had a very dominant personality. He liked to be in control. The "man" in the relationship you could say. 
You didn't mind. 
You liked that about him. He wasn't NOT by any means a weak person. That was refreshing in a way. The two of you were about 10 years apart, and the men closer to your age did seem pretty wimpy in comparison..
Laying wrapped in his arms you lightly ran your fingers across his biceps and watched as  a slight shiver ran through him. A comfortable silence had long fallen over the two of you The both of you were just enjoying each other's company..
"We have to leave to conference Sunday." He said quietly, you hadn't even thought that far ahead. It made your heart drop. 
"I've taken a few weeks off to get myself together. I can't stay in Austin right now. I have to decide what I'm going to do. Where I'm gonna go when I can come home from filming..." 
He took a deep breath, trying to keep the stress from returning to him so quickly..Running his fingers through your hair. That brought back to your memory what y/f/n had told you about you now having an apartment for yourself. She said her things were already moved out. An idea hits you as you debate within yourself. Hopefully it wasn't too forward or too fast.
"Y/f/n moved out of my apartment this weekend. It's small, and nowhere near what you're used to I’m sure,  but you're welcome to stay with me when you're home." You blurt out in a rush.. Your heart racing. So scared you had moved too fast, and messed this up. 
Finally you felt his lips brush against your forehead in the dark hotel room, only the flickering light of the TV showing as the two of you lay wrapped up in each other’s arms..
"I would love that." He said, wrapping one of his perfect bow legs around yours pulling you close as humanly possible to him. 
Both of you seemed to breath a sight of relief in that moment, neither of you wanted to be alone, nor did you want to leave each other after only just finding one another, and this seemed liked the perfect solution..
You yawed, the events of the day catching up to you, that and lack of sleep last night, Jensen didn’t miss it either… Reaching over he turned the TV off, and pulled the both of you down deeper into the covers, nuzzling into the back of your neck and making himself comfortable. 
"Goodnight baby girl." He said, as you drifted off into a deep peaceful sleep wrapped in his arms. 
Grateful that he agreed to stay. Hoping that for once things might just actually go right..
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woodzmi · 4 years ago
Hey there! I've been following u for a bit and I know you live in aus, and I'm moving to Sydney for school in about two weeks. Do you have any advice for living there? I've never been so tbh im a bit !!!
hey! wow dude thats awesome congrats and good luck w the move!!! hm, well of i dont know the specifics of your situation, and i still live at home so im afraid i dont have much by way of detailed advice but- 
i reckon on the whole, if you’ve lived in an urban space esp in the west you’ll have a good grasp on how life goes here, although sydney is a fair bit smaller than most major cities i think. 
two of the main things which might need some ‘getting used to’ are probably culture and prices. the first one is pretty easy, itll just take some time perhaps to get used to vernacular and all, but fortunately sydney is pretty chill, v safe and on the whole friendly so in that regard youll be fine! again depending on where youre from holidays will be a funny experience, esp christmas like not to be That Stereotype but put on ur santa hat and turn the bbq on. also, bit off topic but i swear ads here are getting so nonsensical i can barely tell what product is being sold.the prices thing- now i dont know where youre from, but i know most places are Way cheaper than sydney, so depending on your financial situation (aka are you getting a stipend, working, etc) i think its wise to set up a good budget and keep your money sorted, not just for stuff like rent (if you arent staying in student housing) and groceries etc, but also for going out bc food and drink and generally entertaining yourself are expensive af in this town bud, sorry about it. this also makes the nightlife here a bit of a damper bc ur out ur tryna have fun u go to the bar and bam its $17 for a cocktail so u settle for a $8 glass of cider instead and spill half of it before ur at ur table.  (protip: if ur looking for cheap drinks go to Star Bar, do not go to Scary Canary bc they have garbage drinks im tellin u right now)
i’m trying to think of more advice but im coming up blank sorry!! just a few tips maybe? if u like movies please im beg dont waste ya $$ at event or hoyts cinemas, if you can, go to the Newtown Dendy Cinema, get a membership there, the tickets are cheaper anyways but with a membership you get a discounted ticket price on mondays, and a student discount on wednesdays, plus they often show some of the more independent films that the big cinema chains wont (e.g im pretty sure they were the only chain showing moonlight here...can u believe??)
also, if you didnt already know about it, download the TripAdvisor app onto your phone, the icon is a little orange train thingy, idk if this is just an aussie thing or everywhere has it and im being embarrassing but its a public transport timetabling app which is great for giving you realtime ETAs on your trains and buses and all. i suppose it functions like google maps on the public transport setting but its easier and cleaner in setup. if youre staying in the city public transport is alright, you can probably walk most places, or take a bus, but buses are sometimes late bc of innercity traffic, and because of detours due to this dumbass light rail they are building. if youre going to be staying in the suburbs, and particularly if you’ll need to catch buses to and from rather than trains, its a really great habit to form to keep on top of those times and when you have to leave/be home by bc obv buses usually come every 20-30 mins so esp if youre out at night missing one could be a bit sucky. that being said though, ive always found it quite safe and reassuring to wait at a city bus stop in the late hours, just try and find one close to a landmark so ya not just chillin on a random street at 1AM ofc.
oh! last thing, weather- not sure what the climate is like for you, sydney’s a bit weird in the summer, and i have to say, this year has been hotter than most. it did just lowkey flood yesterday though, so what do i know. esp if youre coming from somewhere cool just try and be aware of stuff like hydrating and eating on time and all those basic things to avoid ??? heatstroke or something ?? idk man sorry im pretty used to this bs by now lmao. sunscreen when u go out my guy it is a Must if youre prone to burning, just in case. i went to the beach 2 weeks ago on a rainy day and still got a bad tan so...just a tip. 
final thing- if someone wants to take u to bondi in the summertime tell them u aint falling for it, and demand they take u to a real, good, not-sardine-packed nightmare 
sorry this is probably unnecessarily long and i know i dont really say anything specific but if you have any more particular questions feel free to shoot em at me and ill try my best to answer them!! 
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