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// winter studying challenge - day two

what’s your favourite thing about winter?

i love the crisp, bright winter mornings, where it’s cold and sunny and beautiful. when you’re all cosy in a coat and woolies and can see your breath is just the best feeling. christmas is also very high up my list, and i’m really looking forward to being able to (safely) see family again!

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// winter studying challenge - day one

ahh i’m finally going to be posting regularly again!! i’m pretty swamped with work at the moment, and it gets dark early, so i don’t think my photos will look that great, but i’ll try my best.

do you like winter?

yes! it’s probably not my favourite season, but i love snow and i love crisp, cold but sunny winter mornings. also i really love christmas, which is in winter, so that helps!

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Studyblr intro!

Hi I’m Amy, I’m 17 and I am studying 3 A Levels and I use she/her pronouns

About me

  • I take history, politics and art
  • I want to do a history/politics course at university
  • Virgo
  • INFP
  • British

My interests

  • Books
  • Culture
  • Languages
  • Eurovision
  • Baking
  • History
  • Anime (Favourite is Kuroko no Basket)
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// november 2020

i know i’ve already gushed about my november theme but i’m still really loving it! this photo is from two weeks ago but i promise i’ve made some more spreads, the lighting’s just been really bad so i haven’t been able to take that many nice pictures. 

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// computer science notes

sorry for being pretty absent recently, i’ve been pretty busy with school work and my epq and trying to get my school’s coding club up and running again. we’re pretty much a third? of the way through software now in computing, and i’m actually quite enjoying it! we’ve had a few virtual lessons seen as a lot of my class is self-isolating, but they also haven’t been that bad :) 

(also if anyone has any tips on how to make my photos less yellow they would be greatly appreciated 💕)

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