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#a levels

tuesday goals

i’ve decided to postpone my usual routine until after this week, as i’ll know if i have an oxford interview or not by then!

I’m just finding it really difficult to focus on anything other than my personal statement texts at the moment, and as they’re a priority i may as well focus on them

should probably keep on top of coursework as well though! 📖🍃🍂🍁

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22/11 november - 21/100 dop

no image this time, but an update nevertheless!! i did 193 minutes of revision on forest for my computer science test, so i hope i do well…

23/11 november - 22/100 dop

i did well!! at least i think so!! the things i wished i revised some more didn’t come up at all (the TCP/IP stack and SDLC), and the testing and maintenance was the 19 mark question!!

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I hate being academic because of all the bs I get from old cishet men with ego problems. On the other hand, I love being academic because I’m officially at the point where I can email my teacher like:


This book is awful.


And he’ll just be like:

Hi - rant about it in class later. Might start a debate.

Decent academics are just so chill you can get away with anything as long as you sound smart when you need to be.

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this week’s interview prep reading - quite a strange mix!

I’m not planning on reading them all cover to cover, I’ll just find the sections i need and make notes on them 🍁🍂🍃

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19/11 november - 17/100 dop

actually using my free periods to for homework for once!!

20/11 november - 18/100 dop

about every day at school, i have to restrain myself from going to the shop less than 5 minutes away to buy wool (;-;)

its so pretty and i have a new project i want to start, but i’m going to finish my scarf first!!

do you listen to music when you study?? i certainly do!! i might drop my playlist sometime if i get the confidence to share it aklsnckcnc

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19th November - 19/50 dop

Got to sleep in a bit this morning which was really nice - doing work when you’re actually well-rested just hits different. Today I did german homework, chemistry practice questions and made some biology notes

20th November - 20/50 dop

Today’s achievements:

  • Woke up early
  • Chemistry worksheet 2
  • English annotations
  • Tidied room
  • Revised dance (I showed up to class last week and did not remember a thing - thank goodness zoom calls are too chaotic for the teacher to focus on anyone lol)
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friday, 20/11/20

(palondromic date!)

not a great day for productivity unfortunately…

but instead of doing my planned work i cleared a space for my new desk which should make productivity easier to maintain!

i might try and catch up a bit over the weekend even though i wouldn’t usually do work then, just so i’m prepared and up to date for next monday

the majority of oxford interview offers come out next week so that’s another thing to be nervous/excited about!

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