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MDZS x Hogwarts AU: Lan Sizhui

[I took a couple minutes to question what his last name should be, and I decided to leave it as it is. Lan Sizhui was adopted & stuff still. That is the same. But he was adopted by a pureblood (Lan Wangji) & a muggleborn (Wei Wuxian). So he’s treated eh-ly. This generation cares more about his parents being the same gender then they do about his adoption & unknown status. It’s complicated.

He’s a Gryffindor. Great student!! A perfect in his later years. Also Head boi. LSZ plays the flute and guqin. Unofficially tutors JL & LJY and should get a bazillion awards for doing so.

Isn’t bad at flying (kinda great, actually) but doesn’t join Quidditch. The Gryffindor Captain was very depressed. LSZ is already overworked with school work, don’t make him do sports too!! He probably has some music club. Ish very cute & wholesome. LSZ is kinda in love with music. LJY & JL think it’s cute.

Oh my GOD the girls he gets-

He refuses almost all of them after the first date though. LSZ is the kinda person who can successfully let someone down gently & actually still be friends with them afterwards. It’s great. He’s a very good boi.

Y’all probably already know how he met JL, so we’ll skip that part.

He really cares for his friends though. Sure, he may be friends with a couple other people, but LJY & JL are the most important to him.

[Why? cAusE i sAid sO-]

One day this might actually be a real fic. Hmm.

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MDZS Talent Contest

Judges: Lan Wangji, Lan Qiren, and Jiang Cheng

WWX: [plays flute]

Also WWX: [accidentially starts another mini zombie apocalypse]


LWJ: [slow claps]

Lan Jingyi:

Jin Ling: A yi, please please PLEASE DON’T-

Lan Jingyi, dramatically gesturing: You can’t control my life, a ling!!

Lan Jingyi: [staring deeply into the judges’ eyes]

Lan Jingyi: [breathes in & out]




Lan Sizhui: And that’s how he came out to our sect!

A Qing: I-I see…

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“It’s true that I had no mother to teach me. But that doesn’t make me inferior to anyone. In fact, I’m gonna open your eyes and make you see that I am a lot stronger than all of you!”

I firmly believe that Jiang Cheng was the one who instilled the thought in Jin Ling!!

Little JL goes up to his Jiujiu one day, crying bc some dumbass kids had teased him about his parents or lack thereof. JC had Zidian ready the moment he heard him bc first of all, who dares make him cry?! and second, the disrespect?? what are people teaching their kids these days?! and is getting ready to go after the lil shits and give their parents a serious bashing to teach them how to discipline their children better so there won’t be a next time but then?? He can’t move?? Bc JL is clinging onto him??? Looking up at him with those big brown eyes full of tears, asking him why he’s not like the other kids?? Why did his parents leave him??? And JC has to sit down bc suddenly his legs are weak?? Cuz it breaks his heart to see him this way?? Granted, it’s not the first time he’s seen him cry but the reason, as you can tell, is different from the usual temper tantrums More so because JL’s chubby round baby face looks so much like what he imagines Yanli must’ve looked like as a kid?? And it doesn’t even matter that there’s a dash of Zixuan in there as well bc he’s just so beautiful? And gods, he loves him so much and he wants him to be happy but he feels so helpless as he looks down at the tiny form curled up in his arms and realises with increasing despair that this won’t be the last time this happens and that there’s nothing he can do about it?? That there’ll always be moments when he can’t give a good enough reason or make up for his parents’ absence??? And though he himself is no stranger to the pain of losing one’s parents, his heart aches even more for JL bc unlike him, he doesn’t even remember his parents?? And that reminds him of a certain someone it hurts to think about?? If that person were here, he’d probably know what to say to Jin Ling. But he’s not here and he’s also the reason JL is this way.

JC swallows the lump in his throat. While there’s nothing he can do about moments like these, what he can and will do is be there for him. Any time JL needs him. He will never leave his side.

“A-Ling?” he calls, his voice tender for once.

He brushes away his tears when he looks up and tells him softly but firmly, “You are not inferior to anyone just because your parents aren’t with you. If anyone dares to tell you otherwise, I’ll deal with them. Who you are doesn’t depend on your parents. In fact, you’re stronger than all of those kids, you’re such a brave young man. And when you grow up, you’ve to work hard to be better than all of them so no one will ever be able to use that against you. Got it?”

Despite being too young to understand everything he said, JL nods with a determined look on his face like he already felt better. And that wouldn’t be the last time his Jiujiu would be telling him those words anyway.

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ok actually it’s thursday here since it’s past midnight but WHATEVER wip wednesday TAKE IT:

It is peaceful, then. A’Ling is quiet, and Lan Xichen is quiet, and the pond is quiet, save for the dragonflies that flitter their wings like paper snapping in the wind, the bubbles of golden fish coming to the surface and darting back underneath.

“A’Ling,” Lan Xichen says finally. “How do you feel?”

A’Ling shrugs without looking at him. “Fine.”

“Do you know what happened to your younger cousin?” Lan Xichen asks, as gentle as he can make it without pity.

At this, A’Ling does look at him—head-on, eyes clear: “He was murdered,” he says.

Lan Xichen holds his unblinking gaze and understands that he is being appraised. He nods. He does not look away.

After a moment, A’Ling turns back to the pond. “You’re the only one who didn’t lie to me today,” he says, kicking his feet back and forth. He snorts, a little huff of breath through his nose. “As if I don’t know what death is.”

For a breadth of a blink, Lan Xichen hears the haughty boy he knows, a little annoyed, a little arrogant. He finds himself wanting to smile, just the slightest tug at the corner of his lips. “Yes, I suppose you do.”

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eyyyyyy it’s me trying to make this a Thing I Do again, because I am once again on the struggle bus in every way imaginable lol

settle our bones:

“Mo Xuanyu,” Jin Ling snapped. Wei Wuxian blinked, turned away from the strange tableau. His nephew’s arms were crossed tight enough that he felt his own muscles ache in sympathy. Color was rising in his cheeks and his shoulders climbed closer to his ears every time one of the other boys’ voices rose. Wei Wuxian took pity, and his chance, all in one moment.

“Aiya, Jin Ling, I just remembered—Little Apple is still outside the city, where you all cruelly left him.” He tsked in mock dismay, though he suspected the donkey would survive anything short of an outright attack. And even in that case, he’d put odds on the donkey. It’d survived the Mo family’s neglect and destruction well enough. Jin Ling’s face was a study in bewildered outrage; he gaped, like one of the glittering koi the Jin jeweled their ornamental ponds with. Then he tumbled straight into righteous fury, his teeth clacking together audibly.


“Come along,” Wei Wuxian said, injecting all the careless cheer into his voice he could muster and sweeping back toward the inn.

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From the next chapter of “the thread may stretch or tangle but it will never break”:


Lan Wangji bows his head in thanks; Wen Ning, sentient raised corpse or not, is perhaps as caring as his brother, someone who feels for the world. As caring, perhaps, as Wei Ying.

“Songs of healing, when I infuse them with my qi, helped him recover after the fall of Nightless City,” he says. “I hope they will help now.”

Wen Ning cocks his head, clearly interested. He was, in life, an expressive youth, Lan Wangji remembers from Cloud Recesses. Now, his facial expressions are stiff; others might find that difficult, as many rely on such to interpret emotions and meaning. Lan Wangji has never been terribly expressive, and so it does not bother him—there are other cues to pick up on.

“I d-don’t know if jiejie knows about that. If you tell her, together you could find a way to maximize t-treatment.”

Though the youth’s voice is hesitant, his intelligence shines through. Though many might see Wen Ning as weak, his awareness of others’ strengths is in itself a strength. He has the ability to see connections others may not.

Lan Wangji hadn’t considered that Wen Qing might not be aware of what it took for Wei Ying to wake after the final battle, may not even be aware that he fell unconscious and lay in a coma for days. Truly, that knowledge may be of use to her, to them. Wen Ning’s suggestion could enable them to use qi to boost Wei Ying’s health even with his lack of a golden core.

“I will tell her,” he murmurs, lost in thought. “Thank you.”


Note: I’ve been struggling with this chapter and then abruptly tonight random research just broke through it all, so I’m excited.

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