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#a little princess

I wanted to like “Princess Sara”, but it’s so mean and spiteful!

Like, I get the original book involves child servants, but good God! I wanted to freaking stab anyone who hurt Sara. And she’s just so passive! Like the director even said she’s too passive and considers Miss Minchin the heroine. Did he even read the book?!

I love Peter, the music, and even Sara (as passive as she is, she still doesn’t deserve any of this garbage)!

I dunno why, I just felt like ranting about that.

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• ° A Little Princess (1995)

feel free to change words and pronouns as needed.

  • “All women are princesses, it is our right.”
  • “You can be anything you want to be, my love, as long as you believe.”
  • “I believe that you are, and always will be, my little princess.”
  • “Magic has to be believed. It’s the only way it’s real.”
  • “It’s alright, (name). I’m going to be fine.”
  • “I already know you by heart.”
  • “All girls are princesses. Even snotty, two-face bullies like you, (name)!”
  • “I expect you to remember, (name): you’re not a princess any longer.”
  • “He’s not my responsibility.”
  • “(Name), why don’t you tell your stories anymore?”
  • “There were days I thought I would die, until I heard you talk about the magic.”
  • “(Name), come quick! It’s (name); I think she’s possessed!”
  • “I swear, that child has a pact with Satan to destroy me!”
  • “It’s time you learn, (name), that real life has nothing to do with your little fantasy games.”
  • “It’s a cruel, nasty world out there, and it’s our duty to make the best of it.“
  • “Do you understand what I’m saying?”
  • “Don’t tell me you still fancy yourself a princess!”
  • “That’s not true. I’m here with you.”
  • “I’ve always thought of us as sisters.”
  • “Sometimes when I dream, I sense a part of me that’s missing. It’s a strange feeling having your heart remember something your mind can not.” 
  • “Let’s make a promise right now: to always look out for each other.”
  • “I’m a little scared about all of this.”
  • “What is it? Why are you crying? Please tell me.”
  • “I won’t hurt you. Won’t you tell me your name?”
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*that moment in a little princess (1995) when sara gifts becky some beautiful soft comfy slippers with a note that says “hope we can be friends” after she saw becky putting ice on her feet to sooth the blisters she has on them and becky tries on the slippers all excited*

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it's "the secret garden" anon! i read the tags on your latest post and now i'm super curious about the other versions of "a little princess" where sara had more pronounced flaws! would you mind elaborating? :)

Hi, Secret Garden anon!

I’m going to do a post about that very thing in the near future; it’s just going to take a while to put together because DETAILS!

The earliest version of the story was a short story called Sara Crewe, Or, What Happened at Miss Minchin’s (serialized 1887, published 1888). Then Burnett expanded it into a play called A Little Un-fairy Princess (later The Little Princess) in 1902, which was further expanded into the novel A Little Princess.

Stay tuned, and I will get back to you on this!

EDIT: There are also some minor textual variants in the serialized version of The Secret Garden (most notably Mary’s continuing to wear black after coming to Misselthwaite) that I’d like to talk about at some point.

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*J. Smith in the phone with Adam*

J. Rolfe, in a high pitched voice: John, come back to bed!


Shang: *screaming*

Eric: 420 my duuuuudes!


Aladdin: *moaning*

Flynn Rider: Give me my vodka BAAACK!!

Philip: r e e e e e


J. Smith:

Kristoff: Tell him I said hi.

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