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#a movie.... nay a FILM
galaxiarick · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
劇場版 Fate/kaleid liner プリズマ☆イリヤ
Fate/kaleid liner Prisma☆Illya Movie: Licht - Namae no Nai Shoujo
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overthinkinglotr · a year ago
I got a homophobic anon complaining about how interpreting the LOTR characters as gay is Wrong because it’s Not What Tolkien Intended---and it’s reminded me of how much I hate the halo that often gets put around Tolkien’s intent. 
I don’t think Tolkien’s vision of Middle Earth should be treated like it’s inherently sacred. I don’t believe his version of the story is any more sacred than literally anyone else’s version of Middle-Earth.
Tolkien got to write his version of Middle Earth, and Peter Jackson and co got to write their version, and Ralph Bakshi got to write his version, and Rankin-Bass got to write their version, and whoever made the LOTR musical got to write their version---- and fanfic writers get to make theIR versions, and every fan gets to write their own version in their head, and now I get to write my version. 
Tolkien had his intent, but “the great stories never end, and each of us must come and go in the telling--” now it’s everyone else’s turn to create their own versions of the story. I feel like everyone should be able to decide what Middle-Earth personally means to them, even if it’s not what Middle-Earth meant to the old conservative catholic white guy first wrote about it in the 1950s?
I don’t think it matters if someone doesn’t know or care about every part of Tolkien’s intent-- I don’t think that subjective personal feelings on a work of art can be “wrong.” 
Basically what I’m saying is: Lord of the Rings is fiction.... a story.... stories are literally made to be re-interpreted and re-translated and changed. The way stories are like language, growing and changing with the culture that created them in order to stay relevant, is a major theme of LOTR.
 Even if there are specific re-interpretations of characters that I dislike, I think the general idea of reinterpreting characters is something we should celebrate.
Basically from now on I’m responding to anyone who pedantically insists that “The books exactly as Tolkien intended them to be read is the One Tru Version(tm) of canon” by pedantically insisting the weird 1980s animated films are the One Tru Version(tm) of canon. 
The animated films are the only inherently True version of the story and all other versions (including Tolkien’s) are inherently wrong because they’re different from the animated films’ Sacred Vision.
“The real Aragorn would never be gay--” Aragorn is fictional. This means the only “real” Aragorn is the Ralph Bakshi animated Aragorn who doesn’t wear pants.
Tumblr media
  If your version of Aragorn isn’t introduced as “he walked into the room wearing a miniskirt with nothing underneath” --you’ve written him inaccurately! You have destroyed the Sacred Intent at the heart of the story! You coward!!!! (side eyes Jrr Tolkien and Peter Jackson)
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kawaiiathy · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
“It’s been too long since we’ve all been together like this.”
- The Farewell (Lulu Wang, 2019)
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jazzypizzaz · 2 years ago
OH FUCK finally experienced The Handmaiden... fuuuuck really had me going, like ten different times
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lxiv64 · 2 years ago
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andrewsmoviereviews · 2 years ago
Adult Fairy Tales (1978)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Plot: A young Prince (Don Sparks) must produce an heir soon otherwise he will forfeit his kingdom; and so he sets out on a quest to find a beautiful princess he has only ever seen in a painting.
Tumblr media
Review: Adult Fairy Tales is a remarkable film on a number of levels; part comedy, part softcore porn, part musical, no combination of it’s many facets should ever exist - and yet it does.
It’s quite hard to work out if this is actually good or not. Production values and acting standards would say no, but at least it’s trying to do something different. By not nailing its flag to any one specific genre, it’s actually created something that is interesting to watch, even if it’s not entertaining. A bit more money, a bit more imagination, and they could really have been on to something. But everything just looks, sounds, and feels that bit too shoddy; the old woman lives in a paper mache shoe, the clothes come straight from a Halloween catalogue - for those that wear them anyway. It’s just too crap to be good.
But it’s still entertaining in a way. Maybe it’s the simple fact that somebody had the gall to look at this film and decide that the boobs and butts needed some musical numbers to break them up, lest they get monotonous. A big-boobed blonde Little Bo Peep, a Snow White who puts on sex shows with the seven dwarfs, and a sex-crazed Jill (of Jack & Jill fame) all come off as funny rather than sexy, and it helps make the film more watchable. It comes dangerously close to showing some self-awareness at times.
The person who gets screwed the most is Martha Reeves; her scene was short, just a musical number, and so she was unaware of what most of the film was about - until she took her church group to see it. I doubt they had the sense of humour required to survive the 80-odd minutes.
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moviesandmania · 3 years ago
Terror 5 - Argentina, 2016
Terror 5 – Argentina, 2016
Terror 5 is a 2016 Argentinian horror anthology film directed by Sebastian Rotstein and Federico Rotstein from a screenplay by the latter and Nicolas Gueilburt. The movie stars Airas Alban, Augusto Alvarez, Nai Awada, Juan Barberini, Magdalena Capobianco and Cecilia Cartasegna.
Five stories involve: a corrupt City Governor, two lovers filmed in their hotel room, two friends whose late night…
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sinethetamagazine · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (力王) dir. Lam Ngai Kai (藍乃才). 1991.
Lam Ngai Kai (藍乃才), alternatively known as Lam Nai-choi, is a film director and cinematographer based in Hong Kong recognized for his later CAT III exploitation films. Lam’s films have been read as grotesque, exhibitionist, and even anxiety-driven.
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (力王) is a martial arts-thriller written and directed by Lam Ngai Kai and starring Fan Siu-wong, Fan Mei-sheng, Ho Ka-kui, Gloria Yip, and Yukari Oshima. Lam’s most popular film abroad, Riki-Oh is based on a Japanese manga of the same name by Masahiko Takajo and Saruwatari Tetsuya. The film follows a young man named Lik Wong (also known as Ricky Ho) who has superhuman strength through the practice of martial arts. In a future capitalistic world of privatized government organizations, Lik Wong is a convict that seeks justice against the corrupt and merciless officers of the prison. Notorious for its extreme violence and gore, the film did not initially perform as well as Lam’s previous releases had, but later gained a cult following aborad and received critical praise for its explosive action and highly stylized portrayal of fighting.
Follow sinθ magazine for more daily posts about Sino arts and culture.
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pencilscratchins · 3 years ago
about baby deadpools shirt : is it in reference to the 1986 movie about blues music or the roadtrip one with britney spears ? please? the world needs to know?
I mean look in your heart….. you already know the answer
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pacingmusings · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Seen in 2021:
A Family Tour (Ying Liang), 2018
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maxwell-grant · 2 months ago
Can you talk more about Japan's obsession with Arsene Lupin and the slew of Gentleman Thief characters in anime very much directly inspired by him?
Tumblr media
Japan's history with Lupin doesn't actually start with Lupin himself, but with a different character named Zigomar. Zigomar is an 1908 French pulp character who was Fantomas's direct predecessor and inspiration, and a fairly popular character for quite a while. He got to cross over with Nick Carter for one of his serials and the name Zigomar was used worldwide for several characters over the decades (even in Brazil). During the start of Japan's film history, movies were largely film variants of scenes from kabuki & noh plays, but in the 1910s, when further experimentation began occuring and foreign exports started becoming more commonplace, one particular trend at the time was ninja films, which for over two decades were functionally the equivalent of superhero films today.
Predating this ninja craze, and possibly even influencing it, the French Zigomar serials were quite popular in Japan, and they would start creating their own Zigomar films, beginning in 1912 with NIHON JIGOMA. These were a smash hit that influenced a lot of filmmakers into incorporating European film techniques, particularly in editing. I imagine the Japanese probably turned Zigomar into less of a murderous villain, because one of the subsequent films is called Great Detective Zigomar, although regardless of how they adapted it, they caused a moral panic when daily newspapers began to attribute crimes to the "immoral" influence" of Zigomar on the young.
And so, police started banning them and they had to create a new film exhibition code was drawn up, proscribing works which "promoted" adultery, crime, cruelty, obscenity, or moral corruption. And we all know by this point that censored works are only made all the more appetizing to those that can't have them, and Zigomar proved there was definitely a market for pulp anti-heroes in Japan. Enter the 1920s.
Tumblr media
By this point, Lupin was already one of the biggest of fictional icons, a frequent guest star in international pulp magazines next to the likes of Nick Carter, Sherlock Holmes, Fantomas and Fu Manchu. All across the world, you could already find either people inserting Arsene Lupin into their stories (such as Ogonek's Sherlock stories in Siberia or the James Robertson pulps from Germany) or creating their own spins on Arsene himself (such as China's Lu Ping or Batavia's Si Pitung). And so, in 1923, you had the first Lupin serial made in Japan we have records of: 813 - Rupimono, retitled Hachi Ichi San. The character was renamed Akira Naruse for copyright purposes but everyone knows who it was supposed to be. In the 50s, there was also Nanatsu-no Houseki (1950), Tora no-Kiba (1951) and Kao-no Nai Otoko (1955). All of these films are lost completely, but they show that, in the 50s, there was still an interest in Lupin around Japanese media. And not just in Japanese media.
Tumblr media
This probably didn't influence anything much in the history of Japan's relation with Lupin (although considering the cultural exchange between Brazil and Japan runs deep, this very well could have ended up overseas for a Japanese audience to watch), but the first TV series based on Arsene Lupin was actually created in Brazil in 1959. It was called As Aventuras de Arsene Lupin, and much like the Japanese started producing Zigomar films based on a love for the French serials, Brazilians loved the Lupin films so much that, eventually, an original series was created.
It starred comedic legend and circus performer Walter Stuart, who had already starred in a Sherlock pastiche for the network, and whose look was already frequently compared to that of Lupin, even before he was cast in the show. And he spoke French, too. The series was short-lived, and is mainly included here because very few records of it exist, and certainly none written in English. Still, it's also interesting as a much more comedy-based approach to Arsene Lupin, a couple of years before that would hit the world in a big way.
Tumblr media
Enter the 60s, and we get to the character most responsible for ensuring the name Lupin would never again stay out of people's minds for long: Lupin the Third. A pretty ingeniously designed character who combined Lupin with James Bond (the obvious guy to rip-off if you're a fictional character in the 60s) and whose quick rise to prominence also led to it being behind several of manga and anime's most enduring properties, several of the biggest names over the decades getting their start either in Lupin III, or starting with Lupin III and ending somewhere else.
You have, of course, Hayao Miyazaki, and the monumental popularity of Castle of Cagliostro (which is still the closest thing to a LeBlanc Lupin story this franchise's ever had). You have Shinichi Watanabe who goes around dressed like Lupin. You have Mamoru Oshii, whose canned Lupin film would eventually result in him re-using the ideas for Patlabor, Angel's Egg and Ghost In The Shell. You have Shinichiro Watanabe who said that the biggest inspiration for Cowboy Bepop came from Lupin III's cast. Takeshi Koike, creator of Redline, currently the animation director for the more recent Lupin films. Lupin III has become this springboard of creativity and talent and variety that has directly and indirectly led to many of the biggest names in pop culture today.
Tumblr media
Lupin is the single biggest argument I could possibly make as to why I think taking the pulp heroes to anime and videogames is their best shot at long-term modern vitality, because look at how well that turned out for him. It's been 116 years since Maurice LeBlanc first penned Arsene Lupin, and still the character has a freshness and vitality to him virtually unheard of in properties this long lived.
Not just because of the original stories, which are fantastic and definitely deserve better translations, but because the character's legacy has found a footing the likes of which would be inconceivable back then. Lupin movies, Lupin tv shows, Lupin reprints, Lupin public domain guest appearences. The novels get to stand side by side with the biggest of all literary icons. Persona 5 was explosively popular even by the standards of prior franchise installments. Arsene Lupin is in Smash Bros, something that only Dracula had a snowball's chance in hell of achieving.
As with the original stories, it's not enough for Lupin to win and get away with winning, he also has to rub his victory in everyone's faces, and man do we love to watch that happen.
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cinema-enigmatic · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
THE CAT (Lam Nai-Choi, 1992)
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gunsatthaphan · a month ago
~ Monthly BL Breakdown: July 2021 ~  
Disclaimer: All shows can be streamed here, here or here! For more info about shows, check out their MDL pages! 
- Updates coming every month - feel free to add stuff! - 
Tumblr media
What came out this month? (green tick = seen or currently watching)
🌟 Pornographer - July 1st (Japan) 
🌟 Sweet Curse - July 1st (South Korea)
🌟 Best Sisters Forever - July 2nd (Taiwan)
🌟 Why Love Why SS2 - July 3rd (Philippines)
🌟 Don’t Say No Special EP - July 4th (Thailand) ✅
🌟 My Broken Love Story - July 6th (Taiwan)
🌟 Him Will Be His - July 8th (Philippines)
🌟 Unforgettable Love - July 8th (Philippines)
🌟 The Best Story - July 9th (Thailand) ✅
🌟  Once in Memory - July 9th (Philippines) 
🌟 Love While You Can - July 10th (Philippines)
🌟 The Yearbook - July 15th (Thailand) 
🌟 Given - July 17th (Japan)
🌟 Call It What You Want SS2 - July 23rd (Thailand) ✅
🌟 Lockdown - July 23rd (Philippines)
🌟 Love Area - July 24th (Thailand)
🌟 Gameboys: The Movie - July 30th (Philippines)
Monthly likes/dislikes
❣️ Light On Me - this show captured my heart and owns everything that I am dsjfhkd 😭 I love everything from the production quality to the pacing and the acting - all the characters are adorable and don’t even get me started on Shinwoo dhfjkdl 🥺 One of the best korean bls so far for sure. 
❣️ The Best Story - This really took me by surprise because I never expected a show like this to happen, let alone for it to be so well done. I’m still trying to figure out the purpose of this as a project lol bc it’s kind of random but either way I really liked it! The acting was good & War was killing it as always👌🏻 I just wish it didn’t have such a cliffhanger ending. But maybe there’s more to come... 
❣️ Don’t Say No Special ep - I really liked it and it made me super excited for Don’t Say No!!! 💕
👎🏻 Y-Destiny - I have to put it on this list again because the finale was a crime jkddsdf. It was a huge cringefest and I feel very bad for the actors being put through this..... It was pretty bad. 
New show announcements
🎥 Spare Me Your Mercy - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 My Lucky Cat (starring DunBas) - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 Trouble Maker (directed by Jane Botta) - Date & cast TBA (Thailand)
🎥 Only You - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 Star Struck (from the producer of Color Rush) - Date TBA, filming is scheduled to start in August (South Korea)
🎥 Color - Date TBA (South Korea)
🎥 My Mate Match (starring Jame, Jet and Big from Gen Y) - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 Ai Long Nai (THCT spinoff) - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 Love Advisor - Coming August 2021 (Thailand) 
🎥 Want To Be On Your Mind - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 The Couple - Date TBA (Thailand)
🎥 Florida Banjeom (플로리다반점 ) - Coming September 2021 (South Korea)
Other news from the bl world
❗️ The author of KinnPorsche, which was supposed to air in August, has withdrawn from the project and cancelled their contract with Filmania (the production company). A bit later, Filmania announced that the series is no longer under their production. It remains to be seen if a different company will pick up the project or if it’s cancelled. Additionally, a few of the actors have dropped out of the project as well.
❗️The first trailer for Peach of Time (starring Mii2 and others) has been released -> Link 
❗️Taiwan’s “Papa and Daddy” and South Korea’s “Color Rush” are getting a second season. 
❗️Nut Supanut (Oxygen) and Plan Koosuwan will be the leads of the upcoming series “Something in My Room”, which is set to air in August.
❗️Due to the current very severe covid situation in Thailand, a number of companies have announced postponements of several shows; one of them being Between Us, which will probably air in 2022.
❗️MD Nutthapong will not reprise his role as Thara in My Engineer season 2.
❗️The upcoming korean bl “Semantic Error” will have 8 episodes à 25 minutes.
❗️The upcoming bl “Dear Doctor, I’m coming for your soul” will be adapted by Studio Wabi Sabi. It will be directed by New Siwaj (LBC, UWMA,...)
❗️The script for We Best Love season 3 is being prepared. (OMFG dsjfhs) ❗️ GMMTV’s youtube channel has been hacked and temporarily terminated. They are currently figuring out a way to retrieve it.
Upcoming shows & movies for August
☝🏻 Be Loved in House Special Ep - August 5th (Taiwan)
☝🏻 Don’t Say No - August 6th (Thailand)
☝🏻 Light - August 13th (Taiwan)
☝🏻 Something in my room - August 18th (Thailand) -> not confirmed!
☝🏻 Bed Weather - August 27th (Philippines)
☝🏻 Bite Me - August 29th (Thailand)
☝🏻 Check Out - Date TBA (Thailand)
☝🏻 Love Advisor - Date TBA (Thailand) 
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ask-the-purple-knight · 25 days ago
There hasn't been a SINGLE trailer or nay, a teaser about the movie I'm supposedly starring in. This is blasphemy. I'm considering firing my agent.
Should I resend my headshots? Review my resume? How am I supposed to shine in my film debut if the movie makers don't care about my needs!
Tumblr media
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cipheramnesia · 3 months ago
We could all blacklist every mention of "Cruella" and stop talking about it at all instead of giving another stupid pile of shit Dizploitation film free publicity even negative publicity because I guarantee you they don't care who says what as long as it's trending, we could live in a world where that movie vanishes from the face of the earth before it's even released, but instead I see ten posts a day about it, at minimum and it's going to make bank because everyone has got so excited to see it whether it's terrible or not.
Why have we been going through a year of quarantine just to waste the bad decision to go into a movie theater too soon just for this, this brutally mediocre cash grab while meantime as movies have had to make due without a theater-going extravaganza of cash there has been a flood, nay an entire universe of amazing and creative and original movies exploding into the world, many of them free from the harsh deathgrip of Disney squeezing them dry of all hope and originality to extract a slim added percentage of profit.
None of us want to go back to normal, not in any way and movies may be the least of these but for fucking all of our sakes we can actually do better and really and truly starve out the worst of these zombies, maybe not all of them but every single one of us knows with every atom in our body that Cruella is one of the most shitty, soulless movies to come into theaters in film history and somehow we cannot just shut the fuck up about it.
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billys-toilet · 4 months ago
Saw Survey
1. Favorite Character: Adam- i think it’s obvious
2. Least Favorite Character: Bobby Dagen
3. Character Everyone Likes, but you Dislike: William- IM SORRY IDK WHAT IT IS
4. Character Everyone Dislikes, but you Like: Eric Matthews
5. Mixed Feelings About: Mark
6. Favorite Film: Saw (2004)
7. Least Favorite Film: Jigsaw (2017)
8. Most Underrated Character: Corbette 🧍‍♀️
9. Most Overrated Character: Lowkey- Amanda
10. OTP: 🌝 Adam and Lawrence
11. NOTP: Mark and Amanda i-
12. BROTP: Amanda and Adam
13. Favorite Quote: “I don’t give a crap if you covered yourself in peanut butter and had a fifteen hooker gangbang”
14. Quote That Makes you Shiver: “Oh yes, there will be blood”
15. Favorite Scene: The Love Sceneᵀᴹ from Saw (2004) alexa play despacito-
16. A Scene you Refuse to Watch: The Pig Vat scene in Saw 3 i’m-
17. A Scene That Makes you Cry: When John shuts the door at the end of Saw (2004)
18. A Trap you Would Never Want to be in: The Scalping Seat
19. Best Plot Twist: I mean- without thinking, the one that got me was finding out Jeff and Lynn were married and that Corbette was the child that John was the “cause of the loss of their (neglected) child” but if i really thought about it- it’d probably be a different answer
20. Favorite Actor: LEIGH- LEIGH PLS
21. Jigsaw Yay or Nay: I’m gonna go with Yay to an extent-
22. Needle Pit or RBT: Reverse Bear Trap 😌 Needles are a big no from me
23: What Should the Next Movie be About?: Where the hell is the real Adam-
24. How Many Times Have you Seen the First Film?: Surprisingly, only like 14 times because i get made fun of for liking things in my family-
25. Is Liking the Saw Film’s Your Guilty Pleasure?: YES
Tumblr media
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