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#a reverse of feathers and mud au
ahhjaydraws · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
A fanart for @jess-the-vampire's A Reverse of Feathers and Mud AU. Go check her out for more content of said AU.
Yes, Huntlow remains to be my favorite ship just below Lumity.
Also shading go brrr
— — — — —
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the-epileptic-toh-blog · a month ago
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I felt randomly compelled to make this. idk why. for anyone abundantly confused, it’s about the reverse of feathers and mud au by @jess-the-vampire
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breadlesticks · a month ago
Tumblr media
Beloctober, Day 10: Favorite AU (AU belongs to: @jess-the-vampire , I am just really in love w this AU) (also am I getting lazy w the bgs? maybe... eh who cares anyway I’m tired)
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sinistera · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
The human/student version belongs to @jess-the-vampire from their own AU. I just borrowed their version of Hunter because they look very soft and nice compared to my Hunter.
Keep doing a good job.
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sheltered-uno · a month ago
Tumblr media
Sorry not sorry but it had to be done
@jess-the-vampire and @breadlesticks​
The song just wouldn’t leave my head until I drew them like this
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zeatehk · a month ago
Tumblr media
beloctober by @sheltered-uno and @breadlesticks day 10: favorite au
yesterday i mentioned how it's hard for me to pick favorites.
so i drew all the aus i thought i knew well enough or liked enough for today PFT
i'm sorry but i don't think it's a good idea for me to tag everyone in this, but i hope everyone who has an au featured here sees and enjoys this sketch page :D
zoomed in versions of some of the sketches below read more
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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uncreative-mind · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
wow teak can draw non shitpost toh fanart didnt know it could do that ANYWAYS i drew @jess-the-vampires au and its version of hunter because i just think his designs neat
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nahkue · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Drew hunter from @jess-the-vampire 's au! :D it's a really cool au and you should check it out if you haven't ^^
It's one of the things keeping me sane this hiatus-
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spinaroos-47 · 12 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I did the last three today, i am on such a drawing mood today!
There's many aus i love, so i drew quite some! Raven Mom is also a favorite au of mine but Ive already drew about it for beloctober so i drew some other favorites! It was very fun to do these different renderings :3
@toh-tagteam-au , not a surprise seeing how many pannel colorings Ive done for it fjsnrnrn. I actually drew these two quite a lot but Ive never posted them (with one exception) for some reason
@jess-the-vampire 's A reverse of feathers and mud, i really love how they change things for the au, very creative! Ever since i saw CC Ive wanted to draw him and he's very fun to draw! I want to draw some other characters from there
@casabuho 's time travel au, not a surprise either fjenrntn, but it's been a while since i finished some drawings about it, i still have some that i want to do
@nerves-nebula home hunter au is also a favorite, haven't drawn anything about it before but i really do love it so much. Specially that one comic about him sending some messages to Luz in the middle of the night, very sweet :3
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ravenwitch45 · a month ago
Owltober 2021 Day 24: Favorite barely known ship?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Huntlow. Extremely determined but kind person who could kill god and overworked and sleepless person who needs therapy is a top tier ship dynamic in my opinion. I typically don't ship characters who have not met in cannon but @jess-the-vampire's AU where Hunter is the human stumbling into the isles has given me enough reason to think they could work. Please check them out they do amazing art and The Reverse of Feathers and Mud AU is one of the best AUs i have ever seen. I want to say more but I don't want to spoil it so please go look it's so cool!
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belos-simp69 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Beloctober Day 10: Favorite AU
This is a fanart I drew from @jess-the-vampire, a reverse of feathers and mud au.
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bluecollarenby · 11 months ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Anime & Manga) Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kaiba Seto/Yami Yuugi, Atem/Kaiba Seto, Kaiba Seto/Yami Yuugi | Atem Characters: Kaiba Seto, Yami Yuugi | Atem, Atem (Yu-Gi-Oh) Additional Tags: Prideshipping, YGOPridecember2020, ygopridecember, Some Fluff, Fluff and Feels, Love Notes, doting fiances, Established Relationship, Aged-Up Character(s), altered character ages, AU, Off-Grid AU, Domestic Fluff, Yami Yuugi | Atem Has His Own Body, Slice of Life, spot the Star Trek reference Series: Part 18 of Pridecember 2020 Summary:
After a particularly difficult work meeting, Seto finds a surprise in his office that reminds him of what's really important. Off-grid AU. Prideshipping and fluff. Final fic for YGOPridecember2020.
Prompts: Letter, Plant, Flowers
Ages: Seto - 30 Atem - 28
You can also read it on AO3 but like the last one it’s very smol so I posted it here in its entirety 
March 2011
               Seto despised investor meetings.
               He hated them because they were full of, as Malik had once put it, “stodgy old cishet white men who hate us peasants at the bottom.” While it had been nearly two decades since Seto had known the burdens of financial hardship, its presence in his life was constant. He watched Jonouchi plan his budget down to the penny every two weeks.  He’d lost track of how many times he had visited Atem before they lived together to find the stockroom garage door open and a vehicle parked partway inside, usually Bakura's Volvo 460 or Marik’s ancient Ford F-100, tools and parts scattered everywhere because neither of them could afford to even take their vehicles to a mechanic. He’d watched Yugi stress over whether or not he could(or should) continue to invest in his dueling career or simply enter the workforce and go to night school until he was also offered a sponsorship.
               Said investors were also disgustingly resistant to anything resembling technological or societal progress. Seto’s power as a CEO and influencer to those with disposable income and the sheer amounts of dollar signs attached to his own back account only slightly offset their phobia regarding his sexuality. They spoke ill of women who chose careers over children. The looked down their nose at the bright, technicolored hair and fashion of their target market. They dismissed marketing reports, focus groups, any and all testimony from a target market they regarded as stupid, rebellious, and lower-class, always voicing doubts regarding any new product release or improvement. They only shut up when the sales figures came in after a product release, reversing course and piling on contrived platitudes of “groundbreaking,” “epic,” or “ahead of its time.” It was a roller coaster that Seto hated with a white hot rage. He was taking steps to slowly purge the investor pool of their presence, but he was far from eliminating them all.
               On this particular morning, he had to be in the office at a horrifically early hour to accommodate their time zones. This meant that his assistants, receptionist, and a small core team of employees had to rearrange their lives for this meeting. For them, it meant last-minute childcare(which Seto was happy to provide), an upheaval of schedules, and sacrifice of family time, the latter of which infuriated Seto the most. His investors had been made well aware of the value his company placed on life outside the office, and they chose to ignore it every time because Heaven forbid any of these out-of-touch, obsolete narcissists lift a finger to accommodate others.
               It also meant that instead of commuting home to his little slice of paradise out in the country, he was stuck staying in a hotel in Downtown Domino City, away from his fiancé, their homestead and their whiskered and feathered family. Seto did not like sleeping alone. He managed four and a half hours of fitful, barely cohesive slumber before he had to get up and head to the office.
               The meeting was long and slow, and what should have been a smooth presentation was mired in childish questions of Seto’s knowledge and qualifications as a CEO and engineer(as if the fact that his company raked in billions every year didn’t speak for itself), and more questions regarding technology that Seto had answered dozens of times in meetings prior, information that these immature codgers should have had memorized long ago. Even Tomoyo, Seto’s secretary who was a grandmother herself, had no problem keeping up with the latest advancements of the company so why couldn’t they? The meeting ran over by two hours as a result, and the entire team was so tired and frustrated by the time the call was finally terminated that Seto dismissed them for the remainder of the day, with a large bonus tacked on to their next paycheck. It was only noon, but the meeting had started at six, Seto had arrived at four, and the rest of the team at five.
               He wearily made his way to his office after the meeting, footsteps heavy, dark circles under his eyes. He was about to collapse on the plush sofa for a quick nap before heading home, but something caught his eye. He set his briefcase down and padded over to the dark oak antique desk to find a small pothos in a navy blue pot, an amaranth cutting in a clear vase, and a note.
               The pothos is for Tomoyo’s daughter to replace the one their cat got into. It’s from the same mother plant as the previous one. The Amaranth is for your desk.
               Don’t let a bunch of entitled, infantile cynics hold space they aren’t welcome to. They wish they could be the kind of man you are. They’ll never be anything near it.
               Don’t let them make you feel inadequate. You are enough. You are MORE than enough.
               I love you so very much, my Seto. I can’t wait to marry you.
               He felt the very beginnings of what may have been tears prickle at his eyes(most certainly exhaustion and definitely not at all to do with the fact that he had the most loving, supportive partner in the entire universe). Frustration faded away to warmth. The nap could wait.
               The commute felt just as long as the meeting. An accident on the main freeway resulted in multiple lanes being closed, and his normally 90-minute commute stretched to nearly three hours. At long last he found himself parked in the garage. He dragged himself from his car, exhausted. As he kicked off his shoes and scooted them into the cubby in the mud room, his legs felt like lead.
               But the sight of Atem’s face lighting up at his unexpected early arrival made it worthwhile, and he very quickly found himself supporting his fiancé’s frame as the much shorter man leapt into his arms, wrapped himself around Seto, and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. As their tongues intertwined he slowly began to feel rejuvenated, and he carried them to the bedroom.
               Everything else could wait. The rest of the day belonged to them.
Atem chose Amaranth because it symbolizes immortal love.
This originally started off very differently. I was working on a prompt suggested by the wonderful @prismatic-bell, and it just evolved into this instead. xD Still working on that prompt, but it won't be done for awhile.
As always, much love and thanks to everyone for kudos/shares/feedback!
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Ninjago pokemon crossover/au
Given my name here I think this was going to happen eventually...
But yes Im making my own version of a ninjago pokemon crossover/au and Im sure people have expectations and Im gonna say this.
They are still the ninja first and formost. They are NOT gym leaders, trial cpatainsnor anything related to the trials in becoming a champion. They ARE type trainers EXCEPT they each have one pokemon not of their type at all on their team.
As for what the teams are well I got all the main ninja EXCEPT Nya's team done though I do have three of Nya's pokemon planned out.
The teams so far, will make notes on if pokemon wasnt caught
Crimson, Flareon, male,flash fire, Rash, likes to fight, charcoal, moves: fire fang, Flame thrower, double kick, Iron tail (was a gift from Ray before he disapeared)
Lori, Indeedee, female, own tempo, calm, often lost in thought, twisted spoon, moves: calm mind, stored power, pay day, heal pulse (gift from Maya before she disapeared)
Skull, houndoom, female, flash fire, calm, thoroughly cunning,  focus band, moves: smog, beat up, fire fang, reversal
Bane, Arcanine, male, intimidate, relaxed, likes to eat, moves: extreme speed, fire fang, crunch, iron tail
Burner, Coalossal, male, steam engine, adamant, quick tempered, protective pads, moves: tar shot, flame charge, flare blitz, stone edge
Burst, Blaziken, male, speed boost, brave, likes to fight, blunder policy, moves: blaze kick, double kick, aerial ace, poison jab (recived after great devour...Kai's the only one who took the offered pokemon)
Thunder, Jolteon, male, volt absorb, jolly, likes to run, magnet, moves: thunder fang, thunder, shadow ball, Endure (egg was with him when his parents found him)
Sandy, flygon (shiny), female, levitate, docile, good perseverance, dragon fang, moves: dragon claw, dragon dance, earthquake, thunder punch 
Storm, Lanturn, female, volt absorb, timid, likes to run, leftovers, moves: electro ball, charge, aqua ring, scald (gift from Nya)
Surge, Raichu (alolan), male, bashful, highly curious, twisted spoon, moves: psychic, electro ball, protect, psyshock
Sunny, Heliolisk, female, sand veil, sassy, alert to sounds, scope lens, moves: parabolic charge, swift, dragon pulse, rock slide
Blade, Vikavolt, male, levitate, hardy, a little quick tempered, silver powder, moves: thunder bolt, x-scissor, Guillotine, bug buzz
Sam, Tyranitar, male, sand stream, serious, good endurance, smooth rock, moves: rock slide, stomping tantrum, stone edge, crunch
Filla, Florgest (orange flower), female, flower veil, gentle, often lost in thought, safety goggles, moves: petal blizzard, moonblast, synthesis, dazzling gleam (gift from his dad in hopes of getting Cole into dance)
Benny, Steelix, male, rock head, lax, good perseverance, rocky helmet, moves: double edge, iron tail, steel beam, stone edge
Gem, Coalossal, female, steam engine, naive, alert to sounds, utility umbrella, moves: rock polish, rock blast, heat crash, dig
Mark, swampert, male, damp, calm, somewhat vain, soft sand, moves: mud bomb, earthquake, surf, hammer arm (gift from his dad aftrr making up)
Neil, leafeon, female, leaf guard, jolly, likes to run, heat rock, moves: sunny day, synthesis, solar blade, dig (gift from the other ninja when they realized something)
Glacer, Glaceon, female, snow body, modest, somewhat of a clown, Icy rock, moves: Ice fang, hail, curse, pay day
Flare, Talonflame, male, flame body, serious, somewhat vain, sharp beak, moves: roost, acrobatics, flame charge, me first (given to him by his dad)
Winter, Ninetails (alolan), Female, snow cloak,  Mild, highly curious, nevermelt ice, moves: Aurora beam, blizzard, moonblast, disable
Chill, Frosmoth, female, shield dust, calm, strongly defiant, wide lens, moves: feather dance, quiver dance, avalanche, bug buzz
Chime, Lapras, female, water absorb, bashful, highly curious, mystic water, moves: life dew, hydro pump, sheer cold, smart strike
Snow, weavile, female, pickpocket, careful, thoroughly cunning,  moves: revenge, Ice shard, metal claw, night slash
Miller, Sylveon (shiny), male, cute charm, impish, somewhat of a clown, shell bell, moves: disarming voice, moonblast, shadow ball, wish (given as an egg)
Lady, bisharp, female, inner focus, serious, strong willed, moves: metal burst, night slash, guillotine, theif (gift from his dad, was already a bisharp)
Star, Togekiss, female, serene grace, calm, somewhat stubborn, focus band, moves: aura sphere, life dew, dazzling gleam, steel wing (gift from the other ninja)
Lotus, whimsicott, male, infiltrator, impish,quick to flee, miracle seed, moves: razor leaf, moon blast, endeavor, energy ball
Morgana, Hatterene, female, magic bounce, docile, often lost in thought, twisted spoon, moves: psycho cut, life dew, confusion, dazzling gleam
Mariposa, mawile, female, hyper cutter, naive, likes to run, metronome, moves: crunch, iron head, play rough, psychic fangs (found as an egg)
Nya's (so far)
Tidal, Vaporeon, male, water absorb, quiet, somewhat quick tempered, mystic water, moves: double kick, water gun, aqua ring, Aurora beam (gift from Maya)
Charm, Gallade, male, steadfast, calm, thoroughly cunning, black belt, moves: psycho cut, night slash, drain punch, reversal (gift from Ray)
Ravine, Lanturn, male, water absorb, serious, often lost in thought, moves: water gun, confuse ray, aqua ring, discharge (gift from Jay)
Notes about the teams
Nay and Jay admidedly laughed when they realized they caught a chinchou for each other. How could they not?
Gem and Burner are actually siblings
Sandy loves helping Jay work on things. It's part of how they meet even!
Flame regrets being the only male on Zane's team
Filla could care less about dance but she cares lots about Cole.
Filla, Lori, and Lady are all basically thenmoms of everyone. They team up to be the moms.
Do not touch Neil or you will have a bunch of angry ground types on your butt. On that note dont touch Chill or flame will hurt you. Dont touch Mariposa because then all the teams will be on you.
Lori helps Zane cook some times
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scattered-imagination · 2 years ago
Beauty & The Beast Erasermic AU Part 2
Aizawa never wanted this... all he really wanted was to sleep and play the stray cats that hung around his place.
But no... he had to become a teacher alongside his friends Nemuri Kayama and Tensei Iida.
And during a "field day" that Nemuri and Tensei suggested at an old field standing behind a mansion...they were all shocked to see a group of people...experimenting in the main lobby with smoking chemicals.
It was bad enough that his students were with him...but so was Eri, Tensei, Nemuri, and Shinsou! Could this day get any worse?
The teachers yelled for the children to run while he and his friends went to take care of the villains.
He only tussled with the villains for what seemed like five minutes before he felt his body crumple in pain...causing him to black out.
When he woke up, he stared in the mirror only to see that he was now a massive Black Panther. He only let himself panic for a second before he realized that there was no sign of his students or Tensei and Nemuri.
He ran throughout the house searching for them when...
He found them
How much did the universe hate him?!?!
Nemuri Kayama is now a gaudy, fancy Candlestick!? (Lumiere)
Tensei Iida is now a wooden table clock (Cogsworth)
Eri was a Mirror on the Vanity
Shinsou was an old time radio
Jirou was a record player
Bakugo was now a mobile radiator
Kirishima was now a steel firepoker
Sero was a broom
Ashido was a feather duster
Kaminari was a flashlight
Iida was a bookcase
Ojiro was a wooden chair
Hagakure was an ornate throw pillow
Momo was a huge wadrobe dresser
Sato was an oven
Koda was an armchair
Shoji was a coat rack
Asui was a Tea Kettle
Midoriya was desk Lamp
Uraraka was an ottoman
Tokoyami was a coffee mug (I like coffee like my soul....dark and black..with a touch of cream and sugar)
Aoyama was the grand piano in the ballroom
And here he was...stuck as a predatory beast and the villains were no where in sight. And he couldnt leave the mansion...not with his friends, his students, and his children so vulnerable and unprotected.
Tensei & Nemuri finally found a letter that came in one day...from the villain who used their quirk on him in the first place. They never showed Shouta...
The letter read:
"Sad how the mighty have fallen huh? And now I dont like to pour salt on the wound...because I doubt this will happen....but there is a way to reverse this. Someone must love that grumpy panther so unconditionally that they are willing to sacrifice something important to them for his sake. Or love him so much that the sacrifice doesnt seem so much to them. But I doubt that will happen. Why? Because one you guys are stuck like this and cant leave...and two I have met eraserhead. He is the stiffest stick in the mud I have ever met! Good luck! And have fun with being this way!"
Nemuri and Tensei wince...knowing how prickly their now panther friend could be.
How could they make this work?
So Aizawa has now spent 2 years in that mansion...on the grounds. Trying to figure out how to cancel this quirk, how to keep his students entertained, and keeping the hope alive in his daughter and son.
Those two stumbled into the building. One blonde running in like he wanted to destroy the place... and the other who was telling him to stop in such a loud voice Shouta was sure Eri's glass was going to break.
He had to stop it now and chase them off... before Ashido interrupted me, followed by Denki and Sero.
His students were by far on his last nerve...
But to Nemuri and Tensei? THIS COULD BE IT!
Time to start planning~
((Part 3 coming soon after I post some swan lake stuff. Let me know what scenes or ideas you have or what headcannons you're curious about))
Tumblr media
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jess-the-vampire · 2 days ago
Awwwww your sick Hunter pic is outrageously cute and adorable i absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!!!!
easy when hunter himself is cute
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