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#a tale dark and grimm
silverspetz · a month ago
A Tale Dark & Grimm
Now this is a perfect Halloween-binge. Nice animation, spooky subject-matter, and oh yeah:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pitch-black humor.
Tumblr media
This psycho crow-lady really gets me.
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dapper-nahrwhale · a month ago
Everyone shut up I just found out one of my favorite childhood books got turned into a sick netflix animated show what what what what
Go watch a tale dark and grimm okokok. It's like a series of unfortunate events but fairy tale and alot more murder. It follows the book so well, I'm actually really really impressed by it so far.
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I have two big obsessions in this life:
Mythology, folklore, and fairy tales
I was a weird kid because I researched for Grimm's fairy tales on the Internet and then spent hours reading through them, from the more familiar ones like Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood to little know hidden gems, like the Seven Ravens, the Twelve Brothers, Jorinda and Joringel, The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs, the White Snake, etc.
Watching Netflix's A Tale Dark & Grimm was like a journey to my childhood. The story managed to stitch Hansel and Gretel with a variety of my favorite Brother Grimm's fairy tales.
Tumblr media
The Seven Ravens was my favorite unknown Grimm tale growing up. Imagine my joy when the second episode was titled "The Seven Swallows" and adapted even the weirdest parts of the story, like the chicken bone key and the moon that likes human flesh.
Some I had even forgotten, and only remembered when the show played the storyline, like Trusty John.
This series gets the surreal logistics of the Grimm Fairy Tale World to perfection. Random curses, rain, and stars that can talk, randomly turning into monsters, light dismemberment, and the Devil. The magic is weird and random, exactly how it was in the original fairy tales which it was inspired by and I love it.
Please, if you love Brothers Grimm's fairy tales or just fairy tales and folklore in general, please check it out. It's a shame how little promotion this show has. I literally stumbled with it.
It's a very funny animated series with only ten episodes, and it almost crosses the line with the amount of violence in a children's animated show. There's no blood or gore, but the protagonists are beheaded and brought back to life by magic in the first episode. And from that point, it only gets worse 😂
Tumblr media
I now need to check it out the original book series by Adam Gidwitz that inspired the series. I heard it's even more mature and dark that this show.
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nayialovecat · a month ago
A Tale Dark & Grimm
We watch new show on Netflix: A Tale Dark & ​​Grimm - a variation of the fairy tales of Grimm brothers and I'll say two things:
1. Not for children, ABSOLUTELY not for children, although it is written 7+ - terrible things happen there and are shown on the screen contrary to what the characters themselves say.
2. AWESOME - I highly recommend it, we are after 4 episodes and I am personally delighted :3
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seronefada · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I just watched this series on Netflix, and it was Fantastic.
You guys should definitely watch it.
I mean it's a dark, but it's called a Tale Dark and Grimm so what was to expect?
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relentless-you-survive · a month ago
When the darkness opens wide, Swallowing up the sun inside.
Dappled stars, they prick the sky Blanket on which the moon will lie.
Why must daylight always dim? Creeping dusk so cold and grim.
‘Tis the blackness of the night, Teaches us how to see the light.
Shadows fall upon the earth,  Burying secrets in the dirt.
All is blind, then suddenly, Everything shifts, your eyes, they see.
Why do shapes look different now? Bitter tongues sound sweet somehow.
‘Tis the blackness of the night, Teaches us how to see the light.
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strawberryoc · a month ago
I just finished watching the Netflix adaptation of A Tale Dark and Grimm. I was super excited to watch this since the series was my childhood, and I wasn't dissapointed! A small part of me wished it stuck to some of it's more darker themes (such as in episode 5, where in the book the Warlock was more physically violent and leagues more creepy) but the messages still came across the same way they were meant to come across. Besides, in a book you can get away with showing children depictions of flaying and torture and all that fun stuff, whereas in a show for children you, uh... can't, exactly.
Pretty good, I'd reccomend people who watched it to read the original book, and its sequels.
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ft-nostalgia · a month ago
Oh God, please let Hansel keep Jehorsephat.
Also I DEFINITELY thought that handsome young man was a Piper and was leading all the kids to his house to turn them into mice or whatever it is Pipers do.
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mask131 · a month ago
Wait... “A Tale Dark and Grimm” got adapted as a Netflix animated series? 
... AND I just learn about it now? 
... Gosh I remember when I got this book for the first time. I never thought it would be adapted. 
That comes out as a true shock. 
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mannycalaveracafe · a month ago
Tumblr media
please... PLEASE
Tall me im not the only one see similarities between these two!
(btw 'a tale dark and grimm' is AMAZING!)
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bubblegum-god · a month ago
Currently obsessed with this Netflix original 👁👁 need someone to obsess over it w/me
It’s hella good for a “kids show”
Expect weird shit to happen for no reason and loving it
Yes I am down for rp 👀 and redesigning the other characters too
Yes expect me to draw the ravens as humans 😤
Tumblr media
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ignitelimelight · a month ago
Hey everyone! I just started watching Netflix's new kids series "A Tale Dark and Grimm". It was all fun and games until... Season 1 Episode 5 is about a wicked warlock who tricks little girls with his good looks to murder them. His mother, a HOOK NOSED WITCH uses a STAR OF DAVID AMULET (6:14) to try to hypnotize the little blonde Gretel, assisting her son with his murders. I'd include screenshots, but Netflix won't allow them
As soon as I saw that I stopped. It's just such obvious blood libel and blatant antisemitism. Fitting with the Brothers Grimm's blatant antisemitic source material
So yeah, don't watch "A Tale Dark and Grimm" on Netflix, it's antisemitic and awful
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tigris-types · a month ago
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