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In which one night at Cloud Recesses, the juniors fall asleep near the incense burner and they end up in Sizhui’s memory of when he was a baby, with Xian-ge and rich-ge. They see him being hidden by Wei Wuxian at the first siege and being picked up by Hanguang-jun after that.

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Hello! I continue to be fabulously late, but I am working on contributions for this fest whenever I am able. Here is Day 3: Harvest, I hope you enjoy it!

Wei Wuxian swiped his arm across his forehead and sighed. He’d never realized how absolutely back-breaking farming could really be. And they only had a small plot here, just enough to feed their little makeshift village at the Burial Mounds. He couldn’t imagine having to work an entire farm.

He turned to look past their attempted farm and saw the crude houses, and the aunties and uncles who walked in between them, taking care of laundry, preparing meals, mending clothes. He smiled, watching a little toddler running away from his grandmother. The work was tough, but it was all worth it.

As the child ran by, Wei Wuxian reached out to snatch him around the middle.

“Ah-ha! Look what I’ve caught!” Wei Wuxian tossed Wen Yuan over his shoulder and moved further into the field, delighting in the boy’s laughs and squirms. 

“Brother Xian, let go!” Wen Yuan squealed, giggling as he swayed on Wei Wuxian’s shoulder.

Wei Wuxian stopped and gently plopped the boy down in a trench in the soil, and began covering him with fresh dirt.

“If I plant this little boy, we’ll get a whole crop of radish-flavored children,” Wei Wuxian grinned, and Wen Yuan squealed again.

“No, no! Don’t bury me, Brother Xian!” he exclaimed, but eagerly helped Wei Wuxian pile dirt over his legs. 

“Why not? We’ll grow more children for A-Yuan to play with, an entire harvest of little ones.” Wei Wuxian smiled, letting the child play in the dirt for a few minutes, listening to him chatter on about growing playmates. 

Yes, it was hard work. Not just the farming, of course, but everything. And Wei Wuxian wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, as long as he got to keep enjoying this boy’s smile.

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do people really think WWX asking a-Yuan what toy he liked best and then not buying it for him was normal behaviour? He was obviously trying to goad LWJ into buying a-Yuan the toy, to make a-Yuan like him better (after he starts crying because LWJ’s face is so terrifying).

That scene was him being mean so that LWJ would heroically come to a-Yuan’s rescue, lol. And it worked!

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