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Fire nation guard: I just told prince Zuko he looked like his father in his coronation outfit

Fire nation guard: It was supposed to be a compliment, I just wanted to emphasise that he truly looks royal

Fire nation guard: Away now he’s gone to his chamber and it sounds like he’s been crying for 30 minutes

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Tales of Ba Sing Se!

He has watched this ep before, when my dad and I watched ATLA.

The poor pedicurists!

That is a fast reacting flower, wish they were all like that

Me, about to cry from Iroh singing:

My brother: creepy old man approaching!

Brother: no one sees the shrine?!

Train tracks make BSS look like Rome

Unnecessarily tall gate!

Are those pens up to code?!

Where’d she get all that?! (Jin)

Appa’s Lost Days

Appa does not have a cow tongue apparently

Follow the trail to mangos!

Lake Laogai

Did he need to drop so many posters in one spot?

He’s holding the tea pot by the hottest part!

Maybe they should give back the bison so that the Avatar doesn’t keep searching and disrupting the “balance”?

Zuko sneaking theme!

Airport announcement!

Toph can take on all of the G*stapo

Poor Appa! He just rammed his head against a brick wall!

The Earth King

Throwing priceless artwork!

Giant slide!


Observed that Zuko might be Upper Middle Ring

Maybe you shouldn’t have started with that…?


They’re very not subtle

They couldn’t make a special car for the king????

They should look at the Kyoshi Warriors first…

The Guru

Who are you and what have you done with Zuko?!

Well at least one person had one good thing happen to them

How does one see on that huge map?!

She learned the Dai Li thing very quickly

Or up your butt (Earth Chakra)

That’s not a tea shop, it’s a restaurant!

Isn’t that more like guilt?

I cringed so hard at the Air Chakra part and he was like “are you okay?”

Title sequence!

And this is the one where he fails bc of his attachment with Katara!

Why were there no guards in there?

Where’s Admiral Ackbar where you need him?’

The Crossroads of Destiny

Not going to be good…

Zuko is too happy!

So now you’re backing up the chakras…how does it work?

This is a nice cell

Plot twist: Katara falls in love with Zuko! (Oh sweet brother…)

That was at the very end…

The Dai Li have trust issues!

You messed up my courtyard!

Splitting up! Because that always works!

I wish all ancient cities looked like that

Awww! The bear!

You are free to choose to agree with me!

Mexican standoff? How -?

Crystal monster!

You got to leave!

And this is where Azula beats him!

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Hey you guys there’s a surprising lack of Aang content in the tags for ATLA both here and AO3 and while I’m not complaining cuz all the characters deserve the attention they get–took me about a week to figure out who my favorite was after rewatching the show–there needs to be more. There’s so much about this 12 year old kid that I could talk about/point out, and I feel like it’s my duty to do so.

So I will try my best to fulfill this task I’ve given myself. I may not be perfect, but I Will Try.

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Someone commented on my Sukka post saying “Sorry, but Suki is gay” and I… what?

I’m tired of this culture of people claiming any character they want is canonically gay, even when it goes against canon. It opens the door for queerbaiting and is just flat out stupid. If you want to write headcanons, or alternate stories with whatever sexuality you envision for the character that’s fine, but don’t claim it’s canon.

You can head canon Suki as bi, or pan, or any sexuality which includes attraction to men. But she ain’t a lesbian. She canonically is with a male.

— a queer girl

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I’m sorry that I’ve switched fandoms so quickly but I wanted to hop onto the Avatar Train before it left me behind because I love Avatar with my whole heart.

Anyway Aang with hair is too powerful I’m too obsessed with it like look at him,,,,,

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atla and fma are really similar in a lot of ways. Both are long running series with a diverse cast of characters involving two siblings traveling all over a well developed fictional world with themes of war, PTSD, trauma, and the power of human connections. Both have a unique magic system with clear rules and limitations. We have war criminals who regret their actions, scarred vigilantes, a big bad who’s a big bitch. One of the main characters is disabled. Romantic relationships are build up over the course of the entire series. In a giant battle all the side characters come back to fight. Every part of the world is looked at and developed.

The entire reason I’m making this post is because, strangely enough, both have an episode where the main cast has to help deliver a baby.

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