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#a: batman and harley quinn

I watched Batman and Harley Quinn last night since it came out on DC Universe. I liked some parts but I was disappointed. It was nice to see the art style again, but it didn’t look as good as it did in the 90s, which is odd. The plot is basically “Harlequinade”, only that episode did it better over 20 years ago. It was great to hear the original voices of Batman and Nightwing, although I couldn’t help but wonder why Harley and Ivy were not invited back. It would have been great to hear Arleen Sorkin again. The voices also felt wasted since there was no real character development or resolution . Harley’s game show at the end was also really offensive and not funny.

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Nightwing and Harley Quinn in the middle of a tickle fighting getting interrupted by Batman…. can’t believe people say they don’t like this movie

Jk I’m reserving judgement for a while but that was HILARIOUS

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Batman and Harley Quinn the 2017 movie isn’t worth ya time unless you adore classic Harley with all your heart. Batman is SO FUCKIN ooc. The ending is weaker then a dying grandmother and half of the movie is waited. I enjoyed it though even though the ending was bad it felt like one big BTAS episode. If I didn’t watch it with my wife idk if I would of liked it as much

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