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Steve and Tony have to discuss possible babysitters for Peter for the times that they have to be out or just want to have a date night for themselves.

Rhodey: Peter absolutely loves Unca Odie and there have never been any er.. ‘incidents’ during his babysitting times

Pepper: absolute best behavior from our little spider whenever Auntie Pep is around! Guaranteed babysitting duties for her (really, Tony?)

Loki: surprisingly good with children. Or perhaps just really good at keeping them preoccupied enough to not be naughty.

Sam: very good babysitter. 10/10 would give Peter to again.


Natasha: no knives, daggers,poison,and absolutely NO BRINGING OF CHILDREN ON COVERT SPY MISSIONS NATASHA WHAT THE FU-

Bucky: See Clint’s. Also never have them join together it is chaos.

Hulk: Tony’s poor heart can’t take Hulk tossing around Peter. Neither can Steve.

*Out of the question: Thor, Scot,Fury

(To be continued)

(Also added Rhodey and Pepper even though they aren’t actually in AA just because.)

((This will have some more additions to explore the backstories lol))

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