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#aa verse

anonymous said: Dear boyfriend (Marshall Fey-Edgeworth) I see you there, Aspie 

Give me words and I will write a letter

Dear Marshall,

This might come as odd since I don’t usually appear as the most forward of a person or even write letters, but the distance during a family trip to London has awakened me to some facts I took for granted. One of them was people who I care for and who in turn care for me, and one is how your presence in my life has improved my life quality.

Maybe the strong, long friendship we had is the reason I care so strongly for you and how we both even developed romantic emotions towards one another - despite I thought it was a case of one-sided emotions and you’re likely of having the same mindset. The mind sync and a certain lack of social skills is something I understand far too well, and how you need to trust people before you feel like you understand them. I love you more than anything else and that will be the situation for as long as I’ll know.

I’ve now told my aunt and cousins on being in a stable relationship and unsurprisingly they want to meet you out of pure curiosity. Especially Joy is curious on if you’re really street smart and tall, and I have no idea of her definition of street smart. I just got to talk them in person and it’s unnerving and relieving at the same time, you know?

My aunt is taking me tomorrow to see a musical “every British has to see”: apparently it’s one of the most well known ones here. I’ll tell you how that was when I get back and write down what I liked in it. 

Yours truly,  

Naoto S. 

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Don’t mind Naoto offering Larry a ladder so he can climb down the tree anon put him in. One day she’ll order an exorcist to put an end to this torment he has, this was possibly to get her attention in a wrong way, but instead of her getting mad she was just dealing with this as casually as possible.

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“Now I have to ask why he is there and how he got there. If your source is correct, I’m going to ask him these questions and if there’s been any big factors causing this.” She was concerned of his state of mind and if this was since he had a history of dumb ideas which had almost endangered his life once caused huge confusion to others.


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Junsui sighed as he sat down in the detention centre and faced the person who had requested his services. He had done a few lower-profile cases before in his one year of being an attorney so far, but this was new. A member of the yakuza wanted this 18 year old attorney to defend him. He shook his head and spoke.

“…Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu… I presume…? You requested me to defend you…?”

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Gretchen | @sternzwillinge


“ Really, dear, there’s no need to thank me. One of our regular patrons invited me and a guest, and I honestly couldn’t think of anybody better to bring along than you. ” 

Her palm held out as if to placate the young woman’s bubbling excitement, Camilla cannot keep herself from giggling: she couldn’t say whether Gretchen’s kind of cheer and good nature was more infectious than even Elise’s. While by no means a philistine, she had found a certain dislike for hallowed museums and opulent art exhibitions at a young age — the fault of, she had no doubt in hindsight, her mother too-often dragging her about the places ( herself seeming largely to adhere to some merely ceremonious appreciation of ‘ high ’ culture ). 

As it turned out, it was more often than not the company, rather than necessarily the content of such visits she had always been adverse to. Indeed, however, even with the infinitely more agreeable Gretchen at her side, there is something about a local, more cosy kind of exhibition which only helps to bring out a long-held inquisitiveness from hibernation.

“ Oh, this way — this one’s one of my favourites, look!

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