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kinda embarrassed that DJSS’s VA followed me on Twitter and he will see my selfship tweets of me and djss. the validation????

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@uni13​    :    4: punch my muse  + 10: step on my muse’s finger(s) + 28: knee my muse in the gut+16: beat my muse to a bloody pulp w 9: strangle my muse

the    god    of    destruction    shouldn’t    have    been    so    attached    to    a    mortal     :     a   mortal   with   a   power   similar   to   hakai,    no   less,    but   it’d   affected   him   little   to   none   when   zamasu   had   killed   daiten,    no   quicker   than   how   he’d   killed   bulma    &&.    the   rest     :     quick   yet   slow   and   painful,     with   how   the   girl   had   fought   to   remain   alive   and   to   protect   an   earth   that   wasn’t   her   own.

a   mere   punch   sends   zamasu   flying   backwards   into   the   ground,     a   crater   catching   his   fall   while   the   air   is   ripped   from   his   lungs,    spit   flying   from   his   mouth   as   he   struggles,     remaining   there.     manche   lands,    stepping   on   his   hand.    manche   growls,    claws   digging   into   zamasus   wrist.        ”        was   it   worth   it,    kai   ?        


manche   speaks,     grabbing   zamasu   by   his   arm   and   dragging   him   up,     kneeing   him   in   his   chest   to   stop   an   attack.    the   destroyer   strikes   again,    and   again,    and   again,    until   zamasu   is   bloody,    struggling   to   speak   or   to   retaliate,     held   up   by   his   throat   with   a   tight   grip   that   makes   him   struggle   to   breathe.

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hi anon!! your mind btw… this was a good one!! thank you so much!!

not me tentatively posting this in the hopes i did such a good prompt justice and that it sounds all right

please heed the warnings before reading

rated: m | words: 1774 | warnings: adult themes, allusions to suicide, alcohol abuse, unhealthy coping mechanisms 

“Sir, that’s enough to drink.”

Hawkeye reached across to grab his glass, but Roy moved it out of reach instantly, affronted she would even dare to try. He should have gone to the bar. At least there she wouldn’t have tried such a thing. In his own home, with no one else about, was another matter.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s enough –”

“Hawkeye.” He barked at her, anger replacing his irritation.

“Sir, this is not the way to do this.”

“Just one, then I’ll get to work,” Roy deflected, turning his shoulders so that the glass was shielded from her wanting hands. He was also ignoring the fact that it was past midnight, and he should be asleep instead of turning to a bottle of whisky.

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pentagon live soon 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻‍♀️

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I literally am unable to stop thinking about The Untamed?!?!
soo much so that I can’t really focus on new bts content even when I’m on this blog lol

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