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fuck it. im a ranboo stan now. i love this child with my whole heart and soul hes so sweet nd just AAAAA

the bit where he told tubbo tommy covered for him nd was like “hes not selfish.” OW

also tubbo nd tommy fighting HURT like noo dont break them up please their friendship was like the one constant here

im fucked up man

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🌺Kitcember: Day 2: Été and Kit (Created: 12/02/20 Posted/Finished: 12/03/20) 🌺

🌺Hai Valid Beans🌺

A bit late on today’s doodle, but here it is! I drew my little fortune dragon character Été! She loves dr.pepper and honey! And she plans to share some honey with Kit just to be nice! She usually doesn’t share, but Été make an exception. Anyways, hope you have a lovely day! Toodles noodles!


1. Art and OCs by me (please do not use my art without permission)

2. Reblogs: ✅ Reposts: 🚫

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i am too shy but i really would like to make moots :0

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so im back from a few days break and I uhhhh wanna be a huge slut

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ive been browsing @thunderc1an ‘s squirrelcrow posts and…its good food for big brains
AND ALSO AU slightly inspired by @twistedtoms ‘s squirrelstar storyboard…..with hollyleaf taking the blame because thats SUCH GALAXY BRAIN I LOVE YOU

heres my au i wrote in 10 minutes because squirrelcrow is my new hyperfixation also squirrelflight is trans

Crowpaw and Squirrelpaw tease each other cus they both think the other one is annoying like theyre just….dumb kids that r mean to each other because THEY DONT KNOW ANY BETTER theyre just mean kids!!

Squirrelpaw realizes she has a crush on crowpaw when he makes it obvious he likes feathertail; squirrelpaw is jealous and it makes her feel insecure of her gender and not being feminine enough; she never treats feathertail or crowpaw harshly tho shes not THAT stupid 

Feathertail saves crowpaw just because hes young and still has a lot to live for not bc she loved him

Squirrelpaw platonically supports crowpaw and helps him get over feathertails death

Crowpaw gets a crush on squirrelpaw and he courts her and makes sure to tell her shes a very beautiful she cat and valid,,, 

so Crowf and Squilf bond over helping each other get through tough times/self doubt stuff and because theyre both from important families and need to live up to big expectations when they jus wanna be cool kids,,,, n they understand each other

They get together and Leafpool knows and agrees to be a surrogate mother for them

Brambleclaw courts Squirrelflight but shes like :/ no leave me alone but brambleclaw being brambleclaw cant take a simple no and demands to know why and stuff but squirrelflight cant say

Leafpool gives birth to the 3 and gives them over to squirrelflight who tells the clan she was able to get a litter with the help of starclan; nobody questions the cat who sired them except for brambleclaw

Squirrelflight never tells the 3 about their real parents to avoid conflict/risk of the secret getting out

After the 3 are grown, squilf and crow keep meeting; crowfeather only sees his kits at gatherings but is only introduced as squirrelflights really good friend; he sort of takes a father figure at gatherings for the 3 and they accept him as like a really cool uncle/father figure

Brambleclaw finds out Squilf is meeting with crow in secret. Before hes about to tell firestar the fire scene happens; Brambleclaw is in place of ashfur

Squirrelflight attacks Brambleclaw and kills him in the fire; Hollyleaf takes the blame for brambleclaws murder bc she loves her mom even though she lied

Squirrelflight and Leafpool feel confident enough to come out to their clan; eventually crowfeather joins thunderclan to watch his kids with squirrelflight BEACAUSE I WANT A HAPPY ENDING AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALSO CROWFEATHER GIFTS SQUIRRELFLIGHT ROSES BC ROSES R A SYMBOL FOR TRANS PEOPLE!!!! AND HE LOVES HER!

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