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Scales pt. 2 (yan!bakusquad fantasy au)
Ive worked on this so long I hate it,,,,,,,
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Kirishima had left you alone to dress, and you saw this as your opportunity. If you could just get away you could figure this all out. The clothes you tossed on barely registered as you eyed the weapons laying around, opting for a sword, and a small dagger you could hide. Easy. Now you just had to get out of here, far away where Kirishima couldn’t find you. You were halfway out the tent before he was there, eyes burning despite the smile on his face.
“What’re you doing, Y/n?” He stepped closer and you were frozen, lips pulled back in a snarl.
“You can’t keep me here.”
“Why not? You don’t have any family, or friends. I love you, I’ll keep you safe. We’re bonded.” His tone was light, loving even, and you couldn’t deny he was right. That didn’t mean you had to be happy about it.
“And you haven’t even met the others yet, you’ll love them so much!”
“W-What… others?”
“Denki, and Mina, and Hanta, and Katsuki! We’re all bonded too!”
Oh gods, you were going to kill him. So what if he was a dragon? He wasn’t going to kill you.
“Uh huh, okay, sure lemme just-” You raised your hands, purely intending to do your best to smite him, but he was faster. Kirishima was a fucking dragon, of course he was faster what had you been- why were you pressed against his chest? You kept getting distracted. Kirishima’s hand was on the back of your neck, as soon as you tried to pull away fingers were rubbing the base of your skull and you were melting.
“What the fuck was that?” You mumbled, as soon as you were focused enough to speak. That bastard had done… something! As soon as he’d rubbed your neck you’d just, you’d just been gone. You hadn’t been able to focus, or move, you were just dazed and cuddling with Kiri had felt so good.
“Side effect of the bond! It just helps calm you down!” Kirishima was cheerful as always, and it made you want to punch him.
“Hanta and Katsuki are off doing business or something, but you’ll love Denki and Mina! They’re in our group tent!” The redhead was babbling on, carrying you towards, excuse your language, an absolutely huge fucking tent. “You’ll get the hang of everything soon enough, but we have individual tents throughout the village, and this group tent that we spend most of our time in!” He pushed open the- the flap? Door? Fuck if you knew, and the first thing you registered was how nice it was. It was decked out with plush pillows, furs, blankets, food was in one of the corners, vanity items in another. How on earth did they have all this? The second thing you registered was the people. A boy with eyes as gold as the other dragon. Oh god, he was one as well, wasn’t he? The girl next to him had pink hair, which wasn’t as unusual as her eyes and skin. It was a light pink all over.
“I- what?” Your voice drew their attention, and they were bounding over to you, smiles almost blinding.
“Mina’s actually a fae, and Denki was the other dragon you saw!”
You knew that name was familiar.
“Are they part of your harem too?” Your words made Denki laugh and Kirishima blush, Mina was grinning from ear to ear. You hadn’t meant to say that, way to make an impression.
“Oh they’re funny Kiri!” Mina stepped forward, taking you from the redhead with surprising ease. How strong was she? It was all you could think about as you leant on her, your head was still too fuzzy to focus.
“Where did Kirishima go?” You asked sometime later, coddled up in the furs with Denki and Mina. They really hadn’t given you a choice. You’d been too out of it hen they were talking earlier, you’d completely missed it.
“He went to help Katsuki and Hanta!” Mina replied, eyes trained on the sparkles she’d been playing with.
“You should really call him Eijiro, or Kiri. You don’t wanna see him upset.” Denki blinked up at you from where he’d lazily cuddled into your side, arm thrown over you.
“Take Denki’s word for it, if you upset Kiri then Katsuki will come down on you with everything he has, and you don’t want that.” Mina’s sparkles were gone now, and you had to admit you missed them.
“Okay, I’ll take your word for it.” You found yourself agreeing, lured in by the drowsy happiness that seemed to float around them. You’d wanted to be happy your whole life.
You turned over to Mina, only mildly surprised to see her staring right back.
“So how’d you all…” You trailed off, unsure of how to get the words out. “All get… together?”
“Oh, it’s a pretty long story, but I’ll do my best to sum it up!” Mina let her hand drop down, brows furrowed as she tried to think, and you were far too aware of Denki’s hand rubbing over the curve of your hip.
“Well, Kiri saved Katsuki when they were teenagers, they’ve been glued together ever since. I was next, I ran into them after there had been an… attack… The details are kinda fuzzy, I just remember being so drawn to them. Then we met Denki, and Hanta, they’d been together for a couple years. And now we have you u! So that completes the relationship!”
“What do you mean complete the-”
“Bonds are only six people of course! Some people only have three or four, but six is the most common with dragons!”
You felt dizzy, you honestly thought you’d die rescuing Kiri, you really hadn’t… planned what would happen after.
“Uh huh, okay, sure…” You didn’t even know what to think, this felt far too comfortable to be normal, you were usually so tense around other people. Maybe a nap would help? Denki had already dozed off on the other side, surely it would be okay if you joined him?
“C’mon Mina, please! I haven’t seen Denki in ages! And I wanna meet Y/n!” That voice was new, and you were still waking up. You’d somehow turned in your sleep, head tucked under Denki’s chin and his arm still over you. If that wasn’t enough to make you blush, the fact he wasn’t wearing a shirt definitely did.
“Shh, let them sleep Hanta!”
" Ugh. How far are Katsuki and Ei?”
“I flew faster than them but they shouldn’t be long. I was excited to see everyone.” Hanta, you guessed, whined, stepping closer to where you were still pretending to sleep.
“Stop whining and come here, we’re already awake. You guys are loud.” Denki’s mumble gave you a heart attack, your whole body jolting and your face going bright red.
“Denki, you scared them!” Mina was kneeling next to you, pulling you into her lap before you could protest. “Humans aren’t like us, you have to be careful!” She scolded as she ran her fingers through your hair, and you were surprised to see that Denki was nodding.
“You’re a real cutie, huh?” Hanta knelt down next to you, hand brushing over your cheek, “And so soft!”
They were crazy, you’d saved a crazy ass dragon and now you were part of his crazy harem. Still… you couldn’t really… do anything about it, could you? Everyone had been… more than nice so far, nicer than anyone ever had been.
“Y/n is so cute Hanta! They cuddled up to me while they were asleep and made the cutest noises!” Denki had crawled over to Hanta’s side, nuzzling under his arm and staring at you with so much intensity you couldn’t help but hide your face in Mina’s hair. She smelt like strawberries and cream, and you found yourself inhaling like your life depended on it. It was almost addictive.
“We’re back!” Eijiro’s voice made you turn, warmth blooming in your chest and only growing stronger when the redhead scooped you up into a hug. Your arms wrapped around his neck, perfectly content to let him hold you.
“Aaaaawwwww Red! You didn’t hold back, huh?” Mina invited herself into the hug, shortly followed by the others. Wow, it was gonna take a while to get used to that.
“Let me see them.” A gruff voice interrupted the hug, everyone springing back and leaving you cradled in Eijiro's arms without any other protection from the newcomer. A squeak left you as you were passed over, feet touching the ground despite who you assumed was Katsuki still holding you up and supporting you. You didn’t want to look up, eyes fixed on the floor.
“You don’t have to be that scared, you reek.” Fingers gripped your jaw, forcing your face up so you had no choice but to look into red eyes. They looked feral, but fuck he was so pretty.
“I’m uh… not… scared…?” Your brain was short circuiting, hands falling limp to your side, everything finally catching up to you.
“Huh, what a liar.” His sneer didn’t have any venom behind it, “They’re still weak, get them to bed. You know what humans are like.”
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Nicolas is the cutest little lemon ghost in the whole world
Tumblr media
Nicolás: ////>\\\\\<//// Aaaaawwwww Thanks anon! ....uhm 🤔 actually...loud lemonade 🍋 (Screech) is also so sweet and cute friend =w= hihi he's very cool , oh! And Angelito dorado 🕊️(Paloma) is also so cute too (人*´∀`)。*゚+ she is so sweet and kind....they are so energetic and i love them so much ay!! And Also shiny lemon (Goldy) is very sweet too UwU hehe he's very gentle and cute...*now he wants to hugs his friends* ... :///T...excuse me a momment- *imma gonna hugs some cute precious lemons Friends ASMR*
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