#aah i love this set!!
liaviii9 · 8 months ago
if i had a nickel for every time solomon was forced to wear something he was uncomfortable with and still went along with it to make people happy, i’d have two nickels
Tumblr media Tumblr media
which isn’t a lot,
Tumblr media Tumblr media
but it’s weird that it happened twice (´;ω;`)
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metamorphmigus · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Feelin a bit nostalgic. Thought I’d throw together an old outfit. Pneuma rocks it pretty well, I think. X3
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ghostorbconnoisseur · a year ago
Jötunn: [kicks demon orc twice with both feet in quick succession]
Oh this put me in mind of like a Jötunn fighting off a beast and thinking they've successfully managed to go unnoticed while in giant-size (they're out in the middle of nowhere, surely no-ones here to see them right?) and then just hearing a bunch of cheering and calls and, while wrestling a monster to the ground, puffing and panting, looks to their side to see a small group of humans cheering them on- the Jötunns just like '??? Well fuck i mean this isn't ideal but they don't seem that scared and they're enjoying themselves so as long as they don't get too close and get hurt i guess?? This is okay??'
Meanwhile the humans are enjoying this like it's a super-sized wrestling match, they're so enthusiastic and once the deeds done and the beasts been kicked back from where it came they cheer for the towering Jötunn who's just trying to catch their breath, very aware they're looming over these weird lil' human's, hoping they're not going to freak out now (afterall they probably seem a lot more scary now there's no monster to keep their attention away from the small group.!) But the humans just wave up to them and the Jötunn sheepishly waves back before returning to human form and bracing themself for a barrage of questions lmao.
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mvltiverseofmadness · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Lord Byron and the Shelleys!!!!
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rosie-tae · 2 years ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I have come here to bestow upon you the award for: “One of Buggie’s Cutest Moots and One of Buggie’s Highly Recommendable Friends Ever”
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uplatterme · 24 days ago
Paint Me Like One Of Your Fontaine Girls
cw: sub!albedo, dom!reader, vibrator(?), overstimulation, strapped to a chair?, tooth-rotting fluff, rivals to lovers
a/n: this got way too sweet at the end but he deserves it honestly! also! i opened up a ko-fi if you guys want to support @[email protected] HERE
You and Albedo had a strange dynamic. Since you were both renowned Alchemists for Monstadt, it was obvious to anyone that there were some rivalry going on between the two of you.
What the citizens didn’t know, however, was the way you would often sneak glances of each other and the sexual relationship that you shared behind closed doors.
You didn’t intend it to go this far. At first, it was only to get through his skin, wanting to know what truly went inside the Chief Alchemist’s head. Unfortunately, he was the definition of perfect.
Perfect hair, perfect skin and perfect body. Even the expressions he made while cumming were heavenly, you’d put it in a museum if you could. You knew that you wouldn’t be able to rank higher than him and somewhere along the lines, you gave up on your original goal while focusing on another instead.
That is, to have Albedo wrapped around your fingers. Not literally, of course. You’d already done that many times.
“(Name), while I do commend your invention. This seems out of your league. You focus more on chemistry rather than engineering, don’t you?” He questioned, staring at the ‘object’ placed on the chair.
“There you go talking formally, again. Come on, when have I ever failed pleasuring you?” He couldn’t exactly argue with that, he’d succumbed his body to yours a numerous amount, it may already have been yours.
You sneak up on him from behind, slowly unzipping his pants and placing your head on his left shoulder. “Just take it as a challenge… Don’t tell me? The great Chief Alchemist is scared that he might lose?”
He tensed up, well, not that it changed his face expression much. Spending time with him made you able to tell what he was feeling at all times. Like right now, as he hummed, loving your touch on his tip.
“Continue doing that, (Name)…”
“I’m only preparing you, Chief. I’m so nice today, aren’t I?” You joked, a glare being sent your way as a response.
You’ve instructed him earlier on, all he needed to do was sat on your special chair while painting a portrait of you.
He used your hands as leverage, much more relaxed now that you’d probed him with your fingers earlier on. Albedo slowly positioned himself, going down on the phallic shape on the center of the chair. “Hmm!”
He was almost at a levitating position, not wanting to go deeper. Well, it’s not like you forbid him from doing that.
Albedo breathed in, taking the white paint and ready to set the canvas.
You knew that it was arousing him even if he maintained such a straight face and posture. It shouldn’t take too long for him to be a mess on that chair.
“Nngh!” Speak of the devil.
He coughed, trying to ignore the sudden vibrations that the object inside him was making. He gave you a scowl as if to say that he didn’t agree to this.
Albedo trembled slightly. The vibrations were annoying but it wasn’t that bad at the moment, he could still keep his mouth shut.
The ruffling of your bag caught his attention. You took out a Kamera and showed it to him. This wasn’t anything unusual, you’ve taken pictures of him before.
Unfortunately, what he failed to expect was that as soon as you pressed the shutter button, the vibrations became stronger.
“(N-Name), that Kamera…is connected to the chair?” He bit his lip, a moan escaping his throat.
“You’re so smart as always. The Honorary Knight gave it to me, so I figured that I should modify it a bit. You like the results, don’t you?”
“A-Ah! Hah…Aah!”
“Focus on your painting, Albedo. My, with the way you’re looking right now, it’s almost as if you’re begging me to take another picture of you.”
His face was always so stoic, which is why when you get him to be like this, lust-filled eyes and whimpering like a cat in heat. Of course, you’d get excited.
He really was such a perfect being.
Each stroke he made with his brush were beautiful, focused on not disappointing you despite how he can already feel the coiling of his own stomach. Your smile sent a shiver down his spine as you watched him, Kamera in hand, waiting for the right moment.
“D-Don’t move, (Name). I-I can’t capture your face.” He stated, not noticing anything that was wrong with his words. 
“Me? I’m not moving at all, Albedo. You’re the one doing that.”
Your words caused him to fumble, dropping his brush on the floor near his foot. Albedo’s bouncing like he’s a slime in the wild. It almost made you jealous that he’s not doing that on top of you instead.
He unconsciously threw his head back, plunging deeper into the vibrating chair with a choking sound coming from his throat. “C-Can’t hold it! (Name)!”
“Do I turn it off?”
His eyes met with yours but he only shook his head. “N-No. Keep going.”
You raise the Kamera and take another picture. The action sent Albedo screaming your name as his cum spilled not only on the floor, but also on the canvas as well. His fingers were holding on the chair, still taking in the vibrations and waiting for you to turn it off. It was much stronger since you just took another picture.
“If only I could sell this, then I’d be making so much mora! I wouldn’t, though. I can’t have anyone else seeing you like this.”
There you were again, talking his ear off. The complete opposite of his introverted personality. “Hnn! Are you not turning it off?”
He made you confused. Why would you do such a thing? “What? But you haven’t finished your painting yet?”
Another shock was sent straight to his dick, causing him to go hard again. He couldn’t even reach the previous brush he was using. If he were to do that, he’d be afraid that…
Albedo mewled, bending over and using his shaky fingertips to get the object. Should you send him encouragement?
The room was filled with silence until a shutter from the Kamera was heard.
His thighs were quivering from the dry orgasm. His prostate was starting to get overstimulated now.
He needed to finish this as soon as possible. His earlier work was messed up due to ahem, his excretions so he had no choice but to blend it with the colors. God forbid that anyone would see this.
You could watch him do this all day, or well, until you finally get jealous and make him pose on all fours.
After only a couple of minutes, you hear a panting voice. He’s tired and overwhelmed, something that he’d only experienced when he’s with you. “Oh, you’re done? Let me see! Wait, let me just turn it off.”
“Mmh! (Name)!”
“Oops, I accidentally pressed the shutter again. Alright, for real this time. Since you’ve been such a good boy.”
You walked towards him and you were faced with yourself. Was this really a painting? Albedo didn’t use alchemy to change the canvas to a mirror, right?
You laughed hysterically, you knew he wouldn’t. Add that to the list of the things he could do perfectly. You could never compete with him to begin with, not that you cares anymore at this point.
After all, how could you resist the beauty right in front of you?
You kissed him on the lips, no tongue or anything, no sexual intention. Just pure admiration that came with it.
“You never fail to impress me, are you sure that I look that good?”
Your compliment turned his pale face pink as he stammered. “Y-You do. You’ve always looked like that since the first time I met you.”
Ah shit. What happened to Plan B of having him wrapped around your fingers?
Looks like it’s time to move onto Plan C. You thought before tackling the alchemist to the ground, and falling onto the floor together.
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peterparkersgirlfriend1 · a month ago
You're Such a Brat. || Dom!Peter Parker x Fem!Stark!Reader
Repost because I posted this during my shadowban :,(
18+ content!! 🔞
Tumblr media
"Do you really have to go?" You whined against Peter's lips. Peter pressed a lingering kiss to your lips.
"You know know how much this Stark internship means to me." He winked at you.
"Mmm, are you sure? You don't even have to patrol tonight, it's just that meeting-“
"I have to go." Peter gave you an assuring smile.
"I don't want your dad to think I'm not taking this seriously.” He sighed.
"Okay, okay. Just checking." You leaned in and pressed kisses to his jawline. "I will say, I do love your dedication, really I do. I just want to make sure I'm getting my Peter time."
"You'll get it," Peter chuckled devilishly. "I'm yours after ten, I promise."
"I don't know how I'll contain myself." You dramatically whined in a teasing manner.
Peter pressed one more lingering kiss to your lips, causing you to moan sensually.
“Wish I could stay," he mumbled. "I guess I'll just have to reward my good girl afterwards."
✧・゚: *✧・゚
Around nine thirty you had found yourself painfully bored. You were yearning for Peter. You knew at this point there couldn't possibly be anything too interesting going on in the lab. So, naturally you decided to pay your dad, Peter and Bruce a visit. You walked past the windows that looked into the lab, seeing the three of them hovered over a desk. Tony looked up and spotted you. "Y/n! Come in here."
'”Yes, Dad?" You sweetly called entering the lab.
"Come see how good Underoos is doing." You watched as Peter programmed codes into his suit's database. You had absolutely no idea what any of meant, but you were proud of your boyfriend nevertheless.
"Ah, the newest member of the science bros.” Bruce beamed.
You began to graze your hand on Peter’s thigh. “Wow Pete, that's amazing." You cooed.
"Yeah, kid's a real natural." Tony watched Peter’s precise movements as he continued with his suit.
You began to move your hand higher up Peter’s thigh. Bruce and Tony completely oblivious to what was going on under the lab table.
"'Aah! Ah- thank you? Peter cried out, trying to keep a normal composure. You quickly retracted your hand. Peter shot you a glare and then quickly tuned away.
Tony and Bruce still oblivious.
You fake yawned. "I think I'm gonna head up to bed. So proud of you Pete." You wrapped your arms around him, his cheeks blushing as you did so.
Tony narrowed his eyes at you, he knew Peter and you were close friends, yet he had no idea about your secret relationship just yet. His suspicions beginning to grow.
"Goodnight princess." Tony skeptically called back as you crossed the threshold exiting the lab."
"Goodnight Dad!"
✧・゚: *✧・゚
You settled into your bedroom at the tower, and made sure to leave your window open for Peter's arrival. You crawled under your sheets and rested your head on your pillows. Slowly beginning to drift asleep. You sat back up remembering the new lingerie set you bought last week when you went shopping with Nat and Wanda. You figured tonight would be the perfect time to reveal it to Peter.
Not long after you heard the window moving slowly and a dark figure looming over you. You jumped slightly in your haze and turned on a soft light. Peter's face was illuminated as he pulled his Spider-Man mask off. "You're such a brat." He gritted through his teeth, almost smirking.
What makes you say that?" You got out of bed revealing your new lingerie you had bought special for his eyes only. Peter's eyes practically popped out of his head at the sight of you.
"You know exactly what I mean."
"I don't." You played dumb. You stalked over to him and began tracing a fingertip over his clothed collarbone.
"Mr. Stark has no idea about us yet, and you know he's going to absolutely flip if he finds out!”
"He won't." You shrugged.
"How do you know?"
"Because he's my dad, and I'm his only child and daughter. Even if it was a problem, l'd do anything to make sure it wouldn't mess up your relationship with him. Plus, you know he like, adores you." You furrowed your brow. “I mean don’t you remember how jealous I was of you when you first joined the team? You were all my dad talked about.”
Peter sighed. "You're right, but what about me?”
Peter's arms wrapped around your waist, pulling you in closer. You felt his breath hitch as his suit fell to the ground, revealing him in nothing but his boxers.
“Mmm, what about you daddy?"
Peter cocked an eyebrow. “Don't think I'm just going to easily forget how you were teasing me like that in the lab.”
"Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it?" You egged him on, his bulge growing.
"Make you get on your knees and beg for my forgiveness." Peter picked you up and carried you bridal style back to your bed. "Actually, before we can talk about forgiveness, we have to discuss your punishment. I hope you can take it.” He smirked devilishly.
You rolled your eyes playfully as you waited anxiously for him to jump into bed with you. Peter hungrily kissed you, and slipped a finger down pulling off your panties. "You remember your safe word, don't you doll?"
“Y-Yes!" You moaned as Peter inserted a finger into you. You were already soaking wet for him.
"Now, let's get started with those pretty noises you like to make.” He inserted a second finger as your moans echoed throughout the room.
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xiaosweetheart · 4 months ago
my pretty baby <//3
Tumblr media
character: xiao <33
genre: fluff and smut
warnings: gn afab reader, soft dom reader; sub xiao; u make xiao praise himself; minimal editing/revising bc im tired but should probably post; mentions(?) of overstim
a/n: hes so pretty :(( i just. i just wanna give him a kiss :( a lil smooch <//3
Tumblr media
"you're so pretty, baby," you cooed down at xiao, caressing his cheek tenderely. right now, the yaksha lay panting beneath you, with his tongue hanging out of his mouth, skin flushed under your heated touch. his brain was near-mush and he had long since lost count of how many times you had made him cum tonight.
"nnnh sh–shut up," xiao whined, bringing an arm over his face to try to hide his embarrassed expression away from you.
"hey hey, none of that now, lovely," you murmured, prying his arm away and pinning it above his head. "i wanna see your pretty face."
"mm 'm not pretty," he mumbled, refusing to meet your gaze. you had been smothering xiao in praise all night — covering him in kisses and telling him how pretty he is, gentle, but fleeting, touches all over his body, and what felt to be endless pleasure. you had turned the once-vigilant yaksha into a sniveling, blushing mess under you.
"what was that?" you hummed, an underlying edge laced in your voice, grabbing xiao by the jaw and forcing him to look at you. his eyes were glassy and much, much softer than they usually were, with pretty golden irises gazing up at you, sheepish from the praise. watching as a fresh set of tears welled up and threatened to spill over, you leaned down to give xiao a little kiss, but let out a yelp when you felt his free hand move from your hip to the back of your neck, forcing you down even further as he craned his neck up, desperate to feel your lips against his.
the unexpected action was enough to make you lose your balance and topple against his chest while his hand tangled itself in your hair. whining as xiao began fucking up into you, mind drunk on pleasure and your touch, you parted your lips enough to suck his tongue into your mouth, smirking to yourself whenever you heard him whimper.
moving the hand that was pinning his hand above his head down to press against his hip, you nipped at his tongue and gave it one last suck before breaking away from the kiss, chuckling at the dazed look on his face.
"i'll let you cum again whenever you tell me how pretty you are," you told him, grinding your hips down against his.
"aa–aah! tha–ah! 's not fair!" he sobbed, hands shifting to come rest on your thighs. but you paid no mind to his complaint, instead opting to start trailing sloppy kisses down his neck and over his shoulders, stopping every now and then to leave a hickey so dark that you were sure it'd take weeks to fade.
relishing in all the pretty moans and whimpers that fell from his lips, you bit down particularly hard on the sweet spot of his neck, grinning like the chesire cat against his skin whenever he let out a breathy, feminine moan, hips bucking up on reflex.
"even your moans are pretty, baby," you praised softly, pinching his nipple while you continued to bite and suck over the same spot, chuckling to yourself when you felt xiao's cock twitch against your walls.
"pl–please! hhnh please let me cum," he started, nails digging into your thighs. "pl–please 'm so pretty! 'm so, so pretty! just let me cum again, please!" he was crying again, and you could see the desperation in his eyes and hear it in his voice — you wanted nothing more than to cave and give him what he wanted, but these were just surface words, surely he could beg better than that.
xiao felt his breath hitch in his throat whenever you began riding him again, thinking his wish was finally being granted but let out a low whine of frustration at the agonizingly slow pace you had set.
"keep begging," you said, pressing a gentle kiss to his cheek. "just a little more."
"mmn 'm so— aah! 'm so pretty! y–your pretty boy! o–ooh! fuck! 'm your pretty baby! hhn please! 'm pretty — so, so pretty! c–can i cum now please?"
and who were you to deny your lovely boy?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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fols-eli · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Set your heart ablaze.
gonna ramble here for a bit//
this is an old piece from 2019 that i think i never shared on my social medias...maybe i was too devastated by the manga to even share it back then LMAO
i watched the movie recently [caught up to the new season too]  which made me remember of this piece. i gotta say the manga experience is still 100% better for me. it left a rengoku-shaped-hole in my heart that to this day still hasn’t healed. (still bawled my eyes out at the movie, rengoku take me with u pls)
i wanted to retouch this drawing but i didn’t really see anything that needs retouching. it also feels a bit disrespectful to draw on top of it ?? makes no sense but ajsdlgklg the only thing i changed is the phrase. 2019-me did a terrible spelling ._.) ;;; aah ramble over!! i could type here all day how much i loved rengoku’s character arrhuhguuuuuuughj  
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gxtitobxby · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the first thing you notice when you wake up is the suspiciously empty spot beside you. the beaming red numbers of the alarm clock on your bedside table tells you it's past midnight, and you can't help the grumpy pout that quickly makes its way to your face at the lack of warmth you usually get from your husband. where the hell is he?
dressed in one of remus' ratty old shirts—one with a gaping hole in the armpit—you make your way down the hallway and to your children's room, hand knuckling tiredly at your eyes as you finally reach the doorway. a quick peek inside reveals three empty beds, a lonely spiderman blanket rumpled on the floor.
the sight of the empty room makes your heart stutter, but then you hear the sound of quiet, muffled giggles coming from the main floor. with a curious frown, you slide down the wooden staircase, instantly regretting not having grabbed a sweater as a cold breeze sneaks up the back of your shirt, setting off a thousand little goosebumps down your body.
"they used to just walk around? like us?" you recognize your daughter's voice coming from the kitchen. she's trying to whisper, but your daughter was never known for being quiet. the thought makes you smile, thinking of all the times remus looked at you with a raised eyebrow—"she gets this from you, y'know?"
next comes your husband's voice, calm and much more successful at keeping his tone a low murmur. he hums in agreement, "way before we showed up. this was their planet and they—son, you should probably slow d—”
"aah brainfreeze!" your son sounds pained, but there's a bubble of laughter in his throat you can hear from a mile away. even before you make it to the doorway, you can practically see your other children clutching their bellies in laughter while remus shakes his head with an amused smile.
when you finally reach the bottom of the stairs you spot them crowding around a pint of chocolate ice cream, three little bodies in colourful pyjamas settled on the counter while remus leans against it on his elbows, each of them with a metal spoon in hand. when you start paying attention to their words again they’re back to the important matter at hand, which appears to be… dinosaurs. it doesn’t surprise you, your youngest baby has been going through a dinosaur phase—dinosaur backpack, dinosaur birthday cake, dinosaurs dinosaurs dinosaurs! and you can only imagine how appalled he is at the conversation taking place right now between his oldest siblings.
“i bet they breathed fire!”
“oh! and they had pink skin!” your daughter gasps. “and sparkles!”
their father shushes them, urging them to lower their voice so as to not wake you—little does he know… there’s a loving smile on his face, however, as he watches his kids spiral into the world of pink fire breathing dinosaurs, and he runs a hand through the messy hair of his youngest, who’s sitting crossed legged on the counter scowling at his siblings, stubby hand fixing his little glasses in outrage.
“they don’t breathe fire.” he corrects them, little foot stomping on the marble counter when they ignore him. “that’s dragons.”
while his other kids ramble on, remus wraps a large hand around his little body and drags him in front of him, dropping a kiss on his chubby cheek and smoothing out the frown from between his little eyebrows. “what’s your favourite dinosaur again, bub?”
you watch as your son brightens and tells his daddy all about his new favorite discovery, his father nodding along as he listens carefully and wipes the chocolate stains from his chin. you can’t help the way your eyes well up with emotion at the sight. your little family, your entire world.
“can we go get mummy now?” your daughter interrupts them, looking up towards the ceiling like she can see right through it. “i miss her.”
“such a baby,” her brother teases, which makes her huff and join her youngest sibling in huddling closer to her dad.
“m’not a baby,” she grumbles, looking up at her dad for confirmation. “right daddy? you miss her too.”
“i miss her all the time,” he admits, brushing back the sandy hair out of his daughter’s face. “miss her anytime she’s not right next to me, can’t get enough.”
and it’s so like remus, to be open about his feelings with his children. it’s something he struggled with when you were dating, but after one too many tearful arguments, he committed to trying. and now, he’s sworn to teach his children there’s no shame in loving, in caring, in devoting your time and heart to other people. being alone is not an accomplishment, he learned, it’s a curse. and he’ll be damned if he ever makes his kids think otherwise.
so you take your cue, and shuffle into the kitchen. four pairs of eyes flashing to you when they hear your familiar voice. “well you don’t have to miss me anymore for the night.”
“mummy!” you’re grateful remus is there to lower your daughter down to the floor when she all but throws herself off the counter. you catch the little body in your arms with a smile, smearing a kiss on her cheek that she promptly returns with a toothy grin.
you make your way to the counter where your three boys wait with guilty smiles. you spot your son trying to sneakily hide the half empty tub of ice cream behind his back, and you bite back a smile at the evidence that stains his face. “what do we have here? did i miss the invite to this family meeting?”
remus gives you a conspiratory smile, laced with the subtle fear of getting caught in the act. he puts a hand on his son’s head, shaking it a little for emphasis. “this one had a nightmare, woke them all up. so we decided to have some ice cream to make the bad dreams go away.”
you hum, depositing your daughter back on the counter, and while the kids start digging into the ice cream again you shuffle around the kitchen island and press yourself into remus’ side. his arm wraps around you and he presses his lips to your forehead. “sorry, love. didn’t mean to wake you.”
“s’okay,” you murmur, "can't sleep without you there."
"yeah?" you feel him smile against your hair just as you feel his hand slide down your back to fiddle with the hem of your shirt. his fingers tickle at the skin of your ass, and he huffs out a laugh when you squirm against him.
"yeah," you breath, tilting your head back to ask for a real kiss. when you pull away you lick your lips, grinning at him as the sweet taste of chocolate coats your tongue. “got an extra spoon?”
Tumblr media
sexy bitches comment and reblog <3
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aad3a7 · 6 months ago
𝐢𝐦𝐚𝐮𝐬𝐡𝐢 𝐰𝐚𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐚 :: drabble. dom reader. no pronouns but reader has a cock. size kink. belly bulge. this is a little rushed.
disclaimer :: if you don't like my content, please block me.
Tumblr media
┈     ┈     ⋞ 〈 ⏣ 〉 ⋟     ┈     ┈
wakasa has such a pretty face. always wearing a cool expression. and for having a small body, he was pretty strong.
so forcing him to take all of you was a fun activity you love to do together. wakasa gets all teary, hiding behind his arms, trying to cover up his face.
his expression was so cute too. why would he ever hide it, you would guess it's because of his pride.
but it's still so cute.
"come on, you're strong," you smile widely at the sight of wakasa squirming in place. he slowly sets himself on your lap, gulping when he sees how far you would be inside him. at least to his belly button. "you can take it this time."
you play with the bottom end of his shirt, and without any commands, wakasa picks it up, allowing you to see his twitching cock. he leaks pre-cum all over you.
wakasa nods and lines your cock to his entrance. his breathing quickens, desperate to get you inside. maybe fully, like you said. he grits his teeth, pressing the tip inside, whimpers slipping past his lips. he barely gets the head in before he shakes his head, incoherent words leaving him. he wraps his arms around your neck in embarrassment. he said he wasn't going to cry, but here he is.
"you can't?" wakasa cries, holding your his shirt up with trembling hands. his hair falls past his eyes as he hangs his head in shame. you place your hands on his thighs to steady him.
"i've done nothing, and you're already crying, wakasa?" he wants to bury himself in a hole. you laugh at him, caressing his thigh to calm him down. "you're so cute,"
"let's try this again..." you prepped him long enough, he should be good to go, but wakasa's hole was twitching a bunch, closing in everytime you stared at him. he was always getting stares, be it innocent or not, he was use to them. you just affected him a lot more. he didn't like it.
wakasa pulls away from you, bringing the hem of his shirt to cover his face. you chuckle at his antics. trying your best to think of ways you could slip in easily, causing no pain to him. wakasa speaks in a shaky tone, thighs quivering beside your legs, "just get inside a-already, mmf..."
"i don't hic, i don't mind if you break me, just get inside..." wakasa sniffs a couple of times, trying to ignore the way your eyes are trained to his face, staring intently. "please..."
you groan at this. he was being so cute without even trying. you were fed up already. your hands tightens on his thighs, as if comforting him, before you force him down your cock. wakasa cries loudly, cum dripping down his length. "(n-), ahh!"
you pick his weakened body by his waist before ramming your hips, mesmerized by the way he whimpers and sobs. you glance down to his stomach, practically groaning at the sight of a bulge. that was you. you were all the way inside, and it feels so amazing.
"look at this, can you feel me all the way here?" wakasa barely hears your words, the stimulation you gave him was too much. he whines as you take his chin in your hand, forcing him to look down at his stomach — "can you feel this?"
you push down on the bulge poking out on his stomach, in return, wakasa thrashes around, suddenly gripping your wrists. he cries loudly at the feeling, digging the heel of his foot into your lower back. "aah! ah! m'so sensitive! please!"
you grip wakasa's trembling body and slam him back down on your cock, wakasa could only gasp loudly as you scrape against his prostate. his mouth falls open. he needs to catch his breath! "ngh— you're sob.. gonna break me!"
"isn't this what you wanted?" wakasa could feel himself melting, he can't take anymore. you really are gonna break him!
Tumblr media
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hydrobes · 3 months ago
Louder, my love
Tumblr media
Pairings: Zhongli x gn!reader (Established relationship)
Warnings: Heavy making out, hickeys, teasing, unprotected sex, slight restraining.
W/c: 800
Summary: You’re a quiet lover and Zhongli wants to entice each and every moan from your lips.
a/n: better late than never, in celebration of Zhongli coming home and tumblr releasing me from horny jail I gift you all some sweet Zhongli loving this Valentine’s Day~
NSFW, 18+ content below cut, minors DNI.
Tumblr media
Zhongli pressed his lips against your neck, placing fervent kisses onto your delicate skin. You bit your lip, desperately trying to keeping your soft moans from flooding out.
“Mm..” you whined and tilted your head to the side, resting your cheek on the plush bed cushions and giving him easier access.
He pulled his lips away and raised his hand to your face, cupping your cheek in the palm of his hand and turning your face back towards him. He trailed his thumb across your lips, caressing them gently, causing you to tremble needily.
“Let me hear you, my love.” Zhongli’s low voice was gentle, yet teasing.
“There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.” His gaze never left yours as he tugged at your lower lip, trying to encourage the sounds out of you.
“I know..” you whispered soft, a warm blush on your cheeks. His body pressed down against yours, warm and solid. Bare skin pressed against bare skin, and yours was far too tempting as he trailed his skilled hands over your curves.
“Aah..” you moaned quietly, your hot blush burning still. He leant down pressing his lips against yours in a teasingly chaste kiss, before returning to your neck.
“Louder, my love.” He laughed softly, before laying kisses against your neck. Sucking and nipping, marking your skin.
“Aah-!” you gasped, your lips parting, as he trailed one hand up your leg. You felt his lips curve up into a smile as you swallowed thickly at his movements, his teasing hand stopping short of where you wanted him to touch you the most.
“Zhongli..” you whispered his name, your body ached with anticipation.
“Hmm? Speak up, my love, did you say something?” He chuckled lowly.
“Mmm..” you chewed your bottom lip. “Please..” you begged softly.
“Please, what?” He nipped at the sensitive skin around your collarbone, causing you to whine quietly.
“Please.. Aah..” you continued to blush furiously, the embarrassment almost overwhelming. “Touch me.. higher..” you threw your arm over your face to cover your shyness and sucked in your bottom lip between your teeth.
Zhongli chuckled at your bashful display, his hand finally soothing up your thigh and pleasing you in ways that had you dizzy with pleasure. He used his free hand to grasp yours, pulling your arm away and allowing him to see your expression.
He wondered if you knew how beautiful you looked right now, gasping and moaning under his touch. Your eyes half-lidded with desire and lips slightly swollen from your attempts to muffle your sounds.
But now your tantalising lips were parted with each sound, which set alight his own desires. The tip of his tongue swiped over his lips, wetting them, he craved the taste of your lips desperately.
“Haa.. Zhongli..” as you moaned his name once more he simply couldn’t resist any longer. Your eyes widen again as his breath warmed your lips and you wrapped your arms around his neck, wanting to feel them against yours. He laughed breathily at your little show of confidence, before granting your silent request.
His kisses were always deep and hungry, your taste intoxicating to him. He wasted no time in slipping his tongue passed your lips, entwining it with yours and coaxing wanton sounds from your throat which he swallowed up readily.
His hand pleasing you, his deep kisses, they both drew you nearer and nearer release. He pulled his lips away, wanting to hear you cry out, as he pushed you over the edge, your body quivering under his.
“Zhongli-!” You cried out, gripping his shoulders tightly as you came undone. He pressed his forehead against yours, a seductive smile on his lips. You panted heavily, your hazy gaze holding his hungering one.
“We’re not done yet, my love.” His tone was husky as he position himself to enter you. You blushed at words, but with your slowly growing confidence you wrapped your leg around his hips pulling his body closer.
“Please, Zhongli I..” you hesitated and bit your lip, your cheeks warming at the words you hadn’t even spoken yet. “I want you, I to feel you inside me.” You whined for him needily, and he groaned hotly in return.
Your words, your moans, they were as much of a turn-on as the feeling of your warmth as he pushed himself inside you. You arched your back, a sweet moan escaping you as he sunk deeper and deeper inside you.
“Haa..” he groaned deeply as he bottomed out and your warmth completely enfolded his cock. He caught your hands in his, twining your fingers together and pressing them down above your head.
“Zhongli..” you whined his name as you met his gaze. It was full of hunger and desire, he throbbed with need deep inside you.
“I expect to hear you call my name multiple times tonight.” His teasing smile was stunning seductively and slowly began rocked his body against yours, thrusting himself in and out of you causing waves of pleasure with each one.
And you did just that for him, crying and moaning his name with each euphoric climax that hit you, until you were barely speaking coherent words and you were both utterly sated.
Tumblr media
a/n: eeee, i’m slowly getting back into the writing groove. i’m 50/50 with how this turned out.
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saelipse · 2 months ago
sae 🥺🥺 can i request an albedo x reader (gn preferably)? the reader is an experimentalist and likes to use sex toys on him (any toys are fine!)? maybe with like a little bit of dacryphilia too! you can go wild with this one!
- @navi0nlive
fandom : genshin impact !
warnings : sub!albedo, dom!reader, gn!reader, experiementalist!reader, dacryphilia, use of toys, use of « master », albedo is a good boy while reader is cruel (how we love them)
additional notes : yooo navi :pp, ty for sending this in i loved the idea of making the great chief alchemist Albedo our little subject for us to test things out ! hope you’ll enjoy this, feedback is appreciated
Sitting back on your chair, you observed curiously, a grin on your face, the remote in your hand not paying attention to the blonde alchemist kneeling in front of you. He was wearing a skirt, stockings and a cute pink bra that fitted his pale skin well. He shivered a little when you put your eyes back on his figure. Albedo had his hand on his knees, trying not to move because of your previous instruction. Vibrating dildo in his ass and cock ring on his length, he wanted you to press the button so badly that he arched his back in anticipation more and more. At his surprise, you stood up, visibly looking for something. Eyes lightening up when you found it, you turned around to hold his cheek with one hand. Albedo leaned at the delicate touch, whimpering when the dildo accidentally moved in his hole.
“I’ve been aching to do this to you…”
You pressed the highest volume on the remote, making Albedo instantly whimper and tremble. Tying his legs and arms together, putting him in an accessible -for you to touch- position. You loved seeing him so helpless and he loved feeling so small and vulnerable beneath you. You were his master.
“Aah~… Master please.. mercy.. mercy on me..”
“Mercy ? Sweetie I’m not doing anything big right now.”
You then pulled out a collar from your pocket that wasn’t like any usual collars. It had nipple clamps on it, you picked it especially for your subject, thinking that it might look extra good on him. And you were right. Jumping at the sudden friction on his puffy nipples, you observed every reaction from him, like he was some sort of guinea pig for you to experiment on. You stepped back and admired your work. Grinning widely, you sat down on your chair, fidgeting your remote.
Albedo was a mess. He started crying from all the pleasure, blond hair sticking on his forehead, squirming around and arching his back. You decided to change the settings of the vibrator, pressing a button you didn’t know shit about, you watched his facial expression change, fuck you loved seeing him like this.
Leaning down a bit, he looked up only to be met with a menacing gaze. He never explored his masochistic side before he met you, instantly complying to whatever you wanted him to do.
The blonde’s legs and arms were hurting as he continued squirming around in pleasure. Cock ring preventing his release, he wanted it so badly. Looking down, he sobbed.
“Please Master, I can’t do this anymore… please let me cum, I beg you..”
Holding his chin up while removing the hair strands that were sticking to his face, you slowly inserted your thumb in his wet mouth. He drooled all over it, twirling his tongue around and whimpering at the sensation.
“Touch me.. please will you touch me..?”
“Debating on it.” you laughed
He continued begging and begging for mercy, calling your name over and over. You then lifted up his skirt, observing his cock that was wet from all of the precum he leaked. Slowly removing the cock ring, you slowly pumped his length. He moaned breathily, thanking you a thousand times. When you noticed his dick twitching, you squeezed his cock making him sob even more.
“Tell me how bad you want it.”
“So badly ! So badly.. I don’t think I can think anymore… Master please !”
You went back on pumping his dick, making him cum instantly. Tongue rolling out of his mouth, he breathed heavily as you removed the -still on- dildo in his ass. Also freeing him from his restraints, you helped him get up to take him to the bathroom, he deserved a bath.
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sukirichi · a year ago
— just the two of us
Tumblr media Tumblr media
request: I almost read all of your jujutsu kaisen writings and I love it. Your writing is really good! I do not know if a request about a fics🥞 about satoru gojo who is really in love and not very possessive with an oblivious reader. It will be fun to see Satoru try to flirt with her and she doesn't get it🤣
pairings: gojo x oblivious! reader
notes: THIS IDEA IS SO CUTEEE I absolutely loved every second of writing it! thank you for the request and I hope you like this! 🥞 breakfast has been served!
word count: 3.3k
warnings: none, other than this is unedited and written humorously rather than seriously~
masterlist !
Tumblr media
Gojo doesn’t know whether he’s lucky – or completely cursed – over the fact you’ve got no idea he’s so in love with you.
It’s a bright sunny morning, perfect for outdoor training, and he walks with you all the way to school with his hands shoved deep in his pockets. You stretch your arms out in the sky to bask in the morning glow and warmth of the sun, sleeves pushed up to your forearms to “get that vitamin D.”
Satoru snickers at your statement, because you’d totally be getting a different kind of Vitamin D if only you’d notice him. Sometimes he wonders, if maybe you’d inherited the Six Eyes instead of him, would you finally be able to see him – or would you still remain unaware?
He doesn’t even know where it began. A year ago, Yaga introduced you as the newest staff member. You’d been so fidgety and nervous then, unsure of what to do and worried if maybe the kids wouldn’t love. They did, of course, how could they not. Not only were you extremely fun to be with, you’re also caring, fretting and even crying whenever one of the students got injured over a mission.
Shoko reminds you all the time that this should be normal for you by now, but you always cry every time, sobbing that they’re still only kids and should be out having fun.
Yeah, maybe that’s where it began. Your kindness struck a chord in Satoru’s heart, and before he knew it, he was falling for you. Hard. Next thing you know, he shows up five minutes before you leave for work, mock-saluting you before inviting you to breakfast. He does this every damn day, and you still don’t get a single thing.
“That café was really good,” you muse, fingers stretching outwards and giggling as the sun peeks through the spaces. Satoru sighs beside you, wanting nothing more than to slip his fingers through those softer ones. “We should go back there sometime. Maybe even take the kids with us this weekend so we can all have breakfast together!”
Satoru masks a snicker with a cough. It reminds him of the time Megumi called you mom and dad by accident, to which you happily responded with before tackling the boy in hugs, while the strongest jujutsu sorcerer only flushed in embarrassment.
Him being him though, Satoru played it off cool, flipping his hair before striking a pose. “Huh, a dad?” he smirks, “The only person who gets to call me daddy would be no one else but Y/N.”
The raven haired first year student immediately recoils in disgust. Meanwhile, the innuendo flies straight through you, and you peer up at him innocently with your head tilted to the side. “Daddy? Why would I call you my dad? My father is still alive and well, and I don’t see you marrying my mom or anything,” Just as Megumi nearly howls in laughter – another evidence that you’re really something else to get the usually stoic boy to lose his composure like that – you snap your fingers, the light bulb above your head practically shining. “Oh, I get it! You prefer younger women and you want them to call you that! Kind of like the hype for onii-chan nowadays.”
Hopeless, Satoru wants to say, you’re absolutely, utterly hopeless.
“Hmm, I don’t know,” Satoru shrugs nonchalantly, sending a smirk your way. It usually drives everyone crazy, but you only smile back up at him in the same way you smile with everyone, and he tries his best to not show his shoulders are deflating. Nevertheless, he doesn’t give up. “How about you and I go out somewhere this weekend? The movies, perhaps?”
Say yes, say yes – please say yes.
Really though, he’s waiting for that ‘no’ already. Satoru knows you always go out of town during the weekends to visit your family in the countryside, only coming back on Monday the next week with a basket of fruits and traditional goods that isn’t so easy to find in the city.
But then you clasp your hands together in excitement, lashes fluttering delicately as you beam up at him. “Really? You’d like to go to the movies with me?”
“Of course I would,” Satoru tries not to stutter, hiding the fact that he’s completely taken aback. He’s the Gojo Satoru for heaven’s sake, he shouldn’t be this affected by anyone’s presence. “What makes you think I wouldn’t want to?”
“Oh, nothing, I just thought you were busy. This Saturday, then?”
Holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, it’s actually happening – his mind was barely functioning at this point, and he even slapped his cheeks to snap him back to life. “I thought there was a fly,” he lied with a chuckle, “But yeah, Saturday. I’ll pick you up?”
“Yeah, sure!”
Satoru wouldn’t stop smiling the whole way to the school. Even when Yuuji had face planted into the ground and Megumi sprained his ankle from training, he wasn’t able to get rid of the ridiculously big smile that stretched across his lips. He’s floating in cloud nine, flowers erupting from his ears and heart-shaped emojis bursting in his background.
“Well, you look creepy,” Shoko commented in the faculty room the moment you excused yourself, “Did you land a date with her or something?”
“That I did,” he stated proudly, even banging his fist on his chest like a deranged form of King Kong.
“I can only hope Y/N makes it out alive,” Nanami announces from behind the newspaper he’s reading, legs crossed over another before he peeks above the paper, narrowed eyes dead set on the blindfolded man. “Don’t be too wild with her, Satoru. She’s a gentle soul despite being a sorcerer – I humbly suggest you don’t mess with her feelings.”
“Are you kidding me? She’s the one messing with my feelings by being so fucking cute all the time!”
“Who’s cute?”
Shoko nearly spits out her coffee the moment you enter, glancing around the room and sitting down next to a shock-still Satoru. Nanami only huffs in his seat with a shake of his head. It doesn’t take long before Satoru regains his confidence and recovers from his shock – he’s turned to you with his torso completely facing your way.
You bask in the attention, mimicking the gesture until your faces are mere inches from one another. The fact you’re so responsive and attentive to him yet still painfully naïve strikes a mental war of himself debating whether he wants to kiss you or knock your head upside down. Satoru chooses neither options as he leans closer, his smile growing wider when you don’t pull away, and he doesn’t stop moving until his lips are right beside the shell of your ear.
“You’re cute.”
Shoko shudders at the same time Nanami just gives up on everything, folding his paper and lying that he’s got someplace to go with Ichiji. Satoru patiently waits for your reaction; for you to crumble this time around.
You’re silent for a moment, brows almost right across each other when you register his words. Satoru ends up holding his breath for your next words, wondering: is this it? will she finally understand what I feel for her now?
Even Shoko ends up sitting at the edge of her seat, silently watching the exchange with interest barely hidden in her sparkling eyes. Satoru watches as your lips open, his eyes transfixed on the way the soft flesh moves. They tilt upwards, revealing a set of a wide smile – the smile he can never get enough of. “Thank you!” you giggle at his compliment, “You and Shoko are very cute too! And the kids too, especially Toge! Not that I’m saying he’s my favourite—”
“He’s definitely your favourite student,” snorts Shoko who is ignoring the way Satoru turns completely gray beside you.
It turns out you still haven’t figured it out after all.
“The kids this – the kids that,” the tall, lanky man whines, his head falling back on the back of the leather couch. He looks so utterly defeated you can’t help but lean over him to check if he’s okay, but Satoru pouts and hides his face under his uniform instead. “Why can it never be just the two of us?”
“Sorry, what did you say?”
This time, you’ve kneeled on the couch to hover him. You even pluck one side of his blindfold off to see how he’s doing, and suddenly thankful you can’t see the way his cheeks are absolutely flaming right now. 
“Nothing,” he assures, his smile hidden behind his shirt. You look absolutely adorable hovering over him like that – eyes wide and lips pouty – what he wouldn’t give to kiss those lips right now, but it isn’t the right time, and Satoru just needs to find a better way to tell you how he feels. “It’s nothing.”
It’s absolutely not nothing.
Tumblr media
Saturday couldn’t come faster.
Satoru finds himself willing time to go faster. Once the awaited day finally comes, he wastes no time in choosing his best outfit; an oversized black shirt tucked into black skinny jeans before styling his hair up the way he likes.
He winks at his reflection in the mirror, going ooh and aah at how hot he looks. It’s another reason why he can’t comprehend why you don’t like him yet, when, uhm, he knows he looks damn good? He’s pretty funny too – and his strength and power is already a no-brainer. Satoru can’t wrap his head around any possible reason why you wouldn’t like him; it’s basically a life or death mission at this point.
With that end goal in his mind and a spritz of perfume later, Satoru sashays out his apartment. Even though it’s already dark outside and he spent the whole day walking back and forth in his room trying to come up with ways to confess to you, he acts coolly all the way to your apartment.
This time around, he’s more than confident. He’s going to have you wrapped around his pretty little finger, “Wow,” is the first thing he says, pulling his blindfold down just to look at you.
Satoru feels blessed in that exact moment to witness how the heavens took their time with you, creating only the best out of the best and birthing the most magnificent person ever. Suddenly, he grows an urge to run to the countryside and thank your parents for going funky one night and creating you, because you’re an absolutely magnificent gift and it really baffles him how you’re real.
“Wow,” he repeats again, and you chuckle when he shakes his head. “You look beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.”
“Thank you,” you look him up and down, smiling in satisfaction. “You look very handsome yourself.”
Satoru’s been called handsome a million times before that it’s gotten too much in his head already, but hearing it come from your lips hits different. If he was excited before, it’s nothing compared to what he feels now when you loop your arm through his, dangling off his arm like you were a lover.
He knows it’s not real and this is probably just a friendly date for you – something he intends to clear up later – but it doesn’t stop him from puffing his chest up a bit, almost as if bragging to everyone around you that he was the one you’re with, and that he was the one you’re going to the movies with.
All your babbles about everything goes straight into one ear and out the other. He wants to listen to you, he really does, but he’s so intoxicated with your voice that he just ends up nodding at everything you say; his attention mostly on how sweet you sound and smell.
His feelings only intensify a hundred times more when you finally make it to the theatre. Not only is it dark, but you’re sitting right next to him, arms and thighs brushing against each other. He takes note of every little movement you make, smiling to himself when you don’t pull away from his thigh flush against yours.
In this close proximity, your perfume overwhelms his senses. He finds himself leaning closer just to get a little more taste of it, his arm resting on the armrest beside him and placing his cheek on his open palm.
He doesn’t even know what the movie is about. All he can see, hear, feel and recognize is you – nothing and no one but you. Just as he wanted, it’s just the two of you.
Satoru reaches out to the bowl of popcorn in his lap to distract himself from the need of kissing you already. He was so smug that he’s on this date with you; now he feels like the world is laughing and mocking at him because you’re so close yet so far away. The last thing he wants is to say something weird and have you running for the hills. It’s clear you don’t like him, after all.
You end up reaching for it the same time he does, making your fingers brush. It sends a jolt of electricity down his spine and he immediately retracts it.
Looking up at him with an apologetic smile, Satoru knows he’s messed up. “I’m sorry,” you blurt out, raising your hands in surrender with a nervous chuckle. “I should’ve gotten my own bowl instead.”
Satoru stares at you through his blindfold. You’re close enough that he can count your lashes – both top and bottom row – and he’s so stupefied at this point that he just says the first thing that comes to his mind; absolutely anything just to get your attention. “Cold,” he shows you his hand, “I’m cold.”
“Oh,” you nod and slip your fingers through his. Satoru nearly gasps at how electrifying the sensation is from having your smaller, softer fingers collide with his, your hands fitting perfectly in his bigger, calloused ones. Then, you close your intertwined hands and smush your cheek with it to transfer your heat – completely unaware that Satoru feels like he’s floating in his own Infinite Void right now. “Feel warmer now?”
“Yes,” he replies. “Extremely.”
Something beast-like wakes within him after that. Now that he knows you don’t mind touching him at all, Satoru can’t help but want to take out all his playing cards and just go fuck it. So he does – and he might regret, he might not – who cares? It’s just the two of you, and you’re the only one he ever cares about this much that he’d pretty much let you do anything at this point.
“You know,” Satoru begins, shifting until your joined hands are resting on top of his chest. His heart is just about ready to burst through its confines at this moment, but he holds back. It’s now or never. “Shoko and Nanami are annoyed that I talk about you all the time.”
Your eyes widen at his statement. “Really? Do you talk badly about me or something?”
“No,” he nearly groans in frustration, “You’re really pretty and cool. You’re amazing during missions, too, when you fight, it’s like I’m witnessing a warrior princess. So cool.”
This makes you laugh until the person sitting behind you rudely shushes you. You bow your head in apology, turning to Satoru with a softer smile this time; one that looks reserved and private compared to your big grins. “Oh, no,” he closes his eyes even behind his blindfold, “Don’t smile at me like that. I don’t think I’ll still be cool if I end up stuttering over my words.”
“Satoru!” you whisper-hiss, although your chest is filled with so much giddiness too that you’ve both forgotten about the movie; unaware that the entire theatre was crying over the main character’s friend’s death. “What are you going on about?”
He wants to laugh so damn hard. He thought confessing his feelings for you would end up in a pitiful heartbreak that you’d be weirded out and push him away. For a moment, he forgets it’s you, and that nothing is ever difficult or painful with you – other than, of course, you being oblivious, but that isn’t something he can’t fix. He’ll get you on the train one way or another.
“I have a confession.”
“I was practicing how to ask you out for a whole hour in the mirror,” Satoru whispers, careful to not ruin the melancholic mood of theatre. It doesn’t even surprise him that his world is filled with nothing but sunshine even if the world around you has descended into grief and loneliness. “I also called Nanami on first date tips.”
“Nanami?” you echo with a gasp, “Why Nanami?”
“Because he’s married, that’s why. Mans know some tips for sure.”
“Wait, so,” you chuckle nervously, and Satoru waits, waits for you to pull away or push him back – anything that would indicate discomfort. He’s patient the whole time, watching carefully as you only squeeze his hand and gesture to the both of you with your free one. “This is a date? Our first date?”
“Only if you want to be,” Satoru shrugs, grimacing afterwards at how sappy he sounds. “Well, I actually consider this our first date and I’ve been waiting for this for like forever now, so I sure as hell hope you want this too. I didn’t dress myself up today only to come back home crying.”
Satoru’s heart – if possible – only beats crazier and sings the syllables of your name when you start laughing harder to the point you have to muffle it by burying yourself in his bicep. He feels like his muscles and nerves could erupt at any moment. It’s crazy – absolutely insane – how you have him wrapped around your finger like this. He doesn’t complain though; he never will.
“I’m glad,” you mumble through his shirt, your erratic heartbeat matching kiss when you take the first tentative step of kissing his jaw.
Satoru stiffens underneath you, a low growl ripping from his throat. He’s feral, wild, drunk at the sight and scent of you. You make him feel like he’s fluctuating between dimensions, all the planets just crashing on one another until the stardust is left in your eyes because what else could be an explanation for what he’s feeling other than a supernova collision of hearts?
“You always make me feel so happy when you’re around that I still can’t believe you feel the same way. I was so worried that maybe you wouldn’t get my hints.”
Satoru groans, “What the hell? How long have you liked me?”
“I guess when you started bringing flowers to Megumi randomly just to piss him off.”
Satoru wants to rip his hair out. That was just a few weeks after you’ve started working with him, meaning you both have liked each other this whole time and he’s been suffering and feeling stupid just for nothing?
“God, Y/N,” he mutters to himself, “You really do know how to make a man go crazy, huh?”
That innocent smile on your face lets him know that as usual, you’re oblivious of everything. Satoru is right; he still can’t decide whether he wants to whack you in the head upside down. With a sigh, he ends up choosing the latter, nearly falling over his seat when you let out a surprised yelp at the feeling of his lips on yours.
It doesn’t take long before you grab onto his shirt and cling to dear life, laughter bubbling through your lips as you kiss. The sound is so precious he wants to bottle it up and keep it treasure for the rest of his life, but Satoru doesn’t rush anything.
With you and only with you is he ever capable of feeling like it’s just the two of you in a world filled with chaos and destruction.
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jschqtt · 4 months ago
Hullo mother Jamie! Hope you are doing well :))) I have a cc!wilbur soot x reader idea. You don’t have to do it! I bet you are swamped right now but my idea is this: reader does twitch streaming and they live with Wilbur and they are wearing his yellow sweater (trademark) and from the other room Wilbur’s like “love have you seen my yellow sweater?” :))))💚 - 🍵
aww this sounds adorable!! <33
Tumblr media
-> view my masterlist!
cw: cursing
reader steals wilbur’s sweater
You happily started your stream, snuggling up in Wilbur’s iconic yellow sweater. You had to admit, you loved stealing Wilbur’s clothes, but his yellow sweater took the cake. It was so soft and warm, you couldn’t resist. “Hello chat! Hi, I hope you’re all well!” Your chat was saying their hellos, some of them noticing that you were wearing Wilbur’s sweater.
You smiled, reading some of your chat. “Yes chat, this is Wilbur’s sweater! Shhh though, he doesn’t know.” Now you didn’t know, but Wilbur was also steaming. He groaned in frustration, digging for his sweater off camera. Some people from your chat went over to Wilbur’s stream, and decided to rat on you.
Wilbur peaked over to look at his chat, “What?! No fucking way.” He decided to put some sugarcoating over his words, making himself sound very sweet. “My love! Have you seen my yellow sweater? I can’t seem to find it!” You heard him, pulling your knees up and setting them on your desk chair. “Oh shit— No, dear! I haven’t seen it!” You lied. This was your favorite sweater of his, and you weren’t letting him get it back!
Wilbur said a quick “i’ll be back” to his chat, stomping his way to your office. “Y/n! Are you sure you haven’t seen it?” You shook your head, yelling back to him. “No, I haven’t babe! Sorry!” Very softly snickering, you put a finger over your lips to tell your chat to be quiet.
You didn’t notice, but Wilbur very slowly opened your door, and poked his head in. Chat was already taking tons of screenshots and we’re going to use it as a cryptic photo of him (as if there’s not plenty already). You heard a small creak from your door, “AAH!” You screamed, turning around and almost falling out of your chair. “God dammit Wil, don’t do that!” He laughed, putting a hand on his stomach and continuing to laugh at you. “You should’ve seen the look on your face! My god!”
You groaned, “Alright, whatever! You got me, I stole your sweater.” He sighed, admitting defeat. Sighing, you turned around to your chat, reading what some of them had said.
You had no idea Wilbur was also streaming. “Wil! You’re streaming right now? Go back to your chat! Also shame on you guys for ratting me out!” He snickered, walking behind you and placing a kiss on your forehead. Your face turned a soft red, “I suppose you can keep it for now. Goodbye Y/n’s chat! I’ll see you all soon!” You smiled, turning back to your chat as Wilbur walked out. “See? He can be nice when he wants to be.”
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fuwushiguro · 4 months ago
tw: 18+, masturbation, sex toy.
Chifuyu Matsuno owns a Hitachi wand and he doesn’t have a girlfriend. It’s his. He loves using it to get himself off by resting it underneath the tip of his fat cockhead at the same time as fucking his fist with his big strong, dominant hand. He doesn’t mind that it makes him moan pathetically and desperately and so God damn loud because it makes him cum harder than just touching himself alone. His orgasms are explosive when he uses it. Gritting his teeth and scrunching his eyes because he can barely stand to look at how badly his cock pulses and spasms when he climbs closer and closer to his humiliating demise. But he doesn’t need to look, because he can feel it when he spurts glob after glob of searing sticky warmth on his exposed abs. He loves making himself cum on his wand, but he’s always disappointed in himself for being such a messy boy. He’ll need to clean up the cum from his body as well as the sticky drooling tip of his cock. And you can’t even imagine how drenched in pre the wand is. He just loves it so much! He couldn’t help making such a big awful mess because the wand always makes his cock feel so good. But he always cleans up. When he’s ready, that is. Even with his cock spent and softening he can’t help but continue to tease himself with a lower vibration setting than what he used to make himself cum the first time. He wishes he could cum over and over on his big perfect wand. The noises he makes are heavenly as he continues to tease his overstimulated shaft. Oohs and aahs so delectable it might make an angel cry. It certainly makes him cry! Eyes wet with tears and pitiful sobs coughing up from his lungs and he continues holding the rumbling toy against his needy, overstimmed cock. Why does he do it to himself? Why does he make a big ol' nasty mess of himself and continue tormenting his drained cock at the end of it all? He just loves his Hitachi wand :( he wishes he had a girlfriend so she could watch how he plays with himself with his big, favourite, (only) toy :( he wishes he had a girlfriend so that they could make themselves cum together using it :(
But he doesn’t think he’ll love anything or anyone as much as his Hitachi wand :(
writing a chifuyu fan fic rn and i had to get this off my chest bc he owns a wand for himself in the fic but i wont be writing about him wanking in the fic so i simply HAD to write a drabble help meeeeee
Here is the fic btw
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bubbledumbbinch · 9 months ago
Yanderes! Leona, Jack and Malleus in heat with their reader friend
HAHAHAHA EVIL LAUGHTER. Finally…. I’m getting around to this request….. i guess i might make this less “headcanon-y” and more ficlets? Scenarios? Idk? First time trying this out so here we go!
This piece of writing is purely for 18+ audiences only. Minors do NOT interact.
Pairings: Leona Kingscholar x Fem! Reader, Jack Howl x Fem! Reader, Malleus Draconia x Fem! Reader
Warnings: SMUT, yandere, dubcon/noncon elements, coercion, unhealthy relationships, breeding kink(?), talk of pregnancy, dark content
Leona Kingscholar
The botanical gardens was a usual hangout spot for you and your lazy friend Leona. However, when you arrived at his favorite napping spot under a specific tree, you felt something was off when he wasn’t there. You definitely knew he wouldn’t go to class unless there was some kind of exam. Was it something serious? ‘Where are you?’ You texted Leona and sent the message. After waiting a bit, your phone buzzed and Leona had replied. ‘Screw off. Leave me alone for a while.’ the text read on your screen had you feeling worried about the beastman. He was your friend - and you knew something had to be up.
The speed-walk from the gardens to Savanaclaw was a bit anxious, your body was starting to sweat as you worried about Leona. You didn’t even think to text his dorm mates like Ruggie or Jack to ask what was wrong. Once you finally made it through the mirror to his dorm, you rushed to eventually make it to Leona’s door and knocked. You were met with a loud snarl and a gruff voice. “Who the hell is it?! Go away.”
“Leona-san, I’m coming in!!” You quickly barged in, chest heaving up and down from the worry you felt. The door slammed behind you before you could even recognize what was going on in front of you. 
“Leona-san! Are you okay?! I- Oh…!” Your field of vision was immediately met with Leona sprawled on his bed with his shirt off and his blanket covering up to his waist. His hand was lazily pumping up and down his length from underneath the blanket and it was so painfully obvious. Leona was panting heavily and eyes were half lidded.
“You… what the fuck are you doing here, herbivore? I told you not to come!” Leona spat from across the room, making you recoil in fear from your spot. You gulped and blushed, turning away.
“I- I’m sorry,” stammering, the words just really seemed to have a hard time finding a way out of your mouth. “I just, I thought it was something I could help you with, so I’m gonna go now!! Sorry for interrupting!!”
You quickly tried to turn around and walk back out, but didn’t realize Leona was coming closer to you only seconds prior. Your wrist was grabbed harshly and you were being yanked until your back thudded onto something hard - Leona’s chest. It was so toned and warm, you were almost tempted to lean back into it.
“Hn, I change my mind. Maybe this is something you could help me out with, herbivore...” His low and sultry voice almost purred the words into your ears sending heat to your clothed cunt. As if on cue, Leona’s calloused fingers made their way to rub at the crotch of your pants, making you squeak involuntarily. 
“Leo-naa..!” you shrieked out his name, half of it turning into a moan. He growled at the noise of his name coming out of your mouth.
“Heh, it looks like you’re forcing me to do something a bit unforgivable.” The dark tone in his voice made you gulp hard. “Herbivore… I was really trying to hold back, find the perfect time to make you my mate, I even had preparations to take you away to stay with me. It was the perfect plan.” The weight of his words caused you to tense. Almost sensing your unease, Leona decided to dip his warm fingers into your pants and underwear to rub at your needy clit. You gasp and cover your mouth instantly, afraid of the noises Leona would pull out of you. Leona growled as his other hand slapped your arm away from your face.
“Don’t cover up your noises herbivore, if you know what’s good for you.” Leona  angrily muttered against your ear, sending waves of panic through your system. The wet squelching sounds were only growing louder as well as your moans. “Leona-saahn~ haaah,” you threw your head back into him as he plunged two fingers into your pussy. 
“Hm? Don’t tell me you love being talked to like that? Does it turn you on, slut?” Leona’s smooth voice invaded your senses and only spurred you on further. “Y-yes, Leona-san!!” you were now a moaning and squirming mess. Leona guided you to the foot of his bed and pulled his fingers out of you, pushing you onto the mattress.
“This is gonna be fun, herbivore. I really, really should have done this sooner...” Leona whispered, almost to himself. Your face was sweating and you stared up at Leona helplessly, feeling his large erection grazing your thighs as he caged your body with his own, like a predator rearing to devour his prey.
Jack Howl
Vargas’s outdoor gym sessions were always difficult - even more so since you couldn’t use magic. Wanting to utilize your skills to its capacity in his class, Vargas forced you to do more physical training than the other students. Those trainings always left you and your clothes hot and sticky with sweat. Being the only female student in the school, you were also the last person to use the locker rooms, with one of your first year friends near the door to protect you and your privacy. Today was Jack’s turn and everything was going smoothly, to your knowledge. As you were idly thinking about the ways you would prepare dinner tonight, you didn’t realize how much trouble you were really in.
The door to the locker room slowly creaked open as you peeled off the layers of your gym uniform. Heavy footsteps echoed and forced you to pause all of your activities. “J-Jack..?” you whimpered, worried about who was going to catch you half naked. As the steps came closer to your location you couldn’t help but start to shake in fear.
Jack’s white hair and ears peeked around the corner of the lockers making you jump and hide your body in your arms. “O-oh!! Thank goodness, it’s just you!” You sighed in relief. Jack could only grunt in a noise that sounded like approval. Jack didn’t look too good, his cheeks were red and he looked like he was panting - like he had just finished running a race. 
“Uhm, Jack, are you okay?” you shuffled uncomfortably in your spot as Jack’s gaze was still fixated on your body, your arms still covering yourself. 
“Listen, I uh, I have to change, Jack…” you trailed off and looked away, hoping he would get the idea. He didn’t.
Instead, Jack slowly sauntered towards your smaller form. You didn’t even realize you were walking backwards until your head and clothed backside touched the cool lockers behind you, the sound of locks and metal catching you off guard. Taking your moment of surprise as an opportunity, the beastman rutted his hips towards your sweaty body, the friction causing him to groan right in your ear. The noise sent heat down to your core, shame and fear filling your head as you gasped.
“You smell so good right now, Y/N…” Jack said lowly, his breath was so hot in your face it felt like a sauna. He dipped down to your neck and licked a long wet stripe up your skin.
“Aah! What are you doing, Jack?! Th- this isn’t like you!” You shrieked, hoping your voice would get to him somehow.
You yelped as Jack lifted you briefly, only to set you down on his lap to straddle him as he sat on the locker room bench. He grunted as your clothed cunt momentarily made direct contact with his erection that was still in the confines of his pants. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped your mouth, yet your beastman friend believed to sound like honey. Gold eyes bore into yours as he panted and lifted his hips back up to meet yours. ��Nngh~!” You buried your face into his neck.
“I’m, haah, sorry, Y/N. I can’t, I can’t help it right now. I like you so much it hurts. I need to touch you, nnh- to make you feel good.” His confession was sudden as he guided your hips to grind on him, lewd moans and whines being forced out of your body with every movement. You couldn’t help but blush and grip onto him tighter, chasing your own inevitable release. 
“Mmh- Jack, please.” You whined into Jack’s ear. Your panties were soaked and he could feel the juices soaking into his uniform. “I’m gonna fill you up with my pups.” Jack growled into your ear as he was losing sight of his own self control.
Malleus Draconia
It was odd to receive a text from Lilia to come to Diasomnia’s dorm. Once he said it was an issue involving Malleus, you told him you’d be on the way immediately. Curiously enough, Lilia never answered your text about what was wrong with Malleus, he only mentioned that he requested you specifically. Reaching the dorm, you noticed the skies were particularly cloudy and grey, and green lightning bolts were littering the skies. You ran inside quickly to be greeted by none other than Lilia himself.
“Ah, Y/N, finally you’re here!” The bicolor haired student welcomed you warmly. His tone was much different than his serious one he used over text.
“I’m here, where is Malleus? What’s wrong with him?” You asked, looking around the dorm. It was seemingly more empty than usual.
“Oh don’t worry! Come, I’ll lead you to his room…” Lilia walked with you to Malleus’s dorm room, when he stopped in front of the door. Suddenly, a darkness had taken over his facial expressions. “I’m... sorry for what I’m about to do, Y/N.”
“What do you mean, Lilia?” You stood as stiff as a board in your spot, dumbfounded.
“Be safe.” Lilia’s words went over your head. Suddenly, the door was opened as he shoved you into Malleus’s room, promptly locking it once you were inside. You banged on the door with both fists. 
“Hey!! Lilia!? Let me out!!” Panicked, you felt the atmosphere in the room was… heavy. Looking behind you to Malleus’s bed, a large black mass had taken form on it.
“Child of man…” You could hear Malleus’s voice from every corner of the room, especially focused from the direction of that black mass. Suddenly, wings uncurled and revealed Malleus, or a creature that heavily resembled him. Along his face were black scales that focused on the edges of his face. A tail was swishing behind him aggressively. Malleus’s arms were now scaly and long nails replaced his short black polished ones. And with those black claws, he used an index finger to beckon you towards him. “Come closer.” He breathed.
You felt your body move on its own, as if you weren’t even controlling it. “Malleus, what’s wrong?” You whispered, not even sure if the words had come out of your mouth. Once in front of him, you stood awkwardly and fiddled with the sleeves of your uniform. “Is there something you need from me?” You breathlessly spoke, avoiding his piercing gaze.
“I requested you for a, specific, reason…” he cooed and pulled you into a tight and awkward hug you didn’t reciprocate. Then you felt it. Something hard and large was poking at your stomach, causing you to gasp suddenly in realization. “It seems like you’ve caught on. Well, my sweet Y/N, you don’t want to keep your prince waiting, do you?”
“What..?” You asked dumbly.
“You heard me, I said strip. Now.”
“I, I heard you, I just-,” you stepped back, and began to take off your clothes slowly. You stopped at your simple bra and underwear, hoping that was enough to appease him. It didn’t - but it was something he could rip off later.
Grabbing your shoulders and bringing you in close, Malleus’s teeth latched onto your neck, biting hard enough to draw blood. You moaned unexpectedly and held onto his neck, unknowingly pulling him in closer. “Ah, M-Malleus, no..!” Your voice shook.
Instantly, Malleus threw you down onto the bed and straddled your lower half, pinning your wrists above your head. His wings extended above you as his green eyes pierced into yours. The fierceness alone took the words out of your mouth as you stared up in fear.
“Don’t even think about fighting me back. You will surely regret that choice and I don’t want to hurt you, unless you deserve it. So be a good girl for me, while I breed you over… and over… and over again.” You watched in horror as his tongue, now long and forked, laved over his bottom lip in hunger and excitement.
“Well now child of man, doesn’t that sound exciting? Let’s get started right away.” 
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
soft dom venti x sub fem-bodied reader
SUMMARY = from anon - "Hello! :D First I wanted to mention that I really loved reading your Xiao Oneshot. Your writing is so amazing! That's why I wanted to ask if you could maybe write another smut Oneshot with either Venti or Xiao. Maybe with a chubby or insecure reader? If content like that makes you uncomfortable or you don't want to write that it's alright too! But preferably with an afab and sub reader that's maybe more likely quiet? And maybe some praise included? Please ignore this ask if you don't want to write that. Have a nice day!"
WARNINGS = smut, use of the word "cunt, praise, oral (reader receiving), slight hair pulling, body worshipping (reader receiving), use of "muse" and "songbird" as pet names
W/C = 0.9K
A/N = anon was from my previous blog! it took me a LONG LONG while to finish this bc of lack of motivation. unfortunately i can't tag them and idk if they followed this blog but hopefully that anon sees this post!
Tumblr media
"Are you sure you want to do it with me?" you asked for the umpteenth time, emphasising on the words 'with me'.
"Of course, my muse," Venti reassured you, looking up at you with endearment that you never thought you were worthy of. "There's no one else I would rather do it with. Now sit back and allow me to take care of everything."
Starting with kisses on your thighs, rubbing circles into them to ease you. He didn't want to rush since it's your first time doing such an intimate act together. Pressing the pads of his fingers against your skin, swirls of blue and green look up at you for confirmation. Your heart thrummed inside your chest as you nodded and splayed your legs. Cold air brushed against your nether regions before it was replaced by warmth. Hands latched onto his dark locks as you sighed, allowing the archon to suck and pull at your clit. His perfect lithe fingers caressed the seam of your cunt before he delved his middle finger inside.
"Ahh….oh, t-that feels...strange…" you whimpered, adjusting to the unfamiliar sensation. "Feels– mm! Nice…"
"I know, my muse," Venti smiled, giving little pecks on your thighs. "Tell me when it's too much."
Your body was quaking, shivering and shaking. It didn't help that your naked body was exposed to the icy breeze. You wonder if it's Venti's doing. He could feel it, the way your body trembled as you rocked your hips against his hand. Ever the loving and patient partner that he is, the pace that he set for you was slow but languid, pleasuring you without overwhelming you.
"Can I put another finger in?"
Too shy to speak, you could only nod your head. Your inside squelched as he inserted another finger, rubbing both against your wants and utilising a variety of heavenly movements while his thumb pressed against your clit.
"Pretty. My pretty, pretty songbird,"
He's soft. Even the volume that he's speaking in is soft. The only reason you were able to hear him was because the winds answer to him.
"Tonight, will you sing for me, my sweetest songbird?"
You inhaled sharply as Venti pulled his fingers out of your hole. His clean hand brushed against your hand that was clinging onto him — a silent reminder that you can tell him to stop at any time. Easing into it, his mouth kissed your entrance before his tongue slipped inside. You gasped, whimpering as you gripped onto him. His tongue, long and serpentine, hot and warm burned your insides. It licked and slurped and sucked, drinking your wetness and savouring it. Venti's unclean hand continued to toy with your bud, rubbing and pinching and pulling to get you to drown in pleasure.
"Aah! Ve-Venti...hah, mmhh–! I...ahaah…"
You wanted to speak. To tell him it felt good, to tell him to continue, to tell him you want more but–! All words died on your tongue. It was so foreign and strange, never did you think someone like you was deserving of this pleasure. You wanted to thank him, to love him but…
He slipped his tongue out of you, replacing it with his fingers once again, stroking and scissoring your hole.
"My muse, you truly were sculpted from the Gods," his voice wafted in the air with a lightness yet felt...heavy with adoration. "Your body is the most perfect form I have ever laid eyes upon. That's why I can never understand when you say you're too chubby or your body isn't pretty when to me, you are the most beautiful being in the world.
"You have me wrapped around your finger. You have enchanted a God with your body and he worships it. So please, believe me when I say that you're incomparable to any creation an artist could paint."
The bard smiled. That same mouth surrounded your clit once again, dropping his gentleness and choosing to be rough with your body. His fingers and tongue fucked you, the room filled with lewd sounds – gasps, groans, sighs, urging to bring you to your apex. Wanting more, he slid his fingers out of you, using both of his hands to lift your legs and spread you further while he fucked your hole with his tongue 
"Venti! Venti, Venti, Venti– aaah! S-so, aah, Imma–" you moaned, rubbing yourself against his face. "M' cumming, m' cumming, cumming!"
You unraveled, arching your back as your eyes rolled into the back of your head. Venti continued licking you, humming in satisfaction as he finished you off. Your back kissed the wrinkled mattress, panting. Your lover rose up  from his position, admiring the mess he made with a cheeky glint in his eyes as he sucked the rest of your fluids off his finger, even using the back of his palm to collect the colourless liquid dripping from his chin and licking it off. Embarrassed, you turned away from him, using your arm to shield yourself from his gaze.
"Ehe, I can't help it, you taste so divine. Like the finest of wines. You're made to serve the gods," he pauses before cheekily adding. "Well, just me."
You made a noise that was a mix between a whimper and a grumble before tossing a pillow at his face. Venti laughed, catching it and returning the blow by stuffing your face with the pillow. You playfully kick and punch at him before snatching it away from him and throwing it off to the side. He was grinning, his body hovering over yours as he snuggled his face into the crook of neck.
"Hey...are you okay, (Name)?"
You smiled, pressing your lips against his forehead. "Yes. Thank you, Venti."
Tumblr media
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assurance | oneshot
Tumblr media
@anon: hi yes it’s me and i’m bACK with a request now !! pls take your time on this ofc ,, anyways can you write smth like mafia au (basically the same idea as your other ones) where they interact with other women (for business purposes maybe?? or anything really they just talk to some pretty women lol) and you get kinda jealous and all distant with them which makes them question you what’s going on and you tell them and they just laugh at you bc of how cute you are since you literally don’t have anything to worry abt and yeahhh then they give you sm affection :D also i’d like for this to be based on jk !! thank you SO much you’re an angel really <3
excerpt | jungkook's always there to remind you of his love—especially when other girls try to convince you of otherwise.
pairing | arrangedmafiahusband!jungkook x arrangedwife!reader
genre | angst, fluff
warning/s | none
lee’s notes | another request (what?!?) and this time it's from one of my fave anons! AAH thank you so much for requesting and i hope you like it!
word count | 3.67k words
go to | home / m. list / faq
Tumblr media
“NAME, PLEASE?” THE GUARD at the entrance says, glancing towards you and Jungkook.
"Jeon Jungkook and Jeon (Y/N). We're here with Bangtan." Jungkook curtly responds, your arm still looped into his as he caresses your hand.
You both watch as the guard looks at the list and nods before opening the door behind him.
"Your seats are at Table 32. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to approach any of the staff inside."
You both nod in understanding and walk inside, pausing midway to get some champagne from the waiter.
"Do you want any, baby?" Jungkook asks you as he picks up a glass.
"Yes please." You softly respond, giving him a smile.
He smiles back and hands you a glass, picking up another before softly thanking the waiter.
You two, and the rest of Bangtan, were invited to attend a large dinner hosted by a close ally. Its location was right by the beach, so guests were given liberty to roam around the area to walk on the sand.
"It looks beautiful." You mumble, staring at the open view of the shore through one of the open windows.
Jungkook chuckles at this and moves his arm around your waist, plopping his chin onto your shoulder.
"We can take a stroll later, if you'd like?" Jungkook suggests, making you smile and nod.
"I'd love that."
Jungkook smiles at you before his eyes suddenly trail behind you. His smile slowly fades into a neutral expression when he sees who it is, choosing to give them a curt nod.
"Jungkook, (Y/N). So nice to see you both tonight." Someone greets, causing you to turn around as well.
Your eyes slightly widen when you see the host himself, Yeon, and his wife standing in front of you both. You give them a small bow and smile at him politely.
"It's nice to see you both too, Yeon. Thank you for inviting us." Jungkook says, keeping his arm around your waist.
Yeon was a close friend of both yours and Jungkook's fathers, making him a long-time ally of Bangtan. The man had 2 daughters, both of whom were around your age.
"Well, thank you for coming! It's a pleasure to have you both here."
"You did an amazing job with styling the event, the beach looks gorgeous." You remark, Yeon grinning and nodding.
"Well, I have no one else but my beautiful wife to thank for that." Yeon says sheepishly with a chuckle, nudging his wife.
You and Jungkook smile at this, finding it nice to know that Yeon and his wife seemed to be happy in their marriage. They've been together for a long-time, being one of the few remaining couples of their generation.
"That reminds me, Jungkook! Our daughters have been looking for you all night, I'm sure they'd love to see you and (Y/N)!" Yeon's wife exclaims, causing your smile to falter slightly.
You were very familiar with Yeon's two daughters, Chae and Jia. In fact, you practically grew up with them, since Yeon and your father constantly set-up playdates for you three when you were all still younger. However, you were also very aware of the fondness they shared for your husband, Jungkook.
"Oh, well I'm sure we'll be able to see them sooner or later." Jungkook responds, not noticing the uneasy expression on your face.
"Of course! We have all night to get you all acquainted." Yeon says, nodding his head.
Suddenly, he perks up at the sight of someone behind you two, quickly letting out a laugh.
"Namjoon! Wonderful to see you!"
The mentioned man walks up to the two of you, a smile on his face as he greets Yeon with a hug.
"Yeon, Mrs. Yeon, great to see you both as well. I see you've already spoken to the newlyweds?" Namjoon says, giving you both a smile.
"Yes, they're a beautiful couple. Oh, I can just imagine the children you both will have."
Upon hearing her joke, you and Jungkook both let out embarrassed laughs, Jungkook's grip tightening around your waist as he smiles at them sheepishly.
"Well, there's still a long road ahead before that." Jungkook says, Yeon and his wife laughing.
"Definitely. You two should enjoy that young love while it's still there!" Yeon exclaims, giving you both a wink.
You just let out another chuckle, taking a sip of your champagne to shield your embarrassment. Jungkook notices this and clears his throat, giving the couple a polite smile.
"Well, we'll leave you guys to discuss. Me and (Y/N) are gonna go head to our seats."
Yeon and his wife nod and bid you goodbye while Namjoon gives you both a smile. Afterwards, you and Jungkook both walk to your table and sit down with a sigh.
"That was something." Jungkook mutters, causing you to let out a chuckle.
"Tell me about it."
Jungkook simply laughs and shakes his head in disbelief, taking a sip of his champagne. When he puts his glass down, he gently grabs your hand, catching your attention.
"Chae and Jia are coming this way. I think they might be sitting with us." Jungkook says, making you inwardly sigh.
Jungkook sees the look on your face and his expression falters.
"Hey, is everything okay?" Jungkook asks, cupping your cheek with one of his hands.
When you look at him and see the concern in his eyes, the worries in your mind slowly fade away. You sigh and let out a small smile, shaking your head.
"I'm okay, Kook."
Jungkook bites his lip, not quite believing your statement but also not wanting to push any further. He sighs and puts his hand down from your cheek, gently grabbing your hand instead to give it a kiss.
"If anything's wrong, just let me know, okay baby?" He says softly, giving you a reassuring smile.
"Will do, thank you." You respond, smiling back.
He sighs and glances behind you, quickly looking back towards you before standing up.
"Jungkook!" A high-pitched voice exclaims from behind you, causing you to turn around.
Your chest tightens when you see Chae and Jia waving at you both, big smiles on each of their faces. You slowly stand up as well, feeling a bit better when you feel Jungkook's arm find its way around your waist.
"Chae, Jia, it's nice to see you both." Jungkook responds, a small smile on his face as he politely greets them.
Chae grins and tackles him into a hug, causing him to let go of you as he tries his best to keep his hands nowhere near the girl. You blink at this, not liking the feeling that was forming at the pit of your stomach upon seeing them hug. After a few seconds, Chae finally lets go and gives you both a big smile.
"Yah, Chae! Jungkook has a wife now, remember?" Jia teases, making Chae giggle as she turns towards you.
"(Y/N)-ie, of course! It's so nice to see you as well." Chae remarks, giving you a hug.
You let out a breathy chuckle and hug her back, pulling away after a few moments. You smile at Jia and greet her as well, not failing to notice the lingering glances they were giving Jungkook as they spoke to you.
"Why don't we all take a seat and catch up?" Jia asks, motioning to the empty seats on the table.
You all nod take a seat on the table, watching as Chae calls for a waiter to bring more champagne. Once done, she turns back to you and claps her hands.
"All right, now where were we again? ...Ah, the marriage!" She exclaims excitedly, you slyly cringing at the shrill tone of her voice.
"Right, the ceremony was so beautiful. It was a shame we couldn't be there to see it in person." Jia says, a pout on her face.
Jungkook lets out a small smile at this, putting one arm around your shoulder as he opens his mouth to speak.
"Thank you, our mothers both did a wonderful job planning it." He says, making you giggle at the memory.
You recall the excitement on both your mothers' faces when you two gave them the liberty to plan the ceremony, the memory putting a smile on your face. Jungkook smiles when he hears you laugh, gazing at you until Chae clears her throat and breaks the moment between you two.
"Well, I for one was very surprised when I heard the news,” Chae says, causing her sister to let out a giggle. “I couldn't believe our (Y/N)-ie was finally getting married!"
"Same here! We always thought Chae and I would get married first, not the other way around." Jia adds, a mischievous smile on her face.
You force out a chuckle and scratch the back of your head, taking another sip of your champagne.
"Well, I guess that's just what happens when you meet the right person." You say cheesily as you put your glass down, making Jungkook let out a smile.
He caresses the skin of your shoulder and gazes at you, watching as you smiled back at him and let out a chuckle.
"Aw, I don't blame you, (Y/N). If I met someone like Jungkook, I'd want to marry him right away too!" Jia exclaims, giving you a wink.
Your smile falters at this, having a feeling that she wasn't exactly joking when she said that.
"I know! Before you two got married, Jungkook was practically the most wanted bachelor in all of Seoul,”Chae says with a laugh. “So, you could just imagine the surprise on our faces when we found out he were getting married to you.”
You force out a laugh at this, looking down to fumble with your hands as you began to feel your chest tighten up again. Despite the sentence seeming quite innocent, anyone could tell the double meaning behind her statement.
"You're a lucky girl, (Y/N). Not just anyone could score a guy as good-looking and charming as Jungkook." Jia says with a dreamy sigh.
Jungkook lets out a soft laugh at this, shaking his head as he pulls his hand off of your shoulder to grab his champagne.
"I'm pretty sure I'm the lucky one here." Jungkook says, giving you a smile before he drinks from his glass.
You force out a small smile at his remark, but you still feel the significant tightness situated in your chest. Thankfully for you, the food began to arrive not long after your little chat—which meant that the talking ceased slightly. Chae and Jia slowly grew distracted—busy choosing from the array of foods being presented to them.
Meanwhile, you and Jungkook also began to pick out some food for dinner. Since you weren't exactly familiar with most of the dishes, your husband was happy to guide you.
"Do you want some potatoes, baby?" Jungkook softly asks you, pointing at the platter of mashed potatoes on the food cart.
You smile at him gratefully and nod, Jungkook smiling back before nodding towards the waiter. As you both wait for the waiter to finish, you don't notice Chae and Jia staring at you, their eyes green with jealousy upon hearing Jungkook's nickname for you.
"Thank you." You say to both the waiter and Jungkook, the latter giving you a smile.
As dinner begins to progress, jazz tunes fill the atmosphere while everyone enjoys their food. Nothing but occasional comments were being exchanged as you ate, together with a few greetings at familiar people who would walk by your table.
But suddenly, as dessert is being served, Chae suddenly gets an idea. She smirks and accidentally tips over her glass of champagne, the liquid immediately drenching part of her red dress.
"Oh my!" She exclaims, standing up.
You and Jungkook's eyes widen when you see the state of her dress. For a moment, you almost felt bad for the girl after seeing the horrified expression on her face.
"Clumsy me, I accidentally tipped over my champagne glass." She says with a pout, Jia sighing next to her.
"Why don't you go back to the room in the back? I think Eomma has a spare dress." Jia says, oblivious to her sister's devious plan.
Chae's lips form an 'o' as she quickly nods, grabbing the purse behind her chair.
"You're right! I'll go right now." She says, putting the purse on her shoulder.
But as she takes her first step to leave, she suddenly turns back around and looks towards you and Jungkook with a pout on her face.
"Wait—I don't think I can go there alone. Eomma's gonna kill me when she finds out I got champagne on her Givenchy." Chae whines.
She glances towards you before turning to Jungkook, a pleading expression plastered onto her face.
"Jungkook-ah, would you mind coming with me? I don't think Eomma will have the heart to scold me if you're there. Please?" She asks with a pout, making you look at her in disbelief.
You bite your lip in frustration, already feeling the jealousy forming at the pit of your stomach. But as you look towards Jungkook and see the hesitant look on his face, you also realize that it may seem disrespectful if he turned her down.
"It's okay, Kook. You can go with her." You say softly, Jungkook's eyes softening as he turns towards you.
"Okay. But I'll be back soon, alright?" He says, giving you a smile.
You nod and force out a small smile as well. He slowly leans towards you and pecks you on the lips before pulling away and standing up.
"Alright, shall we?" Jungkook asks, Chae smiling in triumph and nodding.
You sigh as you watch her loop her arm into his, the smile not leaving her face as they begin to walk away. When Jia sees her sister’s expression, she suddenly connects the dots and lets out a scoff.
"Chae, that sly little snake." Jia mutters with a laugh, making you look at her questionably.
"What do you mean?" You ask, letting out a smile to hide your confusion.
When she hears you ask, Jia looks at you and lets out another laugh, shaking her head.
"I'm not completely sure, but after seeing the look on her face, I won’t be surprised if she just faked that entire thing to get some alone time with Jungkook." She says with a giggle. “You know how it is, Chae and her little crush on him.”
Your smile fades at this, fully realizing that she may be right.
"Oh." You mumble, making Jia purse her lips as she stares at you.
"Don't worry, (Y/N). I don't think Chae will have the guts to flirt with him in front of Eomma, anyways. That lady loves you both two much for that." Jia says with a teasing smile, making you let out a chuckle.
"Yeah." You say, still feeling a bit upset.
Still bothered by the remark, you slowly stand up with a sigh, not wanting to stay at the table any longer. You force out a smile at Jia and motion towards the door behind you.
"I'll be right back, I think I might just take a stroll on the beach." You say, Jia smiling and nodding.
"Go ahead, I'll make sure to let Jungkook and Chae know when they come back."
You force out one last smile and nod before turning around and swiftly walking out the door to get to the beach. As you walked out, you don't notice Jia smugly drink from her champagne, a smirk on her face.
She's still as easy as I remember. Poor (Y/N). Jia thinks to herself with a chuckle.
After about ten minutes, she grins when she sees Chae and Jungkook come back to the table, her sister now wearing a brand new dress.
"Thank you so much for helping me, Kookie. I owe you one." Chae says, giving Jungkook a big smile.
Jungkook forces out a small smile and nods, slightly cringing at the nickname. As he turns towards the table to go to you, his smile fades away upon seeing the empty chair.
"Oh, (Y/N) went out to go and get some air. She left a few minutes after you both did, actually.” Jia says when she sees his expression, a small smile on her face.
"Why don't you sit with us? I'm sure she'll come back soon." Chae suggests, taking a seat next to her sister.
Jungkook lets out a polite smile and shakes his head, motioning to the same door you left through.
"I think I'll go look for her instead, thanks though." Jungkook says, waving at them before walking out of the door.
Thank god that's over. He thinks to himself with a sigh, wanting nothing more than to finally have some alone time with you.
HIs eyes search through the beach, immediately spotting you in your familiar blue dress as you sat near the shore. He smiles and jogs towards you, but his smile falters upon seeing the sad expression on your face. Slowly, he walks up to you and takes a seat next to you, watching as you quickly turned to face him.
"Oh, hey." You say, giving him a small smile.
He smiles back and looks at you in concern, placing his hand on your back as he opens his mouth to speak.
"Hey, I came back to the table and Jia told me you had gone out to get some air. Is everything okay?" Jungkook asks, looking at you worriedly.
You sigh, looking downwards as you began to play with your hands. Jungkook sees this and frowns, pulling you closer to him.
"What's wrong, (Y/N)?" Jungkook asks worriedly, wanting nothing more than to make your sadness go away.
You look towards him, a frown on your face.
"It’s nothing important, Chae and Jia have kind of just been on my nerves the entire night." You say, causing Jungkook to sigh and look at you apologetically.
"Yeah, I know they can get a bit overbearing at times. I think they get it from their mom." Jungkook says with a sigh.
You let out a chuckle at this shaking your head at his remark.
"Well, that is very true. But—it's a bit more than just that." You say sheepishly, confusing Jungkook.
You see his confused expression and hesitate slightly before continuing.
"I just didn't really like how they were kind of flirting with you throughout dinner. And when Chae spilled champagne on herself and you had to leave with her, I couldn't help but feel kind of upset." You mumble shyly with a frown.
After a few seconds of silence, you look towards Jungkook, worried that he may be weirded out or annoyed by what you said. But when you glance at him, you're confused to find him staring at you amusedly.
"Wha—do you find this funny?" You ask in disbelief, causing Jungkook to let out a laugh. "Oh my god, you're literally laughing at me!"
You playfully scoff and stand up, not believing the fact that he had the audacity to laugh at your problem. But as soon as you did, he quickly grabs your hand through his laughs.
"I'm sorry, okay? I just find it kind of adorable!" Jungkook exclaims, tugging you to sit next to him again.
You sit down with a huff and stare at him with a pout.
"Find what adorable?"
"The fact that you’re jealous." Jungkook teases with a grin, making you scoff again.
"N-No, I'm not." You mumble with a frown, causing Jungkook to sneer at you.
"Sure, so you wouldn't mind if I just came back inside and danced with Chae?" Jungkook asks, standing up.
You open your mouth to speak but choose to close your mouth instead, huffing in defeat.
"Okay fine, maybe I was a bit jealous." You say, looking down.
Jungkook chuckles when he sees the pout on your face, quickly taking a seat next to you and putting his arm around your shoulder.
"Aigoo, how did I get so lucky to end up with such a cute wife?" Jungkook coos, laughing softly as he sees you blush.
He scoots closer to you and cups one of your cheeks, causing you to look up and meet his eyes. He lets out a small smile when he sees the semi-upset expression on your face and caresses your cheek, finding your expression quite adorable. But you just sigh and gaze at him, a pout forming on your face.
"I guess I was also just kind of bothered,” You add softly, making Jungkook's eyes soften. “Growing up, Chae and Jia were always the ones that blus would fall for, while I would just be there on the side. So, when I realized that they seemed to like you, it kind of brought me back to that.”
Jungkook sighs at this, a sad frown on his face upon hearing your concerns. You bite your lip and look downwards to the ground.
“Hey, look at me, (Y/N).” Jungkook says softly, bringing your chin up to face him.
He gives you a small comforting smile, kissing you softly before pulling away, his forehead still on yours.
"I only have eyes for you, babygirl. You don't need to worry about any of that." Jungkook says, gazing at you with a smile.
You smile back at him and lean closer to give him a hug, Jungkook chuckling and hugging you back. He kisses your temple before pulling away slightly to give you a reassuring expression.
"I know I had a bit of a reputation before we got married—but I want you to always know that I love you so much and I would be out of my mind to leave you for someone else." Jungkook says, making you smile.
You sigh and lean onto his chest, Jungkook wrapping his arms around your shoulders.
"Thank you for reassuring me, Kook. And I love you too, so much." You reply with a smile.
Jungkook smiles and leans towards you for another kiss, only pulling away when you both suddenly hear music from inside the venue.
"Ah, I guess it's dancing time." Jungkook says with a chuckle, smiling towards you.
"I guess it is." You respond, laughing sheepishly.
"Well—what do you say, Mrs. Jeon? Wanna head back inside and go for a spin?" Jungkook jokes, making you laugh again.
He stands up and offers you his hand, smiling when he sees you grasp onto it when you stand up. The two of you slowly walk back inside, smiling when you see the couples dancing in the middle.
"They look adorable." You say with a smile.
Jungkook smiles and hugs you from behind, staring at the older couples with adoration in his eyes. He kisses you on the cheek before plopping his head onto your shoulder.
"Shall we?" He asks, giving you a playful smile.
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thestarsaregivenonceonly · 3 days ago
JEN JEN JEN! i have a request:) could you write about timmy and reader going skinny dipping late at night and then going home and there’s very cute fluffy smut and him just loving her and her body? mwah<3
HI HI HI! i can, hope you love it xo
tags: @if-n0t-l8ter-when @jessespencer @awww-sugar @beige-honey @secretlyscottishkat @visionsofsweettea @lucyshea @allskynostars @anais117 @staceystoleyourheart @maddyrosew @hexrtbrexk-hotel @myheartdesirepure @no1partyanthem505 @madeinthemidnightmemories @weakling-grace @chloefran @newletas @aomi-nabi @okaydraco @myownbravado @biggestmessonhere @osnapitsabbie @emilysprentisss @angxltimmychampagne @angelboyy @stuckysdaughter @thc-chalamet @dreamingformuses @lmfaosoph @imnotoverlyobsessive @everythingisspokenfortbh @missamericana69 @sufferingstarlight @reddir14 @lovelyrocker @dayafied @louievr
(fluff, smut)
It was private and serene, a house off the coast of California that he found online for the two of you. You felt safe and loved and wanted, kissing him deeply as you set the suitcases on the ground. It was already dark out, the stars shining. 
“Thank you so much, Tim. This is perfect.” He had been so busy lately, and you had been counting the days until you were alone again. 
“I love you,” he smiled against your lips and wrapped his arms around your waist, pulling you into his body. 
“What should we do first?” 
“There’s a pool…” 
“Let’s go!” 
Beaming, you took his hand, dragging your stuff to a large, ornate bedroom with a beautiful king bed. Admiring everything with wide eyes and oohs and aahs, you brushed your fingers along the comforter, imagining what you’d be doing there later with him. Turning around to face Tim, you found him stripping out of his shirt, letting it fall to the ground. He was beyond gorgeous. 
“We should skinny dip.” His eyebrows were wiggling. 
“Think so?” You flirted back, pulling your own shirt off to reveal a black, lace bra. He swallowed hard. 
“Fuck yes.” 
“Will anyone come here?” 
“No. We are alone.” 
“Then let’s fuckin’ do it.” 
Laughing with glee, Tim took your hand and tugged you gently through the house to the backyard where a large, lit pool waited eagerly for you. The water was cool when you dipped your foot in, the hot air sticking to your skin. Perfect.
Pulling off his clothes without shame and drawing the breath from your lungs, Tim dove headfirst into the deep end. Trying to contain the heat between your legs, you pulled the rest of your clothes off and jumped in after him, the both of you surfacing and laughing with ecstasy. 
“This is beyond my dreams,” you told him, pulling him close and wrapping your legs around his back. You were pleased to find his lust pressing against your thigh. 
Floating in a small circle with you and pushing his wet hair back from his face, he smiled broadly and kissed you again, one hand finding your cheek. “You are beyond mine.” 
“How are you real?” 
“I wonder that about you often.” 
“I can’t believe how much I love you,” you professed, kissing down his neck and pressing your chest flush against him. 
Timmy groaned softly, letting his head fall back, the water rippling against the back of his neck. “I love you, baby doll.” 
“Thank you, again.” 
“Don’t thank me for giving us heaven.” 
“I want to.” 
“Well, you’re welcome,” he giggled and tugged your face over to kiss you yet again, the taste of his lips leaving you breathless and wanting. 
Swimming around together for a little while, he told you about his recent adventures and filming, filling your heart with love. It was amazing to be his confidante, the one he poured it all out to. You felt immensely blessed. 
“What’s your favorite part about filming?” 
“My passion for it. My confidence. The way I make people happy. Everything.” He laughed and floated on his back, smiling when you swam over and rested your hands lightly on his lower belly. “Can I help you?” 
“I love touching you, that’s all.” 
Sighing in contentment, Timothée closed his eyes and bit his lip as your hands traveled further down, gripping his length after a moment and bringing out the most beautiful sound from his lips. 
“Fuck,” he breathed, shuddering and reaching to gently drag his fingers along your neck and shoulder. “You are my world.” 
“As you’re mine.” Leaning down, you kissed his lips lightly, working your hand up and down and thoroughly enjoying the sounds that echoed into your mouth. He eventually curled his body inward and wrapped his arms around your middle, floating in a circle again. 
“Why did you make me stop?” 
“Because I want to take you inside.” 
“Good deal.” 
Laughing with his head back, Tim swam with you to the shallow end, both of you shivering a bit as you got out and made your way inside. A mutual understanding that a shower was now needed, you took his hand and walked to the bathroom, turning on the water. 
“I love you, my girl.” 
You loved when he called you that. “I love you so much.” 
Getting into the shower, you pulled him close and swayed back and forth slowly while he kissed along your neck and shoulder, across your collarbone, his hands caressing down your sides and hips. 
“I love how you touch me,” you breathed, letting your head fall back as your eyes closed. 
Suddenly he was on his knees, kissing down your chest as he went, his hands dragging down to squeeze it as his mouth found your stomach. Moaning his name and leaning back against the wall of the shower, you watched as he brushed his mouth along your sex, teasing you. 
“May I?” 
“Fuck, please…” 
He nudged your legs gently apart and began to devour you instantly, hugging your bum to push you closer. Gasping loudly, your knees buckled beneath you, nearly caving. He held you up, though, gazing up at you from under long lashes as he worked his magic. You tried desperately to catch your breath, letting yourself drown in him, the feeling of his lips and his tongue pleasuring you. 
“You taste fucking amazing,” he praised loudly, squeezing you somehow closer, his words setting you alight. 
“Tim, fuck you’re gonna make me come,” you whined, spreading your legs wider for him. 
“Good girl, let go…”
Pushing it down, wanting it to last forever, you whimpered and moaned, tangling your hands into his hair and pulling him closer as you teetered on the edge. He groaned against you, the vibration nearly causing you to yell out loud. Slipping his hands down the backs of your legs, he pressed himself harder against you, and that was it. Coming hard, you cried out his name into the air, your body nearly collapsing. He held you tightly, though, keeping you secure through the orgasm and loving you the entire time.
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