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ssa-daddyhotchner · 17 hours ago
Teach Me (One shot)
This is a little concept that’s been running through my head constantly lately. We all know that Thomas can play guitar but we’ve never heard him. I feel like this is something Aaron would be able to do. And I just think it’d be a cute moment.
I don’t know how I feel about this, but again at least I thought it’d be cute
Summary: Y/n wakes up to hearing noise downstairs and Aarons not next to her
Warnings: None
I rolled over and swung my arm to the left side of the bed. My arm went cold and that was the only reason I opened my eyes. Aaron wasn’t there next to me, usually he’d be directly behind me, holding me. 
“Aaron”, I said drowsily. I gave it a few seconds that I looked around the room, the digital clock on Aarons side of the bed caught my eye.... it was 3:30am. 
Why is he up... or gone? 
I pulled the covers off of me and I just a rush of cold air that spread across my still. I put on one of Aarons hoodies that was on the chair in the hanger. Going down the stairs I heard noises coming from downstairs. 
It didn’t sound like a window breaking or anyone walking around but I grabbed a knife from the kitchen, you can never be too careful. 
I didn’t turn on any lights... I was walking around in the dark. The noise started getting louder and I went past the kitchen to towards the sound. Looking through the sliding glass door, there he was. 
I set the knife on the counter.
Aaron was sitting on the patio, he was in the dark by the glass table. Opening the door he turned around looking at me. 
“What’re you doing up?”, I was still groggy from just waking up. My eyes sensitive to the sudden appearance of like.
“You weren’t in bed, I was curious.... and cold.” He hummed and turned back around to resume what he was doing. Going closer, my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, he was holding a guitar. 
"Forgot you're always cold." He said softly. Every time I was shivering Aaron would wrap his body around me.
Those were the times I always slept the best.
“You can play?”, I said as I got closer. Taking a seat next to him he played a little melody. 
“A little bit, enough for me to own the guitar.” We chuckled. 
“Who taught you?”, he plucked away at the six string. “Taught myself, which is probably why it sounds the way it does.” 
“I think it sounds nice. May I request a song?” I sat back in the chair, gazing as the light shimmered over him. It was just enough to see him and some of the surroundings. 
“Depends... I have a very limited selection.” 
“Alone and Forsaken”, he raised his eyebrows and looked surprised. 
“You know Hank Williams.” I shrugged and smirked. “I might know a little bit.” 
“Alright”, Aaron looked down at the guitar and adjusted his fingers to Am then switching over to E. I was taking back to my childhood. 
To when the song was played in the car with my mother while we were driving. I always felt a connection to the song, it was one of the few that made me feel disconnected from reality. 
In a blink the song was over, the sound of the vibrating strings dissipated. 
“Any others?”, I reached over to him and gripped the instrument. Aaron noticed I wanted it and let go, handing it over. “Do you know how to play.” 
Aaron stared at me and started smiling, he dipped his head down and listened to the next song I started playing.
I didn’t answer with words but by setting my fingers in a D chord and I started picked at the wires. Moving across the fret board, it was the only song I really knew how to play. 
"All I can do is write about it... Lynyrd Skynyrd."
“Dust in the wind.” I stopped and glanced back at him. “Yeah, it’s the only one I know with finger picking.... sing with me.” 
“Y/n I’m not singing.” 
“I’ll do it with you, please.” Aaron sighed in defeat, he wasn’t going to fight it. I resumed my position and started again. 
That’s how the early morning went, Aaron singing softly when I gave him back the guitar. When he played the last song the silence took over and the sun was just barley rising. 
The only thing really giving away the time was the small amount of sunlight that peaked past the distant buildings. 
He put his arm around me and I rested my head on his chest. “I’ve just been a little stressed lately.” 
Both of us stood up and we walked inside, not going back upstairs but settling on the couch. 
“I never asked, why were you out there in the first place.” 
“I’m sorry”, his fingers trailed down my spine and back up. “It’s okay.” 
“Being the boss isn’t as thrilling is it seems.” He let out a dry huff. 
“Yeah no, you guys have it so much easier, and I’m not trying to say my job is tougher than yours cause it’s really not... it’s just more of everything especially for one person.” 
Aaron was currently under the microscope by Strauss. 
Soon after we fell asleep, getting a small break from everything till the light from outside started illuminating the living room. I groaned and flipped over so my stomach was against Aarons. 
I was fully awake and couldn't shut my brain back off. “Are you awake.” 
There was silence until I hear Aaron suck in a breath, “No.” 
“Hey?”, he hummed and he moved a hand to the back of my thigh moving my leg to cover his. “What?” 
“Can you teach me to play the guitar...” My dad used to play, I felt like it’d be way to feel closer to him. 
“Sure sweetheart.” 
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bau-baby · a day ago
Can you write a fic where the reader (she’s a part of the team) is at a bar and either gets assaulted or is about to get assaulted by a dude when Aaron sees her and saves her? Then she has issues being around men besides him? And then she realizes her feelings for him. Sorry I know it’s a long request. If you can’t that’s okay!
safe with you.
word count: 638
warnings: forceful advances, unwanted touching, just overall gross drunk men things, and some swearing
A/N: This does not have any ass*ult in it. Only unwanted advances. I do not and will not write about SA in this manner again. I have experienced SA firsthand and reliving that is something I don't want to do. Please understand that I am not mad at you anon, just trying to firmly state my boundaries.
join my taglist!
You usually aren’t one to go out to a bar, but you succumbed to the force and puppy dog eyes of a certain Penelope Garcia. It seems that Aaron fell victim to that of David Rossi, as he is never one to go out to a bar either.
Everyone, save for you and Aaron, is three rounds in when you were sent on the quest of getting their fourth round.
You never have liked bars. Too many people in a small, stuffy area. As you make your way through the sea of people towards the bar, sweaty bodies make you feel like a pinball, bouncing from shoulder to shoulder. 
When you finally make it to the bar and tell the bartender what your team wants, you stand there waiting. You saw a man come up to you from the corner of your eye, and you could smell the cheap, stale beer from a mile away.
You closed in on yourself, silently willing for the man to go away and for the drinks to come faster.
"Hey, pretty lady, what're doing here all alone?" The man leered, placing a hand on your hip. You shoved it off, further scooting away from him.
"Oh come on, you know you want it," He smiled, placing the hand back on your hip. You shove him away again, and that's when things go south.
"You stupid bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are?" He was shoving a finger in your face, and you forgot everything about being an FBI agent and de-escalation. You felt a hand on your arm, and you recognized it instantly.
"Actually, she's my girlfriend," Aaron says, pulling you closer to him. The bartender brings the drinks over, but you just want to drop them back at your table and leave. Aaron reads your mind.
"Wanna get out of here, sweetheart?" He says, looking at you.
It's just an act, You remind yourself.
"Yeah, that sounds good. Let's drop these drinks off with the team though, right?' You tell him, motioning to the tray of shots still sitting on the bar.
He nods, grabbing the tray and your hand as you make your way back to the table. Aaron explains what happened well, and you've earned some expressions of sympathy and a chorus of goodbyes from your friends.
You hadn't realized until you are out of the bar that he still had a hold of your hand. You almost decide to pull it away, afraid of holding onto the idea of something more.
You felt a tug or your arm, and you collided with Aaron's chest. He wrapped his arms around you, and you just breathe in, grounding yourself
He smells like mint.
"Thank you. You really saved me back there, and uh- thanks for doing that whole 'pretend to be the boyfriend' thing. It helped."
"What if I don't want to pretend?" That makes you stiffen, and you pull away to look at him.
You see him start to doubt his advances, to second guess himself. So, you do the only logical thing you can think of.
You kiss him. You wrap your arms around his neck, hands in his hair. His hands remain at your waist.
You felt the world get drowned out around you, only leaving you and Aaron and the feelings you've harbored finally being shown and reciprocated.
You pull away, the world in your eyes and a newfound feeling in your heart.
You know he felt it too.
"Oh- wow. Just, wow," You say, your mind drawing blanks as you look at Aaron.
"I guess that's a good sign, then? Leaving you speechless?" He says, a mischievious glint in his eyes.
Cocky bastard.
Cute cocky bastard, but a bastard nonetheless.
"Just shut up and kiss me, idiot."
And boy, did he kiss you.
tags: @ash19871962
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madswonders · a day ago
As a Harry Potter AND Criminal Minds fan, may I present to you my (possibly extremely inaccurate, but incredibly fun) sorting hat attempt:
Gideon: Ravenclaw
Hotch: Hufflepuff
Derek: Gryffindor
Spencer: Gryffindor
Elle: Slytherin
JJ: Slytherin
Penelope: Hufflepuff
Emily: Slytherin
Rossi: Ravenclaw
Seaver: Slytherin
Alex: Ravenclaw
Kate: Slytherin
Tara: Slytherin
Luke: Hufflepuff
Stephen: Hufflepuff
Matt: Gryffindor
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dxlfhotch · a day ago
hello i don't know how to fucking use tumblr but hola i am dip
i dont write fics but i do read them, and here is a list of head canons i have come up with over the past few months of being hyperfixated on this weird fucking show alright yep:
- the team goes for outings with their families after a really difficult case or if they all just wanna hang out
- thus leading to a great scenario that i like to call "the bar incident" where basically the team (emily, hotch, reid, rossi, garcia, jj, morgan, yaknow the big boyz) go out to a bar one night and get reallllyyyyyy fucked up
- reid doesn't normally drink, if he does he will take maybe whatever weird colorfully fruity thing garcia hands him and that will be all, but he's not known to drink a lot if at all
- one night reid gets a little too distracted trying to explain something to rossi or someone else and garcia hands him a drink and he sips along while he talks, and she just keeps handing him more and more and he doesn't realize until he's had around 4 or 5 lets say (you can change the scenario that this happens i just did this bc its the first thing that popped in my head)
- basically reid is a fucking lightweight because hes a skinny white boy who never drinks, so hes giggling and laughing at everything and when he gets drunk he gets lovable drunk, so he goes up to garcia or emily or jj and just gives them big hugs and he tries to sit with rossi to tell him how much he appreciates his hard work at the bureau and he dances with morgan and garcia and he tries to go hug hotch and tell him how much he appreciates and loves him for looking out for everyone
- now, if the OTHER team members got piss drunk? oh boy
- if hotch was drunk he would be the "laughing-at-everything-its-kind-of-concerning" drunk, where he would just laugh at every minor inconvenience, he would most likely get in debates with reid as its canon that they have had 'arguments' where they debate about the definition of narcissism or the plot to star trek or some shit
- if hotch got drunk enough he would fully dance with Garcia
- rossi is usually the designated driver, so he would drag all of them to his car and stuff them in
- garcia, emily, and jj canonically have girls nights pretty often, sometimes they have sleepovers like 12 year old girls and stay up late gossiping and drinking wine and then they all go sleep in one room
- if they are tipsy or tired enough it might go something like this:
*the room is quiet and they all are ready to fall asleep at any moment*
"has anyone seen rossi shirtless"
"emily no haha what the fuck"
"i dont wanna picture that right now"
"guys go to sleep we probaly have a case in the morning"
okAY AS I WAS WRITING THIS I WAS THINKUNG "hmm what are other headcanons" and this shit popped into my head as a joke but its so funny to me ok here:
- reid loves his hair being played with, but like gently dont make that bitch bald yaknow
- hotch did too but only really with haley or beth, sometimes if he has a headache maybe like garcia would as she makes him swallow a shit ton of advil
half of this is just crack uhhh have fun if you write anything with this let me know that'd be so funny
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bau-baby · 2 days ago
Hi for the prompt list could you please do 3 & 8 with Hotch please? Thank you!
3. hiding face in neck
8. shielding the other one with their body
word count: 617
warnings: mentions of guns/bullets, mentions of what happened to Haley
A/N: This turned out a bit sad at first but I made it fluffy :) I love soft!Hotch with my whole heart!
find the prompt list here
join my taglist!
You knew it was reckless. You knew it was dumb. You could hear Hotch and Derek yelling after you as you ran into the house without a Kevlar on, and you knew they'd be following in with the cavalry of officers close behind.
You had found the unsub with a gun to a hostage's head, and you kept your gun trained on the unsub. The gun always carried weight with it, but now it felt like it was more than you could carry with the adrenaline flowing through your body, heartbeat thrumming in your ears.
Just as you heard the front door burst open, a shot went off. But before you felt it hit, you were on the ground with a profound weight on top of you that smelled of mint and a freshly dry-cleaned suit.
You wrapped your arms around his back before he got up, and you could feel the bullet that was lodged in his Kevlar.
Everything has felt like a blur up until the point you finished getting checked out by the paramedics, leaning against the ambulance, and watching the scene get processed.
The unsub was dragged out in handcuffs by Derek, and Hotch was on the porch directing coroners and cops alike. He finally stepped off the porch and visibly deflated, meeting your eyes in the process.
He slowly walks over to you with a sad look in his eye, all the way until you are toe to toe. You straighten, no longer leaning on the ambulance, and look him in the eye. All you see is an overwhelming sense of security, but you could see the sadness in his eyes too.
"I thought I lost you. I thought I, uh- I wouldn't make it in time. Please, as your boss and as your fiancé, don't do that again."
It hit you then. Why he was so sad. More upset than normal- because the last time something like this happened, he wasn't able to save Haley in time.
"Oh god, Aaron. I'm so sorry-" you wrap your arms around his middle, while his clasped behind your back, his face in the crook of your neck, "-it was not your fault. None of it was your fault. I promise you."
You heard small sniffles from him as his arms squeezed tighter around you like he was just making sure that you're there. You could see Derek and Emily standing on the sidewalk, lit up red and blue by the lights as the scene was still being processed.
When Aaron pulls away, he plants a kiss on your hair and looks you in the eye. His gaze has a hint of 'I'm your boss and you did something reckless' in it, and you jump the gun before he can give you a lecture.
"I understand what I did was stupid, and I'm sorry. I promise to wear my Kevlar next time, scouts honor," You say, looking Aaron in the eyes.
"You were never a scout," He says with a tilt of his head and a small smile on his face. You smack his chest playfully.
"You know what I meant, Hotchner. Now go help the locals process that scene so we can get home," You say, leaning into his embrace again. He still had that smile on his face, which now turned into a smirk.
"Yes, ma'am," He says, and you roll your eyes as he kisses your lips softly.
"Go," you mumble, giving him a look. He detaches from you, that smile on his face until he goes back into work mode.
You are madly in love with that man, and you knew it from the moment you laid eyes on him.
tags: @ash19871962
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Rossi: I don’t think Emily knows how to respond to your compliments
Hotch: That’s ridiculous, why do you say that?
Rossi: just say something
Hotch, to Emily: You did well today
Emily: *panicking* happy birthday
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criminalmindsvibez · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"It is only in love and in murder that we still remain sincere." —Friedrich Dürrenmatt
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 7x21 “Divining Rod”
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confused--mind · 2 days ago
*game night* *trivia time*
Hotch: Okay, going off of how much we lost last time-
Rossi: Lost? try 'completely ruined'
Hotch: Anyway- we're gonna make new teams today. It's gonna be Rossi, Garcia, Emily, JJ, Morgan and I vs Spencer.
Spencer: No, you guys, that's not fair.
Emily: You're gonna do fine, Reid. Don't worry.
Spencer: I'm not worried about me, but you guys should add Google to your list of team members
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ssa-daddyhotchner · 3 days ago
The Struggle of Loving You - Chapter 18
Chapter Selection
"Did you study for the test?", I looked up at him in surprise. He turned to me scanning my face, "So that's a no." 
"It completely slipped my mind, if you haven't noticed I've been a bit busy", I gesture between the both of us. Knowing that we've been taking up each other's time constantly. He chuckled and put on his button up his shirt, "I'll give you a pass this time. Y/n you better not forget next time or there'll be consequences." 
My mind wandered along those words, trying to figure out what he meant. I knew there was a darker side to him, it was obvious. I wanted to find out how to bring it out of him. "Like what?", the smallest smirk formed on his face. 
He didn't answer, going into the bathroom to brush his teeth. I followed soon after, ready to leave. 
The past few days, I had stayed over at Aaron. Some nights he would stay over my apartment but it was easier to just be at his place. Chloe was always at home after she had woken up at the hospital. And for good reason, I'd be scared to go out too. 
I had spent some time with Jack but for the majority of the time he was with Hayley. She had run into Aaron and I while we were out at a restaurant. Why went out of our way to go 45 minutes out of town in case we ran into someone and of course it was her. 
She just stared at us, never asking us anything. 
"I wanna take you out", I held out my hand and he took it. We walked out of his house and he locked the door behind us. Going to the car we both got in, I didn't have my car because Chloe needed to borrow. "How can I say no", smiling at him as he drove out of the neighborhood. 
"Tonight", I said and a silence took over the car. Both of us just sitting, the quiet humming of the car as it went down the road was something that took my focus. 
I looked at the window and stared at the passing buildings. "How'd you do in the academy?", Aaron turned his focus to him, taking his eyes off the road. "What was that?" 
"The academy... how'd you do?", he looked back at the road and I glanced at him. "Well." 
"Well? Like how", Aaron turned into a coffee shop. "As well as you'd aspect." I rolled my eyes and he parked the car in the parking lot. "Well that doesn't help. How was it?" Aaron got out of the car and opened the passenger side door. I got out using Aaron's hand to help get out, "Why are you asking?" 
We walked into the shop and got in line for the register. "I don't know... I just want to know what to expect is all." 
"Y/n you'll be fine, it is challenging but nothing you can't handle." I was getting worried about it. Something that was always at the back of my mind. I knew there were women in the FBI obviously but I was preparing for them to reject me. 
Because I was a woman they wouldn't want me. The fact that Aaron had faith in me made it slightly easier. I nodded to his words and we stepped forwards and ordered. 
Getting our drinks we walked out and got back into the car. Heading for the campus, I still needed him to help me study. We had started a new unit and I was harder than I thought it would be, my grade going from and A to a high B. 
Most people would still be glad and hell yeah I was but I just needed the extra support. The drive to campus was filled with casual conversation, some about Jack and how he was doing. 
We stopped out of the car when he parked, going into the lecture hall. We were early giving it was about a half hour before class had even started. Going down the stairs, setting my thing at my desk and Aaron went to his desk. 
I pulled up a chair and sat next to him, "Get your things out, refresh yourself, after I'm done grading these then we can worry about you." I nodded and opened my book, going over definitions. Looking at statistics, "Okay this isn't helping." 
"If you want me to hurry up... here-", he handed me half the stack of paper that was on his desk. "There, help me grade those and I'll help you, seeing how impatient you are, better to have you do some work." Aaron wasn't completely wrong, I was impatient. "Here's the answer sheet", he placed the Answer paper in front of me and I went through all the answers. 
Most of the students were getting B's and C's. Only some of them A's, "This is kind of fun." He glanced over to me, "Maybe you can help more often." 
I wasn't going to say no to spending more time with him. I flipped to the last page and I finished my pile after Aaron. He collected the papers and pushed them to the side. He pushed my chair in front of him and pulled me closer, our knees were up against each other. 
I stared at him, waiting to test me. " What are the social forces that make up, according to Robinson?" I racked my brain thinking of the answer that was on the tip of my tongue. "Biography, organization interpersonal relationships socia structure, culture, global environment." 
He looked back at me, "Good... What is Transnational and Comparative criminology?" 
"Transitional criminology focuses principally on transitional or cross border forms of crime and endeavors on various levels to control and respond effectively to such crime—" I took a breath and I could tell by Hotch's face that he wanted me to keep going. 
"Comparative criminology addresses the nature of the crime problem and the form and character or criminal justice systems in predominantly Western countries." My heart raced from the slight pressure. He set a reassuring hand on my knee, rubbing small circles. 
"You're doing great", I could hear that he was genuine. "What is policing?" 
"The prevention, control and prosecution of crime and the maintenance of public order by professionals employed by the state in an entity known as "the police, militia—." The very last word I needed to answer the question didn't come to mind. Hotch removed his hand from my knee and crossed his arms, raising his eyebrows. 
"5...4...", he started counting, making my mind rush. "I can get it." 
"3...2...", he paused, giving me a last chance. "Gendarmerie?", it sounded like a question, I wasn't sure myself. I waited for Hotch to tell me I was wrong. "Correct." 
I let out a sigh of relief. He leaned forwards and grabbed my hand, pulling me on his lap. "You did fine, but obviously the questions on the test are going to be more detailed than that. I put my arms on his shoulders, "Sweetheart you and that beautiful mind are going to do great." 
"I hope", he kissed my temple and I stood up. Class started in five minutes and I took that time to try and calm my heart rate. I felt it beating in my ears, every once and a while Aaron would look up at me, he saw that I was stressing over it. 
The first student walked through the doors taking their seat. Soon after they started flooding inside. Letting them settle Hotch spoke, "As you know today is the test, put your things away and we'll start." 
Once everything was gone, he passed the packets out, "You have till the end of class, if you finish early you can leave." He sat down, looking in my direction. Giving me a nod, I flipped the first page and read the first question. 
Answering the last question, I went over my answers maybe three times before standing up and walking over to his desk. Handing him the papers, "You can leave." I turned around and walked through the doors. 
Chloe walked out after me, "Where were you last night." I gave her a dumb look, she raised her eyebrows, "Right. How's that going by the way." 
We made our way across the campus in the direction of our other classes, "Good." 
"No details?", I shook my head. 
"That's just for us." Chloe groaned. "You're so boring", my phone vibrated and I took it out.
Aaron - After you're done. You might want to get ready for our date. 
Y/n - Where are we going
Aaron - That's a surprise... but where a dress
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criminalmindsvibez · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Worse than telling a lie is spending your whole life staying true to a lie." –Robert Brault
gifing every single episode of criminal minds: 7x20 “The Company”
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h0tchgan · 3 days ago
Going Back to the Past
Summery: Aaron goes back to his hometown to meet his stepfather.
A/N: My take on Hotch’s childhood is kind of different than what most people thinks so here is the link on my take of his childhood so you can understand better. (Btw this is an au where his stepdad doesn’t die)
Taglist: @ellyhotchner @unionjackpillow @eleanorbloom
Warnings: Implied/reference child abuse, mention death, mention of suicide, small mention of homophobia, alcohol
Aaron walks over the the front porch of his parent’s house. His father’s house actually. They moved across town after her mom remarried. And she passed away while Aaron was still in college so his father is the only one living in the house. Aaron silently gulps and he rings the doorbell. The sound of the bell still haunts him to this day.
A tall man with blonde-grey hair and bags under his blue eyes opens the door. Aaron stares at him before saying anything.
“Aren’t you going to give your father a hug?” Michael asks as he opens his arms. Aaron slowly walks over to him and gives him a small hug. He doesn’t even try to muster a fake smile.
“Come in”, the older man says. Aaron nods and comes inside. He looks around the living room. Nothing had changed. Aaron sits down on the couch and his stepfather sits in a seat in front of him.
“So what brings you here?” Michael asks. Aaron looks up to him. Why is he here?
“I uh w-wanted to see how you were doing”, Aaron replies, stuttering a little. He always stutters around his father.
“Seems like you haven’t changed a bit. Still the shy, stuttering kid huh?” Michael says, teasing his stepson. Aaron cringes. He hates it when people tease his stutter.
“Well, how’s your wife? The Brooks girl?” Michael asks. Aaron looks at the coffee table in front of him.
“She .. she uh passed away a few weeks ago”, Aaron replies softly. Michael frowns.
“Oh .. what happened?” Michael asks. Aaron silently gulps.
“A-a serial killer .. he wanted to hurt me so-so he killed her”, Aaron says quickly without explaining all the details. The older man scoffs at him.
“Well that what happens when you can’t separate your work life and your personal life”, Michael replies to Aaron. Aaron snaps his head up.
“Wh-what?” Aaron asks. Did he heard that right? Was his father blaming him for Haley’s death? Aaron already blames himself and surely his stepfather already knows that.
“Come on, do you know how many death threats I get for being a defence attorney? About me and our family? And yet they never tried to hurt you. Because I separate both of my personal life from my work life”, The blonde man explains. Aaron stares at him with tears in his eyes.
“My-my wife just died”, Aaron says quietly.
“And who’s fault is that?” Michael asks. Aaron stares at him in shock. The older man stands up and goes into the kitchen.
“I’m going to go get something to drink”, Michael says as he walks into the kitchen. Aaron nods and stares back at the coffee table. Soon the older man comes back with a bottle of vodka and two glasses. Aaron felt a pit in his stomach. It’s what his stepfather would get drunk on when he beat Aaron. Michael pours the alcohol into two glasses and gives one to Aaron. He takes it and takes a small sip of it. He hates it but he still drank it.
“So son, anything else? How’s the Brook family?” Michael asks his stepson.
“Don’t call me your son”, Aaron mutters under his breathe. Michael frowns at him.
“What did you say?” The older man asks. Aaron looks up at him.
“I said ... Don’t call me your son”, Aaron says, raising his voice a little.
“How dare you? I put a roof over your head, I took care of you”, Michael replies.
“Oh so those times where you’d beat me was you taking care of me? The times I cried myself to sleep was you taking care of me?” Aaron asks. Michael doesn’t say anything for a second.
“Well look where you are now. You’re a successful FBI agent who makes more then a hundred grand a year. And that’s because of me, your father”, Michael replies. Aaron suddenly stands up and throws the glass on the coffee table, shattering it.
“You’re not my dad!” Aaron yells as he stands up. The older man stares at him, unfazed.
“And where I am now has nothing to do with you helping me. You’d beat ever chance you get. Do you know how many times I’ve thought about killing my self? But I didn’t. And now I’m one of the best profilers in the country because of me!” Aaron yells at his stepfather. The older man just smirks at him.
“Wow ... you kind of remind me of myself. Your son must be scared of you”, Michael replies. Aaron feels tears pooling in his eyes.
“I-I’m.. I’m leaving”, Aaron says quietly before leaving the living room. Michael sighs and rolls his eyes.
“Go ahead, it’s what you always do”, Michael says to Aaron. Aaron quickly leaves the house and goes into his car. He sits in the driver’s seat and starts crying. He sobs as he covers his mouth with his right hand. Why did he bother coming there in the first place? He knew this was going to happen but he still came. Maybe it’s because he misses his father. The one who would held Aaron when he cried. The one who stormed into the principal’s office when he was being bullied. The one who would’ve accepted his son for being bisexual even though they go to church every Sunday. Aaron misses his real father.
After a couple of minutes, Aaron had stopped crying. He wiped the tears off his face and started the car. He drove for a couple of minutes before reaching to the other side of town. He parks his car in front of a cemetery and walks in. Aaron walks across the cemetery until he reaches the back corner. He stands in front of a grave. The grave of Johnathon Hotchner.
People would always say that he looked just like his father. Dark hair with brown eyes. A smile that could light up the room. His grandfather had even told him that he even sounded just like him. Still Aaron feared of becoming just his stepdad. An abusive father and husband who would hit his son every chance he got. But he didn’t. Because every time Michael would hit him or make him cry, Aaron would sneak out at night and walk all the way across town to his father’s grave. Because it was the only thing that reminded him that he’s not a bad person.
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biggestgeekintheverse · 3 days ago
Fun Fact #6
Unpopular opinion: Criminal Minds Edition!
Aaron Hotchner’s wife, Hailey, didn’t deserve him. She was selfish and petty and after everything he’s seen, he deserved someone that would be loyal to him and understanding. I mean, how are you gonna marry an FBI agent and be surprised that they’re busy?
He’s a fucking superhero and super daddy material and he really deserved better and if it isn’t already obvious I love him.
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h0tchgan · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Picture by @racingairplanes
Can use as your lockscreen but give me credit for anything else
Click for better quality!
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drperfectlyfinereid · 4 days ago
so .. i’ve discovered that the idea of going from lovers! to unsub! is my favorite story trope so I’ve decided to try and write a story with Spencer Reid around that so keep an eye out for that! Also, as a fan of Taylor Swift, it’ll also have taylor swift references to it so it’s all my favorite thing s combined
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confused--mind · 4 days ago
Reid: I think I might need therapy...
Hotch: congrats on being the last to know.
Reid: seriously? you guys all knew-
Everyone: YES.
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racingairplanes · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icon edits -> aaron hotchner in 1x06 "L. D. S. K." ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
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Unsub: we have her
Hotch: who?
Unsub: Agent Prentiss, and if you don't-
Hotch: *laughing*
Unsub: What's funny?
Hotch: You don't have her. She has you. Good luck.
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letarasstuff · 4 days ago
Miss Missing Curfew
(A/N): This was requested by an anon. I hope you like it :)
Summary: How does Hotch react to his daughter missing her curfew?
Warnings: angry Hotch and angry teenager
Wordcount: 1.3k
✨Masterlist✨ ______________________________
(Y/N) always was an outgoing person. From the moment on she was able to speak coherently and walk steadily the whole world became her friend.
Aaron and Haley surely wanted to encourage her to socialize and meet new people, but they still had to set limits and establish rules to live by. A curfew for example. This is something both parents insisted on her following and (Y/N) did without a fail. After all she knew about her father’s job, what kind of people are out on the streets creeping around and that her parents were concerned about her wellbeing all the time.
Especially after her mother’s death the girl was careful to be at home on time. She didn’t want to be another reason Aaron has to worry. This was before she hit high school. In her freshman year (Y/N) goes through a small and short rebellious phase.
It starts with talking back, not much or mean, but Hotch has to tell her to do a certain chore a few times and has to expect to get some kind of backlash. He doesn’t let it slide, of course, just telling her off and usually his daughter stops and does as told.
“Dad, I’ll be out with a few classmates!” (Y/N) calls into the kitchen, where Aaron is finishing cleaning the counters. “Alright, Sweetheart. Be home by nine!” She pops her head into the room and smiles at him. “I will. Love you!”
It’s currently 8:30 and Hotch sits patiently in the living room watching TV. Every few seconds his eyes dart towards his phone, waiting for it to make a sound. Normally the teenager would have sent him a message by now, telling him she is on her way back home. Out of all the reasons and excuses his mind goes through, the agent decides on her forgetting to text him. After all this is nothing he has ever told her to do, (Y/N) does it on her own accord. Or maybe her phone died and she hasn’t had the opportunity to charge it.
But the closer the clock is to nine, his reasoning gets darker. What if she got into an accident with her bike and is in some hospital by now, listed as a Jane Doe. Is it too early to make a few calls to different ERs?
By the time the clock strikes nine, Hotch is totally convinced (Y/N) lays dead in a ditch. After all she is always on time or letting him know she is late because of a good reason. But his phone hasn’t made a noise since six and this was Penelope sending him a cat gif in hopes to make him smile (it’s her secret mission).
His calls go straight to voicemail. By 9:30 Aaron is sure something so bad had happened, that nobody even dares to inform him. Still, he tries to keep it level headed. He gives her time until ten before he takes action.
But as soon as ten comes it also goes by. For a father waiting on his child time flies and slowly goes by simultaneously. Just as he takes the phone at exactly 11:23 to call his colleagues, because (Y/N) is either kidnapped or dead and he needs their help and advice, keys jingle at the door.
The lost thought person looks sheepishly at her father, who stands with crossed arms and the coldest glare in history in the hallway. “Heyyy Dad, how are you doing? Did you know that you only can swallow two to three times before your body stops you doing that? Well, it’s late and I have to go to bed. Goodnight!” But her attempt to slip beside him is short lived after Aaron sticks his arm out and hinders her.
“I ask you this only one time. Why are you late?” His dangerously calm voice makes (Y/N) stand up straighter.
“Uhm, well do you know that Albert Einstein once said time is relative? And he said that three minutes-” “Stop trying to crap you way out of this. I want an answer before deciding on your punishment. Now give me the truth and the truth only.”
His cold eyes make the teenager look away. She knows that she has lost this battle. “I forgot to check the time. But Dad-” Hotch cuts her off: “No buts. We established your curfew for a good reason and this reason was not you breaking it. You are grounded for two weeks and no electronics for one. No discussions.”
Ok, (Y/N) may know that this battle is lost, but this doesn’t stop her from trying. “That’s unfair! It’s the first time I’m late, Dad. Don’t be such a stuck up.” After uttering those words she realizes that she only dug a deeper hole for herself.
“You call this unfair?! Then how do you name the worries and fear I had to endure over the last two and a half hours, wondering where you were? Thinking about which UnSub could have kidnapped you or in which ditch you may lay dead?” It’s uncommon for Aaron to raise his voice against his daughter. It’s just that all of the built up stress breaks out of him at once.
“I don’t know, Dad? I think I’ll call it overreacting? All of the other kids’ parents aren’t that strict about their curfew! I’m a teenager for crying out loud! Let me live a little! Just because you hadn’t ever let loose in your life, you don’t have to control me like that! This is why Mo-” Suddenly everything goes silent. (Y/N) knows not to end this sentence, because it’s not fair to say that.
“Go to your room.” Hotch’s face goes stone cold again. Without wasting a second she rushes out of the hallway.
In this night nobody gets any sleep (except for Jack, who is oblivious to what happened). Both of them feel too guilty to close their eyes. (Y/N) on the one hand knows that she has crossed a line. To be honest she missed her curfew intentionally, just to test the limits. While lying in her bed, she sees that this was immature and stupid.
On the other hand Aaron cools off enough to see that he is the one who is unfair. He loaded something up on his daughter, just because he grew too paranoid due to all the things he sees in his job.
The next morning is filled with an awkward tension. (Y/N) and Hotch try to avoid each other, knowing they went too far last night. For the most part it works, because he has to drop the youngest off at a friend’s house. That gives both of them enough time to collect their bearings and decide to be the bigger person in the following conversation.
This is why (Y/N) waits at the door as she hears her father parking in the driveway. A bit taken aback by her eagerness, he enters the hallway.
“I’m sorry”, they say at the same time. Baffled by this, they look at each other. “I’m sorry for being such a moody teenager and only seeing my own problems and not acknowledging your point of view.” Aaron shakes his head. “No, I have to apologize. You are allowed to be a moody teenager, I’m just not prepared to deal with one. I promise I’ll get better at that and will give you more freedom and ‘let it loose’ more often. But you are still grounded-”
This gets a groan out of her. “You didn’t let me finish! I said you are still grounded with the possibility of reducing your sentence by doing more chores and behaving. Deal?” (Y/N) acts like she has to think about it before smiling and taking the hand her father offers. “Deal!”
All works:
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