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andreafmn · 5 hours ago
Running in Circles - Chapter 6
Tumblr media
Word Count: 4,560
Characters: Female Reader Rossi Character, Aaron Hotchner, David Rossi, Derek Morgan, Spencer Reid, Jennifer “JJ” Jareau, Emily Prentiss, Penelope Garcia
Story Description: (Y/N) Rossi is following in her father’s footsteps by joining the BAU team as a profiler. The girl genius knew almost everything but she could have never predicted falling for Aaron Hotchner, her boss and her father’s friend. in their world mutual feelings are not enough to push them together. Will all the adversities and obstacles they face pull them together or push them apart forever?
*DISCLAIMER* I do not own in any way Criminal Minds, all credits of the pre-established characters, script, and storyline belong to Jeff Davis and CBS Network. The only thing I own is Arden Rossi, any upcoming characters, and her storyline, as well as her effects in the others’ story line.
Chapter: 6/?
A/N: The domestic fluff that is in this chapter is too overwhelming!! If you enjoy my writing I’ll also be posting them in AO3 and Wattpad along with other stories (I also hope to start taking requests if ya’ll want) Hope you enjoy and all constructive criticism is encouraged.
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Chapter 6
The last case we had worked on had been exhausting. Having Agent Ashley Seaver help with this case in New Mexico had not turned out the way anyone had hoped. She had been reckless, and things could have ended very differently for her. Ashley was only a probationary agent, and she had only joined us in this case because of who her father was and the intel she could provide on this type of unsub’s mind. I knew her story well, my father and Hotch being the ones that had caught her father, I had been able to learn all about the Beauchamp case.
I sympathized with her, knowing that her heart was in the right place. But in the field, we needed to let our heads lead because we weren’t just risking our lives but the lives of all our teammates. As we were going back home, Ashley sat at the back of the plane, far from the rest of the BAU members. The poor girl hadn’t stopped crying since we had found her in Drew Jacob’s residence. Derek and Spencer had fallen asleep, Emily was wrapped in a book, and my father and Hotchner had stepped away to talk when I decided to check on the new agent.
“Hi, Seaver,” I announced my presence. The blonde looked up at me and wiped away the tears that had been spilling from her eyes, gifting me a small smile. I sat across from her and returned the smile, trying to provide a sliver of comfort. “How’re you holding up?”
“I’ve been better,” she sighed. “Just beating myself over what I did.”
“I can’t excuse what you did because not only did you put yourself at risk, but you also put everyone at risk. But you are lucky enough that you’re able to learn from this, and I’m glad you were able to walk away physically unharmed from this situation.”
“Thank you, (Y/N).” She smiled, her eyes already bloodshot from the tears.
A throat clearing called out attention as my father sat next to me and Hotch stood beside us. I motioned to leave, but Hotch motioned that I could stay. I knew this was a reprimand, and the young agent was probably shaking in her bones.
“You were not supposed to go off on your own,” Hotch started.
“I know.”
“You could have been killed.”
“I know that, too.”
“Why, Ashley?” Dad questioned. “You’re smarter than that.”
“I never got to apologize to any of the victims. The families of the women my father killed.” She looked down, knowing no excuse would be good enough. “I thought if I could just apologize to one family that had been hurt that way…”
“I’m sorry that’s not good enough,” Hotchner interjected, and she affirmed by nodding her head. “By making that choice, you put everyone at risk. When you’re in the field, we are responsible to and for each other. We are a team.”
“I won’t do it again,” she tried to reassure.
“No, you won’t.” Hotch left, anger evident in his face. But I knew something else was bothering him. I looked to my father and excused myself as I walked past him to check up on our unit chief. My dad nodded and let me through, staying back to comfort the saddened agent in front of him.
Hotch had walked back to the front of the plane, to the small kitchenette that was parted off by a pair of curtains. He rested his weight against the countertop, rubbing his temples to appease the stress-induced headache he was probably feeling.
“Knock, knock.” I peeked my head through the curtains and his eyes softened at the sight of me. “How’re you feeling?”
“Yeah, dreading the paperwork this little hiccup is gonna entail,” he chuckled softly.
“That’s not what I’m talking about, Hotch. We’re coming up on a year.”
He sighed. This was a topic we hadn’t delved into since the event had happened. “I know. Jack has been having some problems, but it’s understandable. He still doesn’t fully understand what happened to Hayley, so he keeps asking about her, and he’s been having constant temper tantrums. It’s just a lot.”
“I’m so sorry, Hotch, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you say something?”
“I thought I could do it by myself, you know? As he grew up, I wasn’t there for a lot of the formative moments in his life, and now I’m the only parent he has left,” he sighed. “And I’m trying my best to do it all by myself, Jessica helps around when she can, but it’s still too much. I sometimes feel like he lost the wrong parent.”
“Don’t say that, Hotch.” My tone came out harsher than I intended, but this self-deprecating behavior did not sit well with me. “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a million times. You have been the best father to that little boy, and he loves you so much. It’s only normal that he will ask about his mom, he’s still a kid and can’t fully comprehend that his mom is gone. All he knows is that a year ago he went from seeing her every day, and now he hasn’t even heard her voice apart from videotapes. But that kid loves you so much, and he needs you now more than ever. If you need to take some time to be there for him, do it. You work too hard, and it’s okay to take a few days for yourself and for Jack.”
“It’s not easy to distance myself from the job when it’s who I am. I still don’t know how I did it last year.”
“You know you’re more than your job.” He stared into my eyes, trying to find the truth behind my words. It had always proven difficult for him to identify himself as anything other than the Supervisory Special Agent Aaron Hotchner. “You’re a brother, you’re a friend, you’re a father. This job is what you do, not who you are. I told you this last year, and I’ll keep saying it until you believe me, that little boy loves you with his whole being. You are what a real hero looks like. He’s growing and learning to cope with new emotions. He needs your attention right now. So, if you have to take a few days to be with your son, do it. We can handle the unit ourselves.”
“I guess I’m just too hard-headed to believe so,” he chuckled. When he acted this way, I always remembered one of the first times I had met Haley.
Hotch had invited my father and me to their home when I first started working with the FBI. When I had received the invitation, I felt nerves bundle in my body and live there until the day came. When I spoke to my dad about how nervous I felt, he could only laugh at me.
“There’s no need to be so nervous about this,” he chuckled.
“I’m going to go to my boss’s house, in a non-work environment, with his wife and son, and you for backup. I’ve only been here a month, I don’t wanna say or do something that will screw it up.”
“Darling, you’re overanalyzing this. It’s just an old friend asking his friend and his daughter to come over for dinner.” He had said to me. “He’s a different person outside of work.”
And I was able to witness that. The whole time we had been there the aura around him was different. He seemed to loosen up, sharing jokes and funny stories, something I had not seen up to that moment. At some point, he and my father had gone to the kitchen to serve dessert, leaving Haley and me behind – Jack had long gone left to bed. She was staring at the scene in front of us, a smile on her face as she swirled the wine in her cup.
“This is the Aaron I wish he always was,” she spoke up. “Not many people get to see this side of him. This is the man I fell in love with.”
As time went on, I understood what she meant. The Hotchner we knew at work was not the same Hotchner that would go home. Haley died with the hope that one day those two beings would morph and there wouldn’t be a separation of his personality. Slowly, they had started interlocking but there was still a clear divide.
“Head on home, Hotch,” I turned to him after we exited the plane. “I’ll finish the paperwork and send it to you for your signature.”
“I can’t ask you to do that, (Y/N). It’s the weekend, you should go home and rest.”
“I’m fine. I’ll stay overnight, and I’ll rest tomorrow. Go be with your son.”
“Thank you, Rossi. I owe you one,” he smiled.
“I’ll keep that in mind.”
We parted ways and I headed to the office, stopping only to get coffee. I would need the caffeine to last tonight. Thankfully, Emily and Derek had volunteered to help me out so that I could finish faster. We had made camp in the briefing room, the cups of coffee steaming in the center, next to a box of donuts.
“Sorry to ruin your weekend like this, guys,” I apologized, feeling very guilty of stomping on any plans they had.
“It’s fine,” Emily reassured. “I was planning a night in with Sergio.”
“My cat,” she laughed. “But really, you don’t have to apologize.”
“Yeah, we’ll always help your lovesick ass with anything,” Derek mocked. Emily joined him in laughter as they snickered at my scowl. “Seriously, you don’t have to bend over backward for him. He’s a grown man.”
“We all need help sometimes, Derek.”
“But there are limits, (Y/N). Are you ever going to tell him how you feel?” I was taken aback by Emily’s question. Right now was the worst possible time to tell him, and I wasn’t planning to tell at any point in the near future.
“What good would it do right now? He’s still getting over Haley’s death; he has Jack to deal with, and I’m fine with just being his friend at the moment.”
“And what’s gonna happen when he does get over Haley and starts dating?” My breath hitched in my throat. I had never thought about that possibility. “Will you still be fine filling in the friend position?”
“I don’t know, Em. But for now, if this is how it must be, then so be it. Let’s just drop it and finish up. Please.”
“We just don’t want you to get hurt, (Y/N).”
“And I appreciate you guys worrying about me, D. One day I’ll deal with it. Just not today.”
The two agents seemed satisfied enough with my answer and delved back into work. I knew they were just looking out for my well-being, and I was thankful, but navigating feelings was something new to me. I knew the textbook methodology of how it could play out, and I had hypothesized the many endings to this situation that I could fathom, but there was still a huge margin of error. I could run everything systematically, but I could never account for human emotion. There was no way to know what kind of reaction I would generate from the unit chief.
A couple of hours had passed when we were finally done with the paperwork needed. Once midnight struck, I had told Emily and Derek to go home, that I would finish anything left by myself. It was a short negotiation, the exhaustion catching up to them. I grabbed all the necessary files and headed to Hotch’s office to fax them over to get his signature.
While I loaded the papers into the machine, the phone in the office went off. I debated for a second whether to answer or not. Given that it was so late at night, no calls should have been rolling in. Against my better judgment, I picked it up.
“SSA Hotchner’s office. This is Agent Rossi speaking.”
“You’re still at the office?”
“Hotch. What are you doing calling so late?”
“I wanted to see if you were still in,” he chuckled softly, speaking in a hushed tone. “Why are you still in?”
“Just got done. I was setting up the fax machine just now so you got the papers in the morning,” I explained. “Why are you awake at this hour?”
“Finally got Jack down like an hour ago. He wanted to keep watching some home videos, but it was already way past his bedtime, so I had to deal with a loud tantrum. It a lot to calm him down.”
He sounded defeated. I could only imagine what he was going through at the moment, and all I wanted to do was be there for him. “Why don’t you bring Jack over and stay the weekend at my place? A change of scenery might be good for you both.”
“I don’t want to impose on your time, (Y/N). You’ve done more than enough.”
“It’s fine, Hotch. I love having you guys over. Seriously, it’s no imposition.”
“Really?” I confirmed. “That’d be great, (Y/N). Jack loves going over there. I’ll come over in the morning.”
“Alright. I’ll get the room ready,” I smiled. “Get some sleep, Hotch.”
“Yeah, you too. Night, Rossi.”
“Good night, Hotch.” I put the receiver back to its place and decided to just take the files home to give to Hotchner tomorrow. If Emily or Derek had been there, I was sure they would disapprove of my decision to have the Hotchner boys over during the weekend.
At home, I went to the room the duo normally took place in. A couple of months ago I had redone the room, putting a built-in bunk bed that would work for both of them. The first time Jack had seen it, his face had lit up. He spent all night running up and down the stairs and jumping on the queen-sized bed that composed the bottom bunk.
I cleaned up in the room, replaced the sheets for fresher ones, left some towels on top of the dresser, laid out some of Jack’s toys on his bed, and running the clothes that were left here on a quick laundry cycle to make sure the weeks old clothes were fresh if they needed. By the time I was done, the clock had hit four-thirty in the morning. Before going to bed for a couple of hours, I washed the day away and laid my head on my pillow.
Sunlight started to shine onto my eyes before I knew it. My hand flew to my face to wipe the sleep away. I was still tired, but Hotch and Jack would arrive at any point in time. I hopped out of bed and went downstairs to put a pot of coffee to run before they arrived. I looked into the fridge, deciding on a bagel for a quick breakfast.
My phone beeped in my pocket. “On our way,” it read.
It would only take a few minutes before they got to my house, so I decided to head to the bakery down the street to have some fresh muffins in the house in case they had yet to eat something. While heading back, Hotch’s car rolled past me.
“(Y/N)!” Jack jumped out of the backseat of the car and ran to hug me, his hands wrapping around my waist.
“Hey, little man!” I ruffled his hair with my free hand and hugged him back. “It’s been a while.”
“Jack, you know you can’t jump out of the car like that.”
“It’s okay, Hotch. He’s sorry. Right, bud?”
“Yeah, sorry, dad.” Jack let go of my waist and took the box of muffins in his hands. “I’ll help you, (Y/N).”
“Thank you, little man.” I smiled at the little kid. “Hey, Hotch.”
“Hi, (Y/N). Did you sleep well?”
“Meh. Can’t tell how long I slept for, but I’m used to it,” I laughed. “Bedroom’s all set up. You have anything you wanna do today?”
“POOL!” Jack screamed out.
“You good with him getting in the pool?”
“Honestly, just anything to tire him out before bedtime,” he chuckled. “It was a really long night.”
“Alright, well, let’s go inside then.”
Hotch followed behind me as Jack enthusiastically opened the door. I was glad he felt at home in my house, comfortable enough to know where everything was. He stood on his tiptoes to be able to put the box on the counter and took a chocolate chip muffin from it. His tiny hands moved back a chair from the dining room table and softly climbed on it before happily munching on the pastry. Hotch also made his way to the kitchen and served himself a cup of coffee, silently watching the actions of his child. I could see he was stressed and tired, caring for a kid on his own could not be an easy task.
“You know if you wanted to go upstairs and sleep, you can. I’ll watch over Jack in the pool.”
“It’s too much, (Y/N). You’ve already done so much already by having us here.”
“Hotch, I’ve already said this far too many times. I truly don’t mind.” I laid my hand on his forearm for reassurance, enjoying the touch. “Go rest. No offense, but you need it.”
“What’re you trying to say?” He laughed.
“Nothing,” I chuckled back. “Just get Jack changed and go to sleep. All the clothes you guys have here are freshly cleaned and in the dresser. The beds have clean sheets and I put the duvet in the dryer this morning so it should be pretty warm right now. There’re towels on the dresser, and you know where everything is, so yeah.”
“Thank you, (Y/N).” Hotch set the mug on the counter and went in for a hug, which I gladly accepted. “Alright, buddy. Let’s go put on your swimming trunks for the pool. Now, (Y/N)’s gonna be looking after you for a bit so you have to listen to everything she says, okay?”
“Yes, daddy. Let’s go!” Jack was now tugging on his father’s arm, the muffin long forgotten on the table. I laughed at the interaction as the tall man let himself be pulled by the small child.
It didn’t take long for the small footsteps to patter down the stairs. The swimming suit Jack had on was light blue with green turtles on them, paired with the turtle floaties that hugged his arms.
“Okay, bud, finish up your muffin while I get changed, okay?” He nodded. “I’ll be right back.”
I hurried up the stairs and changed into a red one-piece, slipping a black coverup on top. Before heading back downstairs I peeked my head into the guest room, the door slightly ajar. I could hear the soft snores that were echoing from the room. I went inside the room to see that Hotch had passed out on the bed. He had managed to get the covers off but had not managed to cover himself with them. The light had been left on and the blinds undrawn. So, swiftly, I closed the curtains, turned off the light, and pulled the blankets to cover Hotch’s body.
“(Y/N), I’m done!” Jack called from down the stairs. Horch stirred slightly, and I decided to exit the room and close the door softly.
I jogged down the stairs to find an excited Jack waiting by the french doors that led to my backyard. “Okay, buddy. Let’s put on some sunscreen first, and then we’ll go outside.”
“I don’t wanna,” he whined.
“But you gotta,” I jokingly mocked. “Now, come on. Arms up.”
He spread his arms out and I sprayed the sunscreen on him, making sure to cover well the exposed skin. Then, I applied some cream sunscreen on my hands and warmed it up between my fingers before applying it to his face.
“Alright, kid, all done!”
“YES! Let’s go,” he exclaimed. He grabbed my hand and waited patiently as I opened the doors.
It was a comfortable day outside, with not much heat or humidity filling the air. Jack already knew where everything was in the house. He made his way to the built-in unit where his water toys were held and ran to the shed, where the pool floats were stored. He also knew on which part of the pool he was allowed to be in, so afterward he made his way to the hot tub that was connected to the pool. The jets were on, but the heater was off – I didn’t have to worry about the temperature.
The little boy wasted no time to get in the water and play around, his imagination running wild. I sat on the edge of the pool, and stuck my legs in, watching with adoration how the kid was playing. There didn’t seem to be an end to the world the boy had in his mind, and it was an entertaining scene to watch. Before I knew it, three hours had slipped by, and lunchtime was getting closer. Jack had gotten out a few times to munch on some snacks, but I could tell he was getting hungry.
“Hey, buddy. What do you think about some burgers for lunch?”
“Awesome! Let’s go inside and you can help me get the things out to the grill, yeah?”
“YES!” He got out of the pool and quickly dried off. He struggled a bit to get the doors open but was successful in his attempts. I followed behind him and walked to the fridge to grab what we needed. As I took the burger bag out of the freezer, Jack grabbed it from the bottom to help out. His little arms could give out any second, so I hurried to grab all the other things we needed.
“Okay, little man. Let’s go back out.” I laid the ingredients I had in my hand on the counter of the outside kitchen before lifting Jack to aid him in placing the bag on the counter. I turned on the frill and started working quickly, placing a plate of chips and a glass of water in front of Jack to subside him while the food was done. “So, what do you wanna watch, little man?”
“Spiderman,” he said excitedly. Across from the island counter he was sat on was a tv, a good distraction while I cooked. “Yay!”
While the burgers cooked, I cut some tomatoes and onions to place on the finished product. Then the doors behind me slid open. Hotch emerged through them, now clothed in swimming shorts and a t-shirt, sleep still sitting on his face. “Good afternoon, Hotch.”
“What time is it?”
“One, close to two. I’m almost done with the burgers if you wanna sit.”
“I’m watching Spiderman, daddy.”
“I see, buddy. Are you having fun?”
“Yeah!” Jack chimed, happiness radiating from him. The past three hours had been a good distraction from the coming anniversary. Hotch walked around the island and sat next to his son, picking at the bowl of chips. Not long after the burgers were done, and I placed everything we needed to form our burgers. Mayonnaise, ketchup, buns, cheese slices, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, and pickles, all in separate dishes.
When we each had a burger on hand, before we moved to the outside dining table, a pitcher of iced tea sitting in the center. We all happily munched om the burgers, Hotch getting up to grab another, before going into the main pool together. From the outside in, anyone could assume that we were just a happy family enjoying a nice day in the pool – though we were far from it. I couldn’t help but think about what Emily had told me. What would happen if he did start dating before I ever confessed my feelings? And if he did, would that woman be comfortable with the relationship we had?
The hours rolled by as we had fun in the pool, the sun slowly making its descent. We could both tell that Jack’s energies were dying down, the heat and the physical activity catching up to him. As it got darker out, we got out of the pool and dried ourselves off.
“I think I’m gonna order some pizza for dinner while we shower, and maybe watch a movie after. What do you think, Jack?”
“Sounds good,” he yawned. It seemed it would be an early night for all of us.
It was a quick time span that transpired between the phone call to the shower before we were all sat on the couch watching another Spiderman movie and eating pepperoni pizza slices. It only took a couple of bites of a slice before Jack had started to doze off, his head bobbing up and down as he tried his best to stay awake. But tiredness took over him, his head dropping forward. I noticed and softly laid his head on my arm so his neck wouldn’t hurt.
“This is the first time this week he has actually fallen asleep this early,” Hotch whispered, surprised at the sight.
“I call that a success,” I smiled, running my hand across Jack’s hair. “Have you given any thought to taking a few days this week to be with him? Monday’s gonna be a hard day.”
“Yeah, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do,” he sighed. “I don’t know if it will be too hard on him if we go visit her grave. I don’t know.”
“Hotch, whatever you decide it’s what’s gonna be best for both of you. But, no matter what it’s gonna be hard on him. You’re probably gonna get frustrated, but you have to understand that he’s a little kid handling big emotions and it’s gonna be hard.” I looked down at the blond boy who had now snuggled into me, soft snores escaping his lips. “But how are you holding up?”
“Honestly, I’m not as sad as I thought I would be. It’s been a difficult year, but I feel like I should be feeling worse right now. We have been together since high school, and I should still be grieving her.”
“You know grief is not an exact science, for some it takes longer to move past it, for others it doesn’t. That doesn’t take away from the fact that you shared so many years with her and you are hurt from her passing.” I tried my best to comfort, without analyzing him by textbook. “But know that you’ll always have a piece of her with you wherever you go. This little boy right here will always tie you to her. So if you ever feel like you are straying from her memory, all you have to do is look at him.”
“You’re right, (Y/N). And, again, thank you for all you’ve done for us. You’ve gone above and beyond what I ever could have imagined, and you continue to do so. I don’t know how I’ll ever repay this kindness.”
“You don’t need to, Hotch. I’m glad to do this.”
Because if this was the only way to be close to him, I would continue to do it in a heartbeat.
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wifenumberfour · 6 hours ago
Description: Hotch wants the reader, but doesn’t know how to tell her. Maybe a night in will be of some assistance.
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Warnings: Age gap, insecure Hotch (baby), mutual pining
Word Count: 5.2k
A/N: My first Hotch fic!!!! Feedback is super appreciated for this one :)
Tumblr media
If there was one thing Agent Aaron Hotchner was not, it was unprofessional. But, oh. If there was ever a time he wanted badly to be unprofessional, it was this moment right now. Y/N stood next to him, leaning in close to whisper in his ear as they stood in the kitchenette, looking out into the bullpen.
“You look exhausted. You need to go get sleep.”
He glanced down at her. His face was so close he could almost feel her breath on him. It was everything in him to not lean in and—
“Hotch, seriously. You can’t even focus for more than a minute at a time,” she laughed, shaking her head.
“I’ll be fine. It was just— a long case.” He finally managed.
She turned away, arms crossing. “You need rest. You beat yourself up more than anyone during this one.”
“I have a little boy at home to take care of before I can even think about sleep.”
She sighed, turning fully to face him. “Hotch.”
“Y/N.” He retorted.
“Fine. You know what?”
He turned towards her, arms crossing to mirror her.
“I’m coming home with you.”
His heart stopped and face dropped. It took him a moment to process what she’d just said.
“Um,” he took a second to clear his throat, “I—Excuse me?”
She laughed, music to his ears. “That sounded so inappropriate. I’m sorry. I mean, I’m going to come watch Jack for you. You’re gonna get rest.”
“I’m your boss.” Hotch watched her face for a moment. “You don’t need to watch my son while I sleep.”
“You’re also my friend, and I’m offering my time, you’re not taking it. Besides, I’ve watched Jack a hundred times before.”
He only sighed, looking back over the bullpen, now nearly empty.
She turned again, leaning over. “You’re not gonna win this one.”
“Fine, but you need to get sleep at some point, too.” He looked back to her. “As soon as Jack is asleep, I want you to get rest yourself.”
“Will do, boss.” She smirked.
“Okay, go get your things, we’ll leave in a few minutes.” He said, watching her for a moment as she walked off.
She went to her desk, beginning to pack up what she needed, but not before Derek had to come over to stir things up.
“Hey, pretty girl.” He said, leaning against her desk on one arm. “Leaving so soon?”
“Soon?” She laughed. “We just had a hell of a case, I’m getting out of here.”
“Oh, man.” He shifted, crossing his arms over his chest and sat against the desk.
Hotch walked towards his office, trying not to watch the pair talking. He tried to not pay attention how she smiled at him as he spoke, and how he always seemed to have the right words to say to get her to laugh.
“Why, what’s up?” She slung her bag over her shoulder.
“I was thinking about going to the bar. Wanted to know if a pretty lady wanted to tag along.”
Hotch threw his things in his bag quickly, trying to not think about Y/N talking to someone much younger... Childless... Not a widow. Someone he knew she’d be with more easily.
“Oh, so you only wanted me around for my looks, huh?”
He laughed, throwing his head back a little. “You’re worth a lot more than just that, sweetheart.”
“Aww, such a sweet boy.” She said, griping his shoulder. “I got some other plans for the night, though.”
“Oh yeah? Doing what?” He straightened up with a smirk.
“Ready?” Hotch asked, walking up behind her at the desk.
“Yeah, let’s go.” She responded, turning towards him.
Morgan’s face was stuck in a state of shock.
“Whoa, now hold on—”
“I’m going to watch Jack.” She said, cutting him off with a chuckle. “Don’t get too riled up, now.”
He smiled, almost laughing. “Alright. I’ll see you two tomorrow.”
“Goodnight, Morgan.” Hotch said with a curt wave. Y/N followed his lead, and then they were on their way out.
“So,” Hotch started as they stepped out of the elevator and walked outside. “You and Morgan?”
Y/N raised her eyebrows in shock. “What?”
They began walking to his car.
“Are you two... Because there are some forms you’d really need to sign if—”
“Hotch.” She stopped him, standing by the passenger side door as he waited by the drivers. “That is so not happening.”
“Okay, I just...” He trailed off with a shrug, opening the door as she did and getting in.
“He’s a flirt. There’s nothing going on between us.” She settled into the seat, buckling up. “Besides, I’m too busy trying to take care of you.”
She laughed and he couldn’t help himself but to join in. He pulled off, and started towards home.
“Thank you, by the way, for doing this.” He said, not daring to look at her with how nervous he suddenly felt about bringing her to his home.
“I just want to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.”
“Jack is going to love this.” He chuckled, turning down his street. “He really looks up to you, you know? Thinks you’re hilarious.”
“Well, he’s not wrong. I am pretty funny.” She smiled. “I am, admittedly, a little sad I only get to hang out with him for a few hours, though.”
“Yeah?” He asked, pulling into the lot of the apartment complex.
“Yeah. He’s a great kid.”
As much as he didn’t want to admit it for how childish it felt, he got butterflies this time when he turned to look at her. Before he could think about it too much, he turned the key and opened the door. She followed suit, walking behind him until they reached his door. He opened it for her, and she looked around.
“His aunt should be dropping him off here in a few minutes.” He said, closing and locking the door behind him. “If you’re hungry or need a drink, you’re free to get anything from the kitchen.”
“Thank you.” She smirked, watching him. “Why don’t you go get ready for bed?”
“I will.” He chuckled, feeling like a little kid with the way she spoke to him. Then he paused, considering something for a moment.
Apparently the moment was longer than he realized.
“You got something on your mind?” She asked.
“Would you like to stay here for the night? I have a guest room, and this way you won’t need to catch a ride home. I could just take you to work tomorrow.”
“Oh,” she said, glancing down at her bag. “I don’t have anything to wear. I mean, I have my go bag at my desk that I could always use for an emergency, but for the night—”
“If you need something, I’m sure there’s something of mine you could...” He paused, realizing what he was saying. But before he could backtrack, she had to go and flash him a smile again.
“If that’s okay with you, it’s okay with me.”
“I’m sorry if that sounded inappropriate, I—”
“Did you not hear me agree?” She laughed. “You worry too much, boss. Now go get dressed.”
He nodded, turning for his room. She walked over the couch in the living room, sitting down and leaning her head back. It wasn’t long before she heard a bedroom door open, and there stood the great Aaron Hotchner in an old t-shirt and baggy pajama pants.
“That’s a good look on you.” She said, looking up at him from where he sat.
He felt a blush creep onto his skin, and tried really hard not to think about it. He walked a little closer as she stood up, handing her a nearly folded pile of clothes.
“I brought you these. The shirt is extra baggy and comfortable, and hopefully the pants will fit well enough. They’re adjustable.”
“Thank you so much, this’ll be great.” She smiled up at him. “Room is down the hall? I’d like to get dressed and set my bag in there before Jack gets here.”
“Yes, right across from his room.” He said with a slight nod.
“Okay, sounds great. Now, you go to bed. I’ll be here.”
He gave her a slight smile. “Right. Thank you, again.”
“You know it’s no problem. Now, goodnight.”
“Goodnight.” He said, walking off.
She grabbed her bag and the clothes, walking off towards the guest room. She set her bag down near the door, closing it to dress. She stripped out of her work clothes, slipping on his t-shirt first. She took in a deep breath and smiled: It smelled like him. She finished pulling on the pajama pants and made them comfortable as needed.
She grabbed a makeup wipe out of her bag and wiped her face, calling it good for an unexpected night out. Then, she heard a knock at the door. She walked out, looking through the peephole to see Hotchner’s sister-in-law Jessica standing outside with Jack. Y/N opened the door.
“Y/N!” Jack squealed, throwing his arms around her. “What are you doing here?”
“Dad needed to get some rest, sweetheart. So, we get to hang out for the night.” She said, looking down at him with a hand rested on his back. “Thank you for bringing him.”
“Anything for my little man. It’s good to see you again.” She smiled, accepting a quick hug from Jack before he bolted off.
“You too, Jess. Have a great night.”
She waved a goodbye and was out the door. Y/N locked everything back up, and popped her head into Jack’s room.
“Hey, buddy.”
“Hi!” He said, turning around from where he stood at his dresser. “I’m gonna get dressed for bed. Then can we watch a movie? I already ate at aunt Jess’s house.”
“Yeah, of course, little man.” She nodded. “Do you want to go in the living room or...”
Jack paused, giggling. “Why are you wearing dad’s clothes?”
“I’m staying the night, bud. I needed pajamas.”
“You are?” He asked, eyes wide. “Can we go watch the movie in your room?”
“Yeah! Why don’t you finish getting dressed and brush your teeth, and then you can come in, okay?”
“Okay!” He said, quickly grabbing his clothes.
She turned, walking across to hall and into the guest room. She pulled the covers back, crawling underneath and switching on the T.V., finding her way to Jack’s Netflix profile, smiling at some of the shows he’d been watching. She picked an old movie she loved as a kid. It wasn’t long before she heard a door open, and little footsteps whipping around the other side of the bed. He crawled up under her arm, pulling blankets up to cover him.
Jack was watching intently, the movie only half over, when the creaking of another door piqued their interest. Hotch’s head popped into view a second later.
“What are you doing up?” Y/N asked.
“Couldn’t sleep.” He gave a shy smile, then turned to Jack. “How are you doing buddy?”
“Y/N said she’s staying over!”
“Yeah, she is.” He smiled, stepping inside the room. “How’s the movie?”
“I like it a lot. Come watch!” Jack said, patting the bed next to him.
“Buddy, I’m not sure that’s—”
“Please, dad?” He pleaded.
Hotch looked to Y/N, almost asking permission without saying a word. She nodded. He shuffled a little, hesitantly walking around the bed to Jack’s other side. He lowered himself on the bed, pulling the covers over his legs. Jack slipped out from under Y/N’s arm in favor of leaning on his dad’s shoulder. It wasn’t long before Jack was snoring, and as Y/N looked up to see if Hotch thought it was just as cute as she did, she noticed he’d fallen asleep, too. They looked so sweet sleeping there together that she couldn’t help but pull out her phone and take a picture. She set the phone on the nightstand, making herself more comfortable as she focused her attention back on the movie.
Early morning light filled the room when Hotch woke up. He glanced down to see his son cuddle up against him and smiled. He was still fast asleep. Then, he looked up. Y/N laid asleep, her body curled up on her side, facing him and effectively caging Jack between them. Her breath came soft and even, and he admired how she looked in his clothes as he saw her in the light for the first time. She was so close, and he longed to get closer, but couldn’t think on it long before her eyes started fluttering open.
“Hey.” She said, voice soft with sleep, and a tired smile gracing her face.
“Hey,” he said back. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to fall asleep in here.”
She chuckled, rubbing her eyes. “No, it’s fine. I think he was happy to have you here.”
Hotch smiled, looking down at his son. He was out like a light.
Y/N leaned over, gently kissing Jack’s forehead before slowly and quietly getting out of bed. Hotch watched her, heart aching at how much he wished all of his mornings could start this same way. He shifted out of the grip of his son as she stretched out at the end of the bed, leaving the room with her.
“It’s still early,” he said, walking to the kitchen. “Are you hungry?”
She trailed behind, taking a seat at the counter.
“That depends. Are you gonna make me breakfast if I am?”
“If you’d like.” He smirked at her, and she smiled back.
“Tell you what, you work on the food, I’ll get coffee started.” She said, getting up and walking towards the counter.
He wordlessly agreed, pulling out some boxed pancake mix and stovetop sausage links. She removed the old coffee filter from the machine and set in a new one, filling it up with grounds. Hotch mixed up the batter quickly, heating up a pan.
The coffee pot filled, and pancakes were formed. Y/N poured two cups, preparing one to her liking and one to Hotch’s. Then, footsteps came shuffling into the room.
“Morning, sunshine,” Y/N said to Jack, smiling at him. “You want some juice?”
He nodded sleepily and climbed up onto a chair at the counter. She poured him some orange juice and set the cup down in front of him. He took a sip, watching his dad finishing up breakfast.
“Is that pancakes?” He asked, trying to peek around to see the pans.
“Sure is.” Hotch replied, throwing some pancakes on a plate and pouring out a few more. Y/N set down the two coffee mugs on the counter, and took her place next to Hotch to move the sausage links around in the other pan.
“Almost done?” She asked him without looking up.
He moved the rest of the pancakes to the plate.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said, glancing over and turning off both burners.
Hotch grabbed three plates, setting them down next to her so she could split up the sausage links. As soon as she was done, Hotch set to putting a few pancakes on each plate, and Y/N grabbed butter and syrup out of the fridge. He prepared Jack’s for him and set the plate in front of him with a fork. He then waited for Y/N to start the working on her own before he prepared his. She took a seat first, leaving a seat in the middle for Hotch. They ate quietly, sharing a few words when Jack wanted to talk about what he got to do at school the day before, and what he was looking forward to for the rest of the week.
“Hey,” Y/N, nudging Hotch’s arm as she pushed her plate away from her. “Could we get to the office a little early? I’m gonna have to get dressed there since my go bag is there and all.”
“Yeah.” He nodded, sipping at the last of his coffee. He then turned to Jack. “Can you go get dressed to go to school, please?”
“Yeah.” He said, hopping off the stool and running off towards his room.
“I think I’m gonna put on my stuff from yesterday till we get there,” Y/N said, sliding off of her stool. “Not sure walking into the office in your pajamas would be a great look.”
“Maybe not the most professional outfit.” He agreed, laughing a little as he walked around the counter, putting dishes in the sink for later. “For the record, I think you look beautiful.”
She paused, feeling heat rise to her cheeks and butterflies in her stomach.
“Thanks,” she said quietly, arms crossing over her chest. “Looks better on you, though.”
And with that, she left to go change. Hotch waited in the kitchen for a moment, almost in shock, before heading off to his room to get ready for the day.
It wasn’t long before they were both showered and ready to go, Jack practically running out the door when his aunt arrived to take him to school. Hotch and Y/N drove to work in a comfortable silence, only the sound of the radio playing low. They arrived at the BAU, and went straight inside. Hotch went to his office, and Y/N was reaching for her duffel bag when the glass doors opened.
She looked up, not expecting anyone else to be there so early.
“Hey, what are you doing here? We don’t start for another half hour.” She inquired.
“Just needed to get some work done early. But I could ask you the same thing.” Derek smiled at her, then glanced at what she was wearing. “Hold on, aren’t those your clothes from yesterday?”
He inched closer, a slight smirk on his face.
“Yeah, I was just about to go change.” She held up her go bag.
“Mhm.” He crossed his arms. “What happened to just looking after Jack for a while? You decide you were finally gonna get after—”
“Derek!” She interrupted, laughing. “No! I just stayed the night with Jack in the guest room.”
He raised a brow. “And that’s all? Baby girl I know you’ve had a little crush on Hotch since you walked your ass in here.”
She bit her cheek, looking away for a moment. “You’re nothing but trouble, Morgan.”
“You didn’t answer the question.” He stepped closer.
“Okay, fine.” She huffed out a sigh and lowered her voice. “We had breakfast this morning, with Jack.”
She paused. “He also slept with me and Jack, but it was an accident. He didn’t mean to fall asleep there. We didn’t even touch one another, it was totally platonic.”
“Well, I am sure Hotch wouldn’t be sneaking into bed with me if I was watching his kid.”
“It wasn’t like that,” she said, shaking her head. “He’s totally not into me. You know how he is with work policy, and besides he is way out of my league.”
“You need to think a little higher of yourself.”
“Yeah, whatever.” She laughed again. “Now, out of my way so I can get dressed. I don’t need any more questions from the rest of the team.”
“Alright.” He stepped back holding up his hands.
“And Derek?”
“Do not tell anybody.” She pointed a finger, and he only chuckled, taking a seat at his desk.
She went to the bathroom, changing out of her old clothes and throwing on some new ones suitable for work at the office. She put on a little makeup, threw on some deodorant, and called it good. She stepped out to a slightly more full bullpen, only a couple more people had arrived. She shoved her go bag under her desk, and walked over to the kitchenette table where Derek, Hotch, and Emily were talking.
“How’s it going, guys?” She said, taking the seat next to Emily, across from Morgan and Hotch.
“Talking about yesterday’s case. The daughter of the last victim made it safely to her grandparents.” Emily said, sipping at a mug of coffee.
“That’s awesome. I’m glad she had them to go to.” She said, leaning forward on the table.
“You need coffee?” Emily asked, looking to Y/N.
“Oh, no thanks. I got my share this morning.”
“Yeah, I’m sure you did.” Derek said, holding back a smile.
“Morgan.” Y/N glared at him.
Hotch caught her eye for a moment afterwards, questioning. She slightly shook her head in amusement.
“What happened?” Emily asked, a curious smile on her face looking between Y/N and Derek.
“Nothing, he just doesn’t understand boundaries.” She said with a pointed finger. “Trying to blow things way out of proportion as always.”
This time she glanced at Hotch first, rolling her eyes a little. He smirked, looking down at his hands.
Emily watched the little interaction with interest.
“Does it have something to do with these two?” She inquired, looking back to Derek.
Y/N and Hotch spoke over each other.
“Nothing happened.” Y/N muttered.
“What?” Hotch questioned.
Derek looked to Hotch. “Can we go talk?”
Hotch furrowed his brow. “May I ask what about?”
“It’s nothing. It’ll just take a couple minutes.”
“Alright,” he said, standing up and nodding a quick goodbye to Emily and Y/N. Derek followed after, throwing a devious look Y/N’s way.
Emily leaned over, speaking more quietly. “Something I should know about you and Hotch?”
“No.” She chuckled. “Derek is just... Himself.”
“Something had to have happened.” Emily turned in her chair, and made Y/N face her. “Spill.”
“I went to watch Jack last night so Hotch could get some rest. We had breakfast this morning with Jack, and he accidentally fell asleep next to Jack and I while we were watching a movie.” She sighed. “I told Derek, and now he’s freaking out about it like something happened.”
“Y/N. You slept at his house.”
“To watch his kid.”
“Wait, you said he fell asleep next to you and Jack.” A smile crept on her face. “Was that on a couch or in a bed?”
“Emily.” She groaned.
“Y/N!” Her eyes went wide. “How can you still think he’s not interested in you?”
“He’s not.”
“You’re both blind.”
Hotch led Derek to his office, only leaving the door a little cracked.
“You wanted to talk?” He asked, leaning against his desk. Derek stood in front of him.
“Yeah. About you and Y/N.”
“Hotch, I know you don’t want to admit it, but I know you’re into that girl.” Derek crossed his arms over his chest. “She told me about last night and this morning.”
“She was watching Jack. Nothing more.” Hotch shook his head. “This isn’t an appropriate conversation for work.”
“Work doesn’t start for another ten minutes.”
Hotch only stared.
“Look, I just think you should ask her out.”
“I’m not going to do that.”
“Why not?” Derek let his arms drop to rest on his hips, tilting his head.
“I’m her boss.” He straightened up.
“But what is really the harm in trying?”
“She’s—” He started, and then paused, shaking his head.
“She’s what? Amazing? Gorgeous? Smart?”
“She wouldn’t be interested in someone like me. So, it doesn’t matter anyways.” Hotch said, glancing down. “We start the day in 5.”
“Great, that’s plenty of time.” Derek paused a second. “Why would you think she’s not into you?”
“I’m— I have a child, and I’m a widow. She doesn’t need all of that on her plate. Plus, she’s young. She’d be better off with somebody your age.” He said, looking up again to catch Derek’s eye.
“Man, you are so blind.” Derek chuckled, shaking his head.
The day started as usual. The team had a briefing, and then went to work at their desks for a while. Today was going to be a slower day, and everyone seemed to be thankful they could get home at the end of the day. At lunch, Y/N noticed Derek and Emily talking quietly: she thought it was awfully suspicious.
“Hey, you two.” She called out, walking over to Emily’s desk. “Why are you being so quiet, it’s weird.”
Derek glanced up. “Nothing.”
Y/N narrowed her eyes, turning to Emily in question.
“Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.”
“You two are bad liars.” Then, she had an idea. “Hey, Reid.”
His head popped up, looking to her. “Yeah?”
“You’ve been sitting here next to them, what are they talking about?”
He looked lost, glancing around. “I—Uh... I have no clue.”
“Now, see, you I believe.” She laughed, ruffling his hair as she went past. He frowned, quickly smoothing it back out. She headed off towards Hotch’s office instead, trying to ignore the whispers that has started back up.
She knocked quietly on the open door.
“Hey, you busy?” She popped her head in to see him eating a sandwich at his desk.
He shook his head, swallowing a bite. “No, come in.”
She closed the door and went to sit at the chair by his desk. “Derek has been weird all day. What did you guys talk about earlier? I can’t get an answer to save my life.”
His eyes went wide.
“What?” She questioned, noticing Hotch going more on-edge.
“Uh, it was— It was nothing. Just a work thing.”
“You know, you’re a really bad liar, too.”
He chuckled, looking away. “I just don’t think this is the right time to talk.”
She furrowed her brow. “What do you mean?”
He glanced up at her, looking her in the eyes, searching for an easy answer.
“It was just— It was about last night. And this morning.”
She groaned. “Great. I knew I shouldn’t have told him anything.”
Hotch just sighed, looking at her.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t think he’d say anything.” She offered as an apology.
“No, it’s okay. It’s just that...” He let out a slow breath. “He brought up something that I think I want to talk to you about. I just didn’t know how to say it.”
“Okay, what is it?” She questioned, straightening up in her chair.
“He, uh, brought up everything from last night and this morning. And he brought up how that’s not something that I would normally do. Or something you would normally do.”
“Oh. I didn’t mean to make you uncomf—”
“No, it wasn’t that. It’s just,” he paused, watching her for a second. “I need to know if you feel the same way about me that I feel about you.”
Her heart was racing and heat rose to her face. She was breathless.
“I’m so sorry, I know this is inappropriate, but...”
“What are you asking?”
“I just need to know how you feel. About me.” He looked at her, almost pleading for the answer he deeply wanted.
“I’m— I think you’re amazing. I think you’re a wonderful father, and I’ve never met someone who makes me feel the way you do.” She began in a ramble. “I didn’t want to say anything because I know you’re so out of my league, but after talking to Derek this morning, and Emily, I just... I don’t know. I want to hope.”
Hotch furrowed his brow, and Y/N took in a breath, ready for rejection.
“You think I’m out of your league?”
“I mean... Yeah?” She tilted her head. “You’re really incredible.”
He couldn’t help but smile.
“Y/N, for profilers I don’t think we’ve been very good at reading one another.” He said quietly. “I thought I was the last person you’d ever be interested in.”
“What? Why?”
“I’m a widow, I’m older than you, I have a son...”
“A son that I love. I’d do anything for that kid.”
“I know.” He smiled again, watching her.
She couldn’t help but to smile back.
“As for the other stuff, I couldn’t care less. You’re so much more than that.”
“Really.” She continued to smile at him. “We really are pretty dumb, huh?”
“Very, apparently.” He agreed with a nod.
She checked the time. “Lunch break is almost over. I better go.”
He nodded again. “Yeah. Talk more later?”
“Of course.”
She waved a goodbye, walking towards the door. With one hand on the handle, she felt something grip her arm and spin her around. She was met with Hotch’s lips on hers, a kiss that took her breath away. They broke apart after a minute, both smiling like giddy teenagers.
“When I tell you that’s all I could think about doing this morning...” She began.
“Me too.” He agreed, looking into her eyes as his hand stroked her cheek. “Especially when I got to wake up to you in my clothes. It was killing me.”
She giggled, leaning in for one more kiss. It was slower this time, more gentle. She backed away afterwards, just enough to be able to speak against his lips.
“I think maybe we should thank Derek and Emily.”
“And let them feel like they won?”
“Good point.” She chuckled, giving him one more quick peck.
He let her go to get back to the bullpen, but as she attempted to turn the handle of the door, she was knocked back into his chest. Of course.
“You’re welcome.” Derek said with a smile after assessing what must have just happened.
“You don’t get credit for this.” Y/N laughed.
“Mhm. But it’s totally on me.” He said, raising a brow. He started walking back out, but not before... “Don’t you two take too long in there.”———————————————
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sleepy (Aaron Hotchner x Fem!Reader) || one-shot
This idea has been circling in my brain for two days and tonight I finally wrote it LMAO This is just what my 20 year old virgin ass fantasizes about ok
Summary: Sleepy sex with Aaron. That’s it. That’s the fic.
Warnings: smut (obvi), cockwarming (while asleep), I think that’s it
Tumblr media
It’s almost midnight when Aaron feels you crawling into bed beside him.
You’ve been up late nearly every night this week, working on a big project because the deadline is approaching faster than you’d like. You feel incredibly guilty about it, and Aaron knows this even though you haven’t voiced it.
He has early mornings which means early nights, so you practically spend no time with him at all when you have late nights like this — because by the time he’s waking up for work, you’re just barely entering deep sleep.
You try your hardest not to move too much as you get into bed, not wanting to wake him, which is stupid. He’s the lightest sleeper you’ve ever known, for good reason, too, but still.
He hasn’t told you this, but he never does fall deeply asleep until he feels you next to him. Sure, he dozes because he’s exhausted before you come in, but he never truly drifts off until he hears your soft breathing evening out.
Tonight, though, your breathing doesn’t even out and it’s been thirty minutes since you got in bed.
Aaron peels his eyes open to find you looking right at him. You smile softly, realizing you’ve been caught.
“Hi,” you whisper, scooting closer to give him a kiss on the lips. “Did I wake you?”
“No,” he says, but you know you did. “C’mere. You’re stressed out. What’s wrong?”
You chuckle at his subtle profiling, but you curl into his side anyway. “Just feel like I have a lot more to do than I have time for.” You pause, burying your face in his shoulder. “And I miss you.”
“I miss you too, honey,” he murmurs, kissing your forehead. “Let’s have dinner tomorrow. We’ll go out.”
You sigh. “I don’t know, I have—”
“You need a break from it,” he interrupts gently. “A two hour break to go get dinner won’t kill you. You’ll finish on time.”
“You’re sure?”
“I wouldn’t say it if I wasn’t sure,” he replies, but it isn’t snarky, it’s comforting. He knows that sometimes you need reassurance from someone other than yourself.
“Okay,” you exhale, stretching your legs and arms, releasing some tension hiding in your muscles. And then, to get even more comfortable, you raise your left leg and hitch it over his hips, pulling him closer.
“Really?” He laughs, his arm tightening around you. “Comfy?”
“Mhm,” you hum, kissing his neck a few times. “You smell good. Did you use the new soap I bought?”
“Yeah,” he replies breathily. “You need to sleep.”
“I am.”
“No, you’re making me hard.”
“Aaron!” Your laughter bubbles out of your chest so fast that you giggle like a child. “Fine, maybe you caught me.”
He hums, but you don’t stop kissing his neck. His eyes slip closed, enjoying the gentle touches. You want to be closer, though, so you slide on top of him, your chest pressed against his as your lips hover over his.
He opens his eyes, raising an eyebrow. “Yes?”
You grin, lowering your lips to kiss him, and you’ve won him over. His arms circle your waist, tugging you closer, tighter against his body as his lips quickly dominate yours — not that it’s hard for him to. You submit willingly, always loving the way he devours you so easily, making you his with every stroke of his tongue, every nip of his teeth.
Before long you’re grinding your core against him, swallowing his groans, grinning when his hands find their way to your hips, pressing you down harder.
“Fuck me,” you whine. “Please.”
“Needy,” he tuts, but he’s too far gone to bother with anything else.
He slides his shorts off and you jump out of excitement when you feel his cock against your leg. You pull your panties to the side, too impatient to try taking them off and he guides himself in, gasping when he feels how wet you are already.
“Were you thinking about this, sweet girl?” He groans, gripping your hips tightly as you lower yourself down all the way.
“Always am,” you exhale shakily, resting your forehead against his chest. “Shit.” He always fills you perfectly, stretches you so well, you’ll never get over it. He’s always so deep, every time you swear he’s deeper than the last.
He fucks you slow and sweet, cradling you in his chest, shushing your whines when he adjusts, going even deeper than before.
Your first orgasm is small, relaxing, and he slows his pace while you calm down from the high. But before you can relax too much, he readjusts once more, hitting your g-spot, making you see stars, gasp for air.
“Breathe, honey,” he says gently, as if he isn’t fucking you into oblivion every time he hits that spot.
You drop your face into his neck, breathing deeply, circling your hips when he’s all in, a broken sob creeping up your throat at how amazing it feels.
The second orgasm that breaks through you makes Aaron see stars with how hard you’re squeezing him, and all it takes is one more thrust into your quivering heat before he spills inside you.
Warmth spreads throughout your abdomen at the feeling of his release, and Aaron is mesmerized every time he hears the shuddering breath you let out.
“Goodnight,” you murmur, wrapping your arms around his middle, snuggling in.
“Goodnight?” He chuckles, still breathless. “Are you sleeping here?”
“Mhm,” you nod.
“Okay,” he accepts it. “Let me—”
“No,” you whine, pushing your hips down. “Stay.”
Aaron sighs, knowing he can’t and won’t ever argue with you when you sound this sleepy and soft. “Okay, honey. Goodnight.”
“N’night,” you whisper, shifting closer, as if that’s possible.
But when he hears your breathing even out as you drift peacefully off to sleep, Aaron swears he falls even more in love.
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Chapter 2 of We are Soulmates my Criminal Minds/Suoernatural cross over coming tomorrow!
Catch up below!
Chapter 1
Chapter 1- Sam/Dean/Cas’ POV
Tumblr media
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letarasstuff · 13 hours ago
"I don't wanna leave you, Daddy"
(A/N): This was requested by an Anon and it's based on this concept. I hope you are ready for the feels.
Summary: Hotch's daughter is an introvert. A quiet one. But why does she go even quieter after her mother's death?
Warnings: So much hurt. Angst. Fluff. It's bitter sweet.
Wordcount: 2.3k
✨Masterlist✨ _____________________________
(Y/N) never really was an outgoing person. Even since she was able to walk and talk, she still clung to her parents. She refused to play on the playground when other children were there. Socializing was just not her thing. Her parents were sure that she would never be the person to stand up and perform on stage spontaneously. And it is ok.
This doesn’t really change when Jack comes around. Sure, as he grows older and more capable of things (Y/N) plays with him. But it really seems like he is the only one around her age she is not afraid to befriend.
Aaron and Haley reassure themselves that their daughter will find friends in elementary school. After all this is an institution where many children go to and there also are adults trained for helping them coming along. She definitely will find at least one other kid to hang out with regularly and learn how to be a proper child. Because as of right now (Y/N) is more like a little adult, taking responsibilities, like watching over her little brother, she doesn’t need to do voluntarily. Maybe she will be more messy, rebellious, anything but a perfect child.
But this doesn’t exactly happen. (Y/N)’s teachers are really happy with her. Every parent-teacher conference is about how well and polite she is, always behaving good and following the rules. Sadly, they don’t have any good news regarding her social life. It’s not that she doesn’t get along with her classmates, it’s just that she isn’t able to strike up a conversation or is very good at keeping one long enough that a kid is interested in her.
Knowing that (Y/N) is mostly quiet in her school days, Aaron makes it a habit to bring her more often to the office. She surprisingly warms quickly up to his team and whenever she is around them the girl is an unstoppable tornado running loose around the bullpen.
This is kind of how she grows up until the age of middle school. (Y/N) learns some social skills and makes a few friends over the last few years. Unfortunately these friendships are not as deep as the parents wish, still it’s better than nothing.
Things get difficult when Aaron and Haley start to separate. It never is easy when parents fall out of love and it is not only difficult for Jack to see his father not as often as he used to, considering he still is a toddler needing both parents. Especially (Y/N), who is more of a daddy’s girl than a mommy’s girl, suffers from the situation at home.
Of course it’s hard on her to not see her father for a week or two at a time, but ever since her parents are going on parted ways she sees him at most one weekend every three weeks. This also changes her social life dramastically.
“(Y/N), don’t you wanna do something with your friends? You can invite them over for the weekend”, Haley suggests after watching her daughter not going out with somebody outside of school for several days. For the past two weeks the ten year old just comes home, does her homework and puts her nose in one of the books her Uncle Spencer recommended.
The girl only looks up at her mother to shake her head. “Why not, Sweetie? I haven’t seen William and John in so long. Are you still friends with them?” (Y/N) nods again. “So what is it? Are you guys fighting?” Haley sits down next to her on her bed.
“No, they just-just don’t know about this. I don’t want to tell them. And I want to stay home. It’s ok how it is right now”, she admits. Her mother’s heart breaks at that statement.
In this moment she realizes that anything a parent does has immediate consequences for the children. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. I didn’t know this is so hard for you. Maybe you can talk to them over the next few days about it, I think it’ll help you. Do you want to watch a film with me for now? Jack has a sleepover at a friend’s. We can do a girl’s night. We hadn’t had one in a long time.”
(Y/N)’s eyes light up at that. “With all the candy in the world?” Haley smiles at the newfound excitement. “Of course. Anything you want.”
From only seeing Aaron every now and then it suddenly turns to not knowing when she will see him next. After George Foyet ambushes him and makes his family into the next target, (Y/N), her brother and her mother have to go into witness protection.
The goodbye at the hospital is painful and filled with tears. “But Dad, I don’t want to leave you. I’ll miss you too much. I don’t like not seeing you. And what about you? You will be more lonely and-and I can’t leave you”, she confesses, sobbing into him.
Hotch has to hold his own tears back. He doesn’t want to come over as stoic, but as the strong father figure he always tries to be. “Honey, I know I’ll miss you so much. You have to be strong for your mother. This will not be easy and I know it. I promise to do my best to get all of you back as soon as possible, ok? Please be good for your mother and behave. We all need to work together for you to get back fast and safely.”
(Y/N) continues to cry into his hospital gown. Aaron can’t help it and dissolves in tears himself while trying to calm her down. “Shh, Honey. Everything will be fine. I’m so so sorry for all this. I never wanted something like this to happen. Shh, we will see each other real soon. The team and I will do our best. Just please, don’t cry. Please, it all will be better. I can’t let you go without seeing your beautiful laugh for one last time.”
“I don’t wanna leave you, Daddy. I-I wanna stay with you and Uncle Dave and Auntie JJ and Uncle Spencer and Uncle Der and Auntie Penny and Auntie Em. I’m scared you won’t be fine when we come back.”
It’s needless to say that nobody cracked even a smile that day.
Going into witness protection made Haley worry about Jack especially. He is just four years old and she isn’t sure how much he understands about what’s going on. Surprisingly the boy gets accustomed to the situation pretty fast. Of course he misses his father and his people from school, but he is also quick to meet new ones in the town they moved to.
(Y/N) has bigger problems. New school. New kids. New everything.
“Maybe you can see it as a fresh start. Here is nobody you know. You can be whoever you want to be. I can take you shopping and you can try out a new style”, her mother tries to make the situation sound advantageous to her. But the girl dryly answers: “When somebody doesn’t like me how I am now, how will they like an act?”
Sam Kassmeyer regularly reports back to Aaron about his family’s well being. “Jack is thriving. His teachers describe him as a bundle of joy. (Y/N) slowly gets acclimated to the change. Haley told me she started making friends with a girl in their neighborhood. I already ran a background check and the family is clean.”
Hotch lets out a sigh of relief. He turns towards the image on Penelope’s monitor. “Happy fifth birthday, Buddy.”
A few weeks after that it seems like the events overturn each other.
Foyet coming back. Kassmeyer getting tortured. Foyet finding Haley and the children. Them coming back to their house. The call. Working the case with Jack. The gunshot. The fighting noises. Hotch opening the box and hugging both of his children, relieved to see them alive.
The following weeks are difficult for the now smaller family. They mostly consist of watching videos of happy memories and talking about their feelings. Although it’s more like Jack talking about his feelings, (Y/N) went mostly silent ever since their mother’s death. This worries her father more than anything.
Two months have gone by. “Hey Honey, I’m going into the office today. Do you wanna come with me, stay at home or go to school? Anything is fine by me”, he asks her softly, kneeling beside her chair at the table. The girl is munching on her cereal halfheartedly.
“Can I come to the office?” (Y/N) asks in a hoarse voice. It’s actually the first time in four days that Aaron hears her voice. A small smile forms on his face. “Of course, that’s nice. Aunt Penny is asking me after her favorite Hotchner for days on end now. And Uncle Spencer got a stack of books he has for you to read.”
His daughter nods and quickly gets ready. They are soon on their way to Quantico after dropping Jack off at daycare. “How are your classmates? Do you like the new school?” They decided to send (Y/N) to a different school. She couldn’t bear the thought of only being the girl whose Mom died because of a serial killer.
“It’s fine. There are a few girls who are really nice. I think we can be friends. Mo-” She suddenly cuts herself off. Aaron glances over at her. “Continue, Sweetheart. Just tell me what’s on your mind”, he tries to encourage her.
The girl hesitates before following her father’s advice. “Mom would have liked them,” she mumbles. It’s quiet for a few seconds. Hotch is looking for a suitable answer. After all it’s the first time she talked about her mother since her death. “I’m sure of it, Honey. Maybe you can invite them over and I can get to know them. Think about it, no pressure of course.” (Y/N) nods to indicate that she heard him.
Not long later they enter the bullpen. “There she is! My little Hotchner! How you doing, Baby?” Derek asks her and envelopes her into a hug. But she only shrugs her shoulders. This goes on for the rest of the day. Whenever anyone talks to her, the only answer is given by her body language.
Hotch watches helplessly Spencer trying to engage in a conversation with her. His arms and hands are waving around. (Y/N) though just looks at him without being really there mentally. It seems like she is lost in her own thoughts, like it happened so often over the last few months.
“Have you tried talking to her about it?” Dave asks, sitting down on the chair opposite of him. Aaron looks at him funny. “Of course. But (Y/N) is just not ready to talk about Haley and everybody grieves differently. I can’t force her to speak, Dave.”
The older agent leans back in his seat. “I don’t think she needs to talk about her. This probably is too soon. She needs to talk about you. The changes.” After a short pause, in which the other one still doesn’t get the point, Rossi continues. “That little girl just lost her mother. She is scared to lose her father, the one with the high risk job. I think that is enough to talk about.”
This occupies the agent for the remainder of the day. Aaron was so invested in fulfilling both parent roles, that he forgot that he is just a father. The man his children go to when they have a nightmare. The one, who is more lenient than their mother. He can’t be both ones. He can’t be two people in one.
A kid trusts a mother and a father usually. And he can’t be mother and father at once. Hotch has to accept the fact. The fact that (Y/N) and Jack are going to grow up without a mother. But luckily not without mother figures.
Later that day, after tucking Jack in, Aaron knocks on his daughter’s door. A small “Come in!” echoes back to him. He enters her room and spots (Y/N) already in her bed reading a book Spencer gave her today.
“Hey, do you have time before it’s lights out?” He asks, still wanting to give her the upper hand on this. The girl nods and scoots over for her father to take a place. He lays next to her, pulling his daughter into a hug.
“I know I can’t promise it. Coming back to you every time. You know it as much as I do. But I promise you to try anything and everything in the books. You guys keep me going.” Tears roll over both of their faces.
“I-I just”, (Y/N) moves her head onto his chest to sob into it, “Just don’t wanna lose you, too. I-I don’t think I-I can’t be the girl, who doesn’t have a mother AND a father. C-can you stop that from happening?” Hotch has to wipe his eyes before answering.
“I-I try to keep that from happening, Honey. I promise.”
This is how they fall asleep, squished in a twin bed close to each other. In the morning they both are overheated and got a visitor during the night. Jack wakes them up, asking why they had a sleepover without him.
This morning is the first time Aaron sees (Y/N) smiles since day zero.
All works:
@dindjarinsspouse @big-galaxy-chaos
Criminal Minds:
@averyhotchner @mggsprettygirl @herecomesthewriterwitch @ash19871962
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qvid-pro-qvo · 17 hours ago
📝 For Aaron Hotchner? 😍
it’s a bad day — a really bad day, judging by the tightness in his chest, the aches in his knees and hands, the gentle ringing in one ear. as he gets older these bad days come more often, especially as storms settle over virginia, as his bones grow tired and his crow’s feet sink their claws in.
and yet somehow you know — always, always know.
you say he pinches his brow in his sleep and he never questions your methods, because he wakes up to your hands moving slowly over his back, your words always coming from his good side and never his bad. you never startle or stress him, and your words are as gentle as your fingers as you work his whole body, stretching out the scar tissue, doing what you can to make the bad days better, the better days good, and the good days perfect.
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hoziers-mp3 · 19 hours ago
I’m currently I’ll and should 100% be using this time to revise but instead I’ve been reading criminal minds fan fiction literally all day
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imaginesandinserts · a day ago
Ummmm bestie what in the…..😅
Me laughing at the comments calling for someone to write a wattpad based on this for Aaron Hotchner and Chris Evans.
It already exists… 👋
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shmaptainhotchner · a day ago
alright i will give you the best hc i can without spoiling anything
early seasons hotch is very soft, he’s a family man but he’s still seen some shit, so i like to imagine in the days when jack was still a baby, they had a mobile that spun and had a light to project shapes/stars and such on the ceiling, and on really bad days hotch would spin the mobile and watch jack’s awestruck face, remembering there’s still innocence in the world
- bestie anon
bestie this is too cute that small child would literally make me spontaneously combust
i feel like hotch would also gently watch him while he’s sleeping just like making sure he’s breathing his nerves getting the best of him. he’s such a good father but he doesn’t feel it because of how much he works but everyone around him makes sure to assure him of that fact.
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shmaptainhotchner · a day ago
if i have any criminal minds fans on this blog send me your best hotch and morgan concepts (not past season 2 cause my family is slow af at watching tv shows together 😫) because i am in a ~mood~
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qvid-pro-qvo · a day ago
Congrats on the milestone, qvo! 📝for Hotch and reader (female, if you don't mind)?
“something tells me that there’s not a lot that surprises you, aaron hotchner,” you tell him, after the bureau’s awards are done and the reception begins , lifting your chin to look at him for appraisal, maybe even approval.
he almost wishes you were wrong, that he would let the world surprise him every now and again, but most of the time his routine was designed to prevent that very thing, because surprises that fall his way often aren’t... the fun kind.
what is a shock is the way you’re tilted toward him, the clink of your nails against your glass, the curve of your lips in a gentle smirk, accented by a red lip. you’re flirting with him, he realizes, distantly, before the realization makes his own lips tilt.
“almost nothing,” he admits, lowly, “but... something tells me in terms of surprises, you’re the pleasant kind.”
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bookishofalder · a day ago
I just wanted to tell you how much I loved protective!!!
🥺 Thank you so much for taking the time to message me and for the love! 🤍🤍🤍
It’s so funny this story has been in my WIPs for a while incomplete and then I saw a Hotch appreciation Tik Tok last week and it drove me to finish Protective haha!
My other Hotch oneshots:
I’ll just leave it at I love you
The Bet
Tumblr media
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uncpanda · a day ago
The Ties that Bind
is going to end up being Hotch x reader! 
But i’d like to know, what would you like to see in the series? I’m looking for inspiration!!!! 
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ivybucky · a day ago
Summer Posting Schedule
Hello! Its officially summer for me, so for the next couple of months, we’re going to actually have a posting schedule!
On these days, I will be posting either an Aaron x Reader fic or a Spencer x Reader fic on this blog(criminal minds blog)! I currently don’t have any requests for these characters but I will make sure to come up with some things!!! Be sure to send any requests in!
On these days, I will be posting either a Bucky x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, or Thor x Reader on this blog(marvel blog)! I have a bunch of requests, a WIP Bucky Series and some AU’s coming out. I also have the first smut coming out June 1st for this blog, as up until now we’ve been PG.
Send in Requests to IvyBucky (marvel)
Send in Requests to AnotherSpencerReidBlog (criminal minds)
IvyBucky Masterlist
AnotherSpencerReidBlog Masterlist
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Summer Posting Schedule!
Hello! Its officially summer for me, so for the next couple of months, we’re going to actually have a posting schedule! 
On these days, I will be posting either an Aaron x Reader fic or a Spencer x Reader fic on this blog(criminal minds blog)! I currently don’t have any requests for these characters but I will make sure to come up with some things!!! Be sure to send any requests in!
On these days, I will be posting either a Bucky x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, or Thor x Reader on this blog(marvel blog)! I have a bunch of requests, a WIP Bucky Series and some AU’s coming out. I also have the first smut coming out June 1st for this blog, as up until now we’ve been PG. 
Send in Requests to IvyBucky (marvel)
Send in Requests to AnotherSpencerReidBlog (criminal minds)
IvyBucky Masterlist
AnotherSpencerReidBlog Masterlist
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scorpio-hotch · a day ago
Morning Kisses
I was encouraged by @softhairedhotch and others from the cm group chat I'm in to start writing fan fic. So here is a little drabble that I wrote, I hope that you enjoy!! :))
Aaron Hotchner x gn!reader
Word count: 604
Warnings: none, just fluffy :)
You wake up to soft morning light coming in through your bedroom window and a warm mass pressed into your back. A warm mass that is now wrapping you in his strong arms and burying his stubbly chin into your neck, leaving little kisses wherever he could. Aaron. Mornings in bed with Aaron were amazing beyond words, especially on days like today where his job wasn't taking him away from you at a god-awful hour. 
If you asked him, he would say mornings with you are his favorite part of the day. There was just something so special about them. There was no work, no responsibilities, nothing but the warm arms of the love of his life. He was also much more affectionate in the mornings, just loving the feeling of being close to you, without feeling awkward or self-conscious. Much like right now, where he is trying to cuddle impossibly close to you, burrowing his face even deeper into your neck with a little hum.
You wiggled out of his tight grasp, so you could turn to lay on your back. He obliged you, moving his head from the crook of his neck to laying on your chest. He looks up at you with his warm brown eyes full of love with remanence of sleepiness. "Good morning, my love." he mumbles out in his gravely morning voice.
You move your hands to play with his hair and scratch his scalp in the way you know he loves so much. "Morning, baby." you say as you press a kiss to his forehead.
He lets out a little hum and leans his head up to press a kiss to your jaw. And then one to your chin. And another to your right cheek. And another to your left. And then another. And another. Soon he is just attacking your face in as many kisses as he possibly can, but purposefully avoiding your lips.
You let out a little giggle, causing him to smile into his kisses. You move your hands from his hair to his jaw, cupping his face, successfully stopping his assault of love from continuing. You look into his eyes for a moment. All the love in the world shining through his dark irises. With a little smile, you lean your head down, capturing his lips in a soft but passionate kiss. You both hum and smile into the sweet kiss. Pulling away after a moment as you rest your forehead against his, moving your hands to the back of his neck. “I love you,” you sigh, as you press a kiss to the corner of his mouth, “so much.”
“I love you too”
Closing your eyes, you both stay like that for a moment, just enjoying each other’s company and the peace of your shared bedroom. After a while Aaron lets out a sigh, “How about some breakfast?”
“Breakfast sounds good, but I’m so comfy”
“How about this, we can cuddle on the couch while we eat.”
“That sounds nice”
“Alright,” he says with a little smile.
And with that, he presses one more kiss to your nose and pushes himself up out of bed with a little grunt. You stay lying there for a moment, just watching him stand up and stretch, wondering how you got so lucky to get a man as perfect as him.
While mornings like this are rare for the two of you, you couldn’t imagine a life any better than the one you had with him. Aaron turns around to look at you from the doorway. “Are you coming, love?”
“Yeah, I’ll be right there.” 
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4amhotchner · a day ago
i bide my time and wait patiently / aaron hotchner
Tumblr media
— in the depths of the alaskan wilderness, far from the city that you knew as home, you, aaron and jack settle down for a small taste of what life amongst nature and pure breeze is like.
word count: 1.4k // warnings: brief mention of food (cookies), a bug (worm)
hello! first time writing for hotch, please spare me i'm ✨Sensitive✨ thanks <3 enjoy!
masterlist! // taglist!
The Alaskan chill floating in through the slightly open window sent shivers down your spine, causing you to hum and huddle closer to Aaron. Even in his deep slumber, he must've felt you shimmy closer, judging by the way his arm tightened its grip from where he had draped it loosely around your waist sometime during the night. He was warm, so, so warm, you never wanted to leave the safety and security of Aaron Hotchner's firm embrace. However, someone had different plans.
An additional weight was suddenly dropped on you and Aaron, causing you both to groan and squeeze your eyes shut, hoping Jack would give you a few more minutes of warm peace. Alas, he didn't and his giggles further supported the fact that there was no way he was letting you both have anything more than a few seconds.
"Dad! (Y/n)!"
Your names were whispered into your ears as he rolled around on top of you, effectively squeezing away any sleep that was left in you. Aaron began to snore dramatically, letting his mouth hang open to add flair to his dramatics. Jack giggled and began to poke softly at his dad's cheek. "Dad! I know you're awake." He looked over at you, using his puppy eyed look to sway you to help "wake" his father.
"Morning, buddy," you yawned, stretching the arm that wasn't wrapped around Aaron to wrap around Jack's shoulders to press a kiss into his hair. He giggled, wiggling around in your hold, making you smile and press another kiss to his cheek this time. Jack smiled up at you, giving you a nice squeeze with his little arms. "What's got you so revved up?"
"I wanna go play, but Dad's still asleep," he said, a pout painting his face and causing you to mirror him as you turned to look at Aaron, who was still snoring. "Dad!" A poke was delivered to his cheek. This time, with his eyes still closed, Aaron moved his head around to try and bite Jack's finger. The seven year old giggled.
For another few moments, the three of you lay in the warm lodge bed, giggling and laughing, warm and content. The chill breeze still drifted through the open window with the rising sun casting a golden hue into the room. Aaron, no longer snoring dramatically, pulled Jack against his chest, pressing a kiss into his hairline. The sight of your two favorite boys snuggling made you smile and, soon enough, you were pulled into the hug.
"Can we go now?" Jack asked, looking up at his dad with wide brown eyes. He was ready to take the day head on, blissfully unaware that you and Aaron needed a few minutes to catch up with his youthful enthusiasm. You looked up at Aaron, quirking your eyebrows up in silent communication. He nodded, patting Jack’s arm to let him know to get ready for the day. Jack cheered, bouncing up and out from between you both. You watched with a fond gaze as he rummaged through his Spiderman suitcase to look for an outfit.
Once the three of you were dressed and ready for the hike you had planned, you crouched down to make sure Jack was bundled up and warm.
"Ready?" You asked, fixing his scarf. He nodded, picking up a little backpack in which he (more like you and Aaron) had packed a picnic blanket and a few of his favorite toy cars and trucks.
The view from the lookout spot where you had your picnic set up was beautifully breathtaking. The afternoon sun shone down against the surface of the water, creating a shimmery glow on the navy blue expanse.
"This is nice," you whispered, leaning against Aaron, watching as Jack dug around in the dirt looking for the worm he saw a few seconds ago. He hummed, leaning down to press a kiss to your temple. "He's so cute... Maybe even cuter than you." You teased, laughing quietly as Aaron tickled your side.
"I'll let that slide, but only because I agree." Aaron smiled, also watching as Jack picked up a handful of fallen pine cones.
As you let the silence settle in and the calm atmosphere take over, you let your gaze on Aaron linger as you took in his features. He watched Jack with a certain softness in his eyes, relaxation laced within his smile and irises. Too often you would witness when he came home from cases too worked up. Hell, even days at the office would wear him down. However, the littlest Hotchner would find ways to make him relax, even if it was just a smile he sent his way. It was a wonderful thing to witness, the way Aaron Hotchner melted when it came to his son.
You were eternally grateful he let you see this part of him.
"I love you," you whispered. Despite the fact that you now had your gaze trained against the setting sun, the shimmery lake and Jack's worm and pinecone quest, Aaron felt his heart swell in his chest at the confession. Sure, you've said it to him before, but something about the calmness of the Alaskan wilderness and the domesticity of your current situation made this so much more real, so much more meaningful.
"I love you, too."
The night settled over everything like a blanket, a cold one that caused you to move closer to Aaron and pull Jack tighter to you. The lodge room was starting to warm up or maybe the heat trapped under the fuzzy blanket you were all sharing was tricking you into thinking that. Whatever it was, you didn’t want to move, but Jack was beginning to fall asleep due to the lull of the cartoons on the old television and you were becoming tired, too. On top of that, you were still dressed in your clothes from earlier and you really did want to dress into your pajamas.
You looked up at Aaron, your eyes giving him a silent cry for help. He raised his eyebrows in amusement, corners of his mouth turning up as well. In a similar fashion, you too were weak to anything Jack Hotchner related, finding yourself unable to say ‘no’ to his little pouts. So, you turned to Aaron for assistance. Thankfully, he knew exactly what to do.
“Hey, Jack, wake up, buddy...” Aaron’s voice was tender, soft, much like the hand he used to gently shake awake his son. A small hum sounded from the boy as he sat up, rubbing his eyes with gentle fists. “C’mon, it’s time to get ready for bed.” Jack nodded, untangling himself from the blankets, you and Aaron.
Jack was settled into the top bunk of the log bunk beds, sound asleep with a blanket tucked securely under his chin. After a before bed snack that consisted of the three of you eating chocolate chip cookies that you had purchased from a bakery on your way back to the lodge, that is.
“We need to do this more,” you mused, your voice quiet as you traced a cold finger over the soft cotton shirt Aaron was wearing. He hummed, leaning down to press a kiss to your nose. Then, to your cheek, down your jaw and back up to your lips. You laughed quietly at the ticklish sensation, trying to stifle more laughter as he continued, adding gentle nips every so often. You gently pushed him off of you, needing to feel his lips against yours. “I’m serious, we need more trips like these.”
“Yeah? More trips where Jack digs up a worm and puts it in your pocket?” You chuckled at the earlier memory of Aaron putting his hand in his jacket pocket to search for the lodge keys. Instead of pulling out the keys, he had a worm wiggling in his palm. Jack was giggling from behind your legs as Aaron looked between the both of you. From there, he placed it in a flower bed outside of the window. Nevertheless, you nodded, leaning up to kiss him again.
“Core memories, Aaron, core memories.”
With that, you fell asleep in his hold, to the steady beat of his heart, the rhythm of his breathing. An Alaskan breeze flew into the room and, like the earlier morning, you huddled closer to Aaron, smiling when his arm tightened around your waist. Only, this time, Jack was sound asleep in his bunk and you’d get the chance to catch up with his energy. Hopefully.
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golden-barnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
I still can’t believe this is happening! I never thought I would reach 500 followers in a sorta short amount of time. So I would like to do something for everyone lmao.
🗝️: Blurb (Send me a trope and a character and I will try to get creative.)
💌: Fic recommendation (Send me a trope and a character and I’ll recommend one of my favorite fics.)  
💣: Personal Question (Ask me anything) 
🎁: Aus! (let’s talk aus of any characters. Just let our imagination flow.)
Rules are: 
Send me an ask with an emoji. 
Only will write characters tagged below.
And that’s it. 
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