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klinenovakwinchester · 2 days ago
halley’s comet (Hotch x Babysitter!Fem!Reader) — one shot
Would you look at that… I’m back! This is that babysitter fic I told y’all I’ve been working on here and there in my free time. She’s ~5k+ words, so have fun 😌✨ And because it wouldn’t be a fic from me without it, this is a songfic loosely based on Billie Eilish’s “halley’s comet” xx.
Disclaimer: Y/N is 23-27 here people, we do not condone minors/teenagers dating someone twice their age on this blog (bc 18/19 is not old enough & do not argue with me on this if you are 19 or under because I will literally pull the “you’ll understand when you’re older” card on you)
Warnings: fluff!!! some angst (of course), but a very fluffy/happy ending <3
Tumblr media
“Ms. Y/N!” Jack cheers loudly when you open the front door. His little arms are wrapped around your legs within two seconds, and you can’t help but bend down to pick him up.
“Hey buddy,” you grin, pushing the door closed with your hip. “Did you have fun at school today?”
Jack pulls a face and shakes his head.
“No?” You frown. “Why’s that?”
Jack shrugs.
“Don’t wanna talk about it?” You catch a glimpse of Aaron watching the two of you from the kitchen. “It’s okay if you don’t want to buddy,” you squeeze him in another hug. “Sometimes I have bad days and I don’t like talking about them either.”
He nods a little. “Thanks, Ms. Y/N.”
“No problem,” you smile. “What’s your dad cooking?” You start walking toward the kitchen, following whatever smells so good.
“Chicken pasta!” Jack squeals.
‘Chicken pasta’ is basically chicken nuggets and a pasta dish. Jack favors the chicken nuggets more of course, but the “adults” (as Aaron calls you and him) favor the fancy pasta dish. Jack is starting to get better at trying new foods, but chicken nuggets and ketchup remain his favorite.
“Yum,” you chuckle. “Hey Mr. Hotchner.”
Aaron gives you a stern look while he stirs the pasta on the stove. “What did we say about that?”
“Yeah, yeah,” you grin. “I know. It’s Aaron. You know I honestly say it just to see your face.”
That makes him smile. You give yourself a point.
“Alright bud, lemme set you down.”
The weight of Jack and your bag from school is starting to weigh a little too much. Jack runs off to his toys once his feet hit the floor. You groan as the strap slides off your shoulder, relieving the pressure.
“Need some aspirin?” Aaron asks quietly.
“No, I’m good,” you reply, your usual answer. “How much longer until that’s done?”
“A few minutes,” he says.
Wordlessly, you grab three plates from the cabinet, as well as silverware, before going over and setting the table.
“How was class?” Aaron asks.
You don’t know why it makes you smile, but it does. He’s always asking how class was, how your day was, and on and on. He doesn’t have to; you’re just here to watch his kid. But he still asks anyway.
“It was good,” you nod, coming back into the kitchen. You hop onto the counter next to him, careful not to get too close to the stove. “Kinda boring today, but it happens.”
“I understand that.”
“What about you? How’s fighting crime and locking up serial killers going?”
Aaron laughs. “It’s going good,” he shakes his head a little, still laughing at you and your wording. “Every time I say that, though, it gets worse, so. I’m stopping there.”
“Fair enough,” you nod. “Is it okay if I sleep here again? I’m exhausted and my 8am tomorrow was canceled so I don’t have to worry about rushing out of here.”
Aaron’s silent for a moment, eyebrows furrowed. You almost think he’s going to say you can’t stay — which would be fine; weird, but fine — and then realization dawns on his face.
“Tomorrow’s Wednesday. I’m so sorry,” he shakes his head, this time at himself. “I shouldn’t have even asked you to come tonight.”
“What?” You nearly roll your eyes at him. “Aaron, it’s fine. I promise.”
“You know I don’t like asking you to watch Jack when you have an early morning.”
“And you’re acting like he stays up until four in the morning!” You laugh, looking over at the boy in question who is already rubbing his sleepy eyes. “The kid is out by eight most nights. I swear It’s not an issue.”
“Wish he’d go to sleep that early for me,” Aaron grumbles, smiling a little. “How do you do that?”
“I have magical powers,” you whisper, raising your eyebrows and pressing your index finger to your lips.
“Okay, sure,” he laughs, turning the burner off underneath the pasta. “His nuggets are probably done.”
“His?” You scoff, swinging your legs. “I hope you made some for me.”
“And me,” Aaron says, grabbing a potholder. Lowering his voice, he says, “He asked me the other night why I don’t eat the chicken nuggets.”
You snicker under your breath, hopping down from the counter as Aaron gets the nuggets from the oven. “Dinner’s ready, Jack!”
“Yes!” Jack cheers from the living room.
“Go wash your hands first please,” Aaron calls out, and Jack scurries off to the bathroom.
You head down the hall to check on him, making sure he’s able to reach the soap. That, and you need to wash your hands too. Jack got onto you once for not washing yours, so you’ve made it a habit now -- when you’re babysitting him, at least.
Jack races you back to the table, scrambling into his chair as Aaron places nuggets and pasta in front of his son.
Once dinner is finished, Jack goes back to playing for a little bit while you help Aaron load the dishwasher.
“You don’t need to help me do this,” Aaron says quietly, just like he does every night, taking the dirty plates and glasses from you. “You probably have some studying to do.”
“I study after Jack goes to bed,” you remind him. “And since I don’t have my morning class tomorrow, I can study then, too. Problem solved.” You grin.
Aaron gives you a tired look, but he’s smiling. You’re just as stubborn as he is.
“Are you ready to graduate?” The usual small talk.
“Yep,” you nod, turning to grab the leftover pasta. Between the three of you, all the nuggets were eaten. “More than ready,” you say, reaching into the cabinet for the plastic wrap. “But I still have to get through this semester and next.”
“It’ll go by quick,” Aaron assures you, and then his phone dings. He sighs.
You raise an eyebrow at him, picking up the covered pasta. “Bad news?” You nudge him out of the way so you can open the fridge, sliding the dish onto the shelf.
You turn back around to see Aaron staring at his phone with furrowed brows.
“New case?” You try to never press too hard, but he’s never this quiet about it, either. He normally says what it’s about because as the babysitter for his kid, you kind of need to know.
“Yeah,” he finally says, then starts typing quickly. “Jessica is out of town until tomorrow afternoon, though, so I don’t know if--”
“I can take Jack to school in the morning,” you offer. “My other class isn’t until the afternoon.”
“Really?” Aaron asks, looking at you intently. “Are you sure?”
“Yes,” you nod. “I have a car. We can put his booster seat in mine tonight before you leave. I can get him to school and still have plenty of time to go back to my place before class. It’s no problem at all.”
“Okay,” he says, looking over at Jack playing with his Legos. “I’ll give him his bath before I go.”
“If you need to leave right now, you can, I can do it.”
“I want to,” Aaron says.
You figured he did. Whenever he has to leave for a case, he tries to spend every last possible second with Jack. Even if it means just giving him a bath.
While Aaron does that, you text your roommate, letting her know you won’t be back until later tomorrow morning.
Another night at his? She texts. If I didn’t know any better I’d say you’re smitten
Shut up, you type back. He just got called on a case and I didn’t feel like driving all the way home tonight anyway.
Mhm, she replies.
You roll your eyes at the screen, knowing she can feel it.
~ ~ ~
An hour later, Aaron has left for work, but not after you practically had to shove him out the door. You swear, sometimes he acts like you’re 12 instead of 23.
Jack is pretty tired after his bath, so all it takes is you reading a short bedtime story to him and he’s out like a light.
You’ve been texting with Jessica to get everything sorted for tomorrow. You told Aaron that the two of you would just handle it, since whatever case it is seems to have him incredibly stressed.
It must be one of the worse ones because sometimes he’ll actually tell you a brief rundown of what’s going on. But not this time.
It’s alright, though. You don’t need to worry about it.
What you do need to worry about is applying to graduate schools. You have a few in mind, their websites bookmarked on your browser, but you haven’t settled on anything.
A couple of them are local, so you wouldn’t be going anywhere, which would mean you’d still be available to babysit Jack. That idea doesn’t seem too bad. You’ve grown to really love the kid in the past two years of babysitting him. And you must be good at it because Aaron hasn’t fired you.
But you can’t ignore the part of you that wants to travel. You’ve lived and studied here your entire life. A big part of you wants to see more of the world -- or at the very least, something other than the east coast of the United States.
It’s not long before your eyes are getting heavy, and you decide to go shower.
The bathroom in the hall is the one Jack uses, so to avoid any confusion, as Aaron put it, your emergency toiletries are under the sink in Aaron’s bathroom, connected to his room.  
Obviously, this isn’t the first night you’ve stayed here.
It is only the second night, though, that Aaron won’t be returning in the morning. And the first time you’ll be taking Jack to school. But you know where his school is, so it won’t be a problem.
Thankfully, Jessica was able to move things around and she can pick Jack up from school tomorrow, and stay with him until Aaron gets back from this case.
You crouch down and open the cabinet door, pulling the tiny tray of toiletries out. A toothbrush, toothpaste, makeup wipes, shampoo and conditioner, body wash, a razor, and shaving cream. The works.
Except right next to the tray are two small boxes. One of pads, and one of tampons.
You furrow your eyebrows. Those definitely aren’t yours because you always carry what you need in your bag. You didn’t want to leave those things here in case it made Aaron uncomfortable. But it clearly doesn’t.
Or. He has a girlfriend.
You’re not sure why that thought hits you like a freight train. Suddenly you begin analyzing everything.
His expression from earlier when his phone went off — did he actually have a date planned that got ruined by work? Or is there no case at all?
You shake your head. There’s definitely a case. He left here in a suit, duffel bag in hand. He wouldn’t lie to Jessica about it, too.
And if he did have a date planned originally, then why did he make dinner here? And eat with you and Jack?
You’re overthinking this for no reason. What business is it of yours anyway if the father of the kid you babysit is seeing someone? If anything, maybe it’ll mean someone else to look after Jack so you aren’t called every second.
You frown at your reflection in the mirror. You don’t mean that. You love spending time with Jack. He’s grown so much in the past two years. You wouldn’t trade him for the world. Every time you get the call from Aaron about watching him, you smile.
That’s it then, you think to yourself. I’m just upset because if he is seeing someone, then it means I might not be Jack’s babysitter for much longer. That’s all.
You say it to yourself so many times that you convince yourself it’s the truth.
~ ~ ~
i don’t want it & i don’t want to want you
It’s your last day of classes for the semester, which is stressful on its own, not to mention with the added weight of applying to graduate schools, and you just got a call from Aaron.
“I know this is incredibly last minute,” he said. “But Jack wanted me to invite you to dinner with us tonight.” And after you agreed, Aaron said in a quieter voice, “Thank you. He really misses you.”
That tugged at your heart harder than it should’ve.
Aaron knows that the semester is nearing an end, so he’s called you maybe once in the last two weeks to watch Jack. You’ve missed Jack terribly, but you’ve been so overloaded with work that you hardly had the time to even feel like you missed him.
But you’re beyond stressed now. Your professor just told you that if you score a high enough grade on the exam, then that will be your final grade for the entire course. Meaning: your low B could change to a high A if you study hard enough.
It’s not a large difference, but when it comes to graduate schools, it can be.
“You can just reschedule,” your roommate offers. “Do you have to watch him tonight?”
“No, it’s just dinner. Jack misses me.”
“Jack does?”
You look over at her. “Yes? I haven’t seen him in a few weeks. I miss him, too.”
“Are you sure it isn’t Aaron who’s missing you?”
Your jaw drops in genuine shock. “What are you talking about?”
“You like him!” She laughs. “You have for months, or maybe this whole time, I don’t know. All I know is that when I was a babysitter, I didn’t drop everything every single time they called. Sometimes I said no because I was busy. Or because I didn’t want to. But you…”
“I love Jack, okay?” You argue. “He lost his mom a few years ago, and I’ve watched him grow and break out of his shell a little more and— I don’t need to be arguing about this.”
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I just can’t help it when you’re over there doing your hair and you changed clothes just for dinner with the kid you babysit and his dad.”
You stop touching your hair abruptly. “I didn’t have time to fully get ready this morning.”
“Mhm,” your roommate nods. “Have fun at dinner.”
~ ~ ~
Like usual, Jack runs right into your arms the second you open the door.
“There’s my favorite kiddo!” You scoop him up and put him on your hip, lightly pinching his cheek and making him squirm. “You’ve grown five feet since I last saw you!”
He giggles loudly. “No I haven’t!”
“Hm, I think you have,” you chuckle, pulling a face. “How was your day at school?”
“Great! We got to talk about our science projects and it was awesome.”
“That’s great, bud,” you grin, walking with him into the kitchen.
“Daddy’s making something different,” Jack whispers not-so-softly in your ear.
You nod intently and whisper back, “No chicken nuggets then?”
Jack shakes his head with a serious frown.
“Dang,” you murmur, cracking a smile when you see Aaron listening in.
Jack squirms out of your arms and off to play with his Legos after another minute.
“Thank you for coming,” Aaron says quietly, glancing at Jack to make sure he can’t hear.
You nod. “Thanks for inviting me. I’m sorry I’ve been so busy.”
“No, you don’t need to apologize,” Aaron replies. “I know how busy this time of year can be.”
“Oh yeah?”
“I did go to law school, you know.”
You did know that. “No wonder you’re so stubborn.”
Aaron laughs loudly at that, nodding his head. “Alright, I walked right into that one.”
You barely reply with “Yep” because you’re too busy gazing in awe of his smile. Has it always been so bright? Or have you just never seen it this way before? He looks happy. Genuinely happy and you can’t say that you’ve seen him like this before.
Not that you blame him at all. When you first started babysitting Jack for him, Haley had just died a few months ago. It’s been almost three years. It’s time for him to start smiling again.
You set the table again as always, and then go to wash your hands with Jack.
While rinsing the soap off his hands, he says, “I really missed you. A lot.”
“Awh, I really missed you too.” You give him a big hug once he’s dried his hands. “Once I’m done taking my big tests, I can come hang out with you a lot more, yeah?”
“Really?” Jack grins. He has the same smile as his dad. “That’s awesome!”
Jack sprints down the hall, yelling to Aaron, telling him what you said. The kid is practically bouncing off the walls.
At the dinner table, Jack fills you in on everything you’ve missed. And literally everything.
How he got a stomach bug a while ago and accidentally gave it to his dad, how he did a science project and got an A, how he fell on the playground one day and scraped his knee pretty badly, how he convinced his dad to let him have ice cream for dinner one night (Aaron’s defense: “I was tired”) like you had let him do one night too (your defense: “I wanted ice cream for dinner too!”).
Oh and how Aaron has a girlfriend.
Jack said it in a sing-song voice, no doubt the same way he’s heard his friends make fun of others for having girlfriends. But the look on Aaron’s face tells you that it’s true.
There’s a dull ache that radiates in your chest when you look to Aaron for full confirmation. He’s smiling, looking a little embarrassed by his son’s admission.
“Her name is Beth,” Aaron says, still smiling.
You ignore the way your heart is aching, brushing it off as heartburn. Or something. “And why haven’t I heard of her?” You try to mimic Jack’s sing-song voice, wanting to stray as far from jealousy — jealousy? — as possible.
“We’ve only been seeing one another for a few months,” Aaron explains. “I was going to tell you tonight.”
You don’t know what to make of that sentence. “No worries,” you say, shaking your head a little. You turn to Jack. “What other fun stuff did you do?”
Jack launches into more stories about what else you’ve missed and Beth seems long gone.
Until you’re tucking Jack in for the night and he says to you, “I like Beth. But I don’t like her as much as I like you!”
“Awh, buddy,” you smile, brushing some wet hair out of his face. “Thank you. But I’m sure Beth is very sweet.”
Jack nods, his eyes already closing.
Aaron comes in and kisses Jack goodnight, and you head back to the living room to gather your things.
You’re swinging your bag over your shoulder when Aaron comes back out.
but in my dreams i seem to be more honest & i must admit you’ve been in quite a few
“Hey,” Aaron whispers, though he doesn’t need to. He shoves his hands in his front pockets, looking more like a schoolboy than an FBI agent. “I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about Beth.”
There’s that aching in your chest again.
You furrow your eyebrows. “No worries, seriously. I’m glad you’ve found someone. She seems nice.”
Aaron gives you a skeptical look. “Did Jack talk about her?”
“Yeah,” you chuckle, “but I also saw your face when you talked about her. You look happy.”
Aaron smiles softly. “I am.”
“Good,” you murmur. “I’m glad.” You are. You’re happy for him. Genuinely. Yet you still change the subject. “I should get going. I’ve got some applications to finish.”
“Applications?” Aaron questions. “Grad school already?”
“Yep,” you nod. He almost looks sad. But maybe he’s tired. “I graduate in May.”
“I know,” Aaron says. “Just seems so soon.”
What is it he’s feeling? You can’t tell and it’s killing you. So you say, “Yeah,” instead. “It snuck up on me, too.”
~ ~ ~
halley’s comet comes around more than i do but you’re all it takes for me to break a promise
The next few months pass in a sort of blur.
You pass all of your classes with the highest grades you’ve ever gotten. Your roommate celebrated with you a little reluctantly. Apparently your studying habits after the dinner with Aaron and Jack were starting to worry her.
Aaron invited you to a Christmas get together, again stating that Jack really wanted you to be there. But you declined. You were out of town visiting your family, so it’s not like you could’ve gone, anyway.
Then there was New Years, when Aaron asked again if you’d like to join him and Jack — and some of his coworkers and their kids — for a party. He didn’t mention Beth, but the thought of witnessing him kiss her at midnight was enough to make you decline. You didn’t need to give an excuse, but you did, and it came true, anyway. You and your roommate met some friends at a bar and drank until three a.m.
Spring semester classes began the second Monday of January, and now it’s mid-February.
You’ve looked after Jack once, when Aaron was called on a case last week and Jessica couldn’t get there right away. He was rushing out the door as you came in, and in his haste, he paid you double what he normally does. So you left the extra cash on his nightstand.
You know Beth is still in the picture. Because a few days ago Aaron almost needed you to look after Jack, but then he said, “Never mind, Beth is there now. Thanks anyway.”
You don’t know why you’re so torn up inside about any of this, as if the two of you were dating or doing anything more than what you were.
It’s ridiculous, to say the least.
“You need to tell him that you can’t work for him anymore,” your roommate says.
All you can do is shrug your shoulders. It never felt like work, even though, technically, it was. You were getting paid — more than what you felt like you needed, but you had already talked Aaron down and he wasn’t going to budge anymore.
“Jack probably thinks I abandoned him. Or that I hate him.”
“Y/N, you can’t keep doing this to yourself.”
“That’s the thing, all of this is in my head. None of it was real, nothing even happened, so I don’t know why I’m sitting here, crying about this like I love him or something, I— No.”
But your roommate keeps smiling sadly at you, nodding her head. “You do.”
“I can’t.”
“It’s okay.”
“It’s not!”
“Just because—”
“Oh my God, he can never know— Can you imagine if he knew? He’d hate me! He’d think I was just babysitting Jack because I wanted to get to him—”
“He won’t think that.”
“He has a girlfriend,” you blurt, realizing then that you had never told your roommate that detail. “He’s seeing someone.”
Her eyes go wide, and then her expression softens. In that one moment, she understands why you’ve fought so hard to ignore your feelings. Because it hurts too much to acknowledge them when he’s with someone else. “Babe…”
And you’re crying. For whatever reason, tears have welled and are spilling onto your cheeks. You feel pathetic and insane and foolishly in love with someone you should’ve never entertained those feelings about.
silly me to fall in love with you
~ ~ ~
You babysit Jack five more times before you finally break the news.
“I’m graduating soon,” you tell Aaron, quietly, and at the door so Jack can’t hear. “So unfortunately, I think this’ll be the last time I can babysit for you.”
Aaron blinks, stunned for a moment before he can speak. “Okay. Yeah, I understand. Um, have you told him yet? Or would you like me to tell him?”
“I’ll tell him,” you reply. It’s better if it comes from you.
“Okay,” Aaron nods. “I won’t be long. The meeting shouldn’t last more than an hour.”
“No rush,” you say, like always.
You thought so, at least. But the truth is that when you tell Jack about it, he quietly gets up and leaves, walking right into his bedroom and shutting the door.
He doesn’t come out for the rest of the night.
When Aaron returns from his meeting almost three hours later, he finds you sitting on the couch, staring at a blank TV screen. Normally you’d be tucking Jack into bed right now.
Aaron sets his things down and then joins you on the couch, gently asking, “What happened?”
“I told him,” you murmur. “He didn’t say anything.”
Aaron sighs. He was afraid Jack would react poorly. “He’s just upset. And probably scared.”
“And I’m sure he hates me now.”
“Jack could never hate you,” Aaron says quickly, shaking his head at you. “He just needs some time. And even if you can’t babysit him, you’re more than welcome to come and visit whenever you can. I’ll tell him that.”
“Don’t. Because I won’t be able to,” you say quietly.
Aaron furrows his eyebrows. “Why?”
“The graduate school I picked is…” you pause, having been dreading this moment for weeks. “It’s in Europe, Aaron.”
It takes a moment for the words to fully sink in.
i was good at feeling nothing, now i’m hopeless what a drag to love you like i do
“Congratulations,” he finally says, even though his heart is breaking at the thought of you being so far away. “I mean…that’s great. Are you excited for it?”
You nod. “I am.” You’re excited to get away.
“Then there’s no reason to beat yourself up for it,” he whispers. “C’mere.”
You’ve hugged Aaron maybe once or twice, on his birthday probably, but it never lasted more than a few seconds. Now, though, he gathers you in his arms, and holds you.
He holds you gently, letting you cry until you can’t anymore, but he doesn’t let you go. Aaron doesn’t ever want to let you go, especially not if it means you’ll be across the ocean.
~ ~ ~
three years later
Your eyes anxiously search the airport for any sign of your best friend. It’s been so long since you’ve seen her in person that naturally, she wanted to be the one to grab you from the airport.
Aaron is here to pick up Jessica from her trip when he spots you. And his heart stops.
You can feel someone looking at you, which makes you think your best friend has found you, but instead it’s someone you never thought you’d see again.
You don’t know how long the two of you stare at each other before one of you moves. Your feet probably moved first; you aren’t sure. But you’re walking, you can feel your body pulling you toward him with no restraint. And he’s doing the same.
“Hi,” he says, and he feels stupid inside for it.
“Hi,” you say, also feeling like an idiot.
“I’m picking up Haley’s sister,” he blurts. “She just went on a vacation.”
“Jessica?” He nods. “How is she?” You haven’t talked to her since telling her about graduate school.
“She’s good,” he says. “We… We talked about you the other day. She said she hoped you were doing well.”
“I am,” you smile. “I graduated.”
Aaron’s eyes go wide and he grins. “Really? Congratulations!”
“Thank you,” you say, wondering why this one has felt so much better than the others. Probably because it’s coming from him. “How are you?”
“I’m good, I’m— Well, still the Unit Chief with the BAU.”
“I figured,” you laugh. When he feigns shock, you add, “There’s no way you’d ever give that job up!”
“Yeah, yeah,” he rolls his eyes at you, but he’s still smiling. And it somehow looks even brighter than the last time you saw him.
But the last time you saw him, he was with Beth.
Your heart sinks a little, but you have to ask. “So… How’s Beth?”
“Beth?” Aaron repeats, eyebrows raised in shock. “Oh, I’m assuming she’s good. We uh… We broke up a few years ago. She moved to New York and traveling was hard, and she met someone else there.”
“Oh…” You pause. “I’m sorry.”
He shakes his head. “It was mutual, seriously. Don’t be sorry.”
“How’s Jack doing?” You change subjects, figuring that’s best for right now.
“He’s great, doing great at school. He really misses you.”
That tugs at your heartstrings. “I really missed him, too.”
Aaron’s expression softens. “I told you to call anytime.”
“I know.” He did. And it would’ve been easy to Facetime, too. But you didn’t. Because seeing Jack meant also seeing Aaron, and you couldn’t bear the latter. You told yourself that by not calling it would help Jack move on and make him miss you less, but you know that was a lousy excuse. “I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Aaron says. “He’s alright. He doesn’t hate you.”
“He doesn’t?”
“Y/N, you could get that kid in trouble on purpose and he’d still ask me if I heard from you. Nothing could make him forget you.”
“Don’t tell me that,” you deflect, looking upward to fight off the tears.
“It’s true,” Aaron says, his hand reaching out to touch your arm gently. “And for the record, nothing could make me forget you, either.”
Your heart slams into your rib cage. “Ditto,” you say, sounding foolish. “I mean— I missed you. Is that wrong?”
He shakes his head. “I missed you, too. Like crazy.”
Your heart is practically shaking with how fast it’s beating. “What now?”
“I think this is the part where I ask you to dinner,” he says, fumbling over almost every syllable. “Just you and me.”
Your voice refuses to work.
“Unless I’m reading this wrong,” he hurries to say. “Which—”
“Yes,” you blurt, probably louder than you should. “I mean— No. No, you aren’t reading this wrong. Yes, I would love to get dinner. Yes.”
“Great,” he says, laughing a little. “That’s great. Um, I can—”
You don’t know what comes over you. Truly, you don’t know. All you know is that he laughed, his eyes sparkled, and you had the overwhelming need to kiss him. Right here, right now, in the middle of this airport like the two of you are main characters in a cheesy romance novel. You couldn’t help yourself.
Aaron doesn’t see it coming, barely registers why your hands are on his cheeks before you’re pressing your lips to his with the full force of your body. His arms wrap around your middle, pulling you closer to him, as close as he can get you because it’s been three years and he never wants an ocean’s distance between your bodies ever again.
i’ve been loved before, but right now in this moment i feel more and more like i was made for you
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hotch-stufff · 2 days ago
hi! i hope u don’t mind but for blurb weekend i kinda just learned that my friends aren’t actually my friends..haha long story but can i request a hotch blurb where he comforts you and is just really sweet? thank you 💜
Oh Sweetheart
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x reader
A/n: oh no, I'm so sorry! You are so much better off without them!! I hope you enjoy the Hotch comfort. Its always my favorite <3
Blurb Weekend!!
Tumblr media
You walk in slamming the door shut behind you. A tear slides down your cheek as you waltz into the kitchen pulling the wine from the fridge and pouring a glass.
They were horrible, horrible people. People who you thought were your friends. People you thought you could trust.
You took a gulp of wine as you heard your husband walking out to the kitchen.
"Sweetheart?" His voice rang out as he rounded the corner. As soon as he spotted you and saw the tears he was at your side.
"Honey, what's wrong? What happened?" He sounded so worried, and you instantly felt guilty. He had more important things to worry about than your friend drama.
"Nothing. I'm fine." He obviously didn't believe you. "Did I wake you?" You asked, your voice small. He pulled you into a hug and buried his face in your hair.
"No. You know I can't sleep without you." He murmured against your skin as he placed a kiss to your forehead.
"Well. Let's uh, let's get to bed then." You gently pushed him back and rinsed out your glass before heading back to your bedroom.
You didn't notice Aaron hadn't followed until you reached your bedroom door.
You went in anyhow and got changed, curling under the covers as more tears slid down your cheeks.
Meanwhile Aaron was in the kitchen. He grabbed your favorite snack from the cabinet and a glass of water before walking back and joining you in bed.
As soon as he realized you were crying again he wrapped his arm around your waist and pulled you towards him.
You rested your hands on his chest as he spoke soothing words until you calmed down.
"Do you want to tell me what happened?" He asked softly. You were silent for a few moments.
"Kathy's engaged" You whispered. He hid his reaction to your best friend's news, knowing there was more. "S-she told me that, that I couldn't be in the wedding because…" you trailed off as more tears slipped down your cheeks. 
"Its okay honey. Take your time. I'm right here." He pulled you closer as you took some deep breaths. 
"Because I was too ugly and she didn't want me in the pictures." You felt your husband stiffen, but he stayed silent. "And then when I told her how messed up that was, she brought up the fact that we hadn't had a kid yet, and she said it was because you would never want a kid that looked like me." Your voice was so quiet you were sure he couldn't hear you. But he did, and he could feel his heart breaking at the words you were saying.
The worst part was that Kathy knew that you were having troubles getting pregnant. She knew, yet she said those a aweful things.
You hid your face in Aaron's chest and sobbed.
"Oh sweetheart.", you could hear the emotion in his voice. "Look at me Y/n."
You looked up at him, and he cupped your face bringing you close.
"You are beautiful. There is no one that can convince me otherwise. She is simply jealous of your beauty and doesn't want you to overshadow her. Because I know that you, in a gown, you would steal all the attention with your beauty." He paused, taking a deep breath before continuing.
"And that bitch had no right saying any of that to you." You giggle at his uncharacteristic language before letting him continue. "We are going to have the most beautiful baby in the world when the time comes. And he or she is going to be beautiful because they are going to look just like you." His voice was full of emotion as he finished, pressing a kiss to your lips.
You could taste the saltiness of both of your tears, but you couldn't imagine a more perfect kiss.
"Thank you Aaron." You whispered as he brushed your tears away. "I love you." 
"I love you too." He pulled you closer, if that was at all possible and rested his forehead against your own. 
You were so lucky that your husband, the love of your life, your real best friend, was Aaron Hotchner.
Thanks for reading!! <3
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shmaptainhotchner · 2 days ago
I'll Always Come Back To You [Aaron Hotchner]
Tumblr media
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x fem!Reader
Characters: Aaron Hotchner, Jack Hotchner, Jennifer "JJ" Jareau, Penelope Garcia, Tara Lewis, Spencer Reid, David Rossi, Will Lamontagne
Summary: A target from an unsub forces Aaron away from you and Jack and you both fight through the day clinging onto a sliver of hope that he'll come back
Warnings: angst, general sadness, guns, swatting (it's set in The Storm)
A/N: Okay for some reason all the intense Hotch related episodes give me major feels and the need to write since they brush things off all the time so hopefully I was able to do even a fraction better (this is dedicated to Linds who is obsessed with this episode and literally screamed when I told her about this idea)
GIF by @dudeitiskarev photos from Pinterest, header created by me
Tumblr media
You loved it when mornings started like any other, there was a certain thing about monotony that was calming. Aaron was running around the house, fixing his tie and you took charge of getting Jack ready for school.
“Got your agenda?” you asked.
“Yep,” he nodded. “But you didn’t sign it,”
“No worries, I carry a pen at all times just in case,” you grinned just as Aaron walked by. “Hey babe, can I have your pen?” you asked which made Jack chuckle.
“Mom, I thought you said you had your own,” he pointed out.
“Yeah, but I get your dad to carry it cause I’m always with him, right Aaron?” you asked.
“Right you are my sweet,” he nodded and pressed a quick kiss to your lips before you leaned down to sign Jack's agenda.
There was a knock at the door again and Aaron motioned that he would go grab it.
“Hey Hotch,” JJ smiled as she and Henry entered the home. “Thanks for doing rides again,”
“Oh it’s no problem,” he insisted.
Jack was quickly distracted now that Henry was around and they started to talk about their comic books and you went to greet JJ with a hug.
“Hey Jayje,” you smiled.
“Ready to come back to work?” she asked.
“Am I ever,” you nodded. “As much as I loved hanging out with my guy over there, I’m itching to get some action,”
“You could’ve just asked,” Aaron muttered as he walked past you and JJ’s eyes went wide as her jaw dropped open and you had a hard time holding back a slightly embarrassed smile.
Aaron was in front of the safe, going to take out his gun and holster it so you could head out of the house, Jack and Henry were at the table and JJ and you stood watching them from the entry to the dining room. The image was ingrained in your mind because that’s when it happened.
That’s when the door was slammed open and Aaron whipped out his gun like it was a reflex.
“Put the gun down!”
JJ was fast and grabbed Henry and Jack, holding them close as SWAT entered your home.
“I’m Agent Aaron Hotchner, this has to be a mistake, I’m on duty,” he informed them.
“Put your weapon down!” they were unwavering, their guns pointed straight at your husband and you stood there frozen in shock while your step-son called out for his father.
JJ sent Aaron a look and he slowly lowered his gun which whipped you out of your trance.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” you stepped in between Aaron and the barrel of the large gun.
“Ma’am get out of the way-,”
“Get out of the-why the hell are you arresting my husband?! You heard him! He’s the Unit Chief of the Behavioural Analysis Unit!”
“(Y/N),” you could hear Aaron’s voice behind you.
“Mom!” Jack’s cry for you shattered your heart into pieces, but you stood your ground.
“You can’t arrest him,” you pressed.
“(Y/N), sweetheart,” Aaron tried to make his voice as calm as he could while his hands were in the air, signalling to the SWAT team that he was going to cooperate after he calmed you down. But you couldn’t be calmed down, they were pointing a gun at your husband in front of you and your son when he had done nothing wrong.
“Aaron no,” you shook your head.
“(Y/N), go stand with Jack please,” he told you gently.
You could feel the tears coming in hot as you nodded your head, but you couldn’t move until one of the officers pointed his gun at Aaron again, instructing him to go down on his knees while they cuffed his hands behind his back.
As soon as you regained your footing you ran over to JJ, taking Jack out of her arms and hiding his face in your stomach so he didn’t have to watch.
“Dad!” he sobbed and you could feel yourself shaking while Aaron told you both everything was going to me okay and it was all just a big mistake.
When they dragged him out of the house, quickly you let go of Jack and dropped to your knees so you could look him in the eyes.
“Jack, Jack baby, look at me, look at mom,” you said through your own tears.
“Where are they taking him?” he sobbed.
“I don’t know,” you whispered. “I’m so sorry, I don’t know. But Auntie Jennifer’s going to take us to mom and dad’s office and we’re going to stay there,”
“And you’re going to try and get him back?” Jack asked.
“Of course, my love,” you nodded and wiped away his tears. “We’re all going to be okay, I promise,”
Jack sniffed and nodded his head, wrapping his arms tightly around your neck.
He was getting a lot older and it became harder to carry him, but you used whatever strength you had in yourself to pick him up and make sure he didn’t have to worry about anything for now. But it just made you think of Aaron, Jack had gotten very sick at school a month ago and he walked into the house carrying Jack as he used to when he was a small boy. And Jack clung onto him like he was his only tether to the world.
Now things had changed, and that tether was you. You’d have to push past your own fears, your own concerns and do whatever Jack needed you to do, right now he needed you to be his mom.
You sat in the back of the car in the middle, between Jack and Henry while JJ drove to Quantico, calling Will to come there and bring Michael with him.
Once you got there Jack had stopped crying, but he became withdrawn. He didn’t respond to Spencer’s question and instead just asked if he could go into his dad’s office.
After a few of your team members greeted you, you excused yourself to go see Jack who had been followed by Henry, Michael, and Will.
“Jack baby?” you called into the office, leaning in the door.
He nodded his head and looked up at you, but didn’t say anything to you.
“Can I take you somewhere?” you asked. “I just wanna talk for a minute,”
He sighed heavily but put his backpack down and walked towards you. You wrapped your arm around his shoulder and took him to the stairs, walking up a few more flights until you hit the roof, coming into the fresh open air outside.
At least it was sunny outside and you could actually bring Jack up here.
“Why are we over here?” Jack asked. “Shouldn’t we be trying to find out what happened to dad, where they took him?”
“Your Uncle Dave and the rest of the team are on top of that,” you assured him, leading the boy to a specific spot before sitting down and motioning for him to do the same. “This is one of your dad’s favourite spots, I thought maybe you’d want to sit here for a little bit,”
“Mom, I don’t want to sit here, I want dad,” he said plainly and pulled his legs up to his chest and turned away from you.
“Jack, I know,” you sighed and pinched the bridge of your nose. “I know you want dad right now. I…I just need you to talk to me,”
“About what?”
“About this, sweetheart,” you whispered, running a hand through his sandy hair. “Tell me how you feel, what’s going on in your head,”
Jack stayed silent, looking ahead at the surrounding grounds of FBI property.
You could hear the sniffles start again and you were quick to wrap your arms around him, pulling him into your chest where he clung onto your shirt.
“Mom, I’m scared,” he whimpered. “W-W-Why do they keep taking my parents away? I don’t want them to take you away,”
“Shh, shh,” you hushed as you rocked him back and forth. “They're not going to take me away,” you tried to assure him, but you knew it was no use. Jack would still worry.
“But that’s what dad used to say!” he was frustrated now. “He promised, mom,” his voice sounded so broken. Defeated. Jack had seen more than any eleven-year-old should have to see in their life, more than any adult even. “He broke his promise,”
“Jack, sweetheart, you don’t have to believe me,” you whispered. “But I’m going to say it anyway, okay? I’m gonna say it for me, I’m gonna say it for your dad, and I’m gonna say it for you too: He’s going to be alright and no one’s taking me or you anywhere,”
“He’s going to be alright, he’s going to be alright,” Jack repeated to himself like a mantra and you pressed repeated small kisses to his head, hoping it could offer him some sort of comfort.
You and Jack probably stayed outside for the better part of an hour and a half before heading back to Aaron’s office. Jack settled himself at the desk and Will let you know that he would be looking after the boys so you wouldn’t have to worry and could go debrief with the team.
“How’s he doing?” JJ asked.
“Not amazing, but we’ll manage,” you said truthfully and sighed before sitting down at the briefing room table.
“And how about you?” Tara asked. “That can’t be easy, seeing that,”
“It wasn’t,” you shook your head and tried to fight back the tears you could already feel welling up in your eyes. “I didn’t…I didn’t even tell him I loved him,” you whispered to yourself as more of a realization than anything.
“Oh honey, he knows,” Penelope assured you, rushing over to your side to rub your back soothingly as you slowly let yourself come apart in front of your friends.
“I-I can’t be like this, not in front of Jack,” you tried to wipe away your tears and brush yourself off, but they stopped you, telling you to take a moment and breathe.
“(Y/N), he’s your husband, you’re allowed to be worried and show emotion for him,” Tara assured you and you nodded your head because you knew that but you still felt like you needed to keep it together for Jack’s sake. Because it would be even harder to get him to believe Aaron was going to be okay if you didn’t believe it in the first place.
“(Y/N), I know it’s not my place, but maybe you should sit this one out,” Spencer suggested.
“I might not be the most useful right now, but I’d still like to stay. I…I want to know what’s happening,”
“Alright,” he nodded and came to offer a sympathetic pat on your shoulder.
You stayed with the team as they tried to determine who Aaron was swatted by and how everything linked together. JJ even went to question Antonia, remembering a key piece of information she had mentioned when Aaron had visited her in prison last.
Everything was becoming twisted and complicated and you desperately wished for it to end so you could see your husband again.
But when Jack entered the briefing room everything went silent and you felt like you could think again.
“Momma,” he said softly, coming up to you.
“Yeah, honey?”
“Can you go on a walk with me?” he asked.
“Sure,” you nodded and picked up your things, taking his hand and walking out of the office with him. “Why’d you want to go on a walk, buddy?” you asked.
He shrugged, but you could tell there was more to it.
“Jack-Attack, you know you can tell me anything, right?” you said gently, stopping in your tracks and kneeling down so you were at eye-level with him.
“I know,” he nodded. “I just-I wanted to walk with you because dad told me that sometimes when you get sad at work you go on a walk together and you feel better afterwards. And I feel pretty sad and I know you feel sad even though you’re trying to hide it for me so I thought maybe we could go on a walk and maybe feel a little better after,”
“Oh my sweet boy,” you cooed, your hands holding both sides of his face as you pressed a delicate kiss to his forehead. “Let’s go take that walk,”
As Jack, and consequently Aaron, had predicted, walking around made you feel a little bit better, you ran into Anderson who was quick to lighten the mood with some jokes and even Penelope who had run out on her lunch break so she could quickly grab some treats from a nearby store and offered to share some with you and Jack.
Later in the even one when it seemed like nothing was changing with Aaron’s situation you caught wind that they had found out there was going to be a prison break and the team began gearing up to leave and assist.
“Mom,” Jack looked at you worriedly. “Do you have to go?”
“I-,” you looked at the group as if to ask permission to stay which they immediately granted and you looked back at Jack, shaking your head. “I can stay,”
He ran over and pulled you into a tight hug which you accepted before walking off to Aaron’s office where Henry was already asleep on the couch. You assumed Will was trying to get Michael to sleep, maybe using Derek’s old office for some privacy.
Jack motioned for you to come and share his dad’s office chair with him and you did, watching him silently colour a picture.
Jack always had a talent for art, and for an eleven-year-old, his portraits looked incredibly realistic. As he continued to draw you noticed the similarities between his art and the photo of you and Aaron on your wedding day that sat on his desk. He was in the middle of adding some colour to the picture when the door quickly clicked open and you looked up, seeing Aaron standing right in front of you. You tapped Jack but he didn’t move.
“Hey,” Aaron said gently, but he received no response from Jack. “Hey,” he tried again and this time was met with a small,
“What are you doing?” Aaron asked.
“Colouring,” Jack said simply.
Seriously? This was how they were going to have this conversation.
You whispered something into Jack’s ear prompting him to look up at his dad while he turned his drawing around and put it in his bag.
“Can I see it?” Aaron asked.
“No,” Jack responded.
“Jack,” you whispered. “Ease up, baby,”
He didn’t speak to you, only grabbing his bag and walking past his father and out of the office.
JJ had already snuck in and taken a sleepy Henry on her back so she could get him, Michael, and Will home, leaving only you and Aaron in the office.
“He’s just scared,” you told him. “And a little mad. He said you broke your promise,”
Aaron nodded his head.
“You have to talk to him, otherwise he’s just going to bottle it up and he’ll act out,”
“Aaron you have to make sure he’s okay, please I just-,”
He walked up to where you were now standing behind his desk in large strides and held your arms, stopping you mid ramble.
“(Y/N), are you okay?”
“Am I oka-Aaron, how could you think I’m okay?!” you moved away from him. Before you felt worried and sad and now you just felt angry. You knew it wasn’t his fault, that he had no control over it, but that didn’t change the way you were feeling. “Every day we go into perilous and dangerous situations, but having people come into our home and point giant guns at you, threatening to hurt you in front of our son? Aaron, of course I’m not okay! I didn’t know if I was going to see you again, and I just stood there and watched it happen. I didn’t say I love you, I didn’t kiss you goodbye they just took you,” your voice sounded so defeated, but you continued, because there was more to say. “And the whole day I tried to keep it together for Jack when all I wanted to do was curl up in a ball and disapp-,”
Aaron cut you off, pulling you into his arms and squeezing tightly, you let yourself break, let go of all the pain and worry as you cried into his shirt.
“I’m so sorry,” he whispered into your hair. “I love you so much, okay? And I can’t imagine how hard today was for you guys, but I’m here now and everything’s going to be alright,”
You looked up at him and pressed a desperate kiss to his lips before whispering I love you to him, over and over to make up for the time you missed.
Past your tears you noticed a small shadow by the door and you pulled away from Aaron for a second, wiping away your tears and encouraging Jack to come in.
He took a few steps inside the office until he was next to you, holding your hand and looking up at his dad. Aaron came in front of you both and was quick to get on his knees and pull his son into a hug.
“I know I broke my promise,” he said softly. “And I’m sorry, I’m so sorry Jack,”
“Were you okay?” Jack asked. “I was so scared,”
“I was okay, it was just an accident like I said,” Aaron explained. “And I’m here now. I’m not gonna go anywhere. I’ll always come back to you,”
“Can we just go h-,” Jack stopped himself, as if he wasn’t entirely sure if he even wanted to go back to his home after what had happened.
“You know what, I have an idea,” Aaron said. “I was going to keep it a surprise for mine and (Y/N)’s anniversary, but I think it’s alright if I show you guys now,”
You and Jack were both thoroughly confused, but that didn’t matter much especially when Aaron had a safe place to take you.
First you did go back to the condo to grab some clothes for a few days and any important things you might need before climbing back into the car and driving out towards the suburbs.
When you pulled in front of a large blue house with a gorgeous front garden and a welcome mat at the front door you had a good idea what was going on.
Aaron turned around slightly so he could look at both you and Jack while he explained where you were.
“So this was supposed to be my big gift to you guys,” Aaron started. “I know these past few years have had their ups and downs and this was definitely not our best day, but we made it out. And I figured it might be nice to come to an actual home after any day. And it’s a great neighbourhood, Jack wouldn’t have to change schools and it’s big enough if we wanted to expand our family,” he explained, reaching his hand to hold yours.
“You mean we get to live here now?” Jack asked.
“As soon as we move in all our stuff,” Aaron nodded. “It came partially furnished so there’s one bed in the primary bedroom,” he added.
“Jack, do you wanna bunk with mom and dad tonight?”
Jack nodded his head and came forward in between the two seats and hugged you both tight.
You all got out of the car together and looked at your new home. A different place, somewhere you could feel secure after the events of that night.
Even though there was still a lot of work to do, this was the start of something you hoped would be good for your family, it was clear you all needed it.
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ladylibby · 18 hours ago
A Hard Day’s Night - Five
Summary: After graduation from the FBI Academy, all new agents go through a year of New Agent Training before becoming official agents of the bureau. By some stroke of luck, you get assigned to complete your training with the department you’ve always wanted to join– the Behavioral Analysis Unit. You signed up for a year of profiling, case work, and catching serial killers, but you’re in for more than you could ever dream of…
Chapter Summary: Emotionally, you and Hotch are closer than you’ve ever been before. But when a case takes the team to a tiny town in Alaska, you and your SSA might have to get physically closer too (for warmth, of course).
(A/N: This is our last chapter that deals directly with canon! It follows season 5, episode 21, “Exit Wounds.” From here on out though, the cases -- and plot -- are all my own...which we’re already starting to see in this chapter because I can’t write anything CM-related without putting Jemily in there. Anywho! Enjoy!)
One | Two | Three | Four | Five
Tumblr media
“I Want to Hold Your Hand”
“So, who’s the guy?” 
Pocketing your phone, you glanced at Garcia as the two of you walked down the street. Her eyes sparkled beneath the streetlights and if you didn’t know better, you’d think she could read your mind. 
“What?” You feigned ignorance. 
“The guy you’re texting. Actually, sorry that’s heteronormative of me—the person you’re texting who’s got you all moon-eyed.” 
“I am not moon-eyed.” You protested, though you could feel heat rising to your cheeks. 
For a moment, you considered telling her the truth– that Hotch had texted you to say Jack had finished the puzzle you’d gotten him during the last case. You’d started working on it with Jack the weekend before, the two of you sorting out all the edge pieces and putting the border together.
Hotch attached a photo of Jack next to the assembled masterpiece with the message. 
Hotch | 5:25 p.m. | He said 100 pieces was too easy. 
Y/N L/N | 5:25 p.m. | Maybe he can help with the 1,000 piece one on my coffee table. I started it a year ago and still haven’t finished.
The truth seemed too complex to explain, and you weren’t sure if you were ready to admit aloud that Hotch did make you moon-eyed and lovestruck. 
So you settled for part of the truth instead. “It was just a friend sending me a picture.”
“Uh-huh.” She said, clearly unconvinced. “You know you don’t have to tell me anything, lovie, but I am starving for some juicy mid-twenty-year-old gossip. The most exciting things Reid ever tells me are about the reruns of Star Trek he watched over the weekend.”
“Please,” You laughed, “What I know, you know. And you probably know more than I do. I mean, look at me, Pen. The closest to normal mid-twenties activities I get is the fact that I’m spending Friday night with my best friends.” 
“Who happen to be a hot and very smart mom, a mysterious beautiful badass, a tech genius...Okay, fair enough, mon cheri.” 
“Speaking of…”
Prentiss and JJ emerged from a café ahead of you, each carrying two styrofoam cups. 
“Oh, no.” JJ shook her head as the four of you reunited, taking in the armfuls of bags Garcia was carrying. 
“I know, I know, I know. Don’t say it. But when you see what’s in here...and it’s not my fault. They were calling to me, I swear.” Garcia defended. 
JJ and Prentiss both glanced at you, but you just shrugged. You knew better than to try to intervene in Penelope Garcia’s affairs. 
“And they were all on sale,” Garcia continued. “And when you think about it, that means I am helping the economy.” 
“Just please tell me all of those aren’t for my son.” JJ cut in. 
“They’re not.” 
Garcia lifted one small black bag. “This one is for Kevin.” 
Prentiss laughed, and you just shook your head, smiling. 
“What? It is my duty as a fairy godmother to spoil the child. And Henry is finally old enough to be fun when opening presents. I am not taking them back. Give me my coffee and no one’s gonna get hurt.” 
“Oh, a half-caf extra shot venti, 2-pump nonfat, hold the whip caramel macchiato.” Prentiss recited, handing Garcia one of the cups while JJ handed you yours. 
The four of you started walking down the street again. 
“Actually, Garcia, I think Henry could use some fairy godmother magic right now,” JJ admitted, her tone growing serious. “Will and I, um, we’ve decided to split up.” 
“JJ,” You furrowed your brow, “I’m so sorry.” 
She lifted one shoulder in a half shrug, “It’s been coming for a while. When I got pregnant I thought we’d get stronger but what we’s better as friends and co-parents.” 
“Still, breakups suck.” Garcia said. “If there’s anything we can do, you know we’re your fierce and loyal protection and support squad.” 
JJ smiled at that, “I know.” 
She glanced at Prentiss and you noticed the dark haired profiler didn’t appear too surprised by JJ’s news. You didn’t have time to analyze much, though, when JJ’s phone beeped and she slowed to read the incoming message. 
“Wait,” She sighed, and you knew what she was going to say next. “Time to go to the BAU, ladies.” 
The rest of you echoed her sigh, but stopped anyway. Prentiss stepped up to the curb, raising her arm to hail a cab. The four of you piled in, laughing as Garcia’s gift haul blocked all view of the route to Quantico and each other. 
Hotch and Reid were already in the conference room when you arrived. You settled into your usual seat between Reid and Prentiss. Hotch met your gaze from across the table, amusement in his eyes as he noted the matching cups set at your and Prentiss’s places. 
“Girl’s Night?” 
“Not anymore, sadly.” Garcia said, reaching out to mess with Reid’s hair, “But we like you boys anyway.” 
Reid ducked away from her touch, trying to fix his long locks, but he had a soft smile on his face. You smiled too, surprisingly unbothered to be opening the new case file in front of you. Morgan arrived soon after, dropping into his chair beside Garcia, leaving the end of the table open for Rossi. 
“Woah,” Prentiss’s eyes widened as Rossi entered in a tuxedo, his bowtie undone. 
“Sorry to ruin your night.” Hotch said. 
“What are you, working on wife number four?” Morgan teased, spinning a pen between his fingers. 
Rossi sighed. “I see you people way too much.” 
A chuckle made its way around the table, quieting as Rossi sat. 
“Let’s get started.” Hotch prompted, looking to where JJ stood by the flatscreen at the other end of the table. 
“Alright, the Anchorage Field Office is asking us to investigate a series of murders in Franklin, Alaska. There’s three people dead in less than a week.” 
“For a town with a population of 1,476, that’s fairly significant.” Reid said. 
“It’s their first murder investigation on record.” JJ confirmed. 
“Who are the victims?” Rossi asked. 
“Uh, Jon Baker, a hunter. Dedaimia Swanson, a schoolteacher. Brenda Bright, the first mate on a fishing boat. There’s a new victim every two days.” 
“Any connections?” Prentiss asked. 
“Unfortunately, in a town this small, everything’s connected.” 
“Different methods of murder, though.” You pointed out, looking at the file. “The first two were shot but Brenda Bright was stabbed with an arrow. That seems odd.” 
“Are we sure it’s the same guy?” Rossi wondered. 
“All three victims were found in heavily trafficked areas.” Hotch said. “The unsub wants them found sooner than later.”
“Jon Baker’s body was left exposed to the elements but the two women were buried under mounds of trash. Why?” Prentiss asked. 
“It could be a sign of remorse.” Reid theorized. “Cover the bodies so he doesn’t have to be faced with what he’s done.” 
“Or he thinks that the women are trash and he’s just placed them where he thinks they belong.” Morgan countered. 
“Well, we can’t be sure of anything yet.” JJ said. “Franklin is an isolated fishing community that’s been hit really hard by the current economy. Add to that a series of unsolved murders and everyone’s on edge.” 
“The local sheriff is out of his depth and Alaska hasn’t handled a serial investigation since Robert Hansen in the ‘80s. We’ll fly out tonight, everybody can sleep on the plane.” Hotch said. “Garcia, I need you with us.” 
“I’ve tasked a satellite uplink and it’s your job to keep us connected.” He explained. 
“Yes, sir.” 
“This town’s already on the brink, and if the pattern continues, we’ve only got a day until the next murder. Let’s finish this fast.” Hotch instructed. “Wheels up in thirty.” 
Early on in your time with the BAU, you learned to keep two go-bags packed and ready. One was for warm weather and the other for cold (with some items to go either way in both). You were grateful, stepping off the jet in Anchorage and heading for the float plane that would take the team to Franklin, that your cold weather bag was stocked with long sleeves, sweaters, and the nice long coat you’d already dug out during the nine hour flight.
Assigned to work the crime scene with Morgan and Prentiss, you hung back on the dock after exiting the float plane as the rest of the team walked ahead. A woman in sheriff’s brown and khaki stepped up, sliding a pair of aviators into her breast pocket. 
“Welcome to Franklin. I’m Deputy Flack.” 
“Agent Prentiss,” Prentiss introduced, shaking her hand. “These are agents Morgan and L/N.” 
“Is this the dock where Brenda Bright was working the night she was killed?” Morgan asked. 
“Alright, we’ll get started here.” He said, and the three of you followed Deputy Flack up to the main walk.
“It’s pretty isolated out here. How do you get basic supplies?” Morgan asked, falling into step next to the deputy while you and Prentiss followed behind. 
“Float planes bring grocery and hardware deliveries on a weekly basis, and fishermen and hunters provide the town’s meat supply.” 
You paused as a man passed from the opposite direction, pausing in front of you. 
“Hey, I’m Craig Ramey. You all the F.B.I.?” 
“What gave us away?” Prentiss asked, and you stifled a laugh, looking at Morgan’s sunglasses and your own long dark coat. 
Morgan looked him up and down. “You’re sure packing an awful lot of stuff for a fishing trip.” 
“I’m not going fishing. I’m getting the hell out of dodge before it’s me or my wife put in the ground.” 
“Did you know Brenda well?” Prentiss asked. 
“Everyone did. She was sweet. She’d pull a haul just as good as any guy on these docks.” He turned to the deputy. “As soon as I get my house boarded up, I’m heading out. I suggest you do the same, Susan. Excuse me.” 
He passed by and you kept walking. 
“I can’t say I blame him. With everything that’s going on, I’m surprised more people aren’t trying to leave.” Deputy Flack said, leading you to a fishing boat where a man was working on a fishing net. “This is Keith Graves, he was with Brenda the night she died.” 
“Hello, Mr. Graves.” You greeted, “Did you notice anything strange or out of the ordinary the night Brenda died?” 
He shook his head, fiddling with the net. “No. I offered to wait for her, but she insisted I head up to town without her.” 
“What were you two doing that night?” Prentiss asked. 
“We finished for the day, I left, and she stuck around to clean the fish that she wanted to take home.” 
“Was that typical?” You followed up. “For her to walk home alone?” 
“Yeah,” He nodded, “Brenda said that walking was good for the soul.” 
“How far is it into town?” Morgan asked. 
“About half a mile.” 
Prentiss nodded. “The unsub could have waited for her anywhere.”
“Thank you for your time, Mr. Graves,” You said, nodding to him before the four of you set off again. 
You walked the half mile into town, to the place where Brenda Bright’s body was found. It was a junkyard, an old car abandoned by some overgrown chain link fence. Trash was strewn on the ground, most of it piled up against the fence. 
“Your report said the assault occurred here.” Morgan said. 
“That’s right.” Deputy Flack nodded, pointing towards the road. “There was a trail of blood coming from that direction.”
“I don’t see any blood.” Morgan said. 
“We covered it up.” 
“You contaminated the scene?” Prentiss asked, surprised. 
“We had to. We’ve got a rabid bear in the woods, it’s been ripping smaller game to shreds. A creature like that smells blood, he’ll come into town, no hesitation.” 
“And the other two victims were found in places like this?” You asked. 
“Jon was found on the edge of the woods. Dedaimia was up by Crest Falls. It’s a popular hiking route.”
“Who would know their routines?” Prentiss asked. 
You glanced at your teammates, finding your thoughts mirrored in their expressions– so far, not so good. 
The profile began to take shape, however, when the team reconvened at the local inn (your base of operations for the case) in the evening. The others were already gathered in the hotel’s lobby/common space, a fire roaring in the fireplace. You sat as close as possible, chilled from your day outside in the cold. 
“He’s already experimenting with his victims,” Rossi pointed out. “He violated Brenda Bright with an arrow.” 
“And he’s inciting panic,” Morgan added. “People who have lived here most of their lives are packing up to leave.” 
“Can you blame them?” JJ said, “We have a psychopath whose hunting ground is a town of 1,400 people.” 
“Most of them grew up learning to hunt animals and start fires.” Reid said. 
“Sounds like your basic survival skills.” Sheriff Rhodes said. 
“No,” Rossi said, “They’re hunting skills. Think about it, the marksmanship, the urine– it makes sense.”
“The urine makes sense?” Morgan raised an eyebrow.
“It’s a hunter’s trick.” Rossi nodded. “You urinate downwind to keep the animals away.” 
“He tried to preserve Jon Baker’s body so it would be discovered intact.” Hotch confirmed. 
“Alright,” JJ nodded, “So we’ve got a psychopath with hunting skills who knows the routines of everyone in town. How are we supposed to keep everyone safe?” 
“Sheriff, I suggest you institute a curfew until we have the unsub in custody. Nobody out after dark.” Hotch said. 
“I’ll have one of my deputies patrolling around the clock.” The sheriff nodded. 
“Garcia, how are the town records coming?” Hotch asked. 
“I’ve run everyone who’s been printed through CODIS. Nothing’s come up so far, I’m going to pull an all-nighter, finish going through the town records. Should have background checks by sunrise.” 
“Good.” Hotch nodded. “The rest of us should get some sleep, start fresh in the morning.”
Carol, the owner of the inn, stepped closer to the couches. “I’ve got four of the upstairs rooms available.” 
“Four?” Reid croaked. 
“Come on,” the sheriff said. “It’s the best we can do. Your team is double the size of my department. I’ll see you in the morning.” 
“Goodnight,” Hotch nodded to him before turning back to the team. “Looks like we’ll have to double up.” 
“I am not sleeping with Reid.” Morgan declared, unmoved by the hurt-puppy-dog look on Reid’s face. 
Garcia’s hand shot out to grab Morgan’s. “Dibs.” 
“Emily and I always share when we double up.” JJ said (a little too quickly), she and Prentiss both getting up and gathering their bags. 
“I’ll take the kid.” Rossi, ever the long-suffering father figure, ushered Reid up out of his armchair. “Come on.” 
“I’m older than Y/N!” Reid protested, but followed Rossi anyway. 
You watched them with amusement, biting down your laughter so as not to hurt Reid’s feelings. The mirth fizzled quickly, however, as you turned back and found Hotch looking at you. A shiver of realization (and a bit of apprehension) ran down your spine. 
You swallowed, offering a small smile. “I guess it’s you and me, then.”  
“Is that alright?” The furrow between his brows deepened with concern. “I can arrange for–” 
“I don’t mind.” You cut in, cringing internally at how eager you sounded. Clearing your throat, you evened your tone. “Really, it’s fine.” 
“Okay,” His expression softened to its usual unreadable state, “I’ll get the room keys, you can head up. We’re staying on the third floor.”
“Sure,” You nodded, standing and grabbing your bag. 
You said goodnight to Morgan and Garcia and made your way upstairs. Hotch (and his long legs) arrived soon after, directing you to the room furthest down the hall. He unlocked the door and handed you your own key. It was an actual key, too, not the keycards you got at the hotels the BAU usually stayed in. 
He held the door as you walked in first, flipping on the light switch. The room wasn’t terribly large, with two more doors leading to a closet and the bathroom. A desk sat against one wall, with a bed pushed up against the opposite wall. 
A bed. One, singular queen-sized bed. 
Hotch stepped up behind you, close enough for his shoulder to brush yours. Another shiver ran down your spine, which you decided to blame on the Alaskan cold. You glanced at him, finding his gaze on the bed, analyzing it like a crime scene. 
“Do you mind if I take the bathroom?” You moved further into the room, setting your bag on one side of the bed and tossing your coat next to it. “I could use a hot shower.” 
“Of course,” Hotch nodded, stepping out of the way. 
“Thanks.” You said, sending him a weak smile as you headed for the bathroom. 
Alone, with the door shut behind you, you forced yourself to take a deep breath. 
You could do this, you reminded yourself as you grabbed one of the towels folded on the bathroom counter, hanging it on the peg beside the shower. There was no reason this had to be weird, you told yourself as you turned on the water and undressed as you waited for it to heat up. You and Hotch were friends, you were both adults. 
Everything was fine. 
Until you got out of the shower, dried off, and realized that in your haste you’d forgotten to grab any clean clothes. 
“Shit.” You hissed, weighing your options. 
You could put your old clothes back on and go out to grab new ones. But one look at your wrinkled slacks and sweater, stale from two airplanes and dusty from a day walking around Franklin, you couldn’t bring yourself to put them back on. 
You could crack the door and ask Hotch to grab them for you. But that was much worse. You’d rather sit through a dinner with all of Rossi’s ex-wives than ask Hotch to dig through your underwear for a clean tee shirt and pants.
That left you with one possibility (apart from hiding in the bathroom for the rest of your life). So, reminding yourself that you were friends, you were both adults, everything is fine, you wrapped the towel as securely around yourself as possible and left the bathroom. 
Hotch was sitting at the desk, the case file open in front of him. He had a pen in hand, jotting down notes from the day’s casework. 
Though you willed him not to, he looked up at the sound of the door opening. 
His eyes widened a fraction, the straight line of his lips breaking as his mouth opened slightly. And then he quickly looked down again, snapping his usual mask into place. 
Nevermind the heat of the shower, you felt your entire body flush with embarrassment. 
“Sorry, forgot to grab my clothes.” You said, hurrying to your bag.
“It’s fine.” Hotch said, the words coming out slightly tense. 
Your stomach twisted and you tried not to notice his knuckles turning white as he gripped the pen. Pressing the hastily gathered bundle of clothes to your chest, you hurried back to the bathroom. 
Changing into a faded tee and a pair of sweats sporting your college’s name down the left pant leg, you forced yourself to take several more deep breaths. Covered and comfortable, you felt calmer as you exited the bathroom a second time. 
“All yours,” You said, managing a smile when he looked up again. 
Hotch nodded, his gaze flicking down to where your too-long pants covered your feet and then quickly back up before turning back to his file. You forced yourself over to the bed, folding your worn clothes and shoving them to the bottom of your bag. 
While you were rearranging your things, Hotch wordlessly moved to his own bag next to the desk, pulling a few things out and disappearing into the bathroom, shutting the door with a soft click. 
After pulling out your own copy of the case file, you moved your bag from the bed, setting it in the bottom of the closet. Straightening up, you realized Hotch had hung up your coat, his own quilted down coat hung next to it. 
You sat back down on the edge of the bed, one leg bent beneath you as you looked over the file. The unsub was disorganized, but skilled. He knew the town and its citizens well, but seemed to strike randomly. Every lead seemed to end in a sharp turn. 
“I’ll take the floor.” 
You looked up to see Hotch had changed as well, into a white tee shirt and lightweight blue pajama pants. If seeing him in jeans had been strange, this was like stepping through the wardrobe into Narnia. 
You blinked, “What?” 
“There are some extra blankets in the closet. I’ll take those and sleep on the floor.” 
“Hotch, no.” You shook your head in disbelief, standing up. “It’s way too cold to sleep on the floor. Not to mention it looks incredibly uncomfortable.” 
He crossed his arms, and you forced yourself to focus on his face. 
“Seriously, Hotch, you’re not going to get any rest sleeping like that.” You insisted. “We’re both adults. We can share a bed for one night, right?” 
He remained stoic for a moment, scowling, before inclining his head. 
“Good,” you sighed, retreating to close the case file and leave it on the bedside table before pulling back the covers and sliding into bed. “You were making me cold just thinking about sleeping on that floor.” 
Hotch let out a quiet chuckle, shaking his head with one of those almost-smiles on his face. He walked over towards the door and turned off the light. 
You laid completely still, wondering if he could hear the sound of your heartbeat echoing through the small room. If he did, he made no comment, padding quietly over to the other side of the bed. You felt the blankets shift and the mattress dip as he lay down beside you. 
As a child, you always thought queen beds were enormous, with more space than anyone could ever imagine. 
Now, though, you were very aware of the few inches between your body and his. Not close enough to touch, but close enough that you could feel the warmth of him radiating outwards. 
Outside, you heard the hoot of an owl in a nearby tree. 
“Goodnight, Y/N.” Hotch said, his voice soft and deep. 
“Goodnight, Hotch.” You breathed, forcing yourself to relax.
You shut your eyes, and to your surprise, found a dreamless sleep not far away. 
The first thing you knew when you woke up was that you did not want to be awake. 
You could feel how cold it was in the room compared to how delightfully warm you were, curled up under the covers with– wait a minute. 
Your mind quickly shook off the confusion of sleep as you became suddenly aware of how your position had changed since falling asleep. Those few inches of space between you and Hotch were long gone as you’d apparently shifted closer in your sleep. You lay on your side, your head nestled against his shoulder. His arm, the one you weren’t using as a pillow, was slung across your waist. 
The agonizing decision of whether to stay in the warm embrace or move away was suddenly taken away from you as Hotch’s phone began to ring. 
He shifted, the pattern of his breathing changing beneath you as he woke up to the shrill tone. Feeling a small rush of panic, you pulled away and sat up, blinking blearily at the light of his phone screen. 
Hotch rolled over and grabbed it, sitting up as he answered. “Hotchner.” 
“It’s Rhodes.” You heard the sheriff’s voice on the other line, “We’ve got a problem.” 
Your arms were already chilled now that you’d left the safety of the blankets, and though you didn’t know what the problem was, you were pretty sure of what came next. So you got out of bed and turned on the light before opening the closet and grabbing some clothes. You used the bathroom and changed quickly, swapping your pajamas for a thick cable-knit and jeans. 
If Hotch had been aware of your...sleeping arrangement, he said nothing about it, the two of you sliding past each other in the bathroom doorway. 
“The unsub killed again.” He said, “Garcia saw him run away. The body isn’t far from the hotel, Rhodes and his people are already there.” 
“Should I wake the others?” 
“Yes,” Hotch said, “I’ll meet you out there in a minute.”
“Alright.” You nodded, grabbing your coat from the closet and stepping out into the hallway. 
You, Reid, Rossi, Hotch and Prentiss went to check out the scene. Garcia was (understandably) shaken from witnessing the murder, and Morgan took her back inside to clean off the victim’s blood and calm her down as best he could. 
“His name’s Craig Ramey,” the sheriff said as you all stood above the body. “A fisherman.” 
“We met him yesterday,” You said, glancing at Prentiss, “He and his wife were getting ready to leave town.” 
“He’s accelerating his schedule,” said Reid, “We should have had another day. Why change that?” 
“Ramey was pretty vocal about wanting to get out of town. If the unsub knew that, he could have struck early to prevent his target from getting away.” Prentiss theororized. 
“Has to be more to it than that,” Rossi said. “He brought the body to the tavern we’re staying at.”
“He’s telling us he’s not afraid of us,” Hotch said. “He’s gaining confidence.” 
Rossi crouched to get a better look at the corpse. “He switched to a hunting knife. Looks like a jagged edge.” 
“There’s more physical damage too, like he was cut open.” Reid pointed out. “I won’t know until Dr. Johnson does an autopsy, but I’d be willing to bet he took a piece of the victim with him.” 
“What kind of piece?” Hotch asked. 
“Hard to say, but judging from the location I would guess liver or spleen.” 
You pressed your lips together, turning away from the bloody scene to think. Morgan approached from the inn. 
“Was Garcia able to give you any more information?” Hotch asked as Morgan joined the group. 
“She’s given all she can.” Morgan said, sounding defeated. 
“This guy’s taunting us, he’s one step ahead.” Rossi said. 
“I think you’re giving him more credit than he deserves,” Hotch said. “It’s like Emily said on the plane, he’s all over the place. The victimology is inconsistent, the methodology’s evolving, the first kill was sloppy and unplanned.” 
“The first one was an accident.” You said. 
“But it triggered a sexual response.” Prentiss said. “He got off on it.”
“And he knew then and there that he’d have to kill again.” Morgan said. “He learned how to get the job done more efficiently.” 
“Yeah, but why the organs?” the sheriff wondered.
“Consumption typically indicates a desire to keep the victims with him. He’s having trouble letting go.” Reid said. “We’re probably looking for someone with severe abandonment issues.” 
“Craig Ramey was leaving town,” You said. “If the unsub knew that, maybe it triggered him.”
“It’s possible.” Reid nodded. 
Somewhere out in the woods, a coyote howled. 
“It’ll be light soon,” Hotch said, “Let’s get everyone together and go over what we know.”
You were happy to oblige, your hands cold even with them shoved deep into your coat pockets. The team settled back into the lobby, waiting for Rhodes to call in his deputies. You stood close to the fireplace, looking out one of the windows as the first murky blue light of dawn began to break. 
Someone stepped up beside you, and you turned to see Hotch. He held out a mug with a faded “Beautiful Alaska” design, steam curling above the coffee. You accepted the cup, wrapping your hands around it and enjoying the warmth seeping through. 
“Thanks,” You said before taking a sip. 
“I want you here today,” He said, “Go over Garcia’s background on the victims and look for connections.”
“Yeah, I’m on it.” You said, giving him a small smile. 
“Good,” He nodded, and as his gaze lingered for a moment you saw something...softer than his usual SSA stare flash across his face.
And then it was gone again. 
“Alright,” Sheriff Rhodes spoke from the other end of the room, “I think we’re all here.” 
Hotch moved to stand with the rest of the team, and you followed, perching on the arm of one of the couches with your coffee in hand. 
“We’re looking for an emotionally immature male,” Hotch began, “Probably in his mid to late twenties who suffered a traumatic loss.” 
“Now this loss could be anything, death of a parent, separation of a parent, a loved one who moved away. Something that made the unsub feel abandoned and alone.” Morgan added. 
“He had extensive hunting experience,” Rossi picked up. “The bodies were buried not because of remorse, they were buried to protect them from wild animals.” 
“His familiarity with the victim’s routines suggests the unsub has lived here most of his life.” Prentiss said. “He also has extensive knowledge of the landscape and surroundings.” 
“So we should split up and cover the town.” Hotch said, “Focus on younger residents with a history of petty crimes and assaults.” 
“You should look in their trash,” Morgan suggested, “Fireplaces, even their laundry. Look for signs of bloody clothes or even cuts and bruises. One of the victims may have gotten in a blow or two before they died.” 
“Bring in anyone who seems to have something to hide.” said Rossi, “The unsub has already broken patterns, so he could strike again at any time.” 
“Sheriff, you and I need to look at the school,” Hotch said. “Talk to the teacher, see if she remembers any students exhibiting any early signs of homicidal behavior.”
Sheriff Rhodes nodded, addressing his small police force. “Let’s move.” 
By the end of the day, the case had become a waiting game. Together, the team and Rhodes’s deputies had rounded up as many men matching the profile as they could find– including the hotel owner’s son, Joshua, who was suspect number one. 
Working out of the lobby with Garcia all day, you’d helped get her back to her old sparkling self and made a connection between all four victims (more significant than their hunting licenses). All of them had plans to leave town, and leave town soon. Another young woman, Kat Allen, had plans to leave Franklin to go back to school and had been put under police protection until you closed the case. 
With Joshua in custody and Kat looked after, all you could do was wait. If the unsub didn’t kill again in the next few hours, you’d know you had your man. If he did...then you’d continue the chase. 
Everyone knew there was nothing more to be done, but that didn’t make the waiting any easier. 
Around midnight, you closed the case file and tossed it onto the bedside table with a sigh. You’d been reading it over and over for almost an hour, hoping something new might jump out at you. But you got nothing. 
Hotch sat at the desk, glaring down at the notes in front of him. From the scowl on his face, you guessed he was making about as much progress as you. 
“Hotch,” You called, and he lifted his head to look at you. “You should get some sleep.” 
“This town is a powderkeg.” He said, shaking his head, “I’d rather not just wait for it to explode.” 
“It hasn’t exploded yet.” You said, “And I don’t think staring at that file until you pass out is going to help. We’ll all be better off to handle whatever happens if we’ve gotten some rest.”
His gaze wandered back to the file, posture caught between getting up and staying seated. 
“I know you’d like me to believe otherwise, but even you need sleep, Hotch.” You teased gently. 
The frustration in his face melted at that, a small smile gracing his expression. “Who told you that?” 
“I have my sources,” You shrugged, smiling as he stood from the chair. 
You got yourself settled in the bed, shifting to lie down with all but your head snuggled beneath the blankets. Hotch switched off the light and crossed the room quietly. Again, you felt the mattress dip and heard the soft rustle of him joining you beneath the covers. 
Somehow, you felt much calmer about it tonight. It felt...normal. Comforting, even, to know he was right there next to you. 
“Jack asked about you today.” Hotch said, and you imagined a smile on his face as he spoke. 
You turned onto your side, facing him. “Did he?” 
The blankets pulled and then settled as he mirrored you, and you could just barely make out the outline of his face in the darkness. 
“He asked me if I knew what you were bringing him this time.” Hotch said, “I told him he shouldn’t expect something from every case.” 
“I did already buy him a 500 piece puzzle when we were in Anchorage, though.” 
Hotch let out a breathy chuckle and you couldn’t help but smile.
“He also asked if you would be coming over next weekend.” 
You bit your lip, feeling a small cloud of butterflies fluttering in your stomach. “What did you tell him?” 
“I said I would ask.” Hotch answered honestly. “But you shouldn’t feel any pressure to say yes. You’ve been over a lot and I don’t want to keep you from your life.” 
You almost laughed. What life? Apart from the BAU, he and Jack made up the entirety of your social calendar. 
“You’re not obligated to spend time with us when you could be having night’s out with your friends,” His voice got tighter around the next words, “Going on dates, living your life.” 
You actually did laugh at that. 
“I’m sorry,” You grinned. “I shouldn’t laugh when you’re being so thoughtful...” 
You could practically feel his confused frown. 
“Hotch,” You said, the smile clear in your voice, “I don’t feel obligated. I don’t feel pressured. There’s nothing I’d like more than to spend my weekend with you and Jack.” 
“Okay,” He said softly, as if speaking to himself more than to you. 
“So I’ll be there.” You promised, and then closed your eyes. “Now stop stalling and get some rest.” 
He let out an amused hum, “Yes ma’am.” 
Again, with his warm presence close by, you drifted easily into sleep.
A few hours later, you were again awoken before you were ready. Still half-asleep, you barely registered why someone might be knocking loudly on the door, only caring that they stop and let you stay where you were. 
Because you were incredibly comfortable, having once again shifted closer to Hotch in your sleep. 
Another knock sounded, this time making Hotch stir as well. Feeling sleepy and stubborn (and not really thinking about it), you made a small noise of protest and pressed your face into his neck. His arms tightened around you, protective and soothing, drawing you even closer. 
“Hotch!” Morgan yelled, giving up on knocking and just pounding his fist against the door. 
That broke whatever sleeping spell still lingered over you. 
With something very close to a groan of frustration, Hotch let go and you pulled back, rising and stalking to the door before swinging it open. 
“Yes?” His tone was clipped, voice rough from sleep. 
You dragged yourself out of bed, moving to stand behind Hotch. The shaft of light from the hallway was too bright, and you lifted a hand to rub your eyes. Morgan glanced between Hotch and where you stood past his shoulder. 
“Sorry. Didn’t realize you were sleeping.” He said, before turning to the issue at hand. “The unsub struck again last night.” 
You sighed, already shuffling back into the room to find a new sweater. 
“Alright,” Hotch said to Morgan, “We’ll be down in a minute.” 
Yet again, the unsub had changed his behavior. Instead of targeting Kat Allen, he murdered Carol Beardsley. Not only that, but he broke into her home to do so and mutilated the body post-mortem. 
It was clear, this one was personal. 
When you heard of the mutilation, a puzzle piece fell into place in your head. Hotch and Reid went with you to the police station to compare photos from the Beardsley scene with photos of the supposed “bear attacks” Deputy Flack had mentioned when you arrived. 
You looked up from the photos, finding the same certainty mirrored in Hotch’s gaze. 
“Sheriff, we need to adjust the profile.” Hotch said. 
“What do you mean?” 
“A bear didn’t do this.” You said, holding up one of the photos.
“You mean a person?” The sheriff looked between the three of you in disbelief. 
“A bear or other animal wouldn’t have left so much behind.” Reid explained. 
“I should have realized earlier.” You went on, “It’s a core part of the homicidal triad.” 
“We said the kills were all over the map. The unsub lacks sophistication and shows immaturity in his skills because he is immature.” Reid said. 
“He was taught to hunt early on, so he started with animals.” You said. 
“And when he got bored with animals, he moved on to more challenging prey.” Hotch continued. 
“People.” You said. 
“Sheriff, your unsub is a teenage boy.” Hotch finished. 
Between a trip to the town school and some digging from Garcia, you quickly narrowed the suspect list down to one: Owen Porter. Joshua had taken him under his wing at school, treated him like a younger brother until moving to Anchorage with his mother and leaving Owen behind...with an abusive father. 
With you and the sheriff behind either shoulder, Hotch knocked on the Porters’ front door. The shades were all drawn, a fraying lace banner with the word “Home” hanging on the door. 
A tall, frightening looking man appeared behind the windowpane, opening the door. 
“Mr. Porter, is your son at home?” Hotch demanded, more than asked. 
“What’s it to you?” Porter spat defensively. 
Hotch shoved past him, striding inside where Mrs. Porter sat in an armchair by the TV. 
“Turn that off.” Hotch ordered. 
You moved to shut it off while the sheriff walked to another door, opening it and searching for Owen. 
“Did you know?” Hotch addressed Mrs. Porter. 
“Don’t know what you’re talking about!” Porter yelled. 
“Not for sure,” Mrs. Porter said, her eyes watery and her voice wobbling. “Not until last night. He came in covered in blood.” 
“He’s not here.” Rhodes reemerged, “But the window’s open.”
“You’ve washed blood out of his clothes before, haven’t you, Mrs. Porter?” You asked.
“Don’t answer them, Martha!” Mr. Porter bellowed, taking an angry step towards you. 
Hotch turned on him, stilling him with a stern glare. “Sit down, and shut up.” 
“He won’t hurt you again, Martha.” You said, drawing her attention away from her husband. “I promise.” 
“No,” She admitted. “It wasn’t the first time.” 
“Mrs. Porter, I understand you’re only trying to protect Owen,” Hotch said, more softly. “But you can’t anymore.” 
“He’s always been different,” She cried. “He’s not like us. When he was a little boy, he used to go out into the woods and come home covered in blood.” 
“Why didn’t you tell anyone, Martha?” The sheriff asked. “How could you just sit there and say nothing while people died!” 
“How did Owen react when Joshua was sent away?” Hotch asked. 
“He wanted to leave too. But I couldn’t let him.” 
“Mrs. Porter, do you understand the effects of social isolation on children?” You asked, chest aching. 
“I was afraid of what he might do if he ever left here.” She held your gaze despite the shame in her eyes. “We knew. We knew what he was.” 
“Do you know where he’s headed?” Hotch asked. 
“Is there somewhere he would go to be by himself?” You asked. 
“A hiding spot when you were mad at him?” Hotch added. 
“Hiding spot.” Mr. Porter scoffed. “How the hell are we supposed to know?”
Hotch shot Mr. Porter another glare before continuing. “If you know you need to tell me. I’m trying to help him. There’s a mob out there, and if they find him they’re not going to turn him over. They’re going to take justice into their own hands.” 
“Please, if you want to save your son’s life, you have to help us.” You pleaded. 
“Martha, don’t!” Mr. Porter hissed. 
“Lake Lafayette.” She said, “He and Joshua built a fort there when they were younger.” 
“He’ll need a boat upriver to get there.” The sheriff said. “You head to the harbor, I’ll radio for one of the deputies to meet you. I’ll stay and handle these two.” 
Mr. Porter’s jaw ticked, but he wouldn’t try anything if he knew what was good for him. You and Hotch left the house, climbing into the car and taking off through town. You called Morgan from the passenger seat, telling him the plan. As promised, a deputy was waiting when you arrived. 
“He isn’t here yet,” He said, the three of you jogging down the pier, “That’s his boat.” 
“We’ll wait in there,” Hotch nodded to a larger boat in the berth beside it, the helm covered and allowing for cover. 
The deputy stepped down first, and Hotch followed, reaching back up to help you down. The deputy crouched behind the windshield at the prow while you and Hotch hid in the cabin. You drew your gun, holding it at your side as you waited. 
A few minutes later, you heard one set of footsteps running down the dock, followed by a thump as they jumped down to the smaller boat. Hotch nodded to you, leading the way out into the sunlight. 
You flanked him, raising your gun at the same time and aiming it towards where Owen stood on the boat below, a rifle in his hands and a confused look on his face. 
“Owen, put the gun down.” Hotch said. 
The hunting party, led by Joshua Beardsley, barrelled out onto the dock above, guns trained on Owen. 
“Who do you want to take your chances with,” Hotch continued, “Us or them?” 
Joshua cocked his rifle and Hotch lifted his gun to point at him. “Drop your weapons and walk away!”
You and the deputy kept your handguns trained on Owen as he spun to look at the opposing sides, frightened and bewildered. 
“Can’t do that, agents,” One of the men, Keith Graves, said. “The boy’s coming with us.” 
“It’s not happening!” Hotch shouted. 
“Drop it, Keith!” The deputy called. “We’ve got this under control.” 
“What are you going to do, Jerry? He’s sixteen. Send him to juvie so he’s out in two years? He killed Brenda.”
“He killed my mom.” Joshua echoed. 
“He will be held accountable for his crimes.” Hotch shouted. 
“Accountable? Five people are dead!” Joshua yelled back. “Why’d you do it, Owen? Huh? Why’d you kill her?” 
“You left me behind!” Owen cried. 
“You killed my mom!”
“She sent you away! You left and you didn’t come back. Eight years and I never heard from you again.”
“Please,” You shouted, “Let us take him in!” 
“Sorry, I know what you’re saying is right, but I can’t do it.” Joshua held steady. 
“Joshua, I’m so sorry about your mom,” You pleaded. “But if you put your guns down, no one else will get hurt.” 
“Are you kidding?” Joshua said, unaware of the rest of your team approaching behind him. “You’re outnumbered and outgunned. Who do you think has the higher ground here?”
“I’m pretty sure we do!” Rossi answered, he, Morgan, Prentiss, and Deputy Flack all aiming their weapons and Joshua and his crew.
The other hunters lowered their guns to the ground slowly, rising with their hands in the air. 
“What are you– what are you doing?” Joshua looked at them, his aim wavering away from Owen and towards you. “We can still take him!”
You were suddenly very aware of the fact that neither you or Hotch had time to put on bulletproof vests before reaching the dock. Hotch seemed to realize this as well, stepping in front of you. You lowered your gun as he completely blocked your view, confused. 
“Hotch?” You whispered. 
“Stay behind me.” He ordered. 
You obeyed, but kept your grip on the handle of your gun, ready to step out and fire if necessary. 
“It’s over, Joshua.” Graves said. 
“He killed my mom!” 
“I know, and I’m sorry.” 
A beat of silence passed, and then a shot rang out. You side-stepped to see what had happened, finding Joshua collapsed in Graves’s arms. 
“You shot him.” Graves gawked at Rossi. 
“He’ll live.” Rossi said.
Morgan and Deputy Flack moved in, taking Joshua’s gun away. You moved forward with Hotch and the other deputy, taking Owen’s rifle as Hotch handed it back to you. The deputy cuffed Owen, who looked a lot more like a scared child than a man who’d terrorized a town for nearly a week. You thought about his father, the anger in his eyes, and you wondered if this was really justice. 
A hand settled on your lower back and you looked up to find Hotch watching you. 
“You okay?” 
“Yeah,” You nodded, snapping yourself out of it. “Yeah, I’m good.” 
You maneuvered over to the side of the boat, handing the confiscated rifle up to Morgan and accepted Prentiss’s hand up as you climbed back up to the dock. Hotch followed, and the team started the trek back. 
The flight home felt even longer than the flight out. The jet left Anchorage a little before sunset, and you flew deeper and deeper into the night as you headed for the east coast again. 
As was often the case, you and Hotch found yourselves to be the only two still awake. 
“You might want me to believe otherwise,” He said quietly, settling into the seat beside yours. “But I know even you need sleep.” 
“That’s funny,” You said dryly, “I see what you did there, turning what I said against me.” 
“Well,” He kept a completely straight face as he looked at you. “I am the funny one.” 
You laughed, quickly covering your mouth and trying to stifle it before you woke one of the others. As you got yourself under control, you shot him a half-hearted glare. 
“You should sleep.” He pressed. “There’s seven hours left until we touch down.” 
“Only if you sleep this time, too.” 
He hesitated, and then sighed. “I’ll try.” 
“Good,” You nodded your approval, balling up your coat to use as a pillow against the window. 
“You–” Hotch cleared his throat. “You can lean on me. If that would be more comfortable.” 
Your heartbeat sped up a notch, and you looked at him questioningly. “Really?” 
“I don’t mind.” 
“Well, okay.” You managed a playful smile, “You do make a pretty good pillow.” 
Hotch let out a noise somewhere between a chuckle and a scoff. He shifted, angling himself slightly towards you and extending his arm. You leaned forward, letting his arm curl around you as you tucked into his side, letting your head rest against his shoulder. Hotch grabbed your coat with his free hand, laying it over you like a blanket. 
“This okay?” He asked, voice soft and breath tickling the side of your neck. 
“Yeah,” You whispered, closing your eyes. 
It didn’t take long for sleep to pull at the edges of your mind, your breath evening out and your thoughts melting into haze. But you were just awake enough to feel Hotch tilt his head, resting it gently on top of yours. 
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Imagine waking up from a sex dream at like midnight. Hotch is sound asleep next to you in nothing but his boxers. You try and fall back asleep because you don’t want to wake him up, but you can’t. You leave kisses on his jaw and down his chest until he wakes up. He just like, “What is it, my love?” You explain what it was and he just says, “Spread your legs.” He’s half asleep while he slowly fucks you and his voice is so very low as he groans quietly in your ear. You both end up falling asleep while he’s still inside of you. You wake up in the morning and continue where you left off.
Anon I-
Tumblr media
Anyways- bestie, would you like to run this blog??
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qvid-pro-qvo · a day ago
you let out a stretch, pushing your hands toward the ceiling. the sun barely peeks through your curtains, but you see the tint of orange in the sky.
“too early,” aaron murmurs from next to you. mouth on your shoulder over your shirt. go back to sleep.”
you smile a little, but don’t look at him yet. the overhead fan clicks softly with every spin. you turn your body, and he takes his spot behind you, arm around your stomach with ease that only comes from practice. familiarity.
“i don’t think you slept a wink,” you counter, eyes blinking slowly at the light from the curtain. his lips touch the back of your neck.
“no,” he whispers. pulls you a little bit closer. “too amped up from the case. but i liked watching you. got a little jealous when you started snoring.”
“i don’t snore,” you reply easily.
he leans up to kiss your temple. drags his mouth down your cheek. jaw. neck again. shoulder once more. “no. you just twitch. it’s very cute.”
“i’ll concede to that… counselor.”
he snorts. “haven’t been one of those in a while.”
“never stopped being one, handsome. that j.d. and esquire sit firmly by your name.”
one more pull towards him. you settle back, blink a few times, and finally close your eyes. “that’s better,” he says, voice barely a breath. “i’ll wake you up when it’s time to get up.”
“mmmm,” you hum. “and not a moment before, hotchner. it’s a big day today.”
“a day off,” he chuckles. “nothing bigger. but, sleep. i’ll wake you up when it’s time.”
but at that point you’ve already dozed against him, the sun slowly rising, and aaron’s breath slows against your back.
“that’s better,” he whispers one more time, and presses his forehead between your shoulders. “happy anniversary.”
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what i should have done (aaron hotchner x reader)
summary: Hotch wakes up tied to a chair in a dark basement and he doesn’t know how he got there and you receive a package with pictures and a threatening note. How did it come to this?
a/n: i had this idea for a kidnapped fic and I just had to write it so here it is! I really hope you enjoy it also the ending kinda sucks bc idk how to end things but im working on it
warnings: kidnapping, blood, torture, broken bones, being hit across the face, mentions of hospitals, creepy unsub, older figure being creepy, lmk if I missed something
Tumblr media
Blood dripped from his forehead. New dripping over the old. Wrists ached from the ropes that were tied tightly around his wrists and have been for who knows how long. No windows and one rickety wooden door. 
All he could remember was holding his gun out in his own house and then nothing but pain. His head was swimming and felt extremely fuzzy. As his eyes adjust to the darkness he takes a look around. 
Dark and damp. 
He didn’t hear much noise, no sirens or cars. So he must be somewhere away from major populated areas. His mind drifts to Jack. Oh god what happened to Jack. He begins to rub his wrists together. It hurts and burns his wrists but he doesn’t care. 
The sound of heavy footsteps echo from behind the door and he stops, hanging his head down to pretend to be unconscious still. The door slams open and he feels a rough hand on his neck pulling him up. 
“I know you’re awake.” A strange voice hisses in his ear. 
Hotch says nothing, not even a sound as he takes in the stranger. A mask on his face hiding his identity. Black clothes and a bat in his hand. Papers were pinned to the wall but he couldn’t exactly make out what it said. 
“So you’re Aaron Hotchner, the pride and joy of the BAU.” Based on the way the unsub was speaking to him, Hotch knew this was someone who had some sort of grudge against him but didn’t know him exactly from his work. The jealousy was also clear in his voice. 
“I heard you were a quiet one but man, have you ever expressed an emotion before?”
“What do you want from me?” Hotch’s voice stays calm as he stares down the unsub. 
“I don’t want anything from you,” he sneers as he grabs otch’s chin roughly. 
“Think of yourself as, bait maybe.” 
“My team will find me.” The unsub raises his eyebrow and then smirks. 
“I’m not going after your team Hotchner.” Hotch grunts as the unsubs hand hits hard against his face. 
“Time to have a little fun.” Hotch takes a deep breath and braces himself. 
Show no fear. Show no signs of breaking.
It wasn’t the first time Hotch had found himself in this type of situation. He’d ben shot, blown up, you name it. 
His face ached from the beatings. Hands bloody from the bat hitting his knuckles repeatedly. His mind however was far away from the dark damp basement. In his head he was at the BAU, working on paperwork peacefully while Jack drew pictures by his side. You came inside, files in your hand and a smile on your face. He doesn’t want to admit it but he’s grown to enjoy your company. Maybe more than he should as your superior but when you leave him muffins and coffee and love Jack the way he does. 
He pictures the first day you walked into the BAU. It was a little under a year ago when he first laid eyes on you. Nervous but excited to prove yourself he was taken by your strong work ethic and kind soul. Hotch isn’t one to open up easily but around you he just felt calm. Another memory flashes in his mind. 
You were sitting at his desk, files stacked neatly together. You both had coffee that had gone cold. It was another late night but this time he had you. You walked into his office insisting on keeping him company no matter how grumpy he got. Your words not his. He remembers riding the elevator down to the parking garage. All he could do was stare at your lips. 
Maybe it was his tiredness or maybe he was just sick of hiding his feelings but all he wanted to do was kiss you. He leaned closer and you didn’t pull away. His hand reached for your face when the doors opened making the two of you jump apart. 
“Goodnight Hotch,” You said softly as you walked out of the elevator, and he let you.  
A camera flash draws him back to reality. He grimaces as the unsub takes pictures of him. Presumably to send to his team. 
“You know, it would be a shame if your poor son saw his dad like this.” Hotch tenses at the name of his son. If this son of a bitch even tried. His face hardens as he clenches his jaw. “Oo, now that struck a nerve. You can act big and strong but everyone has something that makes them squirm.” As the unsub walks out of the room Hotch curses. Pain shoots through his arm as he jerks it roughly. Leaning back he can only hope his team comes soon and that Jack is safe.
Your weekend started pretty normal. Leaving the BAU and spending the weekend lounging around and resting. It wasn't often that you got time to yourself or just to relax with the fast paced job. Your mind drifted to Hotch a few more times than you would like to admit. You and your boss had been dancing around each other for a little bit now, neither of you willing to ask the other out yet. 
Stepping into the BAU you were instantly taken with him. 
His strong yet gentle demeanor when talking to victims that turns on its head when dealing with unsubs. All he’s ever wanted was to help people and that’s what he does.  The longing looks and tension was there but you were scared of overstepping. You had heard about what happened to Haley and it broke your heart. No one should have to go through something that traumatic. The last thing you wanted to do was somehow disrespect her memory or make Hotch think he needs to move on.  
Besides, the time you spent with him at work and sometimes babysitting Jack was enough for now. Sunday rolled around and that was when things started to get weird. You hadn’t heard from Hotch at all. Normally he would text you something about Jack. A picture or telling you about what Jack did that day but nothing ever came. It worried you but you pushed away those thoughts. The profiler in you is always jumping to conclusions. 
Then the package came. 
An orange folder sat at your doorstep. You debated on calling Garcia but opened it first. You nearly dropped it once you saw what it was. Pictures of Hotch, beaten and bloody. This had to be some sort of nightmare, some sick prank. With shaky hands you pick the pictures back up. Each one makes you sicker. Pushing another picture aside you let out an audible gasp. They were pictures of Jack. At his soccer games, with Aaron and with Jess. 
“Fuck!” You scream loudly as you throw some of the pictures to the side. Pulling out your phone you’re ready to call the team when you notice there’s paper with writing on it. 
Hello Y/n, 
I’ve been watching you, waiting for you, wanting you. But you insist on ignoring me. Leaving me for someone else, for him. Well I’m sick of waiting. If you care about your boss so much then I'll let him go if you take his place. Better make your choice quick, I would hate for something to happen to that sweet little kid of his. Tell your team and I won’t hesitate to kill both of them.
Meet me at this location at midnight tonight
Crumpling the letter you throw it against the wall. Fuck, you can’t call your team. You know you should. They’re the best people for this job but, would they help you? Or blame you? You’ve only been on this team for less than a year. You’ve watched them interact, watched them joke and they just feel like a family. Even though they’ve all been nothing but nice to you, sometimes it just feels like you’re an outsider looking in. 
They need Aaron, they need their leader. They don’t need you. 
Is it stupid? Yes, yes it is but whoever this guy is clearly isn’t afraid to keep going. Seeing Hotch so beaten like that, then the threat against Jack. If something were to happen to that kid you would never forgive yourself. Looking around at your apartment, at your badge and gun on the table, and at the pictures of Hotch you knew what you had to do. You just hope he could forgive you for this.
The voice feels far away but then again so does he. It’s like his body is floating, every noise a million miles away. 
“Hotch,” His eyes flutter open, blinded by a bright light. The sound of talking gets louder and louder. The faces are blurry but from the sounds he’s starting to hear he must be in a hospital, how the hell did he get here.
“Aaron, it’s going to be okay.” That voice he recognizes, it’s Daves. 
“Jack,” He manages to croak out in his delirious state. 
“Jack’s okay, he’s with JJ at the office.” With that he finds himself slipping back into unconsciousness. When he awakes again he’s in a hospital bed. Wires hooked up to his arms and cookies by his bedside. 
“Where’s Jack?” He mumbles to himself as he tries to sit up. His entire body screams in pain for him to stop moving but he needs to find someone, Dave or Jack or anyone on his team. The machines in his room start to go crazy as he rips wires out of his arm. 
“Woah woah,” Derek appears in front of him, holding out his hands for Hotch to sit back down. Hotch argues but then Dave comes in and together gets Hotch back in his hospital bed. 
“Jack is okay, he’s at home with Jess right now.” He breathes a bit easier but he still doesn’t know how he ended up here. There’s no way that unsub would just let him free. The rest of his team begin to trickle in and stand around him. 
“How did you find me?” The last thing he remembers is passing out after taking another beating. 
“You were just. dropped off in front of the BAU. We checked security cams and everything and there was nothing.” Hotch groans and lies back in his bed. As he scans his surroundings he couldn’t help but notice you were absent.
“Where’s Y/n?” The team looks at each other for a moment before looking back at Hotch. 
“They turned in their resignation. It just appeared on JJ’s desk. All their stuff is gone too.” Now that didn’t sound right at all. You were good at this job, you liked your job, at least that’s what everyone thought. 
“No no. Something’s not right.” Hotch’s instincts are going haywire. None of this adds up.
“Guys! You know that I’m always the first to celebrate one of you being alive but this is important.” Garcia hurries in with a tablet in her hands. 
“This was sent to me about an hour ago. I didn’t see it until now but..” She doesn’t finish her words. Passing the tablet to Derek he presses play. 
A video pops up of you. Sitting in a chair with ropes tied around your ankles and wrists. Tears slowly falling down your face and your cheek sports a bad bruise. Hotch tenses at the sight. 
“I have to say thank you Aaron, without you, I’d never have gotten my beautiful butterfly prize.” Hotch knows that voice. It’s the man who had kidnapped him and beat him and now he was caressing your face. 
“What the hell is he talking about?” Derek asks after shutting the video off. 
“The man who took me talked about using me as a bargain of some sort. Did any of you know about this?” Everyone shakes their head. 
“Emily, you and Reid go to Y/n’s apartment and look for anything that would help us. Garcia I need you to go through their calls and texts. Morgan, JJ, I need you to go over the security footage again and look into Y/n's past for anything that could lead us to this man. ” Hotch orders as he tries to sit up. 
“Where do you think you’re going?” Dave asks as he pushes Hotch back down gently. 
“Someone goes after this team, they go after all of us.” 
“Y/n isn’t just part of this team to you though, are they?” Hotch motions for everyone to leave and they quickly do. 
“You think we all haven’t seen the two of you? The looks, the smiles, no one has gotten you to laugh as much as they have since Haley.” His heart pangs at the mention of his ex wife. Hotch was over Haley but he will always love her. She was the mother of his son and his first love but the way he feels about you, it's new and fresh and honestly scary.
“It’s my fault. They took me to get to them.” 
“Aaron, it is not your fault. It’s not Y/n’s fault, it’s the asshole who took you’s fault. Do not blame yourself for this.” Hotch scoffs and shakes his head lightly. 
“How can I not?” 
“Daddy!” Jack's voice echoes through the room. Despite the numerous thoughts invading his head he pushes them all away. 
“Hey buddy,” Hotch smiles as Jack climbs into his lap, hugging him tightly. 
“We’ll get this guy Aaron, but right now you need to be here resting.” Rossi walks out to give the two of them some space. Hotch wants to believe Dave but there’s something that keeps the worry there. 
A day passes when the team comes back to visit him. Rossi had instructed them to keep him in the loop but not too much because he needs to be resting. Emily had come back with the folder that was dropped off at your apartment along with a crumpled up letter. 
His anger grows as he sees the pictures of Jack and then the letter. He made it clear to you that you were a part of this team so why didn’t you ask for help. Well because of him, because of Jack. Emily had also found another letter but in your handwriting addressed to him. 
Hey Hotch, 
When you read this I hope it means that you’re back home safe with Jack in your arms. God I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault that this guy went after you and is threatening Jack. I know you’re probably angry at me, for trading me for you but it's worth it to me. You’re worth it to me Aaron and so is Jack. I’m sorry but I hope you can forgive me. I don’t regret a thing. Don’t blame yourself and don’t put yourself in more danger trying to find me. I’ll be okay. Since I’ll never get the chance to tell you in person I just want you to know that I love you, like really love you. That night in the elevator, it meant so much to me. Please take care of yourself Aaron, we’ll meet again soon. 
- Y/n
Tears begin to fall onto the letter, it wasn’t until they began to smudge your writing did Aaron realize it was his own tears. Dammit, why couldn’t you have gone to the team, to anyone. Why did you have to give yourself up. Why couldn’t he face his feelings and tell you sooner how much he loved you. Slamming his hand down on the bed railing he covers his face with his hands. He was going to find you. God damn it he was going to hold you and tell you he loves you too because he doesn’t know what else to do. 
“This man, he knew who I was but I don’t think it was from a case. He clearly has an obsession with Y/n, romantic probably because he went after me. The way he talked to me was almost like he was jealous.” Aaron holds on to the letter you wrote him as he tells the team everything he knows. 
“In the video…” He winces as he remembers how scared you look. 
“He refers to Y/n as his butterfly prize, I know it could be a stretch but maybe he has an obsession with bug collecting or lives out in the wild. Morgan's phone rings and he picks it up. 
“Tell me you have something baby girl.” 
“Nothing out of the ordinary in Y/n’s texts or emails however, I did find something from back college. There was a professor fired after multiple reports of creepiness that I really don’t want to go into. Reports show that he was borderline obsessive about one student in particular and I’m assuming you’ve already figured out who and get this, he was an entomology professor. ” 
“Garcia, give me every address you have. Home, work, any houses in his name or his family's name.” 
“On it I’ll send them to your phones right now.” As she hangs up Morgan begins to give out orders. Aaron knows that he’s taken over since he wasn’t fit to give out any orders but he wishes he could be out there looking for you. 
“Morgan,” Hotch grabs Morgan's arm as everyone leaves. 
“Find them please,” For once his walls seem to be down, this is important, he needs you to come home alive. 
“We will Hotch, we will.” 
It’s hours later when he finally hears something back. Staring at the ceiling with some 90’s sitcom playing on the hospital television because he needs something other than silence. 
“Hotch!” JJ rushes into his room, her hair a mess and there are doctors running past her. He shoots up in his bed, ignoring the pain in his side. His eyes wide and waiting. 
“We found Y/n, we found them.”  
Being pushed around in a wheelchair is something Aaron hated. Being fussed over and babied, he hated it but he was being wheeled to your hospital bed so he held back his complaining. His heart breaks as he enters the room. All the bandages, the wires, the purple tint to the bruises, the dried blood. The nurse tells him something but he isn’t really listening. He gently grabs your hand, your knuckles bloody and bruised and from what the doctor told him also broken. Bringing your hand to his lips he lightly brushes them across your knuckles. He hates feeling vulnerable. Feeling helpless but looking at you it’s all he can feel. The nurse leaves him alone and he’s grateful for it. 
“Hey Y/n,” He says quietly,  “Why? Why would you trade yourself for me?” His voice breaks and he winces. 
“In what world do you think that being on this team means that we aren’t there for you? You didn’t have to do this. This isn’t how we work and...and I need you to be okay. I love you too and I’m sorry I never told you.” He bows his head. The steady beeping sound of your heart monitor brings him a bit of comfort. You’re breathing, your heart is still beating. 
“I should have kissed you, that night in the elevator. I should have just kissed you. Maybe it would have saved us the trouble.” 
“Yeah it would have.” You say, your voice is raspy and broken but it's yours and that means you’re awake. His head shoots up. 
“Hey Hotch,” You try to smile but the split in your lip makes you wince. 
“Aaron. It’s Aaron right now, please.” You nod and take in the hospital room and Aarons hand in yours. 
“You’re so stupid you know that?” Aaron scolds as he tries to move closer to you. 
“The team needs you more than they need me, Jack needs you.” Aaron shakes his head and kisses your wrist. 
“Your life is just as important as mine. Especially to me. Never, ever think that you have to put your life on the line because I love you and if you ever do something like this again I’ll…” He stops talking and sighs. 
“I care about you and so does Jack so don’t ever put yourself in danger like this again.” 
The pain in his eyes is clear and guilt overcomes you. You would trade your life for his in a heartbeat, you don’t regret that but seeing just how terrified he was, it’s not what you wanted. 
“I’m sorry Aaron, for putting you through this.” Raising your hand you cup his face, his scruff a bit scratchy against your hand. Leaning down he presses a soft kiss to your forehead. 
“I love you,” He whispers softer than you’ve ever heard and it melts your heart. Maybe it's Aaron or maybe it's just the drugs running through your system but the pain from your broken ribs and fingers doesn’t seem to exist anymore. 
“I love you too,” A moment of silence passes before he speaks again. 
“After we get out, I’m going to take you out on a date. If you want to go out with me that is.” You laugh at how nervous he seems even though you just confessed your love to him.
“I’ll have to think about it.” You joke lightly. 
“Of course I would love to, Aaron.” He breathes a small sigh of relief. 
“Oh thank god you’re okay.” Penelope's voice rings out and you’ve never been happier to hear her. 
“Hey Pen.” You say softly. She walks in and freezes at the sight of you and Aaron's hands intertwined. 
“I’m so sorry I’ve appeared to have interrupted something. I’m just, going to go get the team.” She turns around and hurries back to the waiting room. 
“Well everyone’s going to know now.” You giggle and he laughs with you.
“You have a nice laugh, I want to hear it more.” You say making him blush slightly. 
“My laugh isn’t as nice as yours sweetheart” 
“Quite the charmer aren’t you.” 
He opens his mouth to reply but the team begins to trickle in meaning your moment is over for now but you sneak glances and your hands remain together. The team talks and talks until visiting hours are over. Everyone’s relieved that the both of you are okay and in that moment you truly felt a part of their family. 
As the team leaves Aaron stays by your side. You’ve convinced the doctors, and he might have pulled out his FBI badge, to let him stay with you for a little bit more. He notices your eyes traveling the scars and bruises, the sadness in your eyes. He takes your hand and squeezes it tightly. 
“We’re going to be okay, both of us.” He gestures to his injuries and you feel yourself relax a bit. 
“Yeah, we are.” You reply. 
The scars may remain but with Aaron by your side you were sure you could make it through anything and he felt the same way. 
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ssahotchswife · a day ago
Soft Hotch Saturday! Imagine you’re pregnant with your’s and Aaron’s second baby - the third Hotchner baby all together - and you find out it’s a boy! You’re so happy thinking Jack would be so excited to have a baby brother, not that he doesn’t adore his little sister, but you just figure it would be nice for him! And of course Jack is excited, but as the pregnancy moves along you notice Jack isn’t as excited as he was with his baby sister. It has been hours since you put them both down for bed, you do a quick peaks into their rooms to check and head to the couch as you await for your loving husband to come back with your late night cravings of fast food. Five minutes pass and you head some pattering of feet and look up and it’s Jack. You pat the seat next to you and Jack curls up beside you, he’s almost a teenager now, but still loves snuggle time with his momma. You can tell he thinking hard about something so you press him about him and he finally relents all that’s been bothering him for the last 4 months since you told him baby Hotchner was a boy. “Momma, will I still be your baby boy? Since you’re having a baby boy of your own.” Your heart shatters and you immediately sit Jack up so he will look at you. “Jackers, you will ALWAYS be MY baby boy! I’ve loved you from the moment I met you. Nothing changes that. Just because you didn’t come from me doesn’t mean your not MY baby boy.” You pepper him with kisses and just keep telling him how much you love him and how you’re going to embarrass him as he continues to get older because you’ll always call him your baby boy. Aaron had witnessed the whole thing and finally enters the living room (once things settled) with your cravings request and sets it down in front of you and goes “it’s a good thing I got plenty of extra!” And the three of you dig in and continue to remind Jack he is and always will be your first baby boy.
🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 sweet little baby boy jack
you of course cry because pregnancy hormones which makes jacks eyes get huge (and little tears of his own) while you kiss his forehead and stroke his hair “you’re always going to be my baby boy, jack, from the moment i met you and fell in love with your dad you were mine just as much in your momma” and he nods while a little tear rolls down his cheek that you wipe away “i love you so much, baby, you’re my very first baby youre the one that made me a momma” and he just snuggles in so close to your side, whispering that he loves you which makes more tears of your own slide down that aaron wipes away when he joins you with a little kiss
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hotch-stufff · a day ago
Hi! I hope this is an okay request. I’m really struggling with PCOS and infertility, even the possibility of having to get a hysterectomy for health reasons and I’ve been looking for some fluffy/comfort fics with Hotch or Morgan. I haven’t had any kids and I really want them and it’s just all been pretty stressful. It’s like my choice is being taken away. If this isn’t something you can do, that’s totally fine. Just thought I’d ask.
One Little Line
Pairing: Aaron Hotchner x Reader
A/n: I'm so sorry that you are going through all of that. No woman deserves to go through this. I hope everything works out for you <3
Just a warning, some major angst in this one.
Blurb Weekend!!
Tumblr media
One little line.
Another week, another test, another negative
Another day you had to tell Aaron he wouldn't be a father.
Another day you went without being a mother. 
Another, heartbreaking moment as you looked at the stick. Why couldn't you just have a baby? Why was the universe doing this to you?
Your thoughts are interrupted by the front door opening and shutting.
"Sweetheart, are you home?" Aaron's voice rang out across the house as you quickly hid the test in the trash and wiped your tears, splashing water in your face. You cleared your throat and walked out of the bathroom.
"In here honey!" You yelled out and listened as your husband and step son walked back to the room.
"Mama!" Jack scrambled across the floor and flew into your arms.
"Hey buddy, how was school?" You asked, a smile finding its way onto your face for the first time that day. Jack may have believed it to be real, but Aaron could tell it was strained.
He knew you would have taken another test today. And he could already tell the outcome. His heart broke just a little more as he watched you play with his- your son. He was as much yours as he was his.
He knew how badly you wanted a baby though. He knew how hard it was knowing the little chance of getting pregnant that you had.
Aaron was so lost in thought that he didn't notice that Jack had left the room or that you had sat beside him in the bed.
"It was negative again wasn't it?" He asked, his voice soft, not wanting to rattle you.
You whimpered, tears beginning to run down your face. You couldn't hold back anymore. Weeks and weeks of treatments and always the same outcome.
Just one little line.
You cried and cried as your husband held you, tears falling down his face. 
"I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry." You sobbed. Aaron leant back and looked down at you. He let out a sob as he began to speak. You had never seen him cry, not like this.
"Sweetheart, no, this is not your fault. This will never be your fault." He brought his hands to your face and brought you closer as more tears slipped down your cheeks.
"Yes it is! I cant give you a baby. Its all my fault." You were becoming hysterical and Aaron was quick to bring you into his arms, holding you tight to ground you. 
"I don't need a baby to be happy with you honey. You and Jack are all I need. All I will ever need." He whispered into your hair as he ran his fingers through it soothingly. 
"I love you Aaron." You speak, your voice hoarse from crying. 
"I love you too. No matter what happens in our future. I love you." He presses a kiss to your forehead and brings you back into his arms.
"Mama? Daddy?"a little voice breaks through the silence and you pull away from Aaron gently.
"Yes baby?" You asked.
"Can… Can I snuggle too?" He asked shyly. You smiled despite the heartache you felt.
"Of course baby, come here." And he ran to join you on the bed, snuggling up between you and Aaron.
It would be okay, you told yourself. As long as you had Aaron and Jack, it would be okay.
Thanks for reading <3
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alesaab · 2 days ago
Y/n: Hey, I’m getting in the shower. Wanna help me out?
Hotch: ...Have you never taken a shower before?
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shmaptainhotchner · 8 hours ago
Here’s just a little something I wrote for some comfort while I was on my period so if anyone’s feeling it I hope this offers some comfort <3
Pairings: Aaron Hotchner x fem!Reader
Warnings: periods, cramps
Not Well
Tumblr media
Waking up in the middle of the night had become an unfortunate but familiar feeling. Three o’clock in the morning for one week, every month. It came like a recurring nightmare and each time it came around you wished for it to go away.
When you woke up this time, Aaron wasn’t out on a case and Jack was asleep in the other room, you didn’t want to wake either of them so you quietly hobbled out of bed and went to the medicine cabinet in the kitchen and pulled out some ibuprofen and popped a few back.
You then tiptoed into the bathroom and stripped down before turning the hot water on and changing the setting on the showerhead. Still half asleep you sat down in the tub and squeezed your eyes shut as the water first hit your face, then your stomach.
It was so early in the morning you could feel yourself drifting despite the shooting pains that were making you squirm in discomfort, but the water did a great deal in soothing whatever hurt you were feeling.
What you didn’t expect was to hear the washroom door click open and it stirred your eyes open and you pushed yourself up slightly so you could see who had entered the room.
Past the shower curtain you saw Aaron walking quietly into the washroom and rubbing his eyes awake.
“Aaron,” you mumbled. “What are you doing up?”
“You’re not feeling well,” he said simply, sitting himself next to the tub. “I wanted to come sit with you so you’re not alone,”
You pressed your lips together and nodded, hoping the few tears that had sprung up were masked by the droplets of water already on your face.
He offered you his hand and you took it, letting him squeeze as tight as his grip would allow to distract you from the pain.
“Did the doctor tell you anything,” he asked quietly and you shook your head.
“Just gave me some pills that don’t work,” you sniffed.
“Is there anything else I can do for you then?”
“Just heat me up a heat pack after I get out. If you think it won’t wake Jack,”
“If it does, it's alright, it’s not a school night,” he leaned over the edge of the bathtub and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
He sat with you until you stood up again, turning off the shower and taking a moment to breathe before pulling open the curtain and immediately being wrapped in a soft towel and helped out of the shower.
“I put some clothes out for you,” Aaron said. “I’m just gonna go heat up the heat pack for you, I’ll be right back,”
You nodded and he dipped down to steal a soft kiss from you before leaving the room so you could change.
When he came back you were all dried off and trying to deal with your wet hair before heading back to bed.
Aaron simply shut both the door to your room and to the washroom before digging for your blow dryer and turning it onto the lowest setting and taking care of it for you while you stood in front of the mirror.
“You don’t have to do this,” you looked over at him.
“Maybe it’s an old wives tale but my mother told me once if you go to sleep with wet hair you’ll wake up with a headache. Don’t want to risk it,”
You gave him a kiss as a thank you and let him finish drying your hair before heading back to bed.
Once you were under the blankets he came right up behind you and slipped a hand under your shirt, gently putting pressure at the base of your stomach with his warm hand and you tried to hold back tears, partially from the discomfort your cramps were causing you but also from feeling so lucky to have someone like Aaron take care of you when you felt like this.
“Sweetheart, if you're in pain it’s okay to cry,” he whispered and that was all it took to break the dam.
Aaron simply pressed soft kisses to the nape of your neck holding you while you shook slightly.
You almost both missed the sound of the door clicking open and Jack quietly tiptoeing into the room.
“Daddy? What happened?” he mumbled.
“Momma’s just not feeling too well,” Aaron explained. “Why don’t you come up here and give her a hug to make her feel better,”
Jack nodded, carefully climbing onto your side of the bed and curling into you before pressing a small kiss to your cheek.
“I’m sorry you don’t feel good, momma,”
“Me too, sweetie,” you sniffled and returned his kiss with one to his forehead. “But I think it would make me feel a lot better if you stay with me and daddy tonight, huh?”
Jack nodded his head and hugged you tightly while you rubbed circles around his back to help him slowly drift back to sleep and sooner or later the movement of your hands stopped and Aaron knew you had finally managed to close your eyes once more.
He pressed one final kiss to your shoulder hoping the rest of the night would prove to be more restful.
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sergi0-the-cat · 2 days ago
POV: The team is playing never have I ever
Rossi: Never have I ever been kidnapped and tortured?
Morgan: God damn it!
JJ: I thought we said no targeting.
Reid: Am I winning i’d I have more fingers down?
Morgan: Ok ok, Never have I ever had my significant other murdered by a  psychopath?
Hotch: Son of a bitch!
Reid: Ooo, me again!
JJ: Never have I ever faked my own death and then chilled in Paris for a hot minute?
Emily: You want to go? Never have I ever said I was working in the state department but was really in the fucking middle east?
Hotch: Settle down children.
Reid: Never have I ever had a drug problem... oh wait I’m playing this wrong arent I?
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Emily: i will speak french between your legs
JJ: The hottest thing, i've been told
Morgen: I'm imagining someone screaming bonjour at a penis
Spencer: sacre bleu mademoiselle vagina
Emily: hon hon hon titty croissant
Penelope dying: pfff titty croissant
Hotch face palming: none of you should have sex.
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therarityoflife · a day ago
This City
Tumblr media
Pairing: Spencer x Fem!reader
Summary: Spencer never expected to find love in a subway busker, and you never expected a song about him to be the thing that kickstarted your career.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 6.8k
A/N: I really hope you like this because it’s super fluffy and I think it might be my favourite thing I’ve ever written. It was originally going to be a three part series but in the end I just made it one big one shot so I hope you enjoy it.
It was a day like any other. A regular Tuesday morning. Spencer walked quickly, head down, through the tube station. He was running late. Everything seemed to be going wrong for him that morning. The water in his flat just wouldn’t warm up, he couldn't find his keys when he was meant to leave, his local coffee shop was swamped with people by the time he got there. Everything was adding up and now he was going to be late.
He never really listened to the buskers that would play in the station as he walked by. He never knew the songs they were playing and he had more important places to be. Occasionally he would have to push his way through a crowd who had formed around one of them. He’d roll his eyes but curiously listen to the voice who had captured so many ears. So as he walked, head down, he couldn’t help but perk up at the sound of your voice.
“I’ve been seeing lonely people in crowded rooms.” You sang. He practically stopped in his tracks. People swerved around him tutting and rolling their eyes at the commotion he’d caused. He planted himself against a wall to listen to the prettiest voice he’d ever heard. Spencer continued to listen to the song he never heard before utterly mesmerised. Your presence was incredible, people couldn’t help but watch you perform as they walked past. You caught the attention of everyone. A group of school kids whooped as you belted out the bridge of the song causing you to giggle slightly. People dropped coins and dollar bills into your guitar case as they passed and you flashed each one a bright smile. The song faded out as you played the last few chords.
“Thank you so much. My name’s Y/N and that was This City.” You smiled looking over at Spencer who was still watching. He pulled two dollars out of his wallet and placed it in your case.
“Thank you so much. I saw you watching.” You grinned at the pretty boy in front of you.
“You have a wonderful voice.” He smiled. Spencer glanced at his watch and grimaced slightly before walking off. You watched as the tall boy, all cheekbones and brown eyes, walked off down to the platform.
Spencer sat down on the train and pulled his phone out of his satchel. As much as he hated the internet he needed to find this song. He contemplated just asking Garcia, but she would do one of two things. She’d either try playing matchmaker, finding out everything she could about you, or she’d tell Morgan who would tease him relentlessly for his crush. He pulled google up and typed in the name of the song. ‘This City by Sam Fischer’ was the first result that popped up. He plugged his headphones in and pressed play on the song. Thankfully it was the right one. Spencer didn’t think the artist was as good as you, but the song itself was good. He almost missed his stop at Quantico as he read through article after article about the artist and how the song had gone viral on an app called TikTok.
You continued on with your set after Spencer left. You couldn’t get him out of your head though. You found yourself thinking about him throughout the day. You wondered who he was, where he was going, what he did. You usually didn’t notice the people passing you by, but for some reason he stuck out to you.
“You’re late.” Hotch scowled as Spencer jogged into the bullpen.
“Sorry.” He mumbled taking his seat at his desk. No new case came in that day so Spencer could let his mind wander back to you as he pleased. The way you seemed to feel every word of the song you played. They way you smiled at the people looking your way.
“Hey pretty boy.” Derek pulled Spencer from his daydream. “What are you thinking about?”
“Hmm. Oh nothing. Sorry, off in a world of my own.” Spencer blushed.
“Yeah, I can see that.” Derek chuckled.
From that day on Spencer would set off thirty minutes early with a five dollar bill in his wallet. You were there every morning, with your guitar and that voice that Spencer loved. It was becoming a routine. Every morning at 8am you would scan across the crowd of people looking for the tall boy with the cheekbones, and everyday he would arrive. He’d stand across the platform from you and watch your set for fifteen minutes. It kept you on your toes. Every morning you’d come down with three new songs for him. You didn’t know that once he boarded that train he would look up every one of them and add them to his phone.
The entire team had noticed the shift in Spencer’s mood. He seemed lighter. He’d come into the bullpen glowing with a grin on his face.
“You look happy this morning.” JJ commented.
“I am happy.” He’d said matter of factly.
“Good. I’m glad.” JJ chuckled, raising an eyebrow to Morgan who just shrugged. “What’s got him in such a good mood?”
“Haven’t got a clue.” Morgan shook his head.
“Aren’t you going to find out?”
“He’ll tell us when he’s ready.”
After a week of the routine you decided to be brave. That morning as you packed your things you wrote your number down on a piece of paper, tucking it into your guitar case ready to give him when he arrived. Except this time he didn’t arrive. You weren’t aware that Spencer had left for a case, all you knew was that subway boy wasn’t there and you didn’t realise you’d miss him this much, your unspoken routine broken. You watched the crowd waiting for him to stop, but he didn't. There was no tall boy with cheekbones that morning, or for the next three mornings after that. He had seemingly vanished into thin air.
You had almost given up waiting for him when just like that he was back. Just like that, as though he had never gone, there he was leaning against the wall watching you perform.
“I missed you down here.” You called across the swarm of people between songs.
“I was travelling for work.” He smiled cutting across to you.
“You know I think you’re single handedly paying my rent.” You giggled as he placed the five dollar bill in your guitar case.
“I’m sure that’s not the case.” He blushed. Just when you thought this boy couldn’t get any cuter, it almost made you swoon. You almost forgot the piece of paper tucked away in the pocket of your guitar case as he stood up straight.
“Here.” You caught his attention again. “Instead of just giving me your money tomorrow, why don’t you take me out for coffee?” You passed him your number.
“Oh! Yeah, I’d really like that.” He stammered. “It’s a date- I mean, not a date. Unless you want it to be a date that is.”
“It’s a date.” You smiled softly.
“Great. See you tomorrow then.”
“Wait!” You called after him. “Normally I know the names of the people I’m going on dates with.” You giggled.
“Spencer. Spencer Reid.”
“Then I look forward to our date Spencer Reid.”
Unfortunately a case came in that morning meaning the team were jetting off to Huston for god knows how long.
‘Hi. It’s Spencer. From the train station. You said you wanted to get coffee tomorrow but I’m going to have to postpone. I’m really sorry. I’m down in Huston for work at the minute. Can we rearrange when I get back?’ He rattled off a text to you as he and Hotch drove to the ME’s office. He shoved his phone in his satchel as Hotch pulled into the car park.
‘No problem, don’t worry about it. Although now I am intrigued. Pray tell what job could you possibly have that includes you jetting off across the country on such short notice?’ The text was waiting for him once he got back in the car. He couldn’t help but smile. Your light, cheeky tone came across even through text.
‘I work for the FBI. Me and my team consult on serial murder cases.’
‘Woah! Seriously? I’ll leave you to it then. Go save some lives Superman.’ Spencer chuckled at the message before tucking his phone back into his bag. Hotch gave him a subtle side eye, but didn’t want to intrude.
The team stayed in Huston until the end of the week. Spencer had sent you a text that morning to tell you that he was on his way back. Your stomach jumped as your phone pinged.
‘Still up for that coffee tomorrow then?’ You replied, biting your thumb trying to stop the grin spreading across your face.
‘Can’t wait.’
You and Spencer had been texting through the week while he was in Huston. He couldn’t tell you much about the case but you told him about the songs you were learning and some demo you were playing about with. He was intrigued by it all, asking you questions about your writing process and what instruments you played. He explained the history of the modern song structure on the phone one evening and you couldn’t stop smiling for thirty minutes after you ended the call. You couldn’t believe how insanely smart he was and how he knew so much about everything. It left you awestruck, and if he didn’t already have you under his thumb he definitely did now.
It was Saturday, the day you and Spencer had agreed to meet up. He paced round his apartment psyching himself up to meet you. He had tried on just about every shirt in his closet trying to find the right thing to wear. He chewed on his nail nervously until his phone pinged. Spencer had let you pick the place you went for coffee so you sent him the address. He took a deep breath and picked up his bag and keys before leaving his apartment. The coffee shop was nice, not too big but also not too small that it felt cramped. It was a little way out from Spencer so he had to catch the subway over. He assumed this must be the area in which you lived.
“Hey.” You smiled from a booth as he walked in. He sat opposite you looking down at the small plate sat in front of you. “I haven’t eaten yet. I hope you don’t mind, I already got something.”
“No. Not at all. It looks great, what is it?”
“Coffee cake. I know not exactly breakfast but I have a major sweet tooth and the cake in here is to die for.” You chuckled. “You want to try a bit?” You held up the fork.
“Sure.” He smiled, cutting himself a small bite. “That is good.”
“I told you so.”
You ended up sitting in that coffee shop for two hours discussing anything and everything. Once it got closer to lunch, and the shop started getting busier the pair of you decided to head off somewhere else.
“There’s an art gallery not too far from here, or there’s a park if you just want to keep walking.” You reeled off as you tried to find things to do so you didn’t have to say goodbye.
“The gallery sounds nice.” Spencer smiled. “It looks like it might rain.” He pointed up at the ominous black cloud lingering in the sky.
“Good shout.” You smiled. You were walking side by side, your hands brushing against each other every so often. You felt like you were back in high school going on your first date, back when a date had no underlying motive. There was no expectation to go back to either one of your apartments. It was sweet. Refreshing even.
Spencer made the move to link your fingers once you entered the gallery. He told himself it was the logical thing to do. You had to maneuver your way through a crowd and you didn’t want to lose each other, but once you were out the other side his hand stayed intertwined with yours. You couldn’t help but watch the way he spoke about each painting you walked past. It’s history, the artist, anything he knew. You stared up at him smiling.
“Sorry, I’m rambling aren’t I?”
“No. Not at all. I really like it actually.”
“Like what?”
“The way you talk. You know so much about so much and it's incredible to watch.”
“People don’t normally let me talk that much.” He admitted.
“Well then that’s a shame for them.”
The day was coming to an end and neither one of you wanted to leave. Spencer walked you back to your apartment door as the sun set behind the buildings.
“I really enjoyed today.” Spencer admitted as you stood on the porch to your building.
“I had a really good time as well.” You smiled. “I’d really like to see you again.”
“I’d like that too. Look, my job is pretty high demand so I can’t promise anything, but I would really like to see you again.”
“That’s okay. I get it. You’re off being a superhero. Just let me know when you’re in town and I’ll let you take me on a second date.” You stood up on your tiptoes and pressed a light kiss to Spencer’s cheek. “Goodnight Spencer.”
You had been seeing Spencer for four months when you wrote your first song about him. You didn’t get to see him as often as you would have liked but the connection was undeniable. In that time you had been busking regularly. You’d grown a small following online and had begun playing small shows at bars and small venues. Spencer was so proud of you. He came to your first show, and every show he was in town for. You’d shown him every one of your demos. All except this one. You wanted this one to be a surprise, to play it for him when you first debuted it. Except it was proving to be harder than you thought. The last five shows you’d played he was meant to be there, and each of those shows he’d ended up away on a case. You couldn’t hate him for it if you tried, but it was slightly discouraging having to remove the song from the set list so many times.
At the same time you were playing shows you were growing a following on TikTok. It was the best place to get yourself out there and the plan was working. You uploaded covers, and originals, as well as story times and silly videos. You were likeable so it wasn’t surprising that a few of your videos had blown up. Your newest one was no exception. It was a stupid video poking fun at the fact that you still hadn’t been able to play Spencer his song in which you referred to him as ‘subway boy’. You didn’t expect however for the video to go viral. You woke up the morning after uploading the video to find it had over 750 thousand views. Your comments were blowing up with ‘subway boy reveal’, and ‘release the song!’ Your following had doubled overnight, you couldn’t believe it.
You were playing a gig at a small venue up in D.C. Spencer had promised he’d be there, and this time he kept his promise. The two of you rode up on the train in the evening, your guitar laid across your lap.
“You nervous?” Spencer asked, his hand in yours. He noticed the way your leg was bouncing up and down.
“Yeah, I’m really nervous.” You laughed breathily. Spencer had no idea you were performing his song for him. In a way you didn’t know until that afternoon either. Part of you was waiting for him to be called away on another case and it wasn’t until he walked through your apartment door that evening that it hit you he was really going to be there.
“You’ll be great. You always are.” He squeezed your hand.
“I’m putting a new song on the set list tonight.” You spoke shyly.
“Oh yeah? Have I heard it?”
“No. Not yet.”
“Then I’m excited to hear it.”
“Hi everyone. My name is Y/N and I’ll be playing a short set tonight. I want to start this set off with a new song actually. See I’ve been trying to perform this song for the past month, but every time I try to perform it the person it’s for has to bail at the last minute. But he’s here tonight so this is Subway.” You began playing the song for Spencer. He stood to the side away from the crowd but you could see him beaming as you sang. The song came to an end and you stole a glance in his direction before continuing on with the set.
“You never said you wrote a song about me.” Spencer said awestruck as you walked out of the venue.
“Yeah, I didn’t want to show you until it was ready. Then you kept getting called out on cases so I couldn’t show you.”
“It was incredible. In fact I think it’s my favourite song of yours.” Spencer smiled, dipping down to kiss you.
Spencer was practically grinning as he got into work the next day. The team still had no idea he was seeing you. He wasn’t intentionally keeping it a secret, they just hadn’t asked, and if he was being honest he liked having something just for himself. He knew as soon as they found out they would be all over you like a rash. Penelope would probably do a full background check, they would all demand to meet you, and Derek would definitely try to embarrass him in front of you. No, for now you were his secret.
“What’s got you in such a chipper mood this morning?” Derek asked as Spencer sat down at his desk. Spencer began rambling about something scientific to get Derek off his back. “Okay, okay Einstein. I get it.” Derek chuckled.
“Guys, we have a case.” Hotch said from the briefing room.
Spencer left for his next case the morning after you debuted Subway.
‘A new case has come in. Down in Miami. Not sure yet when I’ll be back’ He’d texted you around lunchtime.
‘Enjoy the sun. See you when you get home.’ You’d responded. It was one of his favourite things about you. The way you took his job in your stride. He’d heard all the horror stories, relationships and marriages ending because of the iron grip the BAU had. Hotch and Rossi were the poster children for it; but you never seemed to mind. You never had an issue with him being away for so long and you never pried about the cases. You just made sure you were always there with your wonderful smile and a hug when needed.
The TikTok video you’d uploaded a few days ago was still blowing up with people asking for the song. You decided to film a video of you performing it. You weren’t expecting too much from it but it didn’t hurt to monetise on the hype you were currently receiving. You were currently working on an EP so any hype you could generate before it came out would be good for sales. You uploaded the video and turned your phone off. You were in the studio that afternoon recording the last set of vocals for your EP.
In the weeks following your song had gone viral. The initial video emmassed over four million views and the song ended up as a trending sound on TikTok. You couldn’t believe it.
“The videos on four point four million views I think.” You said on the phone to Spencer. “My TikTok now has almost a million followers and my Instagram has over half a million followers. I’ve had record companies reaching out to me talking about signing contracts with them. Oh, and I’ve got a meeting with Atlantic records tomorrow morning. How crazy is that?”
“That’s insane. I’m so proud of you.” Spencer said. You could practically hear him smiling down the phone. “Are you going to do it? Sign a contact with them I mean.”
“I think so. I’ve had a few skype meetings with some record labels while you’ve been on this case and Atlantic seems to be the company that aligns best with what I want to do. Sony reached out but I’ve heard enough horror stories about them to ever sign with them.” You laugh. “Atlantic seems good though. We had an initial meeting yesterday and I told them about the EP I’m planning on releasing. They said they’d be happy to release it under them.”
“I see you’ve been very busy since I left then.” Spencer chuckled. “I leave for ten days and you become a famous musician.”
The next few months were a whirlwind of release dates, interviews, signings, and even an upcoming tour down the east coast. Everyone was obsessed with the mystery of ‘subway boy’. You and Spencer decided to play into it. Spencer wasn’t big on social media, or the internet in general, so he was happy to stay anonymous. A rogue hand, or a photo credit enough to keep the mystery going. Spencer couldn’t help but find it amusing. Penelope had found out about you when your song blew up, even going so far as to mention how obsessed with you she was and that she was going to figure out who ‘subway boy’ was if it killed her. It took everything in Spencer not to burst out laughing then and there. What had begun as Spencer just wanting something for himself had now turned into a game. Would they figure it out? How long would it take them to realise that the mystery boy who had enthralled the country was actually their best friend?
You’d been with Spencer for a year when you set off on your first tour. It was a small ten show tour down the east coast, and a show in LA. Your team wanted to trial run a few shows to see if a longer tour would be worthwhile. It proved to be a roaring success with all the shows selling out.
“Once you put out your first album you’ll be able to do a nationwide tour.” Your manager had said over the skype call. You were sitting in Spencer’s living room, your laptop perched on the coffee table. “We can’t guarantee it will be a headline tour just yet, but a lot of our bigger artists have expressed an interest in having you as their supporting act. Ed Sheeran is going on tour next year and he’s expressed interest in your music.” Spencer came into the room, two cups of coffee in his hands. He handed you one.
“Thanks darling.” You smiled up at him as he continued through to his study. “I mean both options sound great. I think I’d prefer touring as a supporting act first to be honest. It’s not as much pressure and it means I can get a feel for the larger audiences.”
“I’m guessing that was ‘subway boy’.” Your manager smirked.
“Yeah, that was Spencer.”
“Ah, so he does have a name. Yeah we can definitely discuss it with the label and the rest of the team, as I said a few artists have expressed interest so it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone willing to take you on as their support act. Speaking of ‘subway boy’ though, are you ever going to reveal who he is? There’s a lot of hype around the mystery of it at the minute but I wouldn’t want that to die out.”
“I’m not sure. I’d have to speak to him about it. He’s not on social media and I don’t know if he wants his face plastered across the internet.”
“I see. What is it he does, if you don’t mind me asking?”
“He’s a criminal profiler with the FBI.”
“I can hear you talking about me.” Spencer shouted from his study.
“Only the bad things, I swear.” You laughed as he came to stand in the doorway and shake his head at you.
“And is he okay with the idea of you travelling so much, because a nationwide tour would last a good couple of months and we’ve not even thought about international tours yet.” Your manager pulled your focus back to the meeting.
“Oh, yeah he’s fine with it. He’s always jetting off around the country for cases anyway. I never know if he’s here or not.” You chuckled.
“In that case that’s all we have to talk about today, I’ll relay this back to the rest of the team.” With that your manager hung up the call and Spencer came to sit beside you.
“You probably wouldn’t even notice I was gone. You’re never here anyway.” You smirked at Spencer.
“We might start catching each other in different states.” He laughed.
“I’ll have to start leaving your name on the door every night in case you turn up.”
It was the first night of your tour. You were in Boston and Spencer was on a case up in Idaho. It was a small venue with a capacity of only a thousand people.
“This next song you might know. I released this song six months ago and it blew up on TikTok. Before I released it I was busking in train stations in D.C. Coincidentally that is where I met the person this song is about.” You paused and the crowd erupted with cheers of,
“Subway boy!”
“Yeah. That’s where I met ‘subway boy’. Actually we just celebrated our one year anniversary a few weeks ago and I was thinking. Of all the songs that could have changed my life, I'm glad it was the song about the boy who changed my life. He’s a bit of a hermit when it comes to social media, but I’m glad I get to share him with the world in at least one way. And since he’s not here tonight ‘subway boy’ I love you. This is Subway sing along if you know it.
“Hey you. How’s the case going?” You spoke down the phone after you came off stage later that evening.
“It looks like we’re going to be here for the next few days. Sorry I couldn’t come to your show tonight.” He sounded upset.
“Hey, it’s okay. You’re coming to see me in D.C, you don’t have to be at every show.”
“Yeah, but it was your first one. I wanted to be there.”
“You will. Are you still coming to the D.C show?”
“Yeah. You couldn’t stop me if you tried. Oh, Penelope and JJ are coming as well. They’ve made sure we’ve got the evening off so I’ll definitely be there.”
“Ooh, scary. Your work friends are coming to my show. Do I need to hide you away in the VIP box?” You giggled.
“No, Penelope got us tickets months ago. Her and JJ are obsessed with you, they think they’re dragging me along to introduce me to good music.”
“I’m glad they think so highly of my music. What are your tickets like? I can get them upgraded if you like.”
“Please, it's Penelope. She’s probably gotten better tickets than you could ever give us.” Spencer laughed.
“I look forward to meeting her one day.”
“Would you?” Spencer asked.
“Would you want to meet them?”
“Yeah. When you’re ready to introduce me to them I’d love to. They’re your family, and you talk so highly of them. I’d love to meet them.”
“I think I’d like to introduce you to them soon.”
“Okay. Well whenever you want to let me know and I’m there. As long as it's after this tour.”
“We’ll make a plan. Hey look I have to get off, it must be getting pretty late over there. Go get some sleep sweetheart, I’ll talk to you in the morning.”
“Okay. You make sure you’re getting some sleep as well. I love you.” You smiled.
“I love you too. Goodnight.” Spencer said before hanging up the call.
Spencer wasn’t aware that his hiding spot in the local police precinct wasn’t so hidden, and that Morgan had overheard him talking to you.
“Spencer Reid, do you have a secret girlfriend you’ve neglected to tell us about?” He asked as Spencer came back into the board room where the team was set up.
“What? No. I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Spencer said defensively. It was an obvious lie and everyone could see it.
“I’d really like to introduce you to them. Go get some sleep sweetheart. I love you too, goodnight. Pretty boy you’re not talking to your mom like that so the only other person it could be is a girlfriend.”
“Okay fine I might have a girlfriend. Can we drop it now?”
“How long have you been seeing her. It sounds pretty serious if you’ve told her you love her.” Emily piped up.
“We’ve been together for one year, three weeks and four days.”
“Spence! You’ve had a girlfriend for a year and never told us?” JJ gasped.
“Yeah. You always like to jump on everything I do and I wanted something just for myself for a while.”
“A year’s a long time though Reid.” Emily said, shocked.
“You’ll meet her soon. We’re going to find a time that’s good for both of us. She’s travelling at the minute.”
The day had finally arrived for your show in D.C. You were really nervous. You’d played in New York to five thousand people a few days ago, but that was child’s play compared to this. Tonight you were playing to Spencer’s friends. Sure they didn’t know who you were but you knew who they were and it was terrifying.
‘We’ve just arrived. You’re going to be incredible. Good luck, I’m so proud of you. I’ll see you after the show.’ Spencer had text you while you sat in the green room with your band.
“So is ‘subway boy’ going to be here tonight?” Your drummer Tim asked.
“Yeah, he’s just arrived.”
“Are we going to finally meet him tonight?”
“Yeah, he’s coming backstage after the show. His name’s on the door.” The stage manager gave you and your band the five minute warning and you all headed to the side of the stage ready to begin. You all gave each other hugs and the lights went down. Your band went out first getting settled with their instruments and playing the intro to your first song. You took one last deep breath as you ran onto stage.
“Good evening D.C!” You smiled. You scanned across the crowd spotting Spencer immediately. He was front row with two women you assumed were JJ and Garcia.
“This next song I think you might know. If you’ve been following me for a while you’ll know that this is a very special song to me. Of course it’s the song that gave me all this, the song that changed my life forever, but it’s also a song about a very special person in my life.”
“Subway boy!” Everyone screamed. It had become a routine by now. You quickly made eye contact with Spencer before scanning across the crowd and smiling.
“Yeah. Subway boy. Now this boy came into my life some time ago, but it feels like I’ve known him forever. So to my beautiful Subway boy, I love you. This one’s for you. This is Subway, sing along if you know it.” Your band played the intro to the song and it took everything in you to not look directly at Spencer through the song. His friends were profilers so you knew you could only look at him so many times before they began to clock on. You played the rest of the set glancing down at your boyfriend every so often. JJ and Garcia were singing along to every song. You couldn’t wait to meet them properly, they both seemed lovely.
“Thank you so much, I’ve been Y/N and I hope you’ve had a great night.” You shouted before running off stage.
“Spence! We’re stopping at the merch table, do you want anything?” JJ shouted over the hum of people. Spencer almost laughed. There was already a whole bunch of your merch sitting in his apartment. Things you’d given him, sample designs, upcoming ideas.
“No thanks. I’m fine. Hey, if you two are okay together I think I’m going to try and get out of here. This crowd is stressing me out and I just want to get home.”
“Yeah we’re fine. Will’s coming to pick us up. You sure you don’t want a lift?”
“No, it’s fine honestly.” Spencer smiled and they both nodded letting him go. Spencer weaved his way through the crowd to the door you’d told him to go to. “Hi. My name’s Spencer Reid. It should be on the list.” He smiled at the security guard on the door. He raised an eyebrow and read down the list.
“Yep. Right this way Mr Reid.” The man said.
“It’s Dr actually.” Spencer mumbled but followed the security guard regardless. He was shown down to the green room where you were waiting for him.
“Spencer!” You grinned, bolting up from the couch.
“Hey! You were incredible!” He beamed pulling you into a hug.
“I saw you in the front row.”
“I told you Pen got good seats.” Spencer chuckled.
“So you’re the famous ‘subway boy’?” Tim smiled from the couch.
“Spencer, this is my band. Tim, Hannah, and Liam. Guys, this is Spencer.”
Two weeks after your show in D.C you were back home from the tour. You crashed out on the couch almost as soon as you walked through Spencer’s door. You’d intended to watch a film but you were asleep before the opening credits even began. By the time you woke up the film had ended and it was dark outside. You were laid on Spencer’s chest and he was playing with your hair.
“I missed the film.” You pouted sitting up.
“It’s okay we can watch it again another time.” He chuckled.
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to fall asleep.”
“Sweetheart, it's fine. I know how tired I get after a case, I can only imagine how exhausted you must be after performing for a month.”
“I know but I wanted to see you, and all I’ve done is sleep.”
“You’ve got all weekend to see me. Hotch has promised no cases until Monday. I think it might have something to do with me mentioning you were coming back today; but don’t worry. You have me for at least the next forty eight hours.”
“So your team finally knows about me then?”
“They know you exist. I wanted to wait until you met them to do the bulk of the explaining. Plus I kinda want to see their reactions when I walk in with superstar Y/N on my arm.” He grinned. You slapped his arm playfully.
“You’re such a little shit you know that?” You laughed.
“Oh come on. Let me have this one thing. I want to see the look on Penelope’s face when she realizes I’m the person she’s been trying to find for months.”
“You’re a menace.” You shook your head while laughing.
Monday lunchtime came around and the team still hadn’t been called away on a case. You and Spencer had decided that if no new case came in on Monday that Spencer would bring you to meet the team. Now it was lunchtime and there was no new case. You were super nervous. You knew how highly the team thought of Spencer and how protective they were over him. You were terrified that you wouldn’t meet their expectations. You were wearing one of your nicest outfits as you stood in the lobby of the FBI building waiting to be let in. You saw Spencer get out of the lift and wave at you.
“Hey. You look great. Are you ready?” He asked, hugging you.
“Yeah. Nervous, but ready.”
“Don’t be nervous. They’ll love you. In fact JJ and Penelope already love you so you’ve already won over your hardest critics.”
“That’s reassuring.” You chuckled nervously.
“Hi. Could I get a visitor's pass?” Spencer asked the lady at the front desk.
“Your guest needs to fill out the sign in sheet first.” You filled in the form, giving your details to the lady at the front desk and she handed you a visitors pass. You followed Spencer over to the lift and got in beside him as he pressed floor six. You tried to keep your breathing steady as the number on the lift slowly rose. The doors opened and there you were. The BAU. Spencer had told you so much about it and now here you were.
“Wait here a second. I’m going to go get everyone.” You simply nodded at him as he kissed your forehead and headed through the glass doors.
“Where is everyone?” Spencer asked Derek as he entered the bullpen.
“Hotch and Rossi are in Hotch’s office, and JJ went to the bathroom I think. Why what’s up kid?”
“Could you go get them, and Garcia too. I have someone I want you guys to meet.” Both Derek and Emily perked up at this.
“You’ve finally brought your girlfriend to meet us?” Emily asked.
“Yeah, she’s waiting in the hallway, but I want everyone to be here to meet her.”
“What’s this?” JJ asked, walking in.
“Pretty boy’s girlfriends here. He wants us to meet her.”
“Yes, so go get Garcia, Hotch, and Rossi please.” Spencer chuckled before leaving to go get you.
“Everyone’s waiting. Are you ready?” He said to you as he came back through the glass doors.
“Playing a show to thousands of people, easy. Performing on national tv, piece of cake. This? This is nerve wrecking.” You chuckled, wrapping yourself up in Spencer’s arms.
“They’re going to love you. Come on.” Spencer took your hand and led you through the doors into the bullpen.
“Oh my god!” Was the first thing you heard as you walked in. “You're Y/N!” Garcia gasped.
“Garcia this is Y/N. Y/N this is Penelope Garcia.”
“Hi. I remember you from the D.C show. I love your outfit. And you must be JJ, I remember you too. I heard so much about all of you.”
“Spencer Reid you might have told us you had a girlfriend but you neglected to tell us the most important part in that your girlfriend is super famous pop star Y/N.” Garcia continued to freak out.
“Did I? Huh, must have slipped my mind.” He smirked and you slapped his shoulder lightly.
“No. No! I am mad at you mister. I have been trying to decode the mystery of ‘subway boy’ for months. Months! And it was you all this time?”
“It’s really nice to meet you Y/N. I’m Emily.” Emily laughed as Penelope continued to grill Spencer.
“Spencer’s told me so much about you. It’s great to finally meet you. Sorry I couldn’t earlier.”
“Well I think it can slide considering you were on tour.”
“No I don’t care, because you absolutely should have told me. Frankly I am very offended that you didn’t think I could keep it a secret.” Garcia continued to rant at Spencer.
“He’s not getting out of that one any time soon is he?” You asked.
“Oh no definitely not. I’m Derek by the way.”
“I just want to say that I am a huge fan; and if you decide Reid over here isn’t good enough for you I just want to let you know that I’m free-“ Penelope said turning to you
“Penelope! Quit flirting with my girlfriend!” Spencer shouted.
“No. I won’t, and you can’t stop me. You want to know why? Because I hate you right now! I can’t believe you kept this from me.”
“I've said I’m sorry okay? What more do you want from me?” That’s when you knew, as you all stood laughing at your boyfriend being grilled by his best friend that they had accepted you into their group. Hotch let the team have the rest of the day off and you all sat in the office going back and forth sharing stories and you couldn’t for the life of you remember what you had been so nervous about a few hours earlier.
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deadravenclaw · a day ago
Hotch: Remember, murder is never the answer
Emily: You're right
Hotch: Thank you
Emily: Murder is the question
Emily: And the answer is yes
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emilyparker79 · 2 days ago
Hotch: Why did you fail your safety training course today, Emily? What happened?
Emily: Well one of the questions was "In case of a fire, what steps would you take?"
Hotch: And?
Emily: And apparently "FUCKING LARGE ONES" isn't an acceptable answer.
JJ: Emily Elizabeth Prentiss! Are you kidding me right now?
JJ: *storms away*
Emily: See, fucking large ones Hotch! JJ gets it.
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