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#aaron mitchell
toonstarterz · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
I'm blown away, y'all.
Movies like this NEVER get greenlit. Studios are supposed to be pussies that are too afraid to make wholly original animated films that don’t piggyback on an existing IP or be an irreverent kid’s comedy.   
The Mitchells vs. The Machines is a love letter to the animation medium itself. A passion project created BY artists FOR artists. Katie’s struggles as an 18-year-old aspiring creative was the call-out post of a lifetime. And when I saw those end credits that featured the crew's family pics, I was touched beyond belief ‘cause that’s how you know this film wants its artists to be SEEN.
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just-keep-daydreaming · 7 months ago
Ok but how the Mitchell family don't try and suppress but rather love and even indulge Aaron's special interest with dinosaurs (getting him a ton dino merch, allowing him to make friends with others who love dinos as much as he does, happily going to the Dino Pit-Stop Place, and even allowing him to wear the Aaronsaurous t-shirt around town- not caring what others thought about it)? But like especially how Katie indulges him in it??
How Katie actually got what Aaron was saying near the beginning of the movie when he said "You know.. *insert random type of dinosaur* travel in pairs/ what happens when you take one away"??? How she didn't just brush it off as 'another random dino fact' but immediately understood it for what it really was: as Aaron's way of saying he would miss her and will worry about her after she leaves???? (In fact, how no one in the family forced him to adapt/understand the upcoming change of family dynamics the 'traditional' way?????)
How Katie is the one who points out the Dinosaur Pit-Stop Place thing to Aaron, knowing he'll love it... and how they all were for going instead pulling the whole 'omg help were being dragged along to this cringy place for the sake of the annoying, hyper-obsessed little boy around save us PLEASE'- the way its so often depicted?????
How although Katie has heard "how triceratops travel in herds a million times", she still listen each time because she realizes how important dinos are to Aaron, realizing how that's how he bonds with people and bonding with him back over it???!!!!
How they created a 'sceret hand shake' thing with a velociraptor hands???!!!!
THAT, my friend, is the epitome of what every autisic child needs and deserves in the family unit fight me on this
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ultimatedirk · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
the best kid ever
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lonelyrosegold · 6 months ago
So I was re-watching the Mitchells vs. The machines and decided to read what all the pop-ups said
Tumblr media
*dosen't floss daily
*weaker then a small bird
*long creepy finger-like toes
*self-deprecating to mask insecuritys
*hasn't read a book in thirteen years
*has a freakish sweat disorder
*showers with shocking rarity
*kicked out of olive garden for stashing breadsticks in purse
*secret rage issues
*unresolved emotions
*Walks to kitchen and forgets why
*says 'marry-o' instead of mario
*trips over own legs
*smells like wet garbage
*once brought up his favorite rib joint at a eulogy
*more interest in quail migration than his own children's interior lives
*cant except that his own daughter is her own unique person and not simply a reflection of himself
*nose picker
*showers only occasionally
*dosen't listen
*mouth breather
*eats own weight in cheese puffs
*compares self to curated moms on social media
*doctor-diagnosed chocoholic
*looks at ex-boyfriend Carlos meloni d.d.s on Facebook more then comfortable
*makes goofy videos because she's afraid if she tries hard to make something good she'll fail
*only pretends to like fellini
*is obsessed with quail
And thats all of them (except for the 'incapable of change, ones because I think that was just pal adding those)
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theenbynightingale · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
OK SO the full text at the bottom says: 
"Katie Mitchell swears in perpetuity that no MULE or MULE(S) specifically the mule in question ("PRANCER") was injured in the making of this film. Katie Mitchell accepts the terms of 'MULE TOURS, INC." and admits that the perpetrators in question ("MY INSANE FAMILY") did break the following rule (or rules). Rule 1. RICK MITCHELL (Whose qualities include, but are not limited to: Aggressiveness. Excessive sweating, and is shaped like a wine glass. Srsly tho- look at that guy- IS THAT MY FUTURE?) did exceed the posted weight limit (230 lbs./104.3 Kg) and is thus responsible for Prancer's agitated state. (Re: Braying, biting Rick's leg- which the undersigned hereby found funny) 2. LINDA MITCHELL (Whose qualities include, but are not limited to: Being a ray of sunshine that illuminates even the darkest day) is responsible for trying to feed the mule in question thirteen(!) packs of dinosaur shaped fruit snacks in a misguided attempt to calm him - and potentially incited the lethargy that led to "PRANCER'S" untimely fall. However, LINDA'S heroic call to animal services saved the MULE ("PRANCER") in question's life. 3. Aaron Mitchell (whose qualities include, but are not limited to: Dinosaur knowledge, Being my A.D. 4 Life, and having the cutest rosiest cheeks YOU'VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE) and the undersigned- Katie Mitchell now hereby claims the distinguished right to mock RICK MITCHELL for his cold blooded cowardice by asking him questions like: "Now that Mom stubbed her toe, are you going to leave her behind like Prancer?" It makes him furious and brings us unending joy. Prancer may be relegated to the barn now- but he will forever live in the barn... of our hearts."
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imthemuthafuckingcricket · 7 months ago
I thought it was a breathe of fresh air that the siblings didn't hate each other nor did they constantly fight. It was so obvious how much they loved and supported one another through out.
Tumblr media
Just being their true weird selves together!
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surferboypizzas · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
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existential-whale · 7 months ago
I just want to know what absolute MONSTER hung up on this Sweet Boi who just wanted to talk about dinosaurs.
Aaron Mitchell you can talk to me about dinosaurs anytime!
Tumblr media
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homosexual-having-tea · 6 months ago
Me: *reblogs a post about Mitchells vs. the Machines*
The gay neurodivergents following me:
Tumblr media
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blas-ph-emy · 7 months ago
what? a movie with a big sister and a younger brother who don't hate each other? instead they love each other and genuinely care about each other's interests? and it's not treated as something that's weird, for siblings to get along?
a sibling relationship that is healthy and absolutely wonderful that doesn't feel forced?
is this real life? this is almost too good to be true, but honestly kudos to The Mitchells vs. The Machines for giving us a wonderful sibling relationship, i absolutely love it.
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writingonesdreams-main · 7 months ago
The Mitchells vs the Machines
Tumblr media
This movie is an incredible showcase of modern family values and problems. From mothers that keep comparing themselves to other successful looking families to dad obsessed with nature to kids with very niche interests that have the opportunity to turn them into professions and through internet and specialised schools meet similar people.
Tumblr media
I saw so much from myself and my family in the Mitchells. They conflicts weren't abusive or world changing. These were very real everyday conflicts in loving families that just have that interests and generation gap. These were the differences that happen between people that live the closest together, parents and kids themselves and how even those require effort and compromise. Because every relationship is work, it's never ideal and fun all the time, but the work is definitely worth the payback. The laughs, the understanding, the hugs, the advice, the companionship, jokes and songs.
Tumblr media
Because even parents are human beings with their own interests and failures in life, experiences they want to warn us from and wins up their belt they want to inspire us to. And the technology is changing so quickly that the format in which children choose to express themselves these days are often so foreign and incomprehensible to their parents and it's hard to tell where the changes will lead and how far you can get with such specific passions.
Tumblr media
This is the conflict where you can count on no side having bad intentions. Neither the parents nor the children want to actively hurt each other, they don't get jealous or petty or want to gain power over the other's expense. There are very few relationships in life that are like that, where you can really rely on the other to always have the best for you in mind. And despite this amazing state, families still argue and misunderstand each other, their life experiences so different.
Like Katie isn't an outsider to be cool and not to fit in. She has her quirky passion with the comedic films, but she is creating constantly, acquiring skills and getting better. It's no addiction to games or screens, it's pursued interest with a purpose where the technology became a needed tool, not the blind obsession many teenagers and adults struggle with nowadays.
Rick doesn't obsess with nature to humiliate his children or to prove his passions to be superior. He genuinely loves it, admires it and wants to share his wonder for it with his most important people. How can you be angry at him for that? On the other hand he is concerned with interests and technology he doesn't understand and he is worried for Katie going through such a disappointment as he had to go through.
They have to meet each other halfway, make the effort to take the other upon the offer, to spend time, to respect and acknowledge what the other loves to fully enjoy how much they also love each other.
Tumblr media
Aaron was amazing. With a geeky dinosaur interest and such pure sweet love for his older sister. They were partners in creating her videos but she also supports him in his dinosaur passion and they are each other confidants. Beautiful. Also Aaron manages to be smart and relevant while retaining little vulnerable childish sides, like nervousness when meeting a potential crush that has similar interests (and suddenly it's so important to do the right thing that the pressure makes you hysterically run out of the room) or when he cries when overwhelmed just like a kid is allowed to do. His mom's reaction to his capture was hilarious and absolute fit to how moms react to their little boys in trouble. Animal moms are dangerous when their babies are threatened but no one is as frightening as a human mom.
Oh and Linda was great, very fitting to today's moms, so protective and loving, while so strong willed. The way functioning parents can turn to each other for advice with their kids and give each other hints (or outright whole texts to say) about their kids, how they decide together, respect and protect each other for the intimate knowledge they know about the other's dreams and strengths and weaknesses. Awesome husband and wife and parents.
All in all this movie is very actual, reflecting today's middle class families and values, kids with quirky interests allowed to bloom, technology and how we don't want it to take over us, that family and humanity will always prevail, and that parents and kids can in fact understand each other if both make the effort to meet each other halfway, having lots of love and care to build on.
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vonnievonalva · 6 months ago
"Little gentleman"
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Monchi's too picky n' our favorite robots are clumsy. Well, very well... yep!
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queer-and-nd-coded · 7 months ago
both kids from The Mitchells vs. The Machines are autistic and you can't argue with me on that
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