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ashtreenymph · an hour ago
saying somethings rn :))
my head cannons for the marauders + their fancasts! ( modern + muggle au addition! )
Tumblr media
james potter — 6’. biromantic heterosexual. he likes sports n’ stuff but like he’s not the annoying type jock or whatever yk?? goes by he/him pronouns but doesn’t really care if people use they/them on him too.
Tumblr media
sirius black — 5’10. homosexual. he probably likes something to do with the arts? not quite sure what though- maybe like,,film? he/him but tbh likes all pronouns and doesn’t care what u use :)
Tumblr media
remus lupin — 6’1. pansexual. english literature n’ shit jus bc it literally is idc. he/they and was probably they/he at some point as well
Tumblr media
peter pettigrew — 5’7. biromantic asexual or aromantic asexual, i’m not sure which one headcannon i like better tho- but def has a heart for cooking and/or art i take no criticism. they/he!!!
Tumblr media
regulus black — 5’11. questioning homosexuality maybe?? def in the arts as well like his brother, tho i can see reg being a fuckin theater kid so- he/him
i’ll maybe do the girls another day but yes these r my modern / muggle au marauders + reggie and their fancasts! it’s like 5 am and i woke up solely for this so u better like it
before u ask, yes ben barnes + andrew garfield are still main fancasts for remus and sirius for me, but for more muggle / modern au’s i find matt and charlie to be a better fit! if that makes sense
i also made uhh little board thingies for all the marauders soooo look at these ( not one for reggie tho, sadly :( )
moony <3
Tumblr media
padfoot <3
Tumblr media
prongs <3
Tumblr media
wormtail <3
Tumblr media
ok bye nerds i’m tired
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maximoffs-girl · 14 hours ago
Hi! Can I get a mcu ship? Natalia, I'm 5'7", slightly chubby body, brown eyes and dark wavy hair; I'm asexual demiromantic with a preference for males;intp, enjoy spending time alone, yet I'm a hug person; spend several hours watching sci-fi tv shows and movies or reading fantasy books; grimes genesis and chemical brothers mah; origins wolverine and resident evil saga; black; cat/dog; telepathy, telekinesis and be a genius at technology; anything with sugar;be understanding and open to hugs!
I ship you with...
Pietro Maximoff
Tumblr media
What your relationship would look like:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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crispyimagines17 · 14 hours ago
Aaron and you were lovers when you were teenagers; sneaking on private rooms so you can enjoy the company of one another; romantic letters that confirm his desire to marry you; hands merely touching when there were people around. Unfortunately, your parents didn’t see him as a lasting partner and sent you out of the country with the excuse of learning another culture.
Years past by an none of you thought about the other until a few days earlier, when you received a letter from the big house saying that your father is very sick. That's when you gather all your things and took the first train; At the moment you step a foot in town, every memory of your first love hit you so violent that for brief moments you’ve lost your nerve. 
At arriving at your home a handsome doctor was telling your mom about his diagnosis, when you approach to them you felt a knock on your stomach, it was him. You could recognize those eyes everywhere, and when they looked at you, this surprised became evident.
Is it possible that after all these years without seeing each other the love is still there?
Tumblr media
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1-800-amortentia · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
this man is a different breed of fine.
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accioremu · 22 hours ago
Marauders Fan Cast
masterlist collection
Remus Lupin - Andrew Garfield
Sirius Black - Ben Barnes
James Potter - Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Peter Pettigrew - Dane DeHaan
Lily Evens - Sophie Skelton
Marlene McKinnon - Florence Pugh
Mary MacDonald - Sofia Bryant
Regulus Black - Timothee Chalamet
Severus Snape - Louis Garrel
Dorcas Meadows - Zoe Kravitz
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Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)
Tumblr media
Okay, there are no pigeons in this movie, so I'm gonna dig deep here. Look out.
In one of the many, many timelines of the Marvel comic book, there is an animal timeline where all the superheroes we know are animals. The Avengers, or Sca-vengers - are in this timeline, and Vision is known as:
Tumblr media
Since this is the first MCU appearance of Vision I'm gonna give just this movie the point for this. Maybe two. Okay, two.
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aaron-whore · a day ago
Please request something for me to do people of Tumbler!!!!
It can be just a fic to read or write.
Otherwise ima just be spamming this with memes
Tumblr media
Im the meantime enjoy these photos of Aaron.<3 :D XD
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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josiecabots · a day ago
Introducing Cameron Adell
Tumblr media
A model for Caboture
Mom took him to commercial auditions and he didn't really like acting but did like being behind a camera
Budding friendship with K.O.
Finds out about Alexandra's fashion line through his cousin Amanda
Born and raised in Jersey but moved to Brooklyn after high school
Took a gap year and did some traveling before deciding college wasn't for him
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Aaron Taylor Johnson is Pietro Maximoff ⚡
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jamesqueerpotter · 2 days ago
ALSO: the little Kick-Ass joke in WandaVision was Rude when they didn’t even give us Aaron Johnson. They knew what they were doing with that!
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chaneajoyyy · 2 days ago
So what’s the Aaron Taylor Johnson tea? I’ve literally never paid attention to him until tumblr
Where do I even start? Chilllleeee he is with a woman who groomed him since he was a teenager. He is married to Sam Taylor-Johnson (the director of the first 50 Shades of Grey movie). I found out recently that she’s known him since he was a child around 6 or 7? Was a family friend of his. And knew him while she was married to her ex-husband. Their kids weren’t much younger than Aaron when him and Sam started a relationship when he was a teen. The relationship was made public when he was around 18/19 but we all know it really was happening when he was around 16/17. They got married not much longer from when it was made public. And they have kids together. It’s a whole mess. Did I miss anything y’all?
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jamesqueerpotter · 3 days ago
Pietro needs to be in at least one more movie for the simple reason that I can’t just use scenes of any of Aaron’s other characters and pretend it’s him like I would for James Potter. We have very limited choices for scenes here, Marvel, please give us Something.
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ourloveisforthelovely · 4 days ago
Princess Part 17
Regulus Black AU 
Link to Part 16
Pairings: Regulus Black x Reader 
Rating: M- smut
“Darling, please…”
You wiggled your way out of his arms leaving Regulus looking like a child whose blankie was in the wash.
“You’ve made your feelings clear.”
You turned to walk out of the room. The comment was cold and you knew it. You didn’t care how much you wanted to turn back to Regulus and apologize. You wanted to tell him how sorry that you were that his parents were gone and he was now the head of the family. His innocence was officially gone now yet you could only think of your own selfish wants. It would be the “wife” thing to do to listen to his apology.
The previous night, the both of you were running on sheer adrenaline. The wedding, if that's what you wanted to call it, was clearly something that neither of you wanted. Regulus didn’t want it that way and neither did you. You knew that Regulus only went through with it to appease his mother (he needed to tell her no but that was another argument for another time). He should have stood up for what the two of you wanted and maybe...just should have been a bit more receptive to his feelings.
The two of you could always have an official ceremony later. There were no rules stating once you were married that was it “no ceremony for you!” You could have still worn the dress that you loved so much...but you didn’t think of it that way.
A set of hands-on your hips pulled you from your brooding over how you acted like a selfish spoiled brat. Regulus spun you around so fast that your head was spinning. Your body slammed against the wall as Regulus shoved himself against you.
“Stop being a bitch. You act as if you’ve been given nothing in your life. I’m sorry that, for once, I didn’t give you what you wanted. I’ve spent my whole life pampering and spoiling you. Now it's coming back to bite me in the ass. If you don’t want to be my wife...fine. You don’t have to. I’ll sign the paperwork and for once you can be on your own but don’t you dare come crawling back to me when you can’t make it. I love you but I won’t let you take things out on me when I have lost my family. I’ve lost my parents. I’ve lost Sirius and apparently, now I’m”
Regulus’ voice cracked when he said “you.” His hard cold demeanor shifted and once again you were reminded of the sensitive shy boy that he used to be before he became a death eater...your prince charming.
You looked up at him with wide eyes. Regret filled your chest as you fought the tears that were threatening to spill.
“It doesn’t matter.”
Regulus replied. He moved to take off his wedding ring but froze when he saw the tears spilling down your cheek.
“We never should have been forced together the way we were. You could have married someone better and got what you wanted. Now look at you...a beautiful princess trapped in a gilded cage…”
Regulus’ voice was icy as he turned away. You didn’t move from your place against the wall before speaking.
“I’m not leaving you. We’ll work it out...we’ve got.”
Regulus laughed bitterly.
“What makes you think that we can?”
“We’ve always worked things out before….well except that one time. I don’t want to lose you again. There’s more…”
Regulus turned looking, if possible, more gloomy.
“What else could there be? We are literally on the threshold of hell here.”
“I’m pregnant, Regulus.”
Regulus froze. He blinked a few times as he took in what you just said. His mouth dropped.
You nodded.
“I found out a few days ago. I wanted to tell you but I never had a good moment. I definitely didn’t plan on telling you like this…”
Regulus finally gave you a small smile.
“How were you going to tell me?”
You were relieved at the soft tone that his voice had taken. Regulus wasn’t angry. This was your Regulus talking.
“Well, I hadn’t come up with anything too creative yet. Hold on.”
You turned and went back to the bedroom for the muggle tests that you had Lily pick up for you. After digging the three tests out, you heard Regulus step into the bedroom and close the door. Turning around, you gave him a small smile before putting the tests in his hand.
“Muggles use these. The two blue lines mean positive.”
Regulus stared at the two blue lines for a few quiet moments. His mind was officially a pretzel of emotions. He felt guilty about being so cold to you. There was no way that he could leave you now. Regulus couldn’t dream of it. The two little blue lines on the muggle test officially changed Regulus’ world.
“I never thought a blue line would be so beautiful.”
Regulus commented with a smile before looking up to you.
“You’re happy.”
Regulus quickly stepped forward and wrapped his arms around you. Snuggling his face against the top of your head, he didn’t know how to put into words how happy that he actually was.
“Of course, I’m happy. Oh, merlin, I have been such an ass to you and you are in a delicate state...princess…”
You reached up and placed a hand to Regulus’ lips.
“I have been no rose to you myself. How about we just say that all is well and move on?”
Regulus was thrilled by this statement. This was you confirming that you were no longer angry with him. This was his sign that he wasn’t about to lose the one woman that he had loved since before he could remember.
“I think that sounds just fine.”
Regulus replied before tilting your face to his.
“Shall we pretend that we made the baby today?”
Regulus suggested giving you a very “Sirius-like” expression that left you giggling.
“Yes, I think that would be just fine. The baby will be our little honeymoon surprise.”
Regulus fingers immediately started undoing the ties of your robe. He was thrilled to find no clothing under the robe. Regulus had expected some form of lingerie. Nude skin was just fine in his book. There would be less to take off.
“Time to make our baby.”
He cooed before backing you to the bed. You expected Regulus to be rough with you. After all, this was the first roll in the sheets in some time. You were, however, very wrong. Regulus gently laid you back, cooing gently words of how much he loved you. His long fingers traced over your breasts and down to your stomach.
“I won’t be able to fuck you as hard as I want for sometime.”
“Regulus, I’m only pregnant. It's not like I am especially delicate or…”
“You’re delicate to me.”
He corrected. Regulus’ grey eyes were locked on your lip before falling to your breasts. He bit his bottom lip before leaning down for a sweet kiss.
“You think that you have been spoiled before. You’re really about to be spoiled now.”
Regulus had every intention of living up to that promise too. He had spent years as a child listening to his mother gripe about how Orion didn’t want anything to do with her the two times that she was pregnant. Walburga took great pleasure in reminding Regulus over and over on how he needed to be tender and loving whenever your “special” time came. It was no secret to Regulus that his parents would expect an heir but that didn’t mean that you weren’t getting something special out of the deal.
You started but were shushed when Regulus’ mouth was pressed to yours again. His right hand traveled down your body before slipping between your legs.
She’s wet...god damn is she wet.
Regulus groaned in his mind as his middle and index finger slid into your waiting body. You whined against his mouth in ecstasy. It had been some time since the two of you had made love last. Feeling Regulus touch you, even if it was with his hands, was enough to turn you into a little slut. This was the feeling that you had at school when Regulus would give you steamy “fuck me” eyes. The both of you always got what you wanted.
“Reggie, don’t stop.”
You whimpered against his mouth. Regulus’ grey eyes opened enough to look down at you with a hungry expression.
“Oh, I’m not, sweetheart. You can count on that. Spread your legs, sugar.”
You immediately did as you were told. You had a feeling that Regulus wouldn’t be slapping your ass too harshly no matter how much you “disobeyed” his requests. As much as you loved the sweet tender lovemaking; you loved when Regulus was bossy and rough.
You have nine months before that happens again…
You thought as Regulus stood and finished undressing himself. He gave you a little eyebrow wiggle before kneeling between your legs. You cried out the moment that he took a tentative swipe of his tongue to your clit. Regulus closed his eyes as he savored the moment.
You cried his name as Regulus shoved two fingers inside. When Regulus chuckled against you, the vibrations from his laughter and the pressure on your clit was enough to make you want to come.
“No, no.”
Regulus replied before moving away from your aching core.
“I’m going to take care of you, sweetheart.”
You knew that Regulus would take care of you. You didn’t doubt that. Regulus always knew how to please you. Regulus began to circle your clit with his middle and index finger. You arched your back the waves of pleasure coursed through you.
“Regulus, you are being a tease.”
Regulus giggled before taking his place between your legs. He lifted a leg to place over his shoulder. Regulus bit his lip again as he traced the head of his cock over your lips. Damn, you were wet and there was no denying that Regulus was now desperate to be inside of you. He slid inside of you giving the two of you what was desired the most..
“That’s a good girl.”
Regulus praised as he started giving you small thrusts. They were just enough to give you a small bit of pleasure. You wanted him balls deep and buried into your cervix. It took your muscles tensing around him once for Regulus to bury himself.
Both of you groaned at the pressure. Regulus pressed your leg backward a bit hoping to hit a new deeper angle.
“I’m not going to last long like this.”
You moaned. Regulus shook his head. With the way your body was hugging him, Regulus knew that he didn’t have long at all to last.
“Me neither but I like it.”
Regulus continued thrusting into you for a few moments before looking up at you with a nervous expression.
“Is this okay? Are you hurting at all?”
You shook your head frantically. It was actually the opposite. You were in heaven...feeling stretched out and as if you were getting tighter.
“Fuck, this feels good, Regulus.”
You answered his question with a groan. Regulus clenched his eyes closed as he pulsated inside of you. He wanted to make this night special. Not only was this consummating your marriage but this was unofficially making the baby. Regulus would pull himself all the way out, tease your opening with his tip, then inch himself back in, stretching you all over again.
The headboard smacked the wall as Regulus increased his speed. He needed to come and judging by the way you were wiggling under him seeming almost desperate to take as much of his cock that you could; you needed to come too. Reaching between your bodies, Regulus began to toy with your clit. “God damn it, sugar, I need to come.”
Regulus groaned, clenching his eyes closed. That was all that you needed to hear. Your body came apart on the next thrust. Crying Regulus’ name, you lay with your chest heaving as he slammed in twice more before coming himself.
You were unaware of exactly when Regulus pulled out of you. It was only when he wrapped his arms around you protectively did you realize that he was no longer inside.
“Are you okay, Mrs. Black?”
You giggled, snuggling against his chest.
“Of course, Mr. Black.”
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lokibarnez · 4 days ago
Silver Siblings - Chapter 12 (last chapter)
Tumblr media
"What do you think?", Pietro asked his brother when the they stopped in front of that building on Bleecker Street
"Well ..." Peter frowned "I don't know if I'm more frightened by the possibility of seeing 'our' sister again, or with whoever lives here"
"Things have changed a lot while I wasn't here. Do you think I would have made a difference?"
Peter gave Pietro a light squeeze and looked at him
"Dude, that we will never know. I think all we can do is move on"
"You finally said something that made sense"
"Don't get used to it. Come on, talk to this supreme sorcerer"
Pietro rang the bell and the door opened on its own. The two speedsters seemed delighted with the place
"Wow! This is a modest residence"
Peter repeated the phrase that Pietro said on his first day at the X Mansion
Pietro looked towards a large circular window and saw a man flying. He went slowly down the stairs and approached the speedsters
"Pietro Maximoff. I knew that at some point you would come back. My name is Doctor Stephen Strange ..."
"I know who you are" Pietro interrupted, "I want to be brief, I came here because I was told that you could tell me where my sister is"
"Mr. supreme sorcerer?" Peter said drawing the attention of Pietro and Stephen "Your cloak, do not want to let me go"
Stephen's red cloak was hugging Peter. Strange snapped his fingers and the cloak came back to him
"I can tell you where she is, but first you'll have to tell me what you're going to do with him" Stephen pointed at Peter
"Peter is with me, he is my brother. He goes wherever I go."
"He doesn't belong to this reality"
"And I don't belong to his, but so what? I can't leave him after all he's been through because of Hex. We need to speak to Wanda before making any decision, but I assure you, doctor, that I will not leave him alone, neither here nor in any other reality."
Stephen nodded, but he knew it would not be easy for both of them, after all after the last events Wanda wanted to be alone, isolated. How would she react when she found out that her brother had been alive all that time?
"She is in a house located on Wundagore Mountain. I can open a portal to you go there"
Strange teleported with the speedsters, who were a little dizzy. After looking at some books he opened the portal
"Your sister is waiting for you"
They both looked at each other. Peter was really worried about seeing Wanda after what he did to her in the Hex, and Pietro was worried about the reaction she would have when she saw him after 8 years.
They went through the portal and at the same time it was closed. Wanda was sitting on the porch of the house, drinking tea and admiring the view. Pietro held the red box they had buried many years ago. Peter gave an encouraging look to his brother who took a deep breath before moving closer to the balcony.
"You didn't see that coming?"
Wanda dropped the cup, scattering broken glass across the floor. When she turned and saw Pietro, her eyes watered and she slowly approached
"You can't be real. I will not be fooled again" she said showing her accent and her eyes went red. She read her brother's mind and saw him somewhere else, alive and happy, surrounded by different people. And Erik was with him. The same man who defended her some days ago in the Hex, was taking care of Pietro all that time.
"I'm real, Wanda. When I was shot in the battle against Ultron, a portal opened in another dimension and I ended up there. My body healed itself and I survived. You thought my body had been disintegrated by Ultron's weapons, but this whole time I was in another dimension, trying to find a way to get back, but I didn’t stop even a minute from thinking about you and wanting to be close to you. I know you suffered little sister, and I'm sorry for being away all this time
Pietro's eyes watered and Wanda hugged him. She knew he was being sincere and in that moment she comforted him as he had always done to her.
"I believe you, Pietro. I missed you so much..."
She had a lot to say to her brother, so much that she didn't even know where to start. But when Wanda noticed Peter's presence, she was furious
"What is he doing here?!"
Wanda prepared to attack Peter, but Pietro protected him
"Wanda, he's our brother!"
"He is not my brother, he is a liar who impersonated you!"
"His name is Peter Maximoff, and I met him in the dimension that I was trapped in, and recently a portal was opened to get me out of there. He pushed me and ended up getting sucked and ended up on his sitcom."
"It's true, Wanda. That crazy neighbor of yours arrested me and held me hostage. When she needed me to pretend I was Pietro, I couldn't resist the magic of the necklace. All I said was that she was controlling me and I'm sorry, Wanda. My God, she even gave me a ridiculous name, Ralph Bohner, who's that?
"Wait, so you are brothers in the other reality?"
Wanda started to read Peter's mind and saw the memories he had with Pietro. They both were very happy
"Wanda, the three of us are brothers. We are a family with such a complex DNA. They did a test with me and Peter there. You met Erik, he is Peter's father, and is also like a father to me. He is incredible and he loved you. And there is also Professor Xavier, he would welcome you very well at the mansion. Why don't you come with us? I had a second chance with the X-Men. And you can also have it."
Pietro took both his sister's hands and noticed that there was no longer a wedding ring on her finger. On another occasion, he would have beaten the synthezoid and lectured his sister, but now it was different. Vision was good to her, and she missed him so much. She missed her kids.
"I'm sorry, Wanda"
"Don't be sorry. Pietro, nothing that happened to me was your fault and I am very happy to know that you have been well all these years. I think wouldn't like if you were here with everything we went through, somehow I was relieved to know that you were in a 'better place'. In the end, I think it was exactly that.
She smiled at her brother and looked at Peter
"You should go back, with Peter"
"Wanda, I won't leave you alone."
"And me neither. You'll go with us, or we stay here. It's a cozy little house. I would love to spend some time here" Peter sat in an armchair making the twins laugh
"I'll be fine, Pietro. I will move on, but I will do it here, in this reality. After I lost Vision I went through a very difficult situation, but in the end it made me discover what I really am and accept my true self. I am the Scarlet Witch. I have unimaginable powers, but I will never use them again for my own benefit. I want to do as we promised each other on the day of that experiment.
"Change the world"
Wanda nodded
"You, have already changed another reality Pietro. And I know that we will meet again"
"We sure will. The multiverse tunnel at Mansion X and Doctor Strange guarantee that. Family is forever, my little sister"
Pietro handed the box to Wanda. It had been many, many years since she had seen that box
"Did you dig it up?"
"Not really, I gave the coordinates of Sokovia for the tunnel to take to the other dimension, so I would have a confirmation of where it would take. But anyway, I think it should stay with you"
Pietro opened the box and handed the Quicksilver toy to Wanda
"Are you sure? Quicksilver was your favorite toy"
"I am. I want you to stay with him and hug him when you miss me. And, Peter and I will keep this" Pietro took the tape out of The Dick Van Dyke Show
"Whenever we watch, I will remember all the scenes, all the lines because that was the only thing my little sister watched when we were kids"
He lightly squeezed Wanda's cheek
"I love you, Wanda" he kissed his sister's forehead and hugged her again, this time a farewell hug.
Peter was in the corner just watching the siblings. He didn't feel left out and he didn't even made a joke. He knew that Wanda and Pietro were very important to each other. They went through a lot together, and they spent a lot of time apart. That reunion was the greatest gift they could receive after all this time.
Wanda looked at Peter from the other side of the room and used her magic to pull him close, and he joined in the embrace of the siblings after all he was also one of them.
It was how Wanda and Pietro learned and how Erik had told them once. It didn't matter how far away they were from each other. It didn't matter the blood or where each one came from, what really mattered was the feeling. They were a family, and family was forever.
When Pietro and Peter returned to the mansion, they went to the bedroom and put the sitcom tape on the TV
"Quicksilver? Your toy was called Quicksilver?
"Yes, I don't know exactly why. I was a kid, it was just a random name"
"I liked. It could be your codename. You know, you have silver hair, you are quick, you wear blue. Just like your doll."
Pietro laughed but thought for a moment. That made sense
"Do you want to share that name with me?"
The question surprised Peter, but he just smiled and nodded
"Why not? We've seen a lot in the last few days. All of these multiple realities, magic, witches, sorcerers. I have a feeling that we will still have to come back to your reality one day, brother" Peter said and Pietro agreed
"I feel it too."
"The multiverse is a madness. They might need more than one Quicksilver"
1 year later...
"So, today we'll have a lot of new kids huh?" Pietro said approaching himself from the other mutants.
"Hey, Pietro I like your suit" Jean said smiling at him
"I have to agree with her. I never saw Hank take so much time to make a suit" Said Scott
"Well, definitely it is way better than your flashy yellow and black suit. And also this one is way better than the first one he made to me. I kinda prefer blue and silver."
"And so do I" Peter said suddenly appearing in the room. His suit was exactly the same as Pietro. Peter handed his brother a pair of protection glasses. In the same moment, Erik appeared
"Charles wants to see us"
"Seriously? We barely had time to show the school to the kids!", Pietro said
"Yeah dad, we're even dressed for it!
"Knowing you guys, he probably wants to give you some recommendations. Let's go"
Pietro and Peter followed their father and went to Professor Xavier's office. When they opened the door, there were two kids in front of Charles
"Guys, I have news", he said but didn't seem too happy "These are some of our new students and I think they might need a bit more of your attention"
Erik, Peter and Pietro thought it was a joke when the kids looked at them
"Who are they?" Pietro asked, already knowing the answer
"William Kaplan and Thomas Shepherd
"Billy and Tommy" Peter whispered
Why Billy and Tommy were at the mansion? Why they had different last names? They didn't seem to recognise each other.
"Of course, professor. They are our priority. It's nice to... Meet you, little guys" Pietro said and the boys gave him a little smile.
Pietro didn't know how to react. It was the first time he was seeing his nephews, and they didn't even know they were in front of their uncle.
"Good! I'll finish my conversation with them and you guys can start to receive the other kids." Charles said and the three men nodded.
Charles knew that those boys were Wanda's kids, but he had no idea why they were in that reality.
Pietro, Peter and Erik left the room and it didn't take a long time to Erik freak out.
"What the hell is going on?! They didn't recognise me or Peter!"
"And they aren't brothers!" Peter exclaimed
"It might have an explanation"
Then, Pietro remembered the last time he saw Wanda. Isolated at that mountain, he remembered Wanda was always looking to something behind him and Peter. And she seemed happy to see him, but also worried. She was hiding something from him.
He didn't know how the Hex ended, but something was happening. Her kids were in his reality without memories for some reason.
"I think Wanda has something to do with this."
"And what we're going to do?" Asked Erik.
Pietro looked at him, and then at Peter
"Peter was right when he said the multiverse was a madness. I think we should start by having a conversation with the Supreme Sorcerer."
The end.
Tumblr media
The Silver Siblings could return in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse Of Madness if Marvel wasn't a coward
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mrsaugustwalker · 5 days ago
Daily Marvel Drabble - Sunday
Prompt From This List
Tease Me: my character will tease yours, whether in a friendly or a sexual manner
Tumblr media
"Come on, slowpoke." Pietro says, slowing down beside you. "I thought you could keep up?" He smirks. "Stop it you." You huff. The speedster smirks and shakes his head. "You know I never will." He murmurs. You reach out to pinch him, but he rushes out of reach. "You prick!" You yell at him. Pietro laughs happily and zooms away, running another lap in the blink of an eye. "I hate you." You grumble under your breath. "No, you do not." He says, whizzing past.
You try unsuccessfully to trip him up a few times. He catches on what you're doing and sweeps you off your feet. You yelp in surprise. "Gotcha." He says with a wide grin. You cling to him. He is going so fast it has you a bit nervous. "Be careful." You caution. "I am always careful." Pietro chuckles.
He puts you down far away from the training field. "P, where are we?" You ask. "Somewhere only we know." He murmurs. There is a wide smirk on his lips, as though he is planning something. "Stop being such a tease, P." You huff.
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