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#aaron x katelyn
andrewsleftknee · 25 days ago
Andrew with Aaron and Katelyn’s kids headcanons:
the twins often called Andrew “dada” because of how similar Andrew and Aaron looked. Aaron wouldn’t have been upset about this if Amelia’s first word wasn’t “dada” said to Andrew. Andrew and Katelyn find this incredibly funny.
Andrew still doesn’t smile that often, not even around Neil, but with his nieces he can’t help but smile. Neil’s background on his phone is a picture of Amelia on Andrew’s back and Alex running into his open arms. Andrew has a genuine smile on his face.
every once in a while Aaron will bring the twins to Andrew and Neil’s exy practices when they are a bit older. everyone on the team loves seeing them, and they always offer them fist bumps, and go extra hard for scrimmages while they’re there. the only picture of Andrew in the team locker room is of him helping the twins hold his racquet in the goal after the team cleared off the court. he’s tried to take it off, but he can’t help but feel something when he sees the picture.
Andrew bakes with the twins all the time. when they’re old enough to start helping with simple tasks, he’ll have them help. the older they got, the more he taught them about the recipes and how the baked goods were made, so by the time they were going into school, they were able to make all sorts of things by memory.
Andrew learns to braid hair just in case the girls ask him to do it for them.
sometimes the twins spend a night or two with Neil and Andrew when Katelyn and Aaron want some time without the kids. when Andrew and Neil move into their new house, they make sure that the twins have their own room and a backyard for them to play in.
Amelia loves playing with Sir and King, but Alex is terrified of them. Neil watches Amelia play with Sir, while Andrew shows Alex that the cats aren’t very scary with King (she’s the calmer of the two). Amelia also would try and help her, but she didn’t completely understand how to comfort people yet, so her advice didn’t go as far as Andrew’s.
when Katelyn told Andrew she was pregnant, he told her it was going to be a set of fraternal twins. sure enough, when she went in for her first ultrasound, they found out there were two babies. he then guessed that they were both going to be girls, and he was right once again. Neil asked how he guessed, and Andrew said that he just knew. Neil gave him a confused look and Andrew shrugged in response.
family holidays are always a nightmare for Andrew. it’s mainly Katelyn’s family, Andrew and Neil, and sometimes Nicky and Erik. for years Andrew would only go to a few parties Aaron and Katelyn hosted, but after the twins were born, he went to all of them. Neil would talk with Katelyn and her sister and Andrew would sit in the kitchen until it was his turn to hold the twins. Aaron would let him put them to bed on these days too.
the twins claim that Andrew and Neil are their best friends, and whenever Andrew hears that his heart feels so full. he loves his nieces more than anything.
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bluefoodl0ver · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So part 2 is complete.
*waits a moment for applause*
hem hem
I said *waits. a. moment. for. applause.*
Tumblr media
Thank you. Thank you very much.  :)
Anyways, this took way longer because I’m unbelievably studying and i will not post the king’s men until after my exams have finished (mid-oct) so thankyou for all the people who actually thanked me on the foxhole court part of this. and those who didnt, well whatever, hope you have fun being heartless.
edit: i thought i had posted this  days ago and i was like why is no one liking this post and i just checked and i had accidentally drafted it instead.
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eduardaluna · 2 months ago
The minyard brothers are just dating opposite gender versions of the same person and I will die on this hill.
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triquetrine · a year ago
Please more foxes on social media, you extended my life expectancy with that last post
well because you phrased it like that...
i also love writing them because they just crack me up (here is part 1 and here are my thoughts on neil and his love of fruit because i just think it’s neat). i took some creative liberties again because sometimes i simply ignore canon
nicky 1000% makes a foxes tiktok that’s mostly him but sometimes other members of the team will join in
wymack has never heard of tiktok, which is how nicky is able to convince him and everyone else thinks it’s too funny to say otherwise
“hang on, i saw that on the news. isn’t china spying on you?” “america is spying on us, next question”
he and matt do dances in their gear while kevin passes behind them and gives them his Disapproving Face
nicky starts a “weekly recipes with renee!” and it’s basically him getting in her way in the kitchen but she’s all smiley and patient and super encouraging
it’s like bob ross but dorm room recipes and baking for beginners
the foxes all have to post pics of them modeling that season’s psu exy merch, but they do get to keep some items 
they get SMASHED one night and that’s how several shaky videos end up on the internet of kevin in a white mesh crop top lecturing his cackling friends about british imperialism while waving a bottle of grey goose around
matt is posting stuff from practice and he zooms in on aaron, who picks up his water and tries to squirt it into his mouth, but it’s the wrong way around
andrew flips it the right way without even looking at him
dan has a whole story highlight of giving neil fruit
she films her outstretched arm holding out a bowl of blueberries or a smoothie to neil, who’s studying or tying his shoes or walking by
his eyes always get HUGE and his face goes :O
it’s probably the cutest thing in the world
there is one memorable video of neil sitting on the couch, half a watermelon in his lap, and he’s just going at it with a spoon
kevin is next to him and trying to force feed him a tupperware of baby carrots labeled “tuesday” (yes that’s how extra he is he organizes his snacks by day of the week)
“i don’t want it” “neil i am BEGGING YOU-” “LEAVE ME AND MY WATERMELON ALONE”
nicky slides off the other side of the couch wheezing
neil is rarely active on social media, but every time any of the girls post an ootd or selfie or photo he always comments “pretty” without fail
some exy stans make a collage of every single time neil has commented that and it’s quite a lot
sometimes he comments “pretty” under matt’s posts as well
nicky and allison make a compilation of all the times aaron and neil combined their Short Asshole Powers to antagonize kevin
they title it “top 10 anime betrayals” and it includes excellent stuff like neil rebounding a ball off of kevin’s helmet just for aaron to catch and bounce off of him again 
it trends on twitter and kevin is ~this~ close to quitting the team
(everyone knows he never would, he loves them too much)
(even if he would never admit it)
one of dan’s most liked pictures is from graduation, where her back is to the camera and she’s in her cap and gown, standing on her toes to hug kevin, who has his arms wrapped so tight around her and he may or may not be crying
caption: “you’re gonna be a great captain” 
in andrew’s senior year, a clip from a press conference goes viral because an obnoxious reporter, who had been trying to provoke neil all night, finally mentions how “clingy” neil and andrew seem and he cracks a “what is he, your boyfriend??” joke
the other foxes are ready to throw hands, but before neil can fire off a retort, andrew lazily snatches the mic from wymack and looks straight at this reporter to speak for the first time all evening
“so what if i am?” 
nicky, matt, dan, renee, allison, and kevin, who haven’t been at psu for years at this point, are watching from home and start SCREAMING
neil’s heart eyes are through the roof
and that’s how andreil go public
their old teammates and new teammates report every homophobic comment, tweet, and post that they find
allison posts very aesthetically pleasing slideshows of pictures and videos from each of their yearly reunions
her personal favorites are chicken fights in her massive pool (neil and andrew vs. renee and herself), matt spraying dan and kevin with a hose, nicky sleeping on erik on a porch swing, aaron lifting katelyn up so she can reach something while neil pretends to gag in the background
their continued interactions on social media are one of the biggest reasons why the collective internet remains in love with the Palmetto Nine for years
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kitkatartstuff-moved · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
Did I post these already? I can’t remember shdjdjmadkd Anyways some katelyn/aaron stuff :)
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toobeetofunction · 7 months ago
Katelyn would 100% have gone right up to Andrew intending to talk things out with him if it weren’t for the fact Aaron asked her not to. Just look at how easily she started talking to Neil. She wanted what was best for Aaron and is an absolute queen.
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andrewsleftknee · 29 days ago
have some misc Fox headcanons!!
they have movie nights where they introduce Neil to their favorite movies and classics.
Kevin is very interest in Greek mythology, and he for sure read the Percy Jackson series as the books came out.
Dan and Matt help Neil adjust to society the best they can, but some days for Neil are more anxiety inducing than others, and those are the days where they have to trust Andrew to put Neil together again. it took a while for the upperclassmen to trust Andrew, but Andrew never failed.
after a few months with the new freshman, Allison sort of becomes and older sister for the girls. she would teach them how to do make up and take them shopping for clothes that would make them feel confident.
Renee set up a sheet in the Foxes lounge if anyone needed help with work. Neil often would help the freshman, and the upperclassman on occasion, with math. Aaron would sometimes help with science, and the upperclassman would help wherever they could.
Andrew starts to paint his nails black over the summer. no one really comments on it (aside from Nicky, but Andrew shut him up with a quick stare), but Neil asks if Andrew can paint his nails for game days with orange and white. the upperclassman notice, and Allison decided that on Thursday nights, whoever wants their nails painted for games, can go to her dorm and she and Renee will paint them. Andrew still has his black nails, but his thumbnails were painted the same orange as Neil’s.
Matt and Nicky have tried on multiple occasions to get Wymack to adopt a fox at their local zoo. he refuses every time, but they still try. after months of them asking, he threatened to make them run a lap for every time they ask. they would still ask.
Aaron spends his free time researching dog breeds because he really wants a dog. when the exy season ends when he’s a fifth year senior, he and Katelyn adopt a border collie. Aaron still lives on campus, but Katelyn has a small house about twenty minutes away.
(bonus: Andrew calls their dog Asshole to the point where the dog will respond to anyone who calls them that)
Kevin and Neil watch the live exy games they can catch back at their dorm. Andrew makes a list in his head and plays a drinking game to keep himself entertained. Kevin is bothered.
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honestlyzenoouh · 9 months ago
The Friendship I never knew I needed
Okay, new headcanon time because I read a post about Aaron and Neil begrudging friendship, and now this thing won’t leave my brain. It sorta grew legs and kept on going, sorry. Featuring twinyard forced bonding, Neil being an asshole and Katelyn being sneaky.
Okay, so we know that Neil doesn’t really care for Katelyn. But like, sometime in Neil’s 3’rd year and the girls have left him he shows up to one of his maths classes and like, Katelyn is there??
Katelyn is super smart as well as athletic, the whole deal. And one time one of her TA’s were like, okay this class might actually challenge you, but won’t take up all of your time. Might be fun.
And Katelyn is like, alright imma try.
The first two weeks Katelyn doesn’t even notice she shares the class with Neil, it is that big.
When she does though, it’s because the professor is writing a thing on the board (it’s early, I don’t wanna do actual maths rn), slightly incorrect, and she really wants to point it out, but also doesn’t wanna be rude and affect her grade.
Neil doesn’t have such worries and just sorta not quite yell but loudly points it out... might’ve used a cuss word or two as well, whoops
Katelyn was like thank god someone said something, she was sat clinching all muscles not to say anything.
Then she clocks who said it and was like, huh, I might do something about this. He is someday gonna be my family so might as well start wearing him down now, instead of later.
Also, perfect excuse to actually start up a conversation, sharing a class.
So a couple of weeks after that, when Katelyn has had some time to think, and Neil thinks he’s safe, she strikes.
They are appointed some homework, and she has positioned herself so she can see Neils face in the lecture hall (without it being obvious) and Neil’s eyebrow pinch the tiniest bit together. Now is the time.
She gently approaches him a little sheepish, “could we maybe form a little study group for this class? I don’t really know anyone here, and I don’t really understand the concept for this bit”
Neil, a little suspicious but also completely lost on this subject “would you be able to meet in the library on Tuesdays at 4?”
She says yes of course and dances a bit internally.
The first like, 3 study sessions are completely awkward and stilted, but somehow they work really well together academically? Who knew?
It’s in the fourth meet-up that the ice breaks. Katelyn arrives a bit winded, with a half of cup of coffee and just starts to enthusiastically rant about this complete asshole who cut in line at the coffee place, and then the girl who tripped her on the way into the building but wouldn’t apologize and they got in an argument and then so on about every bad thing for the past week
And Neil is just hooked on her rant. He is reminded a bit of Dan and her ranting about sexist assholes in sports and he really misses her, but why should that stop him from making new friends?
So he stops fighting it and actually talks to the girl. Turns out, they have a lot in common. Including complaining about their significant Minyard. They love them, but oh my lord are they petty and annoying.
From there on out, Tuesdays becomes their hang out day. Even when the semesters over and they don’t have that class anymore. Just Katelyn and Neil becoming unlikely best friends (sorry Matt, it wasn’t on purpose), and telling each other everything. She is the first one outside of the foxes to see his scars.
She didn’t flinch. But she quietly seethes for days afterwards. Aaron tipped him off by complaining about Katelyns bad mood to Kevin (not that he cared) and he overheard it. They had a talk and only grew tighter.
Fast forward like, a year and a half, and Aaron really wanna meet this person. And Katelyn really wants her bf and bff to have a bond as well, but considering all of the bitching she hears about Josten this and Josten that, she had taking to keep referring to Neil as that person I meet in this class, or her nickname for Neil (it’s buggy, because he keeps on bugging her with more maths) to keep the peace.
Also, gender-neutral terms to keep the jealousy at bay. He’s not that bad, but better safe than sorry. Neil means a lot to her now.
But finally she snaps; “fine, you can meet buggy. But only if they agree to meet you too”
“Why wouldn’t they agree to meet your boyfriend?”
“You’re annoying, and I complain about you a lot.”
“You what?”
Neil of course agrees, but only if he can bring Andrew as well. “He’ll play nice, I promise! No knives or hairpulling”
Aaron is really excited to finally meet Buggy. They really mean a lot to Katelyn and makes her happy. And who makes her happy, make him happy too
Andrew is very curious about Neil’s supposed new best friend. Turns out, Neil also hasn’t disclosed exactly who it is, but Andrew hasn’t outright asked him about it so.. It’s his own fault, really
The meeting goes a little like this:
Neil and Katelyn is at their weekly hangout, this time at a coffee shop around campus, and both text their S.M(significant Minyard) where to meet up. Andrew arrives first and just stands in the doorway when he catches sight of the twin redheads sitting and laughing about something. Neither has noticed him yet
Debating just walking out again, he hears a soft but earnest “are you fucking kidding me”
Turns out Aaron was just as surprised and lowkey mindfucked. They catch each other’s eyes and have their first mental conversation
“Well shit, now we have get along with each other’s S.R’s (significant redhead). Also did you know? No? Thank god I wasn’t the only one”
Katelyn turns around as her Aaron senses has gone off, and spies the twins just looking at each other totally defeated. Then turning to Neil like,
“Did you not tell Andrew about me? Because he is doing the same face Aaron is currently doing, and I didn’t tell him exactly who he was meeting today other than my best friend”
“Whoops, might’ve forgotten. They look kinda emotionally constipated... For how long do you think Aaron is gonna complain about it’s me?”
“Two weeks at least, how about Andrew with me?”
“He’s just gonna passive aggressively stare at me with snide comments every now and then until I buy him a tub of ice cream in apology. I give it 6 months for Aaron to laugh at I joke I made without making that face afterwards”
“You’re on, it’s gonna take him 9 at least”
It took 5 and a half months, and 2 years for Katelyn to get Andrew to huff his version of a laugh at all.
Just, Neil and Katelyn being besties and forcing the twinyards to accept and maybe even like each others S.R’s whilst also getting a better relationship out of it. Also; Aaron is now cursed into saying buggy instead of Josten or Neil, and he hates it. Until he doesn’t of course.
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anonknown · 9 months ago
AFTG Ships as Troye Sivan songs/lyrics...
~ Ships ~
Andreil - TALK ME DOWN (Blue Neighborhood)
But I wanna sleep next to you And that's all I wanna do right now And I wanna come home to you But home is just a room full of my safest sounds So come over now And talk me down
~ This pairing of ship and song has always and will always make me lose my mind. The mutual respect and admiration, the creation of something to call home together, making each other feel whole and safe? This song is Andreil down to it’s core and I could write a whole essay about it. 
Kandreil - for him. (Blue Neighborhood)
We are runnin' so fast And we never look back And whatever I lack, you make up We make a really good team And not everyone sees We got this crazy chemistry Between us
~ I think that a big part of this dynamic is figuring out how to reconcile all three of their different values and interests in a way that makes sense and leaves everyone happy. Because of this, it can be hard for other people to understand them (not that they are going to help), but it doesn’t matter because they know they fit together, and it’s for them, not anyone else. 
Kevaaron - WILD - Young Bombs Remix (Blue Neighborhood (The Remixes))
We're alike you and I Two blue hearts locked in our wrong minds So can we make the most out of no time? Can you hold me? Can you make me leave my demons and my broken pieces behind?
~ So I chose one of the remixes solely because it contained the above lines, which I think fits them very well. They’ve both suffered. They’ve both had complicated connections with many of the same people. They understand each other and want to help one another be happy. 
Kerejean - YOUTH (Blue Neighborhood)
Speeding through red lights into paradise Because we've no time for getting old Mortal body, timeless souls Cross your fingers, here we go
And when the lights start flashing like a photo booth And the stars exploding We'll be fireproof
~ A big part of this relationship would be Kevin and Jean learning with the help of Jeremy that they can enjoy life for themselves. The relationship would be a rediscovering of youth for them and accepting that they have found freedom and love. 
Jerejean - TOO GOOD (Blue Neighborhood)
Too good to be good for me Too bad that that’s all I need
~ This is a fairly obvious connection, but I think it goes both ways. Jean sees Jeremy as his light and as something he doesn’t deserve. Jeremy sees Jean as this resilient person that he is terrified to hurt because he thinks he deserves more than anyone could give him. They just love each other and do everything the can to show it, even if they feel that the other deserves more than can be realistically given. 
Matt/Dan - 10/10 (In A Dream)
There will be dark days, ooh Swear that they'll be short There will be good days, ooh There'll be so many more You can always be sure that I wanna be a ten out of ten for you
~ Though Matt and Dan’s relationship is presented as perfect, that’s not true for anyone. They have their bad days, but what makes them so good for one another is the fact that no matter what, they want to be the best person they can for each other. 
Katelyn/Aaron - What a Heavenly Way To Die (Bloom)
But forever ain't half the time I wanna spend with you I wanna be with you
~ I go back to this a lot, but for so long their relationship had to protected from and on the terms of others, so when they finally become free of that, I think that all they want is to be with one another, and that is enough. 
Seth/Allison - THE QUIET (Blue Neighborhood)
Just tell me Say anything Anything hurts less than the quiet
~ I woke up and chose angst for them. Neither of them ever truly felt seen as who they really are by anyone but each other, so even when they were fighting, they thought that the act of doing so was better than succumbing to quiet anger or acceptance. Also uh...the lyrics fit with Allison’s feelings about Seth’s death sorry.
Renison - My My My! (Bloom)
Now, let's stop running from love Running from love Let's stop, my baby Let's stop running from us
~ When Renison is talked about, I see that it’s more about the act of them being together as opposed to getting together. I think an interesting dynamic to explore that relates to the above song line would be them skirting around one another as they mentally heal enough to be together romantically, and then crossing that bridge. 
Nicky/Erik - HEAVEN (Blue Neighborhood)
This voice inside Has been eating at me Trying to embrace the picture I paint And colour me free
~ This is mostly about Erik helping Nicky to accept his sexuality and come to terms with being who he truly is when he is ready. After so long having to pretend, this would be a learning process for Nicky.
I am going to do a part 2 with individual characters eventually (some of these may repeat but shhhhh), but if I missed a ship, let me know and I may make another part for this too. 
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satanic-foxhole-court · a year ago
Headcanons floating around in my brain:
Katelyn is like 5’10
Andrew has a tumblr blog but doesn’t post much
Non-binary Neil has a special place in my heart
Neil had or has a mullet
Jeremy had or had a mullet
Kevin wears skirts in the comfort of his own home, too scared of his media presentation to wear them out
Renee + stone butch/ GNC = amazing I love her
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triquetrine · a year ago
I love love ur headcanons!! they’re so well written,, can u write something with like all the foxes together again after they’ve all graduated?? specially andrew/aaron. love ur work!!
thank you so much!! and yes i am very much willing to write post-college foxes, especially including the twinyards
the foxes develop this unspoken rule that anytime anyone is anywhere nearby, they can show up completely unannounced if they so choose
(heads-up texts are a good idea though because they’re all very busy and who knows if they’re home)
people who always text well in advance: renee, kevin, matt, neil, katelyn
people who sometimes text: nicky, allison, dan
people who never text because they only ever visit with neil: andrew
people who never text because they only ever visit with katelyn: aaron
neil still does a terrible job of grasping this mi-casa-tu-casa concept because such openness is so alien to him
one time he shows up to dan and matt’s at the reasonable hour of 11AM after double checking last night, but when matt opens the door he very clearly just woke up
neil tries to backpedal and say he’ll come back later but matt, eyes half open, just yanks him into a hug and closes the door behind him
“mmmfbhmmcoffee?” “what?” “d’you want coffee?” “i can make it, you can go and sit-” “neil, ‘m the host. you guest. sit”
nicky likes to loudly declare his arrival (erik gives up telling him to stop it like 3 house calls in)
“IT’S YOUR FAVORITE GAY!!!” “you’re not neil” “allison you wound me!!”
when allison comes over she will most definitely hold out an expensive gift while picking apart the decor around her
renee never visits without bringing some kind of delicious baked good with her and andrew declares no one’s allowed over the threshold of his apartment anymore unless they have an “offering”
the team likes to coordinate and then randomly show up at abby and wymack’s house just to see the former’s delighted smile and watch the latter bust into the living room with a baseball bat
“david, put that down! it’s just the kids” “one day it won’t be!” “no, i don’t think so”
wymack insists they cannot keep on barging in and he’s going to have to change the locks because of course abby gave them keys but two coffeemakers mysteriously appear in his kitchen and there’s always cocoa pops in the cabinet (andrew’s favorite) even though wymack hates cereal
kevin never calls him dad, but they start hugging hello and hugging goodbye and one time dan snaps a photo of them at a christmas dinner
wymack has his hand on the back of kevin’s neck and kevin is leaning completely into his shoulder and it is so uncharacteristically, strikingly soft and vulnerable
they definitely don’t keep the copies she sends them in their respective wallets
when aaron is officially dr. aaron minyard and can do doctory things like take appointments and walk around with a clipboard, he gets congratulatory packages mailed in from all over the country
he is very touched by all the gifts, until he gets to andrew’s
they’re shoe inserts that make the wearer taller because “you’re definitely going to get mistaken for a sickly child xoxo” 
aaron lies face down on the couch for a good three hours after while katelyn pats his back sympathetically and tries not to laugh
andrew and aaron never quite become the inseparable twins they could’ve been had they stayed together, but their relationship definitely improves significantly
this manifests in the form of sarcasm and passive aggression the likes of which nobody else has ever witnessed
but they can tell there’s something different about it, so they watch it with fascination and amusement
when katelyn and aaron’s twin girls are old enough, andrew starts asking them who’s more handsome: daddy or uncle andrew
“we literally have the same face” “mmm...i think uncle andrew” “WHAT”
he does not see a smirking neil hand the girls candy and the high five they give andrew
the foxes take vacations together, no spouses or kids, just the team that beat the ravens for the ncaa championship
if they’re feeling nostalgic they go back to that cabin in the mountains, but they’ll also go overseas
playing pro and being an olympian forces andrew to get over his fear of flying, although the fear of heights never goes away
neil always pulls the blinds down over the window the moment they buckle up so andrew won’t see the ground fall away
no matter how old they are, these periodic get togethers always always revert them back to the chaotic college kids they used to be
e.g. drunkenly strolling down the midnight streets of paris while singing the psu fight song, chicken fights in the waters off pristine caribbean beaches, dan’s whole photo collection of all the places neil has been carried on someone’s back
despite the time difference or fashion week or exy season, phones will always be picked up
there are many sleepless, frustrating nights with crying infants and snatched conversations in airports or people sharing a meal states apart
when andrew graduates and moves to a lonely apartment to play pro, aaron will call him at late hours or early ones because he’s stressed about med school or he can just feel andrew needs someone with him
sometimes they don’t even talk, they’ll just sit somewhere in the dark with their phone on speaker and then eventually fall asleep
when amalia is born, the foxes collectively and silently get kevin on a conference call with them because they know he must be terrified and he’ll never admit it but hearing their voices and their affectionate bullying made everything okay
they don’t go to allison right away after she lets them know about her divorce, but about a week or so later she opens the door and they’re all crowding on her front step
“you know, allison, that abstract piece of artwork doesn’t really work with the rest of the color palette-” “shut up matt”
so much changes in all of their lives throughout the years, but they know without a doubt they will always have each other
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sapphicpipedream · a year ago
nora: aaron and katelyn choose not to have any children, they're just not interested and they wouldn't even have the time to take care of them.
the majority of the fandom: now,, listen here. LISTEN. wouldn't it be,, nice,,, if aaron and katelyn had not ONE, but TWO CHILDREN? anyway, they're twins and here you have their names, date of birth, first days of life described in vivid details, a bunch of soft moments with their big family and their amazing relationship with their favourite uncle, andrew joseph minyard.
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Just.. an idea.
Aaron and Nicky make a bet.
Nicky bets that Kevin will cover up the tattoo before he graduates.
Aaron thinks thats impossible. Kevin Day is a coward.
The prize is that the winner can make the loser say whatever it is the winner wants. And it can be recorded.
Weeks pass, Aaron feels pretty good about his chances. That is, until Neil shows up before school starts.
Everything that god damn kid does pushes Kevin to his limit. Aaron starts getting nervous but NICKY is jumping with joy. This kid is changing EVERYONE. Even Andrew.
Months pass and Aaron relaxes a little. Its unlikely to happen now right?
Then, Kevin gets drunk.
And he comes home with tattoo on his face.
Nicky won.
Originally Nicky was going to have Aaron say something totally stupid and twink-y but when he saw Kevin's Tattoo...? He knew what he had to do.
The camera got rolling. Aaron steps in front of it, hes rolling his eyes but there is the smallest smile on his face. Kevin finally got the balls to stand up for himself, maybe they had a fighting chance.
And that my friends, is why theres a video floating around of Aaron saying
"We stan queen Kevin".
My inspiration:
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doodlingstuff · 8 months ago
Rember this post??? Well, it’s turning into a full-length fic ready for you to swoon in honor of Kevin’s birthday 😉
The room is dark when Kevin celebrates another win. That one was harder. Aaron can’t control turning to see as the face of the man beside him sparks with one of his true smiles. The light from the screen reflects in his eyes, and lights his profile, making his angles sharper.
And the fucking queen tattoo. Aaron always thought it was hideous, but there is something between the dark behind them and the light in the front that makes the ink shine. Aaron is attracted to it like a bee to a flower. Or like a fly to a pile of shit. Because come on! It’s Day.
Now, now more than ever Aaron understands what Andrew must feel for Josten. And Aaron wants to have that too.
Comments, reblogs, likes, asks, whatever interaction to know I’m not the only human on Earth makes my day shine 😁
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thelastrogueone · 6 months ago
aaron minyard is a kpop stan. only katelyn knows. she introduced him to it
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