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racingairplanes · 8 days ago
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✿ criminal minds headers + color palettes -> aaron hotchner in 5x07 "the preformer" ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @jemilyology @scandinavian-punk @luke-alvez @thejeidhater @suburban--gothic @spencers-renaissance @moreidsdaughter @alexandrablake @jelle-jareau @yourfinalbow @valentinespencer @ssahoodrathotchner
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leftonreid · 8 days ago
Facing Music: Spencer Reid
Summary: Derek finally decides to tell Penelope how he feels about her and enlists your help in a musical confession. With all this performance and romance in the air, Spencer is inspired to tell the reader how he really feels... but words kinda suck
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Warnings/Includes: Confessions (two different ones), kissing, FLUFFY
"Are you sure this'll work?" A very nervous Derek Morgan asked you. It was the annual BAU break outing where the team would head to a fancy restaurant and dine without the burden of a case or a dead person on your shoulders.
This year was pretty much like any other; you'd eaten, talked with, laughed with the team like usual. There was live music and waitresses who complimented your makeup when you walked in. All of you dressed nicely for the occasion. JJ was in a beautiful purple dress next to Emily, whose dress was red, and Penelope, who sported a hot pink getup. Hotch and Rossi wore tux suits, looking particularly nice. Spencer Reid wore a white dress shirt and black blazer, his curly hair slicked and brushed semi-neatly the way it always was. He looked amazing, as per usual...
Derek Morgan, next to you, wore a deep blue suit- one that not many people would be able to pull off. That just left you, in your stunning iridescent dress that shone purple and blue in the ways the light hit you. This was your second year attending this event and everyone seemed to have forgotten how beautiful you were when you weren't hunting down unsubs, gasping when you showed up.
Looping back, Derek Morgan was hardly one to be nervous, however, this event entailed a surprise. One that only you and Derek were in on. "Of course it will, Morgan. Just take a deep breath and envision the outcome. I don't think it can go wrong."
Derek Morgan was confessing his love to Penelope Garcia through a performance. Through a song... and he had enlisted your musical expertise to do it. Sure, you were nervous too, but that was just a little stage fright. Took Derek Morgan long enough to confess, anyway. You were being a friend.
It was all arranged with the restaurant and musicians and you were to go on in five minutes. Derek spun to make sure he looked alright and you shot him a grin. "Derek, it'll be great. She'll love it, just don't dwell on the fact the song is from a children's song because she loves it."
"Children's show?" His face fell into shock. "There's no way, the song is too good..."
"Tell Andre that." You peered out. You were about to sing in front of the BAU, your professional team, with Derek Morgan. I mean, at least it was back up singing but you'd be up there in the light doing the small moves you and Derek worked on for so long. The team looked confused, as you and Derek had excused yourself to go to the washroom and hadn't returned yet.
The musician on the stage waved you on. "Derek, we have exactly twelve seconds before the song begins. It's time!" Your heart raced, but not as bad as his must have been. Derek Morgan climbed onto the stage quietly and you were by his side, flashing him a reassuring grin.
The song was Countdown by Andre from Victorious, Penelope's second favourite character. The team didn't notice you both yet, that was until the drumset hit three times and the song launched into action, diverting the team's attention right up to the stage.
JJ and Emily both covered their mouths with their hands when they saw you and Derek onstage. The song was upbeat, fun, loud, and soon seconds later the rest of the team had your attention. Garcia's mouth fell open in recognition of the song and turning to see Derek up there, she squealed. Hotch's mouth twitched a little and Rossi was already smiling- it seemed they had caught on. But hopefully not onto where the song was from.
Spencer, however, had dropped everything in his hands to watch his best friend confess, his mouth open in that gorgeous unbelieving smile. That's when the lyrics began and the real performance started. You were singing the backup and it was pretty easy, as you'd practiced.
Rossi was clapping along, Hotch was actually smiling and it was a smile like a proud father's. Emily looked at you, mouth open like 'really?' and you nodded back. You were entirely into this, not worrying anymore. You were grinning, exhilarated and performing.
Now, from Spencer's mind, he was surprised. First of all, he wouldn't have expected a song and dance from Derek Morgan tonight of all nights. Secondly, pardon his social cues but if he didn't know better he'd say Derek was confessing to Penelope, gesturing to her over and over as he danced. Third, how could he really focus on Derek when you stood behind him in that dress he liked so much when you walked in?
You were gorgeous to him tonight and it took him quite a lot not to stare at dinner. He watched you laugh with Emily and hid his smile, occasionally jumping in to make a joke about Emily in high school or make fun of the knowledge of you wanting to be a candle-maker in college. You told him it was a phase, scowling at him, but that interaction made his heart skip a beat. He didn't know that you adored him the same way.
He liked you, of course. He had for a while and was constantly kicking himself for accidentally ranting to you, afraid of what you'd think, but every time he did, you just listened. And that worsened his crush.
His eyes fell on you onstage, all-in to the performance in support of Derek who was now walking down the steps of the stage toward Penelope. She was flailing her hands around, freaking out, and you were up there smiling. Spencer's heart skipped another beat.
You can imagine how he felt when your eyes settled on him, noticing how he was looking at you rather than Derek and Penelope and shooting him a small grin as the upbeat song finally came to an end.
Spencer turned pink, watching Derek and Penelope out of embarrassment now. He should have been watching them and now he was caught staring at you in that dress with that intoxicating smile, breathing hard from the ending of it all.
You hopped down the steps and stood behind Derek supportively, the entire restaurant applauding. Spencer was too out of it, too lost in his mind to properly clap as Derek took Penelope under the chin, speaking into the microphone.
"We've spent too long dancing in circles, I think it's high time I tell you that I'm in love with you, babygirl." He announced. "Will you go out with me?"
Garcia took a breath, then squealed, "YES!" And the restaurant broke into applause again. Hotch actually sported a full smile now and Derek pulled into a long kiss. Spencer's mind just raced with ideas as he looked from them to you. As happy as he was for his friends, he couldn't stop thinking about how in the world he would ever confess his feelings for you.
Back in your mind, you watched the two kiss with a grin on your face. "Ew!" You laughed, rocking on your heels. As happy as you were for them you couldn't stop thinking about how nobody would ever do this much for you. You weren't supposed to be jealous of friends... so you shoved that feeling down.
When everyone said goodbye in the parking lot, the air was sweet and the spirits were high. Most of the team remarked on your voice and how they had no idea you could sing at all. Hotch pat you and Derek both on the back, leaving happier than you'd all seen him in a while.
Penelope wouldn't stop thanking you, giving you a hug every few seconds. Eventually, she did leave with Derek, leaving you to sit and wait for a taxi. You pulled out your phone and sat on the bench, finding the number of the taxi company.
"I didn't know you could sing..." Spencer's voice said from above you. He had his hands in his pockets and he was rocking on his heels.
You laughed, "Neither did anyone else but Derek, I was surprised when he asked me."
"Can I-uh, sit?" He asked, gesturing to the spot next to you on the bench and you moved to the side to make room. He took it as a yes and sat down next to you. "I knew they'd end up together."
"It was inevitable," you replied, tucking your phone into your pocket to properly engage with Spencer. "One way or another he had to make her his official 'babygirl'."
His smile was a little crooked, but still sweet. Spencer's hands fiddled with each other in his lap and there was a moment of silence between you two. Probably because Spencer was racking his brain for the best way to say 'watching that confession gave me a spark of inspiration to confess that I really, really like you and have since your very first day at the BAU' without scaring you off.
"You look-"
You spoke at the same time and both chuckled a little. You looked at Spencer for him to continue, but now he was rethinking again, so you continued. "You look really great tonight, I just wanted to say."
"T-thank you..." Spencer said. His mind was racing for something better to say.
Saying I love you is too much- he thought. Besides, he didn't love you yet. He just really liked you. He was already kicking himself for stuttering and you were just inches from him he could just grab your hand if he wanted to. But how would you react? That was Spencer's main worry. What would he say? How would he ever measure up to Derek's performance and would he even get the chance?
You and Spencer sat on that bench for seven minutes in silence. His inner thoughts were a mess and you were oddly at ease with his presence.
You turned to him and this was the moment his brain glitched. His entire IQ slashed down to about 34 when you looked at him the way you did. Tired, but glowing, was how you looked. Your eyelashes in focus as you looked over at him and rather than his heart skipping another beat, he could swear it stopped. And he malfunctioned.
He leaned forward and kissed you.
It was unexpected to both of you. Spencer didn't even seem to have had a thought about a kiss and you weren't expecting anything remotely like this. The first half-second, thoughts jumbled at the front of your mind, but the next, you kissed him back.
His thin hand came to rest on your jaw and cheek, keeping you in place. His heartbeat had risen in a complete panic as to how this was even happening, but you were here and you were in fact kissing him back. This was a lot better than the words of panicked confession that Spencer had semi-planned out.
So Spencer liked you. You could assume that from the frantic, sudden kiss. The world seemed to slow to allow this event and after about forty seconds of your lips on his, with gentle fingers and soft kissing, you pulled away.
"I'm-I'm sorry about that..." Spencer said, shrinking back a little. "I didn't even mean to, it was- it was on impulse, I didn't even think it through-"
But you kissed him again on your own will. It was your turn to go without thinking. His hand right back on your face and another good few moments passing of just that kiss. He pulled away this time, a grin spreading up his face. "Is this confession enough because words really suck," You smiled.
He went to speak and you kissed him again. He just started laughing that silent laugh, "Most effective way to shut me up and yes, words su-" he cut himself off by kissing you again and that lead to you both laughing through it. You hadn't seen Spencer this laid back and happy for a while- as you hadn't seen the rest of the team happy either. It felt good to be this close with him, to make him laugh. It felt good to have given the team something to be happy about.
The night just got better, it seemed, from the very start. And you kissed Spencer a lot more than you had anticipated, but that was alright because he wasn't expecting that either. It seemed like Derek and Penelope weren't the only ones with feelings out in the open now.
"How long?" You asked after a while of not letting each other talk. Spencer offered you a ride home and you walked to his car with him.
"Since your orientation," Spencer answered, cringing a little. Your eyes widened. "I remember you wore... a bell-sleeved blouse and flared dress pants. You asked me where to get tea." His car unlocked.
You gaped, "And I didn't know for two years?"
"I suppose not..." he chuckled. "And how long have you been trying to convince yourself not to like me?"
"Never." You hopped into the passenger's seat. "I was always just confused and never really knew what to do with it. But... I'm now a lot less confused."
He paused before turning the key to start the engine. You wondered what thought had slipped into his vast mind. He looked up at you, hair coming undone from its styling. "Are you... happy?"
"Completely." You replied with zero hesitation and he exhaled hard, seemingly of relief. "And I want to be with you... if you let me." You continued warily, but mostly with reassurance.
His cheeks flushed in the dark again. "Yes- I- wow..." He couldn't seem to form words, but that was okay. Words sucked. Words really, really did suck.
Everything worked out perfectly.
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leftonreid · 9 days ago
Trivial Diffusion: Spencer Reid
Summary: Spencer and the reader have been pretending to be rivals for quite some time, jokingly taking shots at each other and trying to win games against each other to prove higher intelligence. One day, Spencer suggests they play something else and little do they know that game turns into a whole lot more play.
Pairing: Spencer Reid x Fem!Reader
Warning/Includes: playful hatred, friendly-fire rivalry, kissing, protected sex (hardly written), tension to smut to fluff.
A/N: lightly based on The Name of The Game, by ABBA
“You know what I think, Dr.Reid, is that secretly, deep, deep down in the skinny soul that fills your skinny body... you like me.” You teased, setting down your cards. That was it, the game was over, you had won.
Spencer Reid shook his head, “I would say we’re acquainted and not friends. Coworkers at worst.” He set down his cards to show you he had nearly nothing. Chances, chances, chances. “Derek, was she cheating? I think she was cheating.”
Derek Morgan was entirely asleep in his seat. It was just after the BAU had been sent on another big case and everyone had been working on it from the BAU until you all could get the jet. It was nearing nine o’clock but nearly everyone on the jet was sleeping from a day of overworking at home. All but you and ye of little faith. Hotch confirmed that the team didn’t start interacting with the police until tomorrow so that everyone could crash at the hotel before it all actually began, so it was a matter of time before everyone woke again.
Spencer was good at his games, knew probability well and could probably win against the averagely smart man, but not you. He could never beat you at cards and that nearly killed him, so every time you flew back to or from Quantico, he asked to play, hoping he would somehow win. This had been going on for months along with the little jokes and friendly fire you had with him. As much as you pretended to hate each other, you were both pretty transparent to the rest of the team.
“Sorry that I’m not your favourite member of the team,” you smiled at him playfully and tossed him the reorganized deck. He caught it with a small smile. “If you want, we can play something else and I’ll let you win.”
He shook his head and cracked his knuckles. “Battle of wits. Random trivia. I want to see you flail and drown.”
“Violent, Doc.” You raised your eyebrows at him. He had confidence in something just as risky- his mistake. There wasn't time, though. “We land in ten, though, so on the way home from this case if you’re up for it.”
“Are you too tired or are you afraid to lose?”
“Neither,” you sighed, cracking your knuckles. “Fine, you’re on.”
At the hotel, everyone was groaning and grumbling and ready to crash for the night. You guessed working from the BAU for two and a half days before getting to the case was too much for them, but with your cup of sugar with a little coffee, you were wide awake.
The second Hotch dolled out the keys, you grabbed Emily who was moving like a zombie and pulled her to her designated room. You were all lucky enough to get your own rooms on this case so once you dropped her and her bags off there then found your own room next to hers.
The first thing you did was pull yourself out of your office clothes and into your pyjamas. You slipped on long, flowy, pale blue, loose-fabric pants that felt cool against your skin as well as sat on your hips paired with a simple white tank top. You kept your bra on just to keep a little decency and let your hair fall down around your shoulders, brushing it through a little.
You were prepared to win against Spencer. That was it, flat out. You would win. You both were the geniuses of the team and he had been waiting for a moment to prove he was better than you in some way, but that would be his downfall. He wanted to win so desperately and you wouldn't let that happen.
It had been months of this snarky attitude from him that you know was only in play. Maybe this would make him give up when you won. You slipped out of your room and up to the door of the room you saw Spencer walk into. The knock you gave was quiet enough not to disturb anyone but him and it only took him a moment to answer, his lips pursed straight.
"Come in," he said, gesturing. You saw his eyes flicker over what you were wearing as he had probably never seen you so entirely casual. You narrowed your eyebrows at him as you slipped into his room.
The room was identical to yours but smelled a little different. "I love what you've done with the place, wow, Dr.Reid..." You joked, sitting on the edge of his bed. He shut the door slowly, pressing his back to it with that crooked smile of his. "So are you ready to lose?"
"I-I don't believe I am," he said, hands behind his back. Something was off... he didn't stutter when he was in that teasing pretend hatred. Never- it was always as if that was his comfort in trying to beat you. "Let's begin."
You raised your eyebrows and slid onto the floor at the edge of the bed and pat the spot in front of you against the wall. He didn't protest, in fact, he sat right down with his laptop.
"What's this?" You asked.
"This is Garcia who searched up trivia questions and will be asking us. To answer, we hit this button in front of us. If the answer is wrong, it goes to the other person. Got it?" Spencer set the computer up.
"Yeah..." you nodded, setting your eyes on Garcia. "Hey, Penelope!"
"If it isn't my favourite (Y/N)!" She exclaimed, blowing kisses through the screen. "I must admit I'm a little scared. Spencer here called me and he sounds like he's about to... murder you."
You looked up at Spencer through your eyelashes and back down at Penelope. "He's the one about to be murdered, Pen. Both of you, brace yourselves. I'm ready."
"And now I am even more scared, thank you for that Elton John and Madonna..." Penelope clicked through her computer.
Spencer looked at you now with confusion. For a genius, he wasn't very well-educated in celebrity culture. "This is why you're going down, Reid." You laughed.
His voice raised in pitch, "Because my-my-my name isn't Elton John and I don't understand the reference?" Oh, he was so going to lose.
Spencer set the button out. Convenient that he had them... maybe he'd been planning for this longer than you'd thought. Penelope on the screen sat to the right of you both and she had all her questions lined up. She did a little drumroll, then began.
"Name the number that is three more than one-fifth of one-tenth of one-half of 5,000, go!"
It took you a second but you and Spencer hit the button at the same time. "53!" You said in unison.
"Fuck!" You laughed, rubbing your eye.
There was a slight clicking noise on Garcia's end and you watched her face go from confusion to wide-eyed wonder. "You both are too smart for your own good-"
"Ne-Next question, please," Spencer said, his face in his hands. If the whole thing was like this, how would either one of you win?
More questions passed, some were ties, some were won by Spencer and some by you, but at the end of Penelope's list.. you had tied and it was 11:30pm. With each question, you felt the tension in the room worsen. Each loss, each win, your stomach had butterflies. Who was going to win this? You and Spencer, after an hour and a half of losses, wins, and ties and Garcia getting more scared by the second, you tied.
Then of course there were the tiebreakers which you both tied on. After five tiebreakers, Garcia was done. "Congrats, you're both smart as hell! I am tired, so I'll let you little birdies wrestle it out, just don't blame the injuries on me."
"Garcia, no-" Spencer protested, needing to win.
Penelope waved goodbye and Spencer reached for the laptop, but he couldn't stop her. "Garcia, out!" She ended the video call, leaving Spencer and you alone.
Well, nobody won now. Nobody lost either. Spencer, you could see he was done, just done. All the talk of winning and he really got so nervous he stuttered around you. You grinned, tilting your head against his bed and just laughing. Nobody won!
For some reason, the tension in the room was still thick. You noticed it when you finally stopped laughing at the circumstances when you looked at Spencer with his head in his hands. He wasn't really upset, he was just confused as to how it came to a draw with you like this.
"Was it my tits that threw off your game, Reid?" You teased, standing up and going to the coffee-maker in the corner of his room. "Is it okay if I have the Earl Grey here?"
"Yeah, that's- that's fine," he nodded, swallowing hard. His pretty face was still contorted into confusion. You hopped up on the counter and made the tea with the teabags complimentary to the hotel. "Did you cheat?"
"Did I what?" You laughed again, leaning over so your forearms resting on your thighs. "You think I have tricks up my sleeve, Reid, I'm not even wearing sleeves."
"My IQ tells me you should have lost."
"You and your noble IQ," you blew on your tea. "Want some tea?"
He rubbed his temples and stood up, walking over tiredly. You hadn't noticed what he was wearing at all, you'd been too focused on the trivia. He was wearing flannel pyjama pants and a large sweater. It was the most casual you'd seen him before. "Orange Pekoe, please."
"Got it," you turned and made him a cup of tea with the machine. You'd never really hung out with Spencer before away from work. On the jets, you were always still surrounded by coworkers. Even though you were alone with him earlier, Garcia's presence was there. Now it was just you, Spencer, and the tension that wouldn't seem to lift. It was unexplainable- how it was still there. What was it really and why wouldn't it thin out? "Here you go."
Through handing him the tea, your hands touched and you pretended to be disgusted by it for a laugh, but he just exhaled sharply. Spencer sat on the edge of his bed facing you on the counter, sweater sleeves over his hands that held the mug, curls falling over his face.
Why was he always looking like he was solving math questions in his head? When he drank his tea, you drank yours. Why were you even still in his room at all... he hardly liked you, he just wanted to win and now that neither of you had, you were still here? It was a question for both you and him, but would this question come to a draw as well?
"I don't think I've mentioned how much I like your hair, Reid." You said out of the blue. "I think I've been too focused on kicking your ass in every way possible to properly compliment you."
"You've never kicked my ass physically, so you can't say in every possible way if you-"
"I was trying to compliment you but if you want me to actually get up and kick you in the ass, I will." You threatened playfully. Spencer grinned down at his tea. "I just think you have nice hair and I am very jealous it's not mine." You opened and shut your fingers like a pair of scissors.
Spencer straightened himself out and shook his hair out of his face. "I- thank you?"
You nodded, "You're welcome."
No more words were said until you both finished your tea. Why were you still here? Why didn't he ask you to go and why did he keep looking at you with thoughts in his eyes and why the hell did the tension keep building? What was it leading to?
Spencer eventually stood up and placed his mug in the sink next to yours, standing next to where you sat on the counter. You looked at him through a strand of your hair that had fallen in your face and you moved it to better understand. He mirrored you for a second, pushing his hair behind his ear as well before asking that one, fatal question. The one question he gave, knowing that if you lost, he had won and if you answered correctly, you had won. It was the unofficial, official ending to the game, but at a risk.
"In the 1830s, what scientifically gifted woman led to the coining of the term 'scientist,' because 'man of science' didn’t apply?" He asked, his eyes narrowing in. This was it... damn it, your brain was scrambled... as to why? Unexplainable.
"Mary..." you said, grasping at something you knew but it was clouded by something else you couldn't recognize. As if a clock was ticking, your heart was pounding. "Mary, her name was Mary..."
Spencer just stood there, right next to where you sat on the counter as you searched, racking every inch of your brain to find it. You couldn't give up or else he had won and you'd never hear the end of it and he wouldn't play cards with you and you wouldn't have an excuse to talk to him... wait, where did all those thoughts come from.
"Reid, I have it, I know it, I just-"
He looked at the watch on his wrist, his loose curls falling over his face again. Goddamnit, Spencer Reid... You only had seconds as Spencer counted down. Mary... Mary Smith... Mary So- Mary Somer... Mary Somerville.
"One, ze-"
"Mary Somerville!" You said, maybe a little too loudly. But you knew it was too late. Spencer had won. You sat there, looking at your hands for a moment while he stood there in what seemed like shock at his winning, but the odd tension still pressed, even with your loss. It seemed like Spencer felt it too because you looked up at each other at the exact same time and it was a silently-made mutual decision that led to both your lips and his crashing into the other person's.
It happened so quickly- you opened your knees to allow him closer, your hands on either side of his face, holding his jaw as you kissed him with the same power he kissed you. His hands on your waist and knee. So this was what the tension lead to, huh?
Kissing him from slightly above him gave you the advantage of kissing harder, which he easily allowed and returned. You slid your fingers back into his hair, the hair you had so awkwardly complimented. Of course, you understood yourself and your awkward comments about his hair because in reality, you meant 'please kiss me already'.
There was no noise other than the travelling of hands, short breaths, and lips on lips in the room and that sound was much better than the entire silence from the moment before. Hatred was never hatred, not even when it was mock hatred. It was always that pending feeling of hidden lust that shied behind mockery and mindset. And it was fucking hot.
He didn't protest when you broke the kiss to pull his sweater over his head. He didn't care when you gripped his shoulder and pulled his hair with the other hand. All this time you'd spend pretending to be rivals was being released into the air in the means of pheromones and you were all he really wanted then, there, now.
It was becoming messier by the second as you pulled your tank top over your head and tossed it aside like you did his sweater. His hands of course travelled upward to where they needed to be. You'd thought him inexperienced, but perhaps you were wrong.
"I fucking hate you," you mumbled against his lips and tugging his hair, a grin playing on your lips as he reached to untie the strings of his pants. He looked up for a moment, his eyes were half-lidded but determined.
"I hate y-you too," he managed the same grin and pulled you back into that same kiss he performed so vehemently. Oh, he was a mess. Spencer Reid would be the death of you. His long fingers moved delicately over your body, leaving goosebumps over your chest and the feeling of ice trails on your hot skin. You wrapped your legs around him, keeping him trapped and close.
Your lips left his mouth, trailing down his cheek, then his jaw, below his jaw. His breath was sharp and your lips were teasing. He smelled good, too. If only you'd figured out things were supposed to be this way sooner...
Poor Doctor Reid's hands were so cold compared to your body. You let them explore as you continued to kiss and lightly bite his neck. It was your turn to ask the question of risk, "Do you want this, Reid?"
He nodded more than he needed to, kissing you properly again. "Yes." A solid, strict, and determined- yet lust-filled yes. It was signal enough. Kissing led to touching and more touching lead to breathing harder. You doubted Spencer Reid was a virgin at all with the way he knew exactly where to touch...
He didn't even bother taking you to the bed that was six feet away from the counter. He didn't care and neither did you and it took him a second to actually get going, but once he did, everything fell right into place. His touch was soft, but his hips rough. You were breathing hard as he went, doing everything perfectly with his perfect body and his perfect hair right back in his face. He looked like hell, but in the best possible way.
Spencer Reid was, in fact, the death of you. Everything was in haze- breathing, kissing, touches, thrusts, trying to be as quiet as you could but small whimpers slipped from your lips and occasionally noises from him. Your nails in his shoulder and on his back as he practically fell to pieces in front of you, coming undone the same way you did only seconds later. You had to physically cover your mouth to stay quiet.
The air became ten times hotter when he rested his head on your bare shoulder, not even bothering to pull out. He was there, you were there... you had just fucked the man who you had pretended was your enemy and god, was it good. You were surprised that this had happened at all, it was so unbelievably unguessed earlier. You just wanted to win and your loss came to a prize anyway.
He took a second to recover, then kissed your shoulder which was unexpected and oddly sweet. You thought it was rivalry sex to diffuse tension, but that wasn't how it felt to you anymore and... maybe not to him either. Spencer pulled out, discarding protection and cleaning himself up a little. No words were spoken now as he put his pyjama pants back on and you fixed yourself up too, slipping your legs into your loose pants and tank top back over your head.
You took a cup that was belonging to the hotel and filled it with water, then you slipped off the counter and handed it to Spencer. When he took it, he looked just like you probably had when he had kissed your shoulder. "Thank you." He said, blinking a few times. Were things awkward for him now? Was he expecting you to leave, now?
"I can go if you want me to, Spencer," you said, pointing back at the door. "If I've overstayed, I'm sorry."
"N-no-" he blurted, nearly spitting his water out. "No, you haven't overstayed, I like you here- I just... I don't know how good that was and my mind is kind of everywhere because it happened so quickly and it was all so-so-so unexpected and I... wow."
He ran a hand through his hair frantically, his fingers shaking a little. There were those butterflies again...
"Spencer, it was good. It was more than good, holy fuck." You assured him, stepping closer. He set down the cup of water. "You did so well, I can hardly-" Your shaking knee gave out at just the right time and he caught you by your hands before you hit the ground. "See?"
He was smiling that shy, crooked grin. Everything was ten times sweeter now and it seemed like maybe you didn't really need to pretend to hate him anymore. It's much easier to humiliate, degrade and just generally shit all over someone than it is to admit that you like them. But here you were, looking up at him.
"I told you, Dr.Reid, that somewhere deep down, you liked me."
"Coworkers at worst," he reminded you jokingly.
"You just fucked me nearly senseless, I don't think 'coworkers at worst' works on me anymore." You grinned, reaching up to tuck his hair behind his ears. "Just kiss me again, Dr.Reid."
He didn't even hesitate to take your face in his hands, kissing you sweetly, a little different than earlier. This time he wasn't entirely frenzied by the rush and need to touch and grasp and this time, there was meaning... there was diffusion... and it was loving.
The only real issue was that tomorrow, both of you had to face a team full of profilers who would take greatly accurate guesses as to why you and Spencer suddenly got along.
Tags: @laurakirsten0502
Reblog if you liked, message to be on the taglist, reply with thoughts!
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leftonreid · 12 days ago
I hit 100 followers last night- thank you SO much!
I'm so glad you guys are liking what I'm writing since this is pretty much the end of my first week on tumblr <3
Very, very, very thankful for how welcome I feel already
please REQUEST HERE so I can write your idea because I'm so happy you follow me and I'm so COMPLETELY WILLING
(ask for one-shots, headcanons, imagines, blurbs, ANYTHING)
Love you all
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racingairplanes · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icon edits -> aaron hotchner ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @jemilyology @scandinavian-punk @reesey-willow-luvs-you @suburban--gothic @jelle-jareau @dindjarinsspouse @yourfinalbow @temily @spencers-renaissance @moreidsdaughter @alexandrablake @valentinespencer @moreidism @ssahoodrathotchner @thejeidhater
requested by: @hotchgan
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racingairplanes · 13 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icons -> aaron hotchner ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @jemilyology @scandinavian-punk @reesey-willow-luvs-you @suburban--gothic @jelle-jareau @dindjarinsspouse @yourfinalbow @temily @spencers-renaissance @moreidsdaughter @alexandrablake @valentinespencer @moreidism @ssahoodrathotchner @thejeidhater
insp: [X] - requested by @hotchgan
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hotchisdaddy · 14 days ago
Okay but
that scene in cm where hotch pulls Rossi into the other room bc Rossi was being unprofessional and when hotch closed the door behind him he kissed rossi
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h0tchswh0re · 14 days ago
does anyone else associate most taylor swift songs with hotchniss? because i was listening to illicit affairs and you belong with me and my mind immediately went to hotchniss. ig it’s time to go read hotchniss fics 👍🏼 
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h0tchswh0re · 16 days ago
hey besties<33 check out hotchniss one-shots! 
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theaestheticdiary · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Games | A Spencer Reid Story - i. Entropy- First encounter (on Wattpad) "Thanks for playing sweetie," Cat called out after her. Dr Spencer Reid had finally baited Cat Adams out into the open. But as events unfold at his undercover operation things get out of control when Cat involves Y/n in her games. Based on Criminal Minds Season 11 Episode 11 - Entropy. BUT with a twist of an added character, You the reader.
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The explosion- Aaron Hotchner x fem! reader
Tumblr media
Set near the end of Lo-fi and art of mayhem
I'm cutting Kate out of this, since it's for the plot
Hope you enjoy :3
Also there are a little bit of spoilers for Mayhem and lo-fi so if you haven't seen it, I recommend not reading this :)
Also the spacing sucks since it changed it from what the spacing was in Wattpad😭
Warning: Spoilers, mentions of blood, mentions of being hurt in an accident
This is from my wattpad @darkrider587 and I’m posting it here cause I loved writing it even though I think I did a terrible job
You walk with your boss Aaron Hotchner towards the SVU, unaware of what was about to happen.
Your hands are in your pockets as you discuss the case, nearly at the car, when everything that happens next feels like it's slow-motion.
A bomb is set off, and you are both sent flying through the air.
Aaron slowly wakes up, and he looks around in confusion. "What...", he starts a ringing sound in his ears, as he slowly stands up. His eyes land on a bunch of tv's showing himself, the glass surrounding it broken into a million pieces, and then he turns around.
Someone walks up to him, and starts speaking but Aaron doesn't hear him. "Sir!", He touches his shoulder, and Aaron quickly turns around. "What?", "I said...", but that's all he can really hear. "I'm sorry, w- what?", That man continues talking, and Aaron is about to say something else, when it hits him, "(y/n).", he quickly turns around and his eyes widen, seeing the SVU on fire. He ignores that guy and immedietly bolts over to the SVU, not caring it was on fire, he needed to see if you were in there, and if so, he needed to get you out (even if it would have been too late). He grabs his jacket off and tries searching in the car, but the fire and smoke is too much, which makes him lean over and cough violently.
You wake up with a horrible pain. "Shit.", your eyes move down, and that's when they widen. A massive shard of glass is dug into your side, and you can tell you're losing a lot of blood. You try to sit up but the pain is too much. "Fuck!",...Then tat's when it hits you, and your eyes widen even more, "A-aron-.", you turn your head in the direction of the SVU, and that's when you see him standing there, coughing, and you forget about yourself for the moment. You need to make sure he's alright. "AARON!", You scream, hoping to get his attention, but it doesn't, so you try again.
You continue yelling, but he only notices you when he turns. You realise it must be tinnitus from being so close to the explosion. Aaron immedietly starts running over to you but he's limping which means he was hurt in the explosion, and your heart races faster than before. He finally reaches you, and when his eyes land on the shard of glass and the bleeding, he uses his jacket to press down, to stop the bleeding. "You're going to be okay.", "What about you?", Aaron furrows his brows in confusion, obviously having not heard you, "What?", You repeat what you said, and he shakes his head not caring about himself, "I'm fine, it's you that I'm worried about (y/n).", not caring he said your first name, and he looks up at all the ambulances and police officers, beginning to yell at them, "We need a medic! Officer down!",
Then you remember what you had all said at the police station. "A-aron.", you grab his hands and he quickly looks at you, "Aaron-.", "Shh, shh, it's going to be okay- you're going to be okay.", You shake your head, cutting him off, "No one's coming, we told them not t-to, remember?"
Everyone is surrounded around a table in the police station, "So how does this work?', Derek asks, and Spencer starts "The murders simulate a bombing. They station someone to watch and gauge police response time.", "At which point they know when to bring in a second bomb.", Derek replies, fully understanding.
You continue on with what Spencer was saying, "The goal is always to take out the first round of civilians, followed by a second wave of emergency responders."
End of flashback
You let out a shaky breath, "A-aaron. The first wave of responders are targets."
Throughout the city the team is split up.
Spencer is with Dave at the police-station
Penelope is with police officer Lisa Bartelby at the CCTV Command Post
Emily and Derek are both driving, Emily to one of the critical incident command posts, and Derek to the federal plaza.
Jennifer is back at the hotel.
By this point everything has become numb, and Aaron is still holding his jacket down to stop the bleeding. You're finding it hard to stay awake.
"Aaron.", your voice is weak, and your hands are shaky. He looks down at you, noticing how even weaker you are than before, "Please just stay awake, you're going to be okay-.", "I k-know I'll be okay- I'm with you...", Aaron hears what you say, and a small smile grows on his lips, "See..", you cough, "Thats the smile I love to see.",
Soon everything becomes blurry, and your eyes become heavy. You try forcing them open, but it's hard, and you black out.
-In the ambulance-
In and out of conciounsness, you catch glimpses of Aaron driving. Then you see someone sitting next to you speaking but you don't hear them properly. "A-aron.", you say hoping to get his attention,
"Are you Aaron?", The person asks and Aaron turns his head. "A-aaron.", you repeat but you fall back out of consciousness
When you come to again, your focus is on that man this time, and something doesn't feel right about him. "W-who are you?", He looks at you and chuckles "I'm a paramedic..",
You try to place him but you fall back out consciousness.
-Hours later-
When you come to, you are in the hospital. Your eyes soon move around the room, and then they land on none-other than Aaron Hotchner. You are immedietly relieved seeing him alright, better than he was before. I'm surprised I'm even alive
"Aaron.", You speak, but you just end up coughing violently. This of course wakes him up, and Aaron quickly stands up, "(y/n)!", You lean over as you cough, and Aaron quickly rushes over to you as he rubs your back.
When you finish coughing, you look up at Aaron, and it's not that you can't help but notice how worried and tired he looks, and you feel your heart break. "Are you okay?" Aaron shakes his head, "I thought we...I thought I lost you (y/n).", "What do you mean?", He sits down on the bed next to you, quickly running his hands over his face. "When I brought you in, they said you had lost too much blood, and that you might not make it..." Aaron starts tearing up, and he looks into your eyes, "But I'm so glad you made it, I...I couldn't lose you.", After he had lost Haley, he didn't think he could feel again, love anyone as much as he loved Haley. Until Aaron met you, and everything changed. You made him laugh, smile again, after so long, but he's pushed away his feelings for you. Until he realised he could have lost you tonight which terrified him. "It terrified me that I could have lost the person I love...", your eyes widen In surprise, He loves me?
"I've been pushing my feelings away for you because I've been too scared I would lose you like I lost Haley...", He stops and you can see tears falling, which breaks your heart even more. "Aaron...", Suddenly the thought of you not loving him back hits him, and Aaron lets out a sigh, "But I know you don't feel the same way-.",
"I do.", you cut him off with a smile, "Aaron, I've loved you for years, I'm surprised you didn't know, since the whole team does.", Aaron's expression changes, and it looks way happier than before. He's smiling, and you love when he smiles.
He then takes your hands in his, and you hold onto them tight. Aaron moves forward, and wraps his arms around you, pulling you into his embrace (but not too hard since he doesn't want to rip your stitches or hurt you). You don't hesitate hugging him back, and the two of you stay like that not caring for how long. Aaron mutters the words, "I love you so much.", and you reply with "I love you too."
The ending sucked but I wanted to rush it and I’m sorry if the spacing sucks cause like I said I don’t know why it change the spacing from when I copied and pasted from my book on wattpad
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racingairplanes · 20 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds lockscreens -> thomas gibson ✿ - ☽ click for better quality ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @jemilyology @temily @scandinavian-punk @thejeidhater @moreidism @dindjarinsspouse @jelle-jareau @reesey-willow-luvs-you @moreidsdaughter @spencers-renaissance @alexandrablake @suburban--gothic @yourfinalbow @valentinespencer
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icon edits -> aaron hotchner in 1x06 "L. D. S. K." ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icons -> derek morgan and aaron hotchner in 4x01 "mayhem" ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
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evgreenz · 29 days ago
Aaron Hotchner
Tumblr media
Smut: ☾ Angst: ☢ Fluff: ⚔ Writers Favorites: ☼
Yeah, but do you love him? ⚔
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0nerd-at-heart0 · a month ago
A/N: Took a break from writing to focus on my midterms, so this is a quick Drabble to get the back into the creative process
Tumblr media
^not my gif
Drunk. Plastered. Trip to Margaritaville.
All these words can be used to describe the state you are in. It’s a girls night with the BAU women aka Drunk Friday.
Losing all senses, you quickly called your boyfriend, Aaron Hotchner, to come pick you up.
As you stated that you missed his touch, smell and face. That was enough for him to get out of bed so late at night and drive to you.
A knock on the door was heard and Penelope quickly went to answer the doors.
“Hello Garcia, hello ladies. I’m here for Y/N”, he says professionallly. His hair was ruffled. He was wearing sweats and a black tee. But leave it the Hotch to be so formal late at night.
“ Hotch, it’s 3 am on a Saturday, lose the formalities”. Emily laughs.
“Come on in Hotchie”, Penelope nods her head in the direction of where you are seated.
He walked in to see you curled up on Penelopes couch sipping what he hoped was water.
“ Hello, my love. Time to go home”, he smiled.
“No”, you declared.
JJ starts to pour another drink as the ladies get ready to watch the show that’s about to go down.
She made me drive to get her at 3 am and now she wants to act like a brat. Just wait until we get home. Aaron thinks to himself.
“ I don’t leave with strangers”, you sternly stare trying to act all fierce but your bottom lip is sticking out giving you a cute pout.
Okay she is forgiven, Aaron notes to himself.
“ Come one Y/N, let’s go home “, Aaron says as he tries to grab your arm.
You yank away, “ sorry but I’m taken.”
The ladies in the room try to stifle their laughs.
“ Sweetie, I am your boyfriend”, Aaron softly speaks, kneeling down next to the couch.
“ uh uh, my boyfriend is so hotter than you. It’s literally in his name. Aaron HOT-chner”, you emphasize.
“ oh really”, he smirks.
At this point the ladies can’t help but laugh out loud but are quickly silenced with a glare from Hotch.
“Y/N, darling, let him take you home”, Penelope finally speaks up.
“ Ugh, fine” , you groan. You slowly stand up and Aaron tries to lead you to the door.
“ Don’t get any ideas buddy. I plan on marrying my boyfriend one day”, you sternly say.
Aaron can’t help but smile. He turns to quickly says goodbye to the girls and leads you to the car.
You passed out the minute you sat down.
He took you inside your shared apartment and put you to bed. As he watched your sleeping form. He made a mental note to text Rossi the next morning to go ring shopping with him.
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detafo · a month ago
I know Thomas Gibson is reported to be a dick... But I had such a HUGE crush on him in Dharma and Greg... And I actually like Aaron Hotchner.... Does that make me weird?
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0nerd-at-heart0 · a month ago
Can you please do #5 "You can tell me anything" and #36 "Why'd you stop?" with Hotch? Thanks :)
A/N: As always I hope I did this request justice. Feedback is always appreciated as I am a beginner in writing. 
This was beta’d by the amazing @thereideffects  , all mistakes are my own
Hotch x Gender Neutral Reader ( at least I think it is)
Word count: 808
You and Hotch had a weird relationship to say the least. You bonded over the fact that Rossi kept trying to set you up with who he considered were "excellent suitors". Rossi meant well but his choices of suitors were eccentric.
One late night at the office, you were finishing up your last reports, Rossi came up to you claiming he finally found the perfect man for you and had set up a date for that night. 
You hesitated to answer, not seeing a way out of it. That is until Hotch approaches both of you. 
Seeing the despair in your eyes, he tells Rossi that you and him actually made plans for tonight.
You can't say you weren’t shocked but obviously you went along 
Rossi left you and Hotch alone and Hotch started telling you about his shares of bad dates thanks to Rossi. You two ended up sitting around your desk, ordering chinese food and swapping war stories of Rossi's attempts.
After that night you and Hotch had been extremely close.
Until last week when Hotch became distant. 
During briefings and meetings he didnt dare meet your eyes.
He also cancelled on your weekly pizza night and when you asked why, he just said "because". 
You enjoyed the quality time with him; you can't lie. He was attractive as fuck. 
But you were okay with just being friends. 
At least that's what you told yourself even though you practically always had the urge to kiss him. 
You purposely stayed back at the office after everyone had made their ways home. Once you knew you were the only ones left you went up to his office. 
You dont bother to knock, storming your way in. Alerting Hotch and making him look up from his files. 
“ May I help you Y/L/N?’, he asks
"Well, first of all you never call me by my last name. So I know that something is wrong" you state, crossing your arms over your chest. 
"Look, Y/N." He says, emphasizing your name.  “ Just go  home, I have work to do”, he demands as he stands up gesturing towards the door.
“  No, not until you tell me what is going on. Hotch I care about you, please’, you plead, moving closer to him.
“ I can't tell you’, he says.
“ why not? “, you ask with concern in your eyes. You have never seen him like this.
"Because. Because I can't" he huffs. 
“ Hotch, you can tell me anything, we are friends”, You speak, not noticing him wincing at the word "friends"
His hands go into fists as his emotions boil.
"HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TELL YOU THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU”, he screams in exasperation. 
His hand goes to cover his mouth as his eyes grow wide in realization of what he said. 
You stand there shocked.  Your heart is racing like crazy. He loves you?
“"Please forget what I said, this was highly unprofessional of me.  Y/L/N just go home”, 
he says as he turns away from you. 
You  grab his wrist to  stop him. Looking at him and searching his eyes, you see that he is in pain. Scared of what you might do.
You do something he doesn't expect. You smashed your lips onto his. He stands there, frozen.
Once he realises what is happening he kisses you back with all the force he has in him. Snaking his hands around your waist as yours go around his neck, pulling each other closer. 
Eventually he pulls away, both of your lips swollen and breaths heavy. 
“ Why did you stop”, you pout, missing his lips on yours.
“ Because Y/N, I love you. And I want to do this the right way. So  Y/N Y/L/N will you do me the honor of accompanying me on a date tonight.”, He asks as he holds you close. 
"Hmmmm" you ponder , “ such a tough question” you laugh
He laughs too as he picks you up and throws you over his shoulder.
"Aaron put me down" you shriek as you playfully hit his back.
"Not until you say yes" he states as he moves around the room, jiggling you and making you squeal and laugh 
“ Yes, yes a thousand times yes! Now put me down" you order, laughing still. 
He finally does and you are both completely out of breath, your laughs filling the room. 
“ You know, I love the way you say my name”, he blushes
‘’ Good, cause I plan to never stop saying it, Aaron ’’, you smile.
You both look at each other with doe eyes. Forehead against forehead and you can’t help but love the man in front of you.   
Little did you know; Rossi was still in his office next door. Sipping his scotch. Happy his plan finally worked
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0nerd-at-heart0 · a month ago
5 minute Drabble
I was tagged by @altsvu ,this was fun to do so thank you <3
- write for 5 minutes only
- no re reading
- no editing
- tag 10 writer
Professor Aaron Hotchner x Reader
Warnings: spelling errors, bad grammar, and sexual thoughts 
Your heart beating faster every second
Tick tick
The fear, the adrenaline, the anxiety rushing through you 
Tick tick
Unknown if you will finally explode or if you will be forever a ticking time bomb.
“He is going to come”, your friend said shaking you out of your thoughts.
Tonight was a special night. You and your friends are out drinking, but that wasn’t the special part, that was just a regular Friday. 
No, the special part was the fact that after today’s lecture ( which was the last one of the semester) you slipped a note into your very handsome professors bag, asking him to meet you here. A note that spilled your heart out. A note that should have never left your possession but now it’s out there. 
Tick tick. 
With all the stolen glances, lingering stares and subtle touches. You began to wonder if this professor felt the same way for you as you did for him. Or if it was all in your mind.
Tick Tick.
“ It’s getting late, he probably isn’t coming” you sigh as you look at the time. How stupid could you be, you think to yourself
“ cheer up girlie, there’s plenty available guys out there. I mean none of them are as hot as Professor Hotchner or should I say Hot-chner”, one of your friends slurred.
“Plus we all know he likes you, it’s quite obvious”, says your other friend aka the designated driver. 
You let out a sigh and look around. You can’t help but think what might be running through his mind if he finds the note.
Does he think you are naive? Tick Tick.
Does he think it’s a joke? Tick tick.
Does he plan on filing a harassment claim? Tick Tick.
You get up from your chair. You are breathing heavy. You’re mind is a mess.
“ I need air fresh”, you jumble out. 
“ I mean fresh air”, as you hurry along outside. Ignoring the worry looks on the faces of your friends.
You lean against the side of the bar’s wall. The fresh air hits your face and your heart rate slow downs 
Tick..... Tick
The ticking bomb inside you seems to slow down to. Leaving you to wonder if maybe you will instead be a defused bomb. 
You only had one drink in you and decide to tell your friends you are leaving on your own. An Uber will do. You don’t need to spoil there fun. 
As you head back inside, you see someone standing at the table. Probably another guy hitting on one of your friend me. You move around that person that get to your seat. 
As you reach for your purse, the mans voice stops you.
Tick Tick
Oh no, not again. 
“ Professor, you made it”, you stammer as you have yet to meet his eyes. 
“ Yes, I did. I heard great things about this place. I had to check it out.”, he says in his monotone voice.  But when you look up to finally meet his eyes, he sends a wink your way. 
Tick  Tick 
“ This place is truly great, you should have some fun. I on the other hand am heading home”, you say trying to keep your cool as the heat rushed to your cheeks and core.
Tick Tick
All your friends look at you in shock though. You guys have been waiting all night for him to show up. And now you are just gonna leave?
“ How about I accompany you out?”, he asks as he runs a hand through his hair. 
Oh his hands. The things you can imagine them doing to you.
Tick Tick 
 You nod your head. Not trusting yourself to speak. He puts his hand on the small of your back as he leads you to the exit. And you can’t wonder if he can hear your heartbeat. Even through all the music and chatter. It seems like it’s almost pounding out of your chest. 
You two finally reach outside and as you turn around to say thank you. He cuts you off. 
He softly leads you against the wall of the bar.
“ We need to talk”
Tick Tick 
A/N: I dont know who to tag. So um anyone who wants to do this feel free. 
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0nerd-at-heart0 · 2 months ago
All The Wrong Reasons
                                                 Chapter 2
A/N: another short chapter sorry
Word count: 1.5k
Here’s: Chapter 1
Tumblr media
After a long day of side-eyes from your co-workers you rush back to your apartment, ready to take a hot bath.You open the door of your apartment  only to find your roommate Maggie in a heated make-out session on the couch with her girlfriend, Delia. 
You clear your throat and watch the couple in front of you squirm. You would laugh if you werent so tired and angry.
“ I thought you wouldn’t be home for hours”, Maggie exclaimed as she made sure she and her s/o were decent
“ I was sent home early, they want me to get a start on this assignment”, you sighed as you plopped onto the arm chair.
“ You got your first assignment, that's great Y/N!!!’, Maggie smiled as she cuddled next to Delia. But Delia quickly nudged Maggie as she saw your sour face at the thought of your first assignment.
“ Y/N/N what’s wrong”, Delia asked. Both of them had a worried face and felt like you were being questioned by your parents. As funny as it was, it also warmed your heart.
You let out a long hefty sigh, “ I have to write about the BAU, but Hannah wants all the dirty secrets and it just feels awful. Especially since this is part of the government and I HATE THIS”
Maggie reaches out to take your hand in a loving way, “ What is Hannah thinking, I am pretty sure you can get arrested for this. I just bought new boots there is no way I can pay bail”
“ Dont worry I will drive the getaway car”, Delia butts in. 
These two never fail to make you laugh. 
“ I dont even know how i am going to get inside the BAU, let alone inside their lives”, you say as you pull your hand away from Maggies and drag it down your face in stress.
Maggie then shifts to lay on Delia’s lap and she says, “ You know Delia works in computer programming, I am sure with a bit of a clickity clack she can pull some strings”
“ Yea. I am down,work has been slow. This sounds exciting, jst letting you know if something happens you have to drive the getaway car, Maggie over here drives like a grandma.” Delia laughs as she runs her hand through Maggie’s hair.
Oh how you envy these two. You miss being in a relationship. Better yet you miss being laid.
You stood up and stretched letting out a yawn. “ Thanks Delia, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, until next time. Goodnight and please remember that the walls are thin” you winked.
They murmured their good nights and you were off to bed.
The next morning, you woke up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee. If you could make love to smells, that smell would be the one.
You wobbled your way into the kitchen to find Maggie scarfing down some waffles. You say good morning and make your way to the coffee pot.
“ Here”, Maggie muffled as she stuffed her face with waffles. She extended her hand to give you a sticky note. 
“ What’s this”, you asked as you grabbed the sticky note.
“ After you went to sleep last night, Delia went online and found some info that she thinks might be useful to you”, Maggie blabbered as she sipped her orange juice..
“ Thanks but no thanks. I think I can do this on my own.”, you explained as you tried to hand her back the sticky note. 
“ Keep it, just in case”, she quirked.
You put your coffee in a to go mug and you were off to work.
At work everyone was looking at you with big eyes, waiting to see what you were going to do. Hannah seemed to have a lot riding on you and people were just waiting and hoping you would mess up.
But you werent going to give them that satisfaction. You quickly went to your desk and got to typing and researching. You found that they had a media liaison, Jennifer Jareau, and decided to give her a call.
Email would have been the easier way to go but this assignment was anything but easy. 
After hitting the voicemail for the 5th time you finally got an answer.
“ Jennifer Jareau, how may I be of service”, the voice on the other side quirked.
You fumble to get yourself together. You take a nice deep breathe and say, “ hello there, my name is Y/N Y/L/N, I work for the Washington Post and I-”
“ Look, unless you have some info or a problem that we can be of service with then please don’t call this number. I have a press conference every now and then, that’s all the info I can give. Have a nice day”, she explained and hung up,
You groaned and put your head on your desk. Maybe there was a different approach to this. 
Carl stuck his head and obnoxiously said, “ Give up already? “
You quickly balled up a piece of paper and threw it at him.
“ Feisty”, he smirked as he left.
You can do this. This is your shot. 
After an hour passed  and you just sat there  looking at a blank screen. You decided it was time for a lunch break. 
You took out your phone to see if Maggie was available to meet up. And as you pulled out your phone a piece of paper fell.
You picked it up and realized it was the sticky note for this morning.  What do you have left to lose?
 As you turned it over the sticky note read:
 Aaron Hotchner ( Unit Chief)
Phone: ( xxx) xxx-xxxx
Address: 123 lane road
Ps. remember you are driving the getaway car just in case 
Love, Delia 
You let out a small laugh and thought to yourself, Aaron Hotchner.
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