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Mehbooba… o meri mehbooba

Main aa raha hoon wapas, mera intezaar karna
Tujhe saamne baitha ke tujhse hain pyaar karna

Jis roz jab hum milenge
Woh kis tarah hum milenge
Ek doosre se lipat ke royenge ya hum hasenge
Na toh yeh tune kaha hain na toh yeh maine kaha
Ek doosre ke hum hain lekin hum dono ko yeh pata hain
Yeh pyaar kaisa iqraar kaisa vaada na koi kasam

I’m coming back to you, wait for me
I have to love you having you in front of me

The moment when we will meet
How do you think we will meet?
Clinging to each other, would we cry or laugh?
You haven’t said it, I haven’t said it 
Yet we both know we belong to each other
What strange love, what strange confession, there is no promise nor commitment

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