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03.06.20 | 12:51

Being abandoned by a person that was supposed to be a part of my life forever… that’s something I thought I would never have to experience. Something I hope I will never have to experience again. I don’t know how long it will take for me to get over this, but when I finally do, I can be sure that I’m able to get over anything bad that life will put me through. My only hope is that time will help me recover and one day life will feel good again. I’m so tired of recovering, I just want peace…

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when a building is still functioning people worry about funghi, dust and all that other shit

granted most owners don’t care enough but are obligated by law to maintain a minimum level of cleanliness

then they fucking abandon the building and suddenly all goes to shit

doesn’t matter anymore if it’s clean, if there is mold growing on the walls or if the janitor showed up to work

because they don’t care

someone abandoned this bulding and left it to rot

someone will abandon your building as well as you will abandon someone elses

left to fucking rot

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