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Abby Lee Miller Praises JoJo Siwa for Coming Out: ‘Keep Making Me Proud’

Abby Lee Miller Praises JoJo Siwa for Coming Out: 'Keep Making Me Proud’

Happy for JoJo! Abby Lee Miller praised JoJo Siwa for coming out as a member of the LGBTQ community.
Celebrity LGBTQ Allies
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“I always knew the world would be a more colorful, positive, sparkly place with a kind, loving, dazzling triple threat like you in it – a shining example for the kids out there to live their BEST lives each and every day,” the 55-year-old former dance instructor…


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Day 9

Doing this on a daily basis is harder than I initially thought

But Abby still did nothing wrong

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Hocus Pocus

Series: Sesame Street/Sesame T(w)even AU

Pairings: Elmo/Abby (Elmabby); Roosevelt Franklin/Prarie Dawn; Ft. Special Appearsnce by The Amazing Mumford

Posted: 1/24/21

Written by: @rikareena

A/N: I’m sorry this took so long!! I had to really think of the intricate details of how I wanted them to interact with each other for this one.l, and this ended up being longer than I originally intended. But I like how it came out! Enjoy, and thanks for the prompt request! 😃


*Elmo, Abby, Roosevelt, & Prarie’s Ages: 15*

Elmo and Abby were sharing a milkshake outside of Hoopers’ store as they waited for their friends to join them.

Abby wouldn’t stop anxiously bouncing her leg in excitement, and Elmo tried and failed to bite back a laugh at how positively giddy she was.

She was going to meet The Amazing Mumford for the first time today, Sesame Street’s renowned, legendary mystical magician. He hadn’t been on the scene in years and had recently come out of retirement because he felt a calling to come back to the resident street he’d called home.

A fellow pursuer of magic! Oh, she couldn’t wait!

Elmo couldn’t stop beaming as he stared at her; she was positively alight with joy–ah, he loved her all the more for it. He was surprised her wings hadn’t started fluttering like crazy and that she hadn’t floated away yet. He told her as much, to which she explained she was practicing great self-control.

…Emphasis on GREAT.

But it wasn’t long before they caught sight of who they were expecting in the distance. Roosevelt Franklin approached with Prarie Dawn; the two had only been dating for about 2 weeks, but Elmo and Abby thought they made a good couple.

Elmo raised a hand to wave them over, and Roosevelt returned the gesture.

Monster and fairy stood as their friends approached. Abby eagerly rushed forward, squeezed Prarie in a tight hug, then took her hands and excitedly chattered about her anticipation of the occasion at hand. Elmo and Roosevelt simply bumped the sides of their fists together in greeting.

“Thanks for showin’ up, man. Abby’s been really hyped about this for a the past few days,” Elmo said.

“No problem. Thanks for having us! It’s all Prarie’s been talking about too…you know, for her research and everything. Has he showed up yet?”

Elmo sighed, “No, but expect him to make a grand entrance any moment now….and…”

“Expect it to be a major mishap?” Roosevelt asked.

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thank u for thinking of me💗

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my mental state has never been worse

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Pixiv pics that I kept making of Abby.

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Laurent ‘I’m so sly it turned me bi’ Thierry

Makoto 'stress made me into a mess’ Edamura

Cynthia 'wine makes me feel so fine’ Moore

Abby 'rage feels like a hot, stinky cage’ Jones

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more pics of them heheh 

I’m missing some good frames, I just know it… I gotta replay everything again and get screenshots of all their micro-moments lol

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Day 8

Apparently Servants can get hiccups. Abby got a bad case and it sounds like she’s saying “heck” all day.

This also led her to fill the swear jar up.

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how kind

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[spoilers for both collector films obvs]

me thinks,,, collector films stuff I think abt a lot for no reason at all other than me wanting to scream abt these films to someone-

congrats if you read all that im so sorry its so long

[Might add more when it’s not 2am but like,,, I’m slowly back on my tc bs not that I ever “left it” in a first place ]


almost whole first movie being green /w red touches while 2nd one is just new room = new color

[or to quote my friend “colorful version of saw” ]

- Victoria naming her wrinkle after her kid before treating it silicone (?) lmao

- fact that in whole set of characters so far only Arkin (and maybe Abby and Elena) only saw collector’s face apparently?? Since ig cops.etc don’t realize who’s he + I doubt he like actually worked as bug exterminator for other reason than to watch Chases

(Correct me if im wrong)

-speaking of Abby her name is fucking match made in heaven bc Abigail = Father’s joy and Erin Way confrimed that Abby and Collector had fucked to kid/parent relationship,,, think abt it

-It’s common thing to mention but im honestly obssesed with symbolism of Lucello being “bird” (From his name) and Collector being “spider”(his job/interest) bc birds eat spiders even tho it kinda switches after all

- that deleted scene of Dre attacking Arkin and Arkin breaking his arm (or it looked like it) while he himself had broken arm and was literally just taken from a hospital after weeks of torture

- the flashlight scene….


-the fire scene from second film…..


-that one shot in 1st that shows lightning hitting the ground

- also 1st film there’s shot which is from Collector’s pov that shows that he’s blinding bc everything is super blurry I think it’s good detail

- Pararells on walking crossing bear-traps between Arkin and Elena

- Missy’s death bc it literally mirrors one of my works fears aka being in Elena’s place in this situation and everytime I think about I get all 😬

-Missy knows how to hit on girls better than Josh does apparently ,, her advice worked straight away

- right before team + Arkin hide from “watch dogs” there’s scene that looks like either Wally shielding Dre from attack or Dre using Wally as living shield just

hxhchdbcb which one is true

- thinking abt how Arkin and Paz were loyal to Lucello despite him doing them dirty throught out the film (with Paz not knowing abt it but still) and,,,like Lucello ’s false death and that he has shout at them to leave ,,,,, don’t touch me im sad and thinking abt what would happen if more surviviours-

- and separetly :

“You’re just gonna let Paz die? ”

“My objective is Elena.”

“Dude fuck you objective can’t you hear that (…) don’t act like you don’t give a fuck”


“Did you just shoot somebody?! ”


“Sorry dude! ”

(afterwards Lucello prizes Arkin for that and Elena’s like , , , “huh??”)

- Elena opening her trunk and that being apparently possible (according to the writers)

- Arkin was supposed to be similar to Abby (or even take her place) and idk peace since I learned that like??? what would he be like i need answers waah

- whole thing Arkin and Elena had abt abandoning the other hits like a brick during im pretty sure Arkin expected Elena to just leave when she can-pack WAAAH

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