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Kate: imagine if someone handed you a box of all the items you’ve lost in your lifetime.
Troy: oh wow, my childhood innocence. thank you for finding this.
Salem: my will to live! i haven’t seen this in years!
Holly: i knew i lost my potential somewhere!
Abby: mental stability, my old friend!
Kate: guys, could you lighten up a little?v
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ABBBBBYYYYYYYYY I love you SO MUCH you are such a funny person I love every interaction we’ve had and you never fail to make me smile or laugh whenever you post. V v thankful to know u !!! I just get warm and happy whenever you pop up on my dash

Mutuals send me a 🍓 for a compliment !

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💕 Elmabby October Prompts 💕

26. Campfire

Age- 17

Abby snuggled close to Elmo as he gave her a piggy-back ride while hiking through the woods.

She hadn’t hurt her foot, and she wasn’t even necessarily tired…

She just wanted her favorite monster to carry her for a while, and he opted to do so for the duration of the trail…all the way until they got to the campsite.

She had protested the length of time at first, saying he didn’t have to carry her for that long. But he simply smiled, turned and bent for her to climb on without complaint.

They’d been walking for a while now and Abby, comfortable as she was, had just started to doze off when Elmo suddenly stopped and gentle jostled her awake.

“Abs? We reached the site, we should setup camp before we can’t see anything,” she said. She agreed as she gained her footing, stretched, and fluttered her wings.

It was partly just a fun outing, but also part of Abby’s fairy studies–to see how well she could manage in the woods without her wand. In fact, Elmo had tried to urge her to leave the thing at home, lest she be tempted, but she countered vehemently saying, “You never know if it’s gonna be an emergency!”

He couldn’t argue with that.

But there was no emergency and Elmo used his expertise to help her with things like setting up the tent, catching fish, picking berries and starting a campfire.

As the sun started to set the two sat on a log they’d situated near the fire, and Elmo pulled out a bag of marshmallows for them to eat.

“Why did we do all that fishing and hunting if we had food?”

“Because, this is more of a snack than a meal, but ya can’t go camping without marshmallows!” Elmo said.

Abby shrugged as he fixed a few of the puffy sticky treats on a roasting stick for him and for her.

She settled right next to him, pressing against his side and leaning her head on his shoulder as they tool in the sounds of the nightly creatures emerging all around them.

The crackling of the fire and the scent of burning wood was strangely soothing as Abby rested against him.

She had to admit, she had been really nervous before and afraid something might go wrong.

But in this moment, even in the dark woods, with the warm campfire, the bright stars starting to peek through the sky above, and with Elmo at her side, she had never felt more safe.

Even without her wand, it truly was magic.

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💕 Elmabby October Prompts 💕

25. Jack-o-lanterns

Age- 15

Abby hummed thoughtfully to herself as she clicked through the selection of stencils in the photo library of the website she was on.

The fairy was seated at one of the outdoor tables by the community garden as she tapped away on her laptop.

Elmo, who was seated beside her, leaned over from looking at his own laptop. He squinted at her screen, just before whipping a juice box out from the pockets of his hoodie.

“What are you doing?” he asked.

She squished her cheek against her palm and sighed, resting her elbow on the table as she continued to click, “I’m trying to decide what stencil I wanna use for my Jack-o-lantern…”

“Okay but, why pick from these pictures? Where’d they come from?”

She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Seriously? Did you miss the company email? The web team sent them out to everyone last week!”

“Of us?!”

“Yes!” She said. Indeed, Sesame Workshop thought it’s be a fun idea to send everyone a gallery of stencils, made in the cast’s likeness, for them to use to carve pumpkins.

Elmo took a sip from his juice box as Abby continued to click. Not much later, she paused on a picture.

It was of him of course.

He looked from her, to the screen, back to her…before grinning cheekily,

“Elmo’s your favorite huh?” he teased.

Her eyes grew wide, suddenly remembering her company, and she sputtered, “Wha–?? I-it’s cute!”

“Well, obviously! But a ya know, stenciled pumpkin just doesn’t capture Elmo’s best side!” he said, sipping from his drink.

“Oh, so would you rather I turn the REAL you into an ACTUAL pumpkin then?” she asked, her smirk mischievous as she echoed back to her mishaps when they were younger.

Elmo choked on his juice and tried to catch his breath. Abby tried to muffle her laughter behind her shirt and he frowned.

“Not funny!! Besides, the real thing’s better than some dumb ol’ jackl-o-latern anyway,” he said with a pout.

She lifted her head and wiped her tears from her eyes before reaching out to ruffle his hair.

“Oh, poor baby!” He only huffed more as he sipped the remainder of his juice.

Abby folded her arms on the table, “Tell ya what, if you help me pick out a stencile we can carve it together, okay? Whadya think?” she said.

Elmo looked up in thought,

“Two! Elmo wants a matching one!”

“Alright, deal!” she said, shaking his hand.

They ended up using a custom image of the two of them forming a heart together with their hands.

And, when the time came for the final pumpkin pieces to be completed, they took comfort in the fact that on Halloween night, the candles placed inside would cause the pumpkins to exude the same warmth found at the heart of the bond of their relationship.

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Ok so my first thoughts were a solid 6.5/10 cause it’s good but imo not like *amazing* but it’s really grown on me since I’ve listened to it over and over. Not sure where I’d rate it now. I love the title track and mv, it’s really catchy and sweet. MV is very aesthetic and fun to watch. Beomgyu looks amazing (his outfit reminded me of bst Jimin??). They all do though tbh lol. I also really like the song Wishlist. What’d you think?

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💕 Elmabby October Prompts 💕

23. Harvest

Age- 14

Elmo stared in shock at the wagon full pumpkins that Abby had pulled to his front stoop.

There were all kinds: big, small, smooth, lumpy, round, oval, and a few different colors like white, blue, pink, and orange.

He raised an eyebrow at her and she rubbed the back of her head nervously.

“Hmm, had a bountiful harvest this year, did you?” he asked, closing the door behind him and walking down the steps to approach her.

She shrugged,

“Okay soooo….maaayybe I got a little carried away with the Pumpkin Poofing this year…”

“Ya think?” he laughed.

“But! I was thinking we could go around town and deliver pumpkins to people to decorate their stoops and windows! Ya know, sharing the love?” she said.

He beamed, shoving his hands in his pockets,

“Yeah, okay! Elmo’s in! But Elmo gets first pick,” he walked over to the wagon and his eyes perused the selection of pumpkins.

“Hmm…let’s see…”

A minute passed, two, three…

“You’re drawing this out on purpose, aren’t you?”

“Shush! This is a delicate situation! The selection from this most prosperous of harvests must be perfect!” he said, dramatically.

She failed to stifle her laughter.

A few moments later, he picked out the perfect vegetable.

“This one!” he beamed.

She put a hand on her hip, “And how, pray-tell, is that one different from the others?”

“Hmm…maybe it’s not really? But, this one most reminds me of the first pumpkin you proofed up on Sesame Street. Like, it’s close to the same size and everything so, Elmo likes it!”

Her eyes grew wide, “H-how do you remember that?”

He tilted his head, “Whadya mean? Elmo remembers everything about that day, silly!” he said with a soft smile.

She felt her cheeks heat in slight embarrassment and she coughed.

“You okay?”

“Y-yeah….yeah. Ok. You can have that and I won’t charge you!”

“Well, Elmo would hope not! He gets the best friend in the universe discount and exempts him from all charges indefinitely–lifetime guarantee! You know that!” he said, as the two started walking down the street.

She gently shoved him in the arm, but the smile on her face was unmistakable.

It was small, but aside from her collection of pumpkins, she could add this day as another part of her collection of precious memories with the person who meant the world to her–just as she did to him.

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💕 Elmabby October Prompts 💕

22. Pile of Leaves

Age- 13

He should’ve known what he might’ve been in for by agreeing to dog-sit Barkley for Abby.

Linda and Bob taught an art class on the weekends and Abby usually had to dog-sit Barkley while they were working.

But today, she had other things to do, and had asked Elmo to watch him in her place.

“I'l make it up to you, I promise!”

And well, once she hit him with those big eyes and sweet smile, how could he say no?

The problem?

He’d forgotten how freakishly strong the enormous pup was!

Elmo had struggled to keep Barkley from straying to far with his leash all day, but the pooch was just very curious and inquisitive. He wanted to sniff and everything and say hello to everybody! Not that Elmo could blame him, everyone loved Barkley as much as he loved everyone!

…still at some point Elmo realized it may be a good idea to let the pup burn off some energy.

So, he took him to the park so they could get in a few rounds of fetch. After getting him to sit and removing his leash, Elmo dug around inside the doggy bad Abby had given him and found Barkley’s toys. As soon as he whipped out his favorite ball, the pup was at full attention–eyes fixed on the sphere and rump wagging in the air as he waited for Elmo to launch.

“Alright, you ready boy?!” Elmo asked giving him a rub behind the ears. He barked with gusto, so loudly that vibrations could be felt across the park.

Elmo laughed as he stood and threw the ball, “Fetch!” he cried, and Barkley took off not a millisecond later.

He snatched up the ball and rushed back to Elmo with lightening speed.

“Good boy!!” Elmo laughed. He proceeded to give him scritch-scratches under his chin, behind his ears, and on his belly. Barkley was loving all the attention so much that he was practically wagging his tail off of his butt.

“Ready for another go, boy?” He asked, picking up the ball and tossing it a bit. Barkely barked enthusiastically and Elmo grinned as he wound his arm back and threw the ball. Barkley took off again like a rocket.

After about five rounds of fetch back and forth, Barkley was on his way back and Elmo held his arms put to welcome him, when the canine shot right past him.

“Wha– Hey! Barkley, where are you going?!!”

The dog zoomed ahead, making a beeline for…a giant pile of leaves??

“Barkley?! Barkley! Hey, hold up!” Elmo laughed, chasing after him, just as the dog launched himself into the pile.

The leaves burst upward like a gigantic wave and sprinkled down like rain as Barkley shuffled through the pockets all around him tail wagging like crazy.

Elmo huffed and puffed as he reached the dog. In trying to catch his breath he narrowed his eyes as he noticed Barkley seemed particularly interested in something under the leaves.

There was a squeal, “Barkley, be careful!”


“Huh? Oh, Elmo!”

“Hey, what are you doing here?”

“Well….I kiiinda got called at the last minute to babysit…”

“Babababebeh! Haha!” Elmo’s eyes grew wide. He knew that sound! Upon closer inspection he noticed that Barkley was nuzzling the toddler Abby was babysitting.

“Oh! Barkley, easy boy, be gentle!” Elmo said.

The baby blew a raspberry as she gently hugged Barkley’s snout and he continued to sniff and wuff gently at her.

Abby couldn’t hide her smile as Elmo approached.

“Why didn’t you just say you were babysitting? We coulda watched them together!” he said. Abby tapped her forefingers together shyly.

“Well, I got nervous. I didn’t want Barkley to scare her. He’s so big and she’s so small. I thought it might be easier to keep them separated…” she bent down and picked up the child, who actually started making a fuss as she continued to reach out for the huge dog.

Elmo came up and leashed Barkley before reaching his fingers out to tickle the baby’s tummy. She squirmed and giggled…recognizing the residenr teen from seeing him around town.

“Eh-mo! Eh-mo!”

“Hey little one!” he grinned, taking her from Abby’s arms as he handed Abby, Barkley’s leash.

“I guess Barkley sensed you guys in the leaves and wanted to play. He probably missed you, can’t say I blame him,” Elmo said with a bright smile.

She beamed, “Yeah, I missed hanging out with you too. Sorry I ditched you, but I knew you’d be able to handle everything alright with this big guy!” she said, ruffling Barkley’s fur.

“Anyway, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. Barkley is pretty good with kids: he just a big ol’ softy!” Elmo said.

Abby giggled and rubbed Barkley’s ears,

“Yeah I should’ve figured,” she said.

The pooch gave her a big lick to her face and she laughed before giving the pup a huge hug. He then instantly dropped to the ground and rolled over so she could scratch his belly.

“Hey, what say we rebuild this leaf pile and let them have at it again?” Elmo asked.

“Sounds good to me!” Abby said.


A/N: The baby was going to be Natasha, until I realized I had aged Abby and Elmo up a little in this, which meant baby Natasha would’ve been aged up too (she would’ve been at least 8).

And yeah, I could’ve used “kid Natasha,” but I really wanted to use a baby!

….so…there you go!

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Porter and Alena headed out of Strangerville for a nice fresh breath of Windenburg air. Alena could feel all the obsession over Strangerville’s secrets slowly fading away and she could visibly see Porter relax the further they got from the town.

Abby had been waiting for Porter and Alena already. Though just months earlier Abby and Porter were fighting for Alena’s love the three had become close friends.

Abby was happy to see Alena’s baby bump. They talking about everything except the big elephant in the room, their life in Strangerville and Porter couldn’t be happier.

@aniraklova + @bakersimmer

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