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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.
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The Last of Us Part II: What if... - Merrywise - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
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Help me ive been looking at ps5 digital photos of abby anderson for over an hour and I don’t think I’m stopping soon

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I have a couple of these Abby figures available on my Etsy shop right now!

My shop

Direct listing

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I want someone to look at me like Abby looks at her burrito 😢🥰❤

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send me abby/ellie ficlet ideas i’ll write them

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okay but ellie waking up after a bad dream & abby comforting her. the grounding weight of her straddling ellie’s thighs as she rouses her to consciousness, abby’s gentle fingers wiping her tears away…

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good morning…. abby/ellie…… thank you

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I hated her at the start for I had no idea who she was. I loved her at the end for I finally understood her.

No this isn’t poetry, it’s about Abby ‘buff-af’ Anderson and I shall stand by her forever. I love her so much. What an amazing character.

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Bullying men on tlou2 videos about abby while dyeing my hair is my new favorite hobby.

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how the theater fight should have ended.

(I can’t draw so this is the closest thing i’ll get to these two stuffed in a bloody ‘get along’ shirt, ellie crushed against abby’s side, feet not touching the ground because abby is so fucking tall, the both of them looking pissed/annoyed weapons on the ground.)

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