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helpingg · 3 years ago
You’re not in love with me, not really, you just love the way I always made you feel. Like you were the centre of my world. Because you were. I would have done anything for you
Abby McDonald
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taylorswift · a year ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to thank Abby Aguirre for writing such a thoughtful piece and for diving into my pastel cryptic world of hints, Easter eggs, and numerology. We also talked about sexism, equality, and all things Lover. I ate an entire cheese plate by myself. On stands soon-ish.
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sorryjustafangirl · 5 months ago
it’s not that bad (or 4 times you embarrassed yourself in front of him + one time he embarrassed himself in front of you)
a/n: in honour of matty’s 100th career goal tonight i thought i’d drop this now! i really loved this idea (love me a good 4+1) and i tried to make it a gender neutral insert again. hope y’all like it :)
Pairing: Matthew Tkachuk x reader
Work count: 4.8k (longest thing i’ve written yet!)
warnings: swearing, alcohol, second-hand embarrassment perhaps. small reference to sex and i think that’s it
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and real person fiction if you don’t like that, please don’t read! also the gif isn’t mine! all credit to the super talented gif-maker! 
Tumblr media
You were late, again. You’d think by your twenties, you would have figured out how to be on time for some event, any event. But no. So here you were, twenty minutes late to a “small get-together” your friend had invited you to. But unless she changed from college, you knew it really meant it was going to be a crowded apartment with at least one beer pong tournament.
You reached the address Sarah gave you and let yourself in. Immediately, a drink was pushed into your hand from someone and you tried to make your way towards the kitchen. You quickly found Sarah and gave her a hug. 
“Who are all these people?” You took a drink of your drink, surveying the room. 
“Well, you know I’ve been hanging with Noah right? It just so happened...he’s Noah Hanifin of the Flames and like half his teammates are here. And there’s some plus-ones too maybe, I don’t know everyone, but you know how it is,” She bumped her shoulder against yours. “Go! Go mingle, find someone.” She gave you a wink before leaving the kitchen herself. 
You sighed, before leaving the kitchen to go “mingle”. You had only been in the loud and stuffy living room for a half hour before you needed a break and you made your way to the balcony. Only you mistook how high the sliding door grooves and slightly tripped over your own feet, making a ruckus as you tried to remain on your feet. 
A loud laugh brought you out of your thoughts and you look to your right to see a couple of guys, one of which was staring at you and laughing. You grimaced and tried to ignore the heat and tightness in your chest, making your way to the other side of the balcony. The cool breeze only did a little to chill your cheeks and you weren’t sure how long you were outside before Sarah came out, yelling your name. 
“Babes! C’mon, it’s beer pong time and we’re partners,” You slowly made your way over to her, being extra careful of the grooves this time. 
“No, I’m going to go, I’ve already made a fool of myself in front of some cute boys and my horrible pong skills will not help redeem me,” Sarah simply laughed and started to drag you towards the table. You let go of her hand, but followed her towards the living room. You took a risk by taking a sip of your drink while walking but you figured Sarah was clearing the way, so why not get a drink in before you were drinking your bodyweight in pong? 
You had almost made it to the table when a body crashed into yours, your drink being spilled down your front. You quickly stepped away from whoever bumped into you, the heat coming back to your cheeks as the liquid started to seep through your white shirt. You forced down a gulp and thrust your, now empty, drink into Sarah’s hands. Her face was shocked but you waved her away before she could tell you any sort of sympathy. 
You made your way towards the closest door you could find, hoping for a bedroom where you could find a spare shirt to replace your soaked one. You pushed through the crowd, the same tightness in your chest from when you tripped. You opened a door to thankfully find an empty bedroom, and wasted no time finding the dresser for a spare shirt. Sarah said she’s seeming some NHL dude so he can definitely afford to miss a random shirt. You stripped yourself from your now sticky shirt. You had started to put on the new shirt when the door opened. You spun around to see a tall figure trying to enter and you rushed to cover your top half. 
“Occupied!” The figure instantly closed their eyes and backed away from the doorway, slamming the door behind them. You clothed yourself and grabbed your sopping shirt and swung open the door.
“What exactly do you need?” You demanded the figure. You were met with a mess of blonde curls and a pair of blue eyes. He was the cute boy who laughed at your balcony trip.
“I was actually looking for that…” He points to the shirt you were now wearing. “But I think you maybe need it a little more than me,” You felt your face grow hot again and you grimaced.  “You’re that girl who tripped on the balcony right? Yeah you are, I’m Matthew.” 
“You’re the guy who laughed at me. I’m Y/N.” You tried to make your way out of the room but he was quick to block you. 
“I’m sorry, you know, for laughing at you. I’ll let you keep the shirt?” You gave a brief chuckle at his proposition and ducked under his arm, making your way back to the party. 
“I was going to keep the shirt anyway, you’re a big hockey hotshot, you can afford a new shirt,”
“Well, hang on, I liked that shirt! I can’t just get a new one!” He called after you. 
“You were just going to let me keep the shirt,” You turned around to face him and crossed your arms.
“It’s different now,” You rolled your eyes at his childish behaviour. 
“Would you like me to give it back to you when I’m done wearing it? Would that make Mr. Hockey Hotshot happy?” Your face morphed into a faux pout whereas his broke out into a smile. 
“Yes, it would actually. Drop it off later, will you?” He patted your shoulder before passing you and made his way back to the party. You scoffed at his action, but nevertheless made an inner promise to give the shirt back to the blond menace, before rejoining the party yourself. 
You gave the shirt back to Matthew sometime later that week, and somehow he was willing to overcome your initial first impressions, seeing as you were currently celebrating at a bar after a Flames win. Well, he was celebrating. You were moping. Just so happened that your partner decided to send a break-up text at the same time Matt scored the game winning goal. So yeah, he was celebrating and you were moping. 
You sat in the booth alone, watching over everyone’s drinks as they got out on the dance floor. It was a poor excuse, and they all knew it, but chose not to call you out on it. Matthew came back over with a grin on his face. He plopped himself next to you and swung an arm over your shoulders. 
“Why are you sitting here all alone when we should be celebrating?” You fiddled with the rim of your glass before sighing. 
“Alex broke up with me.” 
“And?” You whipped your face to look at him, and all he gave was a look of indifference.
“And what? I don’t feel like celebrating when I just got dumped, Matthew.” You said his name like it was venom and took a gulp of your drink. 
“Well, they were an asshole anyway. They don’t deserve your sadness.” You gave him a small smile before he got up out of the booth and extended his hand to you. “C’mon, let’s go. We’re going to drink and forget about them, ‘kay?” You took his hand and he all but dragged you to the bar, instantly ordering two shots of vodka, setting both in front of you. 
“Are you not drinking any?” You asked him. 
“Nah, you gotta get hammered and I’m pretty sure I’m the most sober guy here. Someone’s got to be able to order an Uber. Now, drink. Forget the asshole,” He drummed his fingers on the bar in faux-impatience. 
“Are you sure? You guys had a big win…” 
“Y/N, I’m sure. Now, take the damn shots please.” You complied, taking the shots in succession. “Now that’s what I’m talking about!” He exclaimed, before waving the bartender over once again. 
It was three shots later when you started to spill your guts. You had already lost your jacket and broke out some bad dance moves, so spilling secrets was ultimately next. You weren’t consciously meaning to, but the alcohol in your blood and the empty table with Matthew was the perfect opportunity. 
“I never really liked Alex but I liked not being alone. It was nice not being alone,” Your voice was a little slurred but Matthew heard you. 
“You aren’t alone, you’ve got me.”
“But it’s not the same!” you whined. “What if no one likes me again? I’m not that pretty,” 
“Y/N, a bunch of guys will like you and you’re pretty, okay? What’s not to like anyways?”
You gave him a pointed look. “You’re just saying that because we’re friends.” You took a gulp of your drink. 
“I’m not just saying that because we’re friends. You are beautiful, and any guy would be lucky to date you.” You couldn’t answer him without getting choked up so you opted to rest your head on his shoulder. “Is it time to go home?” 
“Do you really think I’m pretty?” Your voice broke half way through the sentence and Matthew instantly turned towards you. He wiped the few tears that had fallen and pried your hand off of your glass. 
“I think you’ve had enough to drink tonight, babes. It’s time to go home, let’s go,” He got out of the booth and held his hand out for you to grab. When you continued to sit in the booth, he gave you a small pout and reached over to grab your hands. 
“Do you really think I’m pretty?” you asked once more, latching onto his hands. He chuckled, tugged you out of the booth, and wrapped his arm around your shoulders. 
“Yes, I do. And I’ll tell you everyday for the rest of my life if you need to hear it. But right now, you’re completely trashed and we need to go home before you crash,” You slowly nodded against his side and you both started to walk out of the bar, Matthew waving at the bartender to put it on his card. The two of you managed to make it out of the bar with almost no issues (walking when the room is spinning is hard okay?) and were now waiting for the Uber Matthew ordered. You nuzzled into his side and he rubbed your back to keep it warm from the brisk Alberta breeze. 
“‘m sorry I ruined your night,” you said softly, your eyes closed. You felt Matthew chuckle under your head. 
“It’s okay, you didn’t ruin it,”
“But you’re supposed to be celebrating your win and getting laid,” your words were dragged out at the end, and you nuzzled more into his side. He laughed once more, this time louder. 
“I can get laid tomorrow, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” You felt his shift away from you and tried to follow him as best you could with your eyes closed. “Hey, I just got to check if this is our car, sit tight okay?” You could’ve nodded but at this point the world was spinning and you weren’t even sure if you did nod. 
“Okay, Y/N, c’mon let’s go,” You nodded your head, prying your eyes open, and willing yourself to try to make it the 10 feet to the car. One foot in front of the other, let’s go. 
You blacked out. 
You woke up with a pounding headache and fumbled for your phone on your side table. Instead you found a scrap piece of paper. You squirted to make it out, only to find a chicken scratched note.
Had an early practice. There’s Advil and water ready in the kitchen (didn’t think you’d be coordinated enough not to knock it over in your bedroom). Have a good hangover you were wasted :) Matt 
You groaned and reached for your phone, which was further in on the table. 
Please tell me I didn’t do anything embarrassing last night, you typed. His response came quickly. 
You face planted on the concrete in front of our cab
Well shit sorry
Don’t be, it’s just blackmail for the future :)
You were sure your neighbours heard your groan of embarrassment. 
Matthew checked his phone after he exited the arena. It was habit, a bad habit to just check it after two hours, but a habit nonetheless. 
Y/N - Missed Calls (5) 
(3) New Voicemails
(10) New Messages from Y/N
His heart dropped and he opened the messages first, as they were the most recent.
Matt please answer your phone
Please please please
I need your help
Seriously I need your help
Matthew please
I’m serious this is an emergency
Shit sorry I forgot you had practice but please come over as soon as you see this!!
He doesn’t remember leaving the arena or getting into his car. He doesn’t remember the drive but he knows he must’ve been gripping the steering wheel tight enough for his knuckles to hurt. But he does remember the odd way his heart doesn’t seem to have moved from his stomach since he got your texts. 
He ends up at your door, fumbling with his key before quickly entering it in the slot and pushing open the door. 
“Matty! Oh my gosh, hurry up!” He rushed into the kitchen, to see you standing on the counter next to the fridge. He would’ve made a comment about your, well his really, scrappy Flames shirt and pair of sleep shorts if it wasn’t for the look of absolute fear on your face. 
“Are you okay? What’s wrong?” 
You pointed towards the island, whimpering. “Please get rid of it,” He followed your finger to the island. 
“You’ve got be fucking kidding me,” 
It was a spider, probably no bigger than a dime, sitting around on your island counter. He looked back to you, and laughed. 
“Don’t laugh at me! Matty, I’m serious. Can you please just kill it?” 
“You told me this was an emergency!
“It is! Oh my god, it moved! Just -- Just please please get rid of it!” You shrieked, shrinking more into the counter. He just laughed as grabbed a glass and placed it over top of the demon spider. He then grabbed a piece of paper, slid it under the glass, and took it to the bathroom. When you heard the toilet flush, you slowly pry yourself off of the counter. 
“How are you scared of that? It was tiny!” Matthew re-entered the kitchen. 
“I don’t know, it was a spider!” 
“You know, it was probably more scared of you than you were of it,” He smirked. 
“That’s bull. That thing was the devil reincarnated. I just--” You visibly shuddered and Matthew just laughed again, the big belly laugh that resonated in your stomach. You ignored the butterflies that fluttered and snapped at him. 
“That’s my biggest fear, you know? It’s stupid I know, but you don’t have to rub it in that I overreacted.” You went to sit on your couch, him following suit. 
“Hey, I didn’t mean it. We’re all scared of different things.” He placed his hand over your own and gave you a gentle smile. “You just, you seriously almost gave me a heart attack with all the texts you sent. So maybe, next time, we can just tell me it’s a spider? Unless you want to give me a heart attack, and in that case no one would come kill your spiders…” You softly bumped his shoulders with your own, a smile on your face. 
“Okay, okay, I’ll tell you it’s a spider next time. Thanks for killing it Matty,” He opened his arms for a snuggle and you easily complied, tucking yourself into his side. “Do you think we could just… keep this between us maybe? It is embarrassing the more I think about it.” 
“I don’t think so, Johnny and Marky saw me, like, run out of the arena.” You groaned, hiding your face in the chook of his neck. 
“I really don’t need the team to have more embarrassing stories about me,” He just responded with a chuckle and a brief kiss to your hairline that made your stomach flutter. You felt your cheeks heat up; at least he can’t see the effect he has on you when you’re buried in his chest. 
“I can’t believe you’re here!” Taryn yelled, and nearly knocked you off your feet with a hug. You laughed and were swift to hug back, placing your bag on the driveway. You had come to visit Matthew in St. Louis at his request. It was a couple weeks after the Flames had been kicked out of the playoffs, enough for him to get back in his meddlesome groove. The soft Matthew you saw in your apartment was a one-time thing; it had to be.  
“They’re my best friend, you know,” mumbled Matthew, coming up behind Taryn to give her a noogie. “They came to see me, not you.” Breaking away from the youngest Tkachuk, you gave him a hug. 
“That’s just what I want you to think. Maybe I really am here for Taryn,” He laughed into the crook of your neck, before grabbing your bag off the driveway and pulling you towards the house. And yet, only two hours later, came the infamous “I’m bored” from nearly all the siblings. Chantal was quick to shoo the four of you outside, claiming the sunshine would tire you all out. 
“I don’t want to play soccer,” 
“Well, I am not playing any form of hockey with two competitive professional athletes and a pro in the making. We are playing soccer, and you’re going to like it,” You pointed your finger at Matthew but he just shot you a grin before making his way towards the empty field near the house.
“So we playing two-on-two or what?” Brady asked once you got to the field. 
“Yup! And I claim Y/N!” Taryn practically bounced over to you. You laughed at the pout on Matthew’s face and simply shrugged in response. 
30 minutes later, it was tied 2-2 and both teams decided that the next goal would win. You and Taryn had possession, and Matt was acting in net. Brady defended his sister, which gave you the perfect opportunity to have a mini shootout on Matthew. She shot you the ball with a little bit of air, and you kicked it almost as hard as you could into the goal. You thought you hit it straight enough it wasn’t going to go too high, but it seems you must have gotten under the ball a little because it was not close to the ground.
It was exactly 6 feet off the ground and hit Matthew square in the face, knocking him to the ground. 
All three of you gasped, except for Matthew who groaned in pain. A million thoughts were going through your head, mainly Are you okay? and I’m so fucking sorry. Matthew groaned again, and so you just blurted out the first thing that came to mind. 
“Are you fucking sorry?” 
You clamped your hand over your mouth as soon as you realized what you actually said. Brady and Taryn instantly burst into equal amounts of shock and downright hilarity. You walk over to Matt and kneel beside him, your face hot from both the game and the embarrassment. 
“Shouldn’t you be the one whose sorry?” He grumbled, leaning on his elbows. 
“I am so sorry! I was trying to say ‘are you okay’ and ‘I’m so fucking sorry’ but then they just got blended together, oh my god, I’m an idiot. Is your face okay?” The genuine concern in your eyes made Matthew crack a small smile. 
“Relax, I’m fine. I’ve taken hits harder than that.” You brushed your fingers lightly over the red mark gracing his cheekbone. 
“You really worried me there, that I messed up your pretty face. I would’ve never lived it down,” His smirk came back, although gentler than normal. 
“So you think my face is pretty?” 
You softly scoffed and broke eye contact with him, choosing to pluck strands of grass instead. “You know your face is pretty. You have girls tell you all the time,” 
“Well, you aren’t any of those girls. You’ve never called me pretty before,” 
“Would you like me to say it again and boost your ego a little more?”
“Y/N…” He brought two fingers under your chin and tilted your head towards his own, his blue eyes striking into yours. “It’s different when it comes from you.” You saw his eyes flick towards your lips before looking back into your eyes, and he leaned in a little before you turned your head and shouted to the other Tkachuks.
“I think I gave him a concussion! He’s not really himself,” You stood up quickly, putting some space between yourself and the situation. Matthew stood up and whacked Brady’s hand away when he asked how many fingers he was holding up. He made his way back towards the house, alone and with a scowl on his face. Taryn wrapped her arm around your shoulder and gave you a knowing look. 
“He’ll be fine, seriously. But ‘‘Are you fucking sorry?” I’m never going to let you live that down! Hands-down the funniest thing that has happened to me this summer,” 
“Glad someone’s having a good time,” you teased, your face still hot from embarrassment. As you watched him walk off towards the house, you couldn’t help the thought that your heart hurt just as much as Matthew’s did. 
You walked into the Giordano’s backyard, the party already in swing. Everyone was catching up after the summer and you saw some unfamiliar faces mixed in as well. Being fashionably late as per usual, you caught up with some of the girls first, not wanting to disturb Matthew’s conversation with Johnny. You made your rounds, knowing you’d be spending most of the evening with Matthew, so it felt only necessary to talk to everyone else first. 
You were having a chat with one of the people you hadn’t met before, Ethan, you think his name was. He was obviously flirting with you, lingering touches and some sweet comments here and there. You weren’t reciprocating but the advances weren’t unwelcome. You hadn’t had a date since Alex, and even some of your friends thought there was no better way to get over your feelings for your best friend than to get another guy. The problem was you didn’t want to get over him. Matthew hadn’t come to talk to you yet so you saw no harm in continuing to talk with Ethan. 
The music in the yard had been turned up and an impromptu dance session had been started. When Ethan asked you to dance, you gracefully accepted. Maybe it was time to get over your feelings. The two of you had been dancing for a while when you felt someone staring at you. You turned your head to see Johnny and Matthew having an...unpleasant conversation. Matthew’s hand was clenched around his drink, and his eyes locked with yours, while Johnny was showing no signs about backing down on whatever they were talking about. You brushed off his stare, continuing to dance with Ethan. You had come for a fun time, the least you could do was try to have one. The song was starting to end, the chords fading into silence, with just enough time for a shout to be heard throughout the whole party.
“Because I love them, okay?!” 
You, and everyone else, turned to see that the source of the sound had been Matthew. His face turned red, much like he’d been playing a game, and he quickly brushed past Johnny and went into the house. 
You muttered a “be right back” to Ethan, quickly following Matthew into the house. It took a little bit of looking but you found him sitting on the stairs to the basement, his head hanging low. Slowly, you creeped down the stairs and sat beside him. 
“Who's the person you love but never told me about?” You nudged his leg with your own to get him to look at you. It didn’t work. 
“It doesn’t matter, don’t worry about it,”
“C’mon tell me, please?” He shook his head and took a swing of his beer. You gave him your best pout, but when that didn’t work, you resorted to annoying you until he burst. Probably not the smartest move, but you told each other everything. 
“Stop poking me,” He mumbled, squirming away from you as much as he could on the stairs.
“Tell me who you love then,” you bargained, relenting for a little. 
“It’s you, okay? Happy?” You were pretty sure your brain stopped working and your mouth fell open. There was no way he loved you the same way you loved him….was there?
“It’s you.” He finally looked into your eyes, his piercing blues finding yours with such intensity you had only seen on the ice. You broke away from his stare and opted to pull on a string on your sweater. 
“It can’t be.” He scoffed at your comment.
“And why the fuck not?”
“Because I’m not like them,”
“Like who?”
“Them. The girls who throw themselves at you at games and bars. Girls who have their lives put together and know what they want. Girls like Lauren or Emily or Brittany.” You told him, referring to his teammates’ better halves. “I’m not the kind of person who ends up with you.” 
“You don’t seriously believe that, do you? Y/N, c’mon you’re the last thing on my mind before I go to sleep and the first thing I think about when I wake up. You’ve always made my life better by just being you. I don’t care if you never have your life together or know what you want. I don’t want - I’ve never wanted one of those girls, I want you.” He took your astonished silence as a negative thing and slowly shook his head. “Well that was incredibly sappy and embarrassing.”
“It was, yeah.” He scoffs and takes another sip of his drink.  “But it’s nice to hear, considering I’ve been in love with you since the uh… spider thing.” His head perks up.
“You have? Why didn’t you say anything?”
“Matty, I’m not the kind of person who ends up with someone like you. I figured that being your friend was better than you rejecting me so… I just kept it to myself. Besides, you’ve seen me do way too much embarrassing shit to want to be with me,” You laughed at yourself lightly, trying to make this conversation easier. He laughed softly along with you and slowly brushed his fingers against yours. They never tangled, only brushed, as if they were asking permission. You put your hand in his and squeezed. 
“All those things just made me fall in love with you more,” He gave you that soft side smile, the one he rarely brought out (which is why it’s your favourite). 
“Really,” he squeezed your hand again and you rested your head on his shoulder. The two of you sat in a comfortable silence before you spoke up. 
“What do we do now? Like where do we go from here?” Your voice was quiet, trying to preserve this perfect moment. Matty just chuckled at you and kissed your forehead. 
“Well, I’d love to start by kissing you, if that’s alright.” You lifted your head off his shoulders and untangled your fingers to bring them around his neck. The two of you met in the middle and the kiss wasn’t like anything you’d experience before. It wasn’t fireworks or the feeling of a fire burning in your chest. It was equal amounts familiar and new. It was like a warm blanket on a cold day and the excitement of flying all wrapped into one. 
When the two of you broke for air, he rested his forehead against yours. A smile broke out on his face, infecting one of your own.
“Can we do that again?” you asked him, your eyes looking into his, filled with hope. He didn’t answer verbally, instead choosing to bring his hands to your cheeks before softly pressing his lips to yours. You deepened the kiss, wanting more of him.
“God, please don’t make out on my basement stairs, you aren’t teenagers.” Gio said, breaking the moment, but bringing a smile to all three of your faces. You kissed Matthew quickly one more time, before standing up from the stairs and extending your hand for him to take. 
“We’ll just go make out in my car then,” you told Gio as you passed him on the stairs. Matthew’s booming laugh following you. 
“God, I love you,” Matthew muttered under his breath. You squeezed his hand, and turned around to face him. 
“I love you too Matty.” 
feel free to let me know what you think! thanks for reading
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evermoreholland · a year ago
Abby’s General Masterlist
Latest update: July 24th, 2021
Peter Parker
Tom Holland 
Harrison Osterfield
Harry Holland
Charlie Gillespie
I do not link all of my blurbs, only some personal favorites.
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quotefeeling · 3 years ago
I met a guy. For the first time in my life I fell in love. I let down my walls. I found someone who makes me laugh. Who gives me hope. I love him with everything I have in me.
Abbi Glines, Because of Low
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perfectquote · 4 months ago
I understand now what love really feels like. The kind that consumes you. Love holds the power to break you. It holds the power to complete you.
Abbi Glines, The Vincent Brothers
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moonlightandromache · 10 months ago
JoeNicky + "stay. please?"
okay uh, i know this was a prompt for fluff, but I wrote this instead. 
set pre-relationship & pre-canon, back in the early days, before they found Andy and Quynh, but after they had stopped killing each other. trigger warnings for topics of (canon-typical) death and poisoning. (its okay they’re immortal)
Nicolò was dying, there was nothing to be done. He would die, his heart would stop. And then, just as it had stopped, it would start again, and he would live. 
He had accepted this, all in all, this was one of his most peaceful deaths so far, they had just been able to make it back to the room they had rented at a local inn before the effects of the poison really kicked in, Yusuf still had insisted on practically carrying Nicolò despite his protests that his legs had not stopped working yet. 
His legs did give out, just after they had made it just past the door of their room. Yusuf said nothing, instead scooping Nicolò up in his arms and carried him the small distance across the room to where their two cots were. (Nicolò wasn’t sure he had ever been so close to Yusuf, not since they had stopped killing each other, and there was a difference between being close to a man as you bled out from the wounds you had inflicted upon each to that of being held in his arms as he watches you with such concern in his eyes, Nicolò decided with great certainty. It made his heart ache in a way no poison or otherwise injury could ever do.)
Yusuf set him down with a gentleness far more than that of what Nicolò deserved, least of all from the man he had spent so long killing. And more confusing yet was the look of concern upon Yusuf’s face, it almost seemed to Nicolò like that of despair.  
“You worry,” Nicolò said slowly, his Arabic was still poor at best, but it felt like the least he could give to Yusuf in this moment, “why?” 
Yusuf froze, he had turned to grab the pillow off of his own cot and his back was turned to Nicolò, but Nicolò did not need to see his face to know he was frowning, he could tell simply by the way his shoulders tensed together, by the way his grip on the pillow tightened ever so slightly.
And when Yusuf turned to look at Nicolò again, the frown seemed to take up his entire face. 
When he spoke he did so in Nicolò’s own tongue, “You are dying.” 
This only managed to confuse Nicolò more, he tried to find the right words in Arabic, but the poison had reached his bloodstream and functional thought was harder for him to manage, so he reverted to Italian as well. “Yes? But I will live- death does not find it’s home with us- you know this as well as I.”
“Death may not find its home with us,” Yusuf repeated after a moment of silence, pronouncing each word with a deliberation that would’ve made even the simplest of words sound poetic, “but that does not make its visits any less painful.”  
“It’s not that terrible,” Nicolò said almost instantaneously, it was not a whole truth, he could feel the burning of his very blood, but it was not a whole lie either. Nicolò could think of far worse ways to die, he could remember far worse ways to die. (Every death he had after he and Yusuf had called a truce hurt far less than the pain that had come with dying with his sword through Yusuf’s chest.)
Yusuf saw through his words, he always did. 
At first he said nothing, instead choosing to tuck the pillow in his hands beneath Nicolò’s head, the touch that came with Yusuf gently lifting his head to place the pillow burned hotter than any poison or fire. Nicolò could not think of any feeling better than it. 
Finally, after carefully pulling the thin fabric of blanket that was crumpled at the end of the cot over Nicolò, he spoke, “The pain may not ruin you, Nicolò, but there is no pain worse to me than watching you die.”
The words struck at Nicolò’s heart far faster than the poison did. Yusuf had turned his back to him again, and with the little strength he had left in his body, he reached for Yusuf, his hand catching on the other man’s wrist. 
“I’m sorry,” he started, his vision was starting to go blurry but he was just able to make out Yusuf’s face as he turned again to meet his eyes, “stay, please.” 
Nicolò let his eyelids fall shut as he felt Yusuf’s gentle touch caress his cheek.
“My dear, there is no force in the universe that could take me from your side.”
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triquetrine · a year ago
i have so many requests in my inbox that i swear i will be getting to soon but i HAD to write the foxes and social media (this is what happens when you don’t know how to be an actual content creator and can only offer words)
the foxes have an official instagram and twitter that wymack grumpily handles, but the fans refer to the players’ personal accounts for the real content
nicky live tweets during practices and on the way to games
“kevin’s currently yelling at me to get off my phone and focus, but joke’s on him i’ve never focused a second in my life” “neil may or may not be taking a nap standing up like some small, auburn horse” “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS ABBY LISTENED TO ME AND NOW WE ONLY HAVE SPIDERMAN BANDAIDS!!” 
*insert pic of andrew with a spiderman bandaid on his elbow*
kevin only posts high-qual photos of him playing or sponsorships
the foxes all comment underneath stuff like “first 😜😍” or “mcm” or “hey guys, not to be annoying but i’m a small town musician with big dreams and it would mean a lot to me if you checked out my soundcloud devinkayistheworst :)))))”
kevin literally blocks all of them at some point and they all screenshot the evidence to post and bully him
one of renee’s most liked posts is a photo of wymack and andrew standing and holding their mugs of coffee the exact same way while both glaring to the side with a bunch of hearts for a caption
dan has a “chaos” story highlight, and perhaps the most memorable clip involves a very drunk matt holding up a very bewildered neil like he’s simba in the lion king while everyone else is screaming the iconic song terribly off tune
there’s also neil using a tape measurer to see if andrew and aaron really are the exact same height and the foxes waiting with bated breath
they all scream and the camera falls when neil declares andrew’s 1/4 an inch taller, which cuts off aaron as he demands they measure again
dan and matt are constantly posting photos of each other and nicky always comments “parents!!” underneath
allison does a LOT of mirror selfies, usually showing off outfits or with neil while they both get ready for games as she’s braiding her hair and neil is tying his bandana on
aaron’s instagram is almost entirely pictures with katelyn, and whenever the foxes tease him in the comments he replies to everyone with “go away” 
(katelyn likes both his teammate’s comments and his response)
matt posts a slideshow consisting of only neil smirking surrounded by reporters and the “i think i will cause problems on purpose” duck with the caption: “these spot the difference games are getting harder and harder”
neil reposts it to his account, which he barely uses, and andrew, from the account that he also barely uses, comments: “i see no difference”
allison goes on instagram live for a “night in with the foxes” and she flips the camera to show renee, smiling and walking in with cinnamon rolls, and then kevin shoving aaron out of the way to get to her first
if there’s one thing the foxes agree on it’s that renee’s baking is orgasmic, but now she won’t let anyone have any until they stop fighting and kevin apologizes
allison pans over to andrew, who has somehow already gotten two and is now eating them while staring straight at the camera
renee later adds a photo to her story of kevin and aaron eating cinnamon rolls in opposite corners of the room with the caption: “problem solved :)” 
nicky convinces wymack to change the official team twitter’s header to da vinci’s the last supper but with their heads photoshopped on top
neil is jesus, of course, because he is everyone’s son
i could go on forever but maybe in a second post???
edit: part 2 here now!!
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quotefeeling · 3 years ago
You’re not in love with me, not really, you just love the way I always made you feel. Like you were the centre of my world. Because you were. I would have done anything for you.
Abby McDonald, Getting Over Garrett Delaney
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mischiefsemimanaged · 2 months ago
"Is that my shirt?" "You mean our shirt?"
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Warnings: mentions of injury
Words: 392
a/n: Hey y'all this is my first time publishing my writing here so be sure to leave some feedback. This is being written at midnight because my body decided to be mean, so I'm sure I'll need it. This is for @omgrachwrites' 1k follower celebration, congratulations girlie!
You dug through Steve's dresser, trying not to make too much noise, though there was no reason to worry. You were the only one left in the tower; everyone else had gone on a mission and weren't expected back until the next evening. Your leg had been burned badly in an explosion during the last mission, keeping you benched.
It had taken you three hours to convince Steve that you would be fine on your own. The man was a mother hen. Eventually, with some gentle threatening from Natasha, he had agreed.
You now regretted encouraging him to go. Nightmares filled your sleep, waking you up drenched in a cold sweat. You missed Steve; he was a teddy bear and security blanket wrapped in one.
This led you to your current mission, stealing one of Steve's ridiculously comfortable shirts. Tight on Steve, they dwarfed you, making them perfect for sleeping in.
Finally, you found the shirt you were looking for. It was one of Steve's favorites, the one you had custom-made for him. The shirt was navy blue and read, "Just a kid from Brooklyn". Steve had grinned when he read it and now wore it constantly around the compound.
Smiling fondly at the memory, you slipped off your pajamas and replaced it with the shirt. You felt the tension in your body drip away as you realized it still smelled like him too. Contently, you crawled into the bed and fell asleep.
7 hours later, Steve hummed happily as he made his way to his room after the debriefing. The mission had taken much less time than anticipated, allowing him to spend the day with you. He reached his room and opened the door softly, expecting you to still be sleeping.
There you were, lying sprawled across the bed, hair a mess and mouth open. Steve quickly removed his clothing and got into bed, pulling you into him gently. You woke up immediately and promptly rolled over and kissed his cheek happily.
"You're back early," you remarked.
"Yeah intel overestimated the amount of agents they'd have and..." he answered before pausing and taking a look at you, "Is that my shirt?"
"You mean our shirt?"
"Oh now it's shared?" he asked, a smile on his lips.
"Yep, I'll draw up a custody agreement in the morning. Now, we're going to sleep."
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moonlightandromache · 3 years ago
If we had a version of arrow where it centered around Dinah Laurel Lance, instead of Oliver “fake batman” Queen, starting with the same basic storyline; the gambit goes down with Oliver and Sara and they are thought dead for five (+years for Sara) years, ie. 
but instead of starting off with Oliver on the island being found, it starts with Black Canary, mid-fight with some no-name bad guys, it’s clear she’s winning, there’s a small smirk on her lips as she makes a quip about how ‘they should’ve chosen the easy way.’ there’s a radio playing just loud enough that you can make out that they’re talking about the weather forecast, something about a storm coming. 
the radio crackles and fades as Black Canary successfully knocks out a bad guy with a particularly cool move. as she turns to the next guy the radio comes back loud and clear, just in time to hear “breaking news, billionaire playboy Oliver Queen, son of Robert Queen of Queen Consolidated, found alive on an island in the North China Sea after being thought dead for the past five years, along with his father and his companion on The Gambit, Sara Lance, both of whom were not with him when he was found and are still assumed to be dead. Officials have yet to comment...” 
black canary is frozen to the spot, an unreadable expression on her face. the bad guys paused with her at first, confused as to why the hero suddenly stopped and debating whether they should run away or take her down. 
unfortunately, they seem to recover before she does, the leader picks up a gun that had been previously knocked out of his hands, he cocks and aims the gun at her head, but before he even puts his finger on the trigger, Black Canary snaps out of her daze, and things slow down, her eyes meeting the guy holding the gun. she opens her mouth just as he pulls the trigger. 
the screen fades to black and the show title appears, black canary or something of the similar sort, the letters start to tremble and shake, as if they were being hit by her canary cry, until they crumble away leaving just an empty black screen and the title card is over
the scream she lets out stops the bullet in mid-air and it slowly starts splitting, until it shatters like it was made of glass, things speed up again and her canary cry makes the gun crumble as the bad guy drops it to cover his ears, trying and failing to block out the deadly scream.
she lets up before any serious harm is done to him, she’s trained enough to know just when that is. she turns to the other bad guys, tilting her head with a look that says ‘who’s next?’ 
the bad guys are quick to surrender after watching their leader crumple to the ground, mouth open in a scream of pain that could not be heard over the sound that brought him to his knees. 
Black Canary dismantles any remaining guns and waits until the police sirens echo throughout the alley before climbing the nearest fire escape and disappearing into the night as thunder rumbles in the distance.
There is something else- somewhere else for Dinah Laurel Lance to be this night.
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quotefeeling · 3 years ago
I’ve been loved in life, but all that matters now is that I’m loved by you.
Abbi Glines, Because of Low
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be-more-heidi-hansen · 2 years ago
Thank-You Note (Michael Mell X Reader) SMUT
“Write some Michael fluff about confessing feelings or some smut please”
Word count: 1.8k
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex (WRAP IT BEFORE YOU TAP IT, KIDS), cursing, fingering, female reader....not super well-written
(A/N): my first request! this is neat. hope you enjoy, and if you do, maybe like/reblog? I’d really appreciate it!
"Damnit! How do I keep losing?" you exclaimed, trying hard not to launch your controller across the room. You were in your best friend Michael's basement, having a sleepover, and playing fucking Mario Kart. The one video game you knew for sure you sucked ass in. Michael laughed and threw his hands in the air triumphantly. "It's 'cause I'm amazing." he replied teasingly. You looked at him and stuck out your tongue. Childish, sure, but effective. "I hate you." He chuckled, shaking his head. "You don't, though. You looooove me." he sing-songed in a teasing way, and you blushed slightly, looking anywhere but him. "Yeah, right." you chuckled half-heartedly.
Honestly, he was right. You had had a crush on Michael for months, but he seemed completely oblivious. He didn't notice the way you stared at him, his dark and beautiful eyes always shining with laughter. He didn't notice how often you put your hand on his shoulder, or rested your head on him when you would watch a movie together during a sleepover. He just never noticed. But unfortunately, your other best friend Jeremy did.
You had told him a few weeks after you started liking Michael, after he pried at you for a whole weekend, wondering why you had been acting so off lately. You had made him promise not to say anything. Of course, he made some jokes, but ultimately he was happy for you. He thought you should tell Michael how you felt. Of course, you had laughed in his face. You and Michael were best friends. You didn't wanna make things weird between you when he inevitably didn't feel the same way. When you told him this Jeremy just shrugged in response.
You were pulled from your thoughts when Michael spoke to you. "You alright?" he asked, and you shook your head, gathering your thoughts as you turned towards him. "I- uh, what?" you responded. Very articulate, you. He just chuckled. "You kinda zoned out there for a sec. What were you thinking about?" you just grabbed your controller. "I was thinkin' about how I'm gonna kick your ass in this next level, Smell." Michael laughed loudly and shook his head. "In your dreams, (L/N)."
As the night got older, you and Michael had ended up on the couch across from each other, both on your phones. You were idly scrolling through Instagram when a text popped up.
Jeremy: hi (Y/N)
(y/n): hey Jer
(y/n): what's up
Jeremy: not much, what r u and michael doing?
Jeremy: ;)))
(y/n): u literally r so dumb
(y/n): we're on our phones
Jeremy: but u could be doing something more if u werent such a wuss
(y/n): says u
(y/n): dick
You looked up from your phone to peek at Michael, who had his headphones plugged in, bobbing his head lightly to the music. Your focus went back to your phone.
Jeremy: touche
Jeremy: but i really think you should tell him
(y/n): why though
(y/n): like i get that he deserves to know but he doesnt like me back so what would the point be
Jeremy: well....
(y/n): well what
(y/n): im gonna tell christine ur a furry
Jeremy: michael kinda likes u back like a lot
Jeremy: but dont tell him i said that cause he'll kill me
(y/n): oh my god
(y/n): you asshole whY DIDNT YOU TELL ME
You took a deep breath, trying to calm your racing thoughts, praying you weren't blushing too much. "(Y/N)?" Michael said, and oh no, this was it, he was gonna ask why you were blushing and he's gonna find out you like him and- "Yeah?" you responded, glancing up at him. He had pulled his headphones down and he looked conflicted. "You okay, Micah?" you scooted over towards him. "We're best friends, right? And we'll stay best friends no matter what?" he asked, and your eyebrows drew together in confusion and slight worry. "Yeah, of course. What's wrong, Michael?" you put your hand on his shoulder.
"I-" Michael huffed lightly, like he was trying to figure out a good way to articulate his next sentence. "I need to tell you something." he said, and you glanced down at his plump lips. Before you could meet his eyes again and tell him that yes, Michael, you can tell me anything, he's suddenly much closer, hand coming up to cup your cheek. You realize as he leans in slowly that he's giving you an out, a place to say no, and you almost laugh at the ridiculous thought as you lunge forward, pressing your lips against his. He brings his other hand to rest at your hip, squeezing slightly.
Michael's lips are hot against your own and you find yourself craving more of it, but before you can make your own move, he pulls away, looking shocked at himself. "That wasn't how I meant to tell you. I'm sorry, I just- this doesn't have to change anything, though! We can totally go back to the way we were before if you want." He rushes out, and you take a deep breath. "Michael. It's okay. Tell me in the way you meant to tell me." you soothe, placing a hand on his shoulder. He takes in a deep breath before sighing it out. " you. I have for a while." he says, and you smile before leaning forward to take his lips against yours again. When you pull back, you laugh breathily, looking deep into his beautiful eyes. "Thank god. I've been pining over you for like, forever." Michael's eyes widen.
"So Jeremy was telling the truth?" he asks, and your jaw drops. "Jeremy told you I liked you?" you ask, shocked. Michael looks a bit sheepish as he rubs the back of his neck. "Well, yeah, but I kinda pestered him for information, so it's not really his fault." Michael defends, and you roll your eyes. Michael looks up at you hopefully, small smile tugging at his lips. "Can I kiss you again?" he asks, and you give him a grin before leaning forward again, capturing his lips between your own. This time, he pulls you closer, and you're almost chest to chest when he swipes his tongue across your lower lip, asking for entrance, and you give it to him, moaning softly into his mouth as he runs his fingers through your hair.
You crawl even closer to Michael, straddling his hips to get better access to his mouth. His hands land on your hips, pulling you even closer. When you brush against his lap, Michael pulls away from the kiss with a quiet groan and a small buck of his hips. He looks at you apologetically. "S-sorry..." he mutters, and you bite your lip. "That was....kinda hot." You say, and Michael's expression turns from one of embarrassment to one of slight pride. He presses his lips against yours once more, tongue brushing the roof of your mouth, and you shudder.
Then you think of something, and you slowly grind yourself down against Michael's lap. He pulls back with a muttered "Fuck," and his hands on your hips squeeze tight. He leans forward again, but instead of pressing his lips to yours, he presses them against your neck, lower and lower. When he reaches your pulse point, you let out a low whine, and Michael chuckles, biting down on the spot. Your hips buck downward, and Michael grinds his hips up to meet you, panting lightly.
"Oh my god, Michael," you gasp, and you feel more than hear his responding chuckle against your collarbone. Suddenly, he pulls back. "Hey, are you sure you wanna do this?" he asks, and you bite your lip, grinding along his length, reveling in the deep groan that came from his throat. "I'm sure." you say, and Michael laughs breathily. "Then we're gonna need a little less clothes, huh?" he asks, tugging questioningly at the hem of your shirt. You reach down and grab at it, pulling it off and tossing it over the arm rest of the couch before pulling Michael closer by the strings of his hoodie.
The next item of clothing removed is the aforementioned red hoodie, followed by his shirt. You kiss your way down his neck, nipping here and there and enjoying the responding hitches of breath. When you ground down again, you could feel just how hard he was, and you pulled yourself off his lap to begin unbuttoning his jeans. Michael lifted his hips to help you pull them off, sliding them down his legs. You did the same to his boxers before removing the rest of your clothes.
You climbed back onto Michael's lap, suddenly more nervous than you were before. "Can I....touch you?" Michael asked, and you nodded fervently. His hand slid from your shoulder, over your breast, down your hip, and his fingers dipped into your heat. "Fuck, you're so wet," he moaned, pressing a finger in slowly. You moaned at the feeling of it inside you, his finger thicker and longer than any of yours. You reached down to return the favor, gripping his cock lightly in your hand. Michael's hand slowed a bit as he moaned, bucking into your hand.
Michael was holding a steady pace and it was silent minus the quiet moans you and Michael were releasing. Suddenly, Michael added another thick finger, quickening his pace as he drove his palm against your clit. The sound that escaped you was obscene, and you started palming Michael faster, squeezing the head of his cock gently. Michael moaned loudly before stopping you. "I-I'm not gonna last much longer if you keep doing that." he warned, and you pulled your hand away to rest on his shoulder. He reached his other hand up to palm your breasts, pinching your nipple, and you cried out silently as you came without warning.
You sat there, trying to catch your breath while Michael praised you quietly. "You okay to keep going?" he asked after a bit, and you realized with a start that he was still hard. You pulled yourself closer to hover over his hard cock before sliding down it slowly, letting it fill you up. The moan Michael let out was downright sinful, and it made you more needy and sensitive than you were before. You began to bounce lightly on his cock, and Michael helped you raise and lower your hips as he babbled. "Oh my god, (Y/N), you're so- hah, so t-tight." he muttered, hips bucking. You moaned at the feeling of him inside of you, and as Michael gave a high-pitched whine, you realized he wasn't going to last much longer.
Michael seemed to realize this too, reaching down to press a thumb to your clit, rubbing in small hard circles. You cried out, the friction against your sensitive clit too much, and you buried your head in his neck as you came again. Michael moaned, bucking his hips once before pulling out, groaning lowly as he came in spurts over your and his stomach. You both held each other, panting, when you suddenly laughed. "What's so funny?" Michael asked, amused.
"Maybe we should send Jeremy a thank-you note."
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moonlightandromache · 9 months ago
Nile wakes up to the smell she can only describe as ‘breakfast’. Stretching her arms and legs out, she notes that she is decidedly not in the bed she had claimed in the safe house. It takes her a second to realize she is on the couch, and another to remember watching movies with Nicky late into the night. She smiles, realizing they must’ve fallen asleep sometime during their watch of Emperor’s New Groove- which Nile had been appalled to learn Nicky had never seen. (“It is a child’s movie?” “No! Well, technically, yes, but it’s a masterpiece. We have to watch it next.”) Stretching out again, she forces her eyes to open and finds that her head is pillowed on the dark fabric of one of Nicky’s hoodies. She smiles again as she pictures Nicky carefully folding the hoodie to tuck beneath her head. This trip has ended up showing Nile a whole other side to the nine hundred year old Italian man, she had seen glimpses of it before- his ‘kindness beyond reason’ as Joe called it- usually when he was with Joe, sometimes with Andy, but this trip has been the first time she had it directed at her in full. 
(This trip where they were only have supposed to have been gone two full days max- one day to scope the target out and the next to ‘quietly eliminate him,’ as Copley had said- they passed that two day deadline three days ago. The hit itself was easy, it was the unforeseen massive snowstorm that suddenly hit the exact area in Russia that they happened to be in that has led them to being on day five of their supposed ‘two day max’ trip.)
With another deep inhale of the enticing smell of whatever fancy breakfast Nicky was undoubtedly cooking, Nile pushes the blanket that had been carefully laid on top of her- another one of Nicky’s kindnesses- off of her, and forces herself to get up. 
Of course as soon as she stands she is met with the chill of the air- while this safe house thankfully has heating, the structure is old with cracks and gaps that lets the cold seep in- the chill sends a shiver down her spine. Nile glances back at Nicky’s hoodie, debates it for a split second and then grabs it up and slips it over her head. She’s pleasantly surprised to find it still warm- Nicky must’ve only pulled it off himself recently- and she snuggles into it slightly. The hoodie is large on her, the sleeves hanging past her hands, and Nile is met with a fond memory of being a child, wearing her mother’s jacket when she had forgotten to bring her own and she had complained to her mother of being cold. The memory is bittersweet, as memories of her old life always are, she wraps her arms around herself and lets the moment come and pass, breathing through the feelings. 
The memory passes, and her stomach grumbles and she is once again reminded of the delicious smell wafting from the kitchen. She lets the smell guide her.
Nicky is standing at the stove, his back is turned to Nile but she can faintly hear him humming softly under his breath as he uses a spatula to flip whatever it is he’s cooking. He looks… relaxed, she can’t see his face, but his posture is the most relaxed she’s seen since they had left on this mission, he doesn’t like being apart from Joe- and Nile suspects, now that Andy is mortal, being apart from her is harder too- and he had been… less than pleased when the snowstorm hit, keeping them apart for even longer. 
“Did you sleep well?” 
Nicky’s back is still turned to Nile, attention fixed on the pan in front of him. Nile blinks, there’s no one else in the room- or in the safe house at all for that matter- for him to be speaking to, but Nile still hesitates for a moment, caught off guard. 
“As well as one can on a couch, I suppose.” Nile says finally. 
She goes to roll her shoulders in an attempt to alleviate the ache one comes to expect after falling asleep on a couch, she pauses mid-movement- there’s no ache in her shoulders, neck, back, anywhere. 
“Oh,” She says softly, finding herself amazed by yet another perk of her immortality, “actually, better than one normally does on a couch.”
Nicky spares a glance over his shoulder at her, he has one eyebrow raised slightly, but Nile can see the small smile tugging at his lips.
“How about you-” Nile pauses, trying to search her memory to see if she had any recollection of Nicky moving off the couch in the night, she doesn’t- “did you sleep well?”
“You don’t snore, if that’s what you’re asking.” 
Nile nods, though it’s more to herself, as Nicky’s attention is back on the food he is cooking. “...does Joe snore?”
Nicky turns and points at her with a spatula, “Not that we speak of.”
His tone is stern, but the smile is still tugging at his lips, betraying any real menace in his words. 
Nile grins, filing this information in the back of her mind- along with all the other silly mundane things she’s got on the other immortals, for “blackmail” purposes. (She grew up doing the same thing for her younger brother and some habits you don’t break.)
“What are you making?” Nile asks, finally moving from her spot in the door way to grab a cup of coffee.
“Just a frittata, though we did not have some of the ingredients I would prefer to have used, but it will do.”
Nile smiles again, “Knowing your cooking, ‘it will do’ is an understatement.”
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sorryjustafangirl · 2 months ago
it’s a love story
a/n:  this is my submission for the @doubleminor​’s #hockeychallengemusic ! im so so super late but i finally had the time to write this. the toronto six of the nwhl have this as their winning song and i loved watching them celebrate this season. and apparently all i can write is matty tkachuk but i felt he really fit this idea
Pairing: Matthew Tkachuk x reader
Work count: 2.2k+
warnings: mentions of the pandemic and one swear but other than that just fluff :)
disclaimer: this is a work of fiction and real person fiction if you don’t like that, please don’t read! also the gif isn’t mine! all credit to the fantastic gif-maker!
prompt: choose an official team/player goal song and make something using that goal song // found here 
Tumblr media
He had wanted the proposal to be perfect. The moment he knew you were the one he wanted to marry, he asked your best friend for everything you had ever mentioned about a proposal. You were only going to get proposed to once, and he wanted to make sure it was perfect. 
Secluded, yet meaningful, place? Check. 
Get it on camera? Check. 
Cute outfit with nails done? Check. 
But a global pandemic was not in his plan. Not even close. 
When the season had got put on pause, his parents suggested he come back to St. Louis to spend time with them, since Brady was coming back too. He was hesitant to go considering you were still going into the office for an essential project, but you assured him that he should go spend time with his family. He didn't get to see them a lot, and you knew he missed them. When he packed, he made sure to take the little velvet box and shove it between his socks. He didn't want to risk you finding it while he was away. 
A couple weeks later, after many FaceTimes and virtual date nights, you finished your project and work gave you the all clear to work from home. A two week quarantine and one plane ride later, you had joined him in St. Louis. You were still working, but working from the Tkachuk's home and with your boyfriend was much better than working alone in your shared apartment. 
Since you had joined the family, Taryn had noticed her oldest brother was a little jumpier than usual. Before, he was more carefree, aside from the occasional moping, and he definitely wasn't making sure his bedroom door was closed whenever he went in there alone. But now? It seemed odd. He wasn't moping, but he had those moments when he seemed too sad for it just to be about the season.  
So after Matthew's third sigh and retreat to his room while you were working, she decided it was time for an intervention. She quietly followed him to his room, where he methodically closed it and made sure it clicked. 
It was the second time today Matthew had looked at the box today. He knew he was torturing himself, opening the box to look at the ring he had picked out. It wasn't too flashy, something just your style. He remembered the way his heart jumped when he saw it in the store. It instantly reminded him of you and he just knew it was the one. It was like he couldn't help himself, looking at the box another time.
You could’ve already been engaged by now. The two of you could’ve been looking at venues and dates and even if he said he never really cared about that stuff… he couldn’t help but long for those things, because it would mean it was real. The two of you would be getting married, and he’d get to be your husband. 
But instead of being engaged, he’d just have to stare at the ring and wish he could make this all go away so he could give you the proposal you’ve always wanted. He relived the time he knew you were the one, anything to remind him that you wouldn’t mind waiting until this pandemic was over to get engaged. 
It was a home game against the Senators. Nothing speculator, just a regular game that they unfortunately lost in OT. Because it was against the Sens, and because he scored the only goal of the game, Matt knew he’d be chosen for press. He was tired, and there was nothing he wanted more than to see his family who had made the trek out to Calgary to see the boys play. He left the dressing room with his tie a little crumpled from the rush to meet them. 
He turned the corner to see Taryn sitting on a bench, with Brady standing with his parents, probably cracking a joke based on the way his mom was playfully glaring at Brady while his dad laughed loudly. His mood picked up a little after the interview and the loss.
As he got closer, he realized that Taryn wasn’t sitting alone. You were sitting there, your head resting against her shoulder, your eyes slightly closed. He stopped in his tracks when he saw your work bag sitting in your lap and your suitcase beside you. Your flight was supposed to get in around 8 and he had insisted that you just meet him at home after the game. This work trip had been horrible, your co-worker throwing you under the bus in a meeting with executives on a project he didn’t work on. You deserved to be relaxing with a glass of wine in the sanctity of your shared apartment. But you were here, at his game, straight from the airport, laughing with his family despite your drooping eyes. He had never felt more loved than he did right there. 
A knock startled him from his thoughts. 
“Uhh... just a second!” He snapped the ring box shut and quickly stood up from the bed to shove it in his drawer. Taryn popped her head in to see him very suspiciously standing in front of his dresser.
“It’s just me, dork. What are you doing?” She entered his room, making herself comfy on his bed. He scoffed, and closed the door behind his sister. 
“I’m not doing anything. What are you doing?” He went back to standing by the dresser and Taryn rolled her eyes.
“That’s exactly it, you’re doing nothing. Normally, when we’re all home you’re like bouncing off the walls. Like I know this time it’s different but Y/n came too so I thought… I don’t know, you just seem off but Brady didn’t think so and I didn’t want to worry Mom… so like, what’s going on? Is everything okay? Are you and Y/n fighting?” 
His eyes bugged out and Taryn would have laughed if she wasn’t so serious. “What no! We’re fine! We’re fine, why-why would you say that?” 
“You’ve been quiet Matt. You’re never quiet, especially when Brady’s home with us.” He rolled his eyes and she huffed at her older brother. “You know it’s true! So... what’s going on?” He sighed and turned to find the box from the drawer. He looked down at the velvet in his hands as he sat on the edge of the bed. Taryn moved to be sitting beside him and gasped quietly. 
“Is that...?” 
“Yeah. I was going know, before the world went to shit. I had it all planned out too. The weather was getting warmer and there’s this hiking trail we like in Banff, it’s only like an hour drive. There’s this perfect spot where I could prop my phone up so I could get it on camera, just like they wanted. But now... I don’t know what I’m going to do.” 
“Do you still want to, you know, propose?” 
“’Course I do. Honestly, I want nothing more. But, they deserve it to be perfect, you know? And like, I don’t know how I could surprise them here, because we’ve been chilling in the same sweatpants for the past week! Asking them to get dressed up would seem suspicious and I want it to be a surprise,”
“Could… could I help you? I might have an idea…” She grinned towards her brother, his eyes brightening at the idea of marrying you. 
“Y/N, do you want to do a TikTok with me?” She called to you from across the Tkachuk’s backyard. Taryn must’ve been feeling the quarantine because yesterday the two of you did your nails together, which prompted you to, for once, put on a pair of pants that weren’t Matty’s sweatpants and do your hair, so you had no problem setting down your book and hopping up from your seat to join her. She squealed and you laughed as you joined her. 
“It’s so easy! I promise! So, it’s to a remix of Taylor Swift’s ‘Love Story’ and the only set in stone parts are that you actually kneel when she says ‘knelt to the ground’ and then the camera will start to pull away and then you just freestyle! We can do a couple practice ones before we film it for real, if you want?” 
“Yes, please, you have severely overestimated my dancing skills,” you laughed. Right at that moment, Matthew came out of the house with a Bud Light in his hand. He placed it on the edge of the firepit before walking over to you.
“What’s got you all cracked up?” He pressed a kiss to your cheek.
“Taryn thinks I’m a good enough dancer to film this TikTok on my first try,” He grinned at you. 
“A TikTok you say? Can I do it too? If you can do it surely it’s easy enough for me,” You gave him a playful eye roll and laughed. 
“How bored are you to want to film a TikTok?” 
“I want to spend time with my girlfriend, is that a crime?” He smirked and you cracked a smile.  
Taryn spoke up. “Hey no, this would be perfect! I need to move the camera away from you when you’re dancing anyways, and this way you won’t be alone. And you’ll get Matt’s dancing on camera for future blackmail!” You laughed at her comment and slugged him lightly in the arm. 
“Game on, we’ll see who's the better dancer after this,” He just laughed and then told you to tell what the heck he was doing for this dance. After a while, the two of you were ready to film. 
Taryn got behind her phone and started the music. You got into position and bumped Matthew’s hip before facing the camera. 
Is this in my head, I don’t know what to think. He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said
You knelt down and pretended to open a ring box, while Matthew pulled out the box he’d been hiding for six months. 
Marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone
You started to dance as Taryn pulled the camera away from the both of you. Lost in the music, you didn’t seem to notice that Matthew was still on one knee, an adoring smile on his face. 
I love you and that’s all I really know
You stopped dancing and glanced to your side. “Oh my god,” Your hands flew to cover your mouth as you saw Matt still on one knee, but with a black box in his hands. “Are you joking?”
“Not joking, baby, I promise.” He opened the box to reveal the most beautiful ring you had ever seen. It was classy, with just enough bling to catch your eye and go with the rest of your jewelry. Your eyes filled with tears as he started to speak. 
“Y/n, you are the best person I have ever met. I never thought someone would be willing to put up with me, not with my job and the media and how I play my game, but then I met you, and it’s like the whole world shifted. I have fallen more in love with you every day, even the past few days when we do the same thing every day. I love you so much, babe, and all I want is to keep being your person. I know my job means I’ll have to leave sometimes, but with me, with this, I promise you’ll never be alone. I want to be your husband and I want us to have little mini-us’s running around, well really mini-you’s but with my hair, because let’s face it, they aren’t escaping the curls,” You let out a teary laugh, and you could see his shoulder visibly relax a little. “When I look to my future, all I see is you. You are my future. And I know this isn’t perfect or even ideal but..”
“No, no, Matty, it’s perfect.” You whispered, your eyes full of tears. “It’s perfect because it’s with you.”
His grin widened if that was possible, and he looked down at the box in his hands before up to you. “If that’s the case, then Y/n, will you make me the happiest man on Earth and marry me?” 
“Yes! Yes, yes, of course,” You bent down to kiss him, leaving your tears on his cheek when you pulled away. He slipped the ring onto your finger and swept you into a bear hug. “Oh my gosh, we’re going to get married!”
“It’s you and me, baby, for the rest of our lives.” He tried to smirk, but it didn’t last long, a smile covering it as the euphoria overcame him. 
“Okay, okay, show me the ring!! Matthew didn’t tell me he was proposing!” Chantel came out in the backyard with a bright grin on her face. You couldn’t contain the smile on your face and the two of you admired the ring together. 
“I didn’t tell Dad either, don’t get offended,” Matthew said, coming over to meet the both of you. 
“Oh, you liar! You totally called me and asked me for advice.” Keith chimed in with a laugh. “Granted, you never told me you were going to do it today… but I’m happy for you kids.”
“I didn’t think he’d ever get the guts to propose, sorry for the wait Y/n,” Brady chirped, earning a whack from his mother. 
“I don’t mind, he’s worth the wait.” You looked to your fiancé, only to find him already looking at you, his blue eyes gleaming full of warmth. “So worth the wait.”
let me know what you think! thanks for reading!
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evermoreholland · 9 months ago
Staring | T.H.
Pairing: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader
Warnings (not really): jet skis, mutual pinning, tom shirtless, fluff lmao
Word count: 1k
A/n: Seeing Tom on a jet ski made me weak so I needed to write something. Have a nice day and happy thirsting!
Tumblr media
Never in your life would you have imagined traveling the world with your long time best friend, Tom. You had been traveling with Tom ever since he booked his role as Spider-Man. The two of you have been friends since you were babies, and you were attached at the hip. You loved Tom, and he loved you. He saw you strictly as a platonic friend, at least that’s what you thought. 
You couldn’t help but fall for him. Who wouldn’t? He was the kindest guy you knew, and he loved you no matter what. You had been through everything together. Tom had seen you at your highs and lows and he stayed. He loved you so he stayed.
When he asked you to come with him while he filmed Uncharted, you couldn’t say no. You loved spending time with him and you wanted to cheer him on. 
It was his day off and he wanted to do something fun with the cast. They decided on going jet skiing and he asked you to come with them. There was a beautiful beach right by set and it was going to be a lot of fun. You said yes and you went.
Tom came out of the changing room with his wet suit on and you couldn’t help but find him adorable. His haircut looking stunning on him and he had such an angelic glow across his face. You couldn’t help but stare.
“Whatcha looking at cutie?” Tom called you cutie often. It was his name for you ever since the two of you were young, and it just stuck. You broke away your stare and looked at your feet.
“Oh nothing.” You said shyly. He never once caught you staring, at least not that you knew of. You felt embarrassed. 
“You ready to go?” He asked pointing to the dock. You muttered a quiet “yes” and you made your way to the jet skis. 
“You nervous at all?” He asked you. You usually hated this type of stuff. You weren’t too fond of the ocean or of boats of any kind so Tom just wanted to make sure that you’ll be alright.
“No, I’m actually excited.” You said happily. 
“If you need me when we are out there, feel free to come towards me and hop on back.” He said with his signature smile. You could help but feel giddy. You both put on your life jackets and each go on your own jet ski.
You made your way out onto the water. You were enjoying yourself, and you saw Tom driving his jet ski and it made you smile. He looked so happy and that made you happy. You drove your jet ski over to Tom.
“Tommy!” You shouted. You both made your way to the docks together so you can both go on the same jet ski.
“Wanna go on mine?” He asked.
“Sure.” You said as Tom helped you on his jet ski. You held onto his back as he made his way back to the water.
You felt extremely content holding onto Tom as he drove his jet ski. You could stay like this all day.
“You alright, darling?” Tom asked and looked over his shoulder to look at you.
“Yeah, you?” You asked as you squeezed him tighter. 
“Yeah.” He said and you could feel him smile.
You both went around the water, the only noise coming from the ocean waves.
“I love you.” Tom said as he made his way back to the dock.
“I love you more.” This boy had no idea. 
Once you got back to the dock, you both got off of the jet ski and went to remove your wet suits. Your breath hitched as you saw Tom shirtless. It’s not like you haven’t seem him like this before, but seeing him sun-kissed and glowing didn’t help your attraction to him.
“You’re staring again, love.” Tom laughed.
“I can’t help it when you look like that!” You exclaimed, pointing at him to emphasize your point.
“You think I’m attractive?” He asked and then bit his lip. That cheeky fucker. 
“Yes.” You said honestly. 
“I think you’re pretty as well, darling.” He said with a blush on his cheeks. The two of you began walking to go change, but you still wanted to continue this conversation.
“Really?” You asked as you moved some hair away from your face.
“Of course.” You couldn’t help but smile.
“Have you ever thought about…us? Y’know, as an…item?” You asked nervously as you stopped walking. Even though Tom just called you pretty, you felt nervous. He always called you pretty, but this felt different. 
“I have thought about it. A few times.” He said looking down at his feet, not meeting your gaze.
“Really?” You asked once again. You couldn’t believe it.
“Y/N, you know me better than I know myself. How did you not notice my feelings?” Tom asked.
“Maybe I was scared you wouldn’t like me back.” 
“I’ve loved you all my life.” Tom admitted with the biggest smile you have ever seen on him.
“I love you too.” You said as you made your way closer to him and wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Love, I’ve been waiting for you to admit your feelings for years.” Tom said as he pressed his forehead against yours, and wrapped his arms around your waist.
“You?! I have been waiting since we were sixteen.” You giggled. Tom held onto you tighter.
“So we were both pining like idiots for all these years, huh?” He asked and you both laughed. 
“I guess so.” You said and kissed his cheek. 
“You missed, baby.” Tom pouted. You leaned towards him and captured his lips with yours. You truly felt a spark. 
“My mom is going to be thrilled when I bring you home as my girlfriend for the first time.” Tom said once he pulled away.
“You still got a whole movie to film, bud.” You said with a laugh.
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mischiefsemimanaged · 2 months ago
Mornings after a mission
Pairing: Natasha Romanoff x female!Reader
Warnings: nothing, could be interpreted as implied smut but it doesn't have to be
Words: 1194
a/n: This is for @omgrachwrites 1k follower celebration! I chose the prompt "Stop moving and let me braid your hair!" Check it out; this girl rules! And thanks for the love on the last post!!
Russian is google translate, so my apologies. Feel free to leave a correction if this is wrong!
милый= darling
дорогой= sweetheart
It was the morning after a mission. You had gotten back late last night, and with the debriefing and how gross you felt, you hadn't gotten a chance to talk to Nat. You had recently started dating, and while you weren't to the point of sleeping together, you usually talked to her before bed and gave her a kiss. Stretching (and wincing when you realized how sore you were), you got up in search of Nat and maybe, breakfast.
In the kitchen of the common floor, Nat was feeling guilty. The mission had been rough. You had gotten hit pretty good by a couple of agents, and she had been busy trying to get to the hard drive, so she hadn't been able to check on you. She knew you were tough; it wasn't about that. Nat wasn't used to this feeling, the way she felt about you. She had fallen head over heels for the newest avenger, this girl fresh out of the SHIELD academy, the one who bounced on the balls of her feet when shown a new weapon. You were pure, something Nat wasn't used to. So here she was, attempting to make your favorite breakfast, planning out a day with you.
You shuffled into the kitchen, yawning. You were so focused on getting coffee that you hadn't noticed your girlfriend standing at the stove. What you did notice was your coffee, made the way you liked, set in your favorite mug, already on the counter. Looking up, you grinned.
"Nat! Thank you, my saviour!" you gushed dramatically.
"You're welcome, I wasn't able to check on you last night, милый, so I'm making up for it." she replied, snorting a little at your theatrics.
"There isn't anything to make up for! I didn't come to see you either! And check up on me? I'm a big girl, I'm fine!"
"Too bad, I'm spending the day with you. We're doing the dorky couple stuff, movie, dinner, whatever you want." Nat answered, ignoring your protest at her checking up on you.
"Whatever I want? I've got some thinking to do." you considered your options.
"Whatever you want, дорогой."
"Okay, first I want you to not burn the tower down trying to make... that." you told her, scrunching your nose up at the smell of burning.
Natasha whipped around, groaning at the burnt mess she had created. Scraping away what was meant to be a nice breakfast, she was grateful for her forethought to have a backup. Slipping away to her room (the greatest hiding spot, no one went into her room), she returned quickly, proudly holding a box of donuts from that little place down the road from the tower. You smiled and took your favorite from the box, happily eating.
"Donuts! Thanks, Red!" Tony exclaimed, walking in, much too peppy for this early and going for the box.
"Nope!" Nat answered, swiping it before Tony could get it, "These are for y/n."
"Come on! This is my tower, share the donuts!" he argued, a pout forming on his face.
Grinning at the exchange, you passed Tony a donut. Though Nat groaned outwardly at the action, inside, she was beaming. This was why she loved you. You were so kind to everyone. She expected this to happen, which was why there were more donuts stashed away. She retrieved them and set them on the counter as more avengers filled the common room. After a few minutes of quiet, filled with the sounds of eating and the occasional groan, Tony suddenly spoke up.
"So why does y/n get donuts? We were all on that mission!"
"Because y/n's her girl, that's what you do." Steve answered.
"That's right! We're spending the day together doing that coupley stuff so don't you dare call me down to the lab because you accidentally blew yourself up! Call dum-E.," you told Tony.
"Ooh, Red and y/n/n are going to be gross today. Thanks for the warning." Tony snarked back. "And I certainly will not call Dum-E. I like the building intact.
Nat shook her head, a fond smile on her lips. The rest of breakfast was filled with similar exchanges. You and Tony could go head to head for hours. You were the only one on the team that could match Tony without ending up in a snit for hours afterward, a trait Natasha and the rest of the team admired.
Soon the group dispersed. With a day off, the team had the freedom to do whatever they pleased. When you and Nat were the only ones left, you both started on cleaning up. After a few minutes of comfortable silence, you started talking.
"So let's definitely watch a movie. Maybe one of those silly rom-coms, and then we can go out for lunch. That can be your choice because I am not deciding everything we do. After that, we'll change into pajamas and do absolutely nothing. Take-out for dinner in one of our rooms if we want to be alone, or we can see what the rest of the team is doing."
"Sounds good, дорогой. But for lunch let's just go for a walk until we spot something that we want. Just a nice casual day." Nat replied.
With a plan in place, you finished cleaning up the mess that the Avengers tended to leave when eating and made your way to the movie room. Snuggled up next to Nat, you put on some cheesy movie and relaxed. An hour into it, you got bored; after all, you were used to being busy. You brightened up as you got an idea.
"Tasha, can I braid your hair? My hands need to do something." you whined at her.
This was a pretty big request. Natasha was quite proud of her hair. It was always perfect, something you were quite jealous of. You expected her to say no, for her to take your hands and lay back, but Natasha Romanoff was full of surprises.
Natasha shifted a little so you could reach her hair. You thanked her repeatedly as you got to work making the perfect Dutch braid. Nat sat still for a few minutes, watching as the man on the screen made some declaration to a girl who was not interested. Soon though, she reached a hand behind her and stroked whatever part of you she could reach. Soon that progressed to her snuggling closer. Finally, she turned her head to try and kiss you.
"Nat stop moving and let me braid your hair!" you complained, but your laughter and smile betrayed you.
Utilizing her skills, she wiggled out of your hold without pulling her hair and grabbed you. Pulling you close, she started kissing you, anywhere she could reach. You soon did the same. The two of you were delighted, close to each other, until...
"Oh come on! When I said you guys were being gross, I meant, like being cheesy and giving me cavities. Cavities not nausea!" Tony exclaimed, interrupting your moment.
Nat stuck her middle finger at him, pulling you up off the couch and into her bedroom.
You never did finish that braid.
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