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#abby x ellie

Title : Homecoming

Genre : Romance, Family, Military

Fandom : The Last of Us

Main Pairing : Abby/Ellie

Chapter I Update


‘War is useless’ I remembered what my old man said that night. That night when we talked it out, the night when I promised I would fight until my last breath. The night when I promised I wouldn’t make his baby girl cry ever again.



Ellie, a civilian who grew up in a military family, fell in love with Abby, a Marine. Their relationship was challenged as their different worlds collided on to each other.




Repost! Cause Tumblr App sucks :(

Note : Abby is a Sergeant in this picture, but she started the story as a Corporal. This isn’t important anyway wtf sorry for crappy photoshop edit. Enjoy lol

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TLOU2 characters Pixar style


Inside Out would be soooo awesome in TLOU xD


Source: Review Me (FB page)

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Thanks to @stop-right-there-criminal-scum for making this render tho and her permission to use this XD. I just mixed them like I mix my salad. BYE

oh yeah and that movie is really there. It is an Australian movie. The movie and the game were out in 2020 xD 

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Looking for a Abby x Ellie role play partner :O someone who wants to build something long-lasting (please no one that drops me after two weeks or something, thanks…)
I’m writing role plays for over ten years now and I’m happy to portray either of them.

Send me a message if you’re interested!

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Title : My God Damn Christmas Present

Fandom : The Last of Us Part II

Pairing : Abby/Ellie (F/F)

Chapter : 1/1 (One-shot)

Rated : M for Matured

Type : Non-canon

Genre : Family, Fluff, Christmas 🎄🎅🔔❄

Summary :

It was another Christmas morning for Anderson family, and Abby wished she could open her Christmas present earlier. NON-CANON.

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this audio still haunts me……

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i wanna write a lot more abby/ellie content but i need to bounce ideas back and forth with people

or if u have any prompts send them my way

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all i care about is talking about abby/ellie.

and by talking about i mean writing novel length dissertations on why i believe watching their morals fail even more and them descend into mania together by consummating their confusing relationship in blind rage is a ✨crisp✨ dynamic.

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i posted this before but as a reblog, and i really want to contribute to what little content for ellie/abby there is out there, so 😭 here it is again, this time for the tags!!

honestly the context of abby and ellie’s world means it’s actually pretty easy to imagine a situation where they might end up having to work with each other to survive and therefore maybe slowly learn to see each other as human beings rather than monsters. we’ve seen from abby already that she let go of her hate by the time ellie finds her on the pillar, enough that she actually, in a way, trusted ellie not to try to kill her. and sure, ellie fucks that over, but if abby has already learned, twice over, that being angry and hating someone is just not worth the energy investment why couldn’t she again

and on the other hand, for ellie, well. not only has she also made the choice that she didn’t want to waste her life being angry (by speaking to joel that fateful night and letting abby and lev go), but look at it this way: what the game asks of the players is, is it possible for you to witness someone do something so horrible that you hate them for it immediately, but as you spend time with them, learn their story, is it possible for you to understand their motive and have empathy for them? is possible for you to, even, by the end, like this person?

so why would this be a weird or impossible concept to apply to abby and ellie? if anything i think the game makes a point of letting us know they COULD be friends. so even if you dont ship it (understandable – though i wish the fandom had a more open mind about what most of us mean by “shipping” because it isnt “fall in love, get a house, and live happily ever after”, more like “this person hurt me badly but is also the only one who understands how consuming my anger and desire for revenge was, and how futile it turned out to be; its so lonely living with all of that but they get it and around them i dont need to pretend i dont carry this weight and they just get it, which is confusing and frustrating and deeply comforting at the same time”) it only makes sense to think it would be possible for them to be friends.

it wouldnt be easy. it wouldnt be instant friendship, or easy friendship every single day, because thats not even how healing works. tlou is very adamant about how you need to work at things. if you want to heal you need to actively work at it. if you want to be a good person you need to actively make good choices. and i think that’s something they both want to try to do so i can imagine a dozen scenarios where they’re in each other’s orbit in some capacity and over months and years get to a much better place

also, a propos of nothing: do you think ellie/abby would be met with so much disgust and disapproval if they were both men? what differentiates ellabs from every other popular antagonistic m/m pairing? lets think about that shall we :)

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