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A Happiest Season thought

Thinking about that scene when they run into Riley outside the toilets and I just realised Harper wasn’t even going to clarify for Riley that her and Abigail are in a relationship knowing full well that Riley herself is openly gay.

But why? Of all the people back home that Harper didn’t want to know about her being lesbian, Riley is the one person she could be honest with who wouldn’t have had a fit or whatever over it. (I mean Riley knew right away but that’s not the point, it’s Harper not acknowledging Abby as her girlfriend when she really had no reason to)

Maybe she thought it would open up old wounds for Riley? Or did Harper think Riley was going to blab and out her publicly in an act of revenge for outing her back in high school?

Maybe she was just caught off guard? Or ashamed of herself for still being in the closet and preferred that it didn’t get discussed at all for the remainder of their Xmas stay? Felt it was easier to go along with “orphan roommate”?

She could’ve been like “hey Abby I saw you two talking and you seem to get along ok, and I know my probably conservative values family is getting on your nerves, so maybe would like to hang out with her thus week while I take care of Boring Het Business™.”


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I finally had the opportunity to watch Happiest Season and I absolutely loved it! Such a good story, hit close to home.

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I think this person really summed up most of my feelings towards the want for an Abby and Riley ending.


I think Riley and Abby were just two people who clicked really well as friends. And Abby said she was in love with Harper so how do people think she could just throw that away so fast for another relationship? and for someone she met like 3 days ago? i dunno.

Anyways I saw this on twitter but I don’t have an account so if this person finds this I hope it’s not weird or anything.

Also Jane is cool.

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Happiest Season WILL become a classic…


Originally posted by logan-delos

Love it, like it or disagree with the outcome… Happiest Season will be an absolute icon of queer storytelling , validation & ‘love is love’ gorgeousness that we will Iove for years to come… because we got a STAR STUDDED cast with amazing production value & a great storyline (even if you didn’t agree with the ending). Celebrate the love 🏳️‍🌈❤️

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You Are All I Need - keepthelightson - Happiest Season (2020) [Archive of Our Own]
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2020′s represantation of lesbians is looking so fucking good i swear. I admit it could be more diverse but I’m probably missing some cool movies and shows. Feel free to add and post yours!

Part I, Part II

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I watched Happiest Season for the second time a couple nights ago with my mom, and while we had similar reactions to the film such as our love for Jane’s character, she thought Abby and Riley should’ve ended up together instead of Harper and Abby. Which the first time I watched it, I also thought should’ve happened. But the second time around, I had the understanding that this isn’t the usual Hallmark Christmas RomCom™ where the two lovers have just met. Abby and Harper have been together for about a year. This isn’t something that happened overnight, its something they’ve been working on for a year. You don’t just give up when things get a little bumpy. I’m not saying that the way Harper treated Abby was okay, because ultimately it wasn’t, but I’m saying that you talk about that and work through it. Maybe at the end you still break up.

But Abby and Harper talked and realized that they were eachother’s person. Someone who the other wanted to build a life with. And even though it certainly wasn’t fair how Abby was treated, they came out of it on the other side. All I’m saying is that I’m glad there was a happy ending cause if they broke up at the end I’d have cried more than I already did.

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Watched “Happiest Season” movie today and felt the Abby should’ve ended up with Riley. And if it was too soon for her to move on then she should’ve stayed single but she definitely should’ve broke up with Harper.

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- It is not perfect, but it is definitely a step into right direction when discussing about these subjects

- Despite being emotional and about heavy subjects, it brought enough Christmas-vibes.

- I deeply love Kristen in this movie. I’ve always liked her as an actress and a person, but I hugely respect how far she’s come with being more comfortable on media and in the movies.

- I would like to have people like John and Jane as my friends. I really would. (Plus, a few of my favorite moments in this movie were when John talked to Abby about different coming out-experiences and when Jane stated that even though she was different than the rest, she was a part of the family too. I am happy she gets her success as a writer in the end.)

- I like that Connor was not made to be a “bad guy”, but was actually a really nice person. 

- I greatly sympathize with Abby and relate to her, but I also understand Harper’s struggles and point of view. The end is a little cliche, but personally, especially after Harper’s brave and relatable coming out-scene and discussing honestly with Abby, I am happy that they got engaged in the end. They have loved each other long before the movie started and this Christmas really taught them a lot about each other. I hope we would’ve seen more discussion between Harper and her family after she came out, but I understand it was hard to do in a movie this long (or short). I am satisfied that we were hinted that the sisters became closer in the future and that their father understood them eventually and abandoned politics because of family love. 

- I also love Riley and would have wanted to know more about her story. I really liked her scenes with Abby, saw their chemistry and understand why some people ship them. If Harper and Abby had decided that they would be better off separated, I wouldn’t have minded if Abby had gotten eventually together with Riley after they had gotten to know each other better. I would’ve been okay with both scenarios. But mostly I am happy that Abby found a female friend with whom she had some common experiences and who she could be honest with. I really adore Riley’s ability to forgive Harper and the fact that Harper apologized (both to Riley and in front of her parents) for the nasty things she did to her. I hope that all three of them stayed in touch at least in some way. I just hope that Riley finds happiness, whether it is career- or romantic-wise, or something else.

- the ending was a great way to show that often there are more secrets and hidden competitiveness in families than meets the eye. Sometimes one person being open about his or her life can encourage others to honesty as well and parents can see the error of their ways.

All in all, I am really happy I decided to watch this movie. Thank you for everyone who were a part of making it.

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