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inkblotdemon · 9 months ago
this bit where Abed fucking destroys the autistic detective trope in like thirty seconds is one of my favourites, not gonna lie
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homingpidgeondna · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
they’re boyfriends, your honor
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darkesttimelinedean · a month ago
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coolcoolcoolfilms · 6 months ago
"they're Abed's rules; they're awesome and they always work" okay so if they were saying their wishes out loud does that mean Abed went out of his way to make the wishes Troy made to the fountain come true? so like, was Abed running around procuring random ass items just to make Troy happy? Because I think so
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abednad1r · 7 months ago
it's true!!!!!!
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basiclupineurology · 7 months ago
goddamnit abed is so dysfunctional and that’s what makes him such good autistic rep
I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again.
Too much autistic rep is just, “human supercomputer who’s a dick to other people, but it’s okay he’s smart”, or occasionally, “human supercomputer who’s a dick to other people, and cries sometimes at loud noises”.
But Abed is overwhelmed when someone changes his environment (like in the end credits of Virtual Systems Analysis), he finds it difficult to tell time from an analogue clock (Basic Lupine Urology) and according to the voiceover in Pillows and Blankets, he “can’t pay parking tickets, or tell his right from his left without mouthing the pledge of allegiance”. He also stims vocally.
These kinds of things are just so inherently and uniquely autistic, and I think they really resonated with Community’s autistic audience.
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madsmylittlemeowmeow · 4 months ago
Maybe abed making finger guns at me and making his lil peaw peaw noises could fix me
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penbwl · 6 months ago
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I apologise that this is gonna take up your whole screen I’m so sorry
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abed-mydear · 6 months ago
no because troy and abed are literally in love and i don’t have anything else to say just that they are in love because they are that’s what they’re in they are in love and it’s troy and abed
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appiqui · 20 days ago
i never had a favorite actor until i watched danny pudi act as abed, everything is different now.
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homingpidgeondna · 9 months ago
Danny Pudi once said...
Credit to @/cookiecash on Twitter
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sourbel · a month ago
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bi jacket abed because community has taken over my life
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