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Me: *awake at 3 am thinking about the time in 2nd grade that I said “can’t you read?” after a kid asked what a banner said and then being told he was dyslexic*

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[image id: twitter post by @HijaDe2Madre:

What if I told you people are most definitely capable of causing intentional harm without having them be “mentally ill”? 🙃



9:57 PM, 17 Apr 20 /end image id]

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If I see another mf being ableist I might actually start a fight

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yet more on disability in Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur 

for anyone who is interested in the topic, this posts continues to summarise Sitting on the Sidelines: Disability in Malory by Kristina Hildebrand - same as always, cw for both in-text and out-of-text ableism, and also a note that i’m disabled and the views expressed in this article don’t necessarily align with mine ⚔️ 🏰

previous posts can be found here:

Part 3 - King Pellam (and the Grail Quest as a story of disability)

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CW : Ableism

So I just realised that I. Uh. I think I’m a bit hurt by the way I’ve been told my entire life by my family that I’m weird, that something went wrong with me, that they’re worried because I don’t act like they expect me too. Uh.

I have adhd, I think. I’m pretty much certain actually, even without an official (too expensive) diagnosis. It explains a lot of things -the forgetfulness, the time it takes me to understand tasks when they’re not explained properly, the easily distracted.

But I don’t understand why… why they would continuously tell me I’m weird or wrong. We’re all different. Even if I was neurotypical, would I not be allowed to be « weird » just because ? My mom has told me for years that she was worried about me because I forget too much, and yet she’s never taken me to a doctor to check if there was a reason for it. Dad likes to jokes that something went wrong at birth for me because I’m non-binary, and it’s the same thing- somethings wrong with me, in the end.

I didn’t think I was hurt by it but well, I guess I’ve been writing a fic with Keith and self projecting and venting a bit and that… came out. It sucks

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[image id: twitter post by @JohnCarmack:

We don’t need to “agree on everything” for me to support you,

I need you to agree that when I say “this hurts my marginalized group” you wont say “nuh uh”

12:40 PM, 23 Jan 21 /end image id]

John Carmack (he/they) is a disabled disability rights advocate from California.

(source: twitter)

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now that i think about it the whole concept of “gifts” (implicitly from god) is specifically because of prosperity gospel christianity so by extension the concept of being “gifted” or there being “gifted children” is not only because of ableism but literally christianity

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i wish there were actual studies done abt autism stuff but like by autistic researchers so we could actually get some questions answered instead of having it be a ‘this is why autistic ppl r subhuman’ thing

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ableist slurs being everywhere even in leftist spaces makes the internet like x3 more exhausting to use lol

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anyway i’m BEGGING you to stop using the word “insane” all over the damn place

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Does anyone who uses mobility aids still have trouble with snow? I’m specifically thinking about cane users, but wheelchair users and people who use other types of mobility aids can answer too.

It’s just that I usually have issue with my balance, slippy footing even with support, ice/snow compacting under the foot of my stick and it all adds up to making it feel impossible.

But the way my mother (able bodied) talks about having no problem walking out there, I’m wondering if other mobility aid users still have trouble in weather that able bodied people claim to be fine in.

I’ve only ever had bad experiences walking in snow and icy conditions but no one is taking me seriously so I’m starting to doubt if it’s even common among people like me

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Me, to my partner; BABY my joints hurt ;-;

My partner; *hands me pipe with shmeed and lighter*

Me, greatful; thank u, how’d u know 🥺

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I think the trans-exclusionary fixation with the body slips too much into ableism. It’s not like, straight up ableism, but it gets close; no one’s saying that disabled women who can’t get pregnant aren’t real women, but to suggest (or outright say) that the ability to get pregnant is a defining characteristic of womanhood is really dismissive of disabled women who can’t get pregnant.

And the same applies to other traits that affect women with disabilities or non-normative bodies, and I don’t like it

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paying £500 to people who get COVID-19 would not be “rewarding” people for getting the virus, it would go some small way towards helping people deal with the long-term health impact of COVID, plus it would enable people to stay off work longer and it would even act as some small measure of compensation for the governmental decisions that have ensured COVID is still rampant here.

also it’s not usually a person’s own fault if they get the virus, some of us haven’t been given the option to stay in and have everything we need brought to us for a year.

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Big leftist: *criticizes political figure*

Leftists: wow this is good

Big leftist: yeah they’re just such a *insert ableist usage of some mental illness or disability*

Leftists: wow this is good, I see nothing wrong

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