chronicallylav3nd3r · 2 days ago
abled people need to realise that “trying your best to recover” is exhausting, especially if your illness is chronic because you know you won’t recover.
sometimes we need to rest, we can’t be “trying our best to recover” all the time. being disabled is already a full time job.
also, just because a disabled person isn’t doing everything they can to recover it doesn’t mean that they’re faking it.
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disagigglebilities · a day ago
Anyway, a big go fuck yourself to the disabled people who sit on a pedestal and throw rocks at their disabled peers for things like "being lazy", "wallowing", "not trying", "being a complainer", "being vague about their disability"
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penis-peeper · 2 days ago
the most ironically painful thing about the rise of the neurodivergent community and acceptance of neurodivergence on social medias is watching all of these people preach about acceptance and accessibility and institutional abuse while completely ignoring the existence of physically disabled people and chronic illness and deaf and blind ppl and disabled ppl of color
I’m tired of being disappointed. I crave content that encompasses the spectrum of disabled people. Not a constant flood of infographics about depression and ADHD and autism from fellow white yet ablebodied cis ppl who’ve never been handcuffed or abused or homeless in their life.
fuck man. It’s exhausting. I want to see people like me. I need it. we all need it so badly. we deserve better
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chaos-in-one · 2 days ago
"No guys I swear this time people with this disorder ACTUALLY are evil abusers, this disorder is actually bad! I promise it's not just more ableism this time! Guys wait no where are you going, guys-"
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uncanny-tranny · 2 days ago
"Medical transition means you're a patient for life!"
1. I don't see how this is a problem unless the zombie apocalypse occurs and the world is fucked
2. Being a patient forever is not a moral fault and this argument is ableist. Being on medication for the rest of your life means just that: you are on medication. We don't suddenly turn into monsters. We are human beings.
3. Medical transition in some ways can be stopped, and this is also okay. For some, they literally are not a "patient for life"
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magnetothemagnificent · a day ago
White Leftists™: "The world was wonderful before capitalism, if we just have a glorious revolution and get rid of capitalism, everything will be perfect again! :)"
Antisemitism, racism, ableism, poverty, and homo/transphobia that all predate capitalism: "Are we a joke to you???"
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whatbigotspost · 2 days ago
If you're the kind of person who looks at someone else's existence and judges their body/weight, looks, age, poverty level, disabilities, etc., and think dehumanizing, pitying things like, "thank god I don't have to live like that...I couldn't do it" I want you to know that a lotttttt of those people you're thinking about are happier than you. They have lives they like, people who love them, and ample times living more joyfully than you do or are. YES, there are happy people existing among even those lives you think are the worst or saddest.
I know that's hard to wrap your mind around (because I used to think like you and I get that the conditioning of ableism, fatphobia, ageism etc., is SO STRONG) but I am 100% certain what I'm saying is true--as my own life becomes more like one I would have pitied when I was 19 and yet I am my happiest to date, by far.
The evidence of your dehumanizing thoughts are all I need to know to say that I am certain of this...but the good news is that your ugliest thoughts don't have to define you. Deprogram yourself and you'll be ok--better than OK, I promise! (Besides, who benefits from you thinking these thoughts? I'd guarantee its someone trying to make money off your insecurities.)
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Hey ableds:
It literally just takes ONE accident: one car ride, one fall from the stairs, one stroke, one tick bite, one fever, one covid, one punch, one fight, one injury, one night for your body to stop responding the way it used to.
And if it's not an accident, it's just going to be the time passing. You growing old. You being sixty, and starting to feel a little dizzy when you stand up. You being seventy, and your legs not working like they used to. You being eighty, and your strength, mobility, independence being stripped away.
It's just a matter of time. Could be tomorrow, could be twenty years from now.
For you to come to terms with new words to define yourself. For you to feel the need for a fight you did not see coming. For you to become what was once the bottom of your jokes: an old man or woman, a cripple, a handicapped, impaired, maimed, everything you thought you'll never going to be. You'll become dependent from others, you'll need help, you'll need accessibility.
So why are you so distant from the disabled community? Why dont you fight with us, for us? Why are you waiting to feel alone, too?
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derringermeryl · a day ago
i'm regularly nauseated with how the neurodivergent community -- a community that i was once so grateful to have discovered -- has become by and large the most ableist, unaccepting, heirarchal "mental health community" on the internet. you do not need the handicap stall more than someone in a wheelchair because you have sensory issues. you do not need the elevator more than someone with a cane. you are not more oppressed than someone who cannot afford life saving surgery just because you have to mask at the detriment of your mental health. you are not exempt from ableism just because you are you have a learning deficit or because you're developmentally disabled. stop acting like being ignored and misdiagnosed is the same as being offered euthenasia for having a deformity. this is coming from someone who has been physically abled for the majority of their life. if your mental disorder has become an excuse for you to oppress people with different disabilities, you are no better than the people who oppress you.
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posi-pan · 2 days ago
stop using ableist language. phobias aren't bigotry. stop equating mental illness with bigotry i'm begging you.
sending this to me of all people is funny because for a good while i solely used “x hate/antagonism” and “anti-x”, i still sometimes use those, and my tags are “x antagonism” for this reason. however, the most common and only alternative i’ve seen that can be used in the same way is -misia, which i have issues with. i’m all for recognizing and changing ableist language and i’m fully aware of the issues with -phobia, but it’s what i use until i can find something better.
if anyone knows of alternatives, especially ones that function the same way -phobia does (such as a suffix change that has -phobia, -phobic, and -phobe variations) please share!
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yaoist · 8 hours ago
every time you consider weighing in on an internet stranger's mental health or recovery by commenting on their coping mechanisms or diagnosing them with Evil Disorders or acting like you know them better than they do or forcing them to accept unwanted labels: don't!
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ionlytalktodogs · a day ago
Able bodied ppl stop using me as a pawn challenge
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transfaguette · a day ago
It's so astonishing to me that one of the posts that has netted me the most hate (from other left leaning people) is my post about disability fakers. Especially when all I am really trying to say is "govt's and org's should be doing more to help disabled people and there's no excuse"
what nerve did I strike here? I am so perplexed.
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penis-peeper · a day ago
I am schizoaffective and have DID and the online nd community is abysmal towards people like me. I've been sent so many "I'm in your walls" asks and jokes at my expense and the expense of many others like and unlike me. I want to go rabid every fucking time because they get into being ableist even towards autistic and adhd folk for exhibiting symptoms like psychosis or DID and a lot more. It's so fucking gross. I learned about having ADHD first and then got told to stop being that way because I did so much research in the span of an hour since I was taught to be a researcher! They don't even like it when someone shows they're comfortable with how they are because they're never comfortable with themselves. So they make it worse for other neurodivergencies and then go fucking ham on the disabled because "they obviously shouldn't be included for diversity, there's so much ☆representation☆". It's almost like they want a fucking cult instead of a healthy community.
First, do you want me to kill them? /s I hate those ableist fucks so much
Second, It just occurred to me that I have seen this behavior somewhere else and I think I finally maybe figured it out after reading your ask.
Have you ever encountered a conservative white cis person who’s suddenly come to the realization they are gay? They are so militant about telling you what homophobia REALLY is. They have no lived experiences as a gay person navigating society, they haven’t read any history about the community, they do not have friends in the community, and they drive us all away with their vileness… they are lost!
They are so unaware of what they don’t know — of the world beyond their own life experience — that they are willing to ARGUE with you that your experiences simply aren’t true. They haven’t experienced that, and they’re a gay person, so obviously no gay person has. Clearly, you’re exaggerating or lying. Homophobia doesn’t exist anymore, duh.
My point is that a lot of these ablebodied nds remind me of that. They discover their diagnosis, find a community online, and automatically assume the position of Supreme Disability Activist Expert and scream cry at anyone who tells them that elevator access is a human rights issue
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chaos-in-one · a day ago
Tumblr media
..... why I don't want anything to do with the radqueer, transid, or pro para communities everyone!
Anyways if you sexualize ANY of my disorders you can catch these hands. My existence as a disabled & mentally ill person does not exist and suffer from my disorders to be your goddamned fetish.
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librarycards · 11 hours ago
Hi Sarah! Have you seen the posts going around about ED body dysmorphia being fatphobia? I'm not sure how to feel about this and was wondering your thoughts, thank you:)
I have, yeah -- generally I'm staying away from those posts because they seem unduly cruel. Each of us, regardless of disability, needs to take responsibility for the way our words&actions harm others - including "fat talk" by ppl with eds in that it dehumanizes fat people.
At the same time, i have seen this applied merely to people who "think" or "view" (w no action attached) [their own] perceived "fatness" as bad or whatever else. Make no mistake, that, too, is fatphobia, but the condemnation leveled at ppl who think this way is frankly concerning. the expectation that one is simply able to tinker with their psychosocial disability in order to think correctly - that is, in line w/ appropriate moral values - is pretty absurd given a basic understanding of what it means to be disabled, and I say this as a well-educated person with disorderly eating/body image.
I readily take responsibility for what i say and do, and others should as well, but marking someone as evil for thoughts that cause extreme distress & seem inescapable and impenetrable by "logic" is not only callous, but again, appears completely ignorant of how disability works. if i could reason my way out of this (whatever 'this' is), i wouldn't be here!
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magnetothemagnificent · a day ago
Friendly reminder that calling Donald Trump, MAGA truthers, and conspiracy theorists any variation of "psychotic", "schizophrenic", or "delusional" isn't the progressive take you think it is.
It's so harmful for two very important reasons:
First, it's extremely ableist. There are actual people with psychotic disorders, schizophrenic-spectrum disorders, and delusions. Psychosis and delusions and mania can be extremely debilitating, and many people with these conditions end up abused by the prison and psychiatric systems. People with psychotic disorders are more likely to be victims of abuse, not perpetrators. People with these illnesses and conditions are not bad or evil. It is not okay to label someone you don't like as having these conditions. It is demonizing an already marginalized group of people.
Second, Donald Trump and every other Far-Right conspiracy theorist don't believe the things they do because they're delusional. They believe in what they believe because they're racist, antisemitic, and homo/transphobic. Racism isn't a mental illness. You are taking away the responsibility on these people for their harmful actions, labeling them as merely mental illnesses and not deep-rooted bigotry. There are so many people with psychotic disorders who are not bigoted.
Your ableism isn't progressive. Your abuse apologetics aren't welcome.
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