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already getting people tagging me saying I’m “lying” for the statement that it is “always” minorities getting killed by police. Like we can know for sure that people who are dead now were not any kind of disabled or mentally ill. Like those things are always going to be reported and every single mentally ill person has a diagnosis. Yeah, k buds.

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Was thinking tonight about defunding police and investing in different structures. The reason is that, when I went to pick up dinner from downtown, someone was idling in the one handicap parking spot in front of the restaurant. I was able to find a parking spot a block away but it was pretty painful to hoof it to the restaurant and then to hoof it back while carrying dinner for three.

I wasn’t about to call the police. The person idling was a young black man, and I worry about escalation.

If there was a traffic bureau that wasn’t full of people carrying weapons who might have a desire to go on a power trip, I might have had reasonable recourse.

(And if i hadn’t been able to find a spot close… i honestly am not sure what I would have done. From the street I couldn’t see if there was a tag in the rearview mirror. It was only when walking by that I saw there was no tag.) (I probably would have double parked.)

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I’m fairly sure most of us are aware that nearly 50% of the victims of extrajudicial police killings in the US are disabled, and I’d like to think most of us have also thought through the fact that being black and disabled is a lot more dangerous than being white and disabled.

But I’d just like to add the results of this study to your pool of knowledge.

More than half of black people in the US with a disability will be arrested by the time they reach their late 20s.

Just sit with that for a moment. More than half.

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Getting a heap of ableism on the RT Instgram post from some kid whose profile picture is them with a bike. 

“You can ALWAYS find some work”

Fuck me, where is it, then? Are you even disabled?

You don’t even go here, dude.

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can… every sighted person stop making “lol toph is blind” jokes please??? (that goes for jokes about every blind/disabled character made by able bodied people, actually.) on a humor level, they’re never as funny as you think you are, and you’re also showing your asses about how embarrassingly little you know about blind people.

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11-year-old me suspects I have depression/ASD/etc

Mum: go to a therapist

Dad: you are incapable of having anything wrong with you, you’re just weird. Also my friend whose kid isn’t even autistic said you do not match her son’s autism symptoms down to the fine print so you are not different.

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My brother works at QT and he offered to get my mom and I a soda. Neither of us have left the house because we are both very high risk. So we would have to stay in the car, but at least we were getting out of the house.

So my brother (let’s call him M) goes in to get the drinks before he starts work.

And then I see this.


This is an image of a truck parked sideways and taking up the only handicapped parking available. They didn’t even have a placard.

I do, but like I said, neither my mom or I was getting out. But what if he had been? We wouldn’t have been able to because this person decided there want to be closer to the door trumped my ability to even get out of the car.

Btw I opened my window and took a picture right as they looked over to where we were parked. Right after that they moved to park (the same way!) where there wasn’t handicapped parking. Definitely better but still annoying.

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Do NOT ask for a ride in my wheelchair. I’m not going to get up and put myself through that pain just because you think it’s fun.

Let’s me honest, it can be! I love going down hills, and I love turning by putting the break down so I basically drift. That’s cool as shit and fun!

But you know what I can’t always do? I can’t run down hills. I can skip. I can’t jog. I can’t give piggyback rides. I can’t use a slide. I can’t do the cupid shuffle. I can’t look at stairs and just see them as stairs and not a huge obstacle to overcome.

I can’t go into shops because the aisles are too small. I can’t get to where I need to go because they don’t have an elevator.

I can’t do a lot of things, but that’s ok. This is my life and I’m happy with it. I’m happy to drift in a wheelchair and go down hills super fast.

P.s. don’t use it as a chair when I’m not in it.

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