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#abo dynamics
passivenovember · 7 hours ago
Thinking about The Yellow Crayon.
Steve felt like it was all his fault. Everything--the bruises and the tremor in Billy's voice and the way the crayon was bending under the weight of his fingers. He didn't know what to say and maybe that made everything worse.
"He loves me a lot, he loves me more than Max, Steve. He told me so." Billy was shaking his head. "He's just tired because Max cries a lot. She's so loud, Stevie, she's. Loud and mean and she stinks and sometimes my daddy hits me but--"
The crayon snapped in two.
Billy stared at it for an endless moment, his eyes welling up with an ocean of tears, lower lip trembling. Steve had never seen him cry before.
He didn't know what to do.
Could mommies and daddies hit their kids? Steve had never heard of anything like that before but something in Billy's face, something in his eyes, made Steve believe him. Made him realize that the bruises had never been from running too fast in the field at recess. 
He lifted a hand as it to touch, as if to comfort, and Billy was shocked into motion.
He immediately burst into tears. "Sorry, Stevie, I'm. I broke it. Fuck, I broke it, oh. Oh my--"
Steve pulled Billy to his chest.
Held on to him like the world was crashing and burning as the smaller boy sobbed against him. Steve rocked both their bodies with the weight of it. Billy was crying so hard that he couldn't really breathe anymore and Steve willed himself to stay calm.
He had to be there for his friend.
For his beautiful boy.
Steve rubbed his fingers through Billy's hair. Babbled about stupid stuff like flowers and stars and Big Bird to try and calm him down, because. 
Steve didn't know what to do. He felt so grownup and so young all at once, all at the same time. Helpless and strong and weak and desperate and--
He hadn't known that mommies and daddies could hurt people.
Billy missed school for a couple of days after that and Steve was beside himself with worry.
Mrs. Prayer told him Billy had the flu. That he was sick and his mommy and daddy were taking care of him, making it all better, but. 
Steve knew that was bullshit.
He sat by himself at lunch while Billy was gone. He didn't sing or catch butterflies in the field or draw without him. Didn't feel right since the sun had been snatched out of the sky and no one had told him that bad stuff could happen to kids. That bad stuff could happen to Billy.
When he finally showed up again Steve burst into tears. Hugged him in front of the entire class. Kissed his cheeks and yanked him toward their special corner of the room. Their desks, their fortress, where no one could ever hurt them again--Steve wouldn't let that happen. He would protect Billy, they could run away together and--
"You're pinching my hand."
Steve pulled his fingers away. Tried not to whimper at the sudden loss of warmth. He sniffled. "I missed you, I thought--"
"Jesus, why do you cry so much?" This wasn't his Billy. This was someone hard, someone different. He shook his head. "My dad says crying is for bitches in heat."
Steve felt himself bleeding somewhere on the inside. "I'm. I'm sorry, bumble bee. I'm."
"It's fine." Billy turned away from him. "I don't want to talk about it anymore."
So, they didn't.
And they stopped playing, too. 
And singing.
And whispering to each other during quiet time because Billy had nothing else to say anymore. Mrs. Prayer told him to be patient; Billy was just going through changes, things would be back to normal once his family started therapy and Steve didn't know his daddy, had never seen the man or thought anything bad about him but--he hated Neil Hargrove for taking Billy's light and putting it in a box. For burying it in the ground.
Steve cried in the bathroom that day. Mourned his friend in peace, in quiet until the tears dried on their own. When he returned to his desk Billy was hard at work on a new drawing.
Steve sat and pulled out his math homework. 
Billy poked him. "How come you don't wanna color?"
"I didn't think," He felt tears coming again. Steve bit his tongue until they went away. "I didn't think you wanted to be my friend anymore."
Billy rolled his eyes. "Don't be stupid."
And Steve wasn't stupid. 
Billy always said he was smart and pretty and perfect, so.
He opened his notebook and scribbled away for what felt like hours. They talked about Sesame Street and their plans for the weekend like nothing had happened, like everything was back to normal.
When Steve finally looked up from his drawing Billy handed him something small and delicate.
A yellow crayon taped back together in the middle.
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multi-stann · 2 months ago
More than just my bodyguard- B.B.
a/n-Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m not currently taking requests(i’ll occasionally ask for ideas though!), but i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Your bodyguard finds it harder to contain his feelings when your heat hits for the first time in a while.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, alpha!bodyguard!bucky, omega!female reader, a/b/o dynamics(my first time writing about this so i’m sorry for any horrendous mistakes), age gap(not specified but significant), both pining, fluff, jealous/possessive alpha bucky, reader goes into heat n it starts bucky’s rut, talks of mating, smut, mentions of masturbation, unprotected sex, not a lot of foreplay, cumming inside, biting/slight marking, ass smacking, rough neck grabbing(not choking), two diff positions(reader presents), knotting, i think that’s it(?) let me know if i missed anything
Bucky didn’t realize it until he had to go with you on your little dates. Even though he stood feet away from you and your dates’ table, he could hear everything that was being said. He could see the way you smiled, or the way your hands moved while you talked passionately about something you loved, Bucky even saw you two sharing dessert at one point....and he hated it. And you were never nervous, ever, and that meant really successful first dates…..well sometimes. Bucky hated that though, he found it even worse when they would be successful. It always makes him think that he’s going to lose you, when in reality he doesn’t have you.
Being your body guard means to protect you, to take care of you, to make sure you’re okay every second of the day. That’s what his job is, especially with you being an omega and your parents being a part of some sketchy shit you aren’t completely aware of- and don’t want to know about-, he needs to protect you. It’s his instinct, but it’s also his job too.
With your parents out of town for a couple of weeks, Bucky is on even more of a high alert, especially when you go out on these dates he dislikes so fucking much. It sucks for Bucky because he’s noticed you’ve began getting a bit more social- nothing wrong with that at all- but you’ve been going out on dates with these alpha boys. He can’t help but feel jealous. He wasn’t supposed to fall for you, just protect you- that was all- but now it’s too late. He feels jealous because he’s so close to you, yet he seems so far from you in a way, and why on earth would you ever go for an older alpha anyways? You want a young alpha, someone more near your age, and Bucky just isn’t that.
So as Bucky watches you talk to your third date of the week, he can’t help but notice how the boy isn’t paying any attention to your rambling. Bucky loves your rambling. Whether it’s about the weather, dogs, a tv show, some new shirt you bought, fuck...even if you started talking about the fiery pits of hell(which he is sure doesn’t exist) he’d listen to every single word. The boys’ eyes wander about from other omegas to betas, all except for you. He’s not paying a bit of attention to you, and it’s making Bucky furious. Bucky’s jaw clenches, his fists remain at his side in tight balls. He stares daggers at the boy who sits in front of you, the one who’s not paying attention to you at all. And Bucky thinks, and he knows, that if he were sitting in that boys place, he’d be paying all of his attention to you and his eyes would never wander. Then, Bucky is pulled from his fury, and he watches the young boy do something absolutely idiotic. He nods at your question, then “accidentally” knocks over his glass into your lap. The cold liquid spills all over your new skirt, and you gasp in shock. Bucky is quick to walk over with a new anger washing over him. People part out of his way, them being immediately intimidated by the angry alpha marching across the room, and he throws down just enough money onto the round table for only your meal, then he grabs your arm, “No more dates with you. Don’t fucking contact her again.” Bucky snarls at the guy, and then pulls you up and out of your chair.
He guides you out of the restaurant door with no protests from you. You’re honestly ready to get home, and change out of the sticky liquid covered clothing you’re wearing. Bucky pulls you over to the black SUV that’s parked right outside of the restaurant, and pops the back door open. He helps you in, without a word, but you know he’s pissed. You can see it all over his face, and if that’s not enough, you can smell the anger rushing through his scent- that familiar scent you smell when your father says something to push his buttons; something kind of like a fire, burning wood-, you don’t need Bucky to give you the reason for his anger either.
Once you both get back to your parents’ house, Bucky of course let’s you go in first. He’s calmed down a bit, but once he sees the ruined skirt you took nearly an hour picking out at the store, he angers again. “Why do you insist on going out on these dates anyways, doll? It’s clear a lot of them don’t know how to treat you.” Bucky’s arms cross over his chest as he leans on the wall- jaw clenched. He watches you head to the kitchen, and he follows because he wants an answer. “I uh....well, to hopefully find someone who’s right for me.” You sound a bit unsure, but what else are you supposed to tell him? That you love him? He’s the one for you? That you want to obey his every command and be his omega and don’t even want to go on these pathetic dates? You’re pretty sure he wouldn’t want someone way younger than him anyways, especially a “bratty, rich” omega. Well, that’s what everyone calls you anyways since your parents throw money around. Bucky, on the other hand, knows you like no other. He knows that’s not who or what you are; and that’s one of the many reasons he adores you(little to your knowledge).
“Uh how many more douche bags do i have to take you away from before you see that they’re not there to please you or love you, they’re there for the money most of the time?” Bucky admits the truth, and he watches you shift while you stand at the fridge, back facing him. Your scent changes into one of slight nerves- he smells it-, and you stumble over your words as you speak. “I- I know Bucky....i’m just- i’m a hopeless romantic, okay?” You shrug and shut the fridge door, then you walk briskly towards the stairs so you can go up to your room and change out of the ruined clothes you’re in.
Bucky makes his way up behind you after a few minutes of standing stone in the kitchen, surrounded by his own thoughts. When he reaches your bedroom door, he sees that it’s shut. As he expected, of course. He knocks and it takes you a few moments to answer, but it finally swings open. “Yeah?” You ask him while you wipe off your makeup. “Can we talk?” You can see that he now doesn’t have his jacket on, and you can fully see his metal arm. Something that he’s really only comfortable enough doing- having it on display around you and your family- while at your home. Your eyes meet his and your breath hitches in your throat- heart rate speeding up. You nod shyly, then you step back. “What did you wanna talk about?” You ask him as you walk over to your bathroom.
Bucky enters your room, and then shuts the door behind him. God, you know his intoxicating scent is going to be every where in your room, but what’s the use in complaining? Maybe it’ll help you get off tonight. The universe knows you need something.
Bucky then stands near your closed door, admiring your room as he has many times. Then, once he finally registers your question, his heart thumps a little faster. He shouldn’t ask the question he is wanting to, so he swiftly changes his mind. “How many more this week?” You peek your head from your bathroom and eye him cautiously. “Uh....maybe two. I don’t know, might cancel them honestly.” You shrug and then dip your head back into the bathroom so you’re not peering at him from the doorway.
Bucky blows out a puff of air as he looks at your bed. The want he has to lay in it, and leave his scent all over the covers and pillows is strong, but he wields himself back from doing so. “That all you wanted to know?” You walk back in, makeup off, pajamas on, you’re finally comfortable from the nights events. “Yeah, doll. You heading to bed?” Bucky eyes you as you walk over near him, your scent hitting him at full throttle, he has to hold himself back from reaching out and pulling you into him.
“Yeah, just want to sleep it off. I’ll see you in the morning?” You then walk over to your bedroom door, and open it for Bucky. He takes that as a sign to give you some space, so he does, even though the alpha in him wants to stay and make sure you remain safe throughout the night- he’ll do it from down the hallway as usual. “Goodnight, Y/n.” Bucky says to you before he walks out. “Goodnight, Bucky. I’ll let you know if i need anything.” And with that, you shut the door and leave Bucky standing in the hallway of your big house.
You sigh and rub your hand over your face. His scent lingers even though you know he’s walked away now. All you want to do is bury your face into his chest, have his arms wrapped around your body, and feel the heat from his big body radiate onto you. God, the need- the want- you have to just run down the hall and into his room to pounce onto him, kiss him, hug him, love him, fuck him, it’s so strong- but you remain planted in your room.
You soon walk over and away from your door, to get into your bed. The thought of masturbating crosses your mind, but you’re honestly through with the days events. Your day has been pretty shit, and the date topped it all off, so you just want to crash.
Bucky, he locks himself into his room. He huffs out as he walks over to his bathroom. He needs to cleanse himself of your scent if he wants to get some shut eye. He can’t have just your scent around him, he needs you too. Maybe then, after he showers, he can find it in himself to fall asleep in his bed.
A few days later, Bucky awakes in the middle of the night. He’s not sure why until he hears you whimpering. He immediately gets up, scared that you’ve been hurt because the other guards outside didn’t do their job, or that the security alarms hadn’t gone off- every possible bad thought crosses his mind and the image of seeing you hurt…again, flashes through his mind. The alpha in him is telling him to get to you, and fast.
He scrambles to his door and then B-lines for your room, which of course, isn’t but a few doors down from his room. Once he arrives to your door, he hears the noise again. The door looks intact, nothing looks to be wrong, so he knocks. “Y/n? You okay?” His voice comes through the door, startling you as you cradle yourself into a ball on your hot bed.
Your heat is pretty much irregular. It may come one month, but then not come again until three months later. It’s fairly normal, but it frustrates you not knowing when it’ll hit. And now, it’s hit in the middle of the night without a lot of warning for the first time in months. The pains are absolutely absurd, and you feel like you’re going to explode. The heat all over your body has you sweating and the alpha that stands right outside of your locked door, banging and calling out your name, has your inner omega screaming for you to let him in, but you know you can’t. Not when you’re both unmated, it’s not a smart move. “Bucky, i’m- fuck...i’m fine.” You whine out as another sharp pain shoots through your lower abdomen and the heat within your core gets even worse. “I know you’re not, open the door. Or should i bust it down?” You want to say tell him to not come in, because you know what could happen, but you just can’t find the voice to. You literally can’t find the voice to because of the fucking pain you’re in.
And as soon as Bucky opens the door a couple of moments later because of no reply from you, your scent floods his senses. It’s as if he is hit by a fucking bus going full speed, that’s how strong it hits him. “Bucky....” You whine as you clutch onto one of your pillows. Bucky sees how much pain you’re in, and he wants to help you. He knows that if he doesn’t leave, a potential rut might start, and he’s nearly positive that you don’t want him to help you through this. “It hurts...” You rasp out as you shift in your bed trying to get a little comfortable, but it’s not working. Fuck, he wants to help you. “I know, doll. What do you want me to do?” He asks you, just to see if you want him to stay in here with you, or if you want him to leave. “Your might start.” You fight off the urge to tell him to stay, it’s so unbearably hard and your inner omega is nearly winning you over as the thoughts of him and his body against yours flood in.
Bucky swallows thickly. Half of him was hoping you’d tell him to stay, to make you feel better, but the other half knew you wouldn’t. “Is that what you want? You want me to go?” He asks you as he backs up towards the door- your heat starting to make his mind a little hazy. He can already feel his cock straining against his sleep pants- it’ll only get worse from here if he doesn’t leave. You both know he needs to leave before things get worse, and he needs to leave now. You manage to give him a small nod, then Bucky is trailing back out of the door. His hand grasps the knob, and before he can shut the door, another loud whine comes from you. Damn it, he can’t let you suffer like that. He won’t.
Bucky abruptly slings open the door once again and steps back in- his alpha coming out now. “Omega, i can’t leave you alone, you’re hurting.” His voice is a tad bit deeper when he speaks this time, and it makes your body tense a good way. The door is shut behind him and before either one of you can say another word, he’s on your bed, cradling you in his arms. The physical touch makes you let out a low, satisfied whine. “Tell me to leave again, and i will.” Bucky murmurs, not wanting you to tell him to go. He wants, needs, to help you through this. Even if it’s just this once, but he’ll go if you tell him just once more. “N-no....don’t go. Please?? Help me Bucky.” Your voice is weak as you nuzzle into his neck, scenting him. This is what you’ve always needed, what you’ve always fucking wanted.
His hands are strong on your body, but not overbearing. They keep you held to him, and that- you’re grateful for. “You want me to help you?” His breath grazes your ear and you shiver. “Please?” You whimper when his hand touches your inner thigh. Bucky has been wanting this for so long, and now that you’re finally wanting him to touch you, you’re wanting him to help you, it’s driving him crazy. “Tell me, you really want this?” “Yes, i do alpha. I’ve wanted you for so long, Bucky, please!” Your arms are around his neck now and you’re looking at him. You’re pleading, begging for him. “I’ll take good care of you, ‘mega. Dreamt of this.”
His lips are then on yours in a heated, rough kiss. His hands are grabbing any part of your body he can reach, and your slick is ruining your pajama shorts. Bucky can feel you soaking through them and he grunts. “Gotta take care of you, omega.” Another pain shoots through you and discomfort comes flooding back when he lays you down, briefly moving his hands so he can strip off his shirt.
Then, once his hands are placed back onto you, your shorts are ripped off of your body along with your shirt. You whimper as the cool air hits in between your thighs, and you close them; or at least try to. But Bucky is quick enough to stop you. “Don’t.” It’s a simple command and you obey it. You separate your legs again, fully this time, giving Bucky a full view of your glistening heat. You hear a low rumble come from his chest as he runs his hands up and down your calves and your thighs. “So beautiful, ‘mega.” You clench around nothing as his gaze worsens your arousal. “Bucky, alpha, please?” You grab his hands and place them on your waist. Bucky nearly lets out a snarl, but you, you let out a small whine.
You keen lightly in need and look up at him. His body towers over yours and you want to feel him against you. You want to breathe in his scent and be surrounded by Bucky. Only Bucky. You want him to fill you up, you need him.
“Promise i’ll make you feel good, as long as you’ll let me.” Bucky grunts out as he pulls his pants down, springing free his cock. You whimper at the sight of his thick length. It’s already dripping, and he’s rock hard. You can only hope you start an accidental rut and he’ll give you his knot like you so terribly need. “Alpha….please, wanna feel you.” You grab his wrists and bring them to your boobs. He gives them a good squeeze and then he slips one of his hands down to your heat. His finger drags itself up through your folds and up to your aching clit. You jolt at the sudden touch and he groans at the feeling of how much slick your heat has made you produce. “God, ‘mega.”
His voice is low as he watches you squirm while he rubs your clit. His other hand stays on your boob, pinching the nipple in between his fingers. You let out low moans of pleasure, finally beginning to feel a bit of that pain subsiding.
“Need you in me, alpha. Please?” You whimper and Bucky nearly goes feral. His cock twitches and when he takes in a breath of air- all he can smell. is. you.
It sends him over his edge and in one swift movement, he’s pushed inside of your cunt. “Fuck, so tight.” He seethes as he stills when you let out a loud whine. “Move, please alpha.” Your hands grab his but he’s quick to pin down your wrists above your head. He leans forward as he pushes further into you and you squeal- arching your back so that your bare chest hits his. “You gonna be a good little omega from now on?” He asks and you just want him to move, so you nod. “Answer me, use your words! Are you gonna stay home, stop going out on those dates, and let me take care of you, my pretty omega?” His nose nudges your hot cheek and you whimper when he gently nibbles at your jaw, “yes, Bucky. Been wanting that for so long. But please fuck me.” Your voice is needy and whiny as you speak, but Bucky loves it.
“You promise?” “Yes, alpha, i do!” You whine and Bucky believes you. “Good, no more dates.” Then he pulls all the way out, before he slams back into you. Your mouth drops open when he begins to keep up the steady pace. His hips repeatedly slam into yours, your legs are spread wide as you let him fuck you senseless. Your swollen clit nudges his pelvic bone with each thrust he gives you, and you feel overwhelmed- but in a good way, because the pain is going away and all you smell is Bucky. His scent is something nearly indescribable and it has your mind slightly hazy. Especially the way he looks on top of you as he deeply fucks into you.
“Alpha!” You moan, and Bucky gently nibbles down where his mark would go if he were to completely bare down onto your skin- not yet though. He wants to take his time, he wants to show you just how much you mean to him- even nearing his rut. “Mine. My ‘mega….only mine.” He grunts against your hot skin and you moan a “yes, only yours” in affirmation for him. His hips never falter or slow down, even when your pussy squeezes around him so tightly. All you can hear is skin slapping, praises, and your moans combined. Your slick that’s covering his cock can be heard too, and you’re so glad that no one else is within the house.
“Fuck…” Bucky grunts out, and his eyes close. He can feel his rut starting, and it’s coming on strong. “What about my knot, ‘mega? Would you take-.” “Yes, alpha, yes! Please, give me your knot.” You beg and Bucky chuckles as he nuzzles his face into your neck. He bites down again, a little harder this time but also in a different place. His lips trail kisses up your neck and your jaw until he reaches your ear. He nuzzles into your neck once more before he whispers in a gruff tone, “present to me like a good omega, then i’ll give you my knot.” He lightly tugs on your earlobe with his teeth then he pulls his cock out of your needy cunt.
You’re quick to obey- but with a whine of the loss of his cock- and you flip over, your ass in the air as you present to him. Bucky wastes no more time after he gives a hard smack to your ass in burying his cock back deep inside of you. You moan loudly and your face gets buried into your sheets and pillows that already distinctively smell of Bucky, now your moans are muffled. “Good little omega.” He growls out as he fucks into you, your body shifting up the bed a bit more every time he rams into you especially hard. Your hands are grasping your sheets as hard as they can and you’re nearly sure that your nails are going to leave holes at some point, but you don’t care. Your parents can throw their money towards new sheets for you.
“Only i get to make you cum, only i get to fuck you. I’m the only one who’s allowed to scent you, mark you, mate you.” His hips and thrusts accentuate his words as he speaks in a low growl, and all you can do is moan and whine from need- and from understanding. This is all you’ve been wanting. You’ve been wanting Bucky behind you, fucking your as hard as he can. You’ve been needing this. The coil in your tummy is starting to form fast with each delicious drag of his thick cock, and you know it’s going to be a good orgasm. It’s been a while since your heat has been, but it’s been nearly as long since you’ve had a good fuck. “Want my knot, ‘mega?” Bucky’s voice is a deep rumble as he speaks, his breath a bit ragged from how hard he’s thrusting.
“Yes! Please, alpha.” You beg, you whine. Your eyes are shut tight as the feeling of overwhelming pleasure is about to rip through you at any moment. Oh, and you can’t fucking wait to cum for Bucky.
Bucky feels his knot forming. He’s close, so close, and he knows that he won’t be able to hold back when he’s there. “Is my omega close? You need to cum, hmm?” He asks, and all you can do is whine. That’s not enough for Bucky and his inner alpha. His hand then runs up your spine and to the back of your neck, then he brings you up off of the bed a bit roughly. A couple of tears fall from your eyes from the pleasure and your body begins to tense as your orgasm approaches even closer. “Yes! Yes! So c-close!” You nearly scream and then you’re suddenly released back down onto the pile of sheets beneath you. “Good girl, ‘mega. Cum for me.” He growls, and you do as he says.
With one last thrust of his head into your g-spot, you cum around him. Your pussy clenches down onto his thick cock, and you hear him groan at the feeling. Your legs shake a bit and you’re nearly screaming into the sheets as you cum around him. It’s even better than Bucky imagined- how tightly you’re squeezing him. The pretty moans you’re letting out as you cum and your body tenses under him. God, he thinks you look so pretty like this but his mind- his alpha- can’t be bothered to tell you that at the moment. Not when he’s so close…..
Not long after, a few more thrusts does him in- and they’re right against your g-spot too. You feel his hot seed spill into you, and his hands form a tight-bruising grip onto your hips as his knot settles in. He’s quick afterwards to adjust the two of you into a more comfortable position- knowing that you’re too tired to even move a muscle-, so that you’re both laying down on your sides and he’s still inside of you- while you two wait for his knot to go down soon.
You can feel his breath on your warm skin as he nuzzles his face into your neck- breathing you in after. You’re both hot and sweaty- you more so than he is due to your heat- but the pain you were experiencing earlier is now gone, but you know it’ll be back within time, and it won’t take that long. “Bucky?” You ask with a small pant of breath. He hums. You gently grab ahold of his hands- vibranium and flesh- that are on your tummy, and you squeeze them. “Thanks, you didn’t have to do all this.” “I wanted to. You have no idea how long i’ve wanted you in my arms like this, y/n.” Bucky mumbles and then places a few slow kisses on your neck. You smile, “this just a one time thing for my heat, or?” You feel Bucky shuffle a bit behind you, and if he could’ve moved to look you directly in the face, he would have. “No, god no. I meant what i said. I want you to be mine. Wanna mate you when you’re ready, want to be the only one who loves you…cares for you.”
You heart beat speeds up, and of course Bucky hears it, but he doesn’t say anything. “Oh, i want the same Bucky. Want you all to myself.” You mumble before you bring his right hand up to your lips and give his hand a kiss. His heart flutters at how soft you are. You’re a dream and he’s lucky to have you. “I’m not ready for this pain to come back though.” You change the subject and he snuggles deeper into you. “I’ll be right here, ‘mega. Right here with you. I’ll keep you nice and full through your heat, keep you close to me.” Bucky replies and you feel butterflies erupt in your tummy. “Wouldn’t want anyone else to keep me full, alpha. Wouldn’t want any other alpha.”
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ifureallyknewme · 6 days ago
Alpha (18+)
Alpha!Bucky barnes x omega!reader
warnings: breeding kink, knotting, possessive!Bucky, heat, praise, dirty talk, abo dynamics, mention of lactation kink, l-bombs
Your alpha is rugged and brawny. He is broad shoulders and, large arms, lean torso and thick, muscular legs - he is a walking adonis. The sight of him makes the heat of your skin flair up and the coil in your belly tighten. He coaxes slick from within you and just his scent has you on the edge of glory. You can only hope he will forever be your undoing.
Unfortunately, It happens when your alpha is away. Your skin starts to feel like a hellscape has risen to the surface of it from within you. The coil in your belly stays tightly coiled, unable to come undone no matter how hard you try and oh, do you try. You use every toy in your possession, his shirts, your pillows and nothing works. You're stuck in a purgatory limbo of heat and earth shattering pain and need, until you feel him return.
When you scent him, you also hear him growl, a loud rumble that causes slick to ruin your panties further. The sound spurs something deep within you. He smells your own scent that has no doubt permeated the entire apartment. Your heat has come on so strong you're surprised no one else has tried to come in. And then you see James, his clothes are tattered and his knuckles are busted, albeit already healing - oh.
"Had to fight some bastards on my way to you," he calls out, standing at the edge of your shared bed and the thought that Bucky fought off Alphas to get to you has you heaving yourself up despite your pain and presenting yourself to him.
"Oh my love," you hear him groan. The sight makes Bucky's cock swell and the smell of you has him palming his hard cock. The slick that runs down your thighs almost has him cumming and he beams with pride at his reward. He fought many men for you and now he will have you, as he always has and he will remind you, that you are his.
"Mine to have, and to hold," Bucky reminds you out loud, twistng the ring on his finger, "mine to care for and to fuck," he removes his clothing and gets onto the bed behind you, "my omega," he growls out and grips your hips bruisingly. With his touch, you are finally somewhat sated, the unbearable heat starts to cool but the need in your belly and your cunt only increases.
"Please, Alpha," you moan out for him and wiggle your hips, your pussy tightening and clenching in need around nothing.
"Okay, babydoll, I'm gonna give you what you need," he whispers, and sinks cold fingers into you, he pumps them in and out and coos softly about how well you're doing for him. the initial shock and stretch of three of his fingers inside of you passes and you feel the pleasure in your core start to build, "please," you whine and rock back on his fingers, fucking yourself on them.
"Gonna, fuck you stupid after you cum for me dolly," he groans as he watches you fuck yourself on his fingers. the sight is so crude and it makes him so painfully hard. He has to wrap his hand around himself as a temporary release. But it's not as good as your hands or your mouth, or your cunt. Nothing will ever satisfy him like sliding home and spilling himself into you. That's when it hits him, he is going to fill you up until you are leaking and full of him. He wants to see you round and full with his child, your breasts heavy and leaking for him. How he will help you soothe the pain, the thought nearly makes him cum.
"Good fucking girl dolly," he moans and fists himself, "gonna fuck a baby into you after you cum for me," and "oh shit," the thought makes you meet his now harsh finger thrusts
"gonna feast on you every day," he says "keep you full and leaking, and when you're pregnant, I will fuck you every single day, just because you're too good to me,"
and suddenly with a jerk and a cry you're cumming on his fingers, and yet the coil in your belly tightens still. "You need me don't you honey?" He cooes and yes, you do. You need his cock fucking into you with vehemence and that's exactly what he does.
"so good for me pretty baby," he moans as he aligns himself with you and without a warning he's sinking home and fucking into you. He has a bruising grip on your hips and you can feel him inside you, pressing into your g-sport perfectly. Then, Bucky uses a hand to press between your shoulders so that your cheek is on the pillow and the arch in your back is even "fuck," deeper. Bucky leans over you and moulds himself to your back. The heat of his skin quelling the heat of your own.
"can you feel me dolly," he whines and cups your lower belly and presses so you can feel him there, deep and you know you will feel him there ever after he is gone.
"I'm gonna fucking cum inside you," he groans, only bucking his hips now and grinding deeper into you "and get you nice and round with my baby,"
"Oh fuck alpha, I wanna have your baby," you cry out and try to fuck yourself back onto him but have trouble with how tightly he's holding you. He growls with your use of his title and fucks into you hard just like you need. He always knows what you need.
"Yeah? you gonna give me a baby?" he nods and goes to hold your hand and intertwine your fingers. Like this he feels so close to you, holding you, caring for you, and being inside you as you are one.
All the time Bucky is revelling in your whimpers and moans of pleasure. He knows only he can make you feel this way. He would have been damned if anyone else got to touch you. You are his, as much as he is yours. That's why you were his mark, that's why you were his ring.
"I love you," he mewls into your ear and you cum so violently, he has to use both his hands to hold your down so that you don't jerk away from him. The feeling of you cumming around him, your walls fluttering and taking him deeper still. His knot flares immediately and he's roaring as he fills you with is cum until he is shaking and empty and spurting into you only once in a while. Even with his knot as a plug, you both have cum so much that the whiteness leaks out around the sides of Bucky's cock and to your clit. Bucky lowers you down to your sides still holding you tightly and then he lowers he hand to rub at your clit until your cumming for him again. He watches your face in awe, contorting and glowing and always asking for more.
"I love you," he says again kissing your forehead, "I love you too, Alpha," you agree and you both hum contented for now, sated for now and fall into a deep sleep, dreaming of each other.
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jcwriting · 5 months ago
Written in the Stars
Tumblr media
summary ↬ being soulmates with a werewolf? pretty easy. being jungkook’s soulmate? the easiest thing in the world. there’s only one teensy tiny problem. he doesn’t want to fuck you.
pairing ↬ werewolf!jungkook x reader
genre ↬ soulmate!au, abo verse, fluff, angst, hurt/comfort (this is so fucking dramatic and for what)
word count ↬ 10.4k my hand slipped
warnings ↬ swearing, angst (but with a happy ending bc im a sappy bitch), jk is stupid in love (emphasis on stupid), mentions of violence (very brief and i don’t go into too much detail but just to warn yall), slight nsfw (sex is a big topic for like half of this but not sex is had...i know im shocked too), half of this is background info/setting up the story the other half is finally addressing the summary lolol, jk is kind of an asshole but he has reasons!!!!!
authors note ↬ hello lovelies! here’s a small little thing for you all (laughs in 10k word count). this has been sitting in my drafts for fucking ever and i just needed to get it out there and out of my hands. im thinking about writing a part two where the actual ~*/sex/*~ is had but im still on the fence about that. please let me know what you think! i literally crave your interactions so pls dont be shy,,,,,okay love you bye :)
(ps i was so close to naming this Rewrite the Stars but since this has absolutely nothing to do with The Greatest Showman i didn’t. but i was close,,,,so fucking close)
Tumblr media
You always knew Jeon Jungkook was destined for great things.
It was written in the stars, your mother had told you after he had first stepped foot into your family-owned grocery store. Your mother didn’t have any special powers, she just had a thing for astrology. While you normally shrugged off her random proclamations about divine intervention and planetary alignments, you found that Jungkook was something you couldn’t ignore or chalk up as your mother’s latest tea leaf reading.
From the moment you set eyes on him you knew he was different. While your family held zero claim to any sort of mystical or magical inclinations, you were well aware of those who did. It was no secret that non-humans roamed the Earth in plain sight, even though it had taken humans eons to realize this. After years of savage wars and civil unrest, agreements had come into place and governing bodies were adjusted to accept the changes that had finally been made. But, this was all before your time. You were the generation that was born into the period of peace, the first children to not experience bloodshed before they could walk. The world you knew now was almost a complete one-eighty of what it had been.
Where before those who were not of human blood had to do everything they could to blend in, now could be free of the shadows. Your classrooms had both humans and non-humans in their rosters. Some of your teachers were hybrids. Curriculum expanded to teach humans about a world that had once been entirely unknown to them. One of your favorite teachers was a witch who regaled your tenth grade class with stories of goblin wars, wizard duels, and vampire covens. All tales that you had once thought were nothing but fiction were now anything but.
Which is why, the second Jeon Jungkook entered the grocery store that your parents owned and that you had worked at since you were old enough to speak in full sentences, you knew who he was. You didn’t even question it.
He was a werewolf. A powerful one. You could see it in the way he carried himself. The purposeful strides he took down the narrow aisles, the confidence in his broad shoulders. Humans weren’t nearly as sensitive as their hybrid counterparts but you also paid attention in your classes. Or, perhaps you were more aware than other humans. Never in your life did you have the issues other faced when meeting a non-human for the first time. You always knew who they were without them having to tell you. You just knew.
So, when Jeon Jungkook stepped up to your register with a bottle of water and some raw beef, you didn’t flinch. Didn’t bend under his dark gaze or shuffle your feet in an awkward attempt to break the silence. Instead, you flashed him your customer service smile and rang up his items. He didn’t say a word as he paid, barely sparing you a second glance as he strode out of the store.
“He’s going to be a great and powerful man,” your mother said in that feathery light voice of hers. “It was written in the stars.”
You couldn’t help but agree.
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook came into your store everyday for the next month. He bought the same thing every time. A bottle of water and a package of raw beef. The only time he spared you any words was to say thank you or the occasional hello if the sun was shining. Usually, he was alone. Sometimes, he came with a few members of his pack. You liked those days. He smiled a little brighter and talked a little louder when they were around. Especially around Taehyung.
Then, after a month, he didn’t come in. Not for an entire week. From Monday to Sunday, you hadn’t seen a hide nor hair of him. A part of you was worried, so worried that you almost stopped Taehyung in the middle of the street to ask of Jungkook’s whereabouts before realizing how insane that made you look, the other part was chastising yourself for caring. Jeon Jungkook was a customer. Nothing more, nothing less.
The following Monday had come and you had finally stopped glancing at the sliding doors every five minutes. You no longer expected his commanding presence to rock your little world. Instead, you continued your day as if it had been any other. That was, until, Jeon Jungkook stepped through the entrance looking as if he was walking on air. It didn’t take a genius to figure out why.
“Did you have a good heat?” You asked when he stepped up to your register. Jungkook fumbled the water bottle he had been setting onto the conveyer belt before turning to stare at you.
“What did you just say?”
You didn’t shrink under his intense glare. “I was asking if you enjoyed your heat. Seems like you did.”
“How do you know I was in my rut?”
“Oh, is rut the correct terminology? Sorry, they always interchanged them in class, I was never sure what was appropriate.” You shrugged and rang up his items. “It was kind of obvious, though. You seemed pretty agitated about a week-and-a-half ago, then you disappear for a week, and now you’re back looking happier than ever. If it wasn’t your rut then I want to know where you went on vacation because that’s where I’m heading to next.”
Jungkook laughed. That almost made you jump out of your skin. You had never heard him laugh before. It was throaty, it was deep, and it was wonderful. “I’ll be sure to send you the link to the Airbnb.”
“And how do you plan on doing that?”
He smirked. “I’m here every day, aren’t I?”
You tilted your head as you accepted the cash he handed to you. “Clearly, you’re not that reliable.”
Jungkook laughed again. It was becoming your new favorite sound. “My apologies. I didn’t mean to appear flaky.”
“You’re forgiven,” you decided as you handed him the plastic bag of his purchases. Teasingly, you added, “just make sure it doesn’t happen again.”
He flashed you a smile that showed off his sharpened canines. “Don’t worry, darling. I never make the same mistake twice.”
Tumblr media
Jeon Jungkook kept his promise. He showed up everyday, like clockwork. Bought the same thing. Arrived at the same time. The only thing that changed was how he treated you. It wasn’t that he treated you badly before, he had always been polite. But now, he talked to you. He asked you questions and answered yours. More often than not, he laughed.
(It had become your favorite sound.)
For three months, this continued. The two of you had settled into a comfortable routine, something you relied on and expected. Until, he changed that.
Until, Jeon Jungkook asked you out on a date.
“What did you just say?”
“Are you free? Tonight?” You glanced around, almost expecting to see some sort of supermodel posing behind you to explain the absolute absurdity of the situation. “What are you doing?”
“Looking for the hidden cameras. I think I’m getting Punk’d.”
Jungkook sighed and placed both hands on the counter that separated the two of you. “Look at me.” You did. Slowly and warily, but you did. “Does it look like I’m lying to you?”
Narrowing your eyes, you regarded him carefully. He seemed serious. But, then again, do you ever really know someone? “I don’t know. I’ve never actually seen you lie before so I wouldn’t know the difference.”
“Fine. Ask me what color my shirt is.”
“What color is your shirt?”
“White,” he deadpanned. You glanced down at his chest. His shirt was black.
He threw his head back and released a full bellied laugh. Even in your exasperation you couldn’t help but soften a little. “I’m sorry, darling. I couldn’t help myself.” Annoyed, you huffed and spun to face the cash register. Stabbing your finger onto the touchscreen, you ignored Jungkook’s obvious presence on the opposite side of the counter. Until his hand reached around the card reader and grasped a hold of your chin. The warmth of his fingers forced your head to turn to meet his.
“Come to dinner with me.” His voice was nothing but a rumble in his chest, his eyes so black and all-consuming you couldn’t do anything but agree with him. He seemed pleased by your response as his fingers tightened against your skin and a grateful smile flicked past his lips. His gaze darted down to your mouth and your breath froze in your chest.
“Are you going to kiss me?”
Jungkook raised an eyebrow. “Do you want me to?”
“No.” You tried to shake your head but his grip didn’t allow you much movement. He was taken aback by your answer, a small frown tugging at his mouth. You quickly backtracked to fix the situation. “I don’t want our first kiss to be in a grocery store. That’s a new low that I refuse to reach.”
Jungkook chuckled and tapped your chin gently. “Alright, darling. I’ll pick you up at seven.”
Tumblr media
Again, he kept his promise to you. He showed up at your parents house exactly at seven, wearing a button-down shirt and slacks. The tulips he had gotten for you was thrust into your hands the moment you opened the door. Flashing him a genuine smile, you hurried into the kitchen to set them in water while your mother grilled him on his birth time. You were quick to drag him away, practically throwing him towards the car as you waved goodbye.
“Sorry,” you sighed as Jungkook opened the passenger door for you. “She has a…thing for astrology. She’s probably creating your star map or whatever right now.”
“It’s okay,” he responded once he got into the drivers seat. “It’s sweet of her to care.”
You snorted. “She’s delusional is what she is.”
“So, you’re saying you don’t believe in astrology?”
“Do you?”
Jungkook shrugged as he pulled out of your dirt driveway. He looked so damn attractive behind the wheel it was honestly unfair. “Not really saying I do or don’t. All I know is that there are a lot of things out there that are out of our control. If believing in the stars and planets helps you gain some of that control back, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that.”
“God, don’t talk like that in front of my mother. She’ll want to start dating you.”
He grinned and placed a hand on your knee. “Tell her I’m already taken.”
You didn’t get a chance to respond to that. Not that he didn’t give you one, it was just that you literally had nothing to say. With just one sentence he opened the floodgates of your brain and the amount of thoughts that were flying through your conscious was painful. Anxiety fluttered in your stomach and you pressed your lips together to keep you from word vomiting onto him. No, it was better to keep your mouth shut and let the moment pass.
By the time you reached the restaurant you were a trembling mess of nerves. Were you guys dating? You thought this was just a ‘testing the waters’ date, not a ‘you’re my girlfriend now’ date. Did you have to make it Facebook official? You hated that shit.
Jungkook didn’t comment on your obvious distress, though. He merely placed a hand on the small of your back, ignoring how you jerked in surprise, and led you into the quiet bistro. Nodding politely to the hostess who was practically panting at the sight of him (you honestly couldn’t blame her) and pulled out your chair for you. When he sat down, he started talking. Idle chat at first. Commenting on one of the dishes, asking about the college classes you were taking at your local university. Before you realized it, wine was in your glass and your shoulders were loose. Previous nerves forgotten, you lost yourself in Jungkook. You drank, you ate, you laughed, and genuinely enjoyed his company. Honestly, it was the best date you’d ever been on.
“I have to be honest with you,” Jungkook spoke after he finished his raw steak. “I have an ulterior motive for asking you here tonight.”
“Oh,” you mumbled around the shrimp you had just tossed in your mouth. “So…this isn’t a date?”
“No, it is,” Jungkook clarified quickly around a dry chuckle. He seemed…nervous. It put you on edge immediately. “This is definitely a date. And, also, more.”
“More? What, is this a proposal too?” You were joking. A 100% joking. But Jungkook was staring at you so seriously it made you panic. “Jungkook, if you get down on one knee here I swear-”
“I’m not proposing,” he assured you. “This is something more than that.”
“More?” You parroted. Jungkook sighed.
“Do you know what a true mate is?”
Right there, in that quaint little bistro, on a date with quite possibly the most untouchable man you’d ever met, he explained how you were irrevocably his. His true mate, his soulmate.
Jungkook explained everything in great detail, which you appreciated, because honestly, you had no words. He explained how when he was born, the witch who cared for him told his father that his future glared brightly ahead of him, but only when he met his other half. True mates were rare. Mating was common, the wolves in his pack could have multiple mates or a lifelong one, but true mates were destiny. Someone or something out there had forged the two of you together. You were essentially each others other half. He was made for you and you were made for him.
“But…aren’t true mates only for wolves? I thought it’s impossible for a human to be a true mate,” you asked in a shaky voice once Jungkook took a breath.
“It was supposed to be impossible. Until, I met you.” Jungkook stared at you with a sort of reverence that made your entire body blush. “I have no idea how you are. I’ve spent hours researching. I’ve consulted with members of my pack and others. No one knows why.”
“Are you sure, though? I mean…what if you’re wrong?”
“I’m not.” Jungkook shook his head. “I visited the witch right after I met you. She took one look at me and told me that I had finally found my true mate. She said she’d never seen a future so bright before.”
You had no words for that. For the first time in your life, you were speechless. Jungkook seemed to understand. He let you sit in silence as he paid for the bill and walked you out to the car. The drive back to your parents house was the same. You couldn’t speak. The shock rendered you stupid.
By the time Jungkook pulled into the driveway you still hadn’t spoken a word to each other. You stepped out of the car before he could open the door for you. Walking up to the porch steps in a trance, you didn’t hear him follow you until he clasped your wrist in his hand. Turning to face him, you were surprised to see his brown eyes so big. They practically sparkled in the moonlight and he looked so soft and sweet you nearly melted into the wood beneath your feet.
“Please,” he whispered. “Can you…just - are you okay? You’ve been so quiet. I’m worried I’ve scared you off or something.”
With that voice, it was impossible to deny him. So, you said the first thing that popped in your head. “Do we have to make it Facebook official?”
Jungkook stared at you before bursting into laughter. “Really? That’s all you have to say?”
You blushed and glanced down. “I’m just worried, that’s all. I can’t remember my Facebook password so even if you wanted to change it I don’t think it’ll work.”
“So that’s why you never accepted my friend request,” Jungkook teased. Before you could squeak out a response, he wrapped his arms around your waist and tugged you forward. You kept your arms crossed across your chest but let yourself fall against him.
“Don’t make fun of me,” you whined as you buried your face into his shoulder. He smelled so good, a mixture of pine and spice. “My brain hasn’t worked since you told me I’m yours, so bear with me.”
Jungkook chuckled and gently swayed you from side to side. “Does that mean you’re okay with this? All of this?”
Sighing, you lifted your head up and stepped away from him. Jungkook was not impressed and pulled you back to him. Your heart swelled in your chest and you wrapped your arms around his neck in consolation. “Honestly? I haven’t really processed anything. You’ve had your whole life to come to terms with this. I just found out thirty minutes ago that I’m someone’s soulmate. It’s a lot to take in.”
Jungkook nodded as he tapped his fingers against your hips. “I know. It’s a lot…I’m a lot. I just want you to know that you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to be with me. I won’t-”
Now it was your turn to burst into laughter. You couldn’t believe those words had left his mouth. It was easily the most absurd thing you’d ever heard. “Jungkook, I want to make something very clear. I have no problem being your true mate. That’s not the issue here. Well, there really isn’t an issue. It’s just…hard to believe, I guess. I have to process that this is my new reality.”
“Really?” Jungkook perked up and looked so fucking cute you couldn’t help but cup his cheeks. His skin was so warm despite the cold autumn air that surrounded you both. “You want to do this? Be with me? Be mine?” All you could do was nod. You were so overwhelmed with emotions. The shock was evident, but a piece of you was so happy. You felt whole.
Jungkook’s face split into a wide smile that caused his nose to scrunch up. He wrapped his arms around your waist and spun you around. Squealing, you slung your legs around his hips and held on. Normally, you’d rather die than show this much affection to someone. But, this was Jungkook. Your soulmate.
“So…what do we do now?” You asked once Jungkook set you down. “Is there, like, a ceremony or something?”
“I have no idea,” he admitted as he stared down at you. He had a hand against your jaw and was rubbing your cheek tenderly. “I really didn’t think I’d get this far.”
You scoffed at his ridiculousness. While recognizing you were Jungkook’s true mate was going to take some time, believing that he thought you’d deny him was utter nonsense. “What if…what if we date, first?” You suggested timidly. “I know that sounds kind of weird considering we’re supposed to be the loves of each others lives. But, I don’t really know you all that well. And, I think this is going to take sometime for me to get used to. Maybe we should date, get to know each other, and just learn how to be with one another.”
“Whatever you want,” Jungkook agreed. “We can do whatever you want. Just as long as I have you, I’m happy.”
Tumblr media
Two years passed.
Two blissful, wonderful years. Two years of dating, two years of loving, two years of being Jeon Jungkook’s. It was everything you could’ve asked for and more. You had never felt so loved and cherished in your entire life. He respected you, he took care of you, and most importantly, he was there for you in every sense. Since the moment you met him, you hadn’t been alone. He hadn’t let you. Jungkook knew you better than you knew yourself.
And, it was the same for him. You were there for him when he transitioned into the leader of his pack. You were there when he took over the CEO position from his father and encouraged and supported him every step of the way. You let yourself be loved and in return he let you love him. It was wonderful.
Except, for one tiny thing.
While the emotional aspect of your relationship flourished and bloomed into something beautiful, the physical side remained stagnant. Make out sessions and heavy petting were a norm in your relationship. At first, it didn’t bother you. In fact, you loved that Jungkook was taking things so slow and so seriously. But, eventually, your needs began to grow. You found yourself wanting him in more ways than one, wants that only he could satisfy. Jungkook refused. Every time.
It wasn’t like he refused your every need. No, Jungkook was extremely attentive. When it came to himself, that’s when things got dicy. He had no problem spending hours between your legs, worshipping you until you were crying from the overstimulation. Yet, he wouldn’t let you anywhere near him. Not without lack of trying on your part. The minute your hands went down to his waistband, he pushed you away. Every time you tried to dip your mouth to the obvious bulge in his pants, he lifted you up and kissed you breathless until you forgot your name. It wasn’t until after a year of dating that he finally let you grind on his clothed cock. Even then, he held off until you finished and then walked out with quite possibly the worst case of blue balls. You hated that he did this to himself. The worst part was, you couldn’t understand why.
The one time you had brought it up to him it had resulted in the worst fight the two of you had ever gotten into. It was the only argument that was never really resolved. After the yelling and the tears, all you got out of Jungkook was that mating with a wolf was not pretty. It was extremely dangerous and he refused to put you in that kind of danger. End of discussion. No matter how hard you tried to persuade him or broach the subject, he shut it down. Hard. Eventually, you gave up.
He even spent his ruts away from you. Every three months, he left you for a week. You knew he had a place somewhere up in the mountains and you assumed that’s where he went. You had no idea. There was no point even asking to come along. You loved your boyfriend and didn’t want to purposely give him a heart attack. You hated it when he left. As much as you tried to hide it and convince him that you were just fine, he wasn’t stupid. Being away from him was tough. A piece of you was missing whenever he was gone. And you were only whole again when he returned.
This past week had been one of those weeks. He had left on Sunday for the mountains. He was agitated and clingy, how he normally was pre-rut. Jungkook wouldn’t let you leave his side and you spent most of the weekend on his lap or wrapped in his arms. Not that you minded. When he left your parents house on Sunday night, you’d had to coax him out of the door. Promising him that you’d be okay and that you’d see him next week. It wasn’t until several kisses later did Jungkook finally leave.
While you’d been doing this for two years, it never got easier. More manageable? Sure. But definitely not easier. All you could do was go through the motions. You went to work at the local bakery, came home and helped your mom with dinner, watched TV with your dad before going to bed. Taehyung and Jimin would visit often, threatened by Jungkook to keep you company. While you assured them it wasn’t necessary, you secretly didn’t mind. They made you laugh and made you temporarily forget your boyfriend was miles away from you. Sometimes, if you were lucky, he’d call you to tell you goodnight. But those times were rare. Normally, you didn’t hear from him until Friday or Saturday when he was finally coming out of his rut and returning to the world.
By the time Sunday rolled around, you were a jittery ball of nerves. Not in a bad sense. You were just excited. The anticipation killed you and it took all of your willpower to sit and wait for his text to tell you to come over. Your parents always left you alone on these Sundays, unable to deal with your hyperactiveness and constant fidgeting.
This Sunday was no different. You puttered around your room for the better part of the day. You spent the other part in the kitchen, baking like your life depended on it. Jungkook loved your cookies and you always made sure to come over with at least three batches after his ruts. He always said that was his second favorite part about coming home, after seeing you, of course.
You had just finished packaging the final batch in a glass cookie jar when your phone dinged. You didn’t have to read the message, you knew exactly what it said. Pure joy rushed through your system as you threw on your coat and shouted a hasty goodbye to your parents. Juggling the cookies and car keys, you sprinted to your car. The drive to Jungkook’s was thankfully not long. About ten minutes, as long as you didn’t hit any traffic on the main road. Luck was on your side, though, and you showed up at Jungkook’s house in eight minutes.
Taehyung’s car was in the driveway when you pulled up, which wasn’t odd. Although Jungkook owned the house, the members of his pack were almost always around. While most preferred to travel in their wolf forms, you knew Taehyung and Namjoon preferred cars. Something about being able to listen to their own music without comments from the peanut gallery. You didn’t really understand and didn’t really need to. You had just chalked it up as one of their many quirks.
Carrying the trays of cookies in both hands, you shut your car door with your foot before speed-walking up the stone walkway to Jungkook’s home. The screen door was shut, but the wooden door was swung wide open. You had just reached for the metal handle when you heard it.
A deep, threatening growl ripped through the peaceful quiet and froze you in place. You knew it was Jungkook. While you had only heard it once, you’d never forgotten it. It was when the two of you had attended a party and an alpha from a neighboring pack had cornered you in the hallway. Jungkook had found you cowered against the wall as the other alpha had caged you in. The sound that had left his chest had given you equal parts comfort and fear. Comfort, because he was there and you knew you were safe. Fear, because you could see in the way he bared his teeth and how his muscles vibrated, he had been furious and bloodthirsty.
That’s what you felt now, fear.
Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong.
From your vantage point in front of the screen door, you could see directly into the kitchen. Taehyung was leaning against the granite countertop and Jungkook was seated at the island. The tension was so thick you practically choked on it.
“Enough, Taehyung.”
“No,” Taehyung snapped, seeming just as angry as Jungkook. “I’m not dropping it. Not this time.”
“Yes, you will,” Jungkook snarled. “I’m not having this conversation with you.”
“Too fucking bad.” While Taehyung was also an alpha, he acted so much like a beta you never really noticed. Until now. “I’m not going to sit by and watch you do this to yourself anymore. Not spending your ruts correctly is only causing you more harm than good.”
“I’m doing things the way I want to, and it’s working-”
“The hell it is!” Jungkook growled at the interruption but Taehyung ignored him. “It’s not working, and you know it. Anyone with two fucking eyes knows it. It’s getting so bad that the pack is noticing, too. Even Namjoon has realized something is wrong, and he’s as oblivious as they come.”
“If they have a problem with me they can take it up with me.”
“No, they can’t. Because you won’t listen. Your head is so far up your ass you can’t even hear yourself anymore. What you’re doing right now is not working. Something needs to change.”
“Like what?” Jungkook spat.
“You know what,” Taehyung bit back. Jungkook was practically vibrating from rage. You knew you needed to go get someone, someone from the pack to calm the two of them down. Things were only escalating, but you couldn’t move. Your brain screamed at you to run but your legs were rooted in place. “That’s is what’s so frustrating, Jungkook. This, all of this, could be solved. She’s right there-”
“Don’t.” Jungkook stood up so fast the chair he sat on flew backwards and hit the wall with a resounding crack.
“Why?” Taehyung threw his arms up in the air. “Why not? I don’t get it-”
“Because I don’t want her!” Jungkook yelled, the force of it rang throughout the house. You had no idea who the she was that they were referring to. You assumed it was someone from the pack. It was well-known that wolves with human mates sometimes turned to other she-wolves to help with their ruts. You figured that’s what Jungkook did whenever he went away for a week. It had bothered you at first, but you knew he had his needs and that they were at a biological level. You refused to make him feel guilty or ashamed for taking care of himself.
“You don’t want her?” Taehyung was enraged. You could tell by the way he straightened his spine and unfurled himself to his full height. Jungkook bristled in response and the muscles in his back strained against the thin material of his shirt.
“No, I don’t!” Jungkook exploded. “What don’t you understand about that? I don’t want her around me. I don’t need her, I’m fine on my own. The thought of having her there when…God - it makes me physically ill.”
“She’s your girlfriend. Above all of that, your true mate. You’re seriously going to deny yourself of her, for what? Just because you don’t like having her around?”
That’s when it hit you. They weren’t talking about some random she-wolf. They were talking about you. You were the one Jungkook didn’t want. You were the one Jungkook didn’t need. You were the one he didn’t like having around. As the weight of the words sunk into your mind, you felt your chest becoming tighter and tighter.
Then, you’re heart broke right in half. You dropped the container of cookies and didn’t flinch when it shattered against the wooden slats. The sound unstuck your feet from their position on the porch and your fight or flight system took over. Without a second thought, you turned on your heel and ran.
You didn’t know if anyone was behind you, you didn’t turn around to check. Hands fumbled for the car door as you threw yourself into the drivers side. Pain ricocheted throughout your chest cavity and you struggled to breathe. Your brain was blank, the only thing your mind did was move your body to get you somewhere safe. You had to leave and you had to leave now.
Miraculously, your fingers found your keys and inserted them into the ignition on the second try. A flutter of movement occurred to the left of you but your eyes didn’t let you look that way. Instead, they focused on the rearview mirror as you reversed out of the driveway. Your right hand found the gearshift and moved it to drive. Soon, you were tearing down the street as your ears refused to register the agonized howls that echoed behind as you kept staring forward. Adrenaline pumped through your system and your body shivered in response, the splash of hormones had created a blanket of fake calm over you. The emotions, the pain, the thoughts were swirling inside of you, ready to break free and drown you, but your brain wouldn’t allow it.
It wasn’t until you reached the end of your long driveway that you felt the original spike of adrenaline fade away. Your mother was in the front, tending to the flowers, and looked up when she saw your car fly into its usual spot. She stood up and her face twisted into a frown when you got out of your seat.
“Honey, your aura…it’s concerning.” The blanket was yanked away and the pain crashed over you.
You couldn’t say a word, all you could do was collapse in your mother's arms and cry, cry, cry.
Tumblr media
It took you two days to calm down. The tears had stopped rolling and your shoulders no longer shook from trying to hold your sobs behind your teeth. Your mother hadn’t left your side, leaving your father to answer the door whenever someone knocked. The only person who did was Taehyung and Jimin. Jungkook never showed up.
Well, that was a lie.
Jungkook did show up every morning and night, without fail. But he never came to your doorstep.  Instead, he was in the woods behind your house, patrolling, not daring to leave the protection of the forest. A part of you wondered if he was respecting your obvious need for space or if your mother had paid a witch to set up boundary lines that didn’t allow him to cross. Either way, you were grateful that you couldn’t see him. There was an incessant tugging in your heart to be near him but you staunchly ignored it, which would’ve been impossible if you saw his achingly beautiful face.
I don’t want her. I don’t need her. Having her there makes me physically ill. Those three sentences played in a constant loop in your head, like a horror movie you couldn’t escape from. You were the protagonist who couldn’t escape the maze, but the villain wasn’t kind enough to kill you off. No matter what you did, your brain wouldn’t stop repeating those three sentences. Your mother burned sage, she pressed crystals into your palms, she muttered ritual after ritual, but nothing worked.
You hated how affected you were. You had always told yourself that you would never be the girl who’d get so wrapped up in someone else they didn’t know who they were anymore. Independence was something you prided yourself on, but you seemed to be at a complete loss now. You couldn’t stop the waves of sadness and self-hatred at your depressed state. It was amazing how empty you felt yet so full of pain at the same time. Your mind and heart couldn’t seem to decide which hurt worse; your heart for having your soulmate so obviously reject you, or your brain for trying to make sense of the situation. When did this happen? How did this happen? How had you been so blind as to not see it?
“I don’t think we’re soulmates,” you rasped to your mom on the third morning. It had been the first words you had spoken to her since you had fell into her arms. She looked up from the bundle of herbs she was smoking.
“Why do you say that?”
You stared at your hands that had curled in on themselves. “I don’t make him happy. I-I never realized how uncomfortable I made him. I wish I had known. How did I miss it?”
Your mother tutted gently and gathered you in her arms. She smelled of lavender and wax. “This is good. I’m glad you’re letting yourself have this moment. Let’s sit in this and allow yourself to be embedded here.” But you didn’t want to have this moment. You didn’t want to have any moment and you’ve felt enough to last a lifetime. Instead, you rolled over, let sleep overtake you and tried to ignore the distant howling that rattled your window pane.
By nightfall of the fourth day, you were forced out of bed. Partly by choice, partly by force. Your parents had dipped out to run to the grocery store, despite your mother’s insistence that she could stay. You and your father managed to convince her to leave and you had gotten up to wave them goodbye. Sure, your heart was broken, but the least you could do was kiss them on the cheek before they left. You had turned around to shuffle into the kitchen to try and shovel something down your dry throat when a loud knock sounded at the front door. Hesitating, you carefully peeked through the kitchen window and saw Jimin on your front doorstep, dressed in all black.
Sighing, you stumbled over and pulled the door open. You figured you couldn’t avoid them for much longer. “Hey, Jimin.”
“Christ, you look like shit.”
You huffed out a laugh as Jimin stared at you in horror, not having the energy to be offended. You also knew, in a weird way, that this was Jimin’s way of caring for you. “Yeah. My mother’s covered all the mirrors in the house.”
Jimin nodded as he glanced at you from head to toe. “I want to ask if you’re okay but…” He gestured to your gaunt frame swaddled in a heavy sweatshirt and sweatpants. For the first time in two years, they were your own clothes, not Jungkook’s.
“I’m fine, Jimin,” you heaved a heavy sigh and leaned against the doorframe. “Do you want to come in? I think my mom boiled some tea not too long ago.”
Jimin shook his head. “Can’t. Jungkook would have a fit if I got that close to you right now. I’m already pushing my luck just by showing up.” He doesn’t care, you thought bitterly, and almost said it out loud but you caught yourself at the last second. Jimin wasn’t stupid, though. He knew what you were thinking. “Hey,” he murmured, eyes going soft, “are you ready to talk about it?”
“No.” You shook your head. A wave of sadness washed over you but the telltale prick of tears didn’t come.
Jimin understood. He tucked his hands into his pockets as he rocked back onto his heels. “Are you going to talk to him?”
Letting out a heavy breath, you crossed your arms over your chest. “I know I have to. I just…I just need time.”
“Take however long you need.”
Tumblr media
It was another 48-hours before you finally snapped. While you had spent the majority of the two days that had passed to make yourself resemble a human being, you couldn’t focus. You couldn’t move on. Why?
Because Jungkook wouldn’t leave you alone.
His presence was constant. He circled your house every hour of ever day, the large shadow of him in wolf form darkened the trees behind your house. The howling had stopped but the pacing hadn’t. You hoped he was at least sleeping, but then you got annoyed at yourself for caring. You didn’t know why he was out there, it made no sense. Jungkook’s words were so different from his actions it made your head spin.
But, you needed to move on with your life. You had to. The only way it was going to happen was if Jungkook did too. It hurt. God, did it hurt. Yet, as sad and utterly pathetic as it sounded, you were used to the pain at this point, had resigned yourself to it. A part of you worried you wouldn’t know what to do without it.
Shaking off that depressing thought, you tugged on your rain boots and stepped outside for the first time in a week. The air was heavy with the promise of rain, the clouds low and gray. You tugged the hood up on your sweater to prevent your hair from completely frizzing out before you walked to down the back deck steps.
The backyard of your parents house was expansive. The home you had grown up in sat on top of a sloping hill that your mother had turned into her personal greenhouse. You stepped past rows of raised garden beds and pruned plants until you reached the line where the neatly mowed grass met the twisted ferns of the forest floor. As you had suspected, the ground was scorched with the evidence of past rituals. While your mother hadn’t out right admitted, you had figured someone had come and created a boundary line. It was obviously specific to Jungkook since Jimin and Taehyung were still able to visit. While your mother’s methods were extreme, you understood. As difficult as it was to move on with your life with Jungkook sequestered to the forest, you couldn’t imagine what it would’ve been like if he was within a few feet of you.
With a deep inhale, you sat down on the damp grass and waited. After a few minutes, you could hear the faint sounds of paws hitting the wet earth. The galloping got louder and louder until there was a momentary stretch of silence before it changed to footsteps.
When Jungkook emerged from the trees, you weren’t prepared. Although you knew you wouldn’t be, you still weren’t expecting it to hurt this bad. Your chest squeezed painfully at the first look of his broad form. Technically, it had been two weeks since you two had truly seen each other, the longest you’d ever gone. What hurt the most was how badly you longed for him. You wanted nothing more than to run straight into his arms, bury your face into his chest, and forget everything. Just forgive and give your heart what it wanted. But you remained firmly in place.
Jungkook looked as if he had seen a ghost. Which, to be fair, was probably true since you hadn’t seen the sun in seven days. His normally golden skin was pale and even from where you sat you could see the dark circles bruising under his eyes. Clearly, he hadn’t been sleeping. You hated that you noticed. You hated that you cared. He was dressed in all black and his chest strained against the material of his sweater. His hands were balled into tight fists at his side and the sight reminded you of why you were here.
“Hi.” Probably wasn’t the best start but it was the best you could do. Jungkook didn’t respond so you soldiered on. “I-I know you don’t want to be here, so I’ll make this quick. I just…wanted to apologize. I had no idea I made you so uncomfortable. I’m not sure how long you’ve felt this way about me, not that it really matters, but I wish you had told me sooner. Maybe things would’ve been easier for you, who knows.” You released a heavy sigh and tried to shove down the stone in your throat as you forced the next words out of your mouth. “But, all of that doesn’t matter anymore. I think I understand what you need, now. I know you loved me at one point, but I’m obviously not what you need anymore. And…t-that’s okay - I swear it is. All I want is for you to be happy, Jungkook. And I think, in order for that to happen, I need to move on. We both need to move on-”
“Stop it,” Jungkook broke in with a harsh voice that cut your sentence in half. “Stop talking.”
It felt like he had slapped you in the face. A wave of humiliation washed over you and you visibly flinched. Staggering to your feet, you locked your gaze onto your boots in an attempt to hide the tears that dripped down your nose. “I’m sorry,” you whispered, not expecting it to change anything. You began to turn away but Jungkook stopped you in your tracks, again.
“Wait, no - stop. Stop. Please…don’t go,” he pleaded. When you turned around, his eyes were frantic. Jungkook’s hand was raised from his side as if he thought about reaching out to you but something stopped him. His words were at war with one another and you were caught in the middle, at a loss for what he was trying so desperately to convey to you.
“Jungkook, I’m so confused.”
“I know. I’m sorry. God, I’m sorry.” Jungkook tucked his head into his hands before dropping down into a squat. “This is all wrong. This is all so wrong.”
You knew you should walk away. You had said your piece, it was time to move on, just as you had said. Yet, you couldn’t. It was as if your heart was tethered to him and your body couldn’t handle the pain of walking away. “Listen-”
“I don’t know what to do.” He cut you off but the bubbles of anger that had risen from being interrupted popped once you saw how lost he looked. His tattooed fingers threaded through his hair, allowing you to see the pure anguish that twisted his features. “Whenever I feel like this, I come to you. Because you always know what to do. Any situation, no matter what, you can handle it. It’s something I’ve always admired about you.”
The way he spoke to you now, so reverently and so full of awe, made your head spin. Nothing made sense.  It was such a blatant contrast to the brutality that he had spat out a week ago. As much as you wanted to believe what he said now, those stupid words could not get out of your head. It was a constant reminder that never shut up.
“I don’t know what to do either,” you admitted in a quiet voice.
“Tell me,” Jungkook begged, as if he couldn’t and refused to comprehend what you had just told him. “Tell me what to do, and I’ll do it. Whatever you want from me, I’ll give you.”
You were shaking your head before he could finish. “There’s nothing you can do, Jungkook. Nothing.”
“Don’t say that.” He stared at you, horrified. “Don’t say that to me. Please, there has to be something.”
“What could there be?” You cried. Tears streamed down your cheeks now. “You said it yourself, being near me makes you sick. Why would I stay? Why would you want me to? I refuse to make you uncomfortable anymore - so that’s that.”
“It isn’t,” Jungkook argued back. “It can’t be. I-I can’t lose you, I can’t. I need to make this right, please just let me. Please.”
But, you were tired. You were so fucking tired. You were exhausted of the emotional rollercoaster that you were on that you just wanted to crawl away and hide. All the fight seeped out of you as your shoulders slumped forward. Jungkook saw this and the blood drained from his face. You were giving up, he could see it, and it scared the shit out of him.
“Jungkook, I need to go, okay? I-I can’t do this.”
“No!” Jungkook shouted and shot up to his feet. The pure panic that choked his voice brought on a fresh set of tears that you struggled to hold back. “Just let me explain, okay? I swear to God, after you hear what I have to say, if you still want me to, I’ll let you go. I won’t fight you on it. But, please let me tell you the truth. Give me a chance to make this right. You deserve that.”
You hesitated for a moment. Deep down, you knew you should let him talk. Not because you necessarily thought he deserved to, but because he was right. You did deserve the truth, no matter how much it broke your heart. With a heavy sigh and a quick swipe of your cheeks, you nodded. Once Jungkook was sure you weren’t going to leave, he began pacing. Looking every bit like the wild animal you knew him to be but never got to see.
“Mating with a werewolf is…brutal. It’s intense, it’s painful and it isn’t pretty. It’s essentially a breeding session where I use you as a vessel to fulfill my innate biological needs. It’s not romantic, it’s not gentle. Even for she-wolves it can be too much. The thought of subjecting you to something like that - that type of pain…I couldn’t fathom it. I don’t think you understand just how precious you are to me. The image of you being battered and bruised because of me, something I did…it tormented me, day and night.” He paused for a moment, the pained look in his eyes made you shiver. You hated that he had gone through all of this turmoil on his own, and you especially hated how you never made more of an effort to try and relieve him of it.
“I couldn’t do it. That’s partially the reason I waited so long to tell you that you were my true mate. I knew ruts were something I would never expose you to even though it’s such a huge part of my life, a wolf’s life.” Jungkook looked you straight in the eye, the intensity of his dark gaze took your breath away. “I know the practices other wolves partake in when their own heats or ruts arrive. I know you know them too. But, I need you to understand something. The moment you allowed me to be yours and vice versa, I haven’t had anyone else since. I swear on my life, I’ve spent every single one of my ruts alone. I wouldn’t and I won’t do that to you.”
“Isn’t that painful, though?” Your voice cracked but neither one of you acknowledged it. While your knowledge on ruts were expansive, having done plenty of research since being with Jungkook, you had obviously never experienced one.
“It’s manageable. It’s way more painful for a she-wolf to go through her heat alone than it is for a male.” Jungkook clenched and unclenched his fists as he resumed his pacing. “The worst part is being away from you. I’ve been going through ruts since puberty, I can handle them. But not being able to be with you for a whole week…I hated it. Still do. I dread that three month mark. And as time went on, I became more and more miserable. Being apart from you was almost unbearable but the other option…I never even allowed myself to consider it.
“It came to the point where the pack was noticing. I wasn’t getting the proper pheromonal release from my ruts and it was beginning to affect those around me. Taehyung has been on my ass for months now to get over myself and take you with me during my next rut. Each time I’d give him some excuse, but it was getting harder and harder to justify what I was doing. At first, I was convinced it was because I was protecting you. But you’ve been so understanding and so patient with me and my life, those excuses were becoming useless. Eventually, I think it was because I was protecting myself. I was - am - so scared. I’m terrified that I could hurt you when I’m like that. That I wouldn’t be able to notice or worse, ignored, if something happened to you. Living with that type of fear became debilitating. So, I just kept my mouth shut and kept you away from that part of me.”
Jungkook shook his head and chuckled humorlessly. “Now I know that was the worst possible thing I could do. That I was just hurting you more. What you walked into last Sunday was a culmination of my frustrations that I was refusing to deal with. While it’s not a valid reason, I’m well aware of that, I need you to know that what you heard was not the truth. It couldn’t be further from it. Because the truth is that I’m hopelessly in love with you and the thought of being without you hurts worse than I ever thought was possible.”
It wasn’t the first nor would it be the last time that Jungkook left you speechless. It took you a full minute to process what he had said. Jungkook granted you the silence although he became increasingly more agitated as time passed. His boots scuffed the dead leaves that littered the ground and his pacing led him closer to the ashes that lay before your feet. Then, he’d suddenly stalk off with a growl as he was forced to keep away.
“I-” you cleared your throat around the lump that had found a home there. “I had no idea. This whole time…I thought it was because you didn’t want me.”
“God, no.” Jungkook swore heavily as his muscles bunched and coiled beneath his clothes. “The - the fact that…you - fuck. I’m so sorry. I’m so fucking sorry. That’s not it, that’s not it at all. You’re my dream girl, you’re the love of my life, and I want you every second of every day.”
Maybe it’s because you were emotionally drained and had no mental strength left. Maybe, you needed to hear those words from Jungkook more than you realized. Whatever the reason was, it wasn’t worth trying to figure out an explanation as you sunk to the ground and burst into tears.
Jungkook lost it across from you. Broken whines stained the air as he carded through his hair anxiously. He kept trying to get to you, to try to soothe you. But the boundary was unfortunately doing its job and each attempt was met with failure. Curses were spat out until eventually, he got as close as the boundary would let him and fell to his knees. He began spewing whatever came to mind first, unsure of what to do. All he knew was that you were crying because of him and there was absolutely nothing he could do about it. He thought hearing you cry from your bedroom window was torture, but nothing could compare to hearing you break down in front of him. Nothing. “Fuck, fuck, fuck. I’m sorry…please, I’m so sorry. I - don’t cry, darling. Please don’t. I’m so sorry I hurt you, I didn’t mean to, I swear.”
It wasn’t tears of heartbreak that leaked from your eyes. Instead, it was tears of relief. While your heart had wholly accepted his words as the truth, the logical part of you reminded yourself that the two of you had way more talking to do. This was far from over, but the relief of knowing that he loved you and he was yours…it was indescribable.
You finally lifted your head up and were shocked to find Jungkook’s cheeks glistening with moisture. Your only thought was to comfort him as you scrambled forward to do just that. Instead of feeling his smooth skin against the palm of your hand, you were blocked by what felt like a wall although nothing stood in your way. Frowning, you realized with a start that the boundary worked both ways. Jungkook let out a frustrated growl as he glared at the ashes that was stopping both of you from getting what you wanted. It was silent for a few moments until an idea popped into your head.
“Wait here,” you announced before jumping up and taking off for the house. Ignoring Jungkook’s distressed cry, you ran inside. You yanked your car keys off from their designated hook and quickly typed out a text to your parents to let them know where you were going before spinning around and sprinting back outside. Jungkook was where you left him, although he stumbled to his feet when he saw you reappear.
“I’m going to your house,” you announced, breathless. “No witch is stupid enough to go that far into werewolf territory. If you want to talk to me there, then follow me.”
Jungkook stared at you for a heartbeat until the words you spoke clicked. “Y-yeah. Yes. Okay. I’ll be there.”
With a curt nod, you ran to your car. For the first time in a week, a faint sprout of hope bloomed in your chest.
Tumblr media
It was the longest and shortest ten minutes of your life. The drive to Jungkook’s seemed to last a lifetime but also was over within a blink of an eye. The tears had stopped flowing by the time you pulled your car into his driveway, but you felt the telltale prick in your eyes when you saw him burst from the trees. Your heart ached as his long legs ate up the distance between you two as you wrestled with your seatbelt and threw the car into park. By the time you freed yourself, he was at the hood of your car.
The two of you stared at each other for a few breathless moments. You weren’t sure who moved first, but it didn’t matter as you crashed into each other’s arms. The moment his searing warmth enveloped you, you dissolved into another puddle of sobs. The feeling of his thick arms banded across your back, his torso molded to yours, and his hair tickling your ear, felt so right. Another wave of crippling relief washed over you and you practically melted against Jungkook. But he held you up, just like he always had.
He leaned against the front bumper while his hands were everywhere. Cradling your head into his neck, smoothing over your hips, or running circles over your shoulders. He was crying, you could feel the tears dampening your hair. But you were soaking his shirt so no one was in any position to complain.
“I’m sorry,” you whispered.
“Don’t,” Jungkook hissed fiercely as he squeezed you tighter. “Don’t apologize. This isn’t your fault, not in the slightest.”
“Kook,” you sighed and pulled your head back to get a good look at him. “It takes two to tango.”
“Not this time,” he argued. “You’ve put up with so much. You’re everything I could’ve asked for and more. It was my own fears that got in the way and created this mess. And I’m so sorry for that, darling. I’m so fucking sorry.”
You shushed him gently, running your thumbs over his cheeks to swipe at the dried tears. “I know you’re sorry. I believe you.”
Jungkook dipped his head further into your touch with a pleased rumble vibrating through his chest. He kissed your palm gently, sniffing at your wrist. It made you giggle. “Missed that,” Jungkook mumbled as he stared at you with stars in his eyes. “Missed you. Missed you so much.”
A fresh wave of tears cascaded down your cheeks. You were positive that you looked like a mess, hair in a knotted bun, face red and puffy and you kept sniffling every two seconds. But Jungkook looked at you as if you held the world in your hands. “Missed you too,” you murmured in return. “Please, next time, just talk to me. I may not have the answers you’re looking for all the time, but I’ll always be here to listen.”
“I know,” Jungkook whispered. “There won’t be a next time, promise. If I happen to be stupid enough to put us in this position again, I give you full permission to punch me in the face.”
“I’ll keep that in mind.” You lifted yourself onto your toes to brush your lips against his, dropping back down to your feet when his head chased after yours. “Or maybe I just won’t kiss you for a week.”
Jungkook’s eyes widened comically and he actually looked terrified. “I’d rather you just punched me in the face.” You tilted your head back and laughed. Jungkook tugged you closer and nosed your throat before peppering gentle kisses along the exposed skin. Sighing happily, you tilted your head to allow him better access and rested your cheek on his shoulder.
“I love you,” you said quietly. Jungkook froze for a split second before he sank against you. Squeaking in shock, you scrambled to brace yourself against the sudden weight pressing you towards the house.
“Say it again,” Jungkook pleaded. You couldn’t deny him. Dusting feather light kisses to the shell of his ear, you repeated those three words again, and again, and again. Each time you did, Jungkook held you a little tighter and cried a little harder.
Eventually, you’re murmured promises became softer and softer until the two of you just enjoyed each others presence. “C’mon,” you finally whispered as you started to lift yourself off of him. Jungkook growled and refused to let you move an inch farther. “Kook, come on. Let’s go inside. Your ass must be numb by now.”
“Don’t care,” he grumbled but he at least shuffled forward a bit more so that your combined weight wasn’t squashing his ass against your car.
“You might say that now, but you won’t be saying that later.”
Jungkook grunted at your logic but he at least raised his head and looked at you with the sweetest eyes. “Please tell me you’re staying.”
Giggling, you asked, “do you want me to?”
“Obviously,” he scoffed. “I want you here forever.” Jungkook tilted his head thoughtfully. “Actually, you should just move in with me.”
Christ, this boy was going to give you whiplash. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Jungkook, we just made up. The whole reason we were in this mess is because of poor communication. Don’t you think we should work on that first before anything else?”
“But…we could work on communication all the time if we’re together 24/7.” Despite his pout, you knew he wasn’t totally serious. Although you were sure it was going to come up again.
“Alright, you maniac,” you said fondly. “Take me to bed.” Jungkook’s chest rumbled happily as he lifted you up and wrapped your legs around his trim waist.
It wasn’t a long walk to his bedroom, but the exhaustion of the past week caught up to you and the gentle rocking of his steps lulled you into a serene state. Not quite asleep, but not quite awake either. You were aware when Jungkook placed you on his bed, practically engulfed in his scent. The last thing you remember before falling asleep was the words Jungkook pressed into your hair has he slid in behind you.
“Love you forever, my darling girl.”
Tumblr media
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anime-rambles · a month ago
Pairing: Alpha Bakugou x Alpha Kirishima x Omega Reader
Type: ABO Dynamic, Angst, blood, SFW
Word Count: 2900+
A/N: Seeing how everyone is loving “Welcome Home Omega” I decided to do another omegaverse fic this time with lots of angst. Thank you so much for all the kind words, reblogs, likes and follows. Was thinking of making a Part 2 for this? What do you think?
Summary: Omega y/n returns home to her alpha’s after being away in Europe, thinking she would be able to re-join her alphas and be happy. Only to discover they move on without her.
Link to Part 2 =
I collect my suitcase from baggage claim and make my way towards the arrivals gate. It has been an incredibly long 8 years since I’ve been back home in Japan. After graduating UA with all my friends, I decided I needed a new path, something exciting that didn’t include my alphas. Being away from my family and friends has been one of the most difficult things to go through and more importantly being away from my alphas. It was nice to be needed and not just because of my second gender.
After graduating UA, I joined Fatgum’s agency and from there I met Jackie one of fat’s previous partners on the drug squad. She needed a bright new hero that wanted to work outside of Japan and head off a special unit in charge of investigating quirk enhancing drugs. At first everyone was onboard and excited fir me but as time went on, it was becoming increasing hard to keep in contact with my busy alphas. So, one Christmas, two years into the job we all agreed to stop dating and put our relationship on hold, until I was finished with the special unit or until one of the alphas said enough, come home. I agreed happily, never thinking I would get the come home call, but here I am. I left Europe and returned home.
The doors of arrivals opened in front of me, I look around the barrier hoping to see either of my boys, Bakugou or Kirishima, but neither blonde nor red head could be seen. I walk the corner a small bit, thinking they might be hiding but nothing. I spot movement in the distant, a blur of pink rushing to my arms, knocking me off balance.
“YYYY/NNNN, I CAN’T BELIEVE YOUR HOME” Mina sobs into my ear. “Mina” I say back hugging her tightly. Out of everyone in UA Mina stayed in constant contact with my updating me on the group’s latest gossip and everyone hero’s ranking. “Come on, lets get you home” She speaks again, taking one of my bags and my hand in hers. I smile to her and gladly accept her hand. Mina is an omega like me, after UA her and Sero got together and currently have a beautiful house and a serval fluffy cats. Once we reach the car and start our journey. Mina tells me of everyone, what they are doing and what is planned for my coming home party tonight.
“Wait, slow down, where are you taking me first” I say, laughing at her excitement. With her hands on the car wheel. She says “Bakugou and Kirishima’s” I pause for a second. They must just be living together and not actually still together without, right? They wouldn’t betray me, would they? These thoughts are fully my head, maybe coming home wasn’t a good idea. I should have ignored the “come home” agreement. What if they just want to use me to have their kid and toss me aside.
“Y/N, please say something, you made me promise not to talk about the boys when were away and right now you’re kinda scaring me.” She presses.
“I’m… just thinking. So out with it tell me what has been going on, why are they living together.” I asked shifting in my seat to look at her and she drives down the straight road.
“Okay, so it started whe….”
Mina basically said what I thought she might after I left fully and didn’t come back like we agreed. Kirishima and Bakugou stopped for a while, they didn’t live together, socialise or anything but after Kirhisma was badly injured in a battle, they moved back in with each other and kept their relationship quiet, it’s been 6 years, that they been together while I have been alone.
“So that’s basically all of it y/n, I’m sorr…”
I cut her off, “Mina this is not for you to apologise for, you kept your promise to me and now I must face the music as they say in Europe.” We had arrived outside their house ages ago, but we ended up talking. I step out of the car and move to grab my bags. I look up to the house, it’s huge and white. Very modern and what’s looks to be very expensive. But what can you expect from the Number 1 and Number 5 heroes in Japan. Mina steps out and comes to my side of the car to hug me goodbye and to tell me the information for tonight. Just then the front door opens, Kirishima steps out with a huge grin on his face. He has changed a lot since I left. He is like a wall, thick with muscle and sporting a high red ponytail.
“There she is,” Kirishima says, holding out his arms as he makes his way down the path towards me. I drop my bags and run to him. I can be anger later, but right now I need this hug. “Here I am,” I say back to him, I took my face into his neck to breathe him in, he tries to do the same but it is unable as I have my marks and scent glands covered as Europe has different rules than us. I can sense the confusion and say I will explain later. Kirishima greats Mina and they discuss briefly about this evening's plans and Mina is off on her way, waving goodbye. With his arm around me, he guides me inside towards the kitchen. We each stand on opposite sides of the Island, not knowing what to say first.
“So, where’s Bakugou? I thought you would both be at the airport” I say frankly to him, showing my frustrations. “He had to work, but he should be back home soon,” Kirishima replies shuffling his feet. I stare at him, I want to voice my anger, I want him to know how much I hurt, I need to do this with Bakugou. “Okay” I reply looking at my bags, why did I come here, why did I think we could go back to normal. “He’ll probably be late like always though, why don’t show you to your room and you can get ready for this evening” He smiled at me, like he trying to form an olive branch between us. I nod and follow him out of the room and up the stairs. All around me are reminders, parties I could not attend, award shows I missed but right now I can’t dwell on that. My time in Europe was the best experience of my life and right now I want to go back. Kirishima leads me to a guest room and leaves me to get ready. I sigh, this is going to be difficult.
Doing the finishing touches to my hair, I smooth my dress down as I look in the mirror. I’m wearing a tight-fitting black dress, that is off the shoulders. I rub my hands down my neck, wishing I could have had the surgery to remove my mark guards yesterday before I came home. Just to show them, that I kept my promise to them. I hear noises downstairs, Bakugou had arrived home ages ago but did not even come to say hello, just went straight to the shower. Although I know what Mina told me was true, I needed proof if I was to enter an argument with Bakugou. I walk a small bit from my room trying to stay quiet, I turn a corner and see a wall of photo frames, most are from UA and some are from Dates we three had together. The difference, I was no longer in the photos, I was cut out. You could see my arm or a sliver of my hair and maybe an eye. I felt rejection, my inner omega whined. Why would they do this to me? I ripped the frame from the walls and marched downstairs. My heels clicked on the floor beneath me. I rounded the corner and enter the kitchen not bothering to wait for their conversation to finished. I throw the frames onto the countertop and look up at both of them making eye contact. If I wasn’t so mad and hurt, I would be shocked at how mature and sexy they both are right now. Kirishima's hair is half up, half down being supported with braids and he is in a maroon shirt opened slightly. Whereas Bakugou wears a white shirt and supports an undercut. My alphas have matured, I suppose I have as well.
Kirishima looks at the frames and stays quiet. Bakugou does not dare to break eye contact with me.
“So, let me get this straight. I leave home, to become great in something that is bigger than me. I leave my alphas with an agreement, that we all would hit pause, and eventually I would come back or get a called from either of you to come home. I follow the rules, and it seems to me what I got in thanks was to be cut from your lives.” I raise my voice, guesting to the pile in front of me.
“tck…” Bakugou replies and looks at Kirishima.
“Don’t tck me Bakugou, it seems to me that I’m not even wanted here anymore, so why was I called home, let me guess you need an omega to have your child and then I’m to disappear,” I respond. “No that’s not why we called you back” Kirishima speaks up, slightly walking towards to appear less hostile.
“Funny how you call us your alphas but yet, our marks, our bond is no longer on your neck,” Bakugou responds, pointing towards me. “They are not gone, they are covered by a skin slip, in Europe is safer to have them covered in case you are kidnapped and forced to bond with someone,” I say back to him. “Omega, please let us explain, I understand your hurt, but we want you still, your part of our family,” Kirishima replies placing a hand on my elbow. I jerk away from him.
“So, all this time, when I was away, suffering through my heats alone. Omega depression after omega depression. You two, were what? Together happily rutting away.”
“Yes, how do we know you never had it off with anyone else,” Bakugou said leaning on the Island in front of me. “Bakugou, don’t say that -” Kirishima scolded him. “- we don’t think that y/n”. I stand there shocked; I can sense he is hurt but right now I will not be his vent.
“ah, I see, I was away fucking my way through Europe apparently and my alphas decided that instead of coming to see me and to tell me. They went behind my back” I stare at Bakugou not daring to back down. “How do we know you weren’t, how do we know you didn’t get our marks removed?” Bakugou asked.
I scuffed and turned out of the kitchen, towards my bags that were left at the bottom of the stairs. Both Alphas stayed in the kitchen and spoke to each other. I opened my bags and reached into it to find a wrapped plastic bag. I walked back into the kitchen, hearing Bakugou raising his voice at Kirishima, “I can’t Kiri, you almost died.” Kirishima hushed Bakugou as I re-entered the kitchen. I threw the bag at Bakugou.
“Go on, open it -” I say with my hands on my hips. “- There’s your proof” I stand and watch it. Bakugou opens the bag and pulls out two jumpers, one of his and one of Kirishima’s. Their scent has well worn out but mine could be smelled. Years of being alone, years of depression, laid in their hands. Kirishima’s eye watered. “This proves nothing, maybe if you weren’t lying about our mark being gone, we wouldn’t have this problem,” Bakugou said, dropping the jumpers on the countertop. “What do you want me to do, perform surgery right now, you know once you never doubted me” I laugh under my breath.
“Yeah well once, you weren’t such a slut, betraying your alp-“Bakugou responded but Kirishima stepped in creating a barrier between us. Tears started to form in my eyes, my vision blurred. Fine, if Bakugou wants proof right now that I was loyal then fine, I’ll give it to him.
I look at my nails and smile to myself, I thank whatever god is listening that I have long pointed nails today. Kirishima is currently speaking to Bakugou, standing in front of me. I can no longer hear him. All I know is, those skin slips have to go now. I take a deep breath in and dig my nails into my neck around where the stitched used to be. I whimper, both can smell blood and turn to look at me. I rip the slip from my skin, blood starts to pour from my neck but nothing that would majorly hurt me. I reach for the other and dig my nails in. “Y/n stop, what are you doing” Kirishima reaches to stop me, but he’s too late I pulled the other off and make eye contact with Bakugou. “You wanted your proof, here you are Bakugou, take a whiff I have NEVER BETRAYED EITHER OF YOU” I scream, throwing the slips onto the counter and storm off.
“Omega come back now” Bakugou shouts after me, I can hear him chase me and reach for my arm. I pull it forward and turn to face him. Tear are leaving my eyes, ruining my makeup, my dress ruined from the blood. “What Katsuki, you believe me now? What do you want from me, why are you mad?” Bakugou stands in shock, unable to talk. “ANSWER ME NOW,” I scream again. Bakugou reaches forward grabbing my arms, tears forming in his. Kirishima was leaning on the door behind him.
“I CAME HOME WHEN EIJIROU WAS IN HOSPITAL” I shouted back, both alphas heads shot straight up and looked at me. “I was there, I broke me promise to stay away until I was asked by either of you to come home. But I saw the fight, I saw Eijirou get knockdown and didn’t get back up. I hopped on the nearest flight and came home. You need proof, ask Fatgum, Denki, Tamaki, Deku.. anyone who sat in that waiting room.” I said looking into Bakugou's eyes. Kirishima walked forward to join us. Bakugou went to speak. “No you let me speak, I was there. Kirishima opened his eyes and called me an angel and then you shot into the room in a panic and threw yourself on him. Bakugou you looked in my eyes and didn’t say a word, so I stepped back, you saw me there, you. Don’t blame this on me. Knowing how angry you would be, Deku came and got me, promising to watch over both of you.” I stopped to wipe the tears from my eyes.
“How dare you hold that over me Katsuki Bakugou,” I say to him, Kirishima reaches for my hand as if to pull us all back together. I step back, I need to breathe to get out. I walk about the front door, grabbing my handbag. “I’ll see you at the party, some welcome home this was,” I say not looking back and slam the front door.
I walk down the path and reach for my phone, dialing Mina’s number. “Hey girly, I’m just about to leave for the pub,” Mina says down the phone. I start to cry and sit down on the curb. “Sero, wait a second” Mina whispers away from the phone. “Y/n, what’s happened, what’s going on,” She says again her voice has lowered. “Mina I need some help; I can’t see everyone looking like this,” I say back to her. I cry again, I can hear the door behind me open and I stand. I turn and see Kirishima, “Y/n wait please, come back in, we can sort this out,” he says, and I look over his shoulder. Bakugou is frozen in the same spot, staring at the floor. “I’m almost there, start walking to me,” Mina says and hangs up. I bend down and undo the straps of my heels, steeping out of them leaving them on the step. I start to run down the street, I need some quiet, I need to think.
“OMEGA STOP” Bakugou shouts behind me, but I can’t. I see Mina’s car and run towards it.
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thatgirlgames · a month ago
Alpha Kirishima wearing a muzzle around his omega s/o
Summary: Alpha Kirishima wearing a muzzle to protect his omega s/o
Warnings: Muzzles, mentions of biting, omegaverse aspects.
Notes: First time writing the omegaverse.
Tumblr media
Kirishima wouldn’t ever think of buying something like this, it was embarrassing, yes he’ll admit that.
But he didn’t really want it hurt you. He knew how sharp his teeth were. And he knows that his alpha side could get out on control around you and your lovely scent.
It was normal for most Alpha’s to buy muzzles. There were special made ones just for alpha’s like him so they wouldn’t harm their omega or any random omega.
It also helped that since it covered his nose too, it was specially built to help block omega scents.
But when Kirishima bought it, he had it with good intentions first. He kept telling himself that he wouldn’t mess this up.
But once he got back to his dorm room. He felt suddenly nervous. Will his friends judge him for wearing a muzzle? Will you make fun of him for it?
He decided to say ‘fuck it’ and placed it on his head anyway. Making sure it was locked tightly around his head before grabbing some of his shirts for you to be put inside your nest.
He made his way to the girls side in a hurry. Not wanting the others to see him with such a thing on himself.
Kirishima knocked a few times, announcing himself before stepping inside the room.
As soon as he closed the door behind him, he got a large smell of your scent, he could practically feel himself begin to drool.
But he shook this off the instant he heard your whimpers. Making his way over to your nest with caution.
“Hey baby. I got you my shirts. I thought you would want them.” He handed it over to your curled up form among the piles of pillows, plushies, and other soft fabrics.
He awed a tiny bit as he saw you snuggle into the shirt as you slip it on.
“Why are you wearing a muzzle, Kirishima?” You coo up at him as you felt comfort surrounded by his scent.
Kirishima gives a small blush. “So I don’t bite you, pebble. I know how sharp my teeth are, and I didn’t want to hurt you with them.”
A loud, happy purr came from your throat. “Kirishima, you didnt need to do that for me. I trust you completely.”
You couldn’t even fathom how happy that made Kirishima when he heard that. Let out a low purring noise.
“It’s just that I don’t trust myself, Pebble.” Kirishima whispers, bending down and silently asking to join you inside your nest.
As you moved over to signify he could come rest with you. You cuddled into his chest with a happy chirp.
Kirishima takes a sigh of relief, closing his eyes and leaning into your body for comfort. His teeth slightly itching with the need to nibble.
But he stopped himself. Only cuddling closer to you as he let sleep wash over his body.
Maybe a good nap with his omega would help him relax.
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Different Nests Aesthetics
1. Neat
Neat nests refer to nests that appear organized and mostly just consist of pillows and blankets rather than clothes and other materials as well. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
2. Complex (messy)
Complex nests, also known as messy nests, contain an excess amount of not only blankets and pillows, but personal belongs, like articles of clothing and stuffed animals. They generally appear to look disorganized, hence called messy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
3. Princess
Princess nest is a relatively new and modern term. It refers to nests that are surround by fairy lights, drapes, and/or tapestries. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
4. Ring
Ring nests are nests in small spaces. Generally in closets, under staircases, and in handmade spaces.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yanderemommabean · 10 days ago
Hi momma! i remember you answering an A/B/O ask about a bonded alpha boss going into rut after smell their omega secretary in heat. Question: What if the omega had a yandere alpha boyfriend/fiance, who walked in as the alpha boss has their omega pinned?
It’s a law as old as the stars. Never try to take an alphas mate. It’s ingrained in our souls, our blood.
Everyone knows how brutal alphas can become. It’s in their DNA, they can’t help it, but it doesn’t excuse the damage they cause or the havoc they wreak. They destroy whatever they can, their teeth becoming sharper, nails becoming more claw like, and adrenaline fueling their bodies.
It’s one thing when they’re simply growing and reaching their peak. Hormones and coming of age, figuring out what’s happening and having the dreaded “talk”.
It’s another horrible show entirely when an omega who is bonded is being attacked by another alpha. The pure and utter primal aggression boils in their blood and they can’t stop themselves. Once they see that their beloved is pinned, possibly hurt, or anxious, they go for the kill.
You’ll be a witness to two beings fighting and mauling one another for dominance. No longer civilized until the threat to their omega is taken care of (in some cases, permanently). Broken glass, furniture, bones and more is a common occurrence during these fights.
Getting in between them is a death-wish (unless you’re a medical professional with a tranquilizer).
So if you have a yandere after you, while also having a yandere alpha, and those two are about to fight? Yeah only one is coming out alive and either way you’re being hidden away for a few days until the alpha returns to their senses.
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Fictional Happiness: 14
Tumblr media
Jungkook had found his mate on accident- and unknowingly, also the one piece that had still been missing from his pack.
Tags/warnings: werewolf! AU if it wasn't obvious already lol, angst, romantic kook, kinda selfish kook though, shy!reader, anxiety, medication mention, therapy mention, mentions of past child neglect and emotional abuse, panic attacks, idol!bts, insecurities, bad habits, kind of tsundere! Jk, Impatient kook, alpha!kook, omega!Reader, omega!jimin, Alpha!Jin, Alpha!Namjoon, Alpha!Taehyung, Alpha!Yoongi, Beta!Hoseok, swearing, smut in future chapters
Additional Chapter Warnings/Tags: BTS makes a trip with her, again- heat talk, reader opens up about some stuff about her past, protective hobi, medication mention, therapy mention, some steamy scenes between reader and JK oops my hand slipped
Previous | Next
Tumblr media
You're hesitant at first.
You've never taken off so much time from work, but your boss had been pretty understanding after you'd explained to her that you were trying to connect with a potential pack. After trying to tall yourself out of it, you ended up with your bag in your hand and a smaller one in your hand, walking around the underground parking lots of the band's company's building to meet up with them.
Jimin is the first to meet you, instantly rushing towards you to hug you, before he leads you to where everyone else is packing up. You spot Jungkook near one of the cars, lifting a heavy looking suitcase into the trunk, his concentrated face and probably purely innocent display of strength forcing your attention- your gaze only broken by Jimin pinching your arm playfully, smirking your way. You lower your head at that, simply bowing politely as a greeting to the other members, who seem to be way more at ease with your presence than you'd thought.
"You seem a bit lost." Hoseok says, before pointing towards one of the cars. "You can sit inside already, we'll just pack the rest, we'll be done soon." He says, and you don't seem convinced.
"I should probably help-" you start, but jimin cuts you off, hugging you from behind as he chuckles.
"Nah, let that muscle pig over there handle it." He says. "Not to mention he'll probably enjoy showing off." He comments, wiggling his eyebrows as you become a bit shy.
But he's right- becahse jungkook carefully glances over to you, before making it obvious how he shows off by lifting Namjoons suitcase inside the trunk with ease, visibly proud of himself for pulling that off. You smile amused, before walking to sit down in one of the cars.
It takes a few minutes, but after a moment or two, the driver's side opens, as Jungkook sits down there, looking around before spotting you in the backseat. "Not in the front?" He asks, and you shake your head.
"Its okay." You say, and he nods, before the passenger seat opens, Namjoon sitting down before closing the door, looking around to spot you sitting behind Jungkook.
"Ah, there you are. I was wondering where you went." He says, smiling. You nod, smiling back before the car starts moving.
At first, you don't notice your eyes growing heavy, but soon enough, you start to become quite sleepy. It's rare for you to sleep in a car, only ever connecting bad memories to any car ride when you were younger.
There's a jacket placed over hour body, Namjoon gently moving it around to sit over your shoulders, as jungkook checks in on you through the car's mirror. You feel oddly safe, Jungkooks driving steady and calm, while the scents of both Namjoon and him are giving you huge amounts of comfort.
You don't even remember falling asleep.
"Sweetheart?" You hear, as well as some talking from the other members. When you open your eyes there's Jin gently waking you up, soft look on his face as he undoes your seatbelt. "Had a nice nap?" He chuckles, and you nod, stretching your limbs as best as you can inside the car before stepping out. It's dark, so it must've been a longer drive, you assume. "Jungkook already brought your luggage into the cabin, we thought since you'll have to share you'd be most comfortable with him." He says, and you nod in gratitude. Jungkook might feel insecure about potentially sharing you as he says, but he's actually painfully unaware how dependend you'll stay on him, even if you did join the pack in the future.
You walk into the room where Jungkook is unpacking some of his toiletries, before he looks up. "Oh, I didn't want to wake you yet?" He says, and you shake your head.
"Its fine." You say, shyly sitting down on the lower bunk bed next to his stuff. "I've never slept during a car ride before." You comment, and Jungkook smiles.
"I guess I'm just that good of a driver." He says, not expecting an answer, as he moves his stuff away, sitting down next to you.
"You are." You say, not looking at him as you play with your fingers. "You uhm.. make me feel very safe. Yeah.." you drift off, and Jungkook can't help but feel his heart swell at that small sentence. He's been feeling rather unsure about things these days, having felt a little as if he's way less significant and important to you ever since finding out you were a pack wolf.
"Thats uhm.. nice to hear." He says, a little awkwardly.
You just hum, unsure what to say really. It's his hand, or more his pinky finger hesitantly initiating contact with your thigh, his way to ask for permission you assume, as you can see him look down at your lap, seemingly concerned about doing something that would make you uncomfortable.
So you do something impulsive.
You scoot closer to him, until the side of your leg touches his, and you can feel his gaze on you even way before you look up to check. You're painfully close, way closer than you thought you might be, and you can basically feel his breath on your lips. "Move away if, you know, you.. don't want me to kiss you.." he says, whispers almost.
And you don't move away- if anything, you move even closer. And by the first soft touch of your lips against his, he's a goner, hand instantly reaching up to bring you towards him as he places an actual kiss against your lips. He parts for a second, seemingly to check in on you, to see if you're really okay with what's happening. As soon as he spots the way you're looking at him, he smiles, diving right back in.
Jungkook notices straight away that someone's watching, instinctively pulling your legs to have you seated on his lap, parting from your lips to spot a mischievous looking Jimin sneaking a glance around the corner of the door, where he leans against. He watches as you lean into Jungkooks neck, following Taehyungs example as you begin to scent him. The maknae can't help but close his eyes at the sensation of your lips against his neck, becoming uncaring of Jimin as the older omega is taken away by Yoongi, who makes sure to close the door as if to give you some privacy.
You settle against him after a moment once you're satisfied with your mark on him. He holds you close, scooting upwards a lot more to lean his back against the wall as he's happy to be on the lower bed. It feels shielded, safe, makes him feel as if he's keeping you protected. "I'm sorry, by the way." He mumbles, as you hum out a questioning sound. "For.. everything that went down. I.. guess I still need to learn a lot when it comes to this stuff." He says. "I hope.. you know.. you'll be patient with me." He mumbles.
"What do you uhm.. think about the whole pack stuff..?" You say, as his hand caresses your back softly.
"I don't know.." he answers honestly. "I'm kind of, confused I guess?" He says.
"How so?" You ask, bathing in the calm and comfortable atmosphere.
"I should feel jealous when seeing you with the guys, right?" He says. "I should feel weird, but I'm not. I don't know why, but everytime I see you with Jin-hyung, or Yoongi-hyung, or even Jimin-" he rambles.
"I've been.. worried." You say. "That, you know, you would be mad at me for getting close to them." You confess and he's instantly holding you a bit tighter.
"So thats why you've been so shy with them?" He asks and you nod. "Oh baby, you're totally fine to get closer to them." He says. "I'd actually.. be really happy if you did." He says.
"You would?"You ask, looking up at him as he smiles, hugging you tight before falling to his side with you in his arms, laying down comfortably.
"Of course." Be mumbles against your skin. "They're my family, and you're my family too now." He says, making you smile as you crawl closer to his warmth.
Only sleepily noticing when he helps you brush your teeth and prepare for bed later, before going to bed with you close.
Your dreams filled with the pack, and a sunset that covers everyone in gold.
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jawritter · a month ago
The Virus
Tumblr media
Summary: A virus was released on earth, one that changed you in a way that was permanent. One that divided the world into three categories. Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. You were the Omega the two Beta hunters had taken in, but turns out one of them wasn't a Beta after all...he just wasn't infected yet.
Pairing: Alpha!Dean Winchester x Omgea!Reader
Rating: Explicit
Written For: @spnabobingo Prompt: First Rut. and @spndeanbingo  Prompt: A/B/O
Word Count: 4.5K (Yikes, sorry guys)
Warning: Rut, Heat, Language, ABO Dynamics, ABO Smut, Rough Smut, Threatening behavior, Unprotected Smut, Scenting, Knotting, Claiming. Hint of  a breeding kink. I think that's it. Maybe some slight angst.
A/N: This fic is completely unbeta'd, so all mistakes are mine! Please do not copy my work! Feedback is golden! Hope you all enjoy this one!
Masterlist       My Patreon
Tumblr media
When it first happened, and the virus first hit, it turned the world upside down. Hunters were divided against other hunters, governments crumbled, the crime rate doubled. Society, in order to survive and put some order into the chaos that was currently thrust into the world, separated everyone into three new second gender categories. Alphas, Betas, and Omegas.
With the exception of a few in normal, everyday society, most people accepted these new roles. Mostly because they felt they had no choice, but still.
There were a few that wanted to put Omegas, whom most people considered the weaker second gender, into what you would consider as ‘the lower level of humans’, and damn near enslavement, but so far that had not happened yet.
Then there were the extreme hunters, who said that any second gender that wasn’t Beta, which were virtually humans, were monsters. They were out to kill all Alphas and Omegas, but so far that had seemed to died down for the most part too. Even though it divided the hunting communities in half.
Dean and Sam were Betas, or so it seemed. It had been three years and they had not gone through the transition, so they were the Beta group that was immune to the virus, or just had not been infected yet.
That was another thing about Betas, unless you get purposely exposed to the virus, and don’t go through the change, then there was no way to know if they were really Betas, or if they just had not been infected. After that long though, people automatically assumed you were just Beta, because it was almost impossible to not be exposed at some point.
You were near the drop sight when the demons released this curse onto the plant, attempting to stop them like Sam and Dean stopped the virus in the past. You were one of the first to be infected, you were now an Omega.
At first, you tried to hide your new second gender, in fear that Sam and Dean would try to kill you because they might think you were a monster now, but they didn’t. Pulse you had only known them for around six months at the time, but still they accepted you, took you in and helped you to survive the transition, because that first heat was pure hell, and even let you move into the Bunker with them to keep you safe.
Dean and yourself had become very attached to one another very quickly. He was like the best friend you had never had instantly. Even though the “presentation”, as they called it, was the most contagious time of the virus, or so they said, Dean was right there with you the whole time. He never left your side. He made sure your temperature didn’t get too high, brought you food and water, and pain medication. He didn’t care if he caught the virus, and said he wasn’t leaving you. He stayed true to his word, and you were convinced that had it not been from him, you’d be dead today.
Now, three years later, Dean and yourself were joined at the hip most days, and life had finally rolled itself around into a ‘new normal’.
You stayed at home and did research for the boys It was just safer that way, especially with there being so few Omegas in the world that Alphas were just taking them and claiming them as their own to keep them. Omega’s may not have been enslaved yet, but as far as rights got, well, you didn’t have many in the choice of whom you belonged to in most cases.
Dean and Sam picked up hunting as always, and even society seemed to be reopening. Since there was no cure for the virus, people had just learned to adapt, so there was no point in keeping things closed off anymore in fear like when the virus first broke out.
Which is where you found yourself today, three days into being alone in the Bunker, waiting on Sam and Dean to wrap up a salt and burn and come home to you.
You stretched as you rolled over in your bed, looking at the clock on your nightstand. It read that it was just after nine in the morning, and you knew you needed to get out of bed, because the boys would be home soon, but you were being lazy today.
You were only about a week out of one of the most persistent heats you had ever experienced, and if it had not been for the suppressants, you were pretty sure you would have had to go out and find an Alpha to help you through that one.
Dean had offered to help, even though he didn’t have a knot he would have been able to take the edge off, but you turned him down at the time. You didn’t want to mess up the friendship that the two of you had with sex. You didn’t want Dean to know how you really felt about him, get scared, and push you away. You couldn’t stand the thought of that. So you just suffered until it went away, but you were still tired from it all. The fever had been dangerously high this time. It took a lot out of you.
You were debating on just going back to bed, knowing Dean would come wake you up if you were still asleep when he got home, but your stomach had other plans as it rolled loudly, letting you know it was hungry.
“Fuck,” you growled, rolling over and grabbing Dean’s flannel you had “borrowed” from him after you first presented, and started to make your way towards the kitchen.
You hated the Bunker when it was this quiet. It was creepy and you preferred to hide out in your room, but you didn’t have a stove in there, and hunger usually always won out.
You had just made it to the refrigerator, when the sound of the boys coming in from the garage made you stand up straighter, listening as their voices drew closer, and finally breathing a sigh of relief when they walked through the kitchen door.
“How was the hunt boys?” you asked them as Dean dropped his bag on the table in the kitchen with a grunt, not really looking at you, and just mumbling “fine,” which was really strange behavior for Dean, normally he always greeted you with a hug.
You didn’t have time to call him out on it, because Sam came through the door, wrapping you in his usual bear hug before dropping you down on your feet again. For Betas, both of them were as large or even larger than most Alphas.
“Hey squirt,” Sam said, going straight to the refrigerator as Dean slumped off to his room. “Have you started breakfast yet? Or do I have to go for a quick run?”
“Run?” you asked him. “You just got back from a hunt not five minutes ago, and now you want to go on a run? You’re a strange creature Samuel.”
“Hey,” he scolded, narrowing his eyes at you as he drank his glass of Orange juice he’d fixed himself in one go. “It’s Sam, and I’ve been cooped up in the car for hours now, I need to stretch my legs.”
You had several reasons as to why you wouldn’t go for a run period, much less after traveling all night, but you just shook your head and rolled your eyes, knowing it would do no good for you to argue the point with him. Sam was a strange person.
“What’s up with Dean?” you asked him, getting down a bowl from the cabinet and a box of cereal for yourself before popping up on the counter to fix yourself a generous bowl.
Sam narrowed his eyes judgingly at your choice of breakfast, but said nothing to you about it as he crossed his arms and leaned against the bar island in the middle of the kitchen.
“I honestly don’t know. He’s been off since we left the victim’s house yesterday,” Sam admitted. “He’s been distant, edgy.”
You chewed on your cereal deep in through, your eyebrows knitting as you thought about it. You seriously hoped that Dean wasn’t getting sick with something. You had been looking forward to having a movie night with him since he said you could pick the movie when he got home, and if he was sick, well, it was definitely going to ruin your weekend together.
“I wouldn’t worry too much about it,” Sam said, pushing off of the island and standing to his full height, which was still taller than you even though you were sitting on the counter. “He’s probably just tired. We’ve been hunting back to back for weeks now, he probably just needs a few days off and he’ll be fine. You know Dean, nothing ever gets him down for long.”
You nodded, choosing to busy yourself with your cereal to keep Sam from seeing the worried expression on your face.
“You’re probably right,” you agreed, watching him leave before dumping the rest of the bowl down the garbage disposal and washing your dishes. You suddenly just weren’t all that hungry anymore.
Dean probably was tired, that much was true, but you were going to be watching him pretty closely over the next few days because something just wasn’t sitting right with you. Something deep down in your senses just…
Dean didn’t come out of his room all day, not even to eat. At first, you just left him to whatever he was doing, assuming they had driven all night and he was just tired because he hadn’t slept, but by the time five in the afternoon rolled around, and Dean hadn’t so much as staggered into the kitchen or to the bathroom that you had noticed, and you had been watching very carefully, you were starting to get worried.
You even saw Sam listening outside of his door a few times, so you knew it wasn’t just your imagination. The thing about it was neither yourself nor Sam wanted to disturb him if he was tired or not feeling well in general, but it was getting to the point that you were about to lose it. You needed to know that he was okay.
As quietly as you could, you snuck your way down the hallway for what you were sure was the thousandth time in an hour, a plate of food in your hand, and pressed your ear to the door of his room, hearing absolutely nothing on the other side.
You started to scold yourself again, telling yourself you were just being paranoid, and walked away, when you heard a low groan coming from the other side of the door, one that made you freeze in your tracks and listen closer.
For a beat or two, you thought he was just dreaming, because no other sound came from the other side, not even the radio, then you heard it again, and your heart picked up speed. Panic started to tell you something was wrong, and you opened the door a crack to take a peek inside.
At first you didn’t see him, he wasn’t on the bed, and then you spotted him sitting against the wall, his hair in his hands, and knees bent, a different scent you had never smelt before lingering in the air of the room. It smelt like Dean, but stronger. Gun powder, whiskey, a hint of spice and something that was just Dean that you always found mouth water, but you had never smelt it so strong before that it made your knees weak the way it did right now.
Something was definitely like it should be.
“Dean?” you call, opening the door a little wider, and his head shot up to stare at you, eyes wide and a tad bit bloodshot. “Dean, what's wrong?”
Dean sat up straighter with a grunt, nostrils flaring as he situated himself with a grimace.
“I think I was infected,” Dean admitted, his eyes drifting off towards the wall opposite you as you settled yourself on the floor next to him, having sat the food on the table by the door.
“There was a kid there at the house the spirit was haunting, about fourteen," Dean began to explain. "The night I was there to try and defend them from the vengeful spirit while Sam salted and burned the bones, the boy suddenly started to present. He was the first male Omega I’ve ever seen. I had to carry the kid out of the living room and barricade myself in a room with him because the spirit was after the boy. He was burning up with a fever, hotter than anything I’ve ever seen. On the way home I started to feel off, tired, now I feel like I’m going to crawl my way out of my skin.”
“Fuck Dean,” reaching across the small space between you, you place a hand on his clammy forehead, but you found no fever there.
“You’re not running a fever, which means -”
“It means I’m an Alpha,” Dean cut you, backing away from you harshly, pressing himself deeper into the corner of the room away from you. “Which makes me dangerous for you to be around.”
“Dean,” you scolded him, coming closer to him, noting the low rumbling growl in his chest and trying to ignore the way it made a shiver run down your spine. “You didn’t leave me when I presented, I’m not leaving you either. I’m not afraid of you.”
“And what if I snap and claim you,” he threatened, showing his teeth as he spat out the words as if they were acid. “What If you have to walk around tied to someone like me for the rest of your life? Would you like that Y/N, you better just get out of here until it’s over.”
Dean’s breathing was slightly heavy and elevated, his color paler than normal, but his eyes were sharp, sharper than they’d ever been before, and his shirt was starting to cling to his chest from the sweat that had broken out over his body. His scent was getting stronger by the minute, and you knew before long he’d be fully into his first rut. Which for you, in a way, was dangerous.
Alphas going into their first rut didn’t really know how to keep their humanity in check, and tended to possibly become violent. Some people described them as damn near farel. But right Dean was highly contagious, and Sam didn‘t need to be around him, the last thing you needed was two people presenting at the same time, especially if they were both Alphas.
“Dean, I’m not scared of you,” you tell him, trying to be as stubborn as he was. He didn’t leave you, and you weren’t going to leave him. Besides, the Omega that resided just beneath the surface was already peeking at the thought of having Dean as her Alpha. It was something you had always dreamed of, but never thought would happen, so if he did snap, you had no intention to stop him, and you knew that.
“Besides,” you tell him, grabbing his hand and ignoring the warning growl that ripped through his throat. “Who says I wouldn’t want you as an Alpha anyway? There could be worse things in life than being tied to your best friend.”
Dean’s features softened and he allowed you to pull him to his feet and guide him over to the bed, where you tried to offer the food on the table to him, but he just curled his lip at it.
“You need to eat,” you tell him, and his eyes narrow at you.
“And you need to lock me up, but here we are.”
“I’m not locking you in anything Dean,” tell him sternly, and he growled at you again, this time the noise more prominent and deeper, sending a wave of slick into panties that you prayed he couldn’t smell, but you were pretty sure by the darkening of his irises he could.
“You’re too stubborn for your own good Omega,” Dean gritted out as you helped him out of his sweat soaked shirt, watching as a shiver rolled over his skin as the cool air in the room hit him.
God Dean was gorgeous, you always thought so, but right now, skin glistening slightly with sweat and his scent rolling off of him in enticing waves, he was damn near irresistible. He was literally mouth watering and it was making you bold, bolder than you had ever been with Dean.
“You talk a big game for someone who’s just sitting there… Alpha.”
The word had no sooner left your lips and Dean had you flat on your back on the bed, hovering over you with his eyes racking over your body, breathing deep as he scented you, really scented you for the first time.
“You’re playing with fire sweetheart,” he warned.
Part of you knew he was right, part of you knew that you were pressing his buttons, and that was stupid, but humanity was giving away to hormones and carnal needs that you just didn’t much feel like fighting right now. So all good sense went right out of the window.
“I like the heat,” you tease him, purring underneath him as you reached up and drug your fingers through his short hair, tugging at it slightly to pull a moan from him that made you wetter than you already were. God how could one man sound so fucking hot? It wasn’t natural.
Dean rolled his hips against yours, his sweats doing nothing to hide the impressive bulge there as he buried his face in your neck and breathed deeply.
“I’m not going to be able to stop,” he warned one last time, and this time you could hear Dean in the warning, more of a plea actually than you had a few moments ago.
You placed your hand on the side of his face, guiding his eyes up towards yours for a moment, and neither of you moved, just stared at each other.
The thing about Dean and yourself, neither of you were good with words. You had never been, and neither had Dean. But you knew what you felt, and you knew what you wanted, and Dean was all of that. He always had been, it had always been Dean, it would always be Dean. Nothing was going to change that.
“Dean, It’s okay,” you tell him, keeping your eyes locked on his mossy colored orbs, watching as he tried to hold onto the last bit of humanity he had left in him. “It’s always been you for me Dean, and being tied to you as my Alpha is something I’m more than okay with.”
Dean swallowed thickly around nothing, and slowly, in the last gentle act that would come tonight, Dean pressed his lips to yours in a soft, scared kiss that quickly became heated.
His tongue slipping into your mouth, he kissed you hard enough to steal your breath away from you, and leave you panting when he pulled away from you as that all too familiar heat started to roll just under the surface as the Omega fully submitted to her Alpha.
What happened next as your eyes locked momentarily happened fast, so fast that it left your world spinning for a moment. One minute you were on your back with Dean hovering over you and the next you were naked as he ripped your shirt clean from your body, and stripped you faster than you even thought possible, disposing of his own clothing just as quickly, leaving him leaning over naked, hard, and leaking an impressive amount of precum.
You watched as he stalked you, the Alpha inside of him fully in control as he reached for his impressive length, stroking himself as his eyes raked over you with hunger. A low growl permeated his chest as he tried to figure out his point of attack, instinct was starting to take over, and you could see that he was torn.
“Alpha,” you moaned, sending a visible shiver through him as his hand lingered around the base of his cock, his knot already red in color in comparison to the rest of him.
“Present Omega,” he commanded.
He wanted to take his time with you, get to know every inch of you, see what makes you tick, hear you beg for him, but not tonight, he knew what he needed, and it was right there in front of him for the taking. The Alpha wasn’t as patient as Dean was, but there would be time for that. Right now, he needed to claim and mark what was his. It’s all that was rolling through his hormone saturated brain.
You knew this was going to be hard and fast, and just the thought of it had you dripping as you rolled over and presented for the Alpha, feeling him waist no time in coming up behind you, his large, callous hand brushing over the expanse of your back and sides as he examined the prize before him. His thick fingers tracing along your soaked folds as he pressed two of them into your cunt. You moaned and leaned back heavily onto his hand, already needing and wanting more of them as he curled his fingers deep inside of you, finding that spot you thought no one ever knew about quickly, almost like he’d known all along.
“Alpha, please,” you begged him, and he groaned behind you, slipping a third finger deep inside of you as he scissored you open.
“Please what Omega,” he groaned, feeling you squeeze his fingers as he drove them into you faster, his thumb pressing into your throbbing clit and making your hips jerk back into him.
“Please Alpha, I need your knot, claim me, make me yours,” you tell and Dean growled behind you, leaning over your body as he continued to work you over with his fingers until you were teetering on the edge, his teeth nipping at the junction between your shoulder and throat.
“Then cum on my fingers and you can have it,” he told you, and that’s just what you did, your body falling apart around him as he continued to work you through your Orgasm until you were a shaking, panting mess.
It was amazing, how well he seemed to be able to play your body like a well tuned instrument, but you didn’t have time to think about that as you felt him notch his wide head of his cock at your entrance, and press inside of you in one smooth thrust that knocked the window out of you.
“Fuck,” he growled, his legs shaking as he tried to hold himself still and let you adjust to his size as he spit you open with a welcome sting you knew you would crave for the rest of your life.
“You’re so fucking tight Omega,” he said, pulling almost all the way out of you and groaning as he watched your pussy greedily try and suck him back inside before slamming back into your heat with a forceful thrust.
“Alpha,” you screamed, falling onto your chest, the sweat and slick soaked comforter underneath you bunching up slightly as he started to really thrust into you, pounding into you harder and faster with each thrust as the last of the humanity snapped, and the Alpha took hold fully. His scent filled the room, making you drunk as he continued to pound into you. His knot already expanding and starting to catch at your entrance with every harsh movement.
“Gonna claim you Omega,” he warned, “make you mine, might even fuck a pup in you. Is that what you want, baby? Wanna wear my mark on your neck, let everyone know who you belong too? Maybe even get round with my pups?”
“Please Alpha, please,” you all but screamed. “Mark me, make you yours.”
It was as if the Alpha was waiting to hear it one more time, wanting to make sure you really wanted it, because as soon as you said it Dean’s knot popped, locking the two of you together as your orgasm ripped through your body, and you screamed as his teeth sank deep into your mating gland as Dean fucked you through the second Orgasm the best he could before you damn near blacked out in his arms. Pleasure you had never experienced before making you light headed as his cum floated your belly, and Dean lowered the two of you onto your sides. Aftershocks rolled through his body as your pussy continued to milk his knot, groaning with every pulse that seemed to roll through the two of your bodies as he tried to lick the mark clean on your neck.
“Fuck,” he groaned when he was satisficed with the mark he’d created, his arms wrapping around you tight and holding you close to him, scenting you as he waited for his knot to recede.
“You okay?” he asked you after a while, snuggling you both deeper into the sheets and throwing one of over the two of you.
“More than okay,” you tell him, snuggling into him the best you could as he gently slipped his knot from your body, and you whined at the loss of him, even though you knew he’d need you again soon you never wanted to let him go.
“Everything is going to change now,” Dean said, fingers brushing up and down your thighs lightly as he held you, yawning as exhaustion started to hit him.
“Is that a bad thing?” you asked him, and for a second, fear gripped you as he got very quiet behind you.
“No,” he said finally, “No it’s not, as long as you're sure you still want me.”
“I told you Dean, I’ve always wanted you. It’s always been you.”
“I love you Y/N,” Dean said, rolling you over in his arms to tuck you safely into him. “Always have.”
“I love you to Dean,” you admitted kissing his throat and making him groan above you, his body still humming with his rut that was only temporarily satisfied. “Now sleep Alpha, we still got at least two days of this.”
Dean started to laugh and you looked up at him in confusion.
“Poor Sammy,” he said, before laughing in earnest, so hard that tears were streaming down his face. “He better just go see Eileen, because it’s gonna be a loud few days.”
“What do you mean?” you asked him, chuckling as you watched him roll over on top of you.
“Because Omega, I really, really like it when you scream for me like that, and I intend to make you do it over and over again.”
“Don’t write checks you can’t cash,” you tease him, nipping at his lips as he kissed you.
“Oh sweetheart, I’m just getting warmed up.”
You laughed at his antics, knowing it annoyed him, but Dean was always so hot when he was angry it was hard not to poke the bear.
If this is what everything was changing to, then it was one you welcomed, because there was nothing in this world you wanted to be more than his Omega, because his was all you ever wanted to be.
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paterson-blue · a month ago
Fever Pitch
Tumblr media
(gif by @violadvis )
Summary: A mix-up at your pharmacy causes your heat to come early. Your aid options are limited.
Word Count: 5,994
Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, Alpha!Sackler, Omega!Gender Neutral Reader, mild dubcon (smut is consented to during a heat), can be read as friends with benefits or friends to lovers, is the love unrequited or not??? you decide, heat aids, mentions of sex toys, Sackler is a good alpha, Sackler is soft, lotsa cum, dirty talk, mating cylces/in heat, unprotected sex (no chance of pregnancy), breeding kink, nesting, knotting, A/B/O biology, brief worry of non-con mating bite but none takes place — let me know if I need to add anything else!
A/N: Shout out to @leatherboundbirate for beta reading this and encouraging all my A/B/O wants & needs.
Prefer AO3? I gotcha!
You’re curled up on your couch reading a book when your front door slams open. At this point, you’re so used to it happening that you don’t even flinch—instead, you look up, finding exactly the scene you thought you would.
Sackler barges in, barefoot and bare chested, a mallet in one hand and his phone in the other. He’s not looking at you, too focused on squinting at the little screen.
“Hey kid, guess what I juuuuuhhhhhhhhst—oooohhhh” His words warble in his throat, cutting off into what can only be described as an honest to god moan. You stare at him, brows arched. He’s frozen in place, head tilted up at an odd angle, dark eyes darting around the room. You move to set your book down onto your lap and his unblinking gaze snaps to you. You see him swallow, and wait for him to speak. He doesn’t.
“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You finally ask him, wondering what the actual hell had gotten into him. He blinks, chest heaving a large, gasping inhale that you can hear, and then he’s physically backtracking out of your apartment.
“Nothing I gotta go.” He yelps, slamming the door shut behind him. You listen to him stomp back down the hallway to his own unit. Perplexed, you grab your phone from the coffee table, opening up your ongoing text thread with him. Before you can type anything you see three tell-tale grey dots pop up on his end. You wait to see what he says, watching the dots linger for at least a full minute, before they disappear.
Huh. Weirdo.
You debate pursuing it but odds are it was just Sackler being… Sackler. Sometimes he did shit you really wished you didn’t know about, and you weren’t sure you wanted to open whatever new can of worms this was. So you toss your phone to the side, leaning back against the couch cushions and opening up your book once more.
You get the call from your pharmacist later that day. Hurried explanations, frantic apologies--your last suppressant prescription had gotten mixed up with someone else’s. Nothing dangerous, you’d been assured, but since it was a lower dosage than your body was used to it might not, well, work. Your heat would be hitting sooner rather than later--like, the next 48-hours soon.
Human error. Mistakes happen, right?
Inconvenient, unpleasant, but not the end of the world. You could call into work, they’d give you a medical excuse. You’d call your friend who always helped you through your heats--they’d come over and feed you and fuck you silly until the fever broke, the way they always did. It was fine, things were fine. No reason to panic.
Except, well, you call your friend and they’re out of town. They apologize profusely, but you tell them not to worry. It’s not like it’s their fault. Your suppressants usually kept your heats to a tight schedule, one that was marked on your calendar in red ink. Having one now was abnormal, unexpected.
You think about riding it out alone. You’d done it before—bravely, desperately. You had more than enough toys for it, really. Enough to keep you stuffed for days, enough that you could grind back on while in whatever nest you built for yourself. Ones that mimicked knots, ones that mimicked two alphas at once, ones that were filthy and debauched and perfect.
But they weren’t perfect, were they? Not during a heat. They were never enough, never real. And you needed real. It hurt without real, it was torture without real. You’d done it before and it had been a fucking nightmare. The fever had been so intense that you thought you were going mad, you’d been crawling out of your skin--it had been so fucking painful that it scared you. You never wanted to live through a heat on your own again. And yet, here you were, with no other choice.
No other choice.
You eye your phone where it lay on the coffee table, chewing on your bottom lip nervously. Sackler. The thought of him brings your earlier interaction to the forefront of your mind, and you feel yourself flush as you realize what must have happened. He’d scented it, scented you. He’d moaned at the smell of your heat. He’d known, and he’d left--hadn’t even asked you why the fuck your heat was three weeks early.
Of course, asshole or not, Sackler was Sackler: king of helping people through their heats. He was practically running a fucking business at this point, probably had a huge complex schedule of all the omegas he was assisting. How terribly charitable of him.
It's not that you don’t approve! You support it--he was respectful, caring, gentle, giving. At least, he was in this context. You’d met a couple of the omegas who relied on him during their heats, and they’d had nothing but fantastic things to say. ‘Best alpha I’ve ever been with, so attentive and communicative. S’got a gorgeous cock,’ one of them--Wes--had told you while drunk at a party. You’d hummed, not really wanting to hear all of this about Sackler of all people (or did you? Things were confusing as of late).
Point was, for all of his chaos, Sackler was apparently a very responsible, doting alpha when the time came. It was tempting. He was right down the hall, had this whole thing down to a science. Surely he wouldn’t mind. It was nothing that would damage the friendship the two of you had. Both of you were practiced at shit like this. He was just… easy access.
Having properly convinced yourself, you snatch up your phone, plugging in his number before you can change your mind. You were too embarrassed to go talk to him in person, not to mention you had no idea when your heat would trigger. Still, this didn’t seem like a very text-friendly situation, so… calling it was. He answers on the second ring, quicker than normal.
“Kid.” He intones, voice low and even. You swallow hard, not liking how the mere sound of him makes you clench your thighs together.
“Sackler, hey, I’m--” you pause, cringing at how lame you sound, “-I need to talk to you about something.”
There’s a small pause. You can hear him take a slow, deep breath; he lets it out just as slowly. “...This about your heat?” His voice is quieter this time, and in the background you hear his music being turned off. You fidget, your heart rate picking up in your chest. It’s fine, this isn’t a big deal. It’s just Sackler. Sighing, you steel yourself for what you’re about to say next.
“Yeah. So, listen. The pharmacy screwed up my suppressants, gave me the wrong ones--”
“Yo, what? That’s fuuuuucked up.”
“Mm-hm, so basically my heat is gonna come, like, fucking tomorrow, I don’t know. I called my aid, but they’re out of town, and I-- Listen, I know you help out a lot of people, and I also know we’ve never… done that before, but maybe, if you don’t have anyone else on your schedule this week, maybe you wouldn’t mind, uhm… helping me?”
Complete, utter silence. So much so that you pull your phone from your ear to check if he was still on the other end. The call is still connected so you hold it back up to your face, ready to ask him if he’d somehow not heard you, but then he speaks.
“I can’t.”
Your heart sinks, and you try your best to keep the disappointment out of your voice as well as the anxiety slowly building up within you. “Oh. Right, I’m--sorry, I know its a last minute ask and you’re probably, uh, all booked up--”
“I didn’t say that.” He interrupts, sounding a little on edge. “I’m not busy, I’m just saying no. So, no.”
You wince at his tone. A part of your brain shrinks, whines, telling you Alpha is mad. You made Alpha mad. Alpha doesn’t want you. You shove away the thought, physically shaking it out of your head. “Ohhkayyy.” You draw the word out, your chest feeling all tight. “Is it--I mean, you just… Is it because we’re friends? Or you’re just not… not interested.”
“I just can’t.” His voice is flat, controlled, so unlike him. It makes you angry. Sure, some of it was probably irritation from your looming heat and the fear of spending it alone, but some of it was just him. Here you were, being vulnerable with him, and he was just shoving you away. Wasn’t he supposed to be this magical, wonderful alpha? Wasn’t he supposed to be your friend? Your frustration makes you lash out in a way you normally wouldn't.
“You can’t. Right. Jesus, Sackler, it’s one heat. I’m not asking you to fuckin’ court me or marry me or some shit. I wouldn’t ask you if I wasn’t desperate, okay? I don’t--I can’t be alone again—”
“I can’t because I’ll fuckin’ bite you, okay?” His words are rushed out, brusque.
You laugh, the sound sharp. “You’ll ‘bite me’? Oh fuck off, asshole, all anyone ever talks about is how controlled of an alpha you are. Don’t give me some bullshit excuse. It’s not like you’re off mating all the other omegas you spend heats and ruts with.”
“Yeah, well, they’re not you.” He snaps at you and you blink in surprise, the frown on your face only deepening. What the fuck did that mean?
“What he fuck does that mean?” You ask, and you can hear the tension in your own voice. He doesn’t respond, the line quiet aside from his steady breathing. You grit your teeth, sighing hotly through your nose as you shut your eyes. “Alright. Whatever. Listen, Sackler, I’m just--”
“Omega.” And oh, he’s using the voice. That voice. The one that makes you all dumbstruck, makes you want to cower in submission, makes you want to give him everything he ever asks for and beg his forgiveness for your backtalk. All alpha. He’s never used it on you before; he wasn’t supposed to. “I said no.”
You’re speechless, breath catching in your throat as your mind goes blank and your heat surges within you. You want to babble, want to tell him you’re sorry, want to tell him you’ll be good, you won’t push him again, please don’t be mad, please. You think you feel slick between your thighs, the telltale sign of the fever about to sweep over you. Fuck, it was even earlier than you’d thought it would be.
It takes you forever to realize he’s hung up.
Adam doesn’t hear from you for two whole days. He doesn’t want to admit to himself how worried he is, doesn’t dare walk past your apartment lest he hears something. Or, fuck, scents you. He doesn’t think he’d be able to control himself, and that’s not a situation he wants either of you to be in. So he takes the back stairwell, forces himself not to text or call, forces himself not to set a care package outside your door.
It’s killing him. His head is a loud, constant thrum: Omega needs you, Omega hurting, take care of Omega, protect Omega, fuck Omega, knot Omega, breed Omega. Pretty Omega, smells so good, makes you feel so nice, bite Omega, bite, bite, bite, mate.
He can’t stop it, the endless chanting in his mind. He works out, he runs his power tools day and night, working on various projects that go unfinished while he starts a brand new one. Turns his music up as loud as he can to try to drown everything out, scrubs his skin under boiling hot water in the shower in attempts to end its prickling. His heart pounds in his chest as the water slowly turns his pale skin bright red, stomach twisting as he thinks of you just down the hall.
He imagines you in a comfortable nest in your bed, soft pillows and blankets and clothes that all smell like you. Omega would make the perfect nest for Alpha, would be so good. He wonders how you’re taking care of yourself, wonders what myriad of toys you have at your disposal. Fuck, he wonders how wet you are, how much you’re soaking your sheets. His mouth waters as he thinks about it; goddamn, he wants to taste it, wants it all over him, wants his senses to drown in it.
Omega would open right up for you, take you so easily, would feel so good. Adam swallows hard, groaning as he leans against the shower wall, one of his hands slipping down to encircle his cock. He strokes himself slowly, just to take the edge off. Did you have one of those toys that mimicked a knot? Filled you with fake cum? Let your body believe, for just a split second, that it was actually being bred? Omega wants your knot, not anyone else’s. Only yours, only your cum. Omega needs it, needs you.
A low growl leaves his lips, and he clenches his hand at the base of his cock before wrenching the faucet to cold. He gasps at the shock of the freezing water; slams his fist against the tile in frustration. He can’t do this. He just can’t. It won’t take the edge off, he knows; it’ll just make things worse. He waits until his dick softens before clambering out of the shower, scrubbing his shaggy hair with a towel as he walks naked to his room.
Two calls from you on his phone.
His heart clenches up in his chest, fear filling him immediately, a million horrible scenarios entering his head. Your earlier words echo in his mind, that you can’t be alone again. Some omegas got sick if they spent their heats alone, some went crazy from the fever, overheated from the inside out without the balm of a warm body taking care of them. An alpha was ideal, but betas did the trick in a pinch. Fuck, he should have listened, should have… he didn’t know—put you in touch with someone he knew, who did what he did. Who could have helped you.
The thought of you with someone else makes an involuntary growl leave him, his hackles rising. He wouldn’t just give you to someone else. Never. Not when you were his.
He groans, pressing his palms into his eyes. No, no, no--you weren’t his. You were his friend, he cared about you, he needed you. He had no claim over you. And yet, it was some imaginary claim that caused him to fail you. Jesus fucking Christ, you were suffering right now and it was all his fault, wasn’t it?
He’s stabbing his thick fingers at the phone screen in a rush, calling you back as he sits heavily on his bed. His leg shakes anxiously as ringing echoes through the line, and his concern honestly has him considering breaking down your fucking door to make sure you’re still alive before, suddenly, you’re picking up.
“Alphaaaa.” You sigh into the phone, and Adam’s whole body clenches, his breath catching in his throat. He grits his jaw, closing his eyes as if it’ll block out his instincts. He says your name, trying to keep his tone gentle and even, to be the alpha he knows he can be. Controlled.
“Why did you call me? Are you okay? Do you need help?” The questions spill from his mouth one after the other without giving you time to respond. He forces himself to stop speaking, needing to hear your answers.
“M’not okay and you know it.” It sounds like you’re pouting, and it makes his chest loosen just a little. You continue, voice all breathy. “It hurts, Alpha. It’s… It’s not enough, ‘ve cum so many times and it’s not working. Its not real, it’s not good, it’s not you.”
Fuck, his heart hurts. He knows you don’t mean it, not like this, not in the midst of your heat. Even if you weren’t half out of your mind, you wouldn’t mean it the way he does. He’s sure of it. Because he’s him, and you’re you, and it just… it’s not how life works. And yet you’re begging for him, saying you need him, and it’s taking everything he has to stay sane.
“I can’t. I told you I can’t--”
“You won’t bite me, I know you won’t. You’re so nice, so sure of yourself, so wonderful, so big, so pretty, smell so good.”
Adam’s free hand twists into the sheets and he gulps, heaving in a shuddering breath in an attempt to center himself. Your name falls from his lips again, but this time instead of a warning it's a plea. He needs you to stop. He can’t---he can’t--
“Good Alpha, I know you are. Gooood Alpha, you’ll take care of me the way I need. And I neeeeed it, I do, I do. It’s not enough, fucking myself isn’t enough. It’s so fucking hot in here, Sackler, please, I can’t cool down, I’m--what if it gets worse?”
Your words make him shiver, and he unclenches his hands from the sheets to ruck his fingers through his hair, shoving it off his forehead. Fuck. Fuck. What if it got worse? He brings his thumb to his mouth, chewing on the side of it nervously as he tries to just… to figure things out in his head. And also ignore the suspicious wet sounds coming from your end of the line.
You gasp abruptly, and Adam freezes. It doesn’t sound like a good gasp, and the whimper that follows is more pained than pleased. He rushes to speak, words jumbling together. “What, what happened, are you alright?”
“Adam.” You say his name--his actual name--and he swears his heart stops. You continue speaking, and suddenly you sound more lucid, voice on edge; you sound scared. “Adam, it hurts. It really, really fucking hurts, and it’s just getting worse. I don’t--” Your voice cracks, and you suck in a shaky breath, the noise on the brink of a sob. “-I don’t know what to do. I wasn’t ready for this, I don’t--Adam.”
He breaks.
“Hey--hey, okay, I’m--fuck, I’m coming over, okay? Just lemme get some shit, I’ll be right there, I promise. Omega, I promise.” He’s already standing, yanking on a pair of gym shorts and nothing else before grabbing his duffel and throwing shit into it haphazardly. You whine into the phone and he hums to you, wanting to comfort you. He’d made up his mind, and he’d--he’d keep his control as much as he could. But he couldn’t leave you alone like this. Not you.
He’s pounding at your door in less than five minutes, chest heaving like he’s just run a damn marathon. He swears he can already smell you, and he rests his forehead on the doorframe, groaning softly. You’re wild-eyed and naked when you answer, and he pushes himself into your apartment, slamming the door shut and locking it behind him, not wanting anyone else to have the privilege of seeing you, scenting you, wanting you.
“You’re here.” You breathe, gaze traveling over him hungrily, as if you can’t get enough. Adam nods, taking a step back to press himself against the door, trying to get used to the overpowering scent of your slick. Fuuuuck, it was sparking each and every one of his senses, setting his nerves alight. Staying in control was going to be just as difficult as he thought. He’d never been sent into rut from an omega’s heat; he sure as fuck hoped that didn’t start now.
“Tell me you want this.” He grits out, whole body tense as he looks you over. You were beautiful. You were always beautiful, but this? It was better than his imagination, than all his dreams. You, naked in front of him, covered in sweat, slick soaking your thighs, your hands, your stomach.
You nod at him, swallowing hard as you take a step forward, pupils blown wide. Adam holds back a whine, not daring to make a sound, make a move. He needs to hear you say it, to feel better about this. Somehow, you know--you read it in his expression. Because you speak, your voice shaking even though he can tell you’re trying to keep it together.
“I want this, Adam. I trust you.” You reach out and touch, sliding your hand over his side, the contact and your words causing him to tremble. He knows your coherence won’t last long, and he can’t let things get bad for you--not again. So he just nods, putting just as much trust into you as you are into him. He pulls you close, kissing you as softly as he can manage, groaning low and loud at the taste of you.
Mate. Mate, mate, mate, mate. His mind clings to the singular word, echoing it over and over, needy and desperate. He’s ushering you back into your bedroom as quickly as he can, trying to remember the half-formulated plan he’d come up with while packing.
“Hey, look,” he croons to you as soon as he gets you seated on your bed, “-I brought these for you. For your nest.” He gestures to the pile of various fabrics you had piled meticulously around the edge of your mattress before opening his duffel and pulling out all the clothes, towels, and blankets he’d been able to shove in. “They, uh, smell like me. I didn’t know if you wanted them or not…”
He trails off, feeling himself start to blush, and he knows--he knows--that it’ll go up to his ears. You make a pleased noise, grabbing eagerly at the material, and Adam’s quick to drop a kiss to the top of your head. “I’m--I’m gonna go into the kitchen, okay? I’ll be really quick, I promise. Just wanna get us some water, see what sorta food you got that we can snack on for fast protein. I brought some gatorade and, uh, ham.” Shit, he feels stupid, feels so underprepared. Usually he was better than this, had everything planned out to a tee.
But you just nod, too busy adding his belongings to your nest to pay him any mind. He doesn’t have much time until the fever rises again, so he scurries out into the kitchen, puttering around, finding what he can. He wants you to eat something, knows you’ve probably just been scrounging for the past couple days. Fuck, he’d been so stupid to leave you alone. He doesn’t think he’ll ever stop beating himself up about it.
By the time he comes back into your room, you’re curled up in bed, face nuzzled into the damp towel he’d just dried himself off with. Heat fills him at the sight, and he quickly averts his eyes in order to focus on setting down everything in his arms. It was mostly bottles of water, but he’d been able to cut up some fruit as well as throw together some cheese, ham, and crackers. It wasn’t much, but it was something. As soon as he fucks you properly you’ll have a true break in your heat where you can sleep; he’ll prep better meals then.
“Here, I made some shit. Can you eat a little for me, please?” He keeps his tone even and soothing, reaching a hand out for you. You take it, let him help you off the bed and to his side. Humming, you nuzzle your face into his pale chest; he shivers when your tongue pokes out to lap at one of his nipples. “Kid, c’mon.” He breathes, a hand coming up to settle on your back. “Need you to eat something before it comes back. Drink some water, too.”
You huff out a hot little puff of air against his skin, and then pull away. “Fine, but only if you get naked.”
Well. It’s not like he’s going to say no.
As soon as he strips off his shorts you reach for some of the clementine slices he’s prepared, popping them into your mouth one-by-one. He can’t help but slot himself behind you, pressing his bare chest to your bare back and his cheek to the side of your head.
“How’re you feeling?” He asks as he settles his palms on your hips, ignoring the slight tremble in his hands. You hum, reaching for more slices of fruit and bringing them up to his mouth. Adam takes them from your fingers, sighing at the intimacy, feeling it soothe his soul.
“I feel better now that you’re here. It doesn’t… hurt as much.” It’s the truth. The second you’d laid eyes on him, smelled him, felt his touch—your heat had quelled, had receded for a moment. His mere presence reassured your mind and body that you weren’t alone, that someone was here to take care of you. You reach up to feed him the last piece of clementine and this time he sucks at your fingers after taking it into his mouth. You sigh happily, leaning back against his warm chest.
“Eat some more. Then hydrate.” Adam says after releasing your fingers, pressing his face into your neck. He feels when his cheek rubs against your mating gland; you whimper at the contact. “You smell so good,” he croaks out, mouth watering. Forcing himself to pull away, he waits for you to start on the plate of protein and eventually move to chug from one of the water bottles. “Good Omega.” He murmurs, rubbing his hands up and down your sides, praising you.
He shoves a couple bites into his mouth after you’re all done, eager to get back to where you were waiting for him in your nest. He clambers up beside you after moving the water closer, his hard cock bobbing between his legs. There’s a large wet patch of slick on the duvet; Adam wants to press his face into it, wants to lick it up. “I’ll wash the bedding next chance I get.” He says instead, cheeks flushing.
You make a noncommittal hum, reaching for him, and he goes. He slots himself over you the way he’s dreamed of, body pressed to yours, cock sliding against your soft stomach. “Fuck.” He moans, and he can’t help when his face migrates straight to the crook of your shoulder to your gland. Your scent is strongest here, and he nuzzles against it. He wants your essence all over his face, wants it imprinted into his skin, his senses.
“Perfect. Such a sweet, perfect omega for me. I always knew you would be.” He takes a deep inhale, and before he knows it he’s lapping at your gland, moaning at the heady taste. It’s messy and unrefined, his head emptying of all thought but you, his mate, his omega. Mate, mate, mate. He sucks at the swollen, sensitive patch of skin and you cry out, hands flying up to clutch at his back.
“Alpha, please.” You keen, feeling dizzy at the sensation of his tongue sweeping over your mark, of his plush lips sucking at your skin, at the slight scratch of his facial hair. “Bite me, fuck me, knot me, mate me.” You barely hear your own pleading, but Sackler does. He lets out a broken moan before yanking his head up and away from you.
He pants as he presses his forehead to yours, his nose nuzzling against your cheek. “I can’t. I—I won’t. Not now, not like this.” His voice sounds pained, and it hurts you, makes you whimper.
“Alpha doesnt want me?” You question, voice shaky, and Adam’s quick to soothe you.
“I want you. I want you.” He tugs at one of your hands, guiding it to his hard cock as he stares you down. “I want you so fuckin’ bad. You’re—“ he hesitates, but the vulnerable look in your eyes forces him to keep going, “-you’re my omega. And I’ll make you my omega. As soon as this heat passes, as—as soon as we can actually talk. Okay?”
His heart thuds in his chest at his confession, even though he knows you’re hearing it through a haze of heat and desperation. Maybe if he’s lucky you won’t remember this conversation; maybe he won’t lose you at the end of all this. He’ll see you through the fever, take care of you, make sure you’re okay. And then things will… go back to normal.
He just has to make sure to keep his bite to himself.
Your hand squeezes his cock gently, right at the base where his knot will pop; it makes him feel lightheaded with want. He tries to ignore the sensation, to focus on you. Your eyes look a little more glazed, and he swears he can feel the heat coming off your skin. The fever was taking hold again, then.
“Pretty Alpha,” you say suddenly, voice taking on a dreamy intonation, “-big Alpha, nice Alpha.” Your nimble fingers rub just under the head of his cock, and Adam can smell when another rush of slick leaves your body.
He groans, and then he’s moving, reaching for a pillow to shove under your hips. It would be easier, really, to take you from the back; to fuck you at a punishing pace, hold you down against the mattress and make you take him, take his knot. It’s what he’d do with anyone else. But he can’t help it—he wants to see your face when he fucks you for the first time. He needs to know it’s you, and needs you to know it’s him.
You’re starting to make hitched out little whimpers, and he presses his large hand just under your belly button, giving you comforting pressure to focus on. “Shhh, shhh—you’re alright, Omega. I’m here, okay? I’ve got you.” He uses words he’s said before with his past partners, clutching at the script in his head as if it’ll give him control, give him sanity.
The initial slide into you is heaven. Slick and warm and easy, your body taking his cock like you were made for him. He isn’t even fucking breathing, every single fiber of his being hyper focused on the feeling of the two of you, together. How it should be. You let out a little mewl of relief when he bottoms out, your body relaxing against the mattress as your heat settles into something warm and thrumming and happy.
Adam can feel it, can taste it in the air—how his body makes yours feel, how it soothes you. He leans in to nuzzle his face against your cheek, chest rumbling in something akin to a pleased purr. Take good care of Omega. Love them, help them, make them feel nice. Your omega, yours.
He lets out a little growl, adjusting his grip on your hips, and then he’s arching his back to fuck into you as hard and fast as he can in this position. You need it like this after being by yourself, but honestly, he needs it, too. He lets out sharp pants and grunts into your ear, breathing hot against your skin. Fuck, you felt so fucking good—surely the other omegas he’d been with hadn’t felt like this. He can’t remember, not with your wet, velvet heat clenching around his cock.
Jesus fuckin’ Christ, he was gonna pop his knot any second.
It’s too soon, too fast; he doesn’t want it to be over. It’s just the first time, he tells himself. Give Omega your knot, impress Omega, fill Omega. Omega will want more. More, more, more.
He snarls, determination overtaking him as his hips work overtime, the slapping of his skin against yours growing louder as he fucks you roughly. You sob, clawing at his back, chanting Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Adam. It’s all he can do to stop himself from wrenching your head to the side and burying his teeth into your mating gland. His mouth waters at the thought of it.
Slick gushes from you when you cum, soaking the both of you as you cry and writhe on his cock. Adam’s eyes roll back in his head, and he rubs his face against yours, scenting you, letting his facial hair brush against your soft skin.
“Fuuuuck.” He bites out, and yes, fuck, yes, there—his knot was swelling, catching at your entrance with each pump of his hips. “Jeeeezus, fuck yeah, good fuckin’ omega. Gonna take my big fat knot, huh? Gonna fuck you full of my cum, breed you like you fuckin’ deserve.”
He’s babbling, mindless; all he can focus on now is his urge to shove his knot into your tight little hole, have you clench down on him as he cums and cums and cums. All it takes is a couple more hard snaps of his hips, and then—
—his knot locks inside of you, and Adam bellows out your name, his orgasm fuckin’ blindsiding him. He swears it’s never felt like this before, his whole body shaking so hard that he collapses on top of you, his hips still rutting frantically between your legs. He’s never felt so out of control of his body, so fucking feral, panting and grunting as his balls pulse over and over and over again.
You take him all, your palms sliding over his sweaty back, letting out little whimpers as his cum floods inside of you. You feel so full, close to bursting, but his knot won’t let a single drop escape. He keeps jerking his hips into you as if trying to get deeper, little involuntary sobs leaving his throat with each movement.
You feel like you’re fucking floating.
The burn of your heat is gone, leaving only the glow of your orgasm, of being filled. You can’t even feel all the muscle aches you know you’ll have later. Adam’s giant body isn’t even heavy; it’s a warm, comforting weight—anchoring you to him, intimate in the best way.
Sackler. This is Sackler. A little piece of your mind nags at you; you quickly tell it to fuck off. Yeah, this was Sackler, and he was everything you’d been needing, everything you wanted, so good to you, so wonderful, perfect, beautiful Alpha.
… Okay, so maybe your heat was still around, but at least it was in the background for a bit.
Adam lets out an unintelligible groan, and you can’t help the laugh that leaves your chest, the sound bright and airy. He hums at you, nuzzles into your neck—you feel him start to lap at the sweaty skin near your gland, the flat of his tongue sparking against your nerve endings. Alpha was cuddly. You’d pleased Alpha.
He’s aware enough to shift himself, maneuvering the two of you—slowly, gently—into a comfortable position on your sides to wait until his knot goes down. It’s not the most ideal arrangement, your thighs linked awkwardly, half on top of him, but it works. You liked being face to face with him, anyway.
Adam watches you with those big brown eyes, gaze soft as he rubs a hand over your ribs. He wants to ask how you’re feeling, if he’d been good, if you were happy. But he can see that you’re tired, and he knows this break from your heat will only last so long before the fever returns again.
“Get some sleep, kid.” He tells you, voice soft as he angles your head towards his chest. You lean into him willingly, fluttering around his knot as you curl up to him. Adam forces himself not to moan even as the action makes his cock pulse once more, giving you more of his cum. He clings to the to-do list inside his head, the things he needs to get done after his knot goes down—the things he needs to do to take care of you. His omega.
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Tumblr media
Omega Cas doodle before bed :D
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blosvm · 6 months ago
"Present for me alpha." You ordered the green-haired man grazing your fingertips over the strap-on your wearing and watched as he did as you told.
His cute face shoved in the pillows, back beautifully arched, muscular legs bent and spread wide leaving himself vulnerable under your hungry eyes, and presenting himself to you like an omega would, like you should. But you were having none of that.
You purred at his obedience, lightly stroking the plump flesh of his freckled ass checks that twitched adorably out of reflex from your touches. "Such a good baby boy for your mommy." you coo at him making Izuku chuff and grind his hard pretty cock into the nest below him; his pre-cum smearing on the blankets leaving behind a white sticky residue.
You clicked your tongue to show your displease, scent turning slightly bitter which had tears gathering in Izuku's pretty green eyes knowing he did something wrong. "Stay still bitch. I didn't tell you to move." Immediately he stopped moving not wanting punishment making you smile softly before landing a wad of spit into his cute hole.
Whines and whimpers resonating from Izuku's throat, your spit tickling his intimate bits as you stared entranced the way it slowly dripped from his clenching asshole to his sensitive ball sack.
Eagerly nudging the strap against his puckered hole, you bent forward and grabbed a handful of his soft locks roughly, his marked neck exposed to you. Izuku moaning pathetically from the euphoric feeling of being manhandled. "Are you gonna take all that I give you like a good little whore?" You nipped his blushing ears, loving how he squirmed and shivered under your touch.
"Y-yes mommy."
"That's my good little slut."
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myshinyworld · 3 months ago
Been thinking about RE abo dynamics.
Mostly Chris and Ethan.
Chris is an omega. Yes, he's the big bad military guy. Yes, he's "Alpha" in Hound Wolf Squad, but he earned all that fair and square despite how many people told him that he belongs at home making a nice life for a good alpha. Fuck that. He's the alpha.
He's in charge of everything, but he also cares So Much about Ethan and his squad in a way that reads as an omega.
Also, the fact that the end of the game put him in the Mother's role in the fairy tale just screams omega.
Ethan's designation is harder to pin down.
Omega Ethan makes a lot of sense. His one track mind with Rose could be because he was the one who was pregnant with her. The way everyone pushes him around, encroaches on his personal space, and underestimates him is a very omega trait. His attitude can read very "brat" as well.
The negatives to him being an omega are also the arguments for him being an alpha. He barrels his way into every situation. He doesn't ask questions or worry about other people's motivations, because the don't pertain to him. He's almost too protective and he's ready to rebel at every moment. He becomes almost terminator like with how focused he is on his goals. There's also the fact that he never stops and really thinks. He seems to just work on impulse and rolling with the punches. (How he uses the first aid, ripping himself out of every trap instead of making a plan.)
Either way, no matter what designation he is, he needs someone else there to reign him in. Someone to make him care about himself, to make him take in the bigger picture, someone to balance him out.
Other thoughts:
Ethan and Chris being omega buddies, but he'll still let Chris be Alpha.
Chris helping Ethan settle in as an omega in the world of the BSAA and making sure he succeeds and protecting him.
Alpha Ethan being Very Distracting to Chris, especially since Ethan STILL calls him Alpha and treats him as that designation. Chris is very weak for that level of respect.
Ethan being the most self-sacrificing and bullheaded omega ever.
When Heisenberg gets his hands on Ethan and finds out he's an Alpha, he's shocked. Wasn't expecting the vicious growls and sharp teeth, but is very intrigued.
Is also intrigued by omega Ethan. He fights back so hard and gives him so much sass. He's never met an omega who refuses to back down the way Ethan does and of course he has to respect that.
Of course when Heisenberg finds out that Ethan was the omega who carried Rose of course it makes complete sense where her powers came from.
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Green Finch and Linnet Bird - Chapter 1
SFW dark!alpha!stucky x omega!reader
Green finch and linnet bird, Nightingale, blackbird, How is it you sing? -Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
In a society where any alone, unmarked omega is fair game, Reader takes suppressants to avoid the danger of catching an alpha's eyes. But what happens when she encounters two alphas with the ability to see past her deception?
Warnings: fem reader, kidnapping, injection, drugging, needles
Tumblr media
Please consider reblogging if you enjoy this fic. Happy reading!
"Do you smell that?" Bucky said.
He and Steve were at the Tisch Children's Zoo, petting the goats. The Central Park zoo had been a favorite haunt of theirs since they were young, and they still frequented the place as adults; both found the petting zoo extremely therapeutic.
"What, the goats?" said Steve.
"No." Bucky had slipped into an unrecognizable language, speaking in a code that only he and Steve knew. "Omega."
Steve lifted his head, alert, and inhaled deeply, scanning the crowd. Sure enough, the faint but unmistakable scent of an omega filled his nostrils. "You're right," he replied. "But where..."
He trailed off as he followed Bucky's gaze to a small girl, only about seventeen or eighteen. She was feeding a goat only a few feet away from where Steve and Bucky stood.
"I don't know, Buck. It's awfully faint. Could have just rubbed off from a sibling or parent."
Bucky shook his head. "It's her, all right. She's on suppressants. That's what gives it that unusual undertone, that chemical, almost metallic tang. I'd know that smell anywhere. Explains why it's so faint, too."
The girl continued to pet the goat, unaware of the two supersoldiers watching her. Steve looked at her with interest, drinking in every facet of her appearance.
"She's unmarked."
Steve's eyes snapped back to Bucky, only to be met with the man's piercingly level stare. Steve stared back. "She's unmarked? But- You can't mean-"
Bucky cut him off. "I do, Steve." His gaze didn't waver. "She's the one."
You didn't notice the two alphas observing you at the petting zoo. You didn't see them follow you and your mother as she dragged you down the Mall. You didn't recognize them in the crowd at Belvedere Castle, didn't bat an eye at the bell that chimed when they entered the castle's gift shop. In fact, you were completely unaware of their existence until after your mother had abandoned you at the stuffed animal shelves, leaving you in order to inspect the store's more grown-up wares.
Almost the moment she was out of sight, the blonde man bumped into you, hard enough to make you drop the plush you were considering. The stuffed bird hit the floor at just the right angle to activate its voice box, and promptly started singing.
Before you could react with more than a squeaked-out "Sorry!", the stranger had retrieved the bird from the floor.
"Sorry about that." He held out the stuffed animal to you. "No need to apologize. I bumped into you, not the other way around."
You reddened. "No, I was the one in your way. It's fine." You accepted the stuffed animal from his outstretched arm. "Thanks."
"No problem." He leaned against the shelves, considering you.
Was it your imagination, or was his gaze almost predatory?
You could smell the alpha on him, could've smelled it from across the store with how strong it was, and the scent put you on edge by design. Mentally, you reassured yourself that you were safe.
You're on suppressants. He has no idea what you are.
You'll be fine.
"Barn swallow, huh?" He nodded towards the plush bird, now clutched to your chest.
You nodded. "Yeah."
"I'd recommend the stuffed pigeon, myself," the man said. "More 'New York', especially for someone who's not used to the big city."
You looked at him quizzically. "How did you-?"
He chuckled. "You live here long enough, and you can spot a tourist from a mile away. No matter how much someone's traveled, there's nothing that can prepare them for good old NYC."
You blushed. "Is it that obvious?"
"Yeah, but don't worry about it. Nothing to be ashamed of." He smiled at you again, letting you know he wasn't making fun of you. "This city lives and breathes tourism. We'd be broke without you."
Hesitantly, you smiled back at him.
"Now, if I was a tourist in a Central Park gift shop," he continued, "I would be looking for a postcard."
"A postcard?" you said, surprised.
"Oh, absolutely," he replied. "Here, I'll show you."
He walked to the postcard display in one corner of the shop, with you following close behind. "The best part of the city is the views, and the best way to remember them is a postcard. Look." He gestured to the racks of postcards, full of beautiful pictures of Central Park and the city that sprawled around it. "You would be hard pressed to get any of these shots on your own. But if you buy a postcard, you get a top-of-the-line photograph of the city, and for only a couple bucks."
"Huh. I never thought about it like that." You stepped closer to the display and selected a postcard with a beautiful picture of Belvedere Castle, examining the photograph.
"Good choice, doll," someone purred.
It was a new voice, one you didn't recognize. You blanched and stumbled backwards, only to be met with what felt like a solid wall.
You looked up to see that you had backed straight into the chest of a devilishly handsome, dark haired man who absolutely radiated Alpha scent. He looked down at you and raised his eyebrows. "Where do you think you're going, Omega?"
It's impossible.
Bile rose in your throat. You turned to get away from him, only to be met by the blonde man solidly blocking your only exit.
Somehow, two alphas had discovered your secret. And now they had you cornered.
You were screwed.
"Let me go," you said, in as forceful a tone as you could muster.
The blonde man sighed. "I'm afraid I can't do that, princess. You know the law." He looked at you sympathetically. "You're gonna need to come with us."
You glared at him and didn't move.
"Don't make this harder than it needs to be, doll," the other man drawled, sounding almost bored. He stood there casually, arms crossed, regarding you impassively.
"I'll do whatever the hell I want," you spat. "Move."
The brunette tutted reproachfully. "That wasn't very nice, Omega. Where are your manners?"
Oh, fuck him. You gritted your teeth, fuming, fighting the biological instincts that would have you willingly follow these two men out of the shop like a lost puppy. Damn your hindbrain. It was telling you to go with them, do as they said, despite how obviously insane that would be.
You knew better than to listen to the call of your biology. Despite how ingrained it was into your society, you'd heard the horror stories. It was a lesson your mother had drilled into your head over and over again: Never, never trust an alpha.
The three of you stood there, in stalemate. You had nowhere to go, and these men obviously weren't going to leave you alone anytime soon.
You were going to have to get out of this situation yourself.
There postcards were on two rotating racks with a slight gap between them, just big enough for you to squeeze through. If you darted between them and pushed the racks over behind you, the racks would fall into the two men when they tried to follow you, buying you enough time to get somewhere safe. Locking yourself in the bathroom would probably work. It would at least give you enough time to call your mom and get her to come help you.
Something in your expression must have given away your planning. The brunette man shifted his stance, standing up straighter, ready for action. "Don't try anything, doll," he warned.
Hah. Like that was going to stop you.
You darted towards the two racks, but the blonde man's arms instantly shot out and grabbed you. One hand twisted your arms behind your back and pulled you to him, face-first. The other hand pressed your face to his chest, his body muffling any noises you might try to make.
"You got her, Steve?" the brunette asked.
"Yep." the blonde one, Steve, answered. His grip was like iron, completely immobilizing your entire upper body. The only thing you could have possibly done to defend yourself was a weak kick at Steve's ankles, but adrenaline had already taken over your mind.
We say that when a person or animal is afraid, they go into flight-or-fight mode, either fleeing or attacking the thing they fear. But some say that there are other ways humans respond to fear. Instead of fight or flight, it is more accurate to say that we have four options: flight, fight, fawn, and freeze. When fight and flight are no longer options, humans either fawn over their attacker, in an attempt to placate them, or simply freeze, unable to respond.
The second Steve had grabbed you, you froze like a deer in the face of a speeding car. And it was at that moment when you lost all possible hope of escape.
"You got it ready, Bucky?" Steve asked, still holding you firm.
"Right here," the other man said. You heard him walk towards you, shuddering when you felt his hot breath on the back of your neck. You gasped when you felt the sharp prick of a needle in the side of your neck and the sting of something being injected into you.
"Don't worry, doll," the man behind you murmured. "Everything's going to be alright."
And then everything went black.
Tumblr media
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anime-rambles · 3 months ago
“Welcome Home Omega”
Pairing: Alpha Bakugou x Alpha Kirishima x Omega Reader
Type: ABO Dynamic, SFW  
Word Count: 2700+
A/N: I’m new to all this, but I dreamt about this the other night and really wanted to share this with everyone. I have a tone more to write, so please follow along and any feedback would be hugely appreciated. Thank you so much.
Summary: Omega y/n returns home to her pack after so many years aboard being a successful hero, now they fear begin rejecting by her pack and more importantly her alpha’s.
“Everyone please welcome to the stage, the one you’ve all be waiting for, Pro-Hero Shadow…” a loud voice spoke into the microphone as I waited backstage. Once my name was called, I left the spoke I was hiding in and joined them. The crowd was screaming and shouting, holding banners of my name and posters with my face. This was something I didn’t expect to happen when I returned home to Japan from my many years abroad. I smiled towards the women on stage, already determining her as a beta.
“Welcome Shadow, to your first ever hero-con” She spoke to me looking in my direction. I brought my mic to my face,
“It’s so good to be here, look at all these people wow.” I smiled towards the crowd. The cheering began again.
“So shadow, how are you feeling being back in Japan and being high on the hero board, especially as an omega…” she continued on looking at me, this was something I was used to.
“It feels so good being back, I left Japan 6 years ago after I graduated with my friends/pack members from UA, which many of you know...” I waited for the screaming to stop before I continued. “I was faced with two choice really, be a omega hero that would only get 2 years in hero work before being forced to stop by the hero commission or I could leave my pack and go to America and have a really good hero career helping other omegas reach their potential and then come back home, I think you can guess what I chose” I said, and turned to the interviewer waiting for her reply.
Being an omega in Japan and America is very different from each other, especially in hero work. In Japan, you get an unspoken max of 2-year work and then often omegas go to desk jobs in hero agencies. In America, you can be a hero no matter your 2nd gender but the chance of being taken seriously as an omega is very slim and was something I worked hard at. During my time in America, I created an omega hero agency and left it all to the very capable hands of my sidekick, frostbite. It was my time to come home, I need my family back.
“So, tell me, does you pack know your back?” She asked with smile in her eyes.
“I mean, yes and no. Our pack is a big one and it was created when we were back in school. The time that I left, I had an agreement with the unmarked alphas that I would not contact them at all, but to know I was safe, I was only allowed contact with the omegas. So, they know” I replied, laughing slightly back.
“So, a lot of alphas in your pack, how does that work?” she pushed for an answer.
“I can’t really say, our pack dynamic is private, so I won’t tell you who or what position everyone is but, we have a main alpha who us our leader, they have a second and then we have one alpha that doesn’t really care and then one alpha who gave up their position years ago.” I replied smiling hoping she would not ask any more questions about the pack.
“That’s fine, tell me about your work as a hero omega and how difficult is” She asked again. This is something I could talk about openly. I took a deep breath and began to speak about the importance of separating your 2nd gender, from your workplace, and they it does not define you. Yes, you can still have a timid nature but do not let it halt your growth as a strong independent person. That if you want to be head of heart surgery you do it and tell those Alphas/ beats to shove it, its your time to shine. I continued until I felt the interviewer wanting to ask another question.
“Although I’m strong, I would not have gotten to where I am today without my pack, in public they treat me like a hero, not an omega. I mean it didn’t take long to do bu…” I went to say but was cut off.
“What do you mean, didn’t take long?” she interrupted. I hesitated for a bit, and then looked out into the crowd.
“Okay, I really should not be saying this, but he won’t mind. Okay so when our pack was created, I was never allowed to do anything, and it really annoyed me. So, when our first Alpha was being chosen, I kind of challenged Pro-Hero Dynamite…. And won.” I replied looking out into the crowd and everyone started cheering.
“Since then, I was treated like a person, not an omega. Well not in public, in private we still use the proper greetings.” I smiled and turned to the interviewer again.
“Wow, you are amazing. We all know your now number 5 on the hero board, can you remind everyone your quirk again.” She asked gesturing to my hands. I look down and noticed the black sut coating my fingers. I nodded and began to explain. I can create my own smoke from my body and ignite it. From this smoke I can create solid weapon and if I have enough smoke in the area, I can tell a person’s movements. I do have a drawback; the smoke uses up the oxygen from my blood and can make me pass out or it stains my skin with black smoke.
The interview continues and eventually is opened to fan questions, near the end of the questions. I notice the back wall starting to fill up with tall dark figures, already guessing that my pack got word I am here. Excitement rises through me, and I find it hard to sit still.
“Well, I think the cats out of the bag your home, Shadow” the interviewers says to me gesturing to the back wall. Light shines to the back wall, standing there when their arms crossed is Pro-heroes Dynamite, Red Riot, Deku and Chargebolt who is waving crazy towards me. I laugh to myself, locking eyes with Bakugou lowering my head slightly.
“I guess so” I reply, and the cheering slowly dies down.
While sitting at my signing booth, listening to some amazing stories from fans. I hear my name being called the curtain behind me. I have a break from the fans for a second and approach the curtain.
“Hello, little omega.” The voice says, as I instantly know its Bakugou. I smile to myself, wanting to rip the curtain away and wrap my arms around his neck.
“Hello Bakugou, don’t move the curtain, I can’t look at your right now” I say honestly.
“Okay, at least put your hand through the curtain, Kiri’s here to.” He replies nudging the curtain. I sigh, it’s been 6 years and I can barely hold myself together with he thought of being back with my family but being a hero right now is what I need to do.
“Okay, but only quickly I have to get back” I whisper, and slowly put my right-hand backwords them. Instantly I can feel like touching my hand and kissing it.
“Can’t smell you omega, how come?” Kirishima asks.
“Stupid American pheromone blockers, I’ll take them off later at home, promise.” I say and pull my hand back to finish quickly and get back to my family and quickly as I can. I can hear both alphas walk away, and I pull my hand to my chest.
Hero-con is over, and I can finally come home. After we all graduated, everyone pulled their money together and we bought a huge house together which allowed all of us to live together as a pack. Before I left, I entered a relationship with Bakugou and Kirishima but now I do not know if they still want me in a dynamic with because they’ve been an Alpha/Alpha relationship for 6 years. I don’t’ even have a room anymore, Denki took it when I moved to America. There might be room, I think, Midoriya (A) and Todoroki (A/O) have a room, Sero (B) and Mina (B) have a room, Shinso (A), Jirou (B) and Denki (O) all have separate rooms even though they are together which leaves Bakugou (A) and Kirishima (A) who have the biggest room. I could always share with Denki until I find a new place, I say to myself as I knock on the front door.
I wait patiently, until the door is opened revealing a very excited Denki. Practically jumping on the spot.
“Y/N YOU’RE HOME.” He shouts while throwing himself into my arms. I hug back, I breath him in and tears start to fill my eyes.
“Oi sparky, you know the rules. She needs to follow the greetings as she’s been away for so long.” Says Bakugou with his arms crossed. I enter the house and look around seeing everyone in their groups. I cannot believe I am home.
I quickly great Mina and Sero first, presenting our pack mark and then onto hugs. Next, I go straight over to Shinso, presenting my neck to show I am not a threat to his omega or beta. Which he simply nods and as these dynamics, Shinso does not really care for. I great Jirou and then great Denki properly by touching our noses together. I approach Midoriya next as he used to be the main Alpha who brought us all together, I greeted him the same way as Shinso but instead Midoriya threw his arms around me puling me into a hug.
“Please never leave again, Bakugou’s been impossible” He whispers into my ear. I laugh looking over his shoulder to a very anger Bakugou. I turn to Todoroki who is half Omega/Alpha, I greet him the same way as Denki, I know he prefers that greeting than the alpha one. Its finally time to see if they still want me. Kirishima is practically beaming at Bakugou side. I approach with my head down; I can feel everyone’s eyes on me as I approach him. As he is lead Alpha, I must wait to see what he will do.
“Still can’t smell you omega.”  Bakugou announces loudly.
“There’s a pheromone implant in my neck, Alpha, see you can feel it.” I reply, taking his hand to my neck. In American you are not allowed to use pheromones in public, so for hero work you must use an implant to block it. Bakugou feels my neck and I can tell he is not happy. He grabs me by my neck, slamming me on the wall behind him. Everyone runs forward but Kirishima stands forward stopping them. Telling them it must happen and that Bakugou won’t hurt me, much.
With his claw Bakugou cuts into my neck to pull the impact out, I do not make a sound and only look at him in the eye. It must be done, and I know he will not hurt me. Once the implant is out. Bakugou lends forward and breathes me in. He hesitates, and calls Kirishima over. Kirishima looks between the two of use and breaths me in.
“Oh, y/n, you should’ve come home sooner.” Kirishima says, pulling me towards him for a hug.
“Please, Bakugou, get rid of the rest they can’t see me like this.” I whisper.
“Oi, extra’s don’t you have a party tonight. Your hotels have your clothes, now get lost.” Bakugou calls out, looking at them all. No one moves.
“NOW!” Bakugou yells, using his alpha voice and everyone leaves.
As soon as the door closes, I start to cry. Six years of being all alone hit me at once, yes it was my plan to be a strong hero, its hard to do it without your pack or alphas.
“The first sign of your omega depression, you should’ve come home little one.” Kirishima says whispering into my hair.
“How could I, I would’ve let you all down and all other omega’s out there without a voice, so what I had to go through omega depression….. more than once.” I say back looking up into Kirishima’s eyes. Bakugou stands beside us, looking slightly smaller.
“Bakugou, go run a bath,” Kirishima calls out and Bakugou follows his orders.
“Wait, what’s going on. Bakugou what are you doing” I ask, looking confused. Bakugou leans over the stairs to look at me.
“Kirishima’s the Alpha now, we’ll the others haven’t picked up on it yet because we haven’t publicly fought, but he’s been the main Alpha for a while now, I can’t be number one all the time now can I.” Bakugou replies with a smile. I look to Kirishima who still holds me but is beaming with love as he watches Bakugou. I try to pull away from his arms. It is stupid why did I think this would work. They do not want me anymore, I just know. Kirishima noticed how I suddenly changed but decided not to say anything.
“Let’s get you cleaned up and smelling natural.” He says, picking me up with no issues. He climbs the stairs and I place my head into his scent gland in his neck. I notice that neither him nor Bakugou do not have a claiming mark yet. Once we reach the top of the stairs, I see my old bedroom door and ask Kirishima to put my down, he walks ahead to the double doors at the end of the hallway. Which is their room.
“I’ll only stay for tonight, and then I’ll find somewhere else to live, I don’t even have a room here anymore.” I say to Kirishima which makes him freeze.
“Silly omega, come here.” He replies, gesturing me to follow. I start to hear the water running in their private bathroom. Kirishima opens the door and lets me enter the room first.
The first thing I can smell is the strong smell of Alpha but slowly a familiar smell enters, I look around the room and see my stuff. Things that I had left behind, my paintings, photos of the three of use. The queen size bed with three sets of pillows, big enough for all of us. I look around and notice a curtained canopy hiding something. I look to Kirishima who leans on the door frame by the Bathroom and nods. I breath in again and noticed the familiar smell but I am not able to pinpoint it yet.
I pull back to curtain and freeze. “Is that m..” I say unable to finish as I look down, tears filling my eyes. Bakugou comes out of the bathroom and leans on the opposite side to Kirishima. I look at the two of them and then look down at my old nest, they kept it, they really kept it. I can’t speak, only cry. Bakugou comes over to me and hold me bringing me towards the bathroom. Kirishima entered first. He began to undress and tied back his long hair, He entered the bath first, as Bakugou began to undress me as my emotions were betraying me at his moment. There was nothing sexual about this moment, it was about Alpha’s taking care of their Omega. Bakugou lifted me and lowered me into the water to sit in Kirishima’s lap, he quickly undressed and joined us.
I started to calm down, feeling I could now speak. “So, you mean, you have forgotten me, and you still want to be with me.” I ask looking down at my hands. Kirishima wraps his arms around me more and places his head into my scent gland breathing me in, tickling me slightly.
“Of course, silly omega, we’ve wanted you since the day you knocked me on my ass.” Bakugou replied leaning in to kiss me.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 8 months ago
alpha lee finding you in the woods and taking you for his own,
Tumblr media
I've never written A/B/O please be gentle to me 😂 (I'm making a lot of assumptions about culture and omega biology in this) (also some tags - alpha!Lee, ✨claiming ✨, some smut, too much plot)
Tumblr media
You were running. Even though you knew the woods around here like the back of your hand, knew what animals would be around, what paths to avoid, every rustle of leaves and snap of twig set your teeth of edge. It was past curfew for unmated omegas, you weren't supposed to be wandering the streets with out an alpha family member with you. It wasn't safe, and you knew that, you knew you should have just let the law deal with your daddy's barfly tendencies, but you couldn't stand another night of your mama's rancid, fungal scent. She acted like she had already put him six feet under, wailing into the night.
So in all your rage and righteousness, you put on your daddy's thickest coat and hat and broke curfew to go drag his useless ass home.
But a coat alone can't hide the scent of an unmated omega. The moment you entered dingey smoke filled bar, every head turned, alpha and beta alike. Worst of all, your daddy weren't there. Not that there could be any lingering scent of him left in place so filled with testosterone and cigarette smoke. You were on a mission though. Head held high you walked right up to the bartender and demanded know where you daddy was.
"He ain't ever here this early kid. You'd be better off callin' someone to get ya on home now."
"Well if he ain't here, then where the fuck is he?"
"Probably the whore house."
A hand wrapped around the collar of your coat and you nearly jumped out of you skin when you stepped back into huge wall of drunken alpha scent. You were in way over your head now, the bartender all but growled at the men surrounding you, trying to force them down, alcohol makes warriors and fools of everyone. The moment his hand left yours, even if it was to call the sheriff's department, you knew you were a goner. At the press of nose into your hair, you bolted, slipping out of the jacket and racing away that den of sin.
And... And that just broke your little omega heart. Bonded Alpha's don't do that. They ain't supposed to do that. As sweat pricked the back of your neck and your scent turned sour, the alphas standing next to you pushed further in, even the bartender reached out and grabbed your hand. Fear spiked in your blood, there's a rush of adrenaline triggered by something in their scents and you had the urge to run.
Hell at that point you weren't even sure if you were being chased. Your were panicked, every fiber of your being saying run, run, run and you couldn't argue with that cause your omega was practically screeching at you to find safety. You couldn't even hear the shouting from the real world, calling your name into the darkness.
Your foot caught an exposed root. The ground was wet, cold, almost smelling like your house because of your mama's scent and the whine that leaft your lips was pitiful and completely lost of all your anger and sense of justice.
"You're safe, Omega," his alpha voice washed over you and for the first time you're breathing evenly enough you could smell him.
Alpha. An alpha was standing near you, a flashlight beam pointed right in your eyes and even when you squint you can't tell who it is. That only makes the instinct to run double. You scrambled away in the dirt, but your ankles was still caught in that root and your chest felt like it was about to explode and-
And you're just fucking gone. It's everything - your favourite season, favourite candy, that favourite memory for your childhood you can't help but smile at when it comes to mind, he smelled exactly like what you thought heaven would smell like. When his warm hand wraps around your ankle you practically melted into the touch, a weak noise coming out the back of your throat.
He doesn't let go of you and you don't ask him to. The flashlight is turned off and your bathed in darkness, the sound of your racing heart and the impossible scent of the alpha were overloading your senses, but the one thing that sticks out was your omega chanting alpha, alpha, alpha, over and over again in your ear like she's standing right next to you.
He said your designation like he owned it and you couldn't bring yourself to be mad. He pulled on your ankle, dragging you across the dirt and leaves making you whimper at the show of strength. You'd seen loads of alphas who had more muscle than brains, but this, this was so completely different to that.
He scents you right there, shoved his nose into your neck and the rush of cool air against your damp skin made you shudder. Even when his big hand wrapped around neck, holding you in place so he could drown in your scent and smear his all over you, there was no part of you that was scared. Everything about his scent was pure adoration, pleasure, and something you just couldn't place.
Slick pooled in your underwear, and you found yourself licking your lips. Your heat was weeks away yet, but you felt those same urges, the need to bare your throat and belly while also presenting to your alpha.
Your Alpha.
The word's stuck in your scent drunk brain. Maybe it was because the alpha was sucking on the tiny scent gland behind your ear, maybe it was because his other hand was pulling your clothes off and despite the chill you felt like your body was on fire anywhere he touched. You didn't stop him when he touched you, you didn't stop him when he undid his trousers, you didn't stop him when his thick fingers spread you open.
You couldn't stop the words and sounds spilling from your lips as the alpha smeared your slick over his cock, only gets more smug and aroused with every passing movement. He hasn't even knotted you yet, hasn't even taken your virginity, but he growling and purring the most possessive things you've ever heard.
"Mine, my omega, fuckin' most beautiful thing on earth, gonna knot you so good, make ya scream my name. No one is ever gonna touch you again. All mine. So fuckin' wet for your alpha. Can't wait. Next time, next time I'll have ya in my big ole bed. Next time omega-mine."
Your omega couldn't handle this rush of feelings, it's all so much and not enough at the same time. Your begging your alpha for anything, he just needed to make it better. Anything to make it better.
His cock sank into your soaked cunt and his teeth into your neck. A rush of endorphins coursed though you, your omega suddenly quiet and sated and purring, making your mind go all kinds fuzzy. It's only then you feel the star on his chest, his smooth cheeks and wets lips lap at your neck you but all you could think about was that you'd just let the most dangerous alpha in the county claim you.
Sheriff Lee Bodecker.
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jar-of-omegaverse · 8 months ago
Scent Glands
General information
Scent Glands are skin areas on a body that hold and release a smell.
Scent glands vary in location based on secondary gender and age.
Different scent glands vary in sensitivity regarding how well they release and hold scents.
Scent glands release pheromones that impact the behavior of receiving individuals, whether it be to warn them, soothe them, express how the person is feeling, or other.
Because Alphas have the biological urge to protect and, before civilized societies, were almost always the leaders and protectors of the pack, their scent glands cover more skin on their body than the other dynamics.
Having more of the Alpha’s scent on the pack kept them safe.
Alphas’ strongest scent glands are typically located on the neck and shoulders and on the inner thighs.
Having more scent glands allows Alphas to scent mark multiple pack mates at one time, satisfying their needs and keeping everyone safe.
The downside of having more scent glands is accidental scenting. Alphas have scent glands on their fingers and on the side of their torso, so brushing against people can cause unintentional scenting.
Alphas often have the most control of their scent out of all the secondary genders.
Omegas have the biological predisposition to be the caretakers of the pack, so they developed the most sensitive and reactive scent glands.
On a biological level, Omegas’ scent glands have billions of nerves that relay information to the brain in record time so Omega’s can quickly respond to situations.
Certain scent glands, such as the ones on the Omega’s inner thighs and neck are as sensitive as lips or genitals (depending on where they are in their cycle). Many Omegas use numbing gel to take the edge off.
Omegas are prone to subconsciously respond to situations with their scent glands before they actually process them. For example, if a pup gets injured, an Omega will instantly release calming pheromones before physically reacting.
Scent glands on the breasts and stomach only develop once an Omega becomes pregnant. Scent glands on the stomach fade after pregnancy but the ones of the breasts remain.
Tumblr media
Betas have the weakest scent glands out of all the secondary dynamics, however, this can make them more pleasant to be around and makes them excellent peacekeepers.
Betas’ strongest scent glands are on their neck, inner thighs and behind the ears.
Betas scent glands are generally weaker in terms of releasing pheromones and scent, but they can hold scents for longer periods of time than the other secondary genders.
Betas also have scent glands on their breasts, however, they only appear during pregnancy and fade in under 2 years after the birth of their child/ren. Scent glands on the breasts only appear on female Betas.
All Pups start out with about the same base scent glands. When they present and age, their scent glands develop to accommodate to their secondary gender.
A pup’s strongest scent gland is on the crown of their head.
Unfortunately, pups’ scent glands do not hold smells for long periods of time, so they need to constantly be scented by their parents and pack mates. Evolutionarily, this ensured that a pack would not leave their pup alone for long durations.
Tumblr media
Specific Glands
Inner Thighs
It is only proper for mates and partners to scent mark each other’s inner thighs (for all secondary genders). Scenting inner thighs without consent, especially if the people are not mates, is considered highly inappropriate.
Aggressive scenting and biting to the inner thighs can trigger heats and ruts.
Aggressively scenting (such as licking, biting, etc) pups on their inner thighs is considered as rape.
Crown of Head
The scent gland on the crown of the head is called the Pup’s Crown. It is most sensitive during childhood and becomes the weakest scent gland as the person ages until it holds very little scent or fades completely.
Wrists are the most respectful place to scent mark someone. Friends often scent each other on the wrists or after a successful first date, the people in question may scent each other on the wrist.
Rubbing one’s wrist scent glands may be a sign of anxiety or stress.
Wrists are also where pack bites are placed, this includes siblings bites, close relatives, or pack leadership.
Cheek scent glands are very similar to wrists in terms of respect.
Pups often rub cheeks with their friends to scent mark.
Cheek scent glands are usually not very sensitive, but when stimulated can produce minor scent.
The scent glands on the neck are the most sensitive for all the dynamics.
The neck is where a mating bite is placed. Parents may also bite their pups on the nape of the neck to solidify pack and parental bonds.
Scent marking that occurs on the neck also holds smell longer than on any other gland.
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i think i need the serotonin, or maybe the oxytocin. probably both...
alphas are always on alert, mix Bakugo into that and he’s hyper-alert. he would wake up to the sounds of his omega chirping and shaking and he jumps straight into go mode. there’s no playing around and he knows that. he would be by her side immediately and helping her to calm her breathing. he wants nothing more than to help his omega as best he can and he would be breathing with them. he makes sure to ask if they need anything and whatever they say they need, he will get it for them someway, somehow. he hates to see his omega upset or struggling in some way and so he doesn’t care if it’s woken him up. sleepy? he’s not so sleepy anymore? not until he’s assured that his omega is okay and doesn’t need anything else. holds her so long as she wants to be held and is just super soft towards her. anyone who crosses him tomorrow though, yeah they shouldn’t bother him too much 👀 the only thing that’s gonna be on his mind really is his omega. brings her her favorite things when he comes home too. he’s just a good alpha doing the very best he can for his sweet omega ❤️
Tumblr media
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omegaversehellscape · a month ago
An omega tired of waiting for the alpha they like to court them so they start courting the alpha. Misunderstandings ensue but so does love.
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