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papirouge12 hours ago
What scares me
Say you have two babies at 21 weeks in the same hospital
One is born premature. The child lives, it is viable.
In the same hospital, a child of the same age can be getting aborted.
And people say there is no difference
The only difference is that one has the "privilege" to be wanted - so he's spared. Pure barbarism.
Btw here's a 21 week premature baby appreciation pics :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Look at this lil' survivor king 馃ズ馃馃挀馃挀
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saved-xxa day ago
don't think for a second that because i talk so negatively about abortion (because i do believe it is a truly horrible concept) that i hate each and every person who's had one. i don't hate anyone.
in fact i can't because God doesn't and still calls to everyone, no matter what they've done to come to Him.
the Bible was written by people who've done horrible things for people who've done horrible things. the common denominator here is Christ and His mercy and grace given to those who repent.
so if any Christian makes you believe that you're too far gone because of this reason or xyz sin, they have not Christ within them because they have forgotten they too were forgiven.
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scarlettrose02 days ago
Can you guys help donate? She decided to keep the baby, but her husband didn鈥檛 want to and left. She needs all the help you can get.
It doesn鈥檛 matter what side your on, by the way, since a baby is involved you shouldn鈥檛 let your ideological view blind yourself. Thanks. If you can鈥檛, don鈥檛 like the post, just reblog!
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seymour-butz-stuffa day ago
Tumblr media
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cock-dealer12 hours ago
I 鉂わ笍 men who鈥檝e had abortions
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politishauna day ago
K.T. Volkova got a positive pregnancy test just days before Texas' controversial law banning most abortions took effect.
The 23-year-old, who identifies as nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns, was nearly six weeks pregnant and immediately knew they wanted an abortion. But Volkova was already on the cusp of the limit set by the new law, which bars in-clinic abortions after the detection of a fetal cardiac activity, or as early as six weeks.
The options to get an abortion were limited. Volkova figured it would be impossible to get the procedure done in person at a Texas clinic, flooded by others wanting abortions, before the law went into effect Sept. 1. But a busy schedule meant traveling out of state was also out of the question.
Volkova鈥檚 solution: ordering abortion pills online to end the pregnancy at home.
鈥淚t was almost like an online shopping experience with a customer service representative,鈥 Volkova said. 鈥淚 personally would say it was maybe even easier than having to go to an actual clinic.鈥
But Volkova, who used a second last name they don鈥檛 use publicly for privacy reasons, has been worried about potential legal ramifications and declined in an interview to give personal information or name the source of the pills.
For many who are seeking abortions, and who tend to be low-income, traveling out of state to get the procedure isn鈥檛 feasible, not only because of the cost of the procedure and travel, but also because they are unable to take time off from work or organize child care. Instead, people who live in states that impose restrictions on the procedure are resorting to ordering the pills online to induce abortions at home, for the affordability and convenience, and for some, out of desperation.
They鈥檙e circumventing laws that make obtaining abortion pills onerous and complicated, like in Texas, where they must pick up the medication in person and can鈥檛 acquire it through a telehealth appointment. Another Texas law set to go into effect in December will further tighten restrictions on the pill, narrowing the window for its use from up to the 10th week of pregnancy to the seventh, and prohibiting the drug from being mailed.
Plan C, an organization that provides information about how to order abortion pills online and provides advice about avoiding legal trouble, says traffic on its website has skyrocketed since Texas鈥 law, Senate Bill 8, took effect. The organization, which does not distribute the pills itself, lists providers of the drugs, including some online pharmacies that the organization鈥檚 co-founder, Elisa Wells, acknowledged might look questionable at first. But her organization has tested the pills from all of the websites it promotes and has verified their reliability and safety, she said. NBC News has not independently verified the safety or reliability of these sites and the drugs they offer...
The Netherlands-based Aid Access, the only physician-run service that provides those seeking self-managed abortions in U.S. with pills, is one of the most popular providers. The service doesn鈥檛 involve video or phone consultations or require ultrasounds that are otherwise mandated by some states. Instead, it uses electronic forms that ask patients about the first day of their last period and any potential bleeding disorders. If patients live in one of about 20 states where it鈥檚 legal to obtain abortion pills through telemedicine services, they receive a prescription from a U.S.-based provider who works for Aid Access that they fill through a mail-order pharmacy.
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juicetrump223 days ago
Tumblr media
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cishetsbeingcishet26 days ago
in light of the texas abortion ban here鈥檚 a reminder to stop debating what counts as a human, baby, or life with pro-lifers because that is not a debate you can win. you can not win a philosophical debate about what counts as a person, and you will not change their minds.
what can be proven聽is that in no situation under united states law is an individual legally obligated to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life.聽
4.5 million people each year are in need of blood transfusion, the entire process of donating blood takes a little over an hour, it鈥檚 free, and a single pint of blood can save up to 3 peoples lives, but there is no legal obligation or requirement to donate blood in place.聽
it is illegal to take organs from deceased peoples鈥 bodies without permission. CORPSES. bodily integrity is prioritized by law, even after death.
it doesn鈥檛 fucking matter whether a fetus is a person, whether a fetus is alive, whether a fetus has a soul. it literally doesn鈥檛 matter. pro-lifers set up the argument through that lens (hence their name) to evoke empathy and pity and take the focus away from the actual process of pregnancy, which changes a person鈥檚 body FOREVER. that is not an exaggeration. whether the pregnancy is complicated and high-risk or totally smooth sailing, the birthing person will physically never be the same. if they鈥檙e lucky, they鈥檒l come out of it with weight gain, differently shaped breasts, and changes to the cervix/vagina. if they aren鈥檛, there鈥檚 a fucking laundry list of potential complications that could arise, that may eventually fix themselves, need surgical or therapeutic intervention, or never go away, like varicose veins, separation of the abdominal muscles, incontinence, prolapse, diabetes, postpartum depression, and chronic pain, just off the top of my head. and this makes no mention of the very real possibility of income disruption, as well as the financial cost of giving birth, and the chance of fucking death, which is even higher for underserved communities like black women.
there is no basis for a governing body forcing an individual to lend their body or organs for the sake of another life. that is the argument. period the end.
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tributary26 days ago
the availability of abortion is not a necessary evil but a social good
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fuckboyzuko23 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
NPR's article here.
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bananafosters20 days ago
Tumblr media
Texas: we have outlawed abortion.
Mexico running up with a folding chair:
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action24 days ago
Tumblr media
On Wednesday, September 1, 2021, Texas鈥檚 new law, S.B. 8, went into effect. This law effectively bans abortion in the state AND asks private citizens to act as bounty hunters to 鈥渆nforce鈥 the law.
Then, in the dead of the night, the Supreme Court turned its back on 50 years of precedent, rendering Roe v. Wade effectively meaningless in Texas. The Supreme Court allowed Texas鈥檚 unconstitutional six week abortion ban to go into effect. Six weeks is before many people know that they鈥檙e pregnant.
This is an attack on human rights and Texas law sets a dangerous legal precedent and could clear a path for states to override people鈥檚 constitutional rights. If the courts let this bill stand we can expect to see similar bills introduced in states across the country.
Abortion is health care. Yet politicians are consistently attacking access to that care (even during a pandemic).
Tumblr, let's rally our voice and speak out against this ban.
Ways to take action:
Hit the 鉂わ笍 and 馃攣buttons to share this post
Make sure your voice is heard by signing this petition
Give your community a little 鉁╮azzle-dazzle 鉁╳ith this poster
Make a donation: Text 鈥淭exas鈥 to 22422 or visit
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politishaun12 months ago
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Tumblr media
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Abortion Clinic Employee Shares How Some Pro-Life Women Act When They Come In As Customers
I am not surprised that anti-choice zealots would hypocritically obtain abortions, but I am thoroughly fucking shocked that they wouldn鈥檛 even attempt to hide their anti-choice views when doing so.聽
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fem-fatalist26 days ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Figured I鈥檇 share this for anyone struggling in Texas right now, or anyone who needs abortion help.聽
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mini-wrants25 days ago
So if you want to help crash the reporting site for the Texas Abortion law, but don鈥檛 want to implicate any doctors or clinics in a crime, I have a solution!
Use Crisis Pregnanacy Centers as the clinic location the service was preformed at!
For example, here are a list of crisis pregnancy centers in the Austin area that do not provide abortions, but do harass women out of getting medical care!
Pregnancy Help Center of Williamson County
Agape Pregnancy Resource Center
Pflugerville Pregnancy Resource Center
Austin Pregnancy Resource Center
Heart of Texas Pregnancy Resource Center
TruCare Pregnancy Center
Austin LifeCare/TheSource
And here鈥檚 the link to the reporting website:
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