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“This,” she said, circling a large black area with her finger, “is fluid that shouldn’t be here. This is blood. There’s a lot of it in the wrong place, which is how we know that your fallopian tube has ruptured.”
The doctor came to sit next to me. She took my hand. “These ultrasounds are nearly identical to the ones you had two days ago. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know how anyone sent you home after seeing this.”
She told me that based on the amount of blood in my abdomen, the tube ruptured days ago. The pain I felt the day before Mother’s Day was not because a pregnancy was causing strain on my bladder. It was because my left fallopian tube had ripped open.
I had been bleeding internally for five days before anyone figured it out.
Dr. Eyebrows, then, had sent me home despite clear medical evidence that my life was in danger. Despite the very real likelihood that I could have died between my two ER visits. I suspected he sent me home to create time, to delay further procedure, just in case the pregnancy that I did not want turned out to be viable.
In looking for a baby, he did not see me.
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allthecanadianpolitics · 6 hours ago
Megan Johnston is on a mission to put up pro-abortion rights billboards in Saskatchewan. She said the movement to end the stigma and normalize abortion is quickly gaining traction in the province.
"The majority, large majority, of our province is of the belief that abortion is health care and we're done being quiet," said Johnston, who is a registered psychiatric nurse living in Moosomin, Sask.
Johnston was inspired during a long-weekend trip where she spent nine hours on Saskatchewan roads. The province is known for its classic views of canola fields and grain elevators, but another common sight is the many anti-abortion billboards along highways.
She was angered by the messages shaming people who have had or will have abortions, and expressed those feelings to her friends.
"They seem to have such a presence and such a loud voice in our province, and I just said 'why can't we put up pro-abortion billboards?'"
She said her friends responded with "Why not?"
Johnston mulled over the idea and sought advice from her grandmother, a retired registered nurse. She pitched the idea of establishing a non-profit organization to pay for pro-abortion rights billboards to her grandma.
"She was silent for a second, and then she was like, 'well, it's about damn time someone did that.'"
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"Davis says her baby was diagnosed with acrania. A rare and fatal condition, where the baby’s skull fails to form in the womb. According to health experts, babies with this condition only survive minutes to hours after birth. But because Davis’s life was not in danger and the baby’s condition does not fall under Louisiana Department of Health’s list of qualifying conditions, she was denied an abortion. Unsure about what to do, Davis is faced with a tough decision. Either carry the baby to term, or cross state lines to get an abortion."
Forced birthers, do not have the audacity to pretend you have the moral high ground. The fetus has no head. You have no heart or soul.
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odinsblog · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Too immature to have an abortion, but mature enough to have a baby?
GTFOH. How tf does that even make any goddamn sense??
Welcome to Flor-i-duh and every other red state with a Republican controlled legislature.
Judge Jennifer Frydrychowicz, Ron DeSantis and #ForcedBirthers are vile, disgusting excuses for human beings.
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thundergrace · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
An orphan, a ward of the state, cannot get an abortion because the court said she isn't mature enough to know she wants an abortion but she's mature enough to have a child, apparently. A child that will be born into this same understaffed, overburdened, corrupt, horrendous excuse for a foster care system that she's currently in.
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thepro-lifemovement · a day ago
ok this is just in relation to the post you mentioned me in (while i strongly disagree with your message, i believe that civil debate is the best option.)
I think that the main difference between abortion and outright murder is that fetuses aren't conscious.
Pre-mature babies have shown little signs of brain activity, and most babies don't show signs of consciousness until about five months after birth.
especially early on in pregnancy, the fetus can't feel pain and isn't conscious, and especially in scenarios where the women's life is endangered, what is the problem with it? (this is fundamentally talking about it within the early weeks of pregnancy)
Hello, friend! I appreciate civil debates. I don't know what sources you are finding that say babies aren't conscious until five months after birth when unborn children learn things within the womb. "Sensory and brain mechanisms for hearing are developed at 30 weeks of gestational age, and the new study shows that unborn babies are listening to their mothers talk during the last 10 weeks of pregnancy and at birth can demonstrate what they’ve heard." If you read about fetal development, they even start becoming pretty active at 11 weeks, "They're kicking, stretching, and even hiccupping as their diaphragm develops, although you can't feel any activity yet." Here's a video of a little 8 week old unborn baby moving around in an ectopic pregnancy.
The problem with your argument on consciousness is that whether a person is conscious or not should not matter. When you sleep, you are unconscious. Is it then not considered murder to kill someone in their sleep? We believe coma patients are unconscious, although we have no way of knowing for certain. "A coma is similar to a dream-like state because the individual is alive but not conscious. A coma occurs when there is little to no brain activity. The patient is unable to respond to touch, sound, and other stimuli." I wouldn't say it is okay to outright murder coma patients. A harmful act done on an unconscious human being does not make that act any less harmful. You cannot sexually assault someone while they're unconscious, even if they'll never know it happened. As that study about fetal pain says, "consciousness is mediated by subcortical structures, such as the thalamus and brainstem, which begin to develop during the first trimester; the neurochemicals in utero do not cause fetal unconsciousness...."
I gave my opinion on abortion in cases where the woman's life is in danger here.
Just because a human being lacks brain activity, consciousness, or the ability to feel pain should not allow us the right to harm or even kill that human being. What should matter in the end is if someone is a living human being. An unborn child, from fertilization, is a living human being.
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rapeculturerealities · 2 days ago
All three Louisiana abortion clinics are leaving the state, staff say | WWNO
Louisiana’s last three abortion clinics will relocate to other states, staff confirmed, after a Louisiana Supreme Court ruling Friday allowed the state’s near-total abortion ban to remain in effect.
The moves will leave Louisiana without an abortion clinic for the first time since 1974.
“I'm just not ready to walk away,” Kathaleen Pittman, the administrator of Hope Medical Group for Women in Shreveport, told New Orleans Public Radio of the decision to relocate.
Hope, Women’s Health Care Center in New Orleans and Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge are all in the process of moving to states where abortions remain legal, though staff for those clinics declined to say where they would relocate to.
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papirouge · a day ago
The good samaritan complex, projection, and how to *not*throw stones while living in a house made of glass - a study
Tumblr media
You mean, the same fragility as pro choicers calling pregnancy "torture" and saying that stating the biological & logical reality that restraining from sex resolves from unwanted pregnant is "victim blaming"?
Tumblr media
"Because they'll [pro choicers] sit there and reblog the most horrendous things- about how pro lifers are like rapists, describing the most grueling case of pedophilia/rape, characterizing pro lifers as pro rape, "forced birhters", as nazis, as callous, heartless mysognists. They'll spread misinformation and lies, while ignoring anything that would contradict them or add nuance to their views. Shrug off the suffering of anyone who's the usual scapegoat of of abortion culture -such as disabled, poor people, or child from rape- without even a hint of empathy."
Wow, crazy how well it works the other way around. So what's your point OP? why don't you have the same energy to call out this inquisitive behavior only to pro lifers when the same behavior can be found among your kin.
And sorry to burst your bubble, but abortion DOES murder a baby, so by definition, abortion are "baby murderers" ; I don't get why some you are so bothered by this statement. As harsh as it, it's technically true.
Tumblr media
Note here how OP acknowledges that pro lifers are attacked over beliefs, and is complaining about the hypocrisy of freaking out at having a tease of their own medecine, but NOWHERE does she adresses the issue of.....attacking people over beliefs? I mean, that's seemingly what she was complaining about in the previous paragraph. Maybe don't give pro lifers any ground for them to "victimize" themselves by attacking themselves in the first place, I- ?? Why complaining about something you admit partially being responsible of?
Oh and peep the euphemism of "not so civil"; Girl, there's been literally death & rape threats and bullying. Some people out there are mentally ill/suicidal so we should thread lightly with this kYs🤪 crappy trolling. You being wishy washy to call it for what is it prove how dishonest you are lol
Tumblr media
It's not a "feeling". Either pro lifers are attacked, or they're not.
Note the subtly attempt at using "feeling" as if none of the attacks prolifers were complai- excuse me, victimizing themselves over weren't really true and were rather up of their "feeling". Typical EMOTIONALISM ("feelings") tactics that is familiar with abortionists.
Tumblr media
Yeah I know you OP (I hid your username as I always do to not cause any bullying). I remember you latching onto one of my pro life post to put out the stale already seen 1000 times before pro choicer word salad talking points, and then a bunch of abortionist minions leeches went with the flow to diss and clown me - while acting they were threatened by a random post from the internet.
Funny enough how you suddenly didn't care about the "most horrendous things" being thrown at me right in the notifications of your reblogs. And no, I don't victimize myself because it pretty unphased me (I am blocking happy), but I can't with your hypocrisy of professing this kumbaya gospel while you actually don't do shit when these "horrendous things" are happening right at your door.
Oh and I also remember how you couldn't help yourself to say how "nice" you were and pull out that branding of the "nice and understanding" pro choicer. Your image seems very important to you huh? But you're not fooling anyone. Because being "nice" (which isn't really true, because advocating for murder of unborn isnt "nice" IMO) isn't mutually excluse to be offensive.
Your condescendance & disdain is dripping from your whole post. "have been trained to not try to learn" Ah yes, because prolifers HAVE to be uneducated idiots who *need* the Truth of pro choicer Gospel.... *Fun fact: I was initially pro choice, but that's when I started seeking into what abortion was and the reality of the abortion industry that I became pro life :)* Do I need to be reeducated?
Calling us "ignorant" "insulated to their echo chambers" actually makes you no different from the same people you're criticizing a few paragraph before....yet feel somehow different from. Not using big words and slurs still make you as mean spirited and antagonist, so don't pretend being morally superior at this game. You're not a bigger person for remaining civil with pro lifers ; plentiful of pro lifers are super chill too. It doesn't protect them for being hurled slurs and harassment. No one is going to give you a cookie for not being deranged on main like some abortionists are. That's called being NORMAL.
Tumblr media
Here again talking about "feelings" or "instincts". Note how OP is obsessively trying to alienize any logic or reasoning behind the pro life stance. How anymore condescending someone could be?
Pro lifers do not always rely on "feelings" to make their point. Science states that life starts at conception. BY DEFINITION A fetus isn't a parasite, but HUMAN. Pregnancy death are lowering 0% in most developped countries, yet almost all pro choicers obsessively argue that pregnancy is deadly and dangerous to defend abortion, which goes againt actual OBJECTIVE REALITY. THIS is literally documented. Won't you learn? Won't you listen?
As annoying and stupid some prolifers can be (yeah cause unlike OP I have no issue to acknowledge there are pos on BOTH sides of the spectrum) you can't deny this cold hard reality, that's why you will weep and weep about how hard & dangerous pregnancy is and make posts to bitch about pro lifers, when the horcux of the whole discourse is unborn HUMANS being murdered for convenience - whether you accept it or not. The shitty behavior of prolifers will NOT erase that; don't get it twisted.
Your "annoyance" <<<< the life of the unborn.
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sataniccapitalist · 21 hours ago
“A cruel irony is in the U.S., wealthy individuals and rich corporations bankroll Christian nationalists, even when they don’t believe in religious extremism themselves. They reap the benefits of supporting Republicans in the forms of lower taxes, unregulated capitalism or promoting libertarian ideas. Depriving millions of their bodily autonomy is a small price to pay.”
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politishaun · a day ago
A pregnant woman in Louisiana says she’s being forced to choose between carrying fetus that lacks a skull and the top of its head (as a result of a rare condition called acrania) to term, or traveling several states over for a legal abortion, since Louisiana has banned abortion with very narrow exceptions.
“It’s hard knowing that I’m carrying it to bury it,” Nancy Davis, who’s 13 weeks pregnant and is already the mother of one child, told local news station WAFB9 on Monday. A few weeks ago, she had her first ultrasound and was told the fetus wouldn’t survive—but that she would have to either carry and birth the nonviable fetus or travel to Florida, the closest state where abortion is still legal. Davis is running out of time to make her decision, however, because Florida bans the health service at 15 weeks.
Last Friday, the Louisiana Supreme Court allowed the state’s ban—which bans care except to save a pregnant person’s life or in some cases when the fetus won’t survive—to take effect, though litigation to block the ban remains ongoing. Louisiana’s ban includes an exception for some fetal conditions, but acrania isn’t on the Louisiana Department of Health’s narrow list of qualifying conditions.
Louisiana’s ban—and certainly, the constant legal back-and-forth around it—is already taking a massive toll on the state’s health care system that will only get worse now that all three of the state’s clinics were forced to permanently relocate out-of-state on Monday. Before Davis, one Louisiana doctor testified in an affidavit challenging the ban that her patient was forced to endure a “painful, hours-long labor to deliver a nonviable fetus, despite her wishes and best medical advice,” after the ban temporarily took effect last month.
The doctor, Valerie Williams, said her patient was “screaming—not from pain, but from the emotional trauma she was experiencing.” It took hours for the woman’s placenta to deliver, causing her to hemorrhage about a liter of blood which placed her own life in danger. A simple abortion procedure would have lasted 15 minutes, Williams said. She claimed this was “the first time in my 15-year career that I could not give a patient the care they needed.” The state threatens doctors and abortion providers who violate the ban with 10 to 15 years in prison. Louisiana doctors have told Jezebel the ban has forced them to fear they “could go to prison just for handling a miscarriage as I always have.”
Both Davis’ story and Williams’ testimony show the ban’s supposed exceptions are pretty ineffective in practice: Davis is literally being forced to carry a fetus missing part of its head, and Williams’ patient’s life was endangered by the unsafe delivery of her nonviable fetus. Doctors have previously pointed out that exceptions for threats to the pregnant person’s life are too ambiguous to actually help pregnant people. “How close to death must a patient be?” an attorney for Louisiana’s abortion providers asked last month. “Doctors are unsure what counts as a ‘medically futile’ pregnancy.’” Further, in some countries, being forced to carry a dead fetus has resulted in pregnant people developing fatal infections when doctors are too afraid of criminal charges to help.
The U.S. already leads wealthy nations in maternal mortality, particularly among people of color. I can’t imagine that doctors being forced to choose between prison and helping patients, or a Nebraska teen being charged with a felony for self-managing her abortion, will improve these conditions. But this is our post-Roe world, where Republicans are pushing to ban birth control and IVF, hospitals are denying rape victims emergency contraception, top anti-abortion activists are romanticizing the new reality of 13-year-old forced parents, and in Louisiana, the state can force you to carry a headless fetus. As horror stories pour in on a near-daily basis, we can’t afford to become desensitized to any of it.
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androfemmealien · 8 hours ago
Happy to see this man feel remorse but deeply frustrating that it took a woman nearly losing her uterus for this man to realize the anti abortion laws he put in place were harmful.
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lady-griffin · a day ago
Banging my head against a wall for the rest of eternity, because people make stupid and insane rulings like this.
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moonlight-kr · a month ago
Tumblr media
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Forced birthers, you care about neither children nor life. She isn't mature enough to get an abortion, but she is mature enough to have her health and life risked? Mature enough to raise a child? I can't imagine the level of depravity you would need to be at to force a child to have a child.
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nicostiel · a month ago
Tumblr media
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ankle-beez · a month ago
Welcome to the United States of America where if you want to be safe from guns you die if you want to get a safe abortion you die if you're gay you die if you're black you die if you're a woman you die if you're disabled you die if you're a kid you die if you're a POC you die if you're trans you die and no one will do anything about it because some stupid cuntrags that are two steps away from tripping on a staircase and dying cling to some dipshit beliefs from over 6 decades ago and decide to make it everyone's problem
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samwisethewitch · 2 months ago
I literally do not care what the Bible says about any political issue. I am not Christian. Christian scripture should have zero effect on my life or my personal freedoms. 
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