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thundergrace · 20 hours ago
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An orphan, a ward of the state, cannot get an abortion because the court said she isn't mature enough to know she wants an abortion but she's mature enough to have a child, apparently. A child that will be born into this same understaffed, overburdened, corrupt, horrendous excuse for a foster care system that she's currently in.
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spider-starry · 2 days ago
I just stumbled into a blog trying to explain that both Layla and Steven grant are pro lifers and they would be sent by Kunsho and tawaret to beat up ppl who work as sex workers and who want to "kill baby's" at plant parenthood....
Like to blog literally called Steven grant is pro lifer and this made my skin crawl and I can't keep this in my system I need to share this so I can BE ASSURED that I'm not the only one who believes this is absolutely stupid
Ican go into heavy details AND I WILL just to explain why Layla and Steven would be pro choice and the fact they suggested that my queen tawaret would send Layla to beat up women who want to get aportion....... I have no faith in humanity
There’s so many things wrong with this. For starters Steven and Marc are Jewish and in the Jewish faith they believe in abortion being a acceptable thing and that life doesn’t start with the fetus. It starts at birth.
Christianity however believes that the moment your pregnant you are carrying life. Its a fetus the thing can’t even think. Its not human being it’s a parasite. But seriously people were fine with abortion for many many years until recently. By the 1700 to 1800s I think people started getting all “It’s a human being!! You can’t kill it!!”
Abortions happen everyday and they will continue to happen everyday forever. Btw they had abortions in ancient Egypt.
Clearly this account you were talking about is just projecting their shitty Christian views onto characters who most likely would be for abortions. It’s shitty and I hope that their account gets banned.
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lady-griffin · a day ago
Banging my head against a wall for the rest of eternity, because people make stupid and insane rulings like this.
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samwisethewitch · 2 months ago
I literally do not care what the Bible says about any political issue. I am not Christian. Christian scripture should have zero effect on my life or my personal freedoms. 
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gardening-tea-lesbian · 3 months ago
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Original thread:
Note, I am finding these threads on the twitter feeds of ICU nurses who are now dreading the horrors that Roe falling will bring to their hospitals. This, on top of the horrors that they’ve seen and continue to see because of the pandemic. They were already exhausted and hanging by a thread.
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politijohn · 2 months ago
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What a headline
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misteranthrope · a month ago
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jelliebeanbitch · 3 months ago
hey just so everyone knows, It Was A Draft
the supreme court decision to overturn Roe v. Wade is not official yet. someone leaked a draft of the opinion that the members of the court have been circulating and revising (the draft was created by justice samuel alito).
which is insane by the way. it’s the first time that a draft of a supreme court decision has ever been leaked in the entire history of this country.
it makes perfect sense to feel grief or panic or dread or sadness or anger or whatever you’re feeling right now. this is fucking terrible and scary. just for the sake of avoiding misinformation, i wanted to clarify this because i think a lot of the headlines have been misleading, and the info gets even more misconstrued when it’s rephrased on social media and stuff
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funnytwittertweets · 3 months ago
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riggio037 · 5 months ago
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unimatrix-420 · a month ago
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onlyhereforangst · a month ago
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fuck this handmaids tale country.
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unbotheredmuse · 3 months ago
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glockpaperscissors · 2 months ago
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ethannku · a month ago
to my usamerican people:
here is an article that details the status of abortion rights in each state. roe v wade being overturned does not mean that abortion is illegal across the u.s., just that it is now determined on a state by state basis. please stay safe and stay informed.
the un-hyperlinked link is under the cut
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pinktwingirl · a month ago
One of the most common reasons I hear for people being against abortion is because “life is sacred.”
Really? Since when? When has life ever been sacred in this country?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t have universal healthcare?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t pass comprehensive gun laws so first graders don’t get gunned down in their classrooms?
If life is sacred, why don’t we offer paid maternal leave so mothers can actually take care of the babies that you are now forcing them to have?
If life is sacred, how come we don’t bat an eye when the police murder black kids?
If life is sacred, why do we have the highest maternal death rate in the developed world, which is only going to increase now that women are being forced to give birth?
If life is sacred, why is the death penalty even still a thing?
If life is sacred, why are we still encouraging violence against the LGBTQ+ community?
Life has literally never been sacred in this country. Maybe anti-choicers like to pretend that it is because it makes them feel righteous when in reality, they’re just misogynistic pieces of shit, but it’s not. And as long as psychotic, reactionary morons continue to steal power undemocratically and make decisions that the majority of us do not want, it never will be.
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