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#abortion rights
liberalsarecool · 8 days ago
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Access to safe abortion is a woman’s right.
And abortion is a decision to be made between a woman, her doctor, her family, and her god.
...Not a majority white male cohort of politicians with a false sense of morality.
And your judgement?
It matters not.
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liberaljane · a month ago
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Abortion rights are under attack, and it's time to fight back.
If you think this is just about Texas or ‘red’ states, you’re wrong. Attacks on abortion anywhere are a threat to our rights everywhere. Today Texas’ SB8 takes effect. This dangerous and extreme law bans abortion as early as six weeks (way before most people even know they’re pregnant) and includes an unprecedent provision that allows private individuals - including anti-abortion protestors - to file lawsuits enforcing the bans. There’s even a monetary reward - up to $10,000 - for successful lawsuits. There have been over 90 abortion restrictions enacted this year alone - more than any year since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973. It’s time to raise the alarm - keep #bansoffourbodies. What can you do? Follow and donate to: West Fund, @BuckleBunniesFundTX (Instagram & Twitter), Jane's Due Process, The Bridge Collective ATX, Fund Texas Choice, @LaFronteraFund (on Twitter), Texas Equal Access Fund - TEA Fund, The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity, Clinic Access Support Network & The Afiya Center.Sending love and access to all Texans.
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seraphimfall · 18 days ago
hey everyone! this is just your gentle reminder that TST (the satanic temple) is notoriously bad at winning it’s court cases. please do not rely on them to fight for your legal right to abortion. please do not donate to their abortion fund when it’s been a proven grift from the start. there are plenty of reliable, productive grassroots orgs. that you could donate to instead.
to help combat all the misinformation that’s been passed around, i’d like to link a couple of trustable abortion/birth control resources below! i’ll also be adding dependable orgs. that you could donate to! reblog this for your mutuals who live in states where their reproductive rights could be threatened.
abortion/birth control resources:
Planned Parenthood: one of the most reliable sources for birth control available. by downloading the app, you can get a prescription for daily birth control sent to your pharmacy or directly to your mailing address. they also offer other methods of birth control, such as IUDs and rings.
Plan C Pills: a super helpful website that directs you to multiple sources for abortion pills from third-party providers. It has a price-check option, so you can find a price that works for you. they also offer abortion support and counseling if you feel you need it.
Aid Access: probably one of the best choices for abortion pills if you are less than 10 weeks pregnant. they source their medication from trustable pharmacies. based in india, they will provide you with abortion pills via mail. they also have financial support for those who cannot afford the cost of these medications. they also have doctors you can contact, and instructions for every step of the process.
Women on Web: they offer abortion pills via mail as well as consultations. they also have an accurate pregnancy calculator that can help you figure out how far along you are. it’s super important that you check out the page where they’ve debunked several at-home abortion methods.
groups to donate to:
Planned Parenthood: they’re actively working to fight against the implication of unconstitutional laws such as the texas abortion ban.
American Civil Liberties Union: although their focus is not exclusively on abortion, they have a long history of successfully defending individual rights in court. they plan to do the same with recent anti-abortion legislation.
Avow: a C4 non-profit dedicated to fighting the recent abortion laws in texas.
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leonnamc · a month ago
can’t believe texas is writing their own handmaid tale’s narrative. they literally just signed a law where you can report women (they’re literally offering CASH BOUNTIES) for having an abortion
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picturepowderinabottle · 11 months ago
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26.10.20 - the fifth consecutive day of protests against Poland’s court's near-total ban on abortion.
they follow a ruling by Poland's Constitutional Court that abortions, even in cases of foetal defects, are illegal.
it means that abortion is now only valid in cases of rape or incest.
the fight is about the right to choose.
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genderoutlaws · 5 months ago
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Members of Boston’s Lesbian Avengers eating fire at a reproductive rights rally | 1995
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sadgirltimes · a month ago
This is from ACLU. This is what is currently happening right now.
Last night, the Supreme Court did not respond to our emergency request to block Texas' radical six-week abortion ban, Senate Bill 8.
That means the law will now take effect today – prohibiting most abortions in the state. The impact will be immediate and devastating.
This extreme and blatantly unconstitutional law bans abortions at six weeks – before many people even know they are pregnant. But, there's more.
The law also actively encourages private citizens to act as bounty hunters by awarding them at least $10,000 if they successfully sue another person for providing an abortion or assisting someone who gets an abortion at around six weeks of pregnancy.
The bounty hunting abortion ban is intentionally designed to overwhelm clinics in the state with lawsuits and legal bills, ultimately forcing them to shut down. And due to structural racism and inequities, laws like Texas' abortion ban disproportionately harm Black and Brown people, people with low incomes, and those living in rural areas. The impact would be so sweeping, it would effectively end abortion access in Texas. we can't allow it.
We – in partnership with a steadfast coalition of reproductive health care providers, advocates, and nonprofit partners – will keep vigorously pursuing this lawsuit to have this extreme law struck down. And, with your support, we will do everything we can to protect the reproductive rights of people in Texas and help clinics stay open.
The ACLU is pushing back against a massive assault on access to abortion – in Texas and across the country. And you've helped us win some critical battles. Earlier this summer, we successfully blocked Arkansas' ban on abortion, the latest and most direct attack on abortion by anti-abortion politicians in that state. In addition, our ongoing litigation is currently blocking bans in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio, and Tennessee.
But, the attacks on our abortion rights are not letting up – and we urgently need you by our side.
Don't let anti-abortion extremists win.
Together, we have to keep fighting for access to reproductive healthcare for everyone, everywhere. Please donate as quickly and generously as you can.
Jennifer Dalven
Pronouns: She, her, hers
Director of the Reproductive Freedom Project, ACLU
P.S. The ACLU was made for moments like this – when people's fundamental freedoms depend on our strength and persistence. Thank you for your passionate support for reproductive freedom and all of our civil liberties.
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maddwizard · 6 months ago
Never forget to remind high schoolers who have shit to say about LGBTQ+ and how it conflicts with biology that their public education system is manipulated by govt standards and if they had the chance to take college biology/sociology/history classes they would learn that sex and gender are not the same thing!!!
While on that, they would also learn (presented by a college sophomore):
•America has done some rly shitty things to other countries.
•Black history is way more extensive than they were previously taught.
•For that matter, all POC history is way more extensive than they were previously taught.
•Many historical figures were gay/bisexual. Those sexualities were not invented in the 80s.
•There are also historical figures who were probably trans or preferred to present as another gender.
•Abortion is not literally stabbing a full grown baby. It’s almost always taking a pill that forces a VERY early miscarriage.
•Gender roles and racial stereotypes are social constructs. Biology does not determines certain genders or races do certain things.
•80% of genetic variation occurs within one’s own race. You likely have more in common genetically with someone of a different race than someone of your own.
•The War on Drugs was literally created to target black people. Yes, the government has done many racist things.
•Not all weight gained is unhealthy. It often depends on where it’s gained (so yeah, if you have fat thighs you’re probably still healthy).
•Literature being taught to you is not specifically selected to be queer or feminist. Lots of famous literature just happens to be that way.
•Native Americans had entire cities built before white men came. They were not basically woods-people.
•Islam says nothing about terrorism in any scripture. “Jihad” means conversion, but peacefully.
•Not every Islamic country is oppressive towards women. Many are very lenient.
•Christianity and Islam have so many similarities that their extremists have about the same values.
•Anti-Semitism is a thing that goes back centuries, and did not start with Nazi Germany.
•The singular “they” was actually accepted in Medieval times. People didn’t try to make it solely plural until the 19th century.
•AAVE is a legitimate dialect and formed while American English was still evolving, so no, it’s not just “bad English.”
•White people’s ancestors, who were primarily Norsemen, did not first discover Christianity. They were pagans who learned Christianity from the Romans.
•The Romans had nothing against homosexuality and had a few emperors who fell in love with men (see: Hadrian).
•Eastern religions, though very different from Abrahamic, still have more in common with Abrahamic beliefs than you’d think.
•And finally: college does not indoctrinate you. They are free from the bounds of education put by the government and are allowed to explore more histories. If you’re truly as anti-govt as you say you are, accept college education!!!!
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cisthoughtcrime · a month ago
I know I've posted about my abortion before, but I really can't say this enough:
abortion isn't a fun process or a first resort. my abortion was the single most physically painful experience of my life. they gave me the same opioid pain medication that chemo patients take and it was still mind-shatteringly painful. I almost never vomit even when sick but my abortion made me vomit just from the sheer pain. I passed blood clots the size of small fruits. I writhed on the floor of the bathroom naked and weeping and jerking around trying to find a single position that hurt less. I begged my little sister to kill me to make it stop. I eventually blacked out after hours of this.
and I'd do it again without hesitation if I got pregnant again.
I'm not sharing this to scare anyone out of getting an abortion and I know not all are as painful and miserable as mine was. I'm sharing it to illustrate the desperation that can motivate an abortion and that it's not something anyone does for fun or on a lark. it's not a desirable experience. it's not something I would sign up for if I had any other options.
I had to wait two weeks between finding out I was pregnant (I was abroad when I took the test) and actually getting the abortifacient pills from planned parenthood. i don't know if I've ever been more terrified or felt more out of control than I did in those two weeks. there is a reason forced pregnancy is recognised by the Geneva Convention and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court as a crime against humanity. it is a harrowing experience. oh, and that wasn't changed by the fact that I was able to afford the abortion to begin with-- financial restrictions to abortion resources are a serious issue, but that doesn't mean that abortion is a non-issue if you can afford it.
I had always been pro-choice but in a very theoretical bioethics way; in the 'no one has a right to use someone else's body to stay alive without their consent' kind of way, in the 'if you need a kidney transplant to stay alive you can't just forcibly take someone's kidney because of your right-to-life' kind of way. That's still a good argument that I agree with, even if the fetus were 'alive' in a way that mattered, it doesn't have the right to leech off my body without my consent and endanger my life and permanently change my body for its own sake. My pregnancy and abortion experience grounded my stance so much more in the overlooked humanity of women and the trivialization of the extremity of pregnancy and its risks.
I wouldn't wish an unwanted pregnancy on anyone. If I hadn't had access to a safe abortion I would have done just about anything to seek out any way to terminate the pregnancy. I think I would have rather died than been forced to carry to term.
my heart is with the women of Texas and everywhere else that underestimates the gravity of forced pregnancy.
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treemaidengeek · a month ago
Definitely don't do this. What a shame it would be. ❤🧡💛💚💙💜✊
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aa-terf · 3 months ago
There are women who don't even grieve when they have a miscarriage, what makes you think women who have unwanted pregnancies feel anything besides relief when they get an abortion?
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bi-succubus · a month ago
belief: abortion isn’t necessary.
belief: abortion isn’t healthcare.
belief: abortion is murder.
beliefs are not facts and the fact is that your beliefs are utter bullshit.
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resist-much · a month ago
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