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twilightofthe · 19 hours ago
I respect people in the Star Wars fandom having a variety of different opinions on a bunch of different things EXCEPT if you spell Anakin’s nickname as “Annie” instead of “Ani”, in which case there is no hope for you and we can never be friends
(kidding, obviously)
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amelettes · 10 hours ago
🌱 Seedling: What is something you want to begin learning?
i wanna finally learn to play the drums so i can be in a band & be ~ cool ~
🐓 Chicken: What is a comfort movie/show for you?
FORREST GUMP! has been since i was about 14/15.
thank you for sending me these my love <3
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hrina · 11 months ago
look the reality is that stan culture is unhealthy. period.
and i’m not talking about being a fan of someone and wanting to go see them on tour. im not talking about being happy when they drop something new or reach a cool milestone. im not talking about writing fanfiction and using them as a face character. im not talking about making edits/gifs of them, or anything like that. 
im talking about dedicating your life to this person. seeing them as some sort of deity who can do no wrong. monitoring their every move and always being ready with a comment/opinion/statement. feeling like you owe them something and that you alone are the key that will make or break their career. feeling like you need to defend them no matter what. attacking strangers just because they may not necessarily agree. creating drama day after day to the point where your online presence is just a steady stream of negativity with no end in sight. 
the internet has desensitized us to stan culture, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not wrong. it’s dangerous and gross and at this point, im afraid that most people are too far gone to recognise just how much of a horrible impact it’s made on our lives.
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araxoolie · 4 months ago
"ok" : I understand what you have said
"ok cool" : this meets my expectations
"yeah ok" : this is weird but I accept it
"ok yeah" : I hadn't thought of it that way but you're right
"ok so" : I am about to tell you something dramatic
"oh ok " : I am crestfallen but trying to act cool about it
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amelettes · 10 hours ago
🐑 Sheep: What is a comfort item you own?
definitely my baby pillow. i've had it since i was born & i think i would lose my mind if something ever happened to it. seriously.. like one time i went camping & as we were taking everything down & packing up someone accidentally spilled coffee on it & i fucking SOBBED. i was 26 when that happened so like.. it means a lot to me still. i can't sleep without it at night. & now everyone knows my biggest secret lol!
🕯️ Candle: What is something you can’t go to bed without?
my baby pillow hahaha.
thank you kendal!!! <3
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castillon02 · 10 months ago
Geralt has a network of people who don’t mind trading with Witchers. They set things aside for him sometimes: herbs that he’s bought before, books or armor that he’s asked after. In return, he makes room in his saddlebags for metals the smith can melt down, books for the bookseller’s cart, and monster organs that can be added to an herbalist’s potions. 
Business. An exchange of goods and coin. Nothing to do with the way Ensa’s eyes light up at copper and silver, with the way Broc’s hands rub together upon seeing a rare text, with the way Tusson smiles and leans closer when Geralt starts pulling eyes and tongues out of his bag. 
Those smiles are for his money and his wares, not for him. He’s worth nothing to them if he’s not buying or selling. 
(Ensa makes bells with some of the metals Geralt brings her. The hammer of her profession has taken some of her hearing, she says; he tells her when the bells ring true, and she tells him the latest gossip, updates on which nobles have money and monster problems. She’s in Kaedwen, one of his first and last stops on the Path.)
(Geralt finds a few scrolls written during one of the Conjunctions stashed in a troll’s cave, and when he shows them to Broc in Novigrad, Broc shoves a book of armor diagrams into his hands along with a hefty purse. Hmm. Witcher gear must be out of fashion at the auction houses.) 
(Tusson gives him live herbs from their garden and asks him to plant them at a crossroads. “Propogation is good for business. More places to harvest from.” Eventually, the ingredients for Swallow flourish around all the crossroads in Aedirn. Easy healing for Witchers passing through; easier pickings for herbalists who live there full-time.) 
(Useful. He’s useful to them. At least they don’t mind being useful to him in return.) 
Jaskier gives him gwent cards, sometimes. (“Won it off my comely companion from last night. Strip gwent, Geralt! You should try it.”) 
Pastries, other times. When they encounter a baker, Jaskier usually pulls a spare coin from his boot and buys whatever’s apple-filled---Geralt’s favorite, because then he can share half with Roach. (“I got one for Roach too, of course. What do you take me for?”)
Mostly money isn’t involved. 
Instead, Jaskier does things like steal all but one of Geralt’s hair ties for a week and return them when they’re dyed black enough to suit his fancy. (“Now they’ll go with the rest of your outfit!”) Like anyone cares how a Witcher looks, least of all the Witcher in question. 
Jaskier sees winter cress on the path and says, “Oh, those match your eyes!” He spends an hour weaving an elaborate flower necklace, only to give it to Roach for a snack when they’re going through a bog.
When there’s enough light to write by, there are stories scribbled on spare parchment, tales that Jaskier modifies with increasing ridiculousness, trying to lift the stern shield across Geralt’s face and get him to reveal an amused twitch of his lips, a mirthful crinkle around his eyes. (“Oh, Sir Fair, I fear that your penetrating log---your banquet-sized sausage---your hip-heaving halberd---aha, there it is!---I fear that your hip-heaving halberd will leave me spoiled for all other polearms.”) When Geralt leaves for Kaer Morhen, he finds them stuffed in his saddlebag with a note saying that he can use them for kindling if he wants. He brings them to the keep instead. 
Once, Jaskier spends ten minutes staring at stag beetles fighting on a log before noticing that Geralt is staring at him, and then he abruptly begins a stag beetle dialogue, underdog challenger versus heavyweight champion, and he leaves room for Geralt to voice the underdog if he wants.
(“And what do you have to say in the aftermath of your stunning upset victory?”
Geralt sighs, finally gives in, and says his most satisfied-sounding, “Hmmm.”
Jaskier dedicates the resulting beetle battling poem to him in order to commemorate the occasion.)
Black leather. Apple tarts. Poems. A Witcher’s life hasn’t prepared him for this kind of economy. What’s the value of a flower necklace, braided and eaten? 
On the path from Kaer Morhen, Geralt sees an ammonite poking out beneath the melting snow, the curl of its shell perfectly preserved, and stops Roach so he can pick it up. It’s not anything special. The land around Kaer Morhen used to be a sea, long ago, and the rock-wrapped bones of her old inhabitants are everywhere. 
He slips the ammonite into his saddlebag. Still plenty of room for Ensa’s future bells when he finds them, and some people haven’t seen this part of Kaedwen.
As he crosses the Mahakam Mountains, one of the region’s massive vultures wheels above him and drops a primary feather right in his path. Tusson bought most of the monster parts from his saddlebags, but even if they hadn’t, a feather is hardly a burden. He stores it in one of his longer potion vials. There’s a joke he might make about songbirds versus scavengers.  
In Novigrad, Broc hands him a small purse in exchange for the books Geralt took from a bruxa’s lair, and then he slides a little pamphlet across the counter to him. 
It’s a copy of Jaskier’s beetle battling poem. 
“Not a coin, but I thought I would toss it to you anyway, seeing as you’re in the dedication. I particularly liked the allegory about getting your muse to speak to you.” Broc winks at him. “Never hurts to invest in young artists.” 
Broc has never winked at him before, not in twenty-odd years. Geralt stumbles through his thank-you. Jaskier is clearly a terrible influence. 
A terrible influence that he might just run into again, given that he’s near Oxenfurt. But that’s all right. Geralt has made his preparations, the way he always does with monsters, with merchants, and now with bards. 
The next time Jaskier gives him something useless, Geralt will be able to reciprocate. 
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meanwhilepoetry · a year ago
A kind stranger asked me today how to stop loving someone. And I said “I don’t think I’ve ever really stopped loving anyone and that’s the complexity of love. I think I can let go of someone and turn that love into a fossilised version of itself in memory. But trying to repress it never worked for me. So instead, I gently placed it behind glass in the museum in my head. I only access it now when I am strong enough to remember that love without the intensity of the pain and hurt it caused.”
Nikita Gill, Extracts from Life
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lifeinpoetry · 2 years ago
I too am sick of the body. I too am sick of being a body, am sick of being sick about my body,
— Meghan Dunn, from “Response, Years Later, to Two Male Poets I Overheard Discussing How Sick They Were of Women’s Poems about the Body,” published in MUSE/A
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iamnmbr3 · 2 years ago
In book 7 the way Narcissa immediately just goes “get Draco; he’ll know” when they have to identify Harry will never not be funny. she really called out his crush like that huh? It was literally like:
Fenrir Greyback: Ok. Before we call the Dark Lord we need to be absolutely sure this is Harry Potter otherwise he will murder us. Our lives literally depend on this.
Narcissa: yeah ok no problem. we’ll just call Draco and ask him to look
Greyback: are you sure he can recognize him?
Narcissa: please. he has literally spent the last 6 and a half years talking about this boy nonstop. in second year Lucius bribed him with new brooms for the whole Slytherin team in exchange for not talking about Harry Potter for the rest of the summer...and it didn’t work. He’ll know.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Me, during this scene: Why the fuck is Reigen acting like nothing is happening and doing some weird-ass spooky story stunt, they all almost died and he has the gall to pretend like nothing’s happening
Me, after watching it again: *sobbing* Reigen was trying to make a joke and lighten the mood. Between these two cuts he’s looking directly at Mob, which means he was waiting for Mob to laugh or smile, but he drops the facade the moment Mob starts to fall unconscious. You can see the worry and strain on his face in the first picture, despite the fact that he’s joking don’t touch me
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himbo-mulder · a year ago
"I'm spending my evening watching a Shakespeare play" sounds more intellectual than "I want to see David Tennant and Catherine Tate bicker but I've already watched Doctor Who"
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javi-djarins · 2 years ago
we talk a lot about how “somebody to love” is a deeply sad lament disguised as an upbeat love song, but what we also need to talk about is how brian’s solo captures that so beautifully. listen to his guitar - it’s practically mournful. the fact that brian understood freddie so well and wrote a solo that expresses exactly what freddie was trying to convey is a beautiful testament to his ability as a musician as well as a reminder of the depth and intimacy of his connection with freddie.
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luckthebard · 2 years ago
During a recent discussion with my brother about CritRole player styles, we came to the conclusion that while Sam and Taliesin are both rules-conscious players, Sam is a Rules Pessimist, but Taliesin is a Rules Optimist.
That’s why Sam always seems surprised by magic items with a lot of power, and frequently forgets that things like Nott’s Cloak of Elvenkind gives her advantage on all stealth checks (surely that can’t be the case!) His questions are always “I don’t get sneak attack, right?” or “I can’t do [the thing he wants to have Nott do] right?” I think this is linked to why he was disappointed he rolled an 8 for hit points after rolling a 1 and getting a re-roll from Matt. (”’Ah no, I rolled good for hitpoints!’ You’re so weird, Sam!”) He wants to play fair, but to an extreme degree where he nerfs himself.
Taliesin, on the other hand, is always questioning the boundaries of what he can do on the off chance it might work. He never has a problem with Matt saying something won’t work, but he always tries it (and he always has a back-up plan for the stuff that’s a real stretch, to not slow things down). He makes the rules and magic items work for him in sometimes unexpected ways, just by assuming there must be more he can get out of them. But this leads him to sometimes assume magic items or spells they have are more powerful than they are, which very occasionally presents a small problem (and more often is just funny).
Both of these approaches are valid, it’s just interesting to see them contrasted at the same table.
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Muse speaks about the Mun
Send a number for the muse(s) to talk about their mun
What’s the strangest/weirdest thing the Mun has watched on youtube?
What’s the strangest/weirdest movie the mun has watched? 
What’s does your mun do when they become sad? Do they hide it or talk about it? 
How long does the mun stay upset for?
What’s your opinion of the mun’s fashion sense? (the clothes they like to wear)
Is the mun prone to mood swings? 
What was the strangest thing the mun has done that make the muse confused? 
Does the mun like to shitpost/make funny posts a lot? 
Has the mun ever scared the muse? 
What about the mun does the muse find annoying or bothersome? 
Do you like the backstory your mun gave you? 
Is mun a social butterfly or a loner? 
Did you once not like your mun? If so, why? 
Do you wish your mun was more open to those around them? In real life and on Tumblr?  
Does your mun draw or write? If so, what work are they most proud of? 
How long does it take your mun to draw/write a piece of work? 
What other social websites does your mun use? 
Who are the first 3 people the mun thinks about when asked for blog recommendations? 
How many people are in your mun’s close-knit circle? 
How does the mun feel about their blog/blogs? 
What ask meme does the mun like the most? (Sentence starter, Symbol, Headcanon, Etc.)  
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