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#absolutely in love with these 馃グ
frecklydorka month ago
I am absolutely LOVING the way KO just. Inserts himself into the Business of StarKeri. It's like he's physically incapable of stopping himself from being creepily supportive.
HAHA thank you!! :D Yesss, I love writing Knockout and Starscream somehow being able to become friends (or something equivalent to the term, in any case), because they have something in common: being fond of a tiny star-spotted human.
I ship myself with almost ALL of the bots/cons, and Starscream's one of the last Decepticons to have his own ~special love confession scene~ (because I am a sucker for slowburn), but Knockout was the first to flirt. He's always teasing Starscream, always pushing "when are you making a move, Screamer? I took Keri to the movies last Saturday, what did you do-? Oh, that's right! Absolutely nothing!"
Knockout's mindset is basically "Well if STARSCREAM is in a good mood, then he's tolerable, so I'm going to tease support him and his relationship with the human! After all, what are friends for? Nothing but the best for our saltwater star girl, isn't that right, 'Starlight'?"
Tumblr media
Starscream insists "seriously, I don't need any of your assistance, you insufferable ground-pounding little--!!" but unfortunately for Starscream, Knockout has never needed any sort of prompting to enjoy the sound of his own voice.
Starscream eventually doesn't mind... much.
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skialue2 months ago
When i think about Diluc and his possible struggle with all the expectations he has to meet i get really.. sad
He's the only son of the biggest man in Mondstadt, he's a noble from a wealthy and respected family. This is what i used to think of him, just a rich white man, but my man has always been his daddy's good boy, and he were always expected to behave like that.
I mean, did he REALLY want to be one of the Knight of Favonius? Did he really wanted a vision to himself and become the youngest capitan in KoF??? Hell, I'm sure he didn't want to work in the wine family business.
His father just forced his 10(?) years old son into living his own dream;; he made a kid bear the weight of responsibilities of an adult, like??? wtf????? And for what? 馃槶
You'd think that his father's death would lessen the weight of expectations and responsibilities but nO, IT MADE IT WORSE. SO. MUCH. WORSE!!
Let's list down what Diluc was hit with on his birthday,
First, he literally had to kill his own father to end his suffering and had to live with idea that with all the training he had to go through just to prove to his father how he's a good boy he was still not enough, and his father paid for it.
Second, he had to figure out wtf happened, what caused that attack, WHAT is a delusion, and how the fuck did his father has in possession one of the infamous FATUI's top secret weapons?? What was his kind father's connection to the fatui????
Third, he had to deal with KoF's betrayal, an organisation that he spent half of his life being part of, the other half was training to get into it.
Forth, his being the only heir to the Ravinder and to his family business now the eyes of all the hungry wolves of Mondstadt, and possibly all of tayvet, is on him. Waiting for sink their teeth hoping they'll gain something.
Fifth, sigh... Kaeya's secret reveal. After all their in-game and in the manga interactions, i highly doubt there's a bad blood between them. However, kaeya was still the straw that broke the camel's back, but it wasn't really a straw it was as heavy as Zhongli's meteorite.
My man kaeya really just told diluc on the day of his father's death that a monstrous organisation is trying to end the world and he was supposed to be a spy for them and that there's a possible connection between the fatui and the abyss order adding to his very long list of responsibilities on his shoulder as the uncrowned king of Mondstadt, even if that wasn't necessary kaeya's intentions.
No wonder our son is depressed af man;;
He escaped from everything for three years, maybe these years gave him clarity, made him SEE how he has always been a trophy kid to his father, how he grew to be how everyone wanted him to be, not allowing him to even think of what he wants to do.
We see him smile that cute smile in the manga, but now i wonder if he was truly happy or was he pretending to be happy for everyone else's sake?
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southside-forever9 days ago
tagged by @shameless-notashamed to make a list of all the things that bring me joy. i鈥檝e done a couple of these in the past and it鈥檚 always a feel good activity! i鈥檒l try not to repeat myself although i definitely will鈥
鈥 shark movies (the lower the imdb rating, the better)
鈥 making food or drinks for others even though i鈥檓 not a skilled cook, i just like putting love on people in that way 馃ズ
鈥 when your eyes finally adjust to a new prescription and the world is crisp af
鈥 black unsweetened iced tea
鈥 pasta鈥 damn near any kind
鈥 scrolling tiktok and curating the finest for my beloveds
鈥 going for walks
鈥 lazy weekend mornings that start with a coffee and reading on the balcony or at least with the windows open
鈥 having my hair played with
鈥 being called 鈥渂abe鈥 馃ズ
鈥 hugs (something that hasn鈥檛 always been the case but that feels increasingly so good and comfortable)
鈥 fall weather 馃崅 馃巸
鈥 live (punk) music
鈥 denim and non-leather leather jackets
鈥 eating cereal at night
鈥 texting my older nephews and niece
鈥 finding a parking spot close to the entrance and near the cart corral
鈥 face masks
鈥 making other people laugh
鈥 when a package arrives earlier than expected
鈥 massages
鈥 going to therapy
鈥 sending people flowers
鈥 cross stitching! for some reason, it finally clicked in my head recently and now i鈥檓 obsessed
鈥 gallacrafts 馃ズ
鈥 my mom鈥檚 chicken and rice soup
鈥 when french bulldogs get all excited, wiggling their butts and lowering their ears
鈥 comfortably keeping the windows open all day, i鈥檓 a slut for circulating air lmao
鈥 lou malnati鈥檚 pizza
鈥 caves
鈥 apricot face scrub
鈥 putting on lotion after a shower
鈥 using a hydroflask
鈥 catching an obscure reference and having others catch the ones that i make
鈥 driving people places (i didn鈥檛 have a car for a long time and it feels good to leverage it for good)
鈥 sleeping the perfect amount of time and waking up truly restored
鈥 air fryer
鈥 guided meditations
鈥 remembering small details and the smiles people get when they realize it
鈥 making buttons and magnets
鈥 hearing from friends that i haven鈥檛 talked to in years
and so so many other things 馃枻
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aranel-lavellana month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
鉁煡 饾搻饾摷饾摻饾摢饾摶饾摬饾摳饾摲 饾摙饾摻饾摢饾摶饾摪饾摢饾攦饾摬饾摲饾摪 馃グ鉁
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ruined-ruination2 months ago
What's your favorite thing about Raven Reyes?
Tumblr media
Her adorable dumb smile that can light up the entire world in an instant.
Her it won鈥檛 survive me confidence
Her I don鈥檛 choose pain, I choose life tenacity
Her creativity and brillance. Thinking outside of the box and literally saving everyone鈥檚 life at multiple turns, despite heavy odds.
Her stubbornness and strength. She isn鈥檛 someone who can be bullied into submission.
Her compassion and moral righteousness. It wasn鈥檛 easy for Clarke when they disagreed but I think she needed Raven鈥檚 moral high ground to keep her grounded and steady.
Her quick wit. Despite everything she knew how to have fun.
I came to the show for Lexa but I stayed for Raven. I fell in love with her spirit and strength of will. And her loyalty and everything in between. Nothing but respect for the youngest Zero G mechanic in years and the savior of the human race.
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unwillingdarling27 days ago
thinking about how little lesbian r<3pe content there is here..... why? it鈥檚 so easy to trick a needy butch, to get them excited and eager to see your body and please you. of course they鈥檒l let you tie up their hands because they love to be teased and played with. and then, slide between their legs, whispering about how wet their silly little cunt is through their boxers, and maybe your language will surprise them, get them even wetter, but you promise to be gentle, to make them feel good - they鈥檒l look so handsome on your strap, well... maybe just the tip? and as they fall apart while you rub your strap against their needy cunt, you can just line yourself up... and force yourself into their ass. and you don鈥檛 have to worry about a thing - they鈥檙e tied up nice and tight, at the mercy of your strap stretching their pretty little hole, and now you鈥檝e got yourself a new toy to break 鈾
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seungyounchoz6 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
our new spearmint plant is growing beautifully 馃挌
@kihyunsgf ; @softforqiankun
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cherrydreamer2 months ago
OH MY GOSH I have got the biggest smile on my face right now!
Because @ihni has gone and blown me away with her kindness.
LOOK at this bumper bunch of birthday treats!! (And OH the box was all covered in such amazing Billy stickers that it was so hard to wait until today to open it! I KNEW there was goodness in there, but I was not prepared for just how damn good it was gonna be!!)
Tumblr media
YES that is a book of Ihni doodles (which I flicked through immediately and was giggling with the first few seconds!) AND prints AND badges of my absolute favourite faces!!! I CAN WEAR MY ICON!! Any art from Ihni is always gonna be such a perfect gift, and I have so much gorgeousness here that I was honestly getting teary at it. 馃グ馃グ馃グ
Tumblr media
And my first ever FUNKO!! Look at him!! His teeny lil whistle!! His clenched fists! His CURLS! (And now I obviously need a Steve FUNKO to take care of him! I think this might be the start of a beautiful collection!)
Tumblr media
And OH what a perfect collection of Swedish treats! I am so intrigued by the firework sparkler things and I will not be surprised if I end up burning off my eyebrows! 馃槅
Thank you so so much Ihni, I am blessed to be your friend and will forever be thankful that some lovestruck 80s boys brought us together 鈾ワ笍鈾ワ笍
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s8ncake3 months ago
It is no easy task for Diavolo to sneak out of the castle, and yet Satan and he have made elaborate plans via chat, away from the prying eyes of Lucifer and Barbatos. It is, after all, none of their business where the two of them go on their outings.
There hadn't been anything planned for today, but a flyer handed to him when he went to visit the bookstore changed that. Apparently, a cat caf茅 had opened recently, and he remembered that Diavolo had expressed a curiosity about them a while ago.
Sneaking onto the castle grounds was easy, all Satan had to do was pretend he was visiting the archives. Sending a quick message to Diavolo, alerting him of his presence, and all he had to do was wait for his lover to come down, pretending he had to get something.
He was ripped from his thoughts by two muscular arms pulling him into an embrace, a "hello, love" whispered into his hair. Turning around to face Diavolo, Satan reached up to cradle his beloved's face, pulling him down into a gentle kiss.
"Sorry for the long wait," the prince said in a low voice. "Barbatos got suspicious and insisted on trying to fetch the important files from the archives himself, but I managed to get him off my back somehow. Where are we going today?"
"A cat caf茅," Satan replied, tugging Diavolo along by the hand. "You said you wanted to visit one."
Diavolo smiled. The fact that Satan remembered his wish and thought of him when learning of a caf茅 close by made his heart flutter in his chest. He squeezed Satan's hand gently, his smile widening when he felt his own hand being squeezed in return.
They were so very different, yet also very similar. Both didn't have much of a childhood, but together, they'd gain many experiences they'd missed when younger. They had an eternity of memories to forge.
Tumblr media
They鈥檙e so precious together!! I love them so much!!
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sin-of-geekiness25 days ago
馃槀lmao imagine that the reason that Mel lost his emotions so fast was because back before he met the sins he killed himself so many times because he couldn鈥檛 handle the desperation of still not founding a way to help Elizabeth with the curse馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 (i am fucking crying with this thought)
ARE YOU OKAY?? Why the laughing emoji!? This is scarring馃槀
Yes, he most definitely did. He even revealed it to zaratras. When Zaratras mentioned that if he had been in his situation he would have killed himself or have somebody else kill him meliodas revealed that he鈥檇 already tried that鈥e had tried everything鈥︼考锟
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