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#absolutely ridiculous
fimbry · 4 months ago
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Tumblr media
He poofed up again, and I’m not sure even he knows why. But he quickly came to me wanting to be comforted (and sniff my bowl of cherries in that last pic), sat in my lap and purred. Maybe he saw a bug.
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mellaithwen · a month ago
I didn't want to hijack @extasiswings 's post but I also started thinking about Eddie not being around when that man's being dug out, aaand I couldn't stop... [ edit: on ao3 ]
Eddie looks down at his phone in surprise.
Buck’s calling him. His caller ID is grinning up at him from the screen; the picture of carefree moment in the park on a sunny day from a few weeks ago, with Christopher draped over Buck’s shoulders mid-piggy-back, frozen, mid-reach as they tried to drag Eddie towards them. They’d been laughing so loudly that Eddie can practically hear the sound of his kid’s laughter through the photograph.
But Eddie frowns. He might not be working this Halloween, but Buck’s certainly supposed to be, and if he was just bored in the station house he'd normally FaceTime, or send Eddie a litany of texts about his latest internet deep-dive (the great Canadian maple syrup heist was his current obsession; “3,000 tonnes, Eddie, they stole 3,000 tonnes of Maple syrup!”) —but a phone call?
“Hey man, what's up?”
Buck doesn't immediately respond to the greeting, but Eddie hears the shuddering inhale down the line all the same, and now he's really concerned.
“Buck?” Eddie calls out, just as he notices his son looking over to him from across the room. He gives Christopher a reassuring smile while he waits for an answer from Buck, and he nods to his aunt that he's stepping out for a moment—gesturing over to the front door when he still doesn't get a reply.
“Buck?” he tries again, closing the door behind him with a soft click, and trying not to shiver at the change in temperature now that he’s outside. “Buck, come on, I'm here, okay? What’s going on? What’s wrong?”
“I just…” Buck starts, and stops, his voice faltering for a moment. He clears his throat. Takes another second. “I just needed to hear your voice.”
Buck sounds... shattered, honestly. Haunted by something so much deeper than just exhaustion, and the hairs on the back of Eddie's neck stand on end.
“Talk to me. Did something happen on a call? Are you hurt?” He wonders if he should text one of the others; ask Bobby or Hen if everything’s alright because his nerves can’t handle the aching chasm that stretches out between Buck’s quiet admissions.
“No—we're fine,” Buck says finally. “I'm fine,” he insists, but his voice is still barely above a whisper and Eddie's not convinced.
Eddie waits.
Buck sighs.
“There was... we got a call that this man was.... Eddie, he was buried alive—”
This time when Eddie shivers it’s got nothing to do with the weather.
“—and dispatch tracked his phone but they couldn't get a precise location, and we were searching and calling out his name, and then by the time we started to dig things weren't looking good—”
Buck's voice is shaking, but now that he's started speaking he can't seem to stop, and his words are like an avalanche, gaining fervour as he goes on. Eddie can feel his own grip on his phone getting tighter and tighter until finally he has to sit himself down on the steps of the front porch just to try and catch his breath. He knows where Buck's head is at—he can't help but go there too.
“—a-a-and I just...I couldn't stop thinking about the well collapse, and dispatch said the guy wasn't answering and I started thinking about how we were trying to get a hold of you on the radio but all we got was static, and suddenly I wasn't looking for the vic anymore, I was looking for you. I was back there in the rain and I was clawing at the ground, and it felt like there was this vice around my chest and—”
—there’s a rumbling like thunder overhead. The ground shakes and Eddie tries to grab a hold of the rocky wall at his side but he can’t. He can’t get a good hold as the tunnel collapses all around him. The shaft’s filling up with wet earth and debris, and every breath he takes feels like it’s coated with dirt and mud as he suffocates under the onslaught—
“Breathe, Buck,” Eddie interrupts a little desperately at the memories echoing around in his own mind in response to the fear in Buck's voice.
“Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth,” he says as he tries to follow his own advice. “Take a deep breath, come on, do it with me; in for four, hold it—and breathe out for eight, and again…”
For a little while there's nothing but a stream of huffed breaths down the phone from the two of them, until finally a long steady exhale is followed by a stuttered apology; “I‘m sorry, I shouldn't have—”
“No, don’t be stupid, you can always—”
The siren rings out loud and shrill down the other end of the phone as it interrupts their conversation, and Eddie jumps to his feet out of habit before he remembers that he's not actually on shift.
“I've gotta go,” Buck mumbles, a little reluctantly to Eddie’s ears, and he can hear the rustling movements as the other firefighter hurries over to the trucks. He still hasn’t ended the call, seemingly unwilling to break the connection just yet.
“Yeah of course,” Eddie says, though he makes no move to end the call either—feeling a similar urge to stay present, to remain tethered to Buck for as long as possible. He starts talking again before his brain has a chance to second guess himself. “Come over after your shift in the morning, we can go out for breakfast with Chris.”
There's another exhale down the phone, but this one sounds lighter, happier, like it's being chased by a smile, and Eddie feels his own tight chest loosen considerably at the image he's just conjured in his mind.
“Yeah, that'd be great.” Buck says, “I'll see you then.”
“Perfect. It's a date.” Eddie replies, before hanging up.
(His own words don't register for another thirty minutes, but by then Buck's already sent a smiley-face emoji over text, and Eddie can't find it within himself to regret anything.)
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dent-de-leon · a month ago
Help why is it so funny to me that Kingsley walked back into the Blooming Grove right when Astrid and Eodwulf were leaving and then they just like awkwardly stared at each other and ran past him,,
Imagine you woke up with no memories surrounded by all these people you already feel attached to. And there’s this cute wizard there telling you how much you mean to them all, so you flirt a little, and then you go off for a nice walk and return to see both his exes running away after committing arson—
This does not dissuade King/Molly’s romantic interest in Caleb in the least bit, and the last thing he does before leaving is tell Caleb how good he looks and slap his butt. Both are clearly still into each other and use adorable pet names. Absolutely everything about this is so surreal, I have yet to recover from it months later—
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mostlymaudlin · 3 months ago
rainbow roped me in with dark angsty explorations of loving through trauma and then dropped awtwb, an absolute bomb of soft gooey healing. and now i just have to sit here and process that simon n baz spend 90% of their time holding hands in bed. EVIL!!!!!
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sleepinglionhearts · a month ago
Watching my brother bitch and sulk and complain and be dramatic because he wants a cat yet also won't make the necessary lifestyle changes to have a cat is hilarious and also pathetic
Mom got kittens today, one for herself and then brother wanted one so he got one buuuuut he also won't fix up his room to be cat friendly, thinks the kitten doesn't like him (but he won't spend time with it, just keeps yelling at his videogames), and doesn't seem to realize that no the animal won't instantly love and adore you, you have to spend time with it and bond
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lyris-leonhart · 2 months ago
I am so sorry for spamming you lately but I saw this on Twitter and I immediately thought of Cassie and Dani:
Tumblr media
Pretty sure they’ve made this for Alcina (or the Reader) at some point. With real centipedes pinned on instead of sewn ones, of course.
Please never be sorry, I couldn't love it more. And you're right, Cassandra and Dani 100% lovingly make this for Alcina one Mother's Day. And she just stares at it blankly for the longest time, desperately trying to wrap her head around it, before finally complimenting the technique used to pin the centipedes in place as it must have taken a lot of... precision. (She just can't bring herself to say 'skill'. It seems too ridiculous.)
Cassandra and Dani stare at her with wide, expectant eyes.
Tentatively, like she can't believe her life has come to this, Alcina asks one of the maids to hang the "...lovely...piece of... artwork" (said with genuine pain) in the main drawing room. And as her daughters shudder and whine and practically die from the giddy heights of her praise, Alcina quietly asks the maid to preferably hang it out of immediate eyeline. Like half behind a bookcase or something, so guests don't see it.
(Mother Miranda does see it one day, and stares at it for a full minute before finally turning to Alcina. And all Alcina can say - it's all she can ever say - is: "They have other virtues.")
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gateway-artist · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Oh hello there— this is a bit of vent art. Nothing special, just me being mad at tbb writing because SOME PEOPLE decided to abandon their brother, whom has been with THEM through thick and thin, for a random new sister. Ah yes, priorities.
This was also kind of a work doodle for when it got slow!
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vie1seitig · 7 months ago
Hold on 😭😭 wait a minute 😭😭 I thought cindereki was some wild idea this fandom cooked up 😭😭 I just found out it’s a whole thing 😭😭 ahahahhahahaha oh my god what was that 😭😭 hahahahhahahha
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thekenobee · 7 months ago
"A Royal Night Out"
Guys, I've just watched the most ridiculous film EVER, And it's so hilarious can't breathe
Starring: Fred Thursday/Douglas Richardson, Peter Jakes and Manson Gull
First of all we need to turn back time- scroll down to create and Endeavour 40s AU!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Hooray! We did travel in time!
Now, let me introduce You to the main trio here:
Captain "I was born anxious" Pryce
Sent to be a guardian of the princesses' during their night out but didn't work ://
Can sing Like he REALLY CAN SINg-> ITS LIKE ENDEAVOUR but JAKES likes OPERA, really
Tumblr media
Is done but at the end of the day gets job done
Have I mentioned AnXiOus
Tumblr media
And he screams, like a lot.
Tumblr media
40s Douglas Richardson but(*in a syrupy baritone*) more SMUG
He definitely has the way with words:
Tumblr media
He also wears a hat!
Tumblr media
Want to make Roger Allam look kinda villainy? GIVE HIM A HAT!
Because, The Hat is PARAMOUNT, obviously!
He also has a MOUSTACHE which makes him even more SMUG(like it was even POSSIBLE)
Tumblr media
And! Just like Douglas he has some GOOD QUOTES:
Tumblr media
Yup- he does own one
The film also contains Mason Gull GONE -KIND-OF-GOOD(ISH)
Tumblr media
He's not all bad(definitely NOT a serial killer just like in Endeavour*laughing nervously*, so yeah)
To sum up: I was cackling the whole time through I pity my family who was asleep while I was watching this masterpiece
Endeavour Most RIDICULOUS (THAT'S the word for today, isn't it?) AU is one click away!
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axolotlgolem · 17 days ago
The bubblevator. Cleo, Etho, and Ren have about 3 braincells between them and Cleo has 2.5 of them.
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ohtobeacloud · a month ago
Hori rlly tried to pretend like no one knew hawks’ name as if his rabid fan base wouldn’t have literally hacked government records to find it. Inaccurate, weak, storytelling 🙄👋
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loki-thesilvertongue · 4 months ago
Boxers or briefs my king
Tumblr media
...Am I supposed to be picking which of those is least comfortable?
Asgardian leather. There will be no further elaboration.
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threecheersmaka · 2 months ago
Dudebro fans of Jojo’s are so funny to me cause they’ll make all of these “Jojo’s is gay”/ “Watching Jojo’s makes you gay” jokes, but the minute you seriously suggest that any character from Jojo’s is actually gay they pee their pants and they’re all like “no!!!!! You’re wrong!!!!”
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