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hernandoisafraidofnothing · 2 months ago
I wanted to share more of the storyboards that Ryan Green posted on Instagram.
There’s so many sweet moments and the tumblr pic limit is my enemy.
Here’s Pepa giving light and color to the world with her happiness.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ramshackledtrickster · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Cringe tiktok audio/j/lh
I was heavily debating rendering these but Nah I think the gloomy grayscale worked better so!!
EDIT BC I SHOULD CLARIFY SNBSNB I saw some other ppl said it’s cringe so I got scared but 💀 it’s a good song I enjoy it fr fr
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lnter-net · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Dos oruguitas enamoradas… 🐛🐛
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marauders4evr · 4 months ago
When people discuss Abuela, they're missing a very important line: "To earn the miracle that somehow found us." That is why Abuela puts so much pressure on herself and her family. She doesn't know why the miracle occurred and she feels like she has to constantly earn it. If there are too many imperfections, the miracle may fade. So, the family has to do everything they can to prove themselves worthy. It doesn't excuse the way Abuela acted but it does explain it. And her feeling pressure to be worthy of the magic parallels and leads to the generational trauma of her family feeling pressure to be worthy of her love. That's what makes the story so nuanced and beautiful.
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dikdikpronouncedxylophone · 3 months ago
It would be so weird to be a normal villager living in the encanto during the few days we see in the movie.
Mirabel yelling about the house cracking and the candle almost dying, then everyone finding the house intact
Luisa was probably seen sobbing while running home when she noticed that her gift was weakening
Mirabel starts asking around about Bruno, people share their petty annoyances but don't think much of it
Standing outside Casita during the engagement dinner, thinking everything's going fine, then looking inside to Pepa making a raincloud, Antonio's animals going out of control, Casita cracking like Mirabel said, and Mariano having a broken nose (plus more of Luisa sobbing)
The magic is strong! Everything is fine! We are the Madrigals!" (door slam) "MIRABEEEEL"
Gossiping about what could've possibly happened at the Madrigal/Guzmán dinner, then cacti suddenly erupt from everyone's porches while the sisters everyone could've sworn hated each other whoop and play on the roof with Señora Perfecta Isabela™ loving to be an absolute mess
Casita crumbles to the ground, one of the roads breaks in half, one of the mountains splits, and Mirabel goes missing
Alma and Mirabel coming back on good terms, dragging along the estranged and missing-for-years Madrigal uncle everyone had petty annoyances about
Deciding "fuck it, this family has probably had a weirder couple of days than we have, we might as well help them rebuild after everything they've done for us"
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fabi3790 · 3 months ago
The Madrigals dancing
Tumblr media
Dolores is so elegant and graceful (Isabela better watch out).
Meanwhile Mirabel is just vibing even though she has no idea what the heck is going on. A whole mood, sis
Tumblr media
Yeahhh move them hips girlll, throw them petals 🌸
Tumblr media
Pepa and Felix are like perfection. If my marriage isn’t like this I don’t want it.
I swear, they both have what in Colombia we call “sabor.” Their moves got ✨flavor✨
Tumblr media
Can I just say, the way Camilo’s ruana cooperated with his moves was just 🤌🏽 perfection??? Also them hand gestures, yes boy!
What about Mirabel?! She was just vibing to everyone’s parts and there are too many instances of her dancing that I wish I could fit them all ahhhh
Tumblr media
The Colombian-ness is just beautiful. Get it, Luisa 😩🙌🏽
Tumblr media
No matter how old you are, the groove is in your DNA. Abuela Alma ain’t joking
Agustín, ily
Tumblr media
Pepa and Felix again cuz why not. Pepa’s side of the family is somehow particularly gifted. They got MOVES.
Antonio is on a whole other level of cool rn. Own it, king 👌🏽
Tumblr media
Of course, the most iconic musical number 👏🏽
That lady be twirling her dead fish around 😭
And again, Pepa’s kids are SO talented. Look at Camilo moving those hips—Shakira who???
Tumblr media
My mami gonna catch me aggressively placing the glassware on the dinner table as I attempt the choreography and quite possibly break the glass
Tumblr media
You didn’t think I was gonna forget about best man Bruno, right??
Look at that majestic twirl ✨
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just-my-fandom · 4 months ago
Crash and Burn (Camilo Madrigal x Teenager! Reader)
Summary; Reader gets caught in the Casita crumbling and Camilo worries for her safety, putting himself at risk.
Warnings; Emotional Pepa, minor fighting, injuries.
Tagged: @afluffyboi @bandshirts-andbooks @cloudysskies @erinisrighthere @alexloveskili
A/N: This is just a small snippet to get the hang of writing for Encanto, but please please PLEASE send requests for any of the characters! I’m loving this!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“The miracle is dying because of you!”
A rough rumble leads your eyes to look up at the Casita in alarm. The cracks in the walls were worse. The tiles crumbled to the floor around you.
“No no- It’s falling-!” Pepas voice yelled out, alerted. Then, the house began to tumble. From your spot opposite of the once arguing family, you watch as Camilo immediately began to move towards you.
Unlike his family, you had no powers to protect yourself. It seemed the house had other plans, because as soon as Camilo stepped forward, the tiles underneath his feet lift, rolling him back and nearly into a wall,
“Everyone get out!! Now!” Felixs shout startles you to finally move your legs, gasping as you foot catches on a moving tile, dropping to your hands and knees with a hiss of pain.
“Y/N!” You hear Pepas shriek for you, looking up in time for Camilo to shove off the wall, Felix and Pepa both beginning to shout for their son,
“Camilo!” Pepa calls, desperately, Camilo exhaling breathlessly as he slides across a knocked over table, “Camilo stop!! Be careful!”
The boy slides to his knees in front of you, hands grasping your arms to tug you- hard- against his front, your arms wrapping around him to duck into his chest, feeling debris begin to rain above you as the house gave out.
You hear scraping as Pepa continued to scream, eyes barely opening to see that Casita had shielded you and Camilo with pieces of wood, your gasp sharp as the house finally collapsed, Camilos arms tightening around you in alarm.
Silence, and you slowly lift your head to flinch as the wood dropped onto the ashed floor, dust covering you as you glance up at Camilo, who worriedly raised his hands to your face to wipe said dust from your cheeks,
“Mijo!” Pepas call alerts you both to look over, the woman skidding in front of your knelt figures to raise a hand each to yours and Camilos faces, her hand overtop of Camilos, “Are either of you hurt?”
“No,” You murmur, shifting to stand when feeling a tug at your ankle, looking back to see a large piece of debris had landed on your left leg, your brows pinching at the sudden pain that shot through,
“Dios mio- Felix!” Pepa shouts over her shoulder, both her husband and brother in law, Agustin, running up to see your position. Both men lift at the debris, your hand immediately grasping your ankle that began to throb
“Julieta,” Pepa raises her head in search for her sister as Camilo slipped a hand to your back, holding you upwards, “Julieta!”
“Easy, mi vida,” Camilos hand slides to your arm, the oldest sister of the two moving in front of you, hands faltering when realizing- none of them had their powers now that Casita was gone- she wouldn’t be able to heal you.
“Let me wrap this,” Julieta murmurs, propping your foot at her knee as she easily pulls a wrap of bandages from her dress, your wince visible to the mother as she tightly out the wrap at the bruised skin.
“Camilo, what were you thinking?” Camilo looks up at Pepas sudden scold, his brows pinched,
“She was in danger,” He exhales, “She could’ve been hurt, she was hurt!”
“Casita was protecting her,” Pepa rushes, watching as Camilo then stood, taking your hands to raise you to your feet, his hand then shifting to your hip as you lifted your injured foot.
“Mama, I can’t argue about this,” Camilo barely glances at his mother, before his hand raises to your face, tucking hair from your forehead before smearing more dust from under your eye,
His whisper is soft as he shifts an arm to your back, the other reaching behind your legs to lift you up, your arms wrapping at his shoulders as Agustin lead him to sit you towards Abuela at what used to be the front of the house.
By the next day, La Casa de Madrigal had been rebuilt and the family had regained their powers. Abuela and Mirabel had made up, both needing a sit down with one another. Bruno had came back home, everything seemed to be coming back to normal.
You lift your foot to rub the swollen spot from your spot on the kitchen counter, Julieta moving towards you and Camilo with an arepa in her hand, smiling as she held it out for you to take.
“Gracias, Julieta,” You smile back, taking a bite out of the healing food before lifting your foot out, wiggling your shoe so Camilo got the hint to unwrap the bandage, the healing shown to work as your foot was no longer red or bruised.
Julieta hums in satisfaction, twisting to face her daughter as Isabella asks for help, Camilo setting the bandage to the side to step between your legs, his hands at your hips,
“Why’d you do that?” Your question causes his brows to furrow, curls shifting as his head tilts. Your hands raise to his shoulders, sliding to knot your fingers in said curls, “You risked yourself for me. Pepa was right, Casita was protecting me,”
“But what if Casita hadn’t?” Camilo shoots back, your eyes casting downwards so his thumb lifted to your chin, tilting you to gaze at him, “I have my gift for a reason. It’s not necessarily good in some parts, but I’ll always try to protect you, mi amor,”
You smile, sliding your hands to the front of his face, bringing him closer to you so your lips touched, his hand falling back down to your thigh with a giddy smile,
“I love you,”
“I love you, more,”
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eurazba · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Encanto Au!
Instead of Casita playing this whole “ooh you have a door, actually nooo haha” game on Mirabel, it more blatantly shows that Mirabel is going to be the next candle bearer. A new door doesn’t appear on her birthday, but Abuela’s door starts to change, and when Mirabel touches it’s doorknob for the first time, it changes into this image. Mirabel and Abuela have separate rooms that change depending on who’s opening the door.
Mirabel does her best to look after the family with the new title, but has trouble with Abuela when she notices that the family is starting to crack under her pressure.
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amandaishighlypredictable · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It’s Always Sunny in Encanto, pt 2
(And to clarify before someone comes for me lol I’m not anti Abuela at all)
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egofan4evr · 5 months ago
Bruno at one point probably:
Villager: "Are you Bruno Madrigal?? Can you tell me my future??"
Bruno: "Uh, yeah! Just give me 5 bucks and I'll do it."
Abuela Alma: "Bruno! Stop that, we don't exchange our good deeds for profit!"
Bruno: "Why not?? They never like what I dish out, and I get nothing in return! At least let me get paid to suffer!"
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hernandoisafraidofnothing · 2 months ago
I don’t know if this has been shared here but story artist Ryan Green has posted on Instagram various storyboards that didn’t end up in the movie. Specifically the Epilogue that was going to be longer, showing moments between the family.
This little moment between Alma and Bruno made me tear up all over again:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
If there’s more content of Encanto in the future, I hope for lovely things like this.
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miss-galaxy-turtle · 4 months ago
broke: abuela madrigal is homophobic
woke: abuela madrigal is the type to say things like "I could've been gay" or "I had a girlfriend once before I met your abuelo" and never talk about it again
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breannaaiedail · a month ago
Tumblr media
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marauders4evr · 4 months ago
Encanto: A Summary
Abuela Alma: You must understand. I had a very terrible childhood.
Mirabel: I understand. I'm having a very terrible childhood, right now.
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incorrect-madrigal-quotes · 2 months ago
Abuela: Okay, for this ‘experiment’, we’re going to put everything we love in the box.
Pepa: Can I put Bruno in the box?
Abuela: No, you can not put him in the box.
Mirabel: Can I put Bruno in the box?
Abuela: No, you can’t.
Isabela: Can I-
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notmichealangelo · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Brunito 💕
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rinsenka · 3 months ago
Abuela: ...
Pepa: ...
Julieta: ...
Mirabel: So, are we not going to address the elephant in the room?
Camilo, entering the room: AH! WHY IS THERE AN ACTUAL ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM?!
Antonio, appearing behind Camilo: His name is Alberto.
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anonymous-tals · 4 months ago
I made a short comic that is based off of one of the deleted scenes from Encanto.
In this scenario, he doesn’t leave right after, though.  This would still be taking place in the Encanto timeline that’s presented in the movie.
TW: Mention of SI.
The scene: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDtPVCJdG7g
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ameamaranth · 3 months ago
Antonio: You know what I learned?
Antonio: singing a nursery rhyme slow and quiet really scares people. Specially when they're alone
Antonio: and everyone reacts differently. Mama would slowly rain, papa would try to pretend nothing's wrong, tia Julieta would freeze, tio Agustín would try to karate shop the air, tio Bruno would put on his hoodie and continue doing what he's doing, and Abuela would pray
Antonio: Camilo would look back and forth shouting "I AM NOT AFRAID, BEETLEJUICE!", Hermana would walk fast to where it's less dark, Mirabel would drop whatever she's doing and start running, Isabela would pretend like there's nothing wrong and then later offer me to use her shampoo if I agree to stop, and Luisa would try to act brave
Antonio: it's really fun :D
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It has come to my attention, that many people did not understand Encanto and it's Generational trauma theme.
long ass post bellow the cut, you have been warned!
1. Some historical context
Now, before we proceed i think it's important to clarify something, the guys who chased Alma and Pedro out of their home were not colonizers, they were either guerrilla, paramilitary or even Colombia’s own military (although i don't think Disney is that bold) the reason why i think it's so important to clarify that, it's because if these were colonizers that would mean this event took place over 2 hundred years ago, and although many Latin American countries still suffer the effects of colonialism, as far as generational trauma goes, i think the most affected are the indigenous peoples.
instead, when we place the time of the events where it belongs it means it could've even happened in the last 10 years, this war has been going on for the last 70 years and it mostly affects people from rural areas, they are either forced out of their homes by guerrillas and paramilitary, or their children are taken by the army to continue the string of young guys send to die in the front lines, the guerrillas even take the girls, you are killed if you refuse.
The generational trauma is alive in the Colombian people today, it's a thing that keeps happening and it is unresolved, worsened by the fact that politicians bank on it to get votes from the people in the big cities who have never in their lives have to run out of their homes in terror.
2. My own experience as a Colombian
Now with that gruesome fact out of the way, let's talk about Hispanic family dynamics, and disclaimer, Hispanic people are not a monolith and our experiences are not universal so this may not apply to every his panic family out there, but it does to most. Also when i say some things are cultural, i don't mean they are okay because of it, it just means it’s not going to go away because the younger gens are realizing it or gringos on the internet are shaming us about it.
For a culture with so much machismo, most of our families are pretty matriarchal, either because the father figure was killed, like in Encanto, because he just left or maybe he had more than one family so he wasn’t around much, or simply he went out every day to work leaving the woman as the authority figure in the house, this, paired with the fact that many countries suffered from US imperialism in the XX century means many of us know the stories of everything our parents or grandparents (single mothers or not) had to go through to support the family.
This may also apply to you if your family migrated in the last three generations.
My grandmother wanted to be a model, there is a single picture from that time in the house from a photo shoot she did when she was 17, she says she was going to send that shoot to a magazine for a Model of the Year award, however since she was still a minor she needed permission from my great-grandparents to do it.
they had to leave the country that same year, she came back some 20 years later with two daughters and the money she, working as a secretary, and my grandpa, working as a bus driver, had saved to buy a bus back here and put a down payment for a house, she stayed a housewife when she came back and I’ve never known why they had to leave or why i don't know anything about my great-grandfather, but everybody in my family and my extended family talks fondly of my great-grandmother and respect her memory despite all the stories of her "disciplining them" when they were children, i don't remember her much, but they tell me i had it easy with her because i was always a well-behaved child.
i think of my great-grandmother as Alma. She had 4 children when she had to leave for another country on her own, my grandma being the oldest at the time. Over the years as I’ve gotten older and discovered more stories about the time they spent with her and the family’s return to Colombia many things about the way our family dynamics work have become clear to me, some have been really bad and the result of the generational trauma being passed along and some are great, like that fact that she managed to turn every one of her children into successful adults despite the fact that i don't think she even finished elementary school.
There is no place in our family for a nuanced discussion about my grandma's and her siblings upbringing or how my great grandmother later raised the entirety of my mother’s generation (more than 10 boys and girls) while her sons and daughters went out to work, because for them everything that we have today it's thanks to her, and any mention of any wrongdoing would be tainting that memory.
And it is true, my great grandmother was an exceptional woman and what she did for her children and grandchildren is remarkable and required an immense amount of will and strength on her part but that doesn't mean she hurt the family as well. So many people complain about Abuela Alma being forgiven so easily when...it's realistic and i don't think you have put yourselves in the shoes of everybody in the family.
3. Finally, let’s talk about Encanto
Alma says it herself, she isn't the woman she thought she was going to be, I’m sure she wasn't this bitter controlling woman when the triplets were growing up, they probably got to experience a warm, understanding mother, that helped them understand the magical powers they got at an age as young as five. I'm sure they saw her change as timed passed and all those fond memories they had and the knowledge of everything she had done for them kept them from reaching a point where their relationship with her was broken beyond repair.
I’ve seen many head canons of "oh, i bet Abuela Alma didn't like Felix" or "i bet she thought Agustin was below Julieta" but, didn't you guys see her entire sequence with Pedro?, I’m sure it was HER the one to say to her daughters to never accept anything less than royal treatment, they have wonderful husbands because her mother had one and taught them what a good marriage should look like.
So it's really funny to see all of you go in the complete opposite direction and strip all the nuance away from Alma to turn her into this monster villainous woman who has no regard for anybody in her family, when all she wanted from the beginning was to keep a safe place for them.
Something that called my attention during Dos Oruguitas is that as she walks in the hallways passing the doors and they age her, her facial expression never changes, is the same sadness and emptiness she had right after Pedro was killed and it's because she never got to process her trauma. It happened and she was immediately trusted into a leadership role and given immense responsibility, so she HAD to keep it away, there was no time for her to dwindle on it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Even with the way she retells the story in the beginning is all mystified like a fairytale, she doesn't let them see how it truly affected her because if she did she would have to deal with it, and in her mind even all these years later she still can't afford to.
the entirety of Dos Oruguitas is her finally beginning to process the trauma that she suffered, I’m sure it’s the first time since it happened that she has allowed herself to feel everything she felt back then, it’s the first time she has realized that they are safe, that her family won’t get taken away from her, and her world won’t shatter again the same way it did all those years ago.
it's up to everybody whether they would forgive a family member in these circumstances, forgiveness is something really personal and the people who hurt you are not entitled to your forgiveness but, that’s why they forgave her so easily, it isn't fair, sure, but it’s how many of our families work, and it's how this family works in this context, no matter how dysfunctional.
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