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inhibited-irregularity · 2 days ago
Ok, Encanto is great, but nobody mentions how healthy and balanced the marriages in the movie are, especially Pepa and Felix. Like, Mirabel's dad is accident-prone and he marries a healer, and that's cute (also, the fact that he seem like a good father and husband), but Pepa and Felix are a perfect match. Pepa has anxiety written all over her and she struggles to control her powers, and is obviously under a lot of pressure from Abuela (i feel like she would've been the black sheep if not for Mirabel and Bruno) and I think it's lovely that she married a ball of sunshine Felix, who doesn't take himself too seriously and provides good mood and "clear skies", and a feeling of control which is evident in that "sorry mi vida go on" line in We don't talk about Bruno, but in a non-toxic way because he's clearly free to state his opinion and take the lead ("Pepi, she needs to know"). It's also amazing that he's able to do it in a gentle way, and it doesn't feel forced or like walking on eggshells, he just knows his wife well and his manner of calming her down or comforting her seems instinctive. Also, they're clearly very much in love, and he's supportive of her (the happiness in his tone when he says "yes, mi amor!" in that last scene when they're dancing and she makes her cloud rain confetti, and the fact he loves her all the same and sticks with her through storms). He's definitely my favorite side character, and I think his and Pepa's balance and parenting are a reason their kids seem well-adjusted.
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simplysable · 2 days ago
The Madrigals as Pictures in my Phone
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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evils-corner · 2 days ago
These posts are getting quite a bit of traction, so here's a part 3 to the Q&A from Director Jared Bush over on Twitter!
You can find Part 1 and 2 here!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I'll continue making parts as I find interesting bits of trivia and lore in his responses!
Pt. 3/?
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areal-paigeturner · 2 days ago
Dancing Through Life
Tumblr media
Part three
pairing: Pepa Madrigal x fem!reader
summary: You and your mother visit the Madrigals for dinner
theme: fluff
notes: she/hers for both Reader and Pepa (also I headcannon that the only place Pepa has full control of her powers when they are not tied to emotions is inside her room. She can make whatever weather she wants in there)
warnings: extreme cuteness
word count: ???
Tumblr media
“Y/N, five minutes until we need to leave, ok?”
“Si, Mamá!” You yell down from your loft bedroom, quickly pulling your hair over your shoulder and fastening it into a loose braid. Grabbing a pair of hoop earrings, you fasten them on and then stand in front of your mirror to asses your appearance. 
Your pale pink top hugs tight to your body, tucking into the golden yellow skirt you had found at the back of your closet, yet unworn. The skirt falls to just above your ankles and flares a bit, due to the ruffles sewn into the bottom layer. You spin once, and watch as the skirt flares. You smile, as you spot a few curls come loose from your braid, and fall to frame your face, curls similar to the ones Pepa seems so keen on brushing back every time you two hang out. 
“Coming, Mamá!” you yell, grabbing your brown leather heeled boots and pulling them on, tying the laces quickly and then you bound down the stairs to join your mother by the door. 
“Vamos,” she says and the two of you leave the house, beginning to make your way down the road. You keep your head down, still shy, as you walk next to your mother, playing with the end of your braid as you usually do. 
After what feels like forever, the two of you reach La Casa Madrigal, your mother raising her hand to knock on the door. A few moments go past, before a woman opens the door, smiling at the two of you. 
“Bienvenidos a la Casa Madriga...” before Alma Madrigal can finish her sentence, a streak of yellow and red knocks into her side, and then you feel something thump against you. 
You laugh, a clear bright sound, all your shyness leaving for a moment as you hug back and say, “Hola, Pepita,” as the girl spins you around. 
“Hola, Guapa,” Pepa whispers back, so that only you can hear, pulling back just enough for her hand to come up and brush the side of your face. 
You smile and then turn back to your mother and Alma, who is looking at her daughter with a glint akin to adoration in her eyes. She turns back to your Madre and smiles widely. 
“As I was saying, welcome to La Casa Madrigal, Dolores.” 
“Gracias, Alma,” your mother replies, and Alma turns to you and Pepa, who still has a tight grip on your arm. 
“And welcome to you as well, Señorita Y/L/N. My Pepa has told me much about you.” 
“Thank you for having me, Señora Madrigal,” you say, fighting back the blush that arises knowing that Pepa talks about you with her mother. 
“Please, call me Alma,” the woman says, standing back to usher you and your mother into the house. 
Pepa drops your arm briefly, before entwining her fingers with yours as you make your way into the courtyard of the house. Bruno and Julieta are waiting for you, smiling as they both come forward to hug you and greet your mother. 
After pleasantries are exchanged, Alma ushers everyone into the dinning room, where a beautiful spread of foods is lain out on the wooden table. 
“Julieta, did you make all of this?” you say, looking over at your friend in awe. 
She smiles modestly and says, “Si, it was nothing.”
“It was not, nothing!” Bruno says, speaking for the first time that day, “you’ve been cooking since this morning.” 
Julieta glares at her brother as Pepa pulls you towards a seat, taking the one beside you as the rest of the group settles down around you. 
The group around the table begins to pass the food laden plates around, your mother being served first, then you and the rest of the Madrigals, the wonderful smells making your stomach give a quiet rumble. You listen to Alma say a few words over the food before everyone digs in, complimenting Julieta on the food, and making quiet conversations. 
You talk with the triplets, the four of you sitting clumped around the middle of the table. Chatting about cooking with Julieta, you share a story about the first time you tried to make your madre’s best arepas, and ended up covered in cornmeal. After only a little pushing, you manage to convince Bruno to tell you a bit more of the dramatic story that he had begun to tell you the last time you had seen him in the village. 
As Bruno finishes his story, detailing how the damsel in distress runs into the princes arms before they ride into the distance, you start with a tiny flinch as you feel a hand slip into the one that is currently resting in your lap. Your face heats up as Pepa pulls your hand into her lap, and starts to draw little patterns on your skin. 
You look over at her, and see that she’s listening intently to the conversation between her mother and yours, something or other about the workings of your family bookshop. You smile a little, dropping your gaze down to your joined hands and squeezing hers just a little tighter. As you see her smile grow a little wider and her grip on her hand tightens, the room heats up a few degrees and you huff out a breathy laugh. 
Another jolt goes through you as a foot connects with yours under the table and you snap your head over to see Julieta smirking at you, eyes gleaming playfully. Your blush, if possible, even harder and duck your head down, your free hand coming up to tug on the end of your braid. Julieta smiles, and looks at her sister, before looking back at you and mouthing, You are too cute! Me van a matar!, before pretending to slump forward as Bruno, who has caught on and is watching the interaction, catches her and fakes fanning her face. You burst into a fit of giggles, keeling over so that your head was on Pepa’s shoulder. 
Your laughter sets the others off and soon, all four of you are rocking back and fourth on your seats, laughter filling the room as the two older women watch you fondly.
After everyone has finished their meals, and the house has rolled the plates away for later washing, Pepa gets up, hand still holding yours, and begins to pull you along.
“Come on, I want to show you something,” she says, tugging you forward to swing her arm through yours. You laugh and follow along, quickly waving a farewell at Julieta and Bruno, who are headed for the kitchen.
Pepa pulls you back out into the courtyard and up one of the flights of stairs into the surrounding balcony of the second floor. Finally, she comes to a stop in front of a tall wooden door emblazoned with her name and an image of an older, smiling woman surrounded by rainbows that can only be Pepa.
“Pepita,” you say, blushing gently when you realize, “is this your room?”
The redhead turns and nods excitedly.
“Si. Cierra los ojos!” She says, and waits for you to do so.
Once your eyes are closed she pushes open the door, then gently takes both your hands in hers, pulling you forward. After having walked about ten paces, she stops your movement with a hand to your chest (which causes your heart rate to pick up slightly) and let’s go of your hands.
“Okay,” she says, voice almost a whisper, “abre los ojos.”
You do as she instructs, fluttering your eyes open and then letting your mouth drop open with them.
You and Pepa are standing in a big open field, filled with little patches of flowers. There are a clump of trees to your left, where you can see a small clearing that looks to be made from a different ground material to the rest of the room.
“Quieres Bailar, bonita.”
You turn back to face Pepa, who is holding a hand out for you, slightly bowed forwards.
You smile as your hand comes up to rest in hers, and a laugh of delight leaves your mouth as she spins you around and then twirls you into her arms. Pepa positions herself so that her arm is around your waist, while the other clasps your hand, your free arm coming up to rest on her shoulder, fingers brushing the back of her neck.
As the two of you begin to sway and spin, dancing to a rhythm unheard but in your two hearts, Pepa’s face morphs into a slight frown.
“Que ha pasado?” You ask, as the redhead pulls you up from a dip only to spin you under her arm and back into them.
“I think we’re missing something,” she says, and suddenly, the sky opens up, and the rain falls as you and Pepa spin together across the field.
You’re both so caught up in each other and the dance that you miss the way Alma and your Mamá watch for a few moments from the still open door, before moving on. You’re too entranced by Pepa’s mossy green eyes gleaming to care about your soaked hair and clothes.
You let go of Pepa’s hands for a moment, spinning around her with your face turned up to the sky, skirt billowing around you.
After your third spin, Pepa’s hand connects with yours and she pulls you into her, arms closing around your waist, noses almost touching, lips a breath apart.
“H…hola,” you breathe, not even fighting the blush that dusts your cheeks at your proximity to the gorgeous redhead.
“Hi,” Pepa whispers back, smile wide.
Subconsciously, your eyes drop down to her lips, before flicking back up to find her watching you, a question gleaming in her eyes.
Fighting back the shyness that’s threatening to overwhelm you, you lean your head forward enough to bump her nose with yours, a silent answer to her question. Your feel her chest contract with a sharp intake of air and then soft as a feather, her lips brush against yours for a moment. Your eyes flutter shut, and you lean into her, her arms tightening around your waist. You tangle your fingers into her braid as the kiss grows longer and longer, both of you seemingly unable to break away.
Finally, when you’re pretty sure you’ll collapse if you don’t breathe soon, you break away, resting your forehead against hers, eyes still shut, taking in what just happened. You stay in that position for a few moments before Pepa’s arms leave your waist, hands coming up to cup your cheeks.
Peals of laughter escape your lips as she begins to pepper kisses across every inch of your dance she can reach, your nose, your cheeks, your lips, your forehead. You let out a little shriek when she wraps you in a her arms and spins you around, going faster and faster until you both tumble down onto a soft surface, which you realize is the thing in the clearing of trees. It’s a bed, sunken into the forest floor, piled with pillows and blankets.
Pepa falls beside you and you roll onto your side, her arm coming up to hug around your waist as you curl into her, arm resting across her middle. She uses her free hand to pull the ribbon keeping your braid together out, and begins to card her fingers through your hair, breathing out a laugh as you sigh contentedly and snuggle closer to her. She cranes her neck a bit to drop a kiss on your forehead and then the two of you lay in silence, nothing but the sounds of the wind whistling through the leaves above you to break the serenity of the moment.
Just as you are about to nod off, due to the warmth of the room (and Pepa’s arms around you) you hear her whisper something, something that makes your heart beat a million times faster than before.
“Ser mia, Querida?”
She phrased it like a question, and without hesitation, your head moves to nod you response.
“Para siempre.”
Pepa’s only response is the tightening of her arms around your waist and you both drift off into a peaceful sleep, holding each other.
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encantotime · 7 hours ago
Abuela: That's it, I'm cutting off the internet!
Camilo: No, please don't! I have a family to feed!
Abuela: ....
Abuela: What?
Camilo: I need to feed my Neopets!
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fandomnymphs · a day ago
HUZZAH. I finally finished this video after like, eons.
Anyway, this video basically goes into depth about how I feel about fandom treatment of Abuela Alma. It goes over her past and character, and also addresses claims of her being abusive and homophobic - actual headcanons and views of her by fans.
That said, if you watch this, please give it a thumbs up, that means a lot. Also, subscribe to this channel (yes my channel) <3.
And of course, share this video because it actually would mean a lot to me,
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eternqlvestigiql · 2 days ago
Me telling the fandom to give “Waiting on a Miracle” it’s spotlight and hype it up :
Open Your Eyes!!!
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mitch-the-simp · 2 days ago
Ok so I’mma actually write out my ideas for the dark Encanto AU bc people actually liked the idea- And I’mma chose to call it “Desencanto” bc I mean- Come on-
Desencanto ideas (Pt.1)
Bruno, but he’s bitterly singing “Little Girls” because after some time he just got really annoyed by the amount of energy they have and the love they get. And when he first sees Mirabel, he’s all like “Oh my god, now I can see those little brats in here…” and just takes a chug out of a whiskey bottle.
Camilo is a rave baby and will not hesitate to drink, get high, and do anything illegal-
Dolores is the go-to for gossip
Isabela is an Instagram influencer
Pepa yells at her kids due to her anxiety.
Julieta cooks to cope, but she overdoes it a lot-
Antonio is scared of getting scolded by Pepa.
Luisa is a bodybuilder with a lot of anxiety.
Mirabel has ADHD with a hint of depression.
Felix and Pepa's relationship is healthy with the exception of Pepa getting very jealous once in a while.
Agustin the malewife supremacy. Like, he would do anything for Julieta. He could say, "I don't let my wife control me." in front of anyone, but if she says, "Agustin, go do the dishes for me, please?" Not a second passes and he's already washing them like, "Yes, my queen."
Abuela yells at Mirabel a lot for the most simple shit. She drops a cookie: "Why are you wasting food?! Don't you see your mom put effort into those?!"
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encantoheadcanons · 2 days ago
Encanto MBTI (according to me)
Abuela: ESTJ
Pedro: ENFJ
Julieta: ISFJ
Agustin: ISFP
Luisa: INFJ
Isabela: ESTP
Mirabel: ENFP
Pepa: ENTP
Felix: ESFJ
Dolores: ISFP
Camilo: ESFP
Antonio: ISTP
Bruno: INFP
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encanto-hcs · 9 hours ago
Everyone in the encanto is always saying stuff like “oh, mirabel got her clumsiness from Agustin” but deep down abuela Alma knows it is because of her too. When she was Mirabel's age and even later, she was very clumsy. Isabela might be the grandchild who looks the most like Alma, but Mirabel has the same enthusiastic and clumsy energy Alma once had as a young woman.
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illuminatedlover · 25 days ago
Details about encanto that make my heart swell/break pt 2
Mirabel’s giggle when she grabs abuelita Alma’s hand to head to the ceremony makes me feel so SICK! Bc it’s so obvious they were close before all of this happened
I love Mirabel’s attention to detail pulling off a loose thread from her outfit
Mirabel is a side mouth talker, she gets it from Julieta
Pepa tripping just to water the crops someone help her
Mirabel being proud of her mother for being amazing is very much correct
Fèlix and Agustín flirting with their wives as they’re introduced in the opening scene
I can’t remember if I mentioned this but Mirabel being just as goofy, clumsy, and friendly as her dad ! She’s great with children!
I think if I counted correctly only 4-5family members had their morning coffee
The townspeople seem the most comfortable with Mirabel since she’s the normal one
Pepa being very proud “I MADE A RAINBOW!” Yes you did baby <3 I’m so proud of you
Julieta looking at her family with pride and so much love
Everyone having to clean their rooms even if they’re giant realms of wonder and imagination! Powers or no powers abuela wants the rooms CLEAN!
The cute animal drawings Mirabel did when she was younger still hung up on her wall
“I wish you could have a door” I’m still sobbing Antonio you are a beautiful soul ! Fèlix and Pepa did a wonderful job
Mirabel pointing to the gift with her lips very much something I do myself I liked that little detail
Casita taking the hats and hanging them
Luisa rolling her eyes at literally anything, but also letting the children climb her like a tree while she brings plates
Camilo mimicking his father 10/10 comedian
You can see Alma dancing as she watched Pepa and her family dance it’s actually so cute she’s looking at Antonio with pride
The look of disappointment abuela wore as she saw Mirabel walk Antonio to his door
Julieta fearing for her husbands life when the jaguar pounced on Agustín
The casita cracking whenever the amount of pressure is too much for any of the family members
Fèlix getting abuela alma to dance with him he is such a suave individual
Pepa’s little facial expressions she go: :o :D :0 :| >:[
Dolores smirking when she notes Mariano wants five babies she probably has some sort of info about Isabela either not wanting to marry him or not being very excited about it
Luisa is gentle and sensitive and I love that she wasn’t made into a total tomboy ! Buff women can be feminine !!
Luisa and Mirabel floating in the air like in spirited away say sike rn I’ll cry
Abuela alma pretty much hoarding Isabela and discussing how perfect everything is going… talk about expectation
The details of sand on Mirabel and her clothing!!! Loved the texture of it all
Bruno being introduced as a possible villain ( Disney’s signature green glow) but instead he is an anxious rat hoarding theatre kid
Seriously thought Mirabel was going to die from sand suffocation
Mirabel is the only one that looks like her parent(s) Isabela is pretty much abuela alma but darker, Luisa could possibly take after Agustín, but Mirabel stole her moms face! COPY PASTE!
I loved all the little music videos to accompany the songs they’re so visually pleasing
Also Pepa’s side of the family don’t see so bothered by Mirabel and her antics until the dinner scene. where Pepa is exasperated but mostly about the dinner, not about Mirabel knowing Bruno’s vision
Isabela! *raspy voice* YOUR BOYFRIENDS HERE! Ugh loved that part!!!
Camilo’s face at dinner scene, honestly everyone’s face at the dinner scene !!! Big WTF!
MIRABEL! *thunder crackles* very much scratched my brain so good
Bruno after being found out he’s alive and in the walls! “Bye!” Just continues on as if his own niece isn’t meeting him for the first time
Bruno’s plate design has little hourglasses on it, which makes me wonder if everyone’s plate has a design specifically for them
Bruno and Mirabel! “Pink, pink, pink! Girls, girls, girls! Glitter, glitter, glitter! Twirls, twirls, twirls! We’re Linda and Heather! Best friends!!”
Alma not being 100% sold on Antonio’s gift :/
Fèlix giving Antonio a thumbs up when he warms up Alma’s seat
This family is so awkward and funny they definitely tend to ramble it’s so charming how much of Alma’s personality they get from her
Dolores simply asking for Mariano to notice her because she’s kept off to the side much like her cousin
Luisa and Isabela cowering when abuela got upset and their faces when Mirabel confronts her about the amount of pressure she puts on them
Camilo and Isabela being the first ones to help out Mirabel to try and save the candle <3
Julieta still fighting to try and get Mirabel down I am sobbing !
Camilo thinking of Antonio when the magic goes out that honestly was heartwarming
Dolores helping abuela sit down safely
Pedro kissing his family goodbye I’m so upset I will never recover
The haunted look in Alma’s eyes when she’s safe in the casita with her babies, then you see her face harden as she braves the world alone
The little butterfly crossing Alma’s path again a reminder that her husband is always with them
Bruno coming to save Mirabel from being yelled at and standing up to his mother only to be confused by her embrace
Alma’s look of pride and her big smile as Mirabel leads them home meanwhile Bruno is struggling to even stay on sksks
Dolores with her smug face “yo I knew he was here I heard him everyday” exactly ! You tell ‘em to listen to you!!
Camilo being the most confused family member he never knew what was going on
Mirabel helping Luisa with the giant boulder and her lip quivering when she’s assured she’s worth more than her gift!
Julieta and Mirabel harmonizing <3
Julieta fixing her hair before the picture ! What a cutie
“I see me”
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keeperofthebees · 12 days ago
Bruno wants kids. Always has. He watched the younger kids run around in the town, making sure they didn't hurt themselves. He saw it happen before it did. Not because of his gift, just common sense. Running around in the rocky paths, going up the steep hills, climbing the trees. And he helped be careful, or he took them to Julieta when they got hurt. When he carried a sniffling child and told them it would be ok and they calmed down and, for once, someone understood he didn't want to do wrong, he wanted kids.
Bruno wants kids. But he's not married. No one wants to marry him. Pepa and Julieta have been married for a while, them and their husbands try to help, but there are some things you can't fix. You can't fix people. You can't fix a personality. You can't fix a gift. He appreciated them trying, he did. But if no one wanted to be with him, there wasn't much he could do about it.
Bruno wants kids, but kids don't want him. He tries to talk to them, interact, try and be nice, but they all run away from "creepy Bruno". Their parents have told them he's a jinx, or a bad person, or whatever they've come up with in their heads. If he can't even get a few 5 year olds to talk to him, how is he gonna deal with his own kid?
Bruno wants kids, and his sisters have them first. Two girls, a few months apart, named Isabela and Dolores. Bruno was the last person allowed to hold the girls every time, but he didn't care. They were perfect. He was allowed to babysit Isabela with Agustín while Julieta slept. Pepa wouldn't let him near Dolores, which was fine. After a while, Abuela didn't let him near Isabela either. Which was fine. Because Luisa was born a little while after, and he could spend as much time with her as he wanted. He couldn't wait to have kids of his own.
Bruno wants kids, and kids want prophecies. His neices decided they did, anyway. He was nervous, because why wouldn't he be, but he accepted. Three prophecies, that's all. Luisa was first, and he saw that she would get a new dress. She was happy. Next was Isa. She would get the life she wanted and her powers would grow stronger. She was happy. Then was Dolores. The man she loved would be betrothed to someone else. She wasn't happy. She wasn't mad either. She didn't really understand, which was fine. As long as she wasn't mad.
Bruno doesn't want kids. By the time Mirabel and Camilo are born, he's given up on it. Pepa grants him the honor of holding Camilo this time, which he takes gratefully. Abuela isn't at home when Mirabel is born, so he's the third person to hold her, after her parents. She's a little small, he thinks. But she's perfect. They both were. He babysat them together sometimes. They loved each other, and said they were twins. They might as well have been. Bruno watched how close they were, how happy they were that he was there, and he cried.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He'll never have any. Not if Abuela would treat them like this. You can't meet people in the walls, anyways. If his kid ended up without a gift and they got the same treatment as Mirabel? He wouldn't stand it. He couldn't. He can't stand it as it is. Every time Mirabel is upset he has to cover his ears and try so hard not to listen. He's a coward. He can't believe himself.
Bruno doesn't want kids. But he keeps a little hope, once Antonio is born. Both Félix and Pepa are 45. So is he. It's not too late, then. He can't hold him, he knows that, but he sneaks into the nursery at night sometimes. Just to look. To introduce him to the rats, and to his Tío Bruno, that he will only meet under the cover of the night when everyone is asleep.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He's a bit busy nowadays, what, with the family, and the house, and he's doing prophecies again. He doesn't have time. There are enough kids in the house. Isabela and Dolores are old enough to marry and have kids of their own, he can't have kids now. But when he watches Antonio talk to the rats, enthusiastic and listening to whatever they say, he can't help but feel a pain in his chest.
Bruno doesn't want kids. But he likes them. He plays soccer with the kids in town. He gives them prophecies. He talks to them, tells them stories, helps them out sometimes. One little girl asked for him to braid her hair, so he did. Before she ran off to play, she said "thank you, Tío Bruno!" and Bruno froze. Other kids started calling him that as well. Adults started after a while. He's not "creepy Bruno" or "the one we don't talk about". He is Tío Bruno.
Bruno doesn't want kids. He already has them.
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k-chips · 14 days ago
I really don't know why people think the whole family was a bitch to Mirabel...
Exept for Isa and Alma no one else was harsh to her. Literally no one. They never expressed any discomfort or hatred towards Mirabel
Julieta and Agustin clearly support her, Luisa deeply cares about her, Antonio ADORES her.
Pepa and Felix have a good relationship with her and we see that because she wasn’t scared or intimidated when she asks them about Bruno, she’s confident enough to ask "uncomfy" questions and Felix literally started talking about Bruno's vision because he wanted to warn his niece.
And don't even try to tell me that "But Pepa was angry at Mirabel after the dinner!!11!" thing because you would be confused and stressed out as well in her situation
Dolores trust her so much that not only she tells Mirabel the truth about Bruno but also her situation with her unrequited love.
And Camilo never showed to have anything against her. He was always his funny and caring self and he's very cautious with Mirabel in WDTAB
So yeah, I really don't see where this "The whole family has always been toxic and harsh to Mirabel" came from
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si-snake · 15 days ago
Ok so I’ve seen this going around a bit about Encanto, but I haven’t really seen it on tumblr so I might be talking to a wall here but I wanted to say it anyway:
I think the Madrigal’s getting their gifts and Casita back was a good ending. I’ve heard people saying they wish they didn’t and they wanted a more bittersweet ending, and it defeated the message of the movie. But I don’t think that’s what that was at all!
The movie definitely wanted to convey that the characters were more than their gifts. Which is true, but the point of it was that it was how they were utilizing their gifts, or more specifically how Abuela was pressuring them to use their gifts. One of the movie’s primary messages was, if not the main message, was the breaking of generational trauma. Abuela was this source of “you have to use your gifts to help others” that stemmed from her not wanting to lose the home that was given to her and the community, and while on paper that isn’t a bad thing, it creates stress on the family when it’s taken too far.
In my opinion, and from what I’ve seen from the end, their gifts are exactly as they sound: gifts. The Miracle blessed the Madrigals with no strings attached. They received it through Abuela’s prayer (as stated in a behind the scenes video); it was something to help their family thrive and be happy to contrast the suffering that Alma had to go through.
And while helping the community obviously isn’t a bad thing, like everything it can be taken too far, and it did. The lesson that the family needed to learn wasn’t that they were fine without their gifts, the lesson they needed to learn was that they’re not tools simply built for helping, and they deserve what they want beyond Abuela’s requirements for them. And now they can have their healthy mix, because it was up to Abuela to realize and process what she was doing so the family could relax.
And they don’t need to be stripped away of their gifts to have that. It’s clear they like their gifts and it’s a part of them, and stripping those away would clearly have a negative impact.
A story having a happy, neat ending is not necessarily a bad thing. I think it’s really only a bad thing when it contrasts with the message and tone of the story, which I don’t think Encanto’s ending does.
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random-cryptid · 4 days ago
My Encanto Headcanons!
(Mostly about the triplets cause they’re living in my mind rent free. I’ll be adding more when I came up with them.)
Julieta’s hands are worn out and full of scars and burns from cooking, not because she doesn’t want to heal herself but because she doesn’t have time to stop and do so (as a professional baker I say this from experience), and when she has time, she’s way too tired to eat anything.
Also because Agustín sometimes is the one that heals her the “non gift” way. She’s not gonna say no to her man, in fact she finds it cute.
When Pepa blushes she creates fog. The more embarrassed she is, the more fog she produces.
Julieta is one of her main sources of embarrassment. She will squeeze Pepa’s face and call her every single pet name related to the weather (“mi sol, my sunshine, my little ray of sun, my summer rain!”) she can think of.
Julieta LOVES embarrassing her loved ones by showing them how much she loves them (the kitchen scene). Sometimes unintentionally, but mostly intentionally when it’s her siblings.
Thing is that it has the same effect for her. Most of the time Alma or Agustín would to the same to her and she will get full red and cover her face. Cue to Pepa laughing in the back while Bruno smiles.
Félix calls Agustín “Agus”.
The triplets would do slumber parties when they were kids, and now that Bruno is back and have more time for themselves, they’re starting to do them again… husbands included.
“If any of you kisses I’m throwing myself off my tower”. He says it jokingly but he also means it.
Pepa’s room either looks like the disney version of the Mount Olympus (basically made of clouds) or like that one valley with the little cottage from Howl’s Moving Castle. Basically an open space to let her feelings set loose without hurting anyone.
Julieta’s room probably looks like a lab, so she can experiment with different recipes (women in stem 😃👍🏻).
After the film timeline she started hanging out with her girls and niblings. She would teach Isa about plants and their properties while Isa would teach her about exotic plants. They would sit and paint the flowers they discover.
When she was a kid, Dolores would feel overwhelmed by the sounds, so Pepa would sit beside her without saying a word and lend Dolores her hands so she would have something else to focus on. Dolores would do the same if her mom is feeling anxious.
On an attempt to spend more time with her children and grandchildren, Alma starts hanging out with them.
Thanks to Antonio being the mediator, she ended up befriending the butterflies. Toñito would explain and show her the different types of butterflies that exist.
Bc of that, sometimes Alma would go out to the streets while being followed by several butterflies. The townsfolk would look at her in awe, for it’s definitely an angelic view.
Alma would talk about her life to the butterflies, but mostly about her children. This lead to the butterflies posing on the triplets at random times. If Toñito is around he would say “they like you! Abuela talks a lot about you!”. Julieta would be so honoured, while Bruno would be like ☺️ and Pepa would be on the verge of crying. They didn’t expect her mom to talk about how much she appreciates her family and even less her children. Pepa would rush to hug her mom.
When they were teens, Julieta would pass out in the kitchen from exhaustion, so Pepa would always check on her and carry her to her room while Bruno would be following behind.
Agustín and Julieta declared to each other at the same time. It was early in the morning, and Pepa and Bruno were looking from a distance. Needless to say that morning a rainbow painted the encanto’s sky.
Julieta’s hair started greying prematurely, around her mid 20s.
Julieta's love language is words of affirmation, Pepa's is physical touch and Bruno's is quality time.
Felix's love language is also physical touch and Agustín's is acts of service (even though y'know... He's accident prone. He's trying his best alright?)
Alma's is quality time, always has been, but the trauma she was carrying made her unable to actually do so. That's why she tried to compensate it by hanging out with everyone in the family.
She even made a schedule so she won't leave anyone behind. And yes, it does include Felix and Agustín too. If they have to do any chores, she'll help them out in any way she can. If not, she just chills with whoever she's hanging out with (see the butterfly headcanon from above).
Agustín would play the piano for her and Alma would sing along. Surprisingly, she has a really good singing voice.
So does Julieta.
Julieta would sometimes start singing while cooking and if Agustín is passing by, he will just stay on the doorframe until she notices.
Needless to say, she gets really embarrassed when someone hears her sing.
Alma used to sing lullabies to her children when they were kids (I believe that Dos Orugitas is, in fact, a song that exists within the Encanto universe. I mean that this is one of the lullabies Alma would sing to her children).
Julieta would also sing this song to her kids and her sister's kids when they had trouble sleeping. She has a really soft and soothing voice so it definitely works wonders.
The years prior Mirabel's ceremony, Isabela, Luisa and Mirabel would go to sleep to Julieta's room, so you would see them (Agustín included) all sleeping together in the same bed, cuddled up.
Feel free to draw (or write) any of these if you want, and if you do, please tag me!!! I would love to see it!
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peachykavi · 13 days ago
*Fresh Adult Madrigal Trio*
Pepa: What are you 2 talking about? I don't like Felix
Julieta & Bruno: When your with him it's always clear skies, sunshine, and rainbows. We aren't stupid, Pepa.
Pepa: C'mon! Mama, tell them I don't like him
Abuela Alma: Pepa, Mija, I'm not stupid either.
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mitch-the-simp · 2 days ago
Desencanto (Encanto Dark AU)
(AKA Camilo smokes weed AU)
(This takes place in a more modern Encanto; around the early 2000s)
When a family is pushed beyond their emotional limits, sometimes they don't recur to the most healthy things to cope with the pressure and pain. But what if the Madrigal Family took to the worst ways to cope, only causing their situation to become worse and their family more dysfunctional.
Chapter One: Just Another Morning In La Casa Madrigal (Section Two: Dolores)
Tumblr media
(Song to set the mood)
Dolores fixed her hair as she stared at herself in the restroom mirror. She was hanging out with Isabela. She could hear her cousin's fingers tapping at her phone's keyboard.
"It's ok Dolores, you'll be ok, girl." She told herself. She applied more lipstick and then popped her lips confidently. She quickly walked out of the restroom and sat next to Isabela. "I'm back, sorry."
"Oh our drinks got here," Isabela informed her. She took a picture of her berry smoothie and posted it on her Instagram.
"Ooh! Nice!" Dolores cheered as she took a sip of her cherry kiwi smoothie.
"By the way, why did you leave?" Isabela asked.
"Ugh, it's because Mom is worried sick because Camilo, that idiot, didn't come home last night, and he finally answered his phone after I called him like fifty times. He went to a house party last night and got drugged and drunk. And obviously, he passed out." Dolores ranted as she rolled her eyes.
"Ugh, little siblings, huh. Gotta hate those little, annoying bitches." Isa rolled her eyes as she sipped on her smoothie.
What does Isabela have that she didn't? Why would her crush for years decide she was the one for him? She was as beautiful as Isabela. Was it because she gossiped a lot? Because she could hear everything?
"Anyway, I just heard a few things that might pique your interest, Isa." Dolores spoke, pushing her thoughts aside.
"Oh~ Do tell!" Isabela smiled mischievously.
"Well, rumor has it that Cornelia, the girl whose mom is a baker, is sleeping with Aaron.~" She chuckled.
Isabela gasped, "Isn't Aaron married?!"
"Oh, he sure as hell is." Dolores said, casually taking a sip from her smoothie.
"Girl, this is juicy!" Isabela spoke in excitement.
"You didn't hear it from me, girl.~" Dolores winked.
"Oh, I didn't hear it at all.~" Isabela winked back, then she picked up her phone and typed.
Dolores tried to see who she was talking to, and behold, she was talking to Mariano.
🌹Babe🌹: Hi beautiful 💖
🌹Babe🌹: Are you free tomorrow for a date?
Isabela smiled and typed back.
Dolores didn't even wanna know what she told him. For the first time in her life, she admitted she was extremely jealous of her cousin. Why was she still hanging out with her? That perfect little bitch... But... she hadn't done anything directly to her. But for some reason, she could feel her heart loathe her.
After all... she has kissed her boyfriend and soon-to-be fiance. It was an unexpected kiss. They were alone outside the house and it sort of just happened. They both decided not to talk about it, but it had set Dolores' heart aflame. And the more she kept it to herself, the bigger the flame got. She most definitely wanted more, but she couldn't just go up to him and ask him for another one.
She had to leave though because she was getting dangerously close to hating Isabela for no reason. "Ugh! Sorry girly, mom is calling me again. I have to go. I think Camilo got home too... ugh..." She groaned.
"Ugh, that sucks. Oh well, I'll be hanging out with Mariano if you need me." Isabela smiled at her.
Dolores smiled back as she got up, leaving tip for the waiter. "Bye!" She waved at Isabela.
Isabela waved back as Dolores did her best to make more distance between them. She was out in the town square. She could hear it all from there. Well, she could hear it all from anywhere. But everything was much louder and overwhelming here. She covered her ears, crying bitterly. She hated it! She was lying to her cousin. She was in love with her boyfriend and was starting to hate her for that.
What was wrong with her!?
She ran back into the Madrigal house and shut the door behind her. She had to do something about this, but what?
Tumblr media
Thanks for the support! Here's the next part. I'm starting more drama >:)
Anyway, thank guys, and remember that I'm always open to suggestions. And if you wanna suggest anything to add to this AU, go ahead!
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angeleila · 5 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A joke for a joke :D
I haven't decided on Luisa, so she's just resting somewhere nearby
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illuminatedlover · 23 days ago
Don’t think about Pepa learning at a young age that she can’t trust anyone, not even herself, because her lack of control over her emotions. Don’t think about how Alma probably compared her to Julieta, “why can’t you be more like your sister? Calm down Pepa!”. Little Pepa being left out of major events in case she caused a scene embarrassing Alma and her siblings. So, she was left to stay at the casita or sit by herself until the event of the day died down. Don’t think about Pepa being teased or called “crazy” “dramatic” and “attention seeking” anytime a storm cloud popped over her head. But, she was tired or needed coffee. Don’t think about people making a huge ordeal over her mood swings, but never taking a moment to ask her what’s wrong. How no boy ever wanted to speak to her because they were afraid of being zapped by lightning.
Let’s not think about how Pepa has severe anxiety, and is under the impression, that her only acceptable form of expression is happiness. How many days she avoided her family because she felt bad, how many nights spent alone crying. How she asked to be just like her big sister so her mother would be proud. Plastering on a big grin for cameras even if her mind was snapped in half, and her hands shook. She would spend days practicing making rainbows…to show her mamá that she could make something worth showing off. The amount of times Pepa asked Bruno to see if their mamá would be proud of her. Little Pepa yearning for her mothers approval and praise.
Pepa talking to Bruno about how she feels, saddened to hear he has experienced the same thing. As their relationship bond begins to strengthen, her relationship with Julieta strains as they are older. Julieta being the simple, easy, and responsible child that Alma never worried about. Julieta being the one to spend most of her time with their mother, while Bruno and Pepa were pushed to the side. Julieta not knowing what’s happening between her siblings, but she makes them special arepas to help them feel at ease. It’s the only way she knows how to help people because she can’t fix what’s broken on the inside. Pepa’s competitiveness often causing her a lot of trouble. I don’t want to think about Pepa trying to tell Alma about her troubles, her worries, but Alma is only concerned with the appearance of her family. Telling Pepa that she should be grateful she has a gift, that she has a purpose within this town. Even if it’s not exactly what Alma had pictured. Her dark circles after various of getting no sleep, staying up late to talk to her papà. Alma recognizing her own personality within her second child, wanting to tame that, and keep her head literally out of the clouds. Not wanting Pepa to get lost in fantasies, always thinking that life is going to be as sunny as she is. Only to crush her daughter in the moment of it all.
Just think about Pepa finding a wonderful man who embraces each and every emotion. Helping her process them, keeping her dry, and never shying away from her. Knowing that he stands up to Alma when she’s too harsh with Pepa, teaching his children to always express how they feel to them. Showing Pepa she’s worth something that she is valued, sitting under her thundering cloud, catching snowfall because he loves her so much. Thinking about her little family that are so patient, so kind, and always supporting each other. How loving she is to her children always beaming with pride, finally being able to love, and be loved in return unconditionally.
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32q27 · 5 days ago
Family Madrigals God au
-Abuela is the matriarch, the ‘queen of the gods’ and leader
-people pray for Abuela’s guidance on advising families and communities
-the candle shows up in all icons of her, and it is common for her temples to be filled with white candles, to be blown out only when your prayer has been fulfilled
-Julieta is the goddess of cooking and caregiving, a hot drink when a child has a cold, freshly folded laundry, the taste of warm homemade bread
-Her icons are small statues kept in kitchens
-She is not a goddess to be found in temples but within the home keeping company with the mothers, a goddess of the people
-Agustin is the god of small accidents
-He is regarded fondly, normally mentioned mostly around small children
-Parents thank him for his presence, better to have a small accident than a bigger one
-Agustin’s accidents are easily rectified, a scrape to be kissed, a broken plate to be swept up
-Agustin and Julieta together represent domestic love, when worshiped together they represent comfort and support
-Pepa is the goddess of weather (duh) and through her is the appreciation of all weather and acknowledging the importance of each
-Engaged couples commonly pray to her for favorable weather on their weddings, represented of course by rain
-Having your wedding on a rainy day means a long lasting and loving marriage
-Smiling and frowning icons of Pepa mark the entrance to farmland, representing sun and rain creating balance
-Felix is worshipped in multiple aspects as a god of stability as well as the god of cheer
-When throwing a party, music dedicated to Felix is meant to open and close, marking the beginning and the ending
-When Pepa and Felix are worshipped as a couple they represent passionate love, holding the same passion and infatuation with each other as when they first met
(I have a bunch more of these so there will likely be a part 2)
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