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super-mam-te-moc · 2 days ago
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A small detail: during various stages of Casita's fall, we see Isabela, Luisa and Dolores taking care of Abuela.
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“My son and daughter have been partners in stupidity since they were toddlers… they’re 18 yrs old now 🙄”
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thatsridicarus · a day ago
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Locked Out Of Heaven a.k.a. three uncles and a piano.
Everytime I dip my feet in a new fandom it’ll be a while before I’ll strart drawing one of the characters singing dramatically.
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gale-gentlepenguin · 2 days ago
Gale's Analysis: Abuela Alma: Generational Trauma
Tumblr media
Now this analysis will be talking about Encanto, so before any of that.
Spoilers down below.
Alma Madrigal is the most divisive character introduced in Encanto. People saying she is the villain of the movie, to saying that she didnt deserve to be forgiven. or she got off too easy.
But lets actually talk about Alma.
We see her backstory twice.
The first time its told, it is stated more as a message of hope and Magic. Painting the loss of her husband as a heroic sacrifice. But then leads to the magic/ Encanto being discovered. Alma tells Mirabel that the Encanto protects them and that she will get a gift, that she will use to help the community.
The second time the. story is told, it is a lot more vivid and real. Alma's home was burnt down by invaders, and she had to flee with her town and her JUST BORN triplets. Pedro's sacrifice to try and stop the invaders was shown as more of a tragedy, showing how she broke down. Showing Alma was in grief.
This is when we see a bit more of the true Alma Madrigal.
The truth is that Alma isnt just some perfectionist Abuela that just wants things to be perfect for the sake of tradition and respect.
Alma Madrigal is a widow that lost everything and doing her best not to lose it again.
Before watching the movie I thought the powers that were distributed were random and just for fun.
Pepa's Weather powers
Bruno's Future Vision
Julietta's Healing food
Isabella's Power to grow things
Dolores' Super hearing
Luisa's Super Strength
Camilo's Shape Shifting
Antonio's ability to talk to animal's
But after thinking, all of these abilities represent something Alma Madrigal had to do since the passing of her Husband. Each power is a representation of something she had to do.
Weather the storm,
Look towards the future
Heal the damaged community
Grow the town
Listen to the problems of the town
Bear the burdens of everyone
Be whatever was needed
Be understanding to everyone and make order out of chaos (talk to animals.
The house was giving the children the powers to better understand Alma and help her work through each burden. But it ended up just having the children bear those versions of the problem. (The Generational trauma)
She was giving each of her descendants a power she wish she had. Something that she wished she could be.
But the most important representation was when Mirabel didnt get a power.
Feeling powerless and trying to prove yourself worthy.
Alma Madrigal is a tragic figure because she bears the burden of not just her family but every single person that fled with her when the invaders destroyed her home.
Because of the Encanto saving their lives, she felt that she needed to lock away her emotion and give her all to helping others and proving Worthy of the encanto.
Mirabel is the one that could understand Alma the best, because she is the only one that truly understood what Alma went through in her darkest moments, and what Alma fears the most.
Alma in the start of the movie sees all of her worst fears the moment she sees Mirabel not get a power. The potential of losing EVERYTHING she has done her best to avoid.
Her cold action and her constant need to prove that SHE and her family were worthy of this Encanto has made her turn the power/room giving ceremony into a spectacle. Made her demand better of her family, believing that things not going perfectly is a sign of her world falling apart.
This mentality explains all her interactions with her family. How Mirabel's actions that seem counter to her tradition is such a shock to her.
Alma realized when the house is cracking, that its been falling apart. That with Bruno gone, there was no way of knowing how to fix it. So Her response to this was to Triple down and try to hold it all together, to minimize damage by not trying to prod and poke. The best thing she can do is what she always done when horrific events hit. Internalize and keep quiet.
Mirabel is the opposite. She sees that the house is breaking and believes that it needs to be fixed, that they need to find the root of the pain, even if it means for a brief moment to cause pain.
Alma and Mirabel's arguement is this clash in ideologies which then brings the truth to the surface, and it causes the house to break apart. Because the foundation has finally broken down.
After Alma sees her house destroyed, losing her home for the second time, it made her realize that this wasnt the worst thing that could happen. It was losing her family. It was seeing Mirabel go missing that had her have this revelation.
Alma needed to realize how far her loss had impacted her, how it was damaging others because she refused to seek help.
The foundation was cracked and it needed to be fixed.
And sometimes that foundation needs to break down so a new can be started.
Alma needed to see what her expectation and her trauma had been doing to her family.
She wasnt purposefully putting this pain and expectations on her family. She didnt realize how damaging those expectations were.
So when people say that Alma got off too easy or she didnt deserve a second chance, i vehemently disagree.
Alma isnt Mother Gothel or the evil step mother. She is an abuela with Trauma from losing her husband that is just trying to make sense of a miracle and doing her best to try and prove herself worthy of something she had no way of proving.
(There is an allegory of the Encanto being equivalent to God's love and Blessings. But thats something for another day.)
Alma deserves a chance to see that she was misguided, to try and rectify the damage she done.
While the movie doesnt go deep as I would like to discuss this.
I feel that Alma didnt get off to easy.
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youaretheunicorn · a day ago
isabela: abuela, im a lesbian
abuela: oh... well that's okay dear, as long as you're happy.
luisa: im also gay, abuela
abuela: ...okay i still love you
mirabel: yeah i also like girls
abuela: it's alright, but does anyone in this family like men?
camilo, pretty much shaking in excitement, having the time of his life: WELL-
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araminakilla20 · 2 days ago
Encanto Analysis: The hidden Kafkaesque aspect of the movie
One aspect that I have not found information in other plataforms is that Encanto has a connection to Franz Kafka's work "Metamorphosis" (that story about the guy who turns into an insect when he wakes up) through the character of Bruno Madrigal.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It is known that when he was younger, Bruno was the star of the family for his gift of seeing the future and people sought him out many times for him to use his gift (something confirmed by the director on his twitter). However, over the years, Bruno's fateful predictions made the town and later his own family consider him as someone to avoid, even Bruno himself walked away ending up (by his own decision and because he believed it was the best thing for everyone) being locked in a small room with things that were left over in the house and nobody in the family seemed to notice that they were gone for good, accompanied only by rats while he saw and heard how his family forbid even the mention of his name.
Tumblr media
While in The Metamorphosis, the protagonist Gregor Samsa was the pillar and economic source of his family until he suddenly woke up turned into an insect without any explanation, scaring his boss and forced by his father to remain locked in his room, which later It became a kind of warehouse where they put everything that was left over. His relatives were also saddened by the predicament of their relative, but even so they did not mention his name.
Tumblr media
Bruno and Gregor were rejected and isolated by society for reasons they couldn't control (seeing bad futures and transforming into an insect) while they had an authority figure who had high expectations which went down the drain when their respective calamities happened, for example Alma would be a combination of Gregor's parents, since the mother loves him and the father is strict and only watches over the economic/social aspect of the family and not the sentimental aspect.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
They had figures close to whom they loved very much and they too but only to a certain extent, because Bruno had Julieta and Pepa while Gregor had his sister Grete.
Grete would be a combination of Julieta at the beginning of the book when she sought to understand her brother, fed him and loved him dearly, to later become Pepa, a grumpy sister who lost connection with her brother when he ruined an important event for her, such as the wedding for Pepa and a violin concert for Grete
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Grete could also represent Isabela, since in her the family sees the opportunity to get her a good husband to forget the tragedy and shame caused (without wanting it) by the black sheep.
Despite having been treated so badly, the two of them still love their respective families and would do anything for them, their love being so great to the point of being unhealthy since both neglected their health and life so that others can live at peace without his presence. If Encanto had not been from Disney or for a children's audience, it is most likely that Bruno would have ended up the same as Gregor.
Dead, alone, believing that his family hates him and that he is a monster who only ruined their peace, happiness and chances to progress by being a burden to them.
Tumblr media
I mention this in first place because Gabriel García Márquez, creator of the famous Colombian novel “100 years of solitude” of which Disney used some aspects to create Encanto, was an admirer of Kafka's works to the point of being an inspiration at the time of starting his career as a writer.
Tumblr media
"García Márquez declared, on more than one occasion, that reading The Metamorphosis marked a before and after in his literary career for him. He explained that he perceived the narrative originality from the first line and this motivated him to want to do the same in his language. In his book of memoirs entitled Live to tell (2002), García Márquez recalls the authors who marked him in his childhood and youth, including Kafka."
Having into account that, it's not impossible to theorize that some of Kafka's works could be present in a colorful and lively movie as Encanto.
After all, each family has a Gregor Samsa or Bruno Madrigal of their own.
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abrianadesaphi · a day ago
blind | isabela madrigal x fem!reader
in which isabela has never seen something quite like you. inspired by role model’s song, blind.
author's notes:
isabela madrigal x fem!bisexual!reader
friends to lovers
no smut
warnings: profanities, use of the k-word (jokingly)
she got the gold hoops, prada fit | i’m in love with all of it
she saw you for the first time a year after casita was rebuilt. you were dressed in clothes that obviously weren’t made in a small village like encanto. you also wore gold accessories to match with your luxurious set of clothes as you shared your table with señor valencia, the middle-aged man who was known as the town’s blacksmith.
your presence was radiating confidence, your poise obvious by how you sat and how you ate your food gracefully. for some reason, she could not look away. it seemed as if isabela found herself more and more mesmerised the longer she stared at you.
isabela was seated in a booth that was right across from your table, next to her papa agustin as they waited for their dinner in a warm little restaurant in the center of encanto.
her papa must’ve caught her staring at you, and so he whispered to his oldest daughter’s ear, “that’s señorita (y/n), señor valencia’s niece. she’s from abroad but she’s staying here for the summer due to her parents’ request. the gossiping ladies on the streets claim she’s a bit of a primadonna, but i think she’s quite nice!”
when dinner ended, agustin went over to your table and invited your uncle for a couple glasses of wine back in the casita and of course, you came along. it was your first time to see the wonderful madrigal home, and you were in awe of it and its magic.
agustin placed a hand on her daughter’s shoulder as he said, “señorita (y/n), would you appreciate a tour of la casa madrigal by isabela?”
isabela looked at her father, confused. agustin just smiled at his daughter and gave her a wink.
“i would, actually! this place is amazing,” you said with a smile.
isabela, with an encouraging push on the back from her father, walked towards you.
“this way, señorita! i’ll show you to the kitchen.”
once you’ve familiarised yourself with casita (and casita has familiarised itself with you), you and isabela found yourself back in the living room. your uncle, along with agustin and felix, were laughing obnoxiously as they sipped on their wine.
“(y/n), isabela, join us!” your uncle offered you both a seat on the couch next to him as he noticed your presence.
“thank you, señor. but i’ll pass,” isabela spoke, “i kinda wanna stay up in my room for a while.”
“can you show me your room?” you spoke, looking at her with hopeful eyes.
“of course, she can!” agustin exclaimed, “how about a bottle of wine to drink while you talk up in there?”
“papa, i’ll just show her my room. we won’t be long-”
“we’d love a bottle of wine, señor!” you said with a smile.
ex-boy didn’t get the picture, cut him out of it
three hours later, you were a drunken mess in isabela’s flowery bedroom floor. you drank the entire bottle of wine while isabela just looked after you, making sure you wouldn’t hurt yourself.
it was funny how she cared for you, a foreign girl she doesn’t even know.
“isabela, isabela,” you called her name twice, trying to get her attention in your drunken state.
“yeah?” she responded.
“sit down, come here,” you patted the space next to where you were sitting, “do you think i’m pretty?”
isabela looked at you, your face a little bit too close to not have her heart racing, “i mean, yeah, you’re pretty. prettier than everyone i’ve ever seen, actually.”
“thanks, ‘bela,” you said with wide smile, “you’re pretty, too. but like, you’re the kind of pretty that isn’t just pretty. you’re the kind of pretty that makes me go wow she’s pretty everytime i look at your face.”
she blushed as flowers sprouted in her hair.
“oh my god, that’s adorable,” you commented as you reached out to take one of the flowers from her hair, “he hated flowers, you know?”
“who does?” she asked.
“hugo, my ex-boyfriend,” you said, and a part of her feels jealous at the mere fact of somebody else being lucky enough to have you.
“he sounds like a dick,” isabela said, making you laugh out loud. you were drunk, and fairly amused at your new friend.
“what’s so funny?”
“i just didn’t expect you to say things like that. to be honest, i expect you to say something like, maybe it just wasn’t meant to be, or some other corny shit. you know, i loved him so much but he wanted all these things that i just didn’t want. like, getting married and having kids and building our own perfect family,” you looked at her, tears rolling down your cheeks, “god, i’m sorry. i shouldn’t be letting this all out on you.”
“no, no, no,” isabela said, “it’s okay. i know what it’s like.”
“you do?”
“yeah,” she looked at you with sincerity in her dark eyes, “i was engaged to a man i didn’t love.”
you chuckled, “i guess i’m a little like you, huh?”
“i guess you are.”
i fall pretty hard, never really getting far | you make everyone look like they aren't anyone
a month had passed by and both of you were getting closer and closer. in fact, you spend all of your time together now and you were also invited to dinner at casita a few times, slowly becoming friends with each of the madrigals.
as soon as you entered the festive environment, you immediately found yourself dancing with dolores with a drink in your hand, laughing and talking with the newly-engaged woman.
speaking of casita and the madrigals, you were on your way there since there was a party to celebrate dolores and mariano’s engagement.
isabela sat on one of the tables and she lightly sipped on her drink, looking over at you with a little smile on her face.
god, you were so beautiful. and to god, she was grateful to be able to witness the beauty of you.
“never thought that i’d see the isabela madrigal so lovesick,” mariano’s familiar voice flooded her ears as he took a seat beside hers.
“what are you talking about, mariano?” she turned to look at the man.
“señorita (y/n), you’ve fallen for her, haven’t you?”
“i’ve known her for a month.”
“my point still stands,” mariano said, “i know a person in love when i see one, hermosa.”
“i don’t even know what in love is.”
“i mean, even i didn’t know what it meant to be truly in love. until dolores came along and all of the ideas i had of love turned out to be incorrect.”
“that’s real sweet of you to say, mariano.”
“but this isn’t about me, mi amiga. i know that you know that you are in love with (y/n), so what are you afraid of?”
“i’m not afraid,” isabela grumbled.
“why are you hiding your feelings?”
“why are we having this conversation?”
“isabela,” mariano looked at her seriously, “you do know that she’s only here for the summer, right? she’ll be leaving in less than two months. if i were you, i’d tell her how i feel. you never know, maybe you’ll give her a reason to stay.”
hours after the party has ended, isabela looked up at the ceiling as she laid on her bed. thinking about what mariano said. thinking about love. thinking about you.
gripping her blanket in harsh realization, she whispered to herself, “fuck, i’m in love with (y/n).”
i haven't felt a thing this year and i'm only tryin' to be sincere
“i heard you last night,” dolores nudged her favorite cousin with her elbow as they ate their breakfast.
“oooh, what did isabela say?” camilo teased.
“it’s a girl thing, you wouldn’t get it,” dolores dismissed her brother.
“i can be a girl,” camilo said before shapeshifting into you, causing isabela to drop her fork in shock, “so, what is it?
“can you not turn into (y/n)?” isabela said, annoyed.
“does it make you uncomfortable when i turn into your girlfriend? are you fighting the urge to make out with me right now?”
“ew!” isabela exclaimed, pushing camilo off his chair as he turned back to himself.
“what is going on over there?” abuela asked her three grandchildren at the other end of the table.
“nothing, abuela,” the three of them said in unison.
abuela alma went back to her food, and so did the rest of the family. camilo has turned the other way to bother mirabel and dolores nudged isabela with her elbow once again.
“i also heard señor valencia and (y/n) last night,” dolores said.
“(y/n)’s leaving in two days.”
isabela’s world stopped.
“no. she’s leaving in two months,” isabela said, denying whatever it was that dolores said.
“her parents want her back home as soon as possible, isa.”
isabela stood up from the table and ran out of casita’s front door, ignoring sounds of confusion from her family. she ran to the direction of your house, bumping on some of the locals in the way. she knocked loudly once she finally reached your front door, impatience running through her knuckles.
you opened the front door, seeing isabela a heaving and sweaty mess, “isabela, what on earth-”
“i love you. and i’m sorry that i won’t be able to prove to you just how much i do because i was too much of a coward to admit it but i’m here now, and i can admit with my whole heart that i am so fucking in love with you and i’ve never met anybody quite like you-"
“-and i’m sure that i never will. i know you’re leaving soon but i just can’t watch you go without telling you how i feel because i might just die if i keep it to-”
“-myself. so i’m telling you again, (y/n), i am in love with you, and i’d tell you a million fucking times more if that’s what it takes for you believe-”
“i’m in love with you, too.”
“you are?”
“yes. and i’m not leaving any time soon. i don’t think i want to.”
isabela couldn’t help it. she took your face in her hands and kissed you, pouring each and every ounce of affection she had into your lips.
after a moment, she pulled away, “wait, did you say that you weren’t leaving anytime soon? i thought you were leaving in two days.”
“where’d you hear that from?” you chuckled.
isabela froze in realization, “i’m gonna kill dolores.”
you placed another kiss on her lips, causing her to blush.
“i think i might thank her, actually,” isabela said before kissing you back, wrapping her arms around your waist.
i've never seen something quite like you
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encantotime · 7 hours ago
Abuela: That's it, I'm cutting off the internet!
Camilo: No, please don't! I have a family to feed!
Abuela: ....
Abuela: What?
Camilo: I need to feed my Neopets!
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hella-amberpricefield · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto (2021)
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the-ark-is-found-74 · a day ago
Yooo Ghost Bruno Au!
Just info dump on me, I have been waiting for a ghost Bruno au.
Omg yess!!! Hold on!
-As to how Bruno dies, I was thinking maybe something to do with the big-ass gap at the top of the stairs in his room. After his vision, he starts packing things frantically in preparation for running away (like in the movie) and jumps right onto his cartoon rickety rope bridge, which breaks and causes him to fall a long way. Dolores would either hear him scream or hitting the ground at the bottom, and the door light having dimmed would be an immediate red flag.
-Pepa is the one who immediately finds him, as Dolores would definitely tell her mama that she heard some very concerning things coming from her tío's room.
-She goes through the sand curtain and immediately screams because that's her hermanito who is lying on the ground and who she knows will never get up again but doesn't want it to be true. Pepa shouts for Dolores to get Julieta because maybe, just maybe, he'll be ok after eating an arepa.
-The next events in the immediate aftermath seem blurry to everyone, most of all the newly dead Bruno.
-He is a little dazed, and sits up a few moments after falling, stunned at the sight of his own body on the floor next to him. When he hears people hurrying over to his room, he panics and ducks behind a rock formation of some kind, definitely flinching at the sound of his sister screaming.
-He stays there, completely frozen in shock, and doesn't move from where he was until long after the family had moved his body.
-Back to the family's long term reactions (because I'm scraping these ideas together bc it was only a half-formed idea at the start of this and I am tired so I'll make this quick)!
-Pepa would, despite having literally seen his body, be in denial. She wants so badly to believe that he ran away that she tries really hard to gaslight herself into believing that it's true. At first it was obvious, and people all tried their best to tell her that he's gone, but she brushes them off. Every now and then, she wonders aloud if her brother is safe wherever he is, and if he's eating well. She doesn't fully believe that he just ran away, she knows deep down that he's dead. She just wouldn't like to flood the Encanto, so pretending that he might still be safe somewhere helps her in some way.
-Julieta overworks herself. She cooks every single waking moment, making sure the town is well stocked with plenty of healing food in case another accident happens. She blames herself for every death in the Encanto as it is, but her brother's death she feels especially responsible for. She can't help but think that maybe if she had got there sooner, he might have survived.
-Alma replaces Pepa's "we don't talk about Bruno" attitude, because she doesn't want to upset either of her daughters, and also feels guilty for how she treated him. The cherry on top of the cake is that he had been packed to run away when he fell, so she would feel extra responsible for it.
-I feel like it's also worth reminding you all that Bruno's disappearance is canonically right after Mirabel's gift ceremony, so everyone was already in pretty low spirits.
-Mirabel and Camilo were both 5 when this happened, so neither of them would be able to really understand death and what it really means. Their parents would tell them that Tío Bruno has gone away to live with Abuelo Pedro forever, and that he is happy where he is.
-Back to Bruno because I feel mean focusing on the sad parts for too long.
-Very confused. And freaked out. After everyone leaves his room, he decides to get up and try to leave the house for some fresh air. But a problem quickly presents itself, in that he is physically incapable of leaving the house. No matter how hard he tries. Think Julian from BBC Ghosts, if you've ever watched that.
-He hides in the walls because he can walk through them now, and while he isn't sure if anyone can see him, he really doesn't want to find out.
-He cannot interact with objects in any way; the most impact he can have on his surroundings are the small tornadoes that appear when he is having a vision. Which he can still have, by the way, it just doesn't create a glass tablet every time.
-He still does his compulsions all the same, except he is reduced to miming them instead of actually knocking things and throwing salt over his shoulder.
And now for how some of the events of the movie change (in case you're interested):
(Also, I am exhausted, so I think I'll leave it here for tonight. I'll add more when I think of it I guess, let me know if you'd like a fic of this at some point!)
-When he meets Mirabel, he reaches down to grab her hand, which instead moves straight through her. In her shock, she is the one that falls instead of Bruno.
-Mirabel climbs out of the hole by herself, and when she gets to the top, asks how Bruno is there and what's going on. He responds with the "bye" and walks straight through her, which is when it fully dawns on her that her tío is a ghost.
-The conversation takes place in the same area as it did before, but without any furniture. It's just an empty space behind the wall.
-Bruno is still able to see into the future, so Mirabel asks him to give her a vision the same as last time.
-Antonio wouldn't question the ghost of his uncle at all, similar to how he didn't question the fact that Bruno had been living in the walls since before he was born. He'd offer his room for the vision the same as in the movie.
-When casita collapses, Bruno is still restricted to the foundations of the house, and Pepa spots him standing there. She doesn't think he's real at first, but then she hears someone else shout his name, and so she runs towards him to hug him. But she can't.
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totallyawr1t3r · a day ago
could you do a parental/platonic yandere abuela alma x reader that needs comforting? (reader is almas adoptive kid and is slightly older than Camilo)
[Platonic] Yandere Alma comforting Reader:
Im so sorry for how shit this is- I have no clue on how to comfort people in the slightest-
You were years younger than your three older siblings with even three of their own kids being older than you. The only reason being is that Alma adopted you herself, surprising her family a bit but they welcomed you into the family with open arms and it was everything you could have asked for. 
But it also had its downsides, the villagers always felt the need to remind you that you were just the adopted Madrigal. It didn’t affect you most days, there was nothing wrong with being adopted. But sometimes it just hurt to remember that your original family didn’t want you anymore. 
Today was one of those days where it just hit you a little too much in the feelings. You were just playing with a few of the other kids around your age, and one of them [After losing so many times to you] decided to bring it up out of nowhere. You didn’t really like crying in front of people, so you had pretended it didn’t affect you in any way until you made it back to Casita. 
No one else was home, you thought and so you finally decided to let the tears fall as you sat on the stairs. No one would have known if Dolores didn’t report it straight to Alma. It was a rule that formed after you were adopted into the family, whenever something was wrong with you, always let Abuela know. 
Alma booked it straight to Casita, her heart breaking at the sight of you crying into the palm of your hands. 
Her face softened as she sat next to you. “What’s wrong?”
You quickly wiped away your tears, or tried to as they just kept coming. “M-Ma..!” Your eyes widened a bit before you put on a strained smile. “What are you doing home so early? You weren’t supposed to be back until tonight.”
“Dolores told me she heard you crying, now tell me. What’s wrong?”
You silently cursed Dolores, before softly shaking your head. “I-it’s nothing really…I’m just being sensitive, if anything.” 
"Nonsense." She shook her head, grabbing both of your hands and holding them gently in hers. "Please tell me what's wrong."
You bit the inside of your cheek for a moment, hesitating to look her in the eyes. What if she thought you were just a crybaby like the other kids thought? Maybe she'll throw you out like your birth parents. You took in a deep breath, "It's just...some kid brought up..them and I…" Tears began to leak from your eyes again. "I don't know why it's affecting me this much. It's not like I knew them that long...in fact, I barely remember them but still--" 
Alma's lips tightened in a straight line, she never liked to bring up the fact you weren't her child by blood, doing everything in her power to keep you away from anything that belonged to them. But before she could speak up, you pulled your hands away to wipe the new tears away. "See- Like I said, I'm just being sensitive. I have no reason to be crying." 
Alma let out a deep sigh, despite not wanting to have this exact conversation, she knew it was needed. "Mi hijo, it's understandable for you to be upset. You were only so young when-"
"When they deemed I wasn't good enough to be their child."
She rubbed circles on your back as a way to calm you down a bit. "Whatever the reason was, you're a Madrigal now. We're your family, and we'll love you no matter what."
You finally looked at her, furrowing your brows a bit as you thought about how you understood that already. But apart of you couldn't say anything about it, you knew how closed off she could be. Plus, you weren't any better at comforting people. So you just smiled at her, nodding your head. "Gracias, mami."
Alma smiled as well, pulling you in for a warm hug. "You'll always be my child no matter what."
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Since your requests are open will you write a head cannon/one shot for Camilo where he has a S/O who’s (if you will) blind? Maybe some angst? Thanks!
Hi hun! Of course I can I hope you enjoy this! Fair warning I’ve never written for a blind reader so if I get things incorrect please let me know so I can fix it
Camilo X Gn!Blind!Reader
Warnings: angst some fluff and I think that’s it lmk if I missed anything
Character/Movie: Camilo Madrigal/Encanto
You were nervous, your parents told you that you looked amazing in your new outfit. You fiddled with the material as you waited for Camilo, you heard your parents call out to you
“Y/N! Camilo’s here!”
“Coming!” You felt for the door and opened it walking out, he smiled at you and took your hand
“Hola, mi vida” he kissed your hand and you couldn’t help but smile as your parents awed
“Should we head out now?” He asked, you nodded and he took you over to your parents to give them a hug
“We’ll be back later-“
“I’ll bring them home on time!” He interrupted you laughing, your parents smiled and agreed they knew Camilo was the right man for you. He’d always treated you right and never disrespected you
After saying goodbye to your parents you two headed off to Casita, him teasing you on the way there and complimenting you without missing a beat, a blush on your cheeks
“Are you sure they’ll like me? What if I’m not good enough?” You said worryingly, he frowned
“Amor, they’ll love you you’re an amazing person and even if they don’t I don’t care I won’t love you any less” he said, you smiled a bit and nodded
“I love you”
“I love you too mi amor”, Camilo went to know on the door but didn’t even get the chance to as Casita opened the door for you two. You silently thanked it and walked in with Camilo’s guidance. He led you over to the dining room where his family was waiting
“I’m back!” He shouted as he walked in “And I brought mi amor with me this time!” The family looked at you smiling and waved
“Hola!” They all shouted in unison, you waved and smiled
“Hola, thank you for having me” you spoke, Pepa was the first to come up to you and give you a hug followed by the others, except Abuela. After the greetings Camilo spoke again
“I wanted to let you all know that Y/N is blind so please keep that in min-“
“They’re what?!” Abuela shouted, Camilo looked at her in shock
He repeated, “I said-“ Pepa was the one to interrupt this time
“We heard what you said mijo. Why would you choose them. Out of everyone in the village, someone with sight! They’ll taint the family reputation!” She had a cloud growing
Those words felt like a stab to your heart, you tried holding back tears as they all kept talking about you, except Mirabel.
“They can’t be useful if they’re blind Camilo! How will they contribute to the community?” Abuela mentioned with rage
“They can be perfectly useful! They’re always useful-” he stopped as he felt you being pulled away from him by Mirabel. He saw your saddened face as Mirabel comforted you by the stairs
“No! You will stop seeing them! Immediately break your relationship off I forbid you two from being together, you will find a better partner and that is final!” Pepa yelled as she started thundering
“Mama! You can’t forbid me from seeing them, t-they’re my everything! They’re mi amor! Mi vida!” He said with tears in his eyes, he felt overwhelmed with everything happening and he could tell you were too as you were crying to Mirabel
He glared at his family and rushed over to you kneeling down beside you as he hugged you.
“Mi vida please just ignore them.. they don’t know what they’re talking about-” he was interrupted by you raising your voice
“N-No! They’re right we don’t work for each other I can’t contribute to the community m-maybe it’s best if we just break it off.” You said with tears in your eyes
“What? N-No. No! Mi vida we’ll work it out please” he felt tears coming back. He held your face and caressed it
“Come on..” he took your hand and helped you up the stairs to his room. Casita locked the door for you twos privacy
As soon as you two sat on the bed you immediately broke down as Camilo held you rubbing your back.
“Shh.. Shh.. querido/a it’s alright.. I’m right here nobody’s going to take us away from each other. I promise.” That night you stayed at the Madrigals house, the next day you two headed to your house.
After explaining to your parents why you didn’t come home last night, you two settled to only spend time together in the village or at your house.
A possible sad ending also
“Lo siento Camilo.. Te amo, siempre te amare. But this won’t work..” You walked over and cupped his face giving him a last kiss.
“I love you, don’t ever forget it” you gave him a sad smile, he hugged you tightly
“I-I love you too please don’t leave..” you got out his grip and shook your head
“I have to.. bye Camilo” you walked out with Mirabel as she took you home
Days, Weeks, months, years passed and you two couldn’t get over each other. You two eventually saw each other by the river and your eyes met before you two left again. You two were with other people now but it didn’t mean you two still didn’t love each other. After all how could anyone ever forget their first love?
Soooo I really hope you enjoyed this! I added an alternative sad ending for fun I hope that was alright! Like I mentioned please let me know if there are any inaccurate things. I’m so sorry this story took so long to make there’s a lot of things going on RN in my life. But y’all please do send in requests I would love to write more!
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Bruno - What time does the judgmental express arrive?
Mirabel - Abuela and Isa come back at 5
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This is kinda random, but what are your opinions on Abuela Alma?
I love her sm actually. She also reminds me of my abuela in a few aspects!
I think that people go too harsh on her - they totally ignore what she has been trough and how much this affected her life. They are like “Alma is a bad person 😡” and this is actually so disrespectful because generational trauma is something quite common in latin households and it doesn’t mean our grandparents, parents etc are bad people
I also think many people refuse to go deeper inside the topic of generational trauma and why Alma acted like this and they just stick with their “Alma is a bad person” because it suits their stereotype and it’s comfortable for them but this is actually really harmful
so yeah that’s it I think I will make a bigger post about Alma one day
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✧・゚: *✧・゚:*  Sand in the Hourglass  *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
Chapter One
A Continuation of "A Family Affair".
With the introductions over, you and Bruno have some time to get to know each other. Pepa comes to an upsetting realization and Abuela does seem to have something up her sleeve in order to avoid coming conflicts. Whatever could they be?
Pairing(s): Bruno Madrigal X Reader
Reader: Gender Neutral
Warnings: I will be tagging it as "Teen and up" from here on out in case I decide to twist it a bit.
Type: Fluff
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧ One ✧ Two ✧ TBA ✧ TBA ✧ TBA ✧*:・゚✧*:・゚✧
(Cross-posting for those who can't use Ao3)
With a long stretch, Bruno stirred awake and dropped his wrists and heels to the floor. Wait, floor? Confused and still a bit sleepy, he lifted his head and took in his surroundings. It took him a moment to make out the contents of his hidden room in the dark. He must’ve fallen asleep there again. Not ready to get up just yet, Bruno rolled onto his side only to come face to face with the figure of someone laying beside him. With a terrified yelp, he leapt to his feet and scrambled for the hanging lamp. The handle of a broom he kept nearby fell into his grip and he held it out to protect himself as he lit the lamp.
There, on the floor, just inches away from where he was once laying, you laid curled up on your side still sound asleep. You would have been facing him if he hadn’t moved.
“O-Oh…!” he gasped softly, lowering the broom with a stare. Bruno’s eyes swept over the scene before him. Pages both scrawled on and blank were scattered around you and in your hand was one of his pens. He could see exactly where he had been laying too, where the papers left a spot exposing the wooden floor. It brought back memories of the night before where, after Mirabel had gone to bed, the two of you stayed up and talked about anything and everything. Sometimes nothing at all. You two had even started collaborating over a couple of telenovela scripts, though he did not remember falling asleep at all.
His gaze moved back to you. He was surprised he didn’t wake you with all the commotion he caused. Bruno carefully laid back down on his side, parallel to you, and found that he couldn’t stop staring at you. There was no way that you were actually there. He had to still be asleep, dreaming of something that could never happen… right?
Biting his lip and rubbing his fingers together, Bruno reached out and moved a piece of hair away from your face. Thankfully, you didn’t stir or he would have felt horrible.
If this was a dream, he wanted it to last. He looked to your hand laying about eye level between the two of you and he gently slipped his own into it. His heart fluttered at the realization that it was really there, that you were really there. This caused him to scoot closer. He never had anyone sleep next to him like this. Well, not since he was a kid and it was his sisters, but he never had someone other than family next to him.
The sound of Casita coming to life indicated that everyone was waking up. The tiles clacking loudly outside of the door made Bruno flinch but before he could rise to quiet them, you stirred and he froze in place. With a soft moan, you stretched, rolling onto your back before opening your eyes. Bruno’s heart skip a beat upon seeing the color of your irises in the candlelight. Your hand tightened around his with another stretch which caused you to look at it.
“Morning,” Bruno whispered, almost breathlessly, hoping that you remembered falling asleep on the floor better than he did. To his delight, you smiled sleepily back.
“Morning, Bruno…”
The fact you used his name sent his mind reeling.
“S-Sleep well?”
You sighed with another stretch and a yawn before sitting up.
“Mm-hm! You?” you glanced back at him while propping yourself up on your palms. Bruno nodded and watched you take in your surroundings, looking at the papers that were scattered around then to the pen in your hand. “Wow, looks like we kinda went overboard, huh?”
The smell of coffee and breakfast made Bruno’s head perk up.
“Mmmm, Julieta must be in the kitchen,” he murmured, pushing himself to his feet. He hesitated a moment before holding his hand out to you. “... Hungry?”
Before you could open your mouth, your stomach gave you away. The smell of the food had made your stomach start rumbling loudly which made you chuckle nervously before taking his hand.
“I could eat…”
Julieta had just pulled a steaming batch of arepas off the griddle and Pepa had finished brewing the coffee when the hidden door opened. Both paused, glanced at each other then craned their necks with amused smiles to see who would come out.
Bruno had caught his sandal on a raised piece of tile as he tried to step through and stumbled out. His face reddened as he turned to you with a snicker and began to fix his clothes, causing you to do the same thing when you stepped out behind him, chuckling as you fixed your hair.
Julieta was taken aback while Pepa’s jaw dropped at the sight of you two looking as if something else had happened in the room.
“Careful, don’t hurt yourself,” you shook your head then stretched. “Ugh, my lower back feels like it took a beating.”
“Well, being on the floor all night will do that to you. That’s why I prefer a hammock,” Bruno sighed, turning his attention to his sisters and he frowned at their expressions. “... What?”
Pepa’s face had reddened with the dialogue and Julieta snapped her out of her stare by closing her jaw for her in one quick move. Julieta cleared her throat and shook her head with an unsuspecting smile.
“Nothing, we didn’t think we’d see you two this morning…”
“Oh,” Bruno blinked. When he looked at Pepa, she immediately turned away and motioned toward the percolator.
“Coffee’s ready,” she muttered flusteredly, motioning toward the door to the large outdoor patio. “And there’s more food outside on the table…”
“Good!” the man beamed as he turned to you. “If you loved dinner last night, wait until you have Julieta’s breakfast spread!”
The two women watched him usher you to the patio before turning to one another.
“Did you see that-?!” Pepa motioned to the hidden door. “They didn’t-!”
“Easy, we don’t know what happened in there,” Julieta sighed as she gathered more plates and placed the arepa con queso plate on top. “And if it did happen, it’s none of our business.”
“Bruno doesn’t seem the type to move that quickly!”
Julieta shrugged while carrying the load out to the patio with Pepa on her heels, carrying the coffee pot.
“Maybe he didn’t. Or, he realized he’s not as young as he used to be and wanted to strike while the iron was hot,” she turned her gaze toward the table where most of the family was already gathered. Bruno sat at the far end with you on his right, opposite of where Abuela, who had not emerged yet, usually sat. The two of you seemed to be deep in conversation when Camilo ran up, cutting off Agustín who was about to take the seat next to you, but before he could steal it, he was knocked to the floor by Parce. Antonio snickered as he quickly took the seat and looked up at you.
“Hey!” Camilo growled. His head perked up and he scrambled to the other side to take the seat next to Bruno but was denied by Mirabel who quickly slid into it.
“Ha!” she exclaimed. “Too slow, Primo!”
“Oh, come on!”
“If Y/N lived here, that wouldn’t be as much of an issue but they don’t,” Pepa hissed. “They DO have to leave at some point. What about their home?!” As she spoke, a cloud manifested above her head and rumbled softly as tears swelled in her eyes. “What if… What if they leave and never come back? It would devastate him…”
Julieta frowned and led her sister away from the buffet table and off the patio before hugging her.
“Shhhh, don’t get upset. That has yet to be seen. I can imagine Mamá already has that exact thought going through her head at this moment,” she cooed.
“I was so confident about this when we first started but after seeing those two come out of the room like that… It makes me wish we never pushed them together,” Pepa sobbed, the cloud now starting to drizzle over her.
“Pepi?” Félix’s voice called out as the man rounded the corner. Upon seeing his wife in tears, he rushed to her side. “Hey, hey, hey, Pepi, mí Vida, what’s wrong?”
“This whole thing has been ruined!” she wailed. “Bruno is going to get hurt!”
Julieta rolled her eyes with a soft sigh and shook her head before relaying what she meant to her brother-in-law who continued to try to console the weeping woman. Félix let out a soft chuckle and pulled her close.
“Mí Vida, if Y/N has to leave, it’s not the end of the world.”
“It’s not?” Pepa sniffed before wiping her eyes. Félix smiled before kissing her hand tenderly.
“No. Remember when Agustín fell for your sister but had to go back to the city he came from?” he motioned to Julieta who nodded. Pepa glanced between the two with a sniffle.
“You were just as emotional about him not coming back as you are now,” Julieta chuckled. “Bruno and Félix tried everything in their power to get your mind off the whole thing but all you could think about was how heartbroken I’d be if he never came back.”
“Ah, but he came back, didn’t he? After he settled his affairs, he came running back for your sister, ready to marry her on the spot!” Félix grinned. “I’m sure if we make Y/N feel at home, they’ll do the same thing. Hell, they may not even leave and stay.”
“Yes, there will always be a chance it could go wrong, Pepa,” Julieta took her hands and looked her in the eyes. “But if we try to intervene because we think he may get hurt, we could make it worse. We could scare Y/N away accidentally.”
“Mí Amor, you are going to have to let this play out as intended. We did our part of bringing them together. It’s Bruno’s turn to keep the two of them together. I know you’re scared for Bruno, but I’m sure he knows what he’s doing with Y/N,” the loving husband nuzzled her jawline. “Clear skies, Pepi. For Bruno.”
“F-For Bruno,” Pepa nodded, closing her eyes and trying to calm herself down.
“Besides, knowing your mother and how much she likes Y/N, she might have a few cards up her puffy sleeves,” Félix laughed, making Pepa laugh as well.
“Knowing her, she already has a house being built to accommodate them as a perk to stay in Encanto,” she joked but her smile slowly faded, replaced with a thoughtful expression. Both sisters seemed to have come to the same conclusion before shaking their heads.
“She couldn’t…”
“She wouldn’t…?”
The confidence the two women had displayed started to wane.
“Dios mío, she would…” Julieta pressed her palm against her forehead. “Bruno’s her only son…”
“And the only one not married…” Pepa rubbed her temples. “She’s going to pull something Y/N can’t say no to, isn’t she?”
Félix bit his lip and looked back toward the table.
“Not my place to say, but you might want to find out what she may have in mind…” he thumbed over his shoulder. “We don’t need her scaring Y/N off like that, making them think we might try to force them to stay…”
Pepa and Julieta shared another glance before the two went scrambling for the table, only slowing down once the rest of the family could see them. Félix was on their heels. Both women quickly took their seats on either side of Abuela’s seat while forcing unpleasant grins at one another. The opposite end of the table fell silent as they had become the prime focus.
“Is… everything okay?” you muttered to Bruno. “They look like they’re trying to keep something down…”
Bruno started out laughing it off but ended with a concerned tone.
“Yeah, they’re fine, they’re… they’re… actually… I’m not sure…” he answered before clearing his throat. “Julieta? Pepi? Everything okay?”
“Everything’s fine!” Pepa snapped her head in his direction, making him jump with the expression she had on her face. Her eyes were wide with a slight twitch and her mouth was stretched as far as it could go. It didn’t help that the cloud had followed her and it darkened under her eyes. Even you had to glance away while taking a sip of juice.
“A-Are-are-are-are you s-sure? Cuz you d-don’t look fine…” he tried again.
“Everything’s fine, Bruno,” Julieta lightly snapped. “You have a guest, you should be focused on them.”
Mirabel’s brows furrowed at this behavior. Seemed like her sisters and cousins, minus Antonio who was too infatuated with asking you a plethora of questions only a five-year-old would ask, picked up on it as well. Pepa, sure, she’d snap at people all the time, but Julieta? Her mother almost never snapped at anyone. Bruno only shrugged it off and turned back to you, only to find that Antonio had crawled into your lap, looking pleased with himself.
“I couldn’t help it,” you murmured, laying your chin on the boy’s head. “Look at his little face! He's adorable!”
Antonio pulled his plate closer to yours and Camilo jumped into the seat he had tried to steal minutes before.
“Yeah, he’s cute now, but when he’s grown, I’ll still be the cutest one in the family,” the teenager smirked.
“I don’t know, you still have to surpass your tío here,” you teased, jerking your head in Bruno’s direction. Bruno’s face reddened and he turned his attention to his plate, twirling his fork around with a small smile.
“Oh, come on, I’m still cuter and you know it!”
“That’s a matter of perspective,” Mirabel snickered then sighed. “At least you’ll always be a huge boboso to me!”
Camilo stuck his tongue out at Mirabel before continuing to eat. The movement of purple caught everyone’s attention at the head of the table and you glanced up to see Abuela with a cup of tea in her hand. Her eyes swept across the table before falling on you and one of the warmest smiles you had ever witnessed graced her face.
“Good morning, everyone! Good morning, Y/N,” she called out over the table as she took her seat.
“Good morning, doña Madrigal,” your voice joined the sea of “Good morning, Abuela!”s.
“Now, I would like to start off this morning with a couple of announcements,” she went on. The first couple was nothing big, just some chores that needed to be done that day in town that she handed out to the older Madrigal children. You didn’t pay much attention until the project you had helped with when you met Bruno was brought up. “The house is finished, construction-wise, so there’s plenty of time to get to know one another now.”
She directed that toward Bruno who had a piece of bacon hanging out of his mouth, causing you to snort quietly.
“Hm?” He quickly finished the piece and wiped his mouth with a napkin. Abuela didn’t elaborate but continued, this time looking directly at you.
“I understand your… friends are in Encanto at the moment and that it may become cramped in your room with two extra bodies. I would like to offer you the spare room for the rest of your stay here if you are interested.”
Your head perked up at the offer but the rest of the family seemed confused.
“Spare room? What spare room?” and the like echoed around the table.
“Why, the spare room next to Mirabel’s room, of course,” the matriarch smiled, this time with a mischievous air about her. You hadn’t seen the top floor of the home yet past a few glances upward so you weren’t sure what the confusion was about but Bruno seemed to be just as lost as his family.
“There is no spare room next to mine…” Mirabel muttered under her breath. “There’s only one door there…”
Abuela dodged any questions and continued to look at you.
“If you do decide to wait out the storm coming in later, it would eliminate each trip to Casita in such horrible conditions,” she glanced at Bruno as she spoke to you then returned it.
“That is true…” you tilted your head in thought. You then nodded. Knowing your friends, they would be headed directly to the next stop, if they didn’t already ditch you again, and you wouldn’t have to worry about the hotel cost of extending your stay. It would also give you more time with Bruno and the more you thought about it, the more your face began to heat up. Some of the older Madrigals let out adoring noises at this, telling you that it was clear as day. You turned your attention back to Abuela. “All right. I’ll get my things after breakfast!”
“Wonderful! The room is already prepared for you!” she beamed then continued on with her announcements. You glanced over at Bruno whose face was probably just as red.
“A-Are you sure?” he asked in a whisper. You didn’t hesitate and nodded.
“Y-Yeah… At least we’ll have more time to spend together…”
“¡La Familia Madrigal!” the family suddenly erupted in unison, causing both of you to jump.
“¡La Familia Madrigal!” you and Bruno called out seconds after they were finished to make it seem as if you were paying attention. This earned you excited stares that made you want to sink under the table out of embarrassment from being late with it. Afterward, you relaxed and tucked into your food.
“So, Bruno,” Félix’s voice called over the table. “Seemed you and Y/N had fun last night.”
Bruno, who had just taken a gulp of coffee, swallowed it hard in order to answer with a nod.
“O-Oh… Yeah, we did,” he smiled. “We were up all night-”
“I heard,” he chuckled, receiving a glare from his wife. “You were looking a bit rough coming out.”
“Well, yeah. We were on the floor all night.”
“It didn’t dawn on you to use a bed?” Agustín snickered in a suggestive tone. Bruno looked confused but you were starting to catch on to what they were alluding to.
“You… can’t fit a bed in there… Not one big enough anyway. We’d still end up on the floor with a small bed.”
You would imagine that he meant rolling out of it while asleep, considering that was part of the reason he preferred hammocks or larger beds, but the way it sounded only fueled the men’s snickers. The older Madrigal children seemed to have realized what the conversation was about and averted their gazes or left the table all together with their plates.
If your face wasn’t beet red before, it was now. As Félix was asking another question, he yelped and looked at his irritated wife who had apparently kicked him under the table. You caught Julieta nudging Agustín hard with a look that told him to drop the conversation.
“We were keeping it vague!” Félix lowered his voice when Pepa motioned to Antonio, Mirabel, and Camilo. “You expect me not to mess with my bro-in-law-!”
“It’s not polite table conversation!” Julieta chided. One glance at Bruno made you realize he hadn’t picked up on any of it. Abuela seemed lost as well, possibly due to not expecting such a conversion to take place at the table. Maybe that was for the best.
Once breakfast was over, you went to pick up your plate but Antonio snatched it instead, adding it to his. He hopped down, telling you he’d bring it to his tía so you didn’t have to.
“Oh, thank you,” you chuckled, then stood, excusing yourself from the table. “I better go get my things repacked and tell the others what’s going on.”
“Splendid! We will get everything cleaned up here and see you when you get back!” Abuela clapped her hands together. You nodded and headed back toward the hotel using a path that winded back toward the town. Bruno just stared after you, not moving until Abuela cleared her throat.
“Huh?” he snapped his attention to her.
“Maybe Y/N will need some help bringing their luggage back here. Hm?” the matriarch raised her brows and motioned with her head in your direction.
“O-OH!” he gasped, scrambling out of his chair and down the path, calling after you to wait for him. Once he was out of earshot, Julieta and Pepa turned their attention to their mother.
“Spare bedroom?” Pepa raised a brow.
“You asked Casita to make a spare bedroom, didn’t you, Mamá?” Julieta sighed. Abuela only gave a small ‘hm’ with a mischievous smile before picking up her cup and saucer and heading into Casita. The two immediately gave chase.
You paused at the end of the path to wait for Bruno who skidded to a stop next to you with a nervous laugh. He wasn’t as out of breath as you thought he’d be from the sprint.
“Bruno? You’re not staying to help clean up?”
“Hey, uh, yeah, no, I thought you’d need more help with your things…” he smiled, rubbing the back of his neck. “Besides, they got plenty of hands up there.”
“That’s true,” you shrugged and the two of you made your way back toward the hotel. Thinking back to the conversation at the table, your face reddened again and Bruno noticed immediately.
“What? What’s wrong?”
Glancing around to make sure no one would hear, you quietly told him what you think Félix and Agustín meant.
“What? I didn’t… I couldn’t understand that,” Bruno furrowed his brow. With a deep inhale, you tried again, only a little louder.
“Your… brothers-in-law think… that we spent the night together.”
Bruno blinked.
“But we did?”
“N-No, they think that we… slept together.”
“Yeah, we did that. On the floor among the papers, remember?”
You stared at the man in shock. He couldn’t have been that innocent. He questioned the stare before you cleared your throat and raised your brows.
“What else could “sleeping together” mean, Bruno?” you pressed. He furrowed his brow again while crossing his arms and wrapping a hand around his chin in thought. “Why would they have suggested a bed?”
Bruno went to open his mouth before it clicked.
“Oh! They think we had sex,” he said casually but then his face went fire red considering he just blurted it out like it was nothing. “OH.”
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Tumblr media
(Bruno, Pepa, Julieta as kids)
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multxanna · 2 days ago
anyone ever wonder about the kids’ family on their fathers’ side ? like if they have any more tías/tios/abuelas etc ?
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Whatever the world can offer.
I was requested a Luisa x Male! Reader fic. I hope this will reach expectations to those who ask for it. @coffeecreamer097
No warnings!
Luisa x Male! Reader
Reader’s pronouns : He/him
There will be this character Osvaldo, he is the character who gave the gift kit to Mirabel and sort of insulted her ?
Set years after the post-movie
Tumblr media
You and Luisa were newly engaged just a month ago. You proposed to her on a ferris wheel. In the secret theme park inside her bedroom. It was a private proposal and what Luisa really preferred in a marriage proposal. But it’s been years since you two were together.
You met her when she was trying to find her sister, Mirabel. Then when the magic pretty much healed, you and Luisa started to talk even more. And moved away from the word, ‘platonic’. Now here you are, another month away just to call her your wife. But is everyone else’s vision of you two were how you or Luisa saw it..?
That morning, a fine cloudy day. Luisa was asked by the townspeople that she had to do some errands at the other side of town, more far but it was fine. Luisa had been such in a good mood these days, if she had Pepa’s gift it would be the hottest the town had felt. While walking there, she had her eyes all focused on her ring finger. The spectacular ring given by you. An engagement ring. She never seen one so amazing. So beautiful. She would always smile proudly ever being asked about the marriage or just simply glancing at the ring or you.
Luisa continued walking happily before she was stopped by Osvaldo. She never liked him much, she rather found him rude. After finding out how he gave a ridiculous name for a kit. ‘The not special, special’ for Mirabel. But as Luisa, one of the most helpful people around town. She had to politely greet him.
“Hola Osvaldo, anything I need to move or lift today?” She asked him, he stared up at her. Creeping her out a bit.
“Ah no, I wanted to ask your engagement with Y/N. He proposed like a month ago right?” He questioned, bringing Luisa’s attention happily as she’d gladly talk about you every day and any day.
“Ah yes he proposed a month ago! Still very happy about it.” She chuckled to him. He chuckled back, and looked in thought. Which made Luisa raise an eyebrow in confusion,
“Is something wrong..?” Luisa looked down at him. He looked like he wanted to choose his words precisely, even when they aren’t the nicest when hearing them.
“Don’t you feel that it’s weird, a short man and a tall woman? It’s always the other way.” He asked her with his head tilted. Making her a bit shocked,
“What do you mean..?” She muttered
“I mean, it’s always tall guy and short woman. And also the fact that you have more of a masculine body than him. Like, won’t a feminine body be better? Well Pepa is a bit taller than Félix, but it’s not too noticeable. Huh. I learn a lot everyday.” He said to her seeming so confident. But Luisa felt a bit hurt? Are these standards?
Did she have to have a skinnier and less masculine body? Height? That wasn’t a problem though when you’re with her. Instead of having a warm smile appear on her face, an awkward and obvious anger chuckle came out out of her mouth.
“I guess that’s my cue to leave..”
She couldn’t stop thinking about it that day. As she helped everyone, she sighed and she had her eye twitch unintentionally. Of course it can be ignored, but she takes a lot to heart. Especially from those she helps. She always wants to fit their standards like into being strong and helping everyone. Or just anything to not be a burden to all of them.
She frowned, and sat on the ground hiding from everyone. The conversation repeated in her head many times, she tried to avoid it by hitting her head again and yet again. It felt strange, it was never a burden to you both.
Does height matter? Her looks? Was it too masculine to you. That’s when it hit her. She started to admit she wasn’t good enough for you. How you deserved beautiful people to be with, someone not busy and can attend to you for anything.
But all those thoughts had a pause. As she heard her name echoing from casita. That’s when she realised the sky was an orangey-purple. Indicating the night was near and family dinner is happening soon. So she stood up and walked awkwardly back, bidding goodbye to those she ended up seeing.
Dinner was fine for everyone. You recently joined every dinner with the Madrigals after being engaged with Luisa. You sat next to her, not paying attention to your fiancée because Abuela Alma was busy talking to you. Questions about how you feel about the engagement, plans on the wedding, how many kids you would like and occasionally throwing in an ‘Are you fine if I ask..’ sentence starters.
While asking, Abuela turned to Luisa with a warm grin. But Luisa looked cold, not in a mean way. Like in a more uncomfortable way. You looked at her stiff, and weirdly playing with her food. The empanada was just in her palm being played with instead of being in her mouth. Her glass of water was also untouched, shocking you as water is the first thing she touches in a dinner to relieve a long day.
You watched her with an eyebrow raised. Everyone also watched her awkwardly. She pressed her lips together. Luisa just stared back at everyone. Except you. Abuela Alma brushed it off helpfully changing her conversation. Into talking about how everyone’s days were. It distracted them and you quietly whisper to her why she acted like this. But it puzzled you at how hard she tried to ignore you. What was wrong?
Luisa felt like a burden to you. One thing about her is that it’s so hard for her to hide her feelings. Like that time she showed Mirabel so much body language and how obvious her deeper emotions were. She may hide her words but hiding her feels are impossible. Of course you can detect it well. Luisa just felt so horrible and realised that she is nobody compared to you. You were kind and entertained everyone, made others laugh and didn’t awkwardly tower all those around you. But a truth she thought though, did this hurt you like how hurt her?
All of the sudden she felt so bombarded even when you were the only one trying to grab her attention respectfully. It’s because you’re like her everyone, her everything.
She stood up all of the sudden, and hurried herself away. You tried to approach her. But you felt tugged by a small hand. It was Dolores. She shook her head and but was also unsure whether or not to tell you about the happenings.
The Madrigal family were all together washing and cleaning the dining area. Except a missing one, Luisa. You had your thoughts full of recalling your earlier moments with her. Did you insult her? No. Did you make her angry? No. Did you annoy her? Maybe but probably not. So instead you answer went to Dolores. Who was at the corner, placing all the plates back.
So you approached her slowly and held her wrist. Catching her eyes to you. Knowing what you wanted to ask her. She pressed her lips and checked to make sure the others still busy. And she sat you down next to her.
“So.. I didn’t want to tell you this but I don’t think Luisa would tell you so I will,” She sighed slowly.
“Today this morning Osvaldo told her that it was strange a tall woman such as her, to have a shorter husband. And how she was more masculine and that was not normal.” Dolores said with a sad look. Yet tried to reassure you with a smile too.
Luisa did not know what she did, so all she done was lift and lift. She lifted some heavy yet light, dumbbells with one arm. Producing sweat from her forehead. She was desperate to exhaust herself to sleep just before you came back to confront her.
Yet, you were already there. Making herself frown but still ignored you. She sat on her bed slightly uncomfortable by your presence. But you hurried over to sit next to her. She finally stopped lifting to look at you in the eye. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a softie but at times she can be intimidating.
You grabbed her arm. And gave her an assuring look,
“Luisa, I love you so much alright? Nothing can ever stop me from loving you unconditionally.”
“Dolores probably told you. Forget it. I don’t want it to get in your head.”
“What Osvaldo said, did not get to my head. Your feelings did.”
“What do you mean?” She looked at you wide-eyed.
“I care about you so much Luisa! I love you so much! I am not saying that to assure you, I am saying this because I genuinely do. Why would you listen to some townsperson opinion?! Alright? I don’t see that you are strong and a lifter, I see you like a glowing and an amazing woman. I am so glad that you will be my wife. I am glad to create a new future with you. I am just glad to be with you. I love you more than whatever the world can offer! Do you hear me now?”
You rambled so much with many expressions and feelings. It seemed slightly confusing though, it can look like a vent, or a loving praise or even a harsh scold. Nevertheless, she had the need to bawl. So she did. She felt those burdens on her shoulders disappear. She learned that she loves you, and you love her. There’s nothing more you two need to prove.
DONE! I am sorry this fic took so long. It’s that I’ve been so busy with other stuff in my life. I am also so sorry if this is bad, it’s actually one of my least proudest works. But I am happy to have finally finish this c:
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insomniaruler · a day ago
What I think the Madrigals rooms look like
(going by age )
Alma - It’s extremely similar to the room she shared with Pedro in their old house but with a small memorial to Pedro. Casita can work in there
Julieta - It’s a relatively normal room but it has a very warm and welcoming aura. in her youth it was packed with soft comfy blankets and things for when her siblings slept in her room those left as she matured. but they returned as she had children.
Pepa - it’s a field with ever changing weather tied to her moods (Like her gift). Her bed and dresser are in a flowering meadow. she has a room with in her room where her emotions don’t affect the out side world. That just let’s her let it all out.
Bruno - When he first received his gift it was desert yes but the stairs were shorter and he actually had a small living space. But as he grew older And the towns folk grew more hostile and his mamá grew distant. the stairs grew taller and his living space shrunk. When he returned he had a theatre for his rats and a actual bed (he got to keep his chair, it to survived).
(ps. All the triplets have little hints of their siblings in their rooms)
Isabela - (we know what her room looks like) when she returns it has spots for her succulents and the flowers change into more native Colombian flowers. It also appears less castle like.
Dolores - Her room when she was small was completely soundproof but as she grew to control her gift the room changed to let her hear her family while inside. Visually it’s comparable to a zen garden with a river running through it. She also has a multitude of instruments most notably a tiple (12-string Colombian Guitar).
Luisa - it’s a beach with workout equipment, her bed is soft with a unicorn plush. She actually really enjoyed swimming before the responsibilities started to pile up.
Camilo - he has countless pictures of many people for ideas for shifting. his room all in all is like a theatre he practices his shifting on stage. When he was younger he put on shows for baby Antonio. His bed and things are back stage. He has chameleon stuffy from Mirabel.
Mirabel - she actually got a room after Casita’s fall it had a high quality seamstress’s table with all her craft things. She also has a new big bed instead of the single she had before. Casita can interact in her room.
Antonio - (we know what it looks like) it has a ton of animal beds and brushes and things. His tree has tiny hidy holes, in one he keeps the vision that Bruno threw away. He found it cool.
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sugarshackpeasant · 2 days ago
the madrigals vs the incredibles: who would win in a fight?
trigger warning: violence, death
okay so let’s start by listing out everyone in each family:
the madrigals:
tia pepa
but let’s eliminate some of the madrigals:
abuela doesn’t have any powers so she’s out
julieta’s power ould be rendered useless unless she has her food on her at all times so she’s out
augustin has no powers
felix doesn’t have any powers
bruno’s power requires a whole ritual and his visions aren’t always clear
mirabel doesn’t have any powers
which leaves:
tia pepa
and antonio
the incredibles have:
and jack jack
now let’s eliminate the next round of characters:
luisa and bob have the same power so they cancel each other out (they would just spend the entire time fighting)
dolores would cancel out violet’s invisibility and violet can’t hold her force field’s for very long against strong forces so someone breaks violet’s force field and she dies
dash would beat camilo in a fight since camilo’s shapeshifting can’t replicate powers and anyone else camilo would shapshift into still wouldn’t be fast enough to outrun dash so camilo dies once dash catches him
and jack jack beats antonio simply because jack jack’s easily the strongest incredible and antonio’s animals can only get him so far
which now leaves:
tia pepa
jack jack
and dolores’s power isn’t pyhsical so for that reason i think she’d die
which now leaves:
tia pepa
jack jack
which is why i think the madrigals would win
tia pepa and isabela give them the upper hand
tia pepa creates a hurricane at her wedding from being anxious, imagine what she could do when she’s angry
and we never see tia pepa’s limits
so theoretically tia pepa can just keep the hurricane going for as long as she’s angry and considering that it’s a fight where ppl r dying she’d have more than enough anger to fuel it
and we never get any limits on isabela’s powers either
she can create an unlimited mount of plants
and she breaks mariano’s nose with a flower by accident
imagine what else she could do to someone
so tia pepa creates a hurricane
isabela creates vines and plants to keep dash in place and then she kills him
jack jack’s a baby so with tia pepa and isabela’s unlimited powers they could easily find a way to kill a baby
so that leaves tia pepa and isabela vs helen
and as i’ve stated tia pepa and isabela would win
with a hurricane and isabela’s deadly plants helen wouldn’t stand a chance
so to answer the question: the madrigals would win in a fight
but feel free to share ur thoughts 
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