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Bruno: I suffered from nosebleeds when I was little. Once I had one so bad I was covered in blood.
Bruno: So I went to wake my mom up. She opened her eyes to see a bloodsoaked child leaning over her in the dark saying "please help", and to this day I can still hear her screaming.
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gayshadowgov · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just... watching those three parts of the film, I can only imagine Bruno in the walls during that final argument, absolutely heartbroken over how convinced his mother is that he didn’t love them; especially when he’s spent ten years in total isolation just so that he could be with his family without hurting them... just, ouch.
And then he risks confronting Abuela anyway just to help Mirabel.
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briarquartz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Encanto +  Butterflies in the end credits. 
Image description under the cut
[image id. 6 gifs from encanto’s end credits and a still picture. 1st, child mirabel from behind during her door ceremony, reaching for her doorknob. there is a shape of a butterfly glowing on the door. 2nd grown mirabel’s shoulder on the left, shapes of flowers and butterflies next to her. isabela’s purple flowers fall down to cover them and we see isabela’s face in profile. 3rd, mirabel and abuela at the river, setting floating candles on the water. in the water, the candleholders have shapes of butterflies on the bottom, and one of them has carved shapes of butterflies on top along the edge.
4th, casita’s tiles from above in a circular shape. they change color and spin as they show four butterflies growing in size as they “fly” away from the center. 5th, a kettle on the stove. julieta’s hand lift the lid, releasing steam. some of the wall tiles have color on them that form the shape of a butterfly on either side. 6th, a closed accordion with a drawn butterfly next to the player’s right hand side. the accordion opens.
7th, a still picture collage. on the left is a large butterfly with tails, in the middle top to bottom the candle with a butterfly on it, a single butterfly next to it, below them a butterfly with symmetrical leaves on either sides and below six papercut babies with butterflies between them, save for the middle. on the right of the collage is a group of 3 identical butterflies. end of id.) 
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camellia-salazar · a day ago
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fanonical · 20 hours ago
i wonder if part of the disconnect between abuela and mirabel is their differing perspective on the gift
mirabel wants a gift so badly - she sees it as something awe-inspiring, something amazing. she wants a miracle! she perceives it as a miracle, because that's the way she's been taught
meanwhile, abuela knows what caused the miracle. not the sanitised version she tells the kids, the real one. the outpouring of grief and pain and hurt and trauma that, yes, protected her, but despite the language she uses is more a burden than a blessing.
so abuela seeing mirabel longing so openly for the thing that represents her life being torn apart...it's not hard to see why she might have reacted so negatively.
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lovewillthaw-j · 2 days ago
Did anyone else notice the funky dance moves by Abuela, Mariano and his mom? (Mariano's on his way/Isabela your boyfriend is here)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
(during We Don't Talk About Bruno)
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trees-to-meet-you · 2 days ago
You ever wonder if maybe the gifts the miracle gave the family were based on Abuela Alma?
Like, when she first got the miracle she felt like she needed the power to heal and care for her community, because she was a passionate young woman before and now that she had the miracle she had to be a leader. Thus, Julieta has the power to heal.
She also felt the need to protect her community, which takes power. The weather is very powerful, and thus Pepa has the power of the weather.
And because she went through a trauma, with her children, she’s anxious and feels like she needs to always know what the future will hold, so she can prepare for it. Bruno gets the gift of foresight.
As for the next generation, Isabela mirrors her need to be perfect (because she’s a leader now) and spread harmony through the community with the power of plants. Dolores mirrors her need to be constantly vigilant, in case something else is coming.
Alma feels like she needs to be strong to protect and hold the community together, so Luisa gets the gift of strength. Camilo gets the ability to shapeshift, the ability to blend in wherever he goes. Alma still feels anxious about being such a public figure, though she’s repressed it, and wants to be able to fit in somewhere, without notice. She also wants to make herself seem like a bigger threat to potential enemies, the same way a cat fluffs up its coat.
By the time Mirabel was 5, Alma was starting to feel normal again. She had a good, strong family, respect, and a thriving community. She was starting to focus more on her family, and the potential for good in the future. She was curious about who would take care of her family once she was gone, of course, but it wasn’t something she felt too much worry over. Mirabel didn’t get a gift. She didn’t need one. She was a natural-born leader, and compassionate. A future matriarch in the making.
But Alma was still traumatized, and instead of inspiring her as a good thing, Mirabel’s lack of gift reignited her worries over the future and everything she built crumbling around her. Bruno left that night, which didn’t help her.
Antonio was the last one to get a gift, as of the movie’s end. He got the power to communicate with animals. By this point, Alma had recognized that she needed to communicate with someone. She was overheard after the ceremony talking to Pedro about her worries, especially concerning the miracle, and it’s likely that she had talked to the memory of Pedro before. She’s grieving, after all.
But the power to communicate with family is not really something that can be given, so Antonio got to speak with animals instead. Alma has to learn to communicate with her family. And she did.
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eleanorzein · a day ago
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Another brand new gif for my fellow Encanto enthusiasts. Feel free to share and reblog.
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lilfunnyquotes · a day ago
So this whole post exists because I just learned that Casita, as big as it is, only has one bathroom.
Isabela: *taking her sweet time getting ready, brushing her hair and doing makeup, and-*
Isabela: Okay, okay! Just five more minutes!
Isabela: *in the bathroom*
The whole family: *lined up around the wall waiting to go in various stages of agony*
Camilo: Screw this, I’m going outside!
Pepa: Why are you going outside??
Félix: Ooooh I know why, and I’m joining you.
Antonio: Take me with you!
Luisa: Fuck it, I ain’t no wuss.
Agustín: I’m going to my parents’ house.
Bruno: *already gone*
*another bathroom line*
Abuela: *passing this situation*
Julieta: Mamá don’t you have to use the restroom?
Abuela: No, I used the bathroom at the Guzmáns.
Dolores: . . .
Dolores: *dips*
The Fam: *doing their chores in town*
Abuela: *spends all day in the bathroom while they’re gone*
Pepa: Antonio, why were you in the bathroom for so long??
Antonio: My animal friends had to use it.
Camilo: ??? They could have peed outside???
Antonio: And you could have too.
Bruno: *just uses the bathroom by the farm*
Pepa: I can’t hold it any longer!
Julieta: I’m gonna cry!
Abuela: Jokes on you guys, I trained myself to hold my bladder.
Dolores: *dying of period*
Camilo: Dolores, for the love of everything, please hurry up!
Camilo: This isn’t a number 1.
Dolores: GO OUTSIDE!!
Mirabel: Tío Brunooooo. Heeeeeeey.
Bruno: Let me guess - you want me to tell you when the best time it is for you to use the bathroom.
Mirabel: Yeaaaaah.
That is all, feel free to continue on to this mess lol
signed, someone who shares a bathroom with a big family 
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mikalei · 21 hours ago
Madrigal x reader
Summary: A sequel to A Miracle Happened, a story of Y/n growing up or also known as a series filler chapters for my first series.
Tumblr media
First Words
Months after the Madrigals was blessed with a unique type of miracle, not the usual kind that they receive when a certain kid comes to age but a certain kid itself!
Y/n Madrigal the newest member of the family, it has been 10 months now after Pepa had gave birth to her, though the crippling anxiety of the baby not growing to be healthy was still lurking on Pepa's mind, seeing the baby turns out just well gives her relief.
Everyday, the family spends time with the new member, each one trying to teach her something whether it is to crawl, to walk, or talk.
And that's where Pepa's new anxiety arise. The baby can now walk a few steps, can even sprint before almost face planting herself right to the floor— thankfully Felix have good reflexes, but Y/n cannot talk yet.
Based on Pepa's experience from her 3 kids and her sobrinas, this is the time of age where babies starts to speak a few words.
"Pepi, you have nothing to worry about, the baby will eventually talk. I mean Dolores learns how to talk a bit later than Isabela when they were a kid" Felix tries to calm his wife who has dark clouds now forming above her head.
"But that just because Dolores was a shy kid and she actually knows how to talk, she just talks to Isabela. Y/n is a very active baby, even more active than Camilo when he was younger and yet she still can't say Mama or Papa" Pepa started freaking out.
"Maybe it's because I gave birth to her at such an old age, maybe it was my fault. What if she is mute, Oh Dios, I should've taken care of myself better when I was pregnant to her, I thought I–" Pepa's rambling was then cut off by Felix kissing her cheeks.
Though the action made Pepa somehow flustered, the dark clouds is still flashing with lightning.
"Amor, the baby is going to be fine. Everyone is helping Y/n to learn how to speak, it's just a matter of time. How about we take a good night sleep first then in the morning we can try teaching her to say some words." Seeing as the clouds slowly disappear from his wife's head, Felix smiles proudly at his victorious attempt at calming Pepa.
The couple had cuddled on Pepa's bed and starts to drift off. Let's just wish tommorow is going to be the day where Y/n can call Pepa "mama" or "mami".
The rising sun shines to the colorful village, and the Family Madrigal is now eating their breakfast.
Y/n is having a blast at making a mess out of the soft fruits on her high chair. Her laughter fills the table as Camilo and Mirabel try to make funny faces.
"Well I have already check up the town folks and it seems that there's not much chores, only a few donkeys scattered around the plaza and a few people who needs to be tend to. After the magic is back, the village seems to be much more independent than before which is a great opportunity for us to take a rest" Abuela starts with announcing the chpres everyone need to do.
Only Julietta and Luisa who is going to accompanied by Antonio are the ones who have to do their usual chores, the rest of the family of course will still help with other things like running to the village to buy stuff or help on the deliveries.
Pepa see this as an opportunity to teach her daughter to talk, and her children and sobrinas wants to join in.
And so after the Family are done with their chores, all of them had gathered on their courtyard (Does casita have salas?)
Y/n thinking it was a play date started asking each member of the family to use their gifts, Camilo had shapeshifted to multiple person trying to sing and act like the people he imitates but Y/n just decided to mirror his actions and not his words.
"Here Y/n/n, can you say flower? Look I have a flower here, say flower" Isabela was the next one to attempt making Y/n talk. Much to her dismay, the baby only just attempts to eat the dandelion Isabela gave to her.
Even Bruno try to say his catchphrase "knock on wood" to see if his sobrina will find it funny and repeat what he was saying.
After each attempt Pepa grew much more frustrated, well it has been clear, her daughter seems to be incapable of talking.
The rest of the family however don't want to give up yet, desperation was present to their actions that they started to talk over eachpl( other.
It was now pure chaos and the baby was now sensing the pressure and tension coming from her family. As the noise grew louder, Y/n finally snapped and started crying.
Pepa's cloud just grew much more, after seeing her daughter distraught face.
She immediately carries Y/n, bouncing the baby on her arms.
The thunder cloud is turning into a sprinkle, as Pepa is still trying to calm Y/n down, thoughts of her daughter being not able to even call her mama is heartbreaking for her. Small droplets is not pouring down the both of them.
Y/n looks at the droplets in amazement.
Pepa had realized this and gave Y/n to her dad, which then leads to Y/n crying more as she reach for her mom.
"Cariño, I can't carry you right now, not with this thing" Pepa tries to explain to her daughter while calming herself too.
It was useless, Y/n kept squirming away from her father's arms and kept reaching for Pepa as tears and snot fell down her face.
Y/n blurted out as she still reach out for Pepa. Everyone was in shock. It was probably just the baby's giberrish language.
"M-mami!" Y/n said it again, by this time Pepa's cloud is already gone.
"She said mami... SHE SAID MAMI!" Pepa showers her daughters with kisses and praises
"Ay mi amor, I'm so happy, I love you" another kiss from the cheeks was given to Y/n by Pepa.
"No fair, now it's 3-1. The only one from our kid who's first word is Papa is Dolores" Felix jokes
Everyone laughs, this day should be memorable, and so the family decided to treasure this event with a picture to celebrate Y/n's first word.
And that is the end of the first filler chapter, I will be updating my series weekly, and I'll try to answer requests every other day. This is my posting schedule, since I don't have an official one yet, this may change since academic break will give me time to be much more active but this is all for now.
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lythinksabittoomuch · a day ago
*Everyone is standing around the broken coffee maker*
Abuela: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
Mirabel : ...I did. I broke it.
Julietta : No. No you didn't. Camilo?
Camilo: Don't look at me. Look at Dolores
Dolores : What?! I didn't break it.
Camilo : Huh, that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
Dolores: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.
Camilo: Suspicious.
Dolores : No, it's not!
Luisa : If it matters, probably not, but Isabela was the last one to use it.
Isabela : Liar! I don't even drink that Stuff
Luisa: Oh really? Then what were you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Isabela : I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles. Everyone knows that, Luisa!
Mirabel: Okay let's not fight. I broke it. Let me pay for it, Abuela!
Abuela : No! Who broke it!?
Pepa : Mami...Bruno’s been awfully quiet.
Bruno: rEALLY?!
*Everyone starts arguing*
Abuela , being interviewed: I broke it. I burned my hand so I punched it.
Abuela : I predict 10 minutes from now they'll be at each other's throats with warpaint on their faces and a pig head on a stick.
Abuela : Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
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Abuela Alma: So, if everyone was an animal, what would they be?
Bruno: A unicorn because no one believes in me.
Abuela Alma, eye twitching: Very imaginative!
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I’m rewatching encanto (yes again sue me) and i noticed something really cool during Surface Pressure.. When Luisa starts fantasizing about having no expectations to burden her, she’s seemingly floating in the air but the second she sees the boulders a.k.a. family burdens, chores, etc., it knocks her to the ground because she feels immediately obliged to carry it all.. basically, her chores and expectations keep her grounded when all she wants to do is let go and just be free.. (and float with donkey unicorns but that’s besides the point)
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briarquartz · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Ay mariposas
No se aguanten más
Hay que crecer a parte y volver
Hacia adelante seguirás
inspo: x
Image description under the cut
[description: 11 gifs from encanto. 1st, the candle with a butterfly carved in the wax on a windowsill. behind it, young alma sits somberly on the floor, holding the triplets. 2nd, young alma hold onto a lamp post in town at night, paper butterflies hanging in vines around her from the poles. 3rd, casita's new door with the whole family glowing brightly. there are glowing butterflies carved onto the stone pillars next to the door and the arch above it. 4th, alma shows pedro a papercutting of a baby. she opens it to revel two more babies. there is a butterfly where two babies meet. 5th. mirabel and abuela hugging. they pull away and notice a swarm of butterflies around them and smile.
6th, julieta and augustín in a side hug, pausing setting up tiles with butterfly shapes cut out of them. augustín has set his upside down. 7th, abuela from torso down. she has a golden chatelaine hanging from her hip, with a butterfly clasp attaching it to the her hip. the bottom of her dress has a butterfly pattern. 8th abuela hugging a confused bruno. her black shawl is lined with shapes of butterflies.
9th, mirabel leaning against her dresser, with butterflies painted on the green wall behind her. 10th, mirable and abuela sitting on a rivebank. mitrabel notices a butterfly close to the viewer, about to land on a reed out of frame. 11th, mirabel's black bag with colorful embroidery. on the top of the pouch is her name, and below it is a butterfly, surrounded dots, flowers and other shapes. end description]
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bonsaiiiiiii · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
made a little something
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fanonical · 7 hours ago
another small detail that really shows how the 'abuela madrigal is a bad person' thing isn't true - she takes mirabel seriously when mirabel comes to her about casita breaking
she reacts immediately, she goes with mirabel to check, she matches mirabel's urgency. it's only when she sees casita is undamaged that she jumps to the conclusion that mirabel was lying for attention - which, yes, is wrong and judgemental of her, but at this point there's absolutely no evidence that mirabel is telling the truth, and even mirabel is visibly doubting herself at this point
if she was a bad or selfish person she would have completely dismissed or downplayed mirabel's concerns from the start
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lovewillthaw-j · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Thank you, Toñito
Tumblr media
Pet names.
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panphilosopher · 2 days ago
Abuela: Dolores, mi nieta, may you please eardrop what kind of man Mariano is? I do not wish your prima marrying a horrible person.
Dolores: Yes Abuela
Mariano:"what kind of animal is the Condorito?"
Mariano:"your hair reminds me of a tree balk because it's so... brown. Jaja, nail it"
Mariano: *trying lick his knee-cap standing-up, trips and falls over*
Dolores, shedding a tear: He's perfect
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eleanorzein · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Another new gifs for my Fellow Encanto enthusiasts. Feel free to share and reblog.
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lilfunnyquotes · a day ago
So I’m gonna roll out my idea of how a Madrigal Family Groupchat would look because I feel like that would be funny to write. Here’s the usernames I’ve come up with:
The usernames will change as it goes on. 
Abuela*: senoramadrigal
Julieta: that-healing-mom
Pepa: theweatherlady
Bruno: brunothevisionmaster
Isabela: senoritaperfecta
Dolores: shewhohearsall
Luisa: luisathegr34t
Camilo: camileon
Mirabel: miraboo42
Antonio*: theepicanimalwhisperer
Félix: herrayofsunshine
Agustín: notthebees93
*Abuela’s and Antonio’s accounts will be ran by Julieta and Pepa.
There’s no real format I’m following here but I just wanna test the waters because this feels like something I could have some fun with. ^_^
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